S5 EP129 The New Convention with Krista Fraizer Marquardt


Welcome to the PODCAST I'm your host Robert broths end today on the show. We have KRISTA MA court from the new convention on cost the new convention. He's all about living life differently, so if you've ever wondered what it tastes to do, just that and you're gonNA love this episode. Let's get started. Well everyone! How are you tonight? I trust that things are not. In your part of the world with the ongoing pandemic, and all of the restrictions that have been posed upon us all I took some time this morning to get into the ocean to go spearfishing yet, that's right in the middle of winter waters pretty Colbert's about sixteen degrees, but the wetsuit fixes that so no issue and go to leave all of the craziness of humanity behind for a couple of hours. That's funny how you can completely forget about the news and all of the disasters of the world just in Nitra just for a few hours. As soon as I, go back to the car and on the radio one was talking about the damn pandemic again so I switched off and listen to some music in are totally ignored the madness of the world, and it felt good to switch off to unplugged and I think I'm going to do that. Small as all of this `isolation and bad news seems to be cumulative on poston particularly. And I didn't realize how it was caught a dragging me down, and I just wanted to share that with you quickly to remind you to be kind to yourself and take some time to get back to Niger. Is that certainly does help especially with all the bad news around? Today on the podcast we have Krista court from the new convention or cast Chris deeply passionate about living life differently. Her tigon, which love is trading the conventional for something more intentional and I love that. Now. If this is your first storm here at the golden show them, it's great to have you here and if you back for more welcome back, we love our repeat offenders here on the goal in podcast before we get into the show today, just take a little picky. You find and hit the subscribe button on the APP that you're listening in on. And if you're watching Nitzan you'd. On the subscribe button and don't forget to ring a bell as well that Y, you'll always have some goal in motivation and some Elon. Love wrought the in your pocket. Lastly if you like what you heated I, please share this episode with your friends and Family Christa has an important message that she's going to share with us on the podcast, and if we can just have one or two people to break through their barriers and get on stock then we would have done our job here on the show today. Already. Let's get into this. How'd you hear from Chris from today's interview? Chris podcast is a great reminder that your ideal life is much. Much closer than you think she loves to tell. Stories of people living by their own rules for a more sustainable, abundant and meaningful loss. It's everything from lost alter relationships mindset to money and lots of other things in between as well if it's unconventional in, Krista will certainly share it with you Chris go in. Story is a welcome reminder to us all that Lafayette happening to us right now and that we shouldn't define ourselves by what we do for a living. Instead we should live in accordance with our values. Allow that to sit the course and define the purpose of our lives. I'm excited she sees. Please help me in welcoming Krista mcchord. Brought a welcome to the podcast. It's great to have you. It's great to be here. Thank you so much. I was a little bit of a journey that you and I have been on. It into some of that he on the PODCAST, looking forward to getting a little bit of an update actually in hearing how it's all going for you how it's all tracking for you, but before we get into the showed i. He called Michael That, hapless. Gets No, you a little bit to the people that are listening in and watching that have never met you ahead of you before. Tell us about you. Where are you from? There's a funny action on the end they're. Fun of that come on come was Ozzie. It's American accents for those of you. That might think it's Canadian. I moved to Australia about five years ago and absolutely love it and trying to get citizenship, but it keeps getting postponed due to Kobe so hopefully someday. I can say I'm Australian. And maybe my my ozzy words. My accent will pass in ten years or so. Maybe, I don't think so learned a lot of words. Whereabouts in US you from I'm from Colorado originally. What brought you to Sydney my husband's job, so we moved here for his job, but before we moved here, we try. We've been trying to move here forever, so it was like a six year journey of knowing we wanted the common, then finally finding organization that. Would move us. Is it Colorado Utopia of the United States in the mountains and the? Only outdoor and all that stuff isn't a beautiful place it is. It's very diverse, so you have you have the plains the mountains you have the desert. There's a lot going on in Colorado and I do love it, but it's very very dry, so your lips are constantly chapped. Your skin's constantly dry, but it's gorgeous. I actually I consider Seattle home. That's where we lived before we moved here in. Seattle is also stunning. Perfect kind of moisture level for your skin. Although it does rain a lot, so that's Colorado's very sunny and Seattle's very rating. While I was GONNA say Colorado, sounds like it's got everything, but it's missing one critical pace that we have here in Australia everywhere. Which is the Patriot? Yes yeah. It's definitely messing that. What? What's that like an American coming here? Is that still a novelty for you even after all this time because? On the northern beaches of Sydney, it's like some of the best in Australia having so it never gets old and. We'll I told you we're looking to move house ends. We haven't had very much luck because we have a giant dog and nobody wants to rent to us, but. We refused to move away from the beach. Because we love it so much and some of the real estate agents are like. Oh, you should move inland and I'm like no I didn't move to the other side of the world to live inland. Thing is we live on an island draw, so you need to be near the water on? The island that's. Excellent excellent. Krista thanks for sharing a little bit of that with us there on the front end all the podcast, also a little bit about what your into and what you've been working on because that's been a work in progress. Yes so I've been working on a podcast with you and I can't highly. If anyone wants to start a podcast, go with Robert. He's amazing. I've been I love public speaking and I've always wanted to find an outlet. Odds be able to speak more and the project that I've recently been working on the past six months really. It's called the new convention, so I interview people who live differently which I think is a very timely topic. Given the time that we're in right now, so. Who are living by their own rules, and really creating new conventions around lifestyle relationships money in career and. It's been a a huge dirty for me. Just learning from my gas has been amazing. One just back up just a second because you said something. That was a little bit crazy to a lot of people listening and watching is that you love public speaking a lot of people s like a big Afi than than dying for some people. What what is it that particularly draws to that and it's attractive to you. I think I just love the energy of it. especially I mean. Don't get me wrong. I can be scared of public speaking depending on what the situation is and why I have to stand up in public, speak in general. I've just always loved teaching. My whole life I'm also in learning and development so I do a lot of teaching and leadership training. I've been a yoga teacher and so being able to get up in front of people and help them and provide opportunities to learn an inspire to me is just such a gift, and it just so much energy so i. I do love it. And what have you learned about? Public speaking skills learning to podcast because that's something a little bit different and. I remember how to podcast. Trying to doctor. Conversation is really what you're doing. Ends at feel so awkward and Clunky and clumsy to begin with, and so like I'm good at this. I can go to the Pablo and talk to somebody for five hours fourteen Biz. Why do this Dan podcasting being? What did you? Think. It's different because with public speaking especially when I'm typically doing a speaking engagement, it's just myself speaking and I do engage with the audience, but it's very different than an interview. And so I I do find that where what I thought, I was an excellent public speaker and I go back, and I listened to my recordings and I'm saying so an arm and a Not as clear as I was hoping is going to be, but I think eventually I'll get there where it's easy. I think the virtual aspect having a camera in your face knowing it's being recorded as a little bit daunting. was good at it as you thought you were public speaking on the. I think so I think I am. Just because I've won a lot of awards in my field, not necessarily due to public speaking. Specifically, but mainly because of the programs that I've run and getting up in front of people and. So I do think I I don't want to sound like I'm cocky or anything, but I do think that's a gift that I have is public speaking. I think it's really important that you know your place. When you try to do something like that for me. I was never very good at public speaking on my. Looks now. The military is instruction. Y, you don't learn to public. Speak in the military when you're as you move up through ranks and you do different different jobs, you loan to instruct people, and it's quite different public speaking you know the the judge that we used to have around the parachute school was the the Bibey paratroopers would come in that they all scared and be like Oh my God, what am I getting myself into and? You know that if you fall asleep in here to recall his bleeding nose. Sort of the adage that you have in the army. You know it's sort of real old school. But what did he do? That taught me to get up in front of a a lodge group of people regularly, and even though they're a captive audience and listening to you because I kind of have to listen to you, and I have to be there and they're learning. Something helped me to overcome that trepidation. Trepidation in fee and I would still you know Gosh are we get up in front of two or three hundred people at a time, and have to deliver lessons, and I would have to divide up a large group of people and run the fitness sessions and the fitness assessments before I could actually get into the parachute school would have to pass those assessments, and you know those those sessions would loss. Our to Alice sometimes and then throughout the courses we would be in front of that same group again, demonstrating and doing a whole bunch of stuff, and every now and then you would have to go and get ray qualified to make sure your currency was there, and you jump on the same course with these by paratroopers going on their first jumps, and you'd walk out there with them. That and you'd be going yourself. Be like. Oh My. Water. Shit myself just as badly as. A really when I love the podcast and particularly in businesses well. Presenting and doing instruction on Donald of instruction. In digital marketing and helping people with their coo, and things like that, and we rent my brother-in-law, or read a little courses doing that, and that was always easy, 'cause it's instruction when I transitioned into podcasting like this, Oh my God, I was strike back on that learning curve. For me about thirty episodes to figure it out, you're much faster, which is go back and listen to yourself and cringe. I don't really cringe. That's good. I think how come you didn't know that how come you didn't do it better in why? Why didn't you think about it like that or silo that and every now and then of. In the last week of being on to other people's podcasts, and they were real pros. Lock rarely experienced four five hundred episodes age. You get there, and they're all ready for you and they're doing these things in a setting up and just. Premeditate aches and then they get into, and it's such a natural thing for and even though I'm a couple of hundred now. I'm sort of like Manna got such a long way to go. We all do. I think it's never ending. It is A. It's a really really good thing. KRISTA before we go down that path any further because I wanNA talk about that a little bit more people come on over to the go all in podcast to learn about others that have gone all in, so can you please share with us your goal in story or stories and the lessons that you've learned from your commitment to success? Yeah so I. Would I think my biggest goal in story was about eight years ago when I quit my corporate life and quit my corporate job. And looking back over the past eight years, every decision that I've made has really led me to the point that I'm at now. But it was a big deal for me so at at the time I was working in learning and development. I had an amazing job and had just been nominated. Why just won an award for top professional in my field in the area that I lived in? By I I had a situation that happened around that time where an employee came to me, because even though I was doing learning and development I also got a lot of employees that came or coaching, and this particular employee came to me, because his spouse was really struggling at her job outside of completely separate from our company, but it was impacting his work, because his spouse was so depressing, stressed that it was causing him to be depressed and stressed at work, and he just wanted vice end. Long Story Short. It was about a six month period in which I coached this individual and his wife was trying to find another role. She hid had a manager that she loved. They retired new manager came in, and he was just it sounded like a tyrant, and really made her life awful to the point where she became depressed, they had four kids I'm. She didn't interact with their children anymore. She would come home and go straight to bed. She was talking about ending her life. and. The you can imagine when you're in that state and you're interviewing and they're trying to find another job. You probably don't come across that great and I asked him at the time. Because he was a really great guy and I really felt for everything that he and his family were going through. Why doesn't she just quit like it's not worth it? Why doesn't she just quit? And he said well she. Because, we just bought a new house. Our mortgage is too high. She quits. We won't be able to afford the mortgage. And it just killed me. Absolutely killed me hearing that that she felt stock, and she also had this dream of becoming a schoolteacher, but didn't feel like she could afford to not only job, but then to also go back to school and do what she really wanted to do and. That impacted me so much that I decided right then and there even know. I loved what I did I felt like there was more that I can offer the world and more that I wanted to explore and experience and I didn't want to get myself in that position where I felt stock financially. where I couldn't make a move, so I decided to quit. My corporate job and go pursue a different career and I would like to say that it was. A happy decision and everything went well, but actually when I quit my job I tanked emotionally, because I hadn't realized how much density was tied to my job and leaving, it left me for about two years where I really struggled trying to figure out what my new identity was, but I'm still so grateful. I made that decision because I went into Yoga. I became a yoga teacher and I did yoga therapy and I'm also. Feel guilty about saying this, but a bit of Tony Robbins Fan I love him and hate him at the same time like he drives me crazy, but there's some great things that I think he really teaches and. I think the yoga that I learned balanced out some of his teachings but it's just been a huge dirty right thing. I've really evolved as a person because I made that decision and even know it didn't work the way expected immediately overtime I. I've seen the impact that it's had on my life, so that was definitely a goal indecision, just quitting my job, and and taking a risk to explore something else and and I do have to say too. I think so many people especially when I listened to your show, and when I listened to other people who talk about going all in. They talk about going all in to pursue their passion men's. I personally got it caught my head that I need to find my passion like my life goal has to be about finding this passion, and it really caused a lot of angst and anxiety and stress because. There was this idea that I wouldn't be happy until I knew what that was, and I think that's a bit of a mess. I do think some people do have a passion. They wake up. They know exactly what it is. They're supposed to do. But I think there's a larger majority of people where that's not true. There's not the defined idea of who you are and what you're meant to be in and I. Think what I've learned through my personal journey as well as through interviewing people on the podcast I do is that. To me, the purpose of life is really about living in line with your values, so if you get really clear about what it is that you value, and you live in line with that, that's the purpose of your life and it. It may not be tied directly to a career or the work that you do. Specifically but if what you're doing is aligned with your values, that's where you're going to feel the best and then add the best value to the world so. That's my story. It's really it's really common. Common Story actually is that people get stocked. The, For lack of a better word, they don't have the courage to to go into to leave the thing that's making them unhappy bond. How long were you in that job for before when that happened like? Were you there for a couple of years? So I was in the field for about six years and that job I I wasn't unhappy. There I did love so my first four years I was with an organization where I wasn't I was learning lot. It was new, but it was a very bureaucratic organization. An didn't in the United States. I don't feel that even now. There's a lot of focus on people over profits. And when I moved to Australia, one of the first things I noticed joining the corporate world here is that there is much more of a relationship based focus and I know that profits are still important on. It probably depends on the organization that you work for and where their headquarters is based, but. I I love that. That you People seem to truly care about your well. Being and I think the laws and policies support that here so much more than they do in the states so I did like my job. It's just I think it was that difference of knowing. I like what I do, but I feel like there's. There's growth out there for me and I'm not going to get it. If I stay here, I'm so is about six years of being in that field left the left the job right after winning a big award, so I had a lot of guilt around that and then. Kind of took a journey of going back to university and and studying yoga and doing yoga, therapy and consulting work, and so an kind of gone full circle where now I'm back doing the work that I started, but I have a very different mindset around it. Then I did originally you don't tell your identity to I. Don't not at all. No and I think as well one of the things I love about learning and development, and through the things that I've learned through the Tony Work that I've done in through yoga. Is that you can? Really Mindset is so important. It's eighty percent of it. And so that's really where I try and focus my training. My teachings in the workplace workplaces on that that mindset in being very clear about what outcomes you want, achieve, and by and having that empowering reason behind everything that you do and I see massive change happening organizations when you come at it from that standpoint and. The neuroscience that's coming out really supports that, so I think that's where my passion still seeps through into the learning and development were in the past. It was a bit more traditional and how I approached it. As such an important story, I can recount a story of my dad of all people. Work for Qantas for twenty nine years. And back in the. Diet is where you're from. In the US, people went to school I went and got a job that had a career, and I stayed in that one place there in tyler was the same year in Australia as well and I think for about maybe fifteen of those twenty nine years old man height of what he did. And, it was because you know he was. He was part of the airline industry here in Australia, and it was a continual process of rationalization and I'm certain that the people listening and watching to this podcast would know what I'm talking about. I would know someone, maybe not from the spice, but certainly from an industry where it's a constant process of evolution and in that process what I do is I have continual restructures, and in those throughout those restructures is a bunch of people that get made redundant they like. I just got where the pioneer go. My super off I gotTa do my career and to do all that and oil man. I used to call it getting a tap on the shoulder. Top while man have whiting for fifteen years for that to happen, and he moved from job to job, and the tried that he did back in the back in the die was to Mica, and he's he's jaw, and he's role was superseded by machines by CNC machine, so he was Mike, Connors redundant by machines, but they still needed he skillset, and then he trained apprentices, and then Qantas stop having apprentices, and then he was instructing other things, and all these adleman jobs and stuff that he just hated just highlighted, and when he left, he was like Oh my God. What am I going to do? And I went a couple. Wick me. Just go out of the military and. he lived like probably about twenty minutes away from where I was, and I was like come work with mania. What would I do and unlike? Come help. Come and come and be an off saw come come and help out, and he was locked or and can distinctly remember that. He was like the whole world had been up to him, and it was a real pleasure Because my dad, my dad has passed away now, but it was a real pleasure when I look back at it. That I got spend so much time with him was like every single die for a couple of years because he lived close, and we used to travel to north Sydney together and drive around town together, but I remember in those first couple of weeks he would look out the window. It was like he was from the country and he'd never seen the city before. They look up at the squash. Gripe any. Looking around and is back in the day before there was JPs operating the street directory gone. Where are we going? Back those times, really funny but I also feel sorry for him in that process because he'd missed out on the entire world that was out there doing something that he highlighted lodge percentage of He's adult lawf- and in the end. I'm a saw bitter. That company and he stuck around there for a couple. More years and Indian wildland ended up being one of those dudes in a red shirt that you see in buntings. And found his place. He found his place. And while men working in retail lock, he just because of all the buntings bass that goes with any lodge company like that and I will always on the stop, but he found his purpose, and because he was so skillful with his hands, he was so handy, and who saw clever with bill would come in and go. Go to drill, is Holland move this and lot? The and that side is the most random things and I'd say. Go over to the shelf, pick up the drew bid, even the bits and pieces and again. That's exactly what you need. That's how he's my phone numbers from an awesome. Awesome? Yes really did to say. The lesson from what your story is in. If is don't stick around doing something that you just unhappy doing what is Mike. You unhappy for a very long time? Yeah, I think my experience working in hr four now. Oh God fourteen years! It's I've seen a lot of people who are very unhappy. in their jobs, and they make that pretty well known especially in the roles. That I've been an. And you want disable. Why don't you just leave and do something different, but I think there's there's also this very real issue in challenge of you have to have an income, and you need to be able to support yourself at I. Think a lot of people struggle with will. How do I do that and? One of the things that I would love to see change. And is education more at the when you're in high school like educating on how to do a budget how to save and invest. Because right now really were taught through social media through advertising through marketing that the more that we make you increase your lifestyle that's kind of the convention, and so the people constantly feel trapped in whatever it is, they're doing because they're not allowing themselves to really build wealth and to create that freedom to make different choices, and to take a break, or to take that risk to try something else, and that's really what I'm hoping to do through the new convention is. Is, give people, ideas and stories around how you can start to live your life differently so that it really is aligned to what you value, and you're not spending money just to escape the things that are making you feel bad. You know when you when you work all week and you don't get me wrong. I love going to the pub, but like you go to the pub on a Friday and you spend two hundred bucks because it was a shit week. Versus do you really value that is that going to the pub and I do like I get the friendships the chats, but do you need to spend that money there or there are other ways that you can spend it that really align with your values and have that more long-term vision for yourself and. And I think they're a have learned. There's so many different ways to live. The I never even thought of that are really cool and one of my favorite examples and I were working on this now. We haven't quite on nailed down yet, but we are looking to move, and we do want more space and kind of the conventional way you think about moving as all eight find a bigger place with more space, and you pay more money, mom, that's traditionally how it works, but one of things that we're looking at is. Trying to find an owner that's willing to let us rent a large house and we were looking very specifically for a house that has a separate living unit in the basement or a granny flat of some sort that gives us a lot of space, but negotiating where they allow us to Airbnb that extra space, and that does provide actually a lot of benefits to the owner because through AIRBNB. Get the host guarantee of A. A million dollars insurance it gets professionally cleans every time you have a guest, stay, so you're properties. Being fetter maintains it has more insurance than if you had a family living there for cam you guys look after it as well in the process, and then we look after it, so if anybody's being crazy and having parties were there and ideally what you would do through that situation as you could almost for your rents. And I guess I know we're in the Kobe situation, so it's a bit different now, but hopefully with domestic travel that opens up I'm you could almost pay for your entire wrench through airbnb being something if you found the right location and it was nice, and you'd have to definitely research, but there's a way that we can increase our lifestyle living in amazing place and actually pay close to nothing in rent. versus just thinking. Oh, I need to go. Buy Rent a place for a lot more or by a place. Upset with. Yeah, so that's that's the whole point. The new convention is what are these cool things that you can do to live the life you want that. Maybe you never even thought of your love a love that a lot. When you talk to people on your podcast about leaving differently and I have these new conventions themselves these folks they go away, and they found a slightly different purpose, or they found the purpose, but it's not what you think all before I'm interested to know. What it was like for you making a transition from the corporate world in the US. Going to do something a little bit more harmonious with the universe in Yoga. Did you discover your purpose there that help was? That must have been therapeutic in that transition period in that time to get over all of that identity crosses that you sell for all those sorts of things. Tell us about what that was like because I know that there'd be a lot of people listening to this podcast now thinking Oh my God to be a yoga, teacher or pilates teacher and I would love. Love to go and do that for a living. What was it really lock? Okay, what? It was really like your running around from location to location, trying to teach classes and most you can fit in least for myself. where I lived four classes a day, and by the time he get to the fourth class. You're teaching and you can't remember if you've already taught something or not. Because even teaching glass all day. Don't get me wrong. I had a lot of love for doing it, but it's not. It's not something unless you're really successful I. I don't know what the equivalent is in Australia, but let's like making the NFL the national football. League state lunch. On to be kind of that top yo neighbor, you really make a lot of money doing it, so you really have to do it because you love it wrong. And it is a lot of a lot of work and I I think to. What I got the most out of out of my experience with teaching Yoga, and going through the trainings and doing yoga therapy was realizing and I think this is an American thing. I was living so much from my head, and very logical analytical, and I'm still very much that type of person but yoga taught me to live more from my heart, and it's really get in touch with what is that I. Am I really living? In a way that's going to make me happy or am I. Living based off of what other people say is GonNa. Make me happy and That kind of heart space into my daily living I think is such a powerful thing that yoga really does because how much of our time do we really take to sit back and? Think about anything like that's the beauty of yoga meditation where you're just completely present in the moments. You're not thinking about while you're trying not to think about. What you're going to have for dinner the work that you have to do your fully concentrated on your breath, and you're allowing that mind body connection to take place and I think that's where a lot of. Our ability to get in touch with ourselves comes from is when we create that space for our selves, so whether you do it through, Yoga Tai Chi or meditation I don't think it really matters, but some sort of practice. The mindfulness base is very transformative. If you do a regular basis and I know when I get really stressed. I'm in that space now. Because I'm working just insane hours. I know the skills and tools that I need to go back to to get back into a good space, so not saying that I'm perfect at it. But I know what to do when when things get a bit out of Control and Gives you a little bit older, you. You have a bit more awareness that'd be more self awareness innocent mindfulness. Of, I'm also lock on slipping. He Yeah. Yeah, it's not exactly that way. I. Always making dinner and the the Diet ended up buying a hell of a die and had been. Felt like it was really disjointed. Always been pulled in five different directions and I did everything, but I did not think, and then I was like mindlessly lot looking at the FRY pan on an I'd tossing banking I just thought to myself. Socks. And you know typically after dinner. I would do something like personal development related. You know what something on Youtube broad read a book or Unplug from something, but I was like. You know I'm not doing that. I'm just GonNa Watch a movie and I'll play more movie on there and dislike I I. Don't think I've been really watched it to be honest with is just kind of went went to bed, light, light, embedded quarter pasta on again. Thank God that is over. We'll have died right? That's yeah and I think that's so important for people to realize. Because when you you hear and see people being successful, you think Oh, they they're portraying. Their life is so perfect and they've got it all figured out, and they don't get stressed and they don't get into these positions where the like. What the Hell am I doing but That happens to everybody. You know on a rather consistent basis. It's just learning practices so that you don't stay in that space. And that you're able to kind of pull yourself out. Move Forward. That's what really makes the difference. Yeah, absolutely, absolutely. I wanted to ask you I Maybe a little personal question might be told me to. Our sites, no rob. That's not appropriate or is Saif would or something like that. The ciphered platypus something that they can be funny. I want to ask you you kind of in a From US working together and. Working on your podcast and a new invention and putting that together, you've had to work really really hard to make that happen. and I was in or of your ability to kind of the why describe it is you digging and you hold the line and no matter what you did it occur and always like. And the school is really going all in. Real deal I'm watching it in action. While is like easy compared to yours. Have that coal per job on it and have that you've got the corporate job, which is really stressful. The covid stuff what's going on as well which is really stressful, and then you trying to build and launch something like that Oh i wanted to ask you. How on Earth did you do that long? I asked myself that as well. And I mean it came with a toll I. AM feeling pretty burnt out but I think. I was just so excited about the project and I. Every time I found somebody someone to interview. I would get so much value out of that, and even though I was working ridiculous hours. You know I think I told you because I have meetings at. Twenty four hours a day ten to bid nights seven am just constantly and so any time I had a gap I was trying to fit in moving forward with the podcast, and there was points when I wanted to just quit everything and. Go on holiday for like three months and not look technology. We couldn't we could? Is that. Is that the tricky? Is the trick. I, I do have to say the pandemic actually helps me because I also when I was working. Outside the pandemic, I had a three hour commute, everyday an hour, and a half to the office and back so I didn't get that time back. In my life, so that gave me some more space, but I got to the point where I just I told myself just do one little thing a day because I would set these goals, this is the whole thing with goal setting right like I would set these goals I am going to find five people that are living differently and I'm going to reach out to them and I'm going to do that every single day, and I would get to the end of the day and I feel like Shit I'm tired, and unlike starting to research and I'm like fuck it I'm going to bed or I'm GonNa Watch Netflix's like I'm done. And what I realized is I was creating these goals that were really for the amount of time and energy that I had unattainable, and so it's like we'll. Do. You really have to contact five people every night? What if you just did one? Contacted one person because then I'm actually still moving forward. I'm making an reaching out to one person I'm not then I can still binge my Netflix to? Recover from my massive day and I making those little steps where before when I would set these big goals, it was too overwhelming and I would do nothing. And then there would be four or five days. That would go by and hands on anything and I'm feeling like sheds and I'm mad at myself. but just giving myself just one little thing to do every day I feel good because I know I've accomplished something I. Know I'm moving forward and actually making more progress during those tiny steps every day, then trying to create these big massive. For Myself. A lot of that's quite guided. Voss and feedback anybody listening wondering how to fit it all in when you we would have seen in the mosque. Loss created recently I. Put I I Time calculator that coal. My one sixty I`ts, and what does is it highlights to where you're spending your time and your watching this all listening to this just take a little picky your phone and open the link to it in the show notes, and if you're watching Youtube, scroll down, open a link to it as well and the one sixty icon of pilots. How little time you have left over at the end of a busy wake, and if you feel like, you can't fit something extra in. It's probably because you can't possibly because. Because there's no extra time and you need that downtime you need that Anita what's three episodes of something called net flicks. I don't care what he says about time management, plan which off my brain, and a guidance to recharge attest strategies Brian Women to do the same sort of thing as well as important that you have that downtown with your partner, or by yourself or whatever it is, but Gosh, you know one of the things that will have lunch do over. The years is focused on process over outcome. A set my goals. Big Hairy audacious ambitious goals a set him know what they are, but then what do reverse engineer and work out what I need to do every minute of every day to close the got from where I am to wear a wannabe, instead of focusing on that goal is if I look at that goal and go God never going get there. One of the goals I set for myself. just recently at as we come into the halfway point. In the years, the start of July was I wanted to record one hundred interviews. In the next six months, I want it to be interviewed another one hundred times as well and. I went out to my networking a secured like twelve interviews in what one email that I sent jaw I, maybe twenty people and one of my one of my nights to help me out. And I'll got booked on ten podcast in one day. Well. Ten to the why they're. Nine tenths to go and I'm only like two or three days into the goal. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA kill this, it'll be easy. Just focus on that process, and the outcome follows ripe dot. Yeah, and I think to you. You've got to really know why you have that down as goal because I do think a lot of times we put down for ourselves, and if if you get clear about, why is this a goal for me? Why do I want this? Asking those questions is so important, because sometimes you realize that maybe it's not even your goal. It's a goal that somebody else has for you or that. You think that you should have. A majority of that and that's when you don't achieve it, because there's not that really purpose driven y behind it, and if you know why you want it, an, that's when there's days that I thought about quitting and just throwing the podcast out the window, because it was so exhausted, but you always just go back to I. DO I really want this? And what is one action? I can. Can take today to just get myself. reenergize and reconnect with that purpose because it is, it is so easy to get disconnected when when life gets hectic so I. think that's so important as is to check. Is this really the goal that I want for myself? And do I know why I want? It gets a beautiful beautiful sentiment there as well one of the really good things about the. Start with washed off, I love him. What does that? I'm just discovering that women have really liked this guy. He's been around forever. But I'm. Geeky nutty like what not? Really sexy the most goals. Actual. Deeply intellectual Rod love how we talk about the golden thread of why that runs. Everything you do man, that's really help may in the last couple of months believe it or not being like struggling like you creating content with. My masterclass after you finished your podcast and recording twenty-something videos scripting scripting editing, and then reading it out aloud four times, and putting up on the teleprompter, and delivering it recording and editing at every time every videos. Probably I five AL process out process my. Understanding that twenty videos or something like that there and one hundred hours worth work, and then there's a website, and then it's a business and there's all of that stuff. I went into end in three weeks I got it inside of twenty one days, and it was purely based on focusing on the process, not the outcome and the very loss video that are shot. was the sales video because I didn't start with how we're going to sell this. Why would somebody want to do that or new? Why would? I figured by the end of it or no better. How was and It was I- CATHODIC process to be finished, and I'm so glad that out of my head, and is no longer in my in my head, and I feel like I don't have anything in there. Wanting to come out a couple of things that I did shop, but nothing that I want to produce in feels really good to have achieved that goal. Let's lock just such a relief for that to have happened for myself as well and I know when we launched your podcast was like. It was I think. I'm saying this knowing that I am a guilty of it, but one of the things I thought when you're talking about just getting it. Donovan other things that you want to sharpen up is not having to be perfect and I know you know that I wanted to be perfect the whole time, but That's a huge block to thinking that it has to be perfect to now. Now that it's out there. You know I can hear so many things in the recordings, Mike Oh God that needs to be edited I would do that differently and that that's critical talk, but then people listen to it, and they come back and then like oh that was really good. I really enjoyed the episode and it's like Oh. You didn't notice all of the sound mistakes. Mistakes. So I think that's important to being willing to not have it perfect, and just put it out and know that you can make changes and adjust over time and. This got to move forward. Keep moving forward. With what you've got in begin right now. That's the old adage, right? You know you'd have to white. It's like looking for happiness. Like I'll be happy. When on might. Now you want, you can be happy now. Don't worry about the money. And the money will show up top thing you know. That's Tony Robbins Adage. Isn't it yeah? So, tell me about the feedback. You've been receiving from the PODCAST. You just kind of alluded to a little bit of it. has people who said Hey. Wow, I can't believe you did that. Well, that's that's. Yeah, no people have. A lot of the people that I think are listening are acquaintances of mine, so they may be a bit more. Friendly and generous, but people seem to really enjoy it and I think. I think the it's the topics that people are really interested in because I, think most people at the back of their minds like. Is this the way that I should be living my life, but we don't again. Take that time to stock engine reflect and think about what we really want. And is there a different way to do it and so many people have been coming to me. Me and saying Oh. Wow, especially like the podcast. People love the most are the ones around money because I think that's a big topic right now for a lot of people and you know how. How can you do retire early? How can you retire in fifteen years off normal salary? And how can you live a more digital life and and things like that so I think? People are interested in it, and it's just hopefully going to continue to get better as I find more people that are doing things differently, so if you're listening and you live uniquely. Look me up. And that you. Know, you could just look at your phone and all the details to connect with you. Down there if you're watching youtube so and easy to do that. Have you had any body height on you? I'm not yet I. Don't think I'm big enough yet for the haters come out that you know of no one's God. Oh my God, that was so terrible not to my face now, but you know I think one of the beautiful things about eight is when you get into your mid thirties us. Don't give a fuck anymore. where I used to hear a lot, what people and now she's like I don't care if you. As always booting out my across. I developed a process. where? A right the topic on you what I was gonNA write about I would watch some content from a cost that I've done for my coaching quotes that I'd done and go to Youtube and look up that same subject, an odd odd watch at least three or four Ted talks on it, and there was this funny funny one that I kept seeing that I hadn't clicked on, and for the people listening the looked thumbnail in Youtube on the right hand side of the screen is a picture of God, pointing at his temples, and he's on stage, so you can seem on a fighter from the side of him, and he's on stage looking at all these people and he's like. Look on his face of luck aggression, pointing of these temples, and I kept seeing it, but I didn't stop. Eventually stopped and I saw an I'm what and it says how to not take things personally. That's a good one. And what's that like? It's really really good. It's taking things personally is is very. Very, detrimental especially when you put out, things publicly walk podcast or youtube video something like that. Yeah, it's because it is scary exposing yourself to the world, and there's always going to be haters and to me I. Mean I get I think probably more haters at work. With the work that I do. And you just. I think one of the things also from Yoga. They've learned that really helps us when. Whenever somebody's attacking me in a verbal or written way just realizing that whatever's going on in their world is is. Their problem really has nothing to do with you. So. That's helped me a lot to just disconnect and not. Personalize it as much not to say that I don't get my feelings hurt sometimes I do. I'm as well I haven't had a lot of height as I've had a few people say oh, that could be better. And Yeah. It's so much constructive criticism like. Maybe which part exactly yeah, you're definitely definitely could be better, but I haven't. I've never had a couple of years of doing this now. I've never had anybody got terrible your sheet. What Nydia I've had a few people say that the guests. If they a little bit finest God I want that guy or Idiot or not hiding Omai, the decide that they don't like the guest or anything like that, and it's very tempting in Youtube to. Press, that like hot comment, button or delayed or block, but I don't. I. Don't I don't do that. Oh I, I I'm not the sensor of the world. I'm not the sensor of somebody's opinion, just because I disagree with their opinion, something just let that. Go. Have you got a plan in place? If somebody's hiding on you, I'm not GonNa read it. flew by. In, the heights twitter things that I do on those. Shows. Molly SARS gets up and reasonable the hateful tweets that she gets a lot that it's like yeah. Yeah. I don't think. I don't think that I would really necessarily engage unless they did have a points because I am always willing to learn and get feedback that I have no problem with. Know criticism or negative feedback. If there's something to be learned from it, but if it's just somebody being mean, I just ignore it. Took it personally. I'm gonNA find that thumbnail. Put it in the show. What's what's his PODCAST GONNA turn into you into four. You'RE GONNA. Have some subscriptions to get some exclusive behind the scenes content. What's that look? Yeah, so now there's exclusive contents extended versions of the episodes and some resources that people can access, and that's really to support the podcast so that we can continue to produce it and the more subscribers that we get the higher level of production. We can do so if you if you really like it subscribe, help us continue to do it, but more long term I think my passion really comes from helping people live live from their values, and so eventually I would like to start teaching engaging with more people on that topic and I think that's my gas provides so much value as well. It's not that I'm saying that what my guests are doing are the way to live at all It's just that there are lots of ways to live at and being open about the possibilities and discovering possibilities exists, hopefully will help other people to become more open about what it is. They want so long term. Goal is really to help support people through that purpose in that journey, and and hopefully get people to start thinking more openly about what what kind of life do I want? How can I make that happen? And I would really encourage the listeners and viewers to to check it out some of the. Topics one of the topics that kind of get you hooked in Nastro to why is had have your friend? Sean has a open marriage. Yeah, so it's and I think marriage is such a funny topic too I mean I I cover off on all the major life topics, so you know finances, career relationships life style even. To the point where I'm getting more into sustainability as well like looking at our consumption of animals, I do eat meat, so no judgment but really. Didn't want to Adolf listening to that episode ever again. I've actually almost completely cut it out I really just eat it now if I'm going to someone's house and they're serving it but So I am I'm not a hater on it. It's just really taking a close look at the way that we live in society and asking. Is this really the best way to live? That's GONNA cause the least amount of harm, not only to ourselves, but to the world in general, and some of the exciting things have coming up touch on those areas as well if somebody wants to can leave a lighter footprint on the earth how you can do that, so explorer I explore everything, but yes, the open marriages There's a couple topics on that. And I I love the topic of relationships in marriage, because everybody has such a strong opinion about it, and if you think about marriage today. It's actually pretty new the our definition of marriage. This idea that you find somebody that you love and you have children and you stay in a marriage the rest of your life and it's just the two of you. That's a new. That's a new thing in the scheme of things as far as the history of marriage marriage, USA very much a contractual obligation for peace treaties require more lands to bring families together, and it was very much a no no to marry for love until probably the nineteenth century. Because when people are in love, they make stupid decisions. I'm so you know you get married for financial gain for whatever you know, other reasons and So. I think a high learn so much from those episodes to just the importance of. There are such strong opinions about marriage and there's very strict kind of rules as a society that we put in place around how we think people should behave new relationship and and I I like to stay if if those rules make sense for you, that's amazing. Keep living that way no judgement whatsoever, but if you're finding that, those rules don't really work you. WHY NOT CHANGE 'EM? You know why not have a second partner? If that's what's GonNa, make you and your. Your partner happy or you know why not live separately? Maybe you don't WanNa live together, and you could live in two separate houses and they'll. It's not saying that anything is right or wrong. Saying you gotta find what works for you and the people that you're involved with and create your own rules and stop caring. What other people think. Yeah? That was a real eye opener for me in that episode because she covered phone on a bunch of different things in that's I It's a juicy juicy topic as well and yes, there is plenty of discussion about sex in there as well and you have to get into the extended episodes to get. Open Open marriages that sex. That's an extended version. GotTa. Pay Five dollars for that. You're talking to the. I Christa as we close out the PODCAST, he would bumping up against an Ala.. If I met you I'd eight months ago and we tried to do this year and a bit ago. Launching your podcast, would we have done? How would things have been different for he now eighteen months ago, I was in a different role. Actually worked four days a week loved it. It was amazing. So I would have had the time. Here's the thing back then I would have had the time to really get. Don probably a lot quicker. But I probably wouldn't have had the drive in the urgency. So that's the that's the thing was time, isn't it? it's the drive in the urgency. That's really gonNA. Make you successful we all. We always think it's about time, but it's really about what you make a priority, and if you're comfortable, which I was very comfortable in my last role. There's not really a whole lot of fire underneath you to make changes, and so I think. Even though I have really struggled and I'm working crazy hours. The fire was there to keep me going So. It when it needed to happen Nas one, and what's on the horizon as off the inverse of that question, what's on the horizon for the next eighteen months for you? For me, it's. Like I said I've learned so much from my gas at it. Really everything that I've learned his completely changed my life. I I went to. I. Don't know if you're familiar with Joseph McLennan the third. He is kind of Tony Robbins right hand, man but he's just. He's a phenomenal public speaker and he's. He has a really interesting story, but one of the things that he said that really stuck with me is he would read all of these books, and he said you know what the difference between me and other people who aren't successful is it's that actually implemented what they told me to do in the book books. And I that stuck with me because you can learn all this racial stuff, but unless you actually go out and you do it. Your Life's not GonNa Change. You can have all the knowledge up here, but you actually have to action it and so for me. Some of the things that I've learned I very much want to implement my life and I've already started doing that, and so it's. It's I'm excited to see how my life will change. Based off of the things I'm learning from my guest and I hope that the podcast will continue to grow in inspire people, but if nothing else, just knowing that my life is moving in this new positive direction, and the possibilities that I never thought of before are becoming open to me, it's it's such a gift and I'm so grateful. That I've gone down this journey from a very selfish standpoint as well so I hope others also get value from it. Yes, fantastic beautifully said, and and congratulations on ince of that movie shoe old all the best and know that it's going to be successful. You know somebody locked you driving that with the passion that you have not they successful Crestar. Let you leave the Golan podcast without putting you in the golden on cost is hot seat. Couple of random questions have a little bit of fun as we close out the show He. Ready I'm ready I'm dying to go traveling this covert. Allowing me killing me playing and go somewhere Marshall. That's a very good idea, but. What's what's your favorite holiday destination that you've ever been to? Probably Japan. I love Japan. We went a couple years ago and I had a goal in mind. That I was GONNA. Go back every single year and spend weeks and weeks there and I even took Japanese lessons. I was so terrible that I quit halfway through. So that's a very go all in story, but it was humiliating I would go to class, and they would have you speak out loud. Nobody could understand me. I just I don't have ear for language, but I I just I love. I love the food the culture. It's just Japan is gorgeous. Diverse in its landscapes and yeah, I would love to live there someday. Have you seen the cherry blossoms, so we went St- during the Cherry blossom season, but it was you know the season's never perfect, and we went kind of at the tail end. We missed it. We saw a few. Pots. No, not yet. I've heard the skiing is amazing. Yeah. Yeah Yeah last, one excellent excellent. What's a skill that you've not yet mastered? Language as I. Good. Get for me I can say hello in about ten different languages. Yeah, it's a start. Thank you as well going to. I love, Alaba. What's the best place of business advice that you've ever saved? I would have to say that Sir and I know. This is something that other people have probably heard, but we often overestimate what we can achieve in the short term and on our estimate, what can be done in the long term. And I think that goes back to the way I was talking about setting goals earlier. I would set these massive goals and try and get all done in a short time frame than hate myself because I didn't do it where if you just make those tiny steps forward every single day, it may not seem like a lot of progress in the short term, but if you give it enough time, you'll look back and be like. Wow, I can't believe I accomplish all of that and. If you can live your life that way every area I. Think you're GonNa make some huge moves. Outs Yeah Yeah Beautiful. It was excellent well before I. Let you go if people want to connect with you. What's the best way to do that? Well, they can reach me on. My social media. They visit the new convention on either facebook or instagram or email me at the new convention at Krista FM so that's like a radio station. FM DOT COM actually my name Frazier Mark Court. So those are the best ways to contact me awesome to Izzy and if you're listening to this podcast, little picky your phone and all the links to Krista socials in our email. Obey right there. Any website is well and make sure you check out that podcast. If you what you need, you scroll on down and his right there in the show notes for you as well. Thank you so much for coming on the in podcast? Sharing your story? That was an important one and congratulations on getting your show. I'm so proud of you. Thank you. I have done it without you I really. Enjoy We couple of times but. I needed hits. Need that yet. I'm GonNa give you the the opportunity to have the potty shot what he got i. what's the? What's The fun word? Final word of wisdom. I would say right your goals down every single day. Do that and your ninety percent likely to achieve them I've done it as ing. Get clear about what you want. Write it down every day and you'll be amazed. You can achieve a ninety days. Beautifully, said beautifully said well KRISTA. Thanks again for coming on the PODCAST. We look forward to speaking with you soon. It's now. I thank you. Well, they have it folks. If you WANNA connect with Krista, just take a little peek at your phone. And all of the links to her website and Socia right back and make sure you pop on over to Ginger spotify, and he that subscribe will fuller button and Taika a little picket her podcast as well. If you're watching this on Youtube, this called down and all the details right there in the show notes as usual. Off you've got a message. Awesome feedback for the show. You could reach out by the goal in socials, or you can send me an email anytime. Just visit goal in dot com to find out more well. That wraps it up for the show today, so whatever it is working on whatever you're doing, get busy. Get to it and go all in I'll see you next on. Four. In trouble. into the. Break. ooh! Your. Brain The. Head. General. Matt. Allen. With. A. Best I can't I. Stop Myself.

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