And Chill! on Siren Radio: Episode 49 - Special Guest Ben Simmons


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I'm not alone in the studio. As until eleven o'clock I am joined by a fantastic local artists. We've been trump came on the show for what feels like forever now that in a moment I'm joined by the the one the only Mr Ben Simmons and Ben. I'm doing very well thank you. I want to just chat to a little bit about your you coming on the show so let's tell the listeners at <hes> what happened the last time you would use on the show because that was two three weeks ago yes back in October. I think yeah it must have been about a month ago a certain someone got sick. I think I think so pretty much the whole gist of it it was about I it must have been about twelve hours before you just had to message and I'm really sorry I've never I the first time I've ever cancelled someone the day because I just I just realized I just woke up that morning and when I can't I'm not going to be yeah. I'm not going to be there twelve o'clock at night so I'm not even going to try I. I'm very glad that you accepted our invitation to. I want to be here for resheduled now. Then let's give everyone who's maybe not heard your music before less LE- let's hear your wikipedia page Yep okay so <hes> I am a twenty two year old singer Songwriter. I'm originally from career and <hes> I came to Lincoln during my second year Uni my folks moved up here and of course when I graduated I I moved up here. <hes> my influences came from a very very young age with grew up listening to fill call INS and and the eagles and and things like that and then in college when I studied Performing Arts in college so I have I have a kind of drama re kind of background and done that came with me in college and then my music kind of grew from there and I started to gain folk influences his <hes> from you know Ben Howard Charlie Simpson at cheer and of course in John Mayer with the blues kind of stuff and then it escalated to uni. That's where I can't find my <hes> my own sound and that's kind of where I started writing properly and <hes> yeah what I've got now is a kind of a combination of all my thoughts feelings and memories from university and that's what my debut ep from just writing for my union room really and the is called lighten shakes and like you said it was written a about your time in unions around your time yeah over a course of three years at Uni and different memories. I've got and different thoughts feelings and stuff leading up to that point as well really well. You're in for a treat this evening ladies and gentlemen. It's a great set of tracks and we're going to be hearing all four of them this evening. We're going to kick things off with what I always visioned as the title track the lead single pretty much it was going as soon as I wrote it. I just thought this is going to be the head of something and just happened to be the which is Fab so yeah to work that one out I and Olivia yes it about so it's about someone that I met during freshers. It's is not her real name. Of course it's just an alias but yeah it's just it's more or less some. How do I spent so it's kind of it's from a subject? They're not always not gosh. Current experiments got much from Woodward. <hes> it's it's based on experience. That didn't turn out the way you more or less wanted to so it was kind of it was kind of a fresh thing when it happened. I I go back to my room and in a few days went past and I was right. I really need to get my. I need to get my feelings on my thoughts out and yeah it was Fri.. I mean you meet people from all over and sometimes you just you just get into some situations that don't go your way of course and that's life and <hes> yeah so Olivia stems from that and <hes> yeah it's. It's probably wall say. It's probably like you said the head of the E._p._a.. It's a it's a head song so I'm really glad that gets the message. Did you cross where you're listening to siren radio. This is an chill and if you want to get in touch lesin how you think Ben's doing tonight. If you're enjoying the show <hes> the number to text in on is audible seven nine seven eight hundred seven one six zero double seven nine seven eight hundred seven one six you can also tweet us at Siren F. M. orbiting touches on facebook Siren Radio Woman Oh seven three the sarin radio at one oh seven seven three but it's about time for the first song of the evening from Ben Simmons. It's Livia by Ben Simmons live on Siren Radio Doc. I fear Green looking at me. While I'm down. Oh red wine strain mind everytime hot on we are because she's Lance <hes> <hes> with the may be I get over by placing mass atrophy feelings ever God imbetween and I'm in love with pieces of diamonds you Lepe high when you saw was crying when you some Baddie air rather be with a lion dance out wrong but I ain't Inde- now living Livia Sheets Olivia Livia breakdown more than the third getaway she don't give up easily Olivia Livia come and get me sundown down blackout. Everything that you can without libby are just one bag in me in Persian meal way don't along but to congratulate you for meeting me astray being no song without because I used to be in love with the dominance you lepe Allen was crying when you some body airs rather be where the La in Dana's are wrong but that all living Livia breakdown living living your sheets gold and third getaway she don't give up live Olivia Livvy it come and get me one day will meet the survivor indeed wounded. The survivor in D. will meet this one. Do the survivor survivor survivor survivor Libya Libya Libya they get the siren radio and proud. You're listening to Siren Radio that was Olivia by Ben Simmons more from Ben. After this Ed Sheeran don't late dusty she said said don't you worry if I disappear total really looking for another mistake a Colino friend thinking that the job of away but then the jump and a weekly return Beck and she was only looking bird but gave him time to three nights Astana put it on pause until the poems right away for months on to a bus crossed again. She told me I was never looking for a friend. Maybe you could swing around ten. Maybe bringing them in Jin in between the sheets A._M.. Baby if you wanted me then you shoot at you said she's singing. Don't when hot is cold. No they came for a couple of weeks only one to see take away the days with the takeaway pizza before it sex message was the only way to reach no she stay in place of the way a tree singing aretha all over the track lack of feature wants his book as the auto wants to ease the me and her we make money the same way for cities to the same day on those shows have never been more. It's about maybe we'll go together and just figured it out at brother on the feeling with you and sit on the couch but we should get on a plane will be missing now in it down with things he's played out when she was kissing him how was confused about and she figured out why I'm sat here. Singing when hot is cold. We know that they don't know a hotel. I don't even know if she knows what four she was crying. Already told you trust and respect is what we do this. I never intended to be next but you didn't need to take him to bed him as a threat until you disappear within two houseguests it's not we were both on. We were saying the same I wasn't looking for a promise Oh commitment but it was never just done and the thought you would if this is not the way Oh you realize what you want it. It's a bit too much to lay on a single time. God knows don't Oughta know that they don't know Ed share and spend was just saying that <hes> he's not heard that song in a long time but he was singing along in the injury term on the show so far indeed yes. Yes I feel blessed. Thank you so much and he you you mentioned that you started really getting into music when you're at college but you have a background in performance. Did you say you did stage co when I was younger yeah. I'm during my school days and then when I got to college it's kind of where I wanted to well before college. I wanted to do an art course actually because I used to love our school but then about two weeks before my course was due to start. I said this isn't right for me so emergency on the phone to my mum's I want to change my costs so go into the plumbing us and kind of where stone from because of the stage coach thing it was just building up confidence and communication skills and everything else like that and then yeah just kind of went through. Do you think that's helped you when it comes to life as a musician and being a musician 'cause it's it's so much more than just I think we touched on this earlier. When we were off air is so much more as well than just write music performing for music to a crowd? There's also the you know managing yourself and presenting yourself exactly I mean presenting yourself is probably one of the most important things to me holding a conversation being that person behind the music as well and having an having that I think is really important is it's as important as creating the music ready so and we're going to talk now about the second song from your EP. Let's talk about it wasted. Yes so again written uni <hes> but it's it's more it's not really an experience of mine. It's more I wrote it with everyone in mind so as more of a generalized thing of people talking when they're intoxicated folks get it so one I had I had an image of in my head of a of a story of two lovers who had broken up and one night they were both drunk and they might have messaged and and said something that they shouldn't have but they're trying to rebuild that relationship through the premise of alcohol. I think that's kind of where I went with that and yeah it's more of a generalized thing where people when they're intoxicated in my message. The person shouldn't have or or something like that. I think we've been there so yes kind of wasted is wasted on whiskey and wine well. Let's take a listen. You're listening to siren radio. This is Ben Simmons performing live in the studio. It's wasted a hard earned the mine seper Ruthie bonus for your does call me crazy but maybe there where does that leave me with Gye. Where does that place me now now vaneau someplace? emplaced Dono tracing and some way home that eating Jack enough to tell you that wasted Liscio was was how low side bird. I'm craving. Oh these lonely loan by Yummy <music> rather be that tell me baby on Mon own cliche routine walking now where the bottle it's only three zooming me way this here on the new komonews that you wasted you. Don't you was hollow bird. I'm craving all these lonely lonely boy rather be. There tonight wasted the chance I had done. You Knew U._B.. Mad but I'm craving these alone is boy. Yami vad rather a B that Vada beaded rather beaded via rather be that and Vada Adda be Vada be to find us on facebook just search for Siren Radio Lincoln a Beautiful Song there by Ben Simmons. You're listening to siren radio in that was a wasted now then you mentioned that you grew up in Herefordshire. Take off on this so you knew I was going to get it wrong looking down to the piece of paper going Oh this is one of those words are used to break. We'll just having to Chan the student. Eh used to do a breakfast. Show here where we had to read the sports news every morning. My Co present Chris used to give me the region the resource as to barely our our news operates operating system and it would just have the he'd always pick like the tennis match results with the worst names to pronounce just reminded me of that so anyway little tangent there so you've been out for you moved Lincoln and after being a university in Northampton and how have you found Lincoln's music scene sin to arrived yes so I was I was pretty I suppose naive would be the term when I got to to Lincoln. I had absolutely no idea where anything was. The only time I've been Lincoln was when my because my grandparents live up here as well so that's the only Tom I'd really kind of gone into Lincoln so staying here permanently for the moment was was a bit daunting. It was a new city but it was also really it was great at the same time you know a a new place to explore a new new people knew everything so it was fantastic so the music scene was was really new to me and it was only recently I go in and played a few open mics and things at different places and I thought to myself wow this is this is such a lively city for the music scene surprising naturally because Lincoln's quite in comparison to maybe Nottingham and Oxford and stuff like that where the music scene huge and you hear a lot about it you don't really hear much from Lincoln but when you get into the office it's fantastic and it needs to be recognized more. I think and you recently performed at the some affiliate yes I did yeah with with a balanced the bands and it was the most exciting experience I've had up here. It's fantastic. I loved it so well. I'm sure people will be really excited to see perform live. We're GONNA give coming up not recently no art again. It's it's kind of taking every opportunity as it comes so I'm still figuring that yeah every opportunity of course I will. I will sing for everyone and anyone well. You're listening to siren radio. WE'RE GONNA be hearing more from Ben Simmons in a few minutes time. We've we picked a few songs on the playlist that we think Ben Willing Joy and that's definitely the next one but Ben Howard now mm-hmm water. You're listening to Siren Radio IF YOU WANNA get in churches at Cerrone F._M.. On twitter studio at Saron online dot co dot U. K. on the email on facebook sarin radio one. Oh seven three blue shoe <music> start joking. Do you fear <music> <music> <music> way round on <music> Joe <music> Yeah Yeah <hes> one the best in the city so you just find banged ban all the way through all I wanna do is more than spoiler the show which reviews movies books and TV shows in their entirety twists endings and all I think think it's bad end own without Thea of spoiler thank you it just shows dedicated to just one subject so we can delve deep behind the screen. All the page might be pickiest book. Every news producer booze made up new lies. I was also until POW. How can I get out of this? Little Tiny Andy Golden Jubilee buttons of the Lane Thursdays at ten PM repeated on Saturdays at eleven pm as for all the family right. Yes I definitely suggest that you checkout poll tyler and the gang with spoiler. You're listening to siren radio. It's time to sit back. Relax and chill. Were celebrating the fact that your Monday Sunday is almost over and choose day is on its way and hopefully hopefully things are going to get a little bit brighter from here but that spills over. Let's get back to our guest Mr Ben Simmons. It's been great how many in studio so far now wh let's talk a little bit about. Let's talk about the the right so what was the the main story of so you mentioned this university background and all of that got nice vibe to it in that came out more as a compliment than a question but he's got a great vibe to it in your style. I can see I can see your influences. You know we can all look on your. I apparently the twelfth influential on many that you're hearing tonight you know Ben Howard's one and share and that is not the kind of music that you want to make now going forward essentially yeah I mean I think the blues aspect of everything didn't come in until today's why kind of gained that folk influence at college and then the Blue I listened to a during Union listen to so much John Mayer you know and more to throw stick and eventually he became my top three most favorite artists of all time and it was because of his influence where the blues kind of started <hes> I was very fortunate Senate to get an electric guitar and just kind of go without Blues Rhythm and stuff and Yeah it's it's always been influenced producing the with Olivia especially. I wanted that to be very upbeat very very blues driven very gritty. I think I love that word. Gritty rates is a good word and that's that's pretty much how you would describe in one word I would say gritty to that to that song especially but yeah that's kind of where it came from and then older older influences Stevie Ray Vaughan and and stuff like that it's kind of all came into one. That's a massive once in the thing and when did you start playing guitar. I started. It's coming up to about ten years now back in her chair. When I was when I was younger I think it was probably about twelve had had a few lessons and they they didn't work out? I was at that age where I just found it quite boring. I started it was it was only electric. Guitar started found it quite boring and after a few lessons I stopped for a good year zero site and then one time I went into the attic and I found my mom had a very very old acoustic guitar that she had neurotics when she was little and at about two strings on it was a very bad thing and I brought it down. I used used to play you know. Let's let's try this. Let's try and Acoustic for one time so I started playing on these two this to string guitar and it kind of picked up his I kind of miss this and I was around the age ride it just kind of clicked and I started ah throwing a few things up on youtube and stuff and then it just grew from there yes so it's about ten years now when it comes to writing your own music. Do you find that that like helps you a lot in the case of the do you see what I'm trying to say like <hes> I'm getting on my words when when it comes to writing your own music. Do you feel that that's a good way of putting your passion forward of giving you another avenue of how to say things yeah. Definitely I mean it's it's another aspect of my life which I care deeply about. If I don't know what to say put it on us on <hes> I think that's it's an important part of me and sometimes you know you you get this thing of about action sale out of the words and they do of course but sometimes the song says louder than anything so yeah that's kind of where that comes from and we're GonNa hear one of her songs. Now is called fire. Was it about so plain and simple spot my best sprint one of my sons. We knew each other in school since he a ten of nine seven years now and it got to the point where I just I don't know about it. I mean it was she. You know she's a very important person to me and <hes> we've been through so much together over the past seven years and it was just it was just a not to say thank you I suppose and just to say that I still care of course and yeah it's just it pays much. That's it's been nice way of going. She's been running at me for years to write a song about a white you run. What about Olivia wanted me anyway? Let's listen before a game in any trouble. Ben Simmons is performing live in the studio and they says fire <music> and not you will bovine class ride run by yours. Fade comes to how we use her mom by since we never saw next to each other in school on diva drum cone few one are because you yes you are <music> Zarrella. He Uh will nothing answer the Ha and you will find the words to Zombie <music> how do you how can we wear why aren't. Yes you are <music> through your will the Ha- dissolve ever really wanted. I live to keep you in spite of everything we've been through. Lag was always the take your appeal consume you she'll but I just want to know that you yes you and Sarah and your will have nothing. Surely the her take <music> Siren Radio Weather Music you love lives that was Ben Simmons with fire. You're listening to siren radio heading up to midnights and this is homes by passenger. I know not thing in his heart of rolling stone. He told me Bow Beneath House on found any most eighth in Hong Sleep first six weeks. You're on his father to choose way any World Cup when nothing you said it's something we nothing or passing Alamogordo my own in my shirt Laura travel the Naveh money's gone live carries on MRI coding aw I know Keats Arouna Moran cuisine of aid on she said one day or husband twenty eight a paper in Nicotine Back East Julius keeping a world. She's just a puppy and the stubble looked so why are you gonNa worry me for both he left the promise on the side of my bed that he's gone. We live I missing or he may sometimes you can't change and Yukon sometimes. It seems seems she gained less than you do now. We've got loans in our hearts here. We've got holes in our where we've called homes. We've we've gone halls. Oh carry on sale. We've got hoes in hearts here. We've got halls and where we've got hose. Leave God holes calls for we carry here. We go in there. We we split carry uh-huh now we got here. We've got homes in our we've gone home eve. All we carry Hari on hold by passenger. You're listening to siren radio. I'm still in the studio with Ben Simmons Ben. Have you enjoyed your time on the show. This evening absolutely loved it. Thank okay so much so we've been hearing tracks all from your <hes> is the debut EP debut EP. I didn't want to say debut EP and then you go actually light and shade where where can people find out more about you and find your music yeah so I'm active everywhere. I'm on facebook under Ben Simmons Music. I'm on twitter which is Ben Simmons under school and then my ep and my single actually can be found on all major social media platforms. I tunes spotify and Amazon Music Awesome stuff now. That is a man who knows how to present yourself. You find a song of the evening Ben Divers was it about so dive is ironically the <hes> about the same subject as Libya but I've always passed off as divers the the nicer version of the subject I think and it was funny. I I wrote dives. The divers was the first song right for the so it was again all these thoughts and feelings or quite fresh me being me. I think it was kind of almost an innocent song and then live your life to think as broadly as the Yin and Yang actually of of that U._p.. <hes> so yeah divers is just kind of nicer version getting all my thoughts and feelings are on there and then Olivia was part to I'd say where you kind of don't feel like you've said everything you need to say so I I put it into a second song so that's why I love you was but Davis is kind of the starting point of the whole ep and of that zone. Let's take a listen then this is Donovan is by Ben Simmons Live on Siren Radio. Eh We're all day under the see where we found gold because maybe it will fans something that will one day one day we are can moving Kazan. We going down the problems that we face since and saying in ships with cannon fire of maybe maybe we'll get through this net. We call fee Rhythm Blues Love You. It's not the only reason but one day I will trying to tell you the truth serm times and never thought you run that aside mine. No we just be die. None on are now. We were perfect. Maybe that's why we came to Straw. If we tried its own at home I recommend star with two nine Zarroli going down the problems that that we face <hes> and seeing in ships with cannon fire of our he. Maybe we'll get through this net. We Call V. rhythm-and-blues love you. It's now the only reason but one day try into the chew some times and never thought you run OUTTA sight Outta mind. Uh No suppose your speed Die Ivan. Stop moving back with lady. Maha is beating fast because your heart is one data can fend Kentucky. Can we move on we contemplate breeds Rhythm Blues love you it's now the only reason but what they will try and show you that you sometimes and never thought you were nat aside at mine. Just be die. Uh on on non new you siren radio seven point three divers Ben Simmons Ben just remind everyone once again where they can find you on social media platforms so you can find me on Facebook Ben Simmons Music Twitter Ben Simmons underscore and then all of the other social media platforms such as I tunes spotify and Amazon Music. Thank you once again for joining me on the show this evening and we'll have to get you back on sued. I'd love that thank you Ben. Simmons live on Siren Radio Muslims Valentine Valentine and I'm going to be continuing on until midnight hour strikes we celebrate the fact that Monday's almost over and Tuesday is on its way <music> gene <music> harnessed down on me <music> far moments you can hardly he's just she's 'cause. She's go go go go <music>. We're near broken the hottest win. You have to say good man. She she's go <music> <music> on me yeah yeah <music> 'cause you <music> <music> okay harnessed further to and we we we we get this <music> <music> aw ah birthday we then now along. We removed <music> <music> <music> F._M.. Online mobile vase is Byron Radio From The Sky New Center at eleven when police in a U._S._O.. Responding to shooting in Chicago witnesses said they heard firing inside and outside Mercy Hospital. That's on the city's south side there are reports of multiple victims and that one suspect has been shot to Eh this woman was close by when it all started Iran inside the building to alert the receptionist and the nurse they are shooting outside next thing you know we call Silva over the speaker that mean go in retreat lock yourself in where you are because obviously the suspect within the building another developing story tonight and the D._U._p.'s fired a warning shot at Theresa may ours after the prime minister said she was determined to deliver Brexit's the party's flexed its muscles by refusing to support a crucial official government finance law it effectively breaches the confidence and supply agreement that keeps Mrs May par the DP. Sammy Wilson says ministers had a side of that bargain they had to keep as well namely to deliver brexit and the form that it promised in its manifesto festival and specifically promises me to Northern Ireland those ring broken and tonight we were trying to demonstrate some of the consequences of that the lawyer for some of Joe More poises victims says they'll be relieved. After it was announced. He won't be leaving Krizan. The Parole Board has ruled that the black cab rapist will serve at least another two years behind bars. Paul Gascoyne has been defending himself on twitter after he was charged with sexually assaulting a woman it relates to an incident on a tree and from York to Durham in August SD to France have been jailed for hockey talk talk's website uncompromising more than one point six million coins Matthew Hanley and Connor alsop both in their twenty cents from Staffordshire admitted the breach back in Twenty fifteen and Amy Schumer has postponed. Boone some shows after doctors advised not to travel across the U._S.. The comedian who was pregnant recently went into hospital suffering from severe morning sickness. That's the latest I'm Bonnie Wear Siren Radio Siren why some point three visit us at Silent Online Dokodo U._k.. You're listening to siren radio. It's time to sit back relax and while you get the gist by now midnights wants to get back home. Lucy's back home sleep do not cry Blue Moon your the guy who sing <music> long Suzhou scab and shoes you aw sea uh-huh the golden slumbers by elbow he'll listening to siren radio obviously originally by the Beatles and then covered by elbow last Christmas in fact for the Big Joe Louis Adverts and we'll talk about that in a few moments time but we you Muslims Valentine if you've been tuned in ten pm this evening have heard the fantastic local artist Ben Simmons live in the studio performing tracks from his debut ep light and shade available where all good music can be found but now it really is time to sit back relax and chill out of got the lines down low in the studio. I'm looking out across the Beret foot into the night sky Galleon the Golden Nice Little Lights <hes> down the pathway outside the studio now which <hes> which is really going to set the mood for walking home but before I get into the mood of you know looking forward to walk home and get into my nice I slumber filled bed. <hes> we still got fifty five minutes left a programming fifty five minutes left of your Monday and then we can celebrate the fact that it's over and choose day. He's on its way so I mentioned that was golden slumbers by elbow and that was released last year as a part of their <hes> that big John Lewis Campaign and we seen it basically pop again next week if you've had televisions on if you've seen it on the news you'll have seen this <hes> Elton. John is the man behind the John Lewis adver this year and personally. I really enjoyed it. I really liked I think he's a he's a great look. They've been some sinister syndicalism online syndicalism fast the word some people have been down online and say now is just a bit of a promotion for his for his new film. That's coming out and his new album but honestly slate if you just look at it the real facts of showing a showing how the true story of how this great artist was created buying gift given at Christmas by his mother. I think he's just a really nice beautiful Christmas tale. I'm before I said the word Christmas too much must take a listen to a little bit of Elton. John Sorry seems to be the hardest word with taking you up to midnight here on Siren Radio and Chill Cat Valentine. Well me gotTa do you can do strikes wakes me and do you want on me. One of I gotta do to say hello. <music> Sarin seems to be honest with more jobs walking seems to me <music> <music> <music> DOC gooden one more. It seems to seems what do I do. <music> <music> it. Sorry seems to be the hardest word Elton John a really actually think that's one of Elton. John's underrated songs like to me is not the first one that I think of when I think of Johnny now you think of your your song you think of rocket man but so he seems to be the hardest word is known as it's a mouthful to say on the radio. Let's put it that way but it's a great great song to sit back relax and chill to especially especially here on your Monday evenings. One of you got coming up over the next seven days. Let me know on twitter at Siren F._M.. Studio at cerrone online dot co Dot U._k.. On the email or on facebook a Siren Radio One oh seven three. That's where <hes> Andy from Codicil has got into church. He said brilliant tunes tonight. Kept me up past my bedtime. He's enjoying it as always thank you very much and if tuning in he's tune in via our website sign online don't coat U._k.. Because we may be Lincoln's first community radio station but we broke CASS worldwide and you can find out more details like I say on our websites another text in Fromm Ryan in Lincoln who says that if we're talking about John Lewis Christmas adverts songs. You cannot go any further without playing a little bit. It's of Tomo Dell Eighty some of the song for and I was I remember this one which which Christmas advert was this front which which John Lewis Advocate was from and I'm going to let you see if you can remember deeks back any any memories because I found out which now we'll talk about more after this this brings up any any insight in your Christmas advert memories. Tom Odell reload. You're listening to siren radio. <music> palmolive took plans and schemes <music> loss lack. Some call seems like all was where in fall you Ooh just like little girls. It seems like <music> uh uh-huh so which Christmas advocates real love by Tom Odell Beckham from requested by Ryan in Lincoln. Will Heather from Lincoln has got into Chen said. It's the one with the it's the home with the Penguin. I'm paraphrasing there from her message because it's quite long <hes> and yes yes you are correct Sir Monte the penguin now to go full points the Hashtag Monte the penguin probably one of the first John Lewis adverts than I can really officially remember. I mean that was two thousand fourteen so it's been four of four years since you since you saw Monte the penguin grace our screens on the John Lewis Christmas address but we are getting to that time of year now where we are going to be talking more about you know the snow falling falling from the sky hasn't quite yet although I've got a friend in Norwich who claims on face but they had a flurry today but I didn't quite see much on their photos I think do you want breaking the seal of Christmas songs. Maybe not quite yet but we'll see how the night goes on but what I am going to be talking about as Gig I went to a couple of nights ago not a music gig comedy Gig here in Lincoln at the platform just just above the engine shed a stone's. Throw away from where I'm sitting right now siren towers. I saw the fantastic Tom Binns. I got a little bit of a chance to chat to him and it was great can't job because I interviewed him hear a siren radio back when he was Sarin F._M.. <hes> last year and we're going to take a little bit of a peek into <hes> that volts in a few moments time but you're listening to siren radio you my name's Karl Valentine. I'm taking you to midnights reckon very Huffman on the inside but first a little bit of the reckon bone man skit seconds from my <hes> Daw Helpless Sassoon read Shockley by holding me light poison on your owning win it sold aside Sohar visit was almost it was it was on it was on aw yeah we bleed ourselves in how tragic this gay around Song Wings Wings We so far now we came so it was all snow uh-huh <music> in New York. I'll Z. U.. Size we'd ensure Oriental uh-huh zero all malls it was on flaw. It was one of the biggest songs of last year skin by Oregan bone man. You're listening to and chill. It's it's twenty past eleven on your Monday evening and I'm getting a little bit sleepy so I'm pretty sure you must be at home. You know getting touch. Let us know audible seven nine seven eight hundred seven seven one six and I mentioned earlier that the other night I had the pleasure of going to see Tom Binns Aka Ivan Brek embry Hospital Radio D._J.. Aka any other of as many wonderful colorful full characters and it was it was a crate night. It's the first time I've been able to see Tom. Performing live a lot of people see him on shows like eight to ten counts just countdown and those regular on there and and the seen him along the comedy sick of shed on facebook all his <hes> his show on BBC last year hospital people agree Sitcom that featured many of the characters this and I go chance to sit down with Ivan Brecca with sorry thom bins last year and ask him about where he got inspiration for the character Ivan Breckenbridge B._B._C.. Radio nothing and how many miles from here and we used to be white about the people who were on the action line you know the the cat and I'll go to community <hes> <hes> ADESCO ever it was cold so we gets the public. Should we get the pub after work and do what we call an impression on what we call the switch evily so that you can really hard Eh radio and and the character developed driver and then I want to do is when I made him alive accidentally it'd be cool to <hes> deejay live on stage as I'm introducing these inappropriate records that people in hospital so using some of the skills picks up one of those on the radio so that was your idea with that as someone who is looking at getting into radio full-time myself advice. Would you give to someone like myself visa authentic and original possible. Oh that's nice. That's why should give anybody I think <hes> and just keep practicing and never giving up other than that. <hes> good luck <laughter> kept by the luck but if they always say mark very was <hes> I was told it's all about being in the right place at the right hi so I <hes> I just went hung out at all the right places overtime hoping just to increase my chances eventually being in the right place Muslim focus. We feel like dance. I do feel they stock on. You could say thank goodness I am I I do jury it feels. I'll start on you uh-huh mm-hmm yeah just before from her two thousand thousand twelve album the bright side that was meeker with stuck on you GE- Sung that I was listening to earlier today came up as a suggestion on spotify another yeah I'll take a listen to that and really enjoyed so I thought yeah state that in the playlist for this evening and before that he had a little bit of a chat by had last year with the Tom Binns the man behind Ivan Burke and Berry he was performing at the engine shed platform form earlier this week and I did a little bit of an Ivan Breckenbridge there because it was meant to chat after after after elements chat after a play that little clip from the interview with you will but I I double clicked so yeah but my inner Ivan Bracket embry is coming out there hospital radio D._J.. It's just gone eleven twenty seven on your Monday evening. We are creeping ever so closer to that midnight hour and I'm going to share with you another song this <hes> I was listening to Elliott today's song. I've heard many many times <hes> by neighborhood this version. I'm just more laid back. Relax relax nice and Andy from Huddersfield will like it too so this one was a little bit of Lonestar. <music> Zamora's me swinging sad me SOMOS small contain baby when you touch me can feel him Agila me jazz blows me away never ever been this close to any one anything I can hear your thoughts I can see what did you do keep skin uh-huh Adam as bad smell of your skin taste your kids <music> way you is spur Dr your hair all around me eighties around may so jerry play in fi first time every time span ooh and keeps getting Eh <music> new baby. Uh that you <music> they do do Dan Dan an acoustic Houston's rendition of Lonestar amazed you're listening to siren radio and one of the things that I love about presenting the show from ten pm till midnight means when he gets half past eleven these many people around round the old security gallant walking past the window which no does make me feel a lot safer. Hello if you're listening in the office probably not probably not going to say if you are listening. Hello Hope you're enjoying the show. Oh I'll be doing at midnight. Come and lock up yeah we the great thing is that I get to relax and chill out just like you are at home plus some really nice songs songs that I maybe not listen to for awhile songs. I've never heard of before and get share them with you as well especially this time of year. I think there's the nights are getting darker earlier. It's never really bothered me doing this time but you and we get a little bit tired. Maybe more tired. Should I say see my grandma gets worse as as the night goes along but I also get the chance to to sing along in the studio unless something that I've always loved actually being here alone means that I can I can really belts it out and no one can hear or at least on this floor. Maybe someone to flaws above going. We'll lead short that racket down please. Hey well. It is is eleven thirty two on a Monday evening still got a few more songs stickers up to midnights including this next one is an absolutely gorgeous track and there's nothing mark and say about it is still the clock. If I'm being August <music> I was told this is what I would start loving myself. <music> flattens delicious to be beneficial mental health if my best best political collected displayed sadly. I just think that I was disgusting. I'm me up like a big balloon far too soon. I'm left a stuttering. How did I get here? It's also could feel sick but pushing down on the green and could you love this. This one would be <music> might did you plan to being on <music>. It's not cost keeping fingers good kiddie take with my list saw doll view <music> shaking me and I think you'll like how I I have that that's <music> up like a big balloon far too soon holding my breath makes me. How did I get here? It's bulls so quick feel sick. I boost this one <music> it. It's not bad at all <music> <music> <music> this one <music> <music> oh it's not in May two thousand eighteen release from dody clunk. If I'm being honest you're listening to Siren Radio and if I'm being honest well is not only getting closer such a midnight but he's also getting close to that festive season and the Lincoln will be marking that in a big way on November twenty third. That's Thursday as we have the big Christmas lights switch on knows. He's not Thursday Friday. Sorry Friday the twenty third. I'm going over myself now. I'm wondering Friday. The twenty third is Christmas lights switch on it's going to be taking place from the for the start of the countdown and Christmas at the annual fund packed Christmas lights with John at Saint Mark's shopping center Lincoln High Streets and Waterside Shopping Center. You can join the excitement of the Christmas calendar throughout Lincoln City on the evening so I'm looking at the details to share with you and it looks like they're going to be taking place between four forty five and then the final switch on taking place at seven forty five so from about five alight clock on Friday evening <hes> these going to be John Marshall from ant links F._M.. Handing over the proceeds looking after the preceding shall we say and <hes> we're GONNA have the new theatre royal's Panta styles that <hes> for their upcoming performances. That's definitely want to keep an eye out for us. Taking places six forty PM and stuff taking it loses stuff's. It's going to be going on make sure you check it out on Friday evening. I'm not going to spoil it all for you but there is going to be an Ariana Grande Day trip you tighten. It's a step up from character Turner. I guess Oh do we break the seal now. He's only fitting. It's not my fault. This is Coppola Christmas lights <music> Christmas fight Tuesday cries of poison boys to my fee street China just walk away windows rain and snow <music>. Uh Eh lack Sir Gerald this. Still leaving does feel Christmas still waiting for the <music> scheme Sir Chris Hello <music> scheme show Co play Christmas lights here listening to Siren Radio Eleven forty three on Monday evening and as we drift off closer and closer two two on golden slumbers we celebrate the fact that Monday's almost over and Tuesday's on its way and I'm always really I feel really lucky and glad that I get so many messages in from people saying that they're enjoying the show and the tune-in because it's always really reassuring especially at this time of night and that's something that I get reminded of when I read. This article that I came across earlier today was Vibe A._B._C.. News and it's a D._J.. E._J. who's shed based radio. Station has only ever heard by his wife is expanding his audience after forty four years so he's basically his name is Dick Dunkin and he's now seventy three years old he started playing records from his bank Gallatin in Stevenage in nineteen seventy four but he had no off com license no license for radio whatsoever and because of this the station could only be beamed through a speaker in his living room to his wife to Reza. Mr Duncan has been offered a one hour special on BBC local radio unconfined Lee realize his ultimate ambition addition to broadcast to the rest of stevenage. He said he's interested in radio was sparked by pirate radio station Radio Caroline which broke cast off the coast of Essex in the nineteen sixties and and he this is the thing he went on to setup radio seventy seven which he named after job loss of secondhand jingles that he bought from American station of the same name name he said to the BBC we used to record all the shows and play them back and think that's really cool that we couldn't afford to keep buying spoils of tape so ended up recording over them so basically Klay. He's been ruining this amazing. Shed radio station Alvis Back Gallatin FA so many years just to his wife and I think that's a lovely thing him and his friends just broke into that house on just that really sort of cemented in my mind the really thinking about community radio station community volunteer work and what they saw means to me and he put things in perspective of you know what I love doing this. I love it. The you know. There's a couple of people out there who listened in every week. This casual listeners that will listen across Lincoln trend online across the world but I think the most important thing for me is that I get something out of this and I I really really enjoy it so it's it's really nice to see someone like d.c is getting the recognition he deserves for doing it for so long but also the fact that to him it was just a hobby and passion and that's that's all we ever needed to be. I really loved that you're listening to siren radio creeping close to midnight with a little bit of Nina Simone put a smell new. Uh Uh you change your call to put me spill doc now. Put a spanner alone indium classic Ed from Nina Simone. I put a spell on you. You're listening to a siren radio. It was a pleasure to have local musician. Ben Simmons in the studio with me for the first hour of today's borough cast cast a wonderful musician is album light and shade is out now EP. Should I say it's out now where all good music can be found highly recommend that you take a lesson and takes influence from everything he's listening. He was telling me listing off all the artists that you know us been listening to into a kid said they listen to a lot of the eagles as a kid going head share in which you can definitely hear these music Jamea he said the there's not a single time that Joe Mass Song is played within his listening vicinity where he want perk up and and take a lesson himself so you really cool guy really well rounded autists. If there ever was one so <hes> definitely take a listen to his music. If you get the chance right then ten moments until we hit that midnight hour couple all songs to go. Let's take a listen to <hes>. Let's take him to listen to this. One now it's <hes> because I heard him performing on the x factor this week actually <hes> loss of big T._v.. Quinn back over the last <hes> forty forty eight hours <hes>. I'm a celebrity. The facts was on obviously although you know they're they're coming to the semi finals now semifinals. He feels like they serious has just flown away both Sam this man walls also a guest on the show performing a live in the studio. Mr Tom Walker leave the lights on the Sir. Can someone mentioned you are all alone could feel the trouble crossing to your veins leans now Scott all hold the phone collector hadn't he sparked numb e cigarettes when stopped me wondering where are don't let go key. PA hold if you look into the distance is a house upon the guiding like a lighthouse to place where you'll be saved if Eli Grace Suivant Vo made mistakes if you lost your way in Cio me what's been happening was in command been search him for a duck planes to solve mm-hmm champion nope using you'll be route for MOMS reviews to lose another friend jerks scum home. Don't go they can to distance. There's a house upon the Guiding Light House to place where you'll be aid to Greece. 'cause we stick issue last show uh-huh aw the on I will leave the knew that was going to happen some walkabout. I give me a little bit of reminded to can turn all the lights off around the studio around the office because we are coming towards the end of your Monday. Yes it's almost over who had a wonderful day. I mean we now have a nice day. I've not really been at work. I've been here in producing content for the next couple of days here. I am radio and then at a couple of hours to relax but that's definitely not going to be the case over the next couple of days ago busy busy schedule ahead and the schedule for tomorrow Hair Siren radio is as follows twelve to warm. We got the siren simply jess show Tom Stevens alive in the studio and we got the local music spotlights from four till five. I'll be produced. I'll be presenting an hour's worth of locally produced Music Mafia listening pleasure and then we got drive time on when shoes day with Chris Clarkson from five till seven formula thome from eight hundred ten and tanktop Brian Road is bringing back will be taking you back to seventies sixties seventies not with a tank top eleven till midnight. If you missed it on Saturday is a Nice Handy repeat for you there but as I say I'm getting tired you probably asked to and <hes> it's time to head of Ted off to sleep. You've been listening to siren radio. You can find me on twitter and Kaiji Valentine the sh the station and Siren F._M.. On facebook Kaija Valentine as as well but you have survived you'll Monday Tuesday is on its way tonight cup less on Alevi tonight with Thomas Newman and the green mile stretch into into siren radio and I'll speak to you very soon <music> uh-huh <music> <music> uh-huh <music> in F._M.. Online mobile this is Byron Radio Lincoln from the Scummy Center at midnight. 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