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Hi I'm Leah and I'm Falen you know us as the host of the podcast. The secret life of Canada. And we've got an exciting better news for you. We do. We want to go to school with you. That's right. We are now part of the curriculum in a way. We've teamed up with educators from across the country to create teaching guys that go along with some of our best episodes. We've got teaching guards for indigenous history. Caribbean Canadian Migration Black History Asian history. It's very exciting. But is very exciting. And so each guard comes with ad free audio transcripts lesson plan slide shows and a whole bunch of other stuff. Yeah just had to. Cbc DOT CA Slash Teaching Guides for more info. And it's free it's free this is a CBC PODCAST. Hello. I'm Carol off and I'm Ali Hassan. This is as it happens. The podcast edition tonight arch support conservative. Leader Andrew Scheer says the Trudeau government has his support in fighting the corona virus. But there are limits to what his party will support a lifeline. But who for the? Us Senate stimulus package contains a big chunk of aid for corporations but one Democratic senator tells us his party fought to make sure the money gets to people who need it insult to injury. It was hard enough to get tested for corona virus. Let alone suffer from the disease but there was one more. Blow that an uninsured. Boston woman got a J Norma's hospital bill. The artists behind the classic Asterix and over leaks cartoons has died reached one of his biggest fans. Who's the author of a modern kids classic herself who describes his masterful combination of action and warmth who says cheetos never prosper our daily trip into the as it happens archives yields a twenty fourteen interview with an artist who works exclusively in a medium that leaves his fingers? Bright Orange and the United States Library of Congress released its annual selection of audio to be preserved forever in the national recording registry as it happens the Wednesday Edition Radio. That preserves an explanation. It took them until just before dawn but this morning after hours of Haggling Parliament finally granted Justin Trudeau the authority to start shoveling money into the fight against the corona virus. Then reporters asked the prime minister when desperate Canadians could hope to see some cash. We need to make sure we're getting that money out quickly but also reliably to Canadians. And that means doing things that government hasn't done before and scaling up our processes extremely quickly. We are hopeful that the system will be up and running by the sixth of April and the direct deposits will be flowing days after that. We recognize that that is a ways off still and there are people who stopped working week and a half ago two weeks ago That are now receiving their last paycheck and not knowing when the next money is coming in. We recognize that. We're looking for ways to help people bridge but we will continue to work diligently and rapidly to make sure we're helping every Canadian we can't that was Prime Minister Trudeau in Ottawa. Today Andrew Shears the leader of the opposition. We reached him in Ottawa. This this year. How much confidence do you have? The bill passed in the wee hours of this morning. Is What county needs at this point. Well we're we're optimistic cautiously optimistic. We've we've seen a few examples of the government moving very slowly in some areas and in the case of the legislation surprising every opposition party with unprecedented powers instead of just focusing on getting financial assistance. Out The door so You know we're we're trying to cooperate in a in an effort of goodwill and show Canadians that we can find common ground between all different parties But we are going to hold the government to account when it's slow to react when it has to reverse its policies or when it It does things that in I'd never credit way. The most crucial thing is that Canadians at this point. Need to have a tremendous amount of confidence that the government was doing the partisan fighting we saw during last night. How much confidence do you think that may have been shaken in Canadians by watching? What was shaking. Was the confidence in the government to proceed on that basis of good faith. You know we did not have a partisan position We were told to come back to Ottawa to pass much needed financial assistance. We were prepared to do so At the very last hour we received legislation with complete sidelining of parliamentary oversight. And we just cannot accept that not because we were conservatives but because we're parliamentarians and Canadians who believe in our democracy So we were able to get major concessions from the government to put back in and accountability and oversight and we're satisfied with the outcome so far but you know it's essentially the government recognize that Having accountability actually makes for good decisions Some of their early decisions for example not to restrict travel from international destinations. A few weeks ago had to be reversed almost immediately So when the government says something that's wrong or when? They say that they're doing something and they're not doing it. They need permit there to hold them to account to get action on these issues. Because my point out what you're referring to is this you were you found. In the legislation this section that would grant the government unlimited tax and spend powers until the end of next year The Global Mail. Aditorial calling that Mr Trudeau's for stumble and otherwise good response. Did you see it that way? What was a major stumble You know if it was either very unwise or it was a deliberate attempts to seize the opportunity to Give himself more More power and that's not something we could abide by. You know we were surprised to find That they were giving themselves broad new powers to make payments to various entities that there was no mechanism for for oversight with terms of the Finance Committee So we're able to put all of those things but I think what's critical here and as you heard. The Prime Minister say there are going to be people who are suffering in real time and our message to the government yesterday was if we if we need to get assistance so quickly then focus on doing that. Don't don't start including other measures that give minister sweeping new powers if they if they WANNA have a conversation about greater latitude during a time of crisis have that separately from the conversations around getting financial. Help out so we can do that quickly. And then we can take our time on on the other types of things we spoke with. Doug meet Zing last night. He's out that were. They weren't going far enough with wage subsidies the MVP like to see even more being done but interestingly enough conservative Senate leader Don Plant. Who calls himself a staunch fiscal conservative? He fears that the aid package does not go far enough and that is not an adequate financial support for what people need would you. Do you share that with your conservative colleague? Mr Plant. Well we all recognize that. These are unprecedented times. We're not seeing people lose their job because of market conditions. They're closing the door because they're being told to by government and that's why we do believe that it's appropriate for the government to provide assistance. A ten percent wage. Subsidy is not going to make the difference for the vast majority of businesses who have had to keep their doors closed for the last two weeks. What we're very concerned about his. Will THERE BE JOBS FOR PEOPLE TO GO BACK TO A? We believe that there needs to be System there so that when this crisis over stores and restaurants and retailers can open their doors again and people can go back to work and if there isn't that assist provided many of those small business owners go bankrupt. Many of those stores won't real and people will be relied on these types of Government benefits for much longer. I believe this. Liberal government has a version to supporting small businesses they. They launched an attack on small business. Just a few years ago and they've completely left them out in this. Financial Package is a census. Some are giving that that that this corona virus oddly enough could make for a reset of the Canadian economy. There's a lot of things are going could change and a lot of things could be redirected if that's possible and I know this is looking for in the future but what what what would change. What do you think the Post virus economy in? Canada is gonNA look like well. I'm not sure I don't know if it's GonNa be a reset but it's certainly going to inflict tremendous damage. I think we're going to be looking at weeks and months of very very difficult. Economic conditions many. Many people will see a drastic reduction in their income. And that's why it's essential that once the health crisis components over that we get our economy back up and running The best thing for Canada has and always will be a robust free market. Free people buying and selling freely That that that is what we need to get back to. As quickly as possible crisis when government has told people not to work it is appropriate but the government provide that assistance throughout this period. But then we have to quickly get back to A normal free market economy that allows everyone to To Prosper we have seen a remarkable level of all party cooperation in this crisis. And and as you know it's Canadians want to see you all pulling together. But I'm wondering after what happened with this this attempt to put in this these extraordinary powers as your trust in Mr Tobin shaken. It has and I'll tell you why we have been indicating a very publicly our support for many of the measures. We have definitely changed the tone of our critiques when when we are pointing out things that they're not doing we're doing it in a way that's constructive and not just aimed to try to grab a headline and we were assured that there would be no surprises in the legislation So it took us all by surprise and for me to go back to my own caucus i. It's it's made it harder for me to tell my team You know we're working on a deal because the last time this happened. So I'm hopeful that we can restore that trust. I'm always an optimist but actually there's been some Some real damage to our ability to operate in good faith. We will leave it there. Mr Scherr thank you. Thank you very much. That's opposition leader Andrew Scheer. We reached him today in Ottawa. The two trillion dollar stimulus package proposed by the US Senate. Today is meant to provide relief to American businesses workers and the markets but it may not change very much for millions of Americans who don't have health insurance if you are uninsured and you test positive for corona virus and you happen to need hospital care in the US. It could be a perfect storm. Danny Skinny found herself in that situation. This month she's recently uninsured American recovering from lymphoma treatment. It took her three visits to the hospital to get tested for Corona virus and when the results came back she tested positive and her hospital. Bill was astronomical. We reached any skinny in Boston. Danny first of all does give us the grand total of your hospital bill. It is thirty five thousand one hundred and twelve dollars and twenty two cents. I had a few things added on the last week. How are you processing that number? It's very overwhelming and scary I'm just recovering from fulmer. And it just feels like such a huge setback for me. This how did I might want to get a sense of it. Got To be that amount you. I had symptoms. That were seemed that you were sick. The very end of February. What was that like? What were you feeling yes. We had chest pain shortness of breath and I had very high pulse and blood pressure at first on the twenty nights and it went into the emergency room because I land call just had recommended doing that and we lowered my blood pressure and I started to feel better I went home and then the next day the fever coughing and the sore throats truck. Okay now this because it's the undefended beginning of March. It's hard for us to remember what the assumptions were made at that time but Now of course they would probably test you for covert nineteen. Was there any discussion about the possibility that you had corona virus? Yes we discussed it. Because I'm immuno-compromised I'd been at a hospital. I actually attended the biogen conference here in Boston. And seeing friends from all over the world and there was some discussion but there were no tests. So we couldn't test me and so they treated me for pneumonia and sent me home for the second visit and I just continue to get worse before you went to the third visit. What was the state of your health? Started by feeling like I was fighting off the virus at a very high temperature. I was coughing a ton. I have had a very hard time breathing but eventually about five days. After my first visit might temperature drops. My breasts became really shallow and fast and I couldn't breathe. I was coughing up a lot of mucus and you could hear my chest rattling and every day that we had called the Department of Public Health here in Massachusetts to try and get a task and no tests were available and then finally you know with the Emergency Room and colleges. We decided I had to go back and get treatment again and people have described as if feeling like you're drowning. It is terrible. It really causes you a deep sense of panic when every tiny tried to breathe in you immediately costs and you can never catch a full breath. It's very scary on the third visit. You got the test I did. The doctors really insistence. I'm laughing because they were literally yelling on the phone and I could hear them through the isolation door Yelling at the CDC in the Department of Public Health and they finally did get me a task. What was the argument? He they were having with the the Center for Disease Control. They basically wouldn't talking. Because I hadn't left the United States it was. It was very heated. I felt taken care of by the doctors nurses but I felt really. Yeah I felt really let down by the state. How long did it take before when you had the test to when you found out that you had Kovac nineteen yet? It took about five days so we actually had to send it to a private lab in the test. Cost nine hundred seven dollars because of that fact So was never done by State Department of Public Health so it took about five days to get the test results back by then I had started to really feel recovered But in total urban a total of ten days from when I first had symptoms until I finally got a positive test results. Were you ever admitted to hospital for this? No we discussed being admitted. But because I'm uninsured. Unfortunately in the United States it actually is very difficult to people who are uninsured. If the hospital thinks that you won't be able to pay the full bill and so instead they sent me home with a lot of supplies like an oxygen canister an ice. Iv Bags on also nurse. So you know that kind of weighed in and I felt pretty confident. Once we stabilize my vitals that I could maintain them and and I was able to do that but I think I should have probably been admitted but the fact that I didn't have insurance it talked to that you didn't have insurance and your bill came to about thirty five thousand dollars. What cost so much A lot of it is the hospital isolation room when you're in isolation for a respiratory disease everything that is going to be used on you during your visit has to be in the room with you when you first arrive and then after you leave everything that wasn't used house we thrown away and you're built for all of that but also the room itself cost five thousand dollars each visit and the doctors and nurses costs about thirteen to fifteen hundred dollars a piece for each visit. So is very expensive Canadians. Listening to this are aghast because this is our greatest fear that we would ever not have the universal health care that we have twenty seven million Americans. Do not have insurance. That's almost the population of Canada. What what is what do these bills have? Because I'm not the only. What does this mean for you to have have a sticker price of this size? Yeah I am going to apply for the low income health insurance program and if that is denied which it might be I will apply for charity care from the hospital. But there's no guarantee either not required by law to to pay for this And then I'll have to declare bankruptcy otherwise and I think this should also factor in the number of uninsured. People factor into how Canada considers opening the border again with the United States. Given all of what's coming out of DC about possibly reopening the country by Easter. I really think Canadians should seriously consider the safety of your public health. I can assure you that is on the minds of many people and as you mentioned president trump has said that the economy has to get going The the cure is being worse than the the sickness. How do those statements that with you? I think none of these. I was at the hospital again yesterday. I have permanent lung and heart damage now from this virus and I have lost capacity and they just got put on three new heart medications yesterday. I don't think that any of these people have visited the intensive care units and they have not seen what it looks like in the in the ICU and like literally dozens of people on ventilators and people coughing and suffocating for their life. I think it's so insensitive. What they're saying is so devoid of the folks on the ground. They're more interested in dollars and sense than people's lives and it's it's shocking to me as somebody who's now going to have a permanent disability from this virus Getting choked up. It's very shocking to hear our political leaders making those kind of statements Knowing that I could have lost my life I already know. I have one friend in Seattle. Who has passed Who is a frontline healthcare worker And that's just really it's shocking and sad for me Danny. I'm glad you're okay and I'm sorry you're going through all this and Voice feels the way for all the other ones that are probably confronting the same thing appreciate you speaking with us. Thank you thank you so much. Carol by Danny S. skinny is recovering from Kovic nineteen and is currently dealing with a thirty five thousand dollar hospital. Bill reached her in Boston. And you can find more on her story on our website at CBC DOT CA Slash Ai. H over the decades hundreds of people have gone out searching for evidence of the SASQUATCH. And they've come back empty-handed but a few years ago we spoke with the man who found the legendary ape creature all on his own in a bag of cheetos tonight's trip into the as it happens. Archives takes us back to November of twenty fourteen to our interview with the Kentucky man named Andy Hewitt. He's a mechanical engineer by trade. But he's also an artist and a visionary where you and I opened a bag of flaming hot cheetos and see a snack or instant heartburn. Mr Hewitt sees art a sasquatch for example and the tippety scene and a monkey throwing feces from our archives. Here's Carol's conversation with Andy Hewett on November thirteenth. Twenty fourteen. Andy what was your first. Cheeto discovery CHEETO. That launched your vision. That would be sasquatch. It was a SASQUATCH. It was cheetos that looked like sasquatch. Yes no one's actually seen sasquatch how you sure that matches the serious medical watch all right then after that. What what did you find in your cheetos bag? I found a number seven which was actually a pretty good number. Seven very intricate and I say I think it was a fan cheering in the crowd. I called it like a guy with his arms up and then you had like a hammerhead shark cat cats and so now after you discovered these works of Art. Cheetos bag winded. Actually I mean the whether just discoveries when did you actually pass over into creating pictures of them in the early part? But maybe the first twenty to thirty. I was holding them with my hands taking a picture with my phone. And then I switched to a tweezers after getting comments about my cheesy singer. Steve People's that you didn't look terribly well groomed or your fingers right. Yeah because I was working out project and I you know thirty right and Cheetos can really really be kinda greasy and dirty to all right so then you started taking photos in a more elaborate way. How did how did you do that? What I did was after the tweezers I did. I took a piece of Plexiglass then. I just had a wooden box and I hung the over. I let it can't leader over the edge of the box like a diving board and draped a sheet on the floor and I just set the Te'o on there and that would take a picture with my phone and then you would send these out on instagram post among instagram. How Popular Have Your Cheeto? Works been pretty popular some better than others. They've been pretty popular an instagram. They were GONNA mass. A lot of followers people like this but we talked about the SASQUATCH and then the number seven and Things like a cat from there. You went into some pretty elaborate. Cheeto art. I mean I'm thinking about one which is called interpreter and guide for the Lewis and Clark Edition. Yes yes that was the first one where I actually really elaborated on on the caption. I call them the title. I look at those camps titles but that was the first one where I actually had an elaborate description and I really liked the descriptions being more elaborate so I I just switched to that and I was able to create better art Another one second Joe. Is that how you pronounce it Julia? Yes seconds away nods her head as she holds her baby. Jean Baptiste Charbonneau. Yes and that's what you saw you just I you look at set there. It is second. Julia nodding your head as she her baby. Jean Baptiste Charbonneau. There was no other interpretation for that. Tito was actually the first thing I had that one for two weeks before I actually figured out what it was. I actually thought I I. We're going to call it a swamp monster of some sort. Does the Cheeto tell you what it is it in a way it does? Sometimes it doesn't want to tell me and I have to coax it out but some of them it tells me right away and others I really oh actually no. It looks like something. I'll take a picture and then I just look at the picture and try and figure out what. How do you coax out of the CHEETO? What it is I basically ask questions the soccer trivia. I looked at it and I thought okay. That's that actually looks like somebody holding something. What are they holding? And Oh maybe it's a baby okay. Whose baby kind of beating. And then. I thought wait a minute baby that. She's carrying around so the Chitose speaks to you do they teach me do they. Did Tito speak to you know Not Really I just I in a way you can say to me and they tell me a story right actually hearing voice okay so and what happens to the rest of the cheetos into how many works of this nature. Do you find in. Say an average bag of cheetos. It's been for a while. I actually only eat about sixty to seventy percent of the bag and if I find anything I call shadow. You follow what we call. What a suspect she inspected. Okay I will save it in You know probably usually just on a paper plate that I have sitting on my town. Just I said if they're in that come back to it and I go for further observations so I take another look at them and by that time they're already sailed so I don't end up emails but thirty percent of the man. It usually ends up on that plate. That's a high ratio of art to Tito right and do you. Do you worry that you bet you may be have eaten? Something that really should have been an artwork I don't worry about it. I think I'll give you a pretty good look. I don't worry but I I'm sure that earlier point my life I've eaten plenty of pieces of art but I didn't know about all right. It's it's fascinating Andy. Thank you bye-bye. From our archives Carol speaking with any Hewitt who finds the artistic beauty in Cheetos that first aired in November two thousand fourteen and you can find more of that story at CBC DOT CA Slash A. H. Hi Emily And I'm feeling you know us. The host of the podcast the secret life of Canada. And we've got an exciting better news for you. We do. We want to go to school with you. That's right. We are now part of the curriculum in a way. We've teamed up with educators from across the country to create teaching guys that go along with some of our best episodes. We've got teaching guides for indigenous history. Caribbean Canadian Migration Black History Asian history. It's very exciting. It is very exciting and so each guard comes with ad free audio transcripts lesson plans slide shows and a whole bunch of other stuff. Yeah just had to. Cbc DOT CA Slash Teaching Guides for more info. And it's free it's free. It's designed to be a two trillion dollar lifeline. And if passed by Congress it will be the biggest fiscal stimulus package in. Us history. The package contains billions of dollars in loans for small businesses and five hundred billion dollars in aid for large corporations. It includes direct payment of checks to Americans and it provides aid to hospitals struggling for medical equipment cove nineteen has ground the US economy to a halt and despite stern warnings from health officials president. Donald TRUMP is vowing to open up the country again by Easter. Mark Warner is Democratic senator. In Virginia he supports the stimulus package. That was proposed today. We reached him this afternoon in Alexandria Virginia. Senator Warner is package for Wall Street or from mainstream a package. That originated was frankly more geared for Wall Street. I think it's been dramatically changed. I'm not a big fan of the administration. Usually but the treasury secretary came in I think worked with us to make enormous improvements. It really breaks into four or five categories direct support for families a lot of support for small businesses and medium sized businesses with the ability for smaller businesses to actually get full reimbursement for four to six weeks a lot of support as well for hospital system and muchly expanded unemployment insurance so that back in America United States about seventy percent of our workers. Don't get traditional unemployment because they may be gig workers or independent contractors. Those workers are now be covered. So I think it's a much better package and I'm anxious to get it to the president's desk at this point and this may change before we go to air with this interview but it seems that it's being held up and that the Republicans are saying there's a massive drafting error in the current version and concerns that the enhanced unemployment benefits are an incentive for people not to work. Is that something that you can address? I do not believe that's the case This has been negotiated with the administration until the wee hours. Last night I would be disappointed in the markets. I think the world would be disappointed if we don't move this legislation. It is a generous unemployment program for four months and it does cover a lot of workers that have not been covered in the past when we've got this kind of healthcare crisis when it's not frankly the fault of the workers or for that matter businesses Let's make sure we get the assistance out and also let's make sure that the assistance businesses that we have the kind of transparency and restrictions on stock buybacks executive compensation that so angered Americans after the Tarp Program. Back in two thousand eight dazzling. Ask you next. Because today's packages you point five hundred billion in aid for large corporations and people remember what happened in two thousand and eight and nine where the corporations use the money sometimes to buy back their own stock lots of abuse for what they call the troubled asset relief program. What guarantees is not going to be abused again? Well there are guarantees on the direct lending component that will put restrictions on stock buybacks on dividends on excessive executive compensation they'll also be enormous transparency literally within a week. Any of the terms of direct lending We'll have to be distributed and sunlight is the best disinfectant. There will be the ability for the Treasury to go in and buy up commercial paper corporate debt that stabilizes the market but it is something the Fed has done in the past because this is both a a program run by the Treasury but also leverage some of the ability of the Federal Reserve as well. Is it really possible at this point to stimulate the economy? I mean is this. Is this disaster. Relief or is the stimulus. I think it's a bit about. My focus was on disaster relief. How do we make sure those families that have been laid off or quarantined or sick or those frontline health care providers who are putting their lives on the line literally every day? Get the equipment. They need get economic security. They need there is a general stimulus as well with this. Twelve hundred dollar check Per adult up to a certain income level I think that will be helpful but not as targeted as the disaster relief components have to ask you a also about the plans. It president trump seems to have to reopen your country by Easter To kick start the economy. What's stopping him from doing that? What's stopping him? And I would hope and wish and pray that we would be able to open by Easter driving through the streets of Washington seem deserted. It's pretty strange but this country is going to follow the advice of the healthcare professionals of our mayors governors as a former governor. I've let are my state through a disaster. In the past. I know what kind of responsibility nothing would be worse than trying to send this country back to work before. There was an all clear if people started going back to work and the illness started. Despite the lack of trust in government and frankly the lack of trust of people even being willing to go back to work would undermine for a long long time to come so I think. Rational approaches will prevail but president trump. And he's not alone in this seems to be making a calculus as to how many American lives might be okay to sacrifice for the sake of the economy. That's been something quite shocking to many people in the world but it seems to be a kind of an idea that is being picked up by others. What do you make of that or I make it at? Maybe the fact that president trump may not know friends or family Who's got the illness I've got friends and family. I've got your friends who who are got housing candidate who are caught in. We're trying to get them the appropriate care in Montreal at this point I think as this comes home to roost. More families across country and across the world across Canada across the world that that kind of cavalier attitude will will move beyond. And as we've seen from this president. He has a tendency to make comments or tweets that Oftentimes are not followed through on. And I I think the kind of universal rejection of those comments yesterday. are an indication of where we're headed. I'd love to see US Open by Easter if healthcare experts allowed But I don't think we're going to see a forcing of people going back to work while the virus is still running rampant and speaking of people have seen. Who are ill. We spoke with a woman in Boston. Who has no health insurance who tested positive for covert one thousand nine hundred spent three sessions in the emergency department and now has thirty five Thousand Dollar Hospital Bill? How will today stimulus package? Help people at Kerr. We've already put in place. The ability to make sure all testing is free and one of them stories after the crisis United States is inability to get testing equipment out in efficient fashion and its failure to adopt the German. Who Standards is answers? We still need to get. There has been additional funding in this recent package to make sure that folks who are uninsured. Don't receive those kind of oftentimes. They're viewed as what we call them. The state's surprised billing my family. Who's got very good health insurance? I had a daughter go to a hospital. Come home with a ninety two thousand dollars bill and we have as good of his insurance as anyone. this is a a an abuses taking place in our system right now that again. There's some bipartisan interest. In making sure we closed down. Canadians is find. This kind of thing shocking. So Appreciate what Americans find it shocking? His wealth and this is not just an American or Canadian and this is a worldwide pandemic and the more we can haul in together. I think the better we all be off Senator Warner. I hope that your country is able to cope with this We're hoping ours as well and I appreciate speaking with you. Thank you thank you. Mark Warner is Democratic senator. In Virginia we reached him earlier today in Alexandria Virginia What's the sound of bells ringing? Saint George in the Pines Anglican Church in Banff. If you live in the area you've come to expect to hear that sound more often recently. The Churches Pianist Heather Gene Jordan has been ringing them every day around one o'clock in the afternoon everyone inside. She's hoping to send a message of hope echoing through her community. Heather Gene Jordan spoke to the BBC's CBC Calgary's eye opener about how the idea formed. I played every Sunday at Saint George's except for the last couple of days and But the church still streamed services and the first thing that we did it. I rang the bells and people really touched them and they said I really needed that so I thought well I don't have any other work really so I might as well do it every day. What are what are the bills like that when you ring them? What do you actually do? You press down on a lever so there are eleven levers and it's kind of a if you saying the kids like go right me foucault it's like go to doe and a low. T. and then two extra notes that are accidental. Chill out for a larger range. Oh lots so you can see. You have an option of what you play. Yes it's still very limited But but I can play quite a few different things on there. You could do doe deer a female deer and go through the whole tone. I did that. Yes I'm able to do that and and people really liked it. I've been playing quite a few secular pieces because it's for everybody and every day I try to Donald Canada. So what's what's been the response and bath. Can you describe that for me? Oh well I mean I just kind of started doing it. And then people started reaching out on on facebook and sending me texts and they people seem to love it and you can hear it. The town is probably almost half. The town is laid off so but it's a very quiet hound but you can hear it way across the river up into the Middle Springs area which is on the way to the Rim rock if people know that area other clearly has Baid Bam feel better. We're hearing how that's how we heard about you. We heard for people in Bam saying you've got to hear these bells. They're fantastic. What a nice addition to the town. But I have to ask. Does it make you feel better to play the bells right now? It does. Yeah it does You know I'm I'M I. I also teach last week time teaching online lessons. But everything else is so all over the place and you know every even with lessons. It's it's all new so making it as one o'clock and you know you might be feeling pretty low in the morning and by the time you get there you go okay. I've got a ring any bells because there are people who are waiting for them and then by the end. I don't know there's something about bells I by the end. I'm feeling really good. That was banff music teacher Heather Gene Jordan. Speaking with the. Cbs's David Gray. Miss Jordan is ringing the bells at her church every day at around one o'clock comic characters come and go but some live for generations. Asterix is among those few. The French cartoon hero was created in one thousand nine hundred fifty nine and is still treasured today. In the CO creator of the Esta Rick Stories the illustrator Albert who died yesterday of a heart attack. He was ninety too. Many people were influenced by the tales of the plucky Gaul Asterix and his Sidekick Obelix rebelling against the ancient Romans one of them was Cressida cowl. She's the UK Children's laureate and author illustrator of how to train your dragon and the wizards of once we reach in London. Cressida as a child. What did you love about Asterix? Oh I don't Asterix. As a child. I loved the cleverness of the stories. And the the wonderful rations. I mean he's just a genius Stoning illustrations and it was very influential for me. That's why although I writes books for older children which are attacked two books rather than comic book. Novels I include massive massive massive. Have pictures because I think I think pitches are away in for Children. That's certainly a how Albert odors low was hoping it would be and this illustrations are so wonderful. What is it about those? I Guess Asterix and Obelix the two principal characters the inhabitants of this goal French village holding out against the Romans. What is it about those? Two characters that appeals to kids. We'll the underdog I mean they. The children love we all love the idea of underdogs holding out this one. Little village student told by to Rome Irene. That feels to adults as well as children. I think it's the lovely affectionate relationship three strikes in out of legs that we so lovely and appealing. I think for children and I think you see children often. They're so smart. Children very very clever. But tally and film is just beamed magically into children's heads without them having to to work at it and the problem with books and reading. Is that a child has to make an effort to access and if a child even if a child doesn't have a reading difficulties even harder said dyslexic will have a a sort of a problem with reading but even if they don't a book in Perry easily come to represent something that makes them feel stupid even though they're not at all so those illustrations which were absolutely key that the lavish illustrations combined with a very sophisticated story right. But as you say with those characters that with so lovable Australia's but strict so clever and smart safe different aspects. You say smart at Overlake Smith. Just so loveable so adorable. I wonder what influence that That Albert had because now the kinds of the way. He illustrated those gastric stories. It we see it's it's familiar. There are many who have obviously been influenced by what what what style did he develop. Storytelling for kids and illustrations. Yes I you you don't even realize do you. How how influential something is I mean? I am typically as an illustrator myself. I don't think you you consciously realize that you'll being influenced by somebody else but of course if you grow up with something if you if you read something as a child just embeds itself in your consciousness and as soon as you said I hadn't even thought of it would be until you said it but obelix of course he influenced my STOIC. Bost That lovable character. You know that the test has slipped a bit described himself as not being fat but his chance to flip the great That sort of intensely lovable character to influence generations. I'm not just knee generations of of children's illustrators. It was so widespread that had so it. It had an effect on I think. Illustrators crosswell wrong and remind people that what you're referring to is your wonderful series how to. Train Your Dragon. Yes with your scrawny Viking. Hero named Hiccup but so he did have an influence on you. Obviously an influence on the whole idea of graphic novels and telling stories in that way. I'm sure there's lots of people who are doing graphic novels. Most grown up with Asterix. I'm guessing yes asterix and I think that I mean go skin. Go Skinny wrote many graphic novels. A New Dessert Papa illustrate you own papa without go skinny but I think that was that it was the combination of the two of them. That was was so very successful with shop. Writing of Gascony. A new disease stunning illustrations. That was a certain magic happens when they worked together. And of course that was ready. Goscinny or go skinny. He died sometime ago and then Albert who they're losing oneself. He very successfully which is hugely unusual. I I think he'd when you had a successful partnership for him to manage to carry on successfully a writing on his own but I suppose he was a writer when you're in you often telling stories at the same time and he knew those characters there well it already written so many books together but the two giants really what Tintin and Asterix those the ones that went although I say Even just go skinny and dessert Did many graphic novels and I think in France Graphic novels for that age group of us are still terrifically popular. And there's much bigger range actually worldwide. I would say the biggest impact was created by Asterix. And before we let you go what what does give us your favorite asterix so tricky. I Dude Asterix in Switzerland. 'cause there's a magnificent. Two wonderful scenes asterix in Britain. Of course I've got a bit of a spot for goodness I can't choose one. I strikes Asterix in Spain with. They risk you. This kid knocked kids. You can't keep on holding his breath. I mean the whole thing was so funny and clever I is very difficult to to choose a single one. And it's given generations of pleasure. We're going to get our listeners. Sending in their favorite Asterix and crested. I really appreciate your tribute to Albert with today. Thank you genius. He was a genius. A wonderful wonderful man. Thank you bye Cressida. Cal is the author of the how to train your dragon series and a lifelong fan of the late Albert or there. There's we reached her in London. And you can find more memories of Alberto there's on our website at CBC DOT CA Slash H. The Library of Congress might have the hottest mixed tape outright now. It's certainly the most ECLECTIC each year. The United States Library of Congress selects twenty five recordings to be preserved for posterity and added the national recording registry. Today the list of Twenty Twenty inductees was released and it does not disappoint. Here's a taste saw beautiful lanes for which good folks no doggy. Dogg and Dr Dre. Don't make it added in order from the top. That was the theme from Mister Rogers neighborhood. Dr Dre as nothing but a G Thang Baseball Announcer Russ hodges famous. Nineteen fifty one shot heard round the world. Home run call. I think the giants won the pennant in that one and finally Whitney Houston's I will always love you those are just some of the twenty. Five recordings added today to the National Recording Registry by the United States Library of Congress. Liberia Carla Librarian. Carla Hayden called the twenty twenty selections quote the ultimate. Stay at home playlist. You've been listening to the as it happens. Podcast our show can be heard Monday to Friday on. Cbc Radio One and on Sirius Xm following the world at six. You can also listen to the whole show on the BBC listen APP. Download it for free from the APP store or from Google play. Thanks for listening. I'm Carol off. I'm Ali Hassan for more. Cbc PODCASTS GO TO CBC DOT CA slash podcasts.

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