Senate Impeachment Trial Latest; U.K. Ambassador On Brexit


From NPR and WBZ. I'm Tanya Moseley. I'm Jeremy Hobson. It's here now and I'm in Iowa today where the caucuses are just a few days away but in Washington it is another very significant day in the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump. Although at this moment it appears the senators will vote against calling any witnesses after Tennessee. Hennessy Senator Republican Lamar Alexander announced last night that he would not support calling witnesses. Let's bring in Asia Roscoe pure White House reporter. She's in Washington Hacia. Hello so there are as soon as you think that this thing is over and done with Then things change and there are reports today that this trial now could stretch into to next week. What do we know about that? And what's expected to happen today. We know that today there will be a vote on whether they're going to have witnesses. Mrs We don't expect that there will be witnesses of the questions are about what will happen next like what will be the process of concluding this trial. And that's so we don't know we're thinking that we may find out more this afternoon But this is something and I say that carefully because as you said This has been some. This has been a process process where there have been a lot of twists and turns in unexpected turn of events and it seems like until the very end we. It's it's is going to be some suspense. Okay we'll we'll keep watching to see what happens and obviously we'll bring our listeners up to date if anything changes but on the issue of witnesses. How risky is is it? For Republicans to vote no on witnesses when polls show that three quarters of Americans do want to hear from witnesses. That's really the question. Will Americans hold this against senators and will they view this process as not being fair. If there there are no witnesses I I've been talking to Republican strategists and they acknowledged that more news may come out in as as we speak news his is coming out but they think that's something that Republicans have likely just resigned themselves to. I'm an at this point. The view is that if you open the door to witnesses that could open up other lines of inquiry and Republicans. Really don't WanNa go there at this point we're also a very long way from Election Day In the question is is this even though. This is an historic event. How much is this going to matter in the months from now going into the election? I'm sure a few things will happen between between now and November. That we'll also be talking about when you talk about more news by the way the New York Times reporting on new revelations from John Bolton the former national security advisers book And also we've got some news of our own. which is that Senator Lamar Alexander who we just talked about who is not seeking reelection spoke with NPR. Steve inskeep today and we are going to now play for the first time a little bit of that interview. Why not hear witnesses? I don't need any more evidence to decide at the president did what he's charged with doing. So if you've got eight witnesses saying that you left the scene of an accident. You don't need nine so I don't need more evidence to make my decision that the president did what he's charged would do it and you have no doubt that. The president's motive was not some altruistic the effort to wipe out corruption in Ukraine. You agree with the accusation that he was attempting to influence. US politics and specifically this year's election. Well One I. I agree that he called the president of Ukraine and asked him to investigate the Biden's because the president said he did that too from all the evidence it i. I was persuaded that at least in part. He withheld the aid in order to encourage that investigation. Now I have no idea what was in his mind but based on what what I heard I was convinced at least in part. He withheld the aid in order to encourage the investigation. So you were pretty sure about that and yet you seem inclined not to vote for conviction anymore than you wanNA vote for witnesses. Why would that not be? You don't apply capital punishment to every offense. There's a reason Asian wine two hundred and thirty years we've never removed a president Through the impeachment clause because the founders envisioned that the people would make the decision assist about who the president is and in this case. The election begins on Monday and in Iowa. So That's interesting I usually. He's saying that Impeachment is not the remedy for what happened a removal from office. Not the remedy for what happened. Democrats would say well if you let this go. What kind of precedent does that set for future presidents and what they I think they can get away with? And that's that's the argument. That Democrats have been making the argument. That senator Alexander is making is not the argument that the White House is making the White House says the president did absolutely nothing wrong that it was a perfect call and so by him saying that he believes the Democrats made their case That's going going directly against the White House. That is Asia Roscoe who's NPR's White House reporter of following the developments which continue to unfold in in the impeachment trial as it gets underway again. Today I used to thank you thank you the. US State Department is warning against Americans. Travelling to China as corona virus continues to spread quickly American Delta and United Airlines are the latest temporarily suspend all remaining. US flights to China the World World Health Organization has declared a global emergency cases of the diseases have been found in more than a dozen countries. Here's the W. H. O.. Director General. Great -SCONSIN is the potential for the virus to spread to countries with weaker health systems. And we are prepared to deal with it. More than two hundred people have died and nearly ten thousand people have been infected here. In the the United States there are six confirmed cases including the first domestic person to person transmission in Chicago for the latest. We're joined by. NPR science correspondent. Richard Heard Harris and Richard. This story is developing so quickly because this virus seems to be spreading so fast Their new cases popping up everywhere and beyond halting flights as I mentioned inch and what are some countries doing to lessen the risk well those measures you mentioned include those travel bans both inside China and internationally the US State Department Armand is now told Americans not to travel to China and it's not just a sort of a don't think think about not doing it it. It is a level four warning. That's the same. We have against trout. Travelled able to Iraq or North Korea or Syria Venezuela. So this is this is a serious red flag obviously an arguably more important is what's happening within China China like kids are being told not to go to school. Schools are closed and many workers are being told to stay home so the hope is that at the site the epicenter of this epidemic. They can slow it by just basically telling people you know. Just stay at harm's way for a while this blow over yeah as I mentioned The US now has its first first person into person transmission in Illinois. What more do we know about that case? That's right yeah Since the earliest days of this epidemic in China the disease has been spreading person to person. So that's a feature of the diseases. We shouldn't be surprised that that's happening here. The first five cases in the US. We're all people who had traveled from China and so they picked it up there and the question was just how contagious viruses. And how likely it was that these first cases would lead to others and Not Not too surprisingly. We've seen now one such case. This man who said is sixty sixty and lives in Chicago caught the virus and his wife who had picked up her infection in China they had very close contact including after she fell ill also. It's really not surprising that he got sick. He is now in the hospital in stable condition. His wife is feeling much better according to state health officials and but she's also staying put the hospitals hospitals a way to control the spread of the disease and health officials. Weren't you know we may see more cases like this is not. Wouldn't it be at all surprising. But as long as public health officials can keep on top op of each one of these cases that really reduces the risk that this will Spread out of control here in the US. You know one thing that we've been hearing a lot about is the comparison between the corona virus. Chris and SARS can can you talk about that Quickly in terms of how quickly this is spreading and how deadly it's been right the corona virus. They're both corona viruses. The SARS the case was A little bit hard to know what really happened at the beginning because trying to head basically locked down and was not even admitting that there was a problem until pretty late in the epidemic. So it's hard to really make a direct comparison Between these two cases well we can't say as the SARS virus ended up being deadly in about ten percent of the people who are were infected affected with it. This virus appears to be much much less deadly And so from what we know now that subject to change as we learn more about this but but white it's spreading so quickly I is is really comes down to the math because this apparently cropped up in mid December possibly a little bit earlier from a live animal market get in the city of Wuhan and scientists have been watching it and it's been doubling every day so every seven days. Pardon me so you can see you know you start with small numbers and then the numbers start art to get bigger than every seven days. They double so so. It's a snowballing effect. And that will continue to be the case until public health measures. Really bring it under control yet. You know some health officials officials here in the United States cautioned that Americans should be more concerned about the flu. Then this corona virus can you say more about that. Well in terms of sheer numbers burgers. the flu kills far more people that kills a in. This country kills tens of thousands of people every year and and it is also like this This new corona virus it's respiratory disease that spreads pretty readily from one person to another so So that's one reason. Health officials get up every year. And you say you really ought to get your flu vaccine because that is a really deadly serious disease. It's at least partially preventable with a vaccine and by the way it's still not too late to get your vaccine if you haven't gotten already now I was actually in Beijing. Backed in the SARS epidemic in two thousand and three and one thing that I noticed there was that the streets were which are usually an incredibly bustling muscling city. Usually they were empty or almost empty. The Chinese government had really compelled people to stay home. You know just keep things quiet and I think that really made a big difference there. So that's that's their strategy right now that's NPR science correspondent. Richard Harris. Thank you so much Richard. It's my pleasure I'm broadcasting the show. Today from Cedar Falls Iowa the state where the presidential nominating contests gets underway. Monday with the Iowa caucuses. It is a crowded field of candidates. campaigns and outside groups have spent tens of millions of dollars on ads trying to persuade voters and yet poll show. Many Iowans remain undecided with just three days to go. Let's go across the state to moines where we're joined by Carol Hunter who is executive editor of the Des Moines Register. Hi Carol good afternoon so you're coming out with a poll tomorrow night that everybody is waiting for it's sure to make headlines one way or the other You can't give us that information right now. But what's your sense of. Who's got the energy right now in Iowa? I think that's really hard to peg. But I'll say that WHO has the energy are Iowa caucus goers you'll you're seeing across the state DIG Crowds Alves For All of the caucus candidates We've kind of had a pack of four throughout most of the lead up to the caucuses that have been leading leading in our poll Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren Pete Buddha judge and Joe Biden But the some of the other candidates like Andrew Andrew Yang and Amy Klobuchar had been getting good crowds as well Tom Style. So you you sense a real energy all over the state we I heard the phrase In the past three tickets out of Iowa. How many tickets will there be this year? Could there be four or more. I think that's kind of been an interesting interesting speculation as we've seen this sort of quartet emerge in poll after poll But of course the whole who wins in Iowa is about expectations as much as the actual numbers at times. So I think one of the interesting things will be if anyone sort of drops back out of that four That will make them not meet expectations. And and could Spell not such good coverage coverage for that candidate or if any of the other sort of quote lower tier candidates like an Andrew Yang. Amy Klobuchar if they break up into that top four they argued bleated say hot. Hey I'm a winner out of this caucus Let's hear some of what the candidates are saying in their final pitch to tha voters. Starting with Bernie Sanders here. He of course he's been in Washington stuck there at the impeachment trial but he did come last weekend. Sioux city here. He is an event there. If the voter turnout Out is high. We win my plea to you is led us a week from tomorrow night. Have the largest voter turnout in Iowa caucus history. Thank you all very much now. One of the things he's relying on and we've heard a lot. What about the enthusiasm? Among young voters for Bernie Sanders. Is that those young voters who may be new or infrequent. Voters actually turn out. What do you think think about that? and and how risky that will be his campaign in some ways. I think this is one of those there's always exceptions to a rule And Young voters turn out when they're energized and Bernie has a very energetic core group of supporters It's also in Bernie's favor favor in Senator Sanders FA- favor that He ran here of course In the last cycle he has this core of support that it has stayed by him this entire time. I think one of the key questions is candy kind of break beyond that core of his supporters into new caucus goers into caucus-goers that might have looked at other candidates and can he win them to his more progressive style of politics. What about former vice president? Joe Biden. Here he is at a campaign event in Muscatine Iowa on Tuesday. The whole impeachment trial for trump is just a political political. Hit Job to try to spare me because he is scared to death to run against me and he has good reason to be concerned. Good reasonably concerned. So so one of the things that we've heard from voters In the last few days here in Iowa they they like Joe Biden. They may well vote for Joe Biden her caucus for Joe Biden. But they're also not as enthusiastic about Joe Biden as Bernie Sanders. Supporters are for him What do you think about that? I do think that Joe. Oh Biden is well liked across the state. He's run here many times To run for president himself and then of course as vice president So I think the thing to watch with Former Vice President Biden is whether people decide he is there safe bet and they want to come home to him or whether all these other candidates making pitches if people say Okay I'm now okay. Getting used to another candidate. I've learned more about them and I think I feel comfortable with them as well Former South Bend Indiana mayor. Pizza judge has been crisscrossing. This state as many of his competitors have been stuck in Washington for the impeachment trial. We spoke with him the other day in Mason City here. He is speaking at a town hall in Vinton Iowa. We are not going. Take a single vote for granted. And we're not going to write a single vote off anyone prepared to caucus for the future is a potential caucus goer for this campaign and like I said I. It was a place where we can turn heads and change the whole country's expectations about what is possible with your help. What are your expectations for judge? Well I think he's in a good position He is getting very large crowds. As as the top four all are but he he came into this race really is kind of an unknown and but has been steadily At part of that top quartet as long as he kind of places safely within that I think he can say hey we went to know where to being part of this national conversation and if he does end up being at the top of that Coretec chat he's got a great story to tell. We're not hearing a lot about Michael Bloomberg here in Iowa because he is not competing in Iowa but we are hearing about the other the billionaire. Tom Steyer do you think he could be a surprise. He has certainly put a lot of money into the airways and our in our last poll which was is in early January. He hadn't made much of a movement but he's had that many more weeks to have his adds up and he's also spent quite a bit of time in rural Iowa outside of the Des Moines Metro. So if he can carry some of those precincts out in rural areas he could make a mark. It's also interesting that he made the debate stage basically because he had pulled fairly well in South Carolina and Nevada mostly Asli on the basis of ads. So having that much more ad time will that plane is favor. What about Elizabeth Warren? Do you expect The precinct captains for her and Bernie Sanders to be doing some trading on caucus night trying to get each other's voters over. I think the way that yet the the caucus rules have changed slightly for this year. I think there'll be less trading because if you go to your first first alignment you go in with your first choice and your candidates viable then you're locked into that choice and in most cases as one would think that those two are popular enough candidates that they would have more than fifteen percent I The they've really changed the rules to try to down play The game manship involve so we'll see if it works. President trump was Into Moines last night there is also also a Republican caucus on Monday. Is there anything you're going to be watching for in that contest. It's always hard on off years for a party because very few people come Out to the Party caucuses just the real die hards who come to to talk about the platform and elect delegates. But he's doing something very unusual. He's flooding flooding the state with surrogate very high profile ones. Most of his cabinet. I think will be out here as well as members of his family so he certainly trying to stir up enthusiasm for his Ron and he remains very very popular. All of our polls have shown among voters Republican voters here in Iowa that is Carol Hunter Executive Editor of the Moines Register. Their poll is coming out tomorrow night. Carol thanks for joining us. Happy to be here. Scientists scientists at Stanford University say ninety. Eight point six degrees. Fahrenheit is no longer the average body temperature at least here in the United States they say modern life if has set off a cooling trend in our bodies. Leslie McClurg from Member Station K. Q. E. D. reports one night my infant daughters forehead felt clammy and hot. I freaked out. When the digital thermometer linked one hundred and three degrees turns out? My daughter was okay. It also turns out that I was comparing temperature reading to a false standard People should not be stuck ninety eight six as being some magical number that if you're above you're feverish or if you're below at your healthy Julia parsonage listening is an infectious disease. Doctor Stanford she and her colleagues reviewed three large health data sets over time. So we're saying since the industrial revolution the temperature has dropped about one point one degree Fahrenheit. This isn't the first time. Scientists have noted a decline in our average body temperature before they thought the problem had to do with false readings from older thermometers. The person that says actually Americans are cooling off but I think are leading. Hypothesis is that we just have fewer chronic infections. Now than we did in the past dysentery malaria tuberculosis. Don't show up Americans. The way they used to we have cleaner water. Better sanitation antibiotics vaccines we take aspirin ibuprofen. We're not this inflammatory mass that we used to be plus most homes or cozy. We have central heating and air conditioning. Our bodies aren't struggling to stay warm or cool all the time time but without changing our genetic makeup we are changing physiologically over time. We've seen that people have grown taller. They've grown fatter and their body temperature apertures declining over time so the new average body temperature according to Parsons data. Ninety seven point five the next step she says is to see if the cooling trend is global. She wonders whether the average hemp is still slightly higher in a developing country where chronic infections are more common or in harsher climates like the Arctic where. It's tougher to stay warm for here and now I'm Leslie McClurg. Katie sours will make history on Sunday as the first first woman coach in a super bowl. sours is an assistant coach for the San Francisco. Forty niners offense but her roots in Kansas City. Home of the chiefs. Who will play? The forty niners liners and super bowl. Fifty four in Miami Greg Acklin from member station Casey. You are has the story of her path to this moment. Liz sours hours. Katie's twin sister says at all sank in on January nineteenth when the clock hits zero and Westwood. One radio announced the results. It'll be the Kansas the city chiefs and the San Francisco. Forty niners in Miami for Super Bowl. Fifty four the forty niners had just beaten the Green Bay. Packers Chris to win the NFC title a few hours earlier while the forty niners were warming up. Liz used a gesture not chiefs fans to let her sister Katie. Know the news the sideline I was looking at Katie. And I did the Arrowhead Chop to make sure she knew that the chiefs one and she nodded at me and I nodded at her and that was kind of our signal. Like let's take care of business at Media Day in Miami this week. Katie sours showed off her left forearm which is tattooed with the Kansas City skyline. What the thirty? Three year old isn't showing as any bravado about becoming part of NFL history as the First Woman and the coaching sky box at a super super bowl. sours is also the first open LGBTQ coach in the NFL and yes at the Super Bowl to. I've never been one one to try to be the first because I think when you try to be the first year racing other women I think what's most important is. I'm not the last. Katie SARS grew up and chiefs country Heston Kansas about thirty five miles north of Wichita. Her Dad Floyd sours was a basketball coach nearby Bethel college in Katie says she followed followed in his footsteps. I knew I wanted to be a teacher a coach or counselor Kinda got all three Katie's hours also had a knack for making the right connections. Sion's she met Kansas City chiefs former general manager Scott Piola while coaching his fifth grade daughter in basketball pianolas says there was something about her voice that struck him she teaches voice. She had a caring voice at demanding voice. She knew what she was talking about. She knew what she was doing. She was experienced erased and she just she just terrific job. Peonies time in Kansas City. Didn't then well in his last year. Or Two thousand twelve the chiefs finished with a two and fourteen record record so while figuring out his next career move he talked a sour. Who at the time was an athletic director for the Kansas City Missouri's parks and Recreation Department? It's funny when we met yeah she. She was coaching my daughter in other friends daughters and she wore me out after practice after Games asking asking me questions about Football Jersey. I used to do sours as big break. Came when she got an internship at the Falcons in Atlanta where PEO landed as an assistant assistant GM also in Atlanta as an assistant coach was future. Forty niners coach Kyle Shanahan. He brought hours to San Francisco to join the team in two thousand seventeen coincidence aside Katie Sour says the Super Bowl matchup between the chiefs in the forty niners is a dream come true. I couldn't have had a better idea of a super bowl in my head. I couldn't have picked better. Two teams play. I'm I'm so excited for Sunday. And it's it's GonNa be fun for here now. I'm Greg Clinton. Today is the day. I'm not talking about impeachment. I'm talking about Brexit. It is finally happening after more than three years of bitter debate. They just took down the UK flag at the EU Council building in Brussels because the United Kingdom's departure archer from the European Union is official at eleven pm British time tonight Prime Minister. Boris Johnson will release a video at that hour calling breaks at the dawn of a new era and supporters will celebrate right in Parliament Square in London joining us now. Is Michael Tatum. Who is the acting British ambassador to the United States with from Washington ambassador? Welcome to here now. Thank you so good to be here. What do you think that this is a day for celebration? I think all of you is that this is neither a day for celebration. Norfolk commiseration It's a day for looking forward and for approaching the challenges that will faces as as the UK outside the in a spirit of confidence in the spirit of purpose and in a spirit of calmness. The Prime Minister and the government wants to move forward On that basis trying to to bring the country together behind behind the opportunities present themselves for the UK in a post brexit world. What are the challenges that you're most concerned about? It's it's it's GonNa be a big. This is a big deal for the UK For over four decades. UK has been part of the EU and integrated into into EU frameworks And structures And so I am. It will be a big deal. stepping Away from all of that and I think that will be certainly lots of challenges that come from that. But I wouldn't put the emphasis on the challenges. I would put the emphasis on On on the opportunities this is a a big change. But it's a change bring bring brings with it Opportunities Opportunities in the political space opportunities in the trading space and opportunities so the UK On the international stage as an international actor well and I I imagine that it would be fine to call those opportunities also challenges especially when it comes to trade trade. What what is the relationship with the European Union going to look like or what is the dream scenario with Boris Johnson of what the new UK trade relationship with Europe look like yeah they with me a little bit and I'll also talk through? I'll try not to get too into the weeds process but I think one important point to a note is that we leave the EU In a few hours time But we go into what's called an implementation period And during that implementation mutation period We will continue to operate. Essentially within the regulatory frameworks and the purpose here is to give ourselves breathing space During during which we will negotiate with the with the aim of reaching an agreement with The European Union on what our future trading arrangements will be so I think the objective we're working towards is to use the eleven months or so of the Implementation Period to negotiate purposely constructively with the U2 agree those future trading arrangements which will then kick in The point that we that implementation period ends the end of this year. That is the objective. We have avenue scenario that we are We are working towards and I think it says Naria Wichita partners in the EU broadish so. I think there's a sense of convergence surround trying to achieve. That is the ideal situation that you're trading relationship with Europe would be almost what it is pre brexit Y- we'll have to see where those negotiations go But I think the important point to note is Prime Minister Johnson and this government have being very clear that the arrangement they envisage is not one of a regulatory alignment with just a few exceptions is of the UK having having control over its own laws and seeking a free trade agreement With with the so would I would expect that they will be Some areas a AH change in some areas of continuity like wouldn't want to go much further than that. Because you know obviously we'll see we'll have to see how those negotiations On unfold. Well what do you say to those who have watched this entire process over the last few years and say well what is eleven more months going to do to get The differences sorted out between the UK A and Europe every time we come up to a deadline it just gets extended. Well we're coming out to a deadline and a few time and it's not going to be extended the UK is going to leave the the The European Union and what I would say candidacy is yes. This is cool. It's been a difficult period For the UK delivering covering Brexit after the referendum result was a difficult and protracted process it created a lot of political Toco debate and division within within the UK but again You know I I think I approach it through a positive Mindset we are here on the eve of of leaving the European Union. We're doing that with a withdrawal role agreement in place that has been negotiated with the a you that charts a clear way forward provides continuity where that's really Important so I not saying it's been An easy All smooth process but what I am saying. Is that getting to this point. We've managed to reconcile differences with the an approach Withdraw rule from an agreed standpoint with an agreement In place and I think there's a a good prospect as well we can do that in respect to future trading arrangements over the next Lebanon so as I said that the star I think the mood in in the UK government Is is one of purposefulness confidence and optimism from that. We can make progress on those negotiations over the course of this year. Well let's talk about trade with the United States Do you have confidence that you're going to be able to reach a trade agreement quickly. With president trump given that even with some of the closest allies of the United States Canada and Mexico is took a long longtime to get a trade deal and there were a lot of tariffs and it wasn't a very pleasant process. Yeah I I do have confidence and I am to mystic that we can make good progress In those trade negotiations but equally. I'm not not starry-eyed Here and I'm not naive. We know we understand Dan that Trade Negotiations and trying to reach a trade agreement is a complex and challenging undertaking. We absolutely get that And we also get the fact that there will be some difficult areas under negotiation My Prime Minister Prime Minister Johnson has already been cleared. They'll be Important Principles which will be looking to uphold and red lines which we will need to To defend so of course it's a it's a big challenge L. Inge but it is one that that we approach with With confidence and from my perspective that's for for two reasons firstly because there's a high level of political enthusiasm for this project both in Washington and in the UK both the US president and the UK Prime Minister have expressed strong strong support for this and I think it it helps significantly having that strong political support and goodwill and being able to channel that into The the The the negotiations. The second thing I would say is is this. I genuinely believe that. The Free Trade Agreement between the US and the UK is one that can be good For both countries not looking charity or altruism here we accept that both countries will focus on this Through the national interest. But we think that the big picture is one in which enhanced trading arrangements enhance free trading arrangements between the UK and the US is good for both our countries so when we get into those difficult areas I hope that on both sides we'll be able to keep an eye on that positive Big Picture and be guided by the gains and Opportunities Unity's that that we won't have to realise. US politics could get in the way though. We are in an election year. The Iowa caucuses are coming up On Monday president trump could not be president a year from now. I mean there are I'm going to be political Dimensions the political context on both sides of the Atlantic in both the UK and And and the US and again. I don't WANNA be naive. I they will no doubt create dynamics. Various points in negotiations around substance And time line and so on but like comeback to Ah To what I said you know. Our view is this is something which is good for the UK and for for the US not for any particular government in the UK okay or administration in the US is of wide benefits to both our economies amp both our countries so there will be context. There will be political pressures You know we believe that it will be possible to sustain the negotiations and to make progress Through those that is Michael Tatum. Who is the acting British British ambassador to the United States ambassador? Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you it's been a pleasure and the French President Emmanuel Macron had some words today about Brexit in a briefed TV address he said the UK's exit from the EU is an historic warning sign. That must be heard by all of Europe also said the French people would never forget how how much they owed the UK there's a new streaming service in Hollywood it's called Qube it's for smartphones. Only and it has big names attached to shows with episodes that are only about ten minutes long. You probably never heard of Qube and Qube knows that. Here's a promotional ad featuring Kiefer Sutherland and Kristie teagan is quickly a noun or a verb. Quimby is definitely a noun. I honestly don't know what a noun is So to make sense of Qube and what it could mean for the streaming world we're joined by NPR. TV critic. Eric Dagens Hey Eric Hey I think we learn more about Chrissy Teigen than we did about no. She's she needs some remedial classes in grammar. I think yeah but we won't Judge Okay so Qube is not going to launch until April. But it's already generated a lot of buzz for its ambitious plans. I Actually Watch watch most of my entertainment on my phone through instagram and Youtube. Is this the market that they're trying to tap into. How exactly will service work? Yeah I think that's They're they're obviously going for more youth oriented market. There's a sense I've seen it in my own kids that younger people do a lot of watching on platforms where most of the content is bite sized. You know even on Youtube. A lot of the clips are much smaller than the half hour or hour long the programs that we see on the major streaming services so why not create a streaming service that would specialize in content. That is short form. And you I've always thought as a critic when you're talking about streaming and particularly streaming where you don't necessarily have commercials the programs can be any length. They can be as long as they need to be to tell a story. So why do they have to be a half an hour. Why do they have to be an hour? you know even though programs have generally generally stuck to those programming formats in the larger better known streaming services could be coming along and saying you know let's design something from the ground up that's built to cater to shorter form content and built to create stuff to be watched on mobile devices particularly on your phone now We don't really. I don't have a sense of what that actually means. Because I haven't seen any of these shows I see they're actually going to have a version of sixty minutes called old sixty six so sixty minutes in six minutes. I mean this speaks to exactly what you're saying And perhaps establish shows trying to gain younger audiences. Do you have any idea of some of the content that they've said that they're going to produce will. They've announced a a lot of different. Content deals with a lot of different providers Chris Christie Teigen's GonNa supposedly a wholesome show where she's Running court sort. They've announced a several contributors. There's two this version of sixty minutes. It's going to be on qube including was the lowry. Um Who WanNa Pulitzer for his coverage of crime and shootings things involving people of color at the Washington Post. So qube has has tried to do. I think is established itself as a player by saying we have relationships relationships with all of these well-known creative people in Hollywood to try to make this content. And you know the the two people who are running running the company includes a CO founder of dreamworks and Someone Who Ran Hewlett Packard. So you know and Ebay. So we're you know we're talking about executives who have a lot of connections and have a long track record. We'll see if this translates into programming. Yeah and quickly be again won't be launched until April so we'll see exactly what it shakes out to be. I want to ask you Before you go about the end of NBC's the Good Place. The philosophical comedy wrapped up yesterday after four seasons of for context. This is the sort of show where an episode can open with jokes about candidates for the afterlife in life. Let's listen to the beginning of last night's episode. A new crop of humans just passed their tests among the notables. Who got in Roberto Clementi? Zora Neale Hurston. Saint Thomas Aquinas. Eight centuries Sufi mystic poet has wrought Bibi Rabiya battery and Clara Pillar. She was the. Where's the beef lady? Where's the beef lady got in Eric? What's your final judgment about this show? This show was such a wonderful and and very special anomaly on network television on the surface is just a comedy about the afterlife. But they consulted with philosophers philosophers and you know deep thinkers to try and figure out how to talk about philosophies of life. What does it mean to be? Good what does it mean to be bad so just this incredibly rich thing and then they ended it with his. Very poignant. Finale the really emphasized the bonds of friendship that had developed the monks the characters and talked about ultimately how there's only value in life if you realize that there's an in to it and that's an amazing thing to leave people with in the finale of a a show that lasted several seasons. What a way to India show? I always always hate watching. The finale is but this sounds like it's a perfect ending so I look forward to catching up that's NPR TV critic. Eric Dagens Eric. As always as thank you so much here and now is a production of NPR and W. B. U. R. and association with the BBC World Service. I'm Tanya mostly and I'm Jeremy Hobson. Thanks to our friends here at Iowa. 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