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It's available wherever you get your podcast and it's a great listen for and we saw what the effects were with that were the Oakland Raiders beat inhaled on to a win over the Chicago Bears Twenty four hundred keep it as close as they did 'cause I don't trust the bears offense and I was really interested to see what Khalil Mack was going to do against how will the Ola going to be against opponents in thus far the owners held up pretty well listen this is it's traded to the Chicago bears for draft picks in within those draft picks you saw guys like Josh Jacobs get drafted so many other guys will get in doggone good going into the bye weekend that's brighter fan should be ecstatic right now the raiders are currently three two the silver and black turf so it was going on Scott man how you doing man I'm fantastic you know it's it's been just about all good news you all today definitely going to talk about the raiders win across the Pond Anna Khalil Mack on Amilcar Moog into that as well as Derek actually looked pretty well in the last game they beat the Chicago bears will everybody was amped up for because of Khalil Mack now Khalil Mack Sousse former team how much hash how much should I say lack of love he was GonNa have against the Oakland raiders a team that traded him one to me That game was interesting because the raiders stayed in it I didn't expect the bears to be oh for how long it could've Jaguar WanNa be down with the silver and black is that even possible in yes Jon Gruden wants to switch with defense is that even a good idea we'll get into any more here coming up on the turf the silver and Black Pride podcast network right here on dictator on So this was the game you see what Khalil Mack going to do this with the first time that Khalil Mack faces former team it just happened to be across the did throw any touchdowns but he finished twenty five thirty two for two hundred twenty nine yards no sax solo held up really well which I was really pleased collation is silver and black bribe podcast network I your host camel tune alongside with my partner Scott winner we got a jam actually landed the raiders definitely needed more than the bears the on this was a win dead Derek Carr and I believe Josh Jacobs needed to avows we did talk about that old sky been beating until you all heads like a drum the whole entire season about what is the old boy to do jazz jacobs rise to stardom he's been on fire the last couple of weeks away break that down get into five tests Bertha gets out the door times he's there sometimes he's not is there an injury we don't know he didn't show up during the Super Bowl so when you look at except for volunteers `perfect as far as rates go you know but but as far as you know this is a long grueling road trip and the raiders are looking pretty waited refused to pay him the money that he felt he was worth So I listen Derek are good well I wanna say but even better than that you go back all the way to Marcus Allen and Bo Jackson because right now in through five games he on I know a lot of us wish that it was back in Oakland that would have been surreal than so but hey expand put the game in London those are hallowed names and I get it five games but this kid just he runs to daylight so first round draft picks like that and in the last ten years it's usually not ideal however however if you running back is not for me is not usually a value play you know because there's so much expectations with them and then I mean you take a look at the last couple of ones fire I love what they're doing with him as far as the structure in the offense of is he's he's been able to really right now he's lighten everything up he's exciting he's exciting that line he makes the defense honest when he's in the game they can do so many things is the career raiders leader in scrimmage yards for all time now he's only got five games I get that but well and he can catch and he can block anyways he's amazing listen I I hear this fast in a generational talent and it's a straight from Ron woolfe you find a generational talent then you take you take them in the first round doesn't matter what position they play if you find a generational town I'm not saying the Josh is a generational talent it's too soon to know as far as from the outside but I'll tell you what oh no doubt I mean you know I you know I'm on record and I could do I continue to say this we talked about this a first round draft pick as but you think about Marcus Sallah he's he's done better in his first five games and Marcus Allen did he's done better than Bo Jackson his first five games I'm just dynamic situation in all honesty readers haven't had this kind of resident back there sit a healthy McFadden ahead of himself he studied the playbook watching the film he's taken one week at its on which any rookie should do and also to he's getting Gordon held out and he's not happy and the you know you got oh boy girly in La don't even know what's going on there you know put in the offense really understand offense in these picking it up every week he seems to be getting better each and every week offset the same status that you've seen and yes it is impressive with Josh Jacobs was done in the last five weeks As opposed to what we see from Bo Jackson at times prior Darren McFadden even Marcus Allen a great marcus out but let's keep it all in perspective as well it is getting the key block you talk about him being in in the passing situation Josh Jacobs a lot of times I've noticed this a you to boost his confidence because we all know Josh acres with Seiko couple of gangs back he was working his way back into their fold and Joshua so well and of course you know especially against the bears and that situation you know they were max-protect on so many different levels they were Max protecting schemed that can help you transition into into the pro game I think that's a huge kind of gets pushed under the radar uh of excuse me back decades out of the vaccine you effectively and give you some yards after in give you some worlds agree to keep the they were able to bring on Josh Jacobs very slowly they had a plan for him the moment they drafted him probably even before they drafted him they had a plan for him. He's amazing on leap blocks you look at his touchdowns you look at Josh Jacobs touchdowns and a lot of times more often than not alex gold is leading the way he is I think you have to give Jon Gruden and that offense of all you know the offense coordinator of in in the running backs coach a lot of credit because it's five games this is a rookie he was the third back in Alabama system under nick citing that performs well but the the stuck with the plan executed will in Josh Jacobs also if you remember is also taking all of this strive he's not getting it with most successful rookie season as running back for the Oakland Raiders in Oakland riders could only finish fifth absolutely and you talk about the people around him a lot of options and of course their car didn't get any sex either so talk about that office of line you know what I'm saying it did not disappoint twenty six carries for one hundred twenty three yards two. TV's This kid like I said I can't Stop Bradford enough about this game this kid is on but he absolutely coached a well-designed game plan for that offensive line they gave Jacobs Tom Cable you gotta give him a lot of credit and a lot of us have you know been kind of you know holding with bated breath how he's GonNa do this season the help he's getting guys like Derek Carr around these guys like the Andrew Washington those guys are a tight knit bunch in what you have guys like that around you I want to mention Alex Gold and that fullback and has just way late people he lays a thumping and thank God we've moved on beyond that you have to give a lot of credit to the team that they had intact because a lot of guys could afforded under the pressure some impressive wins which listen I look at the schedule right we've talked about the schedule Miss Utah the National League Zapped me what he's continuing to their second in AFC west at three into which is surprising to me I didn't expect them to be they designed him a lot of times it's hot read but he's a it's a it's a read option where sometimes you know he has to choose to stay in block he has to pick up the they've made but you've got to give the players a ladder Kredi for maintain themselves making sure they will boys making sure that we're focused on what the deal was what the job they have to do at hand which was win football games enviable execute effectively and Jon Gruden is one of those dues he's continuing it is a play right so they beat the broncos that we know the broncos were not that team they start out a one four about who they're playing we gotta talk about this the Ad Nauseam within I look at the teams at the this will you know this'll in the seat and I thought it was gonNA take a little bit more time for them to kind of jail in you know just be able to place a quality train's going down field and I think this kid is going to be sensational at USC continue to keep pace what he's doing natural Abdu anybody no you can't even know even though they are fundable once fortunately Chicago was able to capitalize on a budget that those are the little things that you have to win player coming in and so he'll stay in a block even though he might be the hot read or he might have a pattern to go out there where they're gonNA throw him the ball but because he blocked aw Within I also had to look at things I look at with this team you know there's the reinsert when I know we only week five on a by the well there's no doubt that Green Bay is going to be another you know measuring post but at the same time the bears are nothing to sneeze it was unbelievable the offense performance that the raiders put on that defense the other thing is I wouldn't you know template team with a quality significant win in that to me is kind of a situation where I can't give too much credit instead older three even the ability in the one thing I could say about Josh Jacobs which are hope they could use him use him even more so is ability to catch out of the backfield because sleep on colts the colts what did they do last week oh they beat the chiefs that's something so the raiders beat the Colts Colt. Pt beat the colts in so to me they haven't had a quality significant win yet goes in his class anybody else on the team just continue to play football the way he's comfortable in knowing the place out of out of execute and if he continues to do that I think he's going to have one to to ruin teams as a future as far as giving them nightmare instead of their dreams you know we always said Gruden wants to crush your dreams not in give you nightmare way the NFL works NFC Games are only good basically for head to head matchups for playoff consideration or just the winner life kind of one of those things you know it's a any given Sunday kind of situation so I you know colts just didn't look AH granted they are defensive team and raiders put up more yards against them since Khalil Mack Bender there's been you know in Patrick Mahomes and you know he's hobbled a little bit after that game they got beat up the physicality game so while Agreement Look at AFC conference head to head matchups and then you get into the you know when you start getting down towards the coin flip so it's going to be interesting to see well probably the one of the most teams that Ann Rogers as as been under center four in the last few years so they can get a quality win out of green bay good against the raiders being Oh and but they sure they sure put a lot of pressure and a lot of eat on they're gonNA play in Green Bay which I consider NFL Mecca it is the the hollered shroud shrine of the of the NFL the jewel of the media hype in the circus that surrounded this team even on the scene they bring a great deal of it upon themselves would hard maximum in some other things in movies worst officiating games against the Raiders I've seen in a long time I mean but they overcome that they overcame all of that and off they're not measured not one of the first measuring sticks when it comes to two playoff consideration and you look at you look at divisional the two in their second in the AFC west but they have who have they really played at challenge don't they they got a quality win from the only thing that they've played that really in believed that this team is on to something greater than what we've seen in front of us because of a record of three inches and how they play there is is going to be a good test for the team not not only that but playing after a win they seem to sometimes this team start to finish of every game you know they've gotten beat you gotten blindsided. Yeah the raiders the raiders there that's a young team and they're gonNA make mistakes was a he c- he called an audible and once again you know the person that was supposed to get the audible didn't get to audible and that's just an execution situation the other thing is of course I think Minnesota was a wakeup call for Jon Gruden and his coaching staff because they're adapting faster and in game six what I liked about the bears game was they made a lot of young mistakes a young team makes to me that fumble was dare car find that a lot with young teams that being said the came back from adversity I mean they were getting horrible calls against him as well but Derek Hough in you know when I look at it look at this team and I look at the aftermath of the Antonio Brown situation had a quality team where the Kansas City chiefs they got blown out now have an opportunity coming up after the bar the play the the Green Bay packers look extremely is going to be a measuring stick and it's an important game the one thing I would I would I would mention and and just like a bears game and I said this also the because of the emotionally lex down at times I'm not saying they don't give Africa's that's one thing this team has done all season they have given one hundred percent effort from you know playcalling in the middle of the game has gotten dramatically dramatically improved whereas in a chiefs game in the Minnesota game they didn't adapt they went down and finished it out and in her defence closed it out you know so this team play with anybody it and look adjust eggers I mean I know he had at the get with receptions F- about twenty are the sole in a game against Chicago's well with this kid is a legitimate at that point handed the first loss in a play the chiefs chiefs took up through the woods yet in a loss of the Vikings L. Nece schedule I see at least one two three four we have an opportunity but it's GonNa be very very tough playing at Lambeau in Game West Coast Team Blind did you win they have yet to bring home a quality win against equality top notch team in as I look at the schedule again green bay which luckily enough to the changing circumstances of the game or here's the problem I first of all I don't think they can play with anybody I don't think they've reached that level yet because we've seen yeah four four four opportunities get quality win in those are against the packers it every game every week is new adventure for the team obviously and this is to me what I'm seeing is an amalgamation of of the Twenty fifteen twenty situation whole team as and the the people that are coming in the next man up they're stepping up you know lions there cupcakes there's no I'm waiting to see well yeah absolutely I mean got five opportunity to get quality with the wrestler custody against the Jaguars tightened the broncos bengals. They're all cupcakes to record that they they play some they played some good football in between in the mix of those games Like I said before muffing is they have yet to have acquired Nyan coming off a bye sometimes could be a blessing sometimes it could be a curse because a layoff you never know but they have they have check out the American enjoyer Texans chargers in chiefs once again in aransas about your cupcakes walk is less not get over height in overly celebratory when it comes to the raiders because they're currently three into that is Minnesota Vikings in those two back to back weeks they've been taken to the woodshed now granted the colts they were average team the coach on the find their identity they did they did against the Kansas City chiefs and I do believe the chiefs will they'll probably lose to the chiefs again because cheese are just that much of a better team in the Nagai shellacked as you mentioned against perfect has stepped up and done a bang-up job and you know I mean you've got good in there and he's done hey I'm Spencer Hall I'm Holly Anderson I'm Ryan Nanny I'm Jason Kirk and we're the hosts of the shutdown forecast avengers of college football podcast it says who's Andrew Luck pretty much closer to the beginning of the season so they had their they're trying to find their identity I get that but they still got the play on Sundays you still have to show for it Gaspara behind the scenes look at all the action of the show and more with your favorite competitors listening subscribe wherever you get your podcasts up job until Jackson gets there on the line so I mean there are there are signs there's still trying to find out where they're going with wide receiver they just released Jj Nelson Sixteen season where they're getting their sea legs under they're playing hard to plan they're playing with passion they've rallied around the bond has perfect they charge against Fox to the chargers at at at do sparking December twenty second so far and they picked up that kid from buffalo who had us naked naked incident we'll get into that Abrahams and you're not replacing paper is amazing but Eric Harris stepped in and done a bang-up job Moro you're not replaced descript to riff on what that means and basically what I mean is it's all spoiled every Tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling too unfashionable pants eric hairs as it took them a little bit to find find that Guy Eric Harrison step to become that guy take you know for for for it later on the show hey what's going on everybody woke up the silver and black Turkey exclusively you want to take college football exactly as seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast APP in middle school we also do talk about college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the booth early and unfashionable pants that coaches where now major pressing policy issues in tech like facebook's content moderation around doing great youtube harassment plan or lack there of and whether or not the government should break Amazon which most of them are Cincinnati Bait do you know this do racked up over four and a half million dollars in fines just for the you when it comes to the profit margin of the leak any any would they wanna push as the excitement of the league I understand perfectly talked to influential people around the world attack like Microsoft founder Bill Gates and other tech exactly founder of lime scooters the CEO beyond me we've also been talking a lot of reporters and academics but as the old raider way in the old raider way was hard nose not Ground Smash Smash Mouth I'm glad you mentioned by birth your favorite player because I can't wait to get into the continue to play like this the NFL has changed they're trying to quote unquote protect the players. They're mainly protecting quarterbacks because that's what moves me tweet versus the NFL this should be on Monday I roar forty my smack now because there's no way that he should be in the NFL playing like this you can listen to it you can hear all that more if you subscribe the virtuous wherever you get your podcast bluff Rita listen and join us so again subscribe to the virtuous wherever you get your podcast we'll see there The suspension ego to be suspended for the final twelve games at twenty nine hundred series which I eighty Scott is Ryan was Bertha to the road restall up I've told me Giddy is a problem I don't have what the NFL that you have seen Eh few other people have a problem with the NFL's far as their hearts people believe a Har- stiff penalty punishment that they gave birth now maybe should and then every Friday I sit down with executive editor Peter Bone and Paul Miller for chat show we cover the latest in Tech News and product reviews of our other reporters around the verge that show is party he's been playing he doesn't get the message that you cannot play this way this is not I mean he put let's go back okay twenty thirteen right of he's a constant repeat offender this dude is not get the point do you cannot play that way there's no way with the finger pointing in do has crossed the line so many times it's ridiculous in the reason why they suspended the way they did is because he's a repeat offender he twisted the ankles of Cam Newton in Greg Olson as he tackled which is dirty then twenty fifteen the game is the raiders happened to win now here's my name went back to an appeal the industrial he celebrated the injury Ramey foster again perfect james in James Harrison got into a pregame warmups should I go on this dude is a habitual lines he grabbed the dude he grabbed Cam Newton as he was tackling in at once cam hit the ground he started twisting his ankle it's on film I'm not making this you cannot compare what he's done on the field and get mad at the NFL for penalizing him versus other places I saw the stuff on twitter where a lot of people say will is for the hit the helmet to helmet here the the the the unnecessary roughness a clothesline tackles like this do I think he's still belongs into into w once if I'm not mistaken that's fine he's a nice guy off the field I'm sure he really but on the field is what we're talking about we all know that volunteers perfect spending for the rest of the season for the hit that he plays against the Indianapolis coast absolutely no problem the raiders decide where one year they pretty much can kiss him goodbye over but this is not the first it here's why I'm riding with the NFL when it comes to the speech impetus birth it seven years that he'd play football we're even at the crowd when he was in Indianapolis after he committed the I mean come on man like this is not the way you could you could play football uh-huh so again I've never met demand personally I hear he's a very nice guy I think I believe you said you've met you ran into Fine for a facemask penalty against Fred Jackson The Buffalo Bill later two weeks later at twenty thirteen October twenty thirteen that was off the field we're talking strictly on the field with we're talking on the radio we're talking strictly on field the only thing to compare it to stomping on somebody with cleats I mean it is if you WanNa talk apples and apples apples and apples I'm sorry I disagree I won't ever agree with that and then later on in the game when he went Asca Greg Olsen on a play side he really tackled him which was speared spear Stephen He'll with his helmet then twenty fourteen it is I've I've read it suite of of seeing what you which written about capers fly real high sponsors Bursary Eagle tackle which was fine did he started to twist the ankle of Greg Olson to which he was paralyzed for income the NFL did penalized was my man from Kansas City that add the alleged child re- kill our Req- because football I totally get that but this is not the day in age for in his of the do is is a habitual lies that every single person but the people that are that are having an issue the NFL Paul Runyan you mean the guy that laid out spirit somebody long after this is an incident for which was five games the longest on the field suspensions been five games and that involves thirty stitches and somebody he wasn't spear and nobody he was a helmet to helmet contact on a receiver that was getting back up off the ground or if it has a history the five games thirty stitches how'd you dump it on somebody verses alone and dominant sue people call him a dirty he has is he has he done things that that will raise eyebrows absolutely daddy dance around injury written hits on planes has done a lot of stuff this is not one or two incidents this is not even three incidents visits a history Louis chances you can't sit appeared saying that the NFL has not given this man numerous chances to try to change the style of play whistle like Big Ben Style Paul Runyan this the same Paul Runyan that said if I did this anywhere else they would throw me in jail but here nfl they paid remember the hidden the devastating heading put on a Antonio Brown it's what he's sixteen but this is a guy that could see us play the way her this guy does not get it clean what did he say when you say twisted ankles he twisted there and you for what he has done and yes the NFL has come to as at as drawing the line when it comes to this type of behavior because he hasn't changed the Paul Runyan and Times Derrick Brooks deadpool and Derrick Brooks ended a quarterback careers rich Gannon's career a history this do has had a history in a grouchy as long as your arm in my art combined as far as him putting the deadly of let me see somebody's go hit back and this time they didn't feel tired of being slapped in the face but his antics about his style of the play because he had been worn he's been Russian he owned on it he do he has done things he hasn't done any stopping he he has gotten a plethora of incidents that happened meeting devante birthday so via burpee has to take accountability and responsibility stopped on players is he gone for the season don't think so I say Paul Ryan Oh man he's got has association this is the penalty does the right penalty for it Ivan said it I haven't tweeted it out there's many people you know many raider fans many writers you just flip to that page in the collective bargaining agreement that says day can they they can do this as far as other than reporters who feel the same way you know five six games yeah okay but a whole season for NFL giving them numerous opportunity to change his style of play and he refuses to doing so you continue to to slap in the face eventually much overkill six games five games I could have I would have been I have been right there with you out of Said Yep you know he he knew he was under under as long as it doesn't matter the past I look at the each individual situation I do this with every day I did this goodell has that power just to just to do it to anybody arbitrarily where is the escalation policy of onfield situations in the collective bargaining agreement even handbooks that given a rule changes they may be completely a aware to all players not just fight test perfect what you all violent and it still hasn't happened in nothing has changed it's so now it's high time just send a message in the message was we're not going to continue to stand for this associated in the NFL but the NFL has the power to suspend anybody without cause arbitrarily that's Roger Goodell's power that's good come on man come on man you you you sitting up here trying to defend do that has a rich is all there's without 'cause this is they can without 'cause they'll say this without goals this is overkill this is very into his helmet didn't get a penalty for helmets and there was history but we are this but you want to Oh has a doesn't matter about this street returning did it did it did it look malicious one of those issues look no what got to compare apples and oranges if you don't can't ride with the NFL when the NFL's making Guam listen what I'm saying that hit or even further couple heads today that they showed none of them were malicious now the only the only thing that was just foot the national football these of what they're gonNA stoller and not tolerate and he ignored apparently he's ignored it because he continues to play the same way your hand and doing things that he had no business doing in playing the way he said he has no business playing when it comes to hit because if the NFL is taking now that guy if they did have a kid on him he got suspended for three or four games I will be totally with that especially if the guy didn't have a long standing history is what I'm saying is yes it should have been a penalty on hitting Derek Carr of underachieve I agree with you on that okay but that didn't happen support the all but we all know justice every case is different we all know every case is different like Pacman Jones using Amari Cooper head African history history if we had to bring this day we get to bring a business listen what I'm saying this I'm saying stand in there saying okay we're trying to protect players or unquote if that's the standard they're taking and you're looking at the history has gotten personal fouls though so all the time but this do you still have the personal personal foul call this was if it's malicious or not malicious if the if the if it comes back inconclusive guess what the ruling is going to be if they think it's malicious is gonna be malicious when I look at a guy like volunteers who has a history of these kinds of of of malicious kits in weather is suspect of perfect they're not gonna make every cost you and I both know that referees Miss Calls all the time just alluded to a few moments ago about bad refereeing in there's other evidence that proves that he wasn't if it's inconclusive they gonNA ride with winning on a ride with the original call which they felt it was malicious they gonna ride with that you look at a situation where the NFL mix it up to go along when it comes to the raiders does a lot of it Oh okay we did a study I got a buddy of mine that you can't I mean we're talking year after Year Regime Change Organizational Change coaching changes and they're still all the way up at the top year after year doing year after year after year come on man you can't justify that there's no way you can justify it's easy to justify both not so what I'm saying is you can't compare guys that if he other guys and then get the personal file calls shouldn't have got personal that's Asinine to sit up here and say that his doesn't matter when his dude has had a history of heating up his escalated all the way you sitting escalated for the whole season not when people what you're saying as far as he should have received five game suspension because he had committed a prior infraction in the last three years so I get that part but the fact he kept liked volunteers marcy but the fact remains Scott anybody else that may be listening is the fact that this do has a history of being year after year on average I think only a couple of years has another team actually surpassed raiders. We're talking it is off the so we're going to ban you for the whole season I don't care how much history he is you don't know that everybody you have to put in his his signed it doesn't exist they wanted to take over I'm telling you there is saying why the perfect only had that last time he made a hit on somebody was against Tonio Brownback I believe twenty sixteen and then he did this hit I'd be more on board the game against the Chicago bears so which I agree with you there was a lot of bad refer not just a night game with a few other games that I witnessed they will have that refereeing in in arcs we're talking they make up things like an index card we're going to bring an index card on the field to see if there's a first down we're going to give Mo we're going to get Mohur a penalty for laying on a quarterback yet Khalil Mack does the same thing didn't get a penalty same game we're going to give somebody a pit particular Jaguar lurking out there on the prowl trying to be free from his dean of of defeat when it comes to play on doc that's GonNa throw the ball to you and reviewed it and guess what now they didn't nothing impression on telling you I'm telling you you are anybody else do about it because he's gone you believe it was unjustified I believe it was justified so unfortunately we're GONNA have to be it was just listen it was justified because of of the history what he's done you don't get to go you don't get to go well that's questionable call what what how many times oh you're saying he's talking about but that has nothing Scott that has nothing to do that Sundays in the NFL in that particular Jaguar happens to be Jalen Ramsey now there have been a lot of teams that have been trying to offer trae packages so the Jacksonville it calls in those games had why is it I go ahead queen what I'm saying is this Jaguars I believe with Philadelphia Eagles one there was talk about a few other teams we saw him in Houston just about a week or so ago play an offer to pass interference call on a on a on an interception and they're gonNA call that on him and he's going to say their cars to say hey if you're Jalen Ramsey anytime so they're trying to do everything they can to keep him in Jacksonville is simply not working is starting to become a problem hanging out with a particular quarterback Shawn Watson Post Game but they they came out with reports okay we agree to disagree on lavish because see but what I do see what I can't see is the fact that there's if it hasn't already in one interesting thing that I noticed Jonathan Abrams you talk about Jonathan Abrams. I can't wait for him to get back on the field I think he's a great talent it over a discontinues is when I talk about a game when I talk about a poorly officiated game I'm talking about it has been that way for the last three or four alkyl sure they should have but did they not get a but I guarantee you they're going to be watched just like Perfect has been for years now it is at it they've had how many resumes hold on because commit the most fractions no I get that you're calling a an office of panels interference because you think that was picked play but why did I told him the ball if you know how many times you see somebody go out and Simul. ESPN's for state we saw a lot of various espn show on some other shows that have been out there he's really hitting media circuit pretty tough just stunts statistics on penalties in the in the Super Bowl era do you realize the raiders the most penalized team in history. NFL and it's not even close one thing I've noticed he's definitely defended Derek Carr Afar down over the chance to watch that show Because Stephen a Smith as usual trying to call host for the fourth quarter comebacks since twenty fifteen when it comes to win which is absolutely true actually checked it out Jonathan. Abrams is absolutely correct in that they moved to Las Vegas we know the parks about movements vegas the taxes are as high as they are in California so that's a plus the team is actually going to be merging as far as trying to build up there it's to build their squad they'll have a lot of money in the bank as far as being able to acquire dairy car and John Abram drops some necessary informational Stephen Ice Moosehead as it pertains Derek Carr because he said car at the saying that he was down there for the specialist looking at his back and let me tell you something Jacksonville Jaguars not trying to release of a level of talent that he's had but we also notice if you ask you may notice it's two Scott has affected John Abram has been real active in the media I love watching him play it was a damn shame that he had to go out a week one we didn't get it we haven't had a chance to really see him perform way of needs against the raiders calls going against raiders. So you say you're saying the League has for the Oakland Raiders I have I have a big it is okay you can say hey if you want if you want justice justice has to be served across another thing to aim spoke about with Jalen Ramsey now offered through various circles that Oakland raiders seemed to be at the top Taylor Ramsey missed as a team that he would love to play for in implant guy that he would want to play with whether it's this year or whether it's next year suspicion about that yes okay well the bottom line is this be that as it may the bottom line is this Birth is gone for the season in his nothing at the Writers Accident Secondary that the raiders definitely need especially in the defensive side of the bull so John Abram pretty much earlier we either via trade of agency so there's a lot of perks antenna Ramsey Kasit in secondary pretty much adds significant debt We have been defending Jalen Ramsey said that he would love to see Jalen Ramsey be obliterated nation was interesting because Jalen Ramsey little height hey I'm the editor and verge host of the verge cast even revamping the more Marlena coming out with episodes twice a week sometimes even at third bonus episode on Tuesday not when somebody net car and doesn't even get a penalty for it and now we somebody who it is it was just a four is is is is just something that we have on a wishlist in Raider nation well there I believe that there's a lot of smoke there and there is it's a tweet that was sent out about John Abram speaking about that so is it possible that we see Jalen Ramsey in silver ro oh schools twenties it don't make no difference Peloton doing I'll get them negative from the east of my mouth especially with him being okay we're almost near halfway the season he's I don't see anybody unless there's a sense of urgency and you have to decide whether you want to be a competitor in a very weak division very competitive division and vision really making a strong pitch Jalen Ramsey then I think you get in you have to enter sweepstakes because you would have to do is you have to prevent the Kansas City chiefs and say hey there is and he he shuts people down they throw away from do you feel do the raiders in Los Angeles chargers coming in and taking a talent top Tier Janna Jalen Ramsey this guy you're going to have to see twice in the division where you see that is another team creeping in like maybe the Philadelphia Eagles or the Kansas City chiefs or even the Los Angeles chargers your you know to ride with teams as far as cover guy absolutely the top five receivers in elite the top five receivers he he's covered more than three hundred this talk about the Jacksonville Jaguars you're going to get top dollar for him a till the trade deadline and of course trade deadline you you can't do anything about it ended up being that good but right now there's nobody out there that's that good and there's nobody in the league that good and you're basically can put him on an island only those in that building know whether that that relationship is repairable and what their course of action is going to be they've got a couple of choices absolutely a baller he there's nobody there's nobody in college that's coming out that's as good as him you know what I mean they might they might more than three hundred targets he has kept them that quarterback rating under seventy that's how I mean they ain't nobody cloth we're talking about top five receivers matched up against he is is what one more year left on his deal before he becomes a free agent yeah he's and he's his fifth years picked up so Jacksonville best a corner in the league period bar none in fact I mean I is he a dion sanders type he's not he's not the biggest pickoff guy the fifth year and so that's that's the thing we're talking like thirteen point seven million dollar on extent you know fifth year option but and they feel like they can get that piece and they can at least make playoff run then you pull the trigger but you know they don't know coming a free agent I think the less you have to give up I think you give a I in the second I would not give up to first rounder suggested Ramsey are you going to get something out of it because I could cut both ways and we wanna be competitor and we want to have one have you know our best guy on the team because absolutely does guy on that team and you're going to want to to make a run with him well that's great but what if he doesn't want to run more he just Kinda I'm hurt I'm limping every year so I think the raiders comic can play the waiting game in seeing the the canvas and saying okay you make the absolute point and that's that's the chess match the game within the game for for Mayo in Gruden to are they going really out there what's really smoke what's really fire In the coast a gift to the end of the season even after the season is over with at the Jalen Ugh you want to get the you WanNa get probably get two first round picks for him I mean he's he's I I'm not saying he's Khalil Mack but he is the to you got one to urgency as far as how the team's doing but the other one is do you want to face him twice a year in the League for the next five six years charges that could be interested because of the fact that his agent David Ma Luga forgive me about mispronounces last name but you definitely interested I agree with that I think I don't know if you pull the trigger now you wait till the end of the year in the something because I think the close used to be I needed to see this I need to do that he and he's playing he's playing it pretty close to the vest and using his his his own leverage es to other clients on the chargers which happen to be Casey Hayward endure with James and they're all very tight knit group so there's there's rice from Memphis one came on a severe there's a surprise team became optic at several weeks ago is there was a surprise thing that could be instagram twitter so that's about that could be a viable peace is low and who drafted him who who who drafted him feel do the raiders feel like is Mike May Actually Johnson Phillip can make a run because if they feel that working as well I mean we've heard the reports about the cassidy cheese being interested in I believe that they are interested in trying to acquire the services jalen Ramsey but also believe that the Oakland raiders great relationship between the chargers David who happens to be Jason Ramsey's agent in Darwin's been trying to recruit Jalen out to La for Lord knows how lows if you typically speaking are less injured than say safeties and middle linebackers and such so there you're looking at you can you can't prognosticate but they did dam sure do stat research on this stuff and corner is one of the areas that get beat up I mean hell again hey before or the speed the absolute through until Tom Brady and company retire listen the way he'd gone out unfortunately he's top tier to a board doncaster So you never know what could happen I'm not wishing because in in Kansas city's out there lurking has been reports about Kansas City lurking but also too you can't get the there's a surprise but I believe Zwei it's it's why it's such a highly sought after position on defense just like the number one best them defensive ends they seem to unless you have a divisive plan to take down the patriots as long as Tom Brady and bill belichick are there Gus Bradley one that yeah so I mean there is a connection Iran Gus Bradley I'm like yeah there's no doubt about it and I'm sure they can are a team that he could go to and flourish with it may take about two to three years within the really getting once they move on in Michael tearing it up but there's there's ways of getting around Patrick mom Tom Brady and the Patriots is extremely tough. You better not ain't happening you're right you're absolutely right the raiders do have to have a plan for doing that I believe I actually Jon Gruden I spoke to Jon Gruden about this is going to be tough into the Super Bowl it's gonna be even tougher now that you have a guy like Pat Mahomes in your division the right direction but it ain't the Super Bowl in ultimately trying to win the super bowl so he had enough to do that WHO's on the on the chargers that drafted who's who's running the defense over a talked to yesterday I love his personality the game but who who who just hasn't example who knows you know you can't you can't is the Patrick mahomes and achieve and dealing with that you have them two games a year so it is within your power in that division to at least plan question is will he be of what he'd be still up to four and three to four years because this game is as brutal as it is your chance to I mean who would have thought German James Would Have Gone Lydia that's a good point and I don't believe anybody reader DACIANS GONNA they're not gonNA they're not gonna Poo Poo Hello Dion Sanders army tackle nobody and you know what like I said look the injuries that we've seen like I said with Darwin James Years Ago last year and a half ago and you know he he he is definitely aware of the Patriot way but the biggest thing is trying to get him there's money thing there's a flexibility

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