Wendy Raquel Robinson


From podcast one and the lady gang are you ready for a relatable unapologetic. Take on life. This is the ladies like us podcast with Nazanin Mandy and you Mohammed what is up y'all happy. Tuesday and welcome back to another a new episode of your new favorite podcasts the ladies lack and just real quick before we get into the show. We want to take the minute you too. Thank all of our amazing sponsors. We want to thank them for all of their support to learn more about them. Check out the show notes for this episode and I got a cat that story straight out the gate out or cats stories. I WANNA cat theory raciest Cat Lady Lover Me. Okay go on proud of it so so I like the cat stories. I'm not a Cat lady but I love the cats. She loves my cat. I love cats. I'm just a dog person. I get it. No it's like and it's so weird because you can tell who's a cap. It's totally obvious you you are a cat talk. I`Ma Dougie Done C._B._S.. So my story my story okay so I'm. It's probably like five in the morning. Okay <hes>. I'm kind of up kind of not okay so I'm just GonNa say I'm still asleep. Yeah okay all and I'm by myself sophomore okay. I'm laying in bed. All of a sudden the head part of the bed starts to lift out of nowhere. Oh okay we have a tempurpedic bed at home and it's adjustable right. You can pull up the top you can pull yet see you can make get comfortable. Those a double on the power of Christ compared you so my eyes eyes are closed and it's lifting you think it was an earthquake way. I was just like okay. I'm so afraid to open my eyes the because I might die. I don't know if like a murderer is standing over the bed lifting the head part up but just think I fall asleep watching you think of the worst ever. What am I gonNA see when I opened my. What is happening right now? I keep moving and I don't know why okay so I opened my eyes and I looked to my right and unlike nothing's there. Nobody's in this room okay. I'm trying to figure out which candidate is with us. I looked Munshi has his paw on the remote and he's looking at me yeah watching the bed lifts. This is a scary story he literally that's it's a little much for me. Why don't really mess with I turn to him and I just was like what are you doing like. He's answer me back acker some yeah. He's a wake-up bid. I like Kinda yelled at him and like he put his paw back down on the visual. I have is good of his little nubby. Stuff is like his staredown of his eyes and it's like he's just Assyrian you down like I could see. I just started laughing like there's nothing you can do it that way to wake up yes and then he just hopped on the bed yeah and just came like nothing happening. Hilali was terrifying at first yeah. Of course your bed is moving. Yes like like fight. Nobody nobody's home. What the hell's happening right now? My Cat Story. Should we have a cat story every week I can I can I eat. There are so many things that my cats do. I'm sure I could find a story every week. Share with you our dog store. I mean pennies just this chill. She doesn't do shit. She lays there but her her eyes say so yeah. She's very express a size yeah and you know when she's annoyed annoyed when she's happy scared. Yes you just know you feel them. In is very I would say that certain dogs have human she hasn't she totally has that she she's human human but she doesn't do like those kinds of things. No it doesn't use remotes for humans women's well. Oh my God. I'm like right now like literally feel like I just forgot what my high implode like. Delhi senator forgot it. Okay well 'cause I totally I'll start with mine all right my high of the week. I'm not pregnant. That is my high of the week and it's your best highs for now one day. I want to change but for now I'm happy I'm not. We had scare okay. I was a week late on my period but it's so weird because you have the I have an idea of the copper the copper one non-hormonal hormonal because I don't need any more hormones kill. Somebody and somebody is Miko exactly copper I._U._D.. The and you ever hear a news report. No it was not me. It was not so she's not hormone so yeah. I don't know what happened. I think it's stress because I'm like yeah. <hes> dress really does weird things to you really like. I don't really sleep and then my stress comes from my mind not shutting cutting off right like I think about everything I have to do probably ninety percent of my day yeah and it stresses me out and but I thought you meditate you. Don't meditate here here and there it Charlie Anita shut my brain. I know that's that's the same problem. There's gotTa be other ways. No I actually I recently spoke with somebody <hes> about my I struggled with meditating and they told me about this place. It's called insight L._A.. Okay and it is a place where they teach you how to properly properly meditate. A lot of people do not know how to properly meditate. They think it's you know you put something on that is guided right and you close your eyes and it magically takes you to this wonderful calm place and right not how that happens. Isn't it like you have to really like you. Connect with your breathing and all these steps right. I mean for me. The biggest part is disconnecting. You know my mind from essay everything going on around right so it's one of those things where <hes> supposedly this class teaches you how to really disconnect from those things that are happening right so like maybe I need to take. I'll take that with Josh right so down because I I do the same thing. I didn't even sleep last night see Lang. I did not but I did take a long nap so that Kinda threw me off but you know when you don't sleep at night. It's still different yeah. I like literally. My brain was like doing somersaults God. I actually have this like not analogy but I always picture my brain like like spongebob. I picture spongebob in an office across the much of filing in cabinets right and like you know he's doing paperwork and then when things get crazy he's like and he's like this is her. This is at night. He's just opening. An opening and closing drawers and papers are flying. I've never known this yeah. That's how I picture. What's happening inside my can? Can any of you ladies relate to needs to know right. It's on instagram else spongebob and they WANNA know Yeah No. Oh I'm down to take that class. Let's do I really look into it. Then inside we gave you great shut up right. Yes so okay so that's your high. That's great. You're not knocked awesome. Yeah thanks and your loan. My low is that I got my period. That's a low yeah. <hes> you guys went out so Nadia and our other friend Aaron and Darlene Blanca you guys all went out to the Montreal. Yeah we met up with my old clients. Slash Fron candice this shoutout. She loved the candidate. Hey girl <hes> she is damaged. I forgot which bond and Sanchez be as g law. That's her her new so she's an attorney. She's an attorney right so Ballin love her. She's hilarious and she invited us out. We went out and my friends. They got left. I was like what is happening happens. Yeah we Darla to take care but you know what again I got messed up last time appeal. T- so now it's there it's all it always comes. Full Circle Bar thing comes full circle. You know you got to tweet. That's the problem on you. Don't eat. I didn't eat when I got messed up. When she earned this time she got messed up and bonkers always the price so you know what she easing it yeah no but villa great time but but yeah but missed you. I know my pillow is is that 'cause I got my period. I just become even more introverted and I'm like I don't want to deal with anyone right now. Because what if something happens. It's it's extra stress yeah. You know it's a lot I knew. LemMe just be smart about this. Yeah and stay home suffer you and then none no but light it. I'm glad I did it was still a blow because I would have obviously loved to have been there with you. Guys the shit show. I love to eat shit. Show exactly where it's my I love my famous watch. Yes my blow is. I missed watching the show that went down at the Montreal so yeah that's it. Oh My oh my God yeah. It was a mess but it was but <hes> okay so my blow. I'm just GONNA I frigging like shaved my knee off for it was like my knee was a potato alert on visualizing the my God. Oh my God just threw up at my mouth mouth a little bit so that sucked wasn't your vagina. Oh no you know I feel like I always like if I'm GonNa cut myself on a hard hard part of my okay good at least like a knee or an inkling or a Shin Right. It's always the hard part because when you do hard and then you get to the white meat the red dots come to the white men I do not like it hurt as much as I thought it would have cut myself before man. This shit was it would stop bleeding either. It was bad like the whole day. It was bleeding. I can't re- bandaging it was bad wait. Did you ever near your legs when you were younger. Nair never worked for my the league's grow Michigan's Got Persian problem. They should make Persian air. Oh my God it start it okay. We're going to end this idea will edit this hour. We're GONNA make person air nozzles. I will flat the show will if we can make it organic I dunno can but no we actually might be able to yeah not Lily Lily Eh. She's already laser laser. I'm half laser too. There's parts of me that you know I started it but I haven't finished. It takes forever yeah. When you have version problems it takes forever anyways <hes> and then my high. Is it's just simple. We just went to Glenn. Ivey with my family was my it was so my mom's birthday in May and my dad bought us will he didn't bias. I paid a back daughter aw no he. He bought tickets for everybody go to Glen Ivy Hill because that's one of my mom's favorite places so we did a whole family thing but when he bought them in May the weather was shitty so my mom was like I don't WanNa go right now. Let's just wait till it gets goods. She's a smart lady yeah so we went this weekend. It was blazing hot. Ah but not like uncomfortably hot. There was a breeze in the Wa- It was just a good time and you know sometimes. It's hard for me to spend a whole day with my family same. You know I get it yeah it. Yes you know I'm not no disrespect. It's just I think thank a little different. Sometimes they get frustrated and sometimes there's certain people in my family. Maybe that Will WanNa pick on me. It's just a little animosities here and there I mean there's a a lot of triggers yeah yeah yeah yeah or vice versa and then I get an order the other person that I want back and say something and right so unpredictable family this shit Nah normal family shit so it went off without a hitch. Everyone had a great time. It was super relaxing. Omar Came Armand. John's girlfriend came Angelina love her and it was just a really is a good time any I haven't spent a like a lot like a whole day with my mom and a really long time and she hobbled a lot yeah <hes> she do she did so. I think we're GONNA go see Lion King Nex O nine dying. I cannot wait to see dying so that is all for our week. Yeah coming up next. We'll be chatting with the talented and very hilarious actress Wendy Raquel Robinson. I'm so excited I love her. So Nice you know every every car comes with its own share stories every tar. 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A Better Way to sell or trade in your car check out truecar today shoe cash offer not available in all areas all right guys. We are back and today we have the lovely Wendy Raquel Robinson. Let me give you a little background background real quick. She rose to fame as the no nonsense Regina Piggy grier on the Steve Harvey. Show love that show love yes. She's also known as another amazing character Tasha mack another no-nonsense loved her. I think that's one of my faves. I've watched reboot. Yes I watched the game from the very very first episode to the end. I have been a man of you in that show for ever so yes from when you change networks yeah yeah I I caught him. Yesterday I was like where have I been. It is really good. Watch it anyways. We have the wonderfully wonderfully talented and charismatic Wendy Raquel Robinson to talk to us today wing you ladies yes. Yes ladies like a real life star. I love yes. We love this great thank you you made me sound so fabulous you are Oh oh God and your your Lille right. Are you know sign Virgo yeah but I can tell by your cares charisma and just your personality your personal. We'll we're we're season right now. Over incubation phase raw allowed amazing amazing so you've always lived in L._A.. I am born and raised. I feel like I'm a Unicorn. What part is South Central? Okay born and raised went on the product of L._A.. Unified School district while we are. We're rare where California girls too so very rarely policy the commute exactly L._A.. Okay it's my my second home but now I live in L._A.. She's here no yeah Oh. I'm a valley girl Santa Clara Valley Okay I was bus. I was a part of the busing eighteen system when it first started aging no they would take all of the kids from south central and <hes> it was by volunteer and and they would bus us out to the valley for the quote unquote better education and then it was a huge uproar and then <hes> that got stopped took so long or short and say you know what I really don't mess with the valley too often because ugly hey yeah this is back in the eighties and they just didn't want us there. It takes a long time for the tolerance to trickle out from the suburbs valley for a very long time. I left right when I turned eighteen. I there was no diversity and it was something that growing up was uncomfortable. <hes> <hes> so. I knew I had to get out of there. There wasn't much opportunity and you know it just didn't it wasn't very uncomfortable out of the time you fill out a play. Yes Very Italy right yeah. That's why I love L._A.. Because I grew up in O._C. same thing you know and I went from Anaheim which was like more cultural abby exactly we Filipinos and Mexicans and other all the dreamers yeah yeah yeah and then I went to southern California Southern California and it was just not culturally diverse and I realized lice. What color of my skin was? I was like Oh yeah. You're like wow I am darker than you so interesting. How you're taught fought that but as kids we don't even know what I mean which is thought to just love everyone equally so yeah it was it was a huge wakeup call? I'm sorry I digress rest but no no no no one and raised in L._A.. Has had its challenges but I love it will speaking of all of that that we were just saying you were cast as the only only African American to play Cruella Deville ooh which was amazing. Thank you so you switch that role which now we're dealing with aerial right. Ah What's her Halle Haley yeah so it's kind of like a similar. Did you but people are. There's a little bag lashes a little experience. You know what's so funny. Money is so interesting I just went to Cameron's memorial on Sunday. <hes> sorry thank you but when when I was cast as Carrillo de Ville it was the the movie is descendant it's really about I've watched children of the villain right so <hes> but we were big. Though it was myself it was Christiana winds and <hes> Oh God I didn't know you were going to go to defendants but <hes> but I I got no backlash it's great and I guess because it was for the Disney channel and it wasn't like the feeders right so maybe they didn't know he who's GonNa be as big of a franchise was ended up being really really big. It was huge ended up bringing in China Mcclain who plays <hes> say my my name is my name villain China McLean. She plays the new villain. They added her last. Oh God I'm so allowing it anyway. What fairy tales from its she ursula the sea her mother and she's the daughter of that whoopie Goldberg played the voice in descendants anyway plane? Yes exactly yes. It's not about that and and I think it's just really we're putting energy on the whole little mermaid thing because we go back to. I remember Brandy was Cinderella. Oh I remember that Yuki within two Rela. You know what I mean. Whitney played very was Bernadette Peters very diverse cast so I think right now we're so racially sensitive. I think we're sensitive in Chennai so nobody like Oh my God I know now I know it's like. Can we just enjoy cartoon without over sensationalizing right. Oh what this is who this is where they're from ranges. What about the story ended the day? It's all about I wanNA live happily agree and how about we just give a young woman who has talent an opportunity right please. He's also that isn't even the real story so I don't even know why they got their panties in Bonn last thing the real story very dark yeah of the Little Mermaid Yeah. I didn't even know she dies. It's like no it doesn't. She liked drag men to the bottom of the ocean. I swear well. They should make that into it into interesting. I noticed it was like even reading all of the fairytales 'cause I'm a huge fairytale. They're all very dark. Yeah I did a rewrite on Snow White and the seven Oh that's literally cutting out Mohawk and putting bucks. It's like about that. I mean yeah okay. There's darkness darkness yeah yeah so let's talk about that and yeah exactly who's playing the Irish for or it because growing up. We didn't have like we we were excited. When Jasmine came out oh wait somebody <unk> who had some flavor and an attitude? Yes absolutely sheep by what we're saying. This is after this is okay cool riled by right right so now they're getting a chance to Redo these and doing them in different ways that are like now people can see themselves. That's all present time I l lack firm aides to my future children. Go One watch this and and feel represented so I'm all for it. I'm okay well. Let's talk about Steve Harvey Show Yeah we're going we need the detail rallied chemical below the memory every guest interview. We're interviewing Regina Penny and it's like I have two very distinct set of fans either. They know Tasha over Gina Right Regina Donald Right. What if you know both well then good for you ahead? That's what we want. I grew up watching the Steve Harvey. Show making me feel that I grew up watching you with searle incredible phenomenon. We WanNa know your secret laughter. It's all the time and you know over me. It's like you know what I cannot take life so serious. I had my Joe Olsen on coming over his. I'm sorry I got it in the right place because it's like so many things come at. You and it's like I really have to filter exactly what I want to really come into my space because you know it come on. I'm very hyper sensitive but at the same time I just really have to filter would come in and yet as in yeah you know what I mean because it could be tax. How do you go about filtering ain't like what are you? Is it just a feeling that you know what sometimes I can over analyze over process. Hold onto things too long and it's like okay. I'll let let it go. Let it go but then sometimes it's like. It's a gut it's so many especially as women. We really have that and what I learned is like sometimes when you get that that whisper God telling you okay Lee that man alone purchase this or this right but I'm hardheaded. I'm one of those Leo's like but anyway you know but but I really believe that God shows us signs weird is like two years go with a two year last year I had I've been in the same house for twenty five years side proper. That's amazing so exactly yeah but it's hillside. So of course you know you get all of the animals all this that and the other I had a snake inside of my half. Oh but it was was right at the door. Idol only been gone for like an hour and a half went to the gym came back and it was right there <hes> and for two hours waiting on animal control to come onto it didn't move oh we'll the alarm was on and then it started really blaring couldn't punch the alarm and it was just the staredown Mugabe's like I need attention because there is something in your life right and you need to slow down and you need to observe in so I just really you know I use that as a as a parallel sometimes we move were doing so much that the other would just going going going. It's like so that's a part of the filter you know what I mean. That was a big wake on. It's like okay look around and what does that mean but there was a had a snake in my life that it was like let me shit yeah girl and you just realize it's like you already feeling kind of like feeling that way no confirmation. That's nothing like you get those yes burs and it's you don't lose your intuition yeah and then boom boom it needs to be done with it exactly as it and every time we don't listen we ate ourselves as we know and it keeps happening until you listen get worse progressively get worse until you fix the problem right so yeah pay attention to those signs signs of I see not to deal with the rest so laughter you listen to your intuition to my intuition clearly work out. I do work yeah I want and it's it's more for sanity than Vanity Amy because it releases so many endorphins by one groggy what am excellent this is like Oh my God. I haven't been to the gym. Fitness always been a part of your lifestyle. I started as a dancer okay have are you know before I was acting as you know in modern jazz fab labs so so yes so it's it's it's in you. I feel like dancer bodies like never really we leave like when you saw man they take different shapes. They reinvent in fact. You have children. No I know chill working with children for ABC right. Tell us about a- Amazing Grace Conservatory something that started twenty two years ago with my best friend and I and it's so funny being born and raised in L._A.. He used to work at Marla gibbs that she had a <hes> a performing arts school in South Central L._A.. And she closer to wars and they were like it was this plethora of like over one hundred m kids vipul. What are we GONNA do would've kinder gentler me and my best friend? He taught voice taught the anthony acting and it was like she gave us the blessing pass the baton. We didn't know what we were doing. You know what I mean. This is pre Steve. Steve Harvey Show and I was just getting out of college and couldn't get agent couldn't get a manager couldn't do anything and it was like so. What do you do when you're really good at what you do? When you love what you do right you just pay it forward and here we are twenty two years later incredibly defend it has been one of the greatest things ever done ooh? That's your legacy beyond a leg cast been my lifesaver. That's when you work with kids. They keep it authentic and now the kids are grown own now. The kids have their kids. Loren Loren L. Varner. She just dropped buddy like big. He's got his whole song black black black black bag that makes Big Enough. I'm still dreaming but isn't that the beauty of life I feel like at any point life. If you WANNA do something try and do it I do. She's never know if it's not for you. It's not for you and you something else. That's high field. I love that so yeah that's beautiful. It's been a great eight walk. It really is and strip beginning. I feel like it's so many things we're actually in production now. We have a show August third but which is entitled Adult A._G._C.. Marathon continues yeah yeah. It was a huge part. Not only of you know the community immunity but so many of the lives right acted even after his death get now and so we're infusing the marathon of A._B._C. ASEAN how we start it but then we're also mixing in some his music and I love that Broadway musicals that we do not sold like supposing the kids to a little bit of everything yeah also yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. They really do just brings everybody together at the days. What's the age range that you guys have their oud five to eighteen yes as long as they can tie their shoes and use the bathroom? A lot of people started three. I'm like Ah Yeah Yeah Yeah. No we started five how cute we get him and the imagination you know in their five is is limitless. How how inspiring you know what I mean? So what if we did you know and all of that. We were named the California one of the top one hundred's for nonprofit this show me. She's so sweet deal a huge yes so let's hopefully Cheka. Comb nonprofit world is it's taxing but we own our building. I I'm so proud of yeah. That's how do you get a nonprofit on profit to become so successful because I feel like there's so many in the struggle and like they get loss and they're just like we want to help these people but we don't the funds that we don't you know it's difficult. Everything is difficult. Yeah where there is passion and there is purpose you just hang in there right. You know severe you gotta persevere because his we haven't always had the best of days and I can honestly say it's a passion project because it doesn't pay me right so I've always been working but it's like I feel like I've been working in the industry to help offset right not saying it is it's the total truth so I've been blessed and fortunate in that area but even though for those nonprofits that are struggling. Don't be afraid to ask right there in kind donations. It's not all about money their have you no favours you can handle. Can we come down to the podcast plays and do a little. You know I mean were serious. I want to ask if you know the yeah but yeah yeah yeah but to be able to you. Ask asking is a very difficult thing for me. <hes> what do you think that's about. I think it's you know and I've been really trying to process it and and I think it might be the fear of no right and you know my mom is like okay so no is just too little letters now. At least you just asked ask. There's nothing wrong with this. What's the worst that can happen? Another door will open exactly how else how hi and they'll go by and it's very interesting because I feel like it's harvest season so over those twenty years you know when we first started you know you're asking for. Who can you help with the hand? You're not approving player yet right now. Here we are and we've put in all of the season now the abundance the overflow is coming. I and it's amazing story yeah yeah I can go on and on about the podcast asked absolutely inspiring ever need anything we would love to. I'd love the kiss. Let's sue we are so down. What even Mike Okay 'cause we're? We're replicating this. Is it just acting acting or everything it's acting voids dance spoken word and we just opened up our digital art cy so yes we got a grant. That's going to help offset and <hes> it started off with the proposal for our newsletter. So what I've noticed is that people don't read. We we don't really read these ended newsletter with all these great things that are going on as I put it was in the newsletter. It was in the memo kind of an email because we're used to getting Informacio so fast easy okay. So how do we tweak that so I did a proposal proposal where one we started with a video newsletter you know and it was just all slides kind of like when you go to the movie theater and you just see the slide on the phone when I we'll have have all of the alumni in their original music you know scoring it and all the back of some bomb music you know and then you don't have to worry about anything and then I say well what we do do one and it's called the SIP apostrophe S. I._P.. For Gossip so it's more you know the teen sitting down sitting around in a kickback type environment airman but just talking about everything from social media social justice to the current affairs going on at the school you know her parents are getting the information automation that they need to get but they're also getting it from a different perspective right. You know what I mean with the students and you know just what's going on in their world and it's like Oh why why don't we just take a glimpse into the lives of young people but they're also disseminating all of this information and I mean it's brilliant yeah well. We're we're we're at the beginning phases awesome okay so that's what we work now action you need to start going and because that's just how it is and it's all will be watched youtube. They get their information yet. It's like it's a very social society right now not only just because the social media but I mean it started with reality T._v. and US wanting to watch watch people's lives obsessed infatuated by now. We watched their lives on the Graham. Now we listened to their lives on podcast. It's were obsessed with you know you can literally reach a celebrity in there you ll it's why access at an all time high yeah yeah so. I think it's amazing that these kids are opening up to you. I I noticed like a lot of children now because of social media they've kind of become a little more introverted so it's harder for them to open up right so it's amazing. You're doing this saying yeah thank you because we've seen that and it's like <hes> we don't allow cell phones good. It's very interactive acted and right now. We're in the middle of our summer program would Monday through Friday but what I've learned through spoken word and our creative writing class pass. There's so much that our young people are going through from being ostracized questioning their sexuality or cub judo. It's like what are you talking about about sexuality your six and but but I've no but they're like will you do but we've created a safe environment in in them to know okay and you know anything. Of course you know. We've got a report it. If it's too right you know what they feel comfortable opening yeah that's beautiful you know so we did with with kiss from every walk of life from foster care. You know bill air you know but everybody comes there and it's like no we are one. We are family. We all got issues the issue they say it's common a lot of times when kids get into acting or this world so soon they have a tendency hey to to get overwhelmed and stray. Maybe Dabble in drugs or get sucked into life style. Do you guys like talk to them about that or like. Have you encountered. Have you seen that it happened here students or what. How did you because I've been in the business so long as much as you know we expose them to everything that's in the business sir? I'm not a big cheerleader proponent for them going into this business because it's a business for right so let's break all right okay so now mom dad are you guys is ready to give up your job your lively to be onset every single day to drive them to these auditions and they don't book you know. Are you ready to give give that huge sacrifice huge so once they get past that and it's like okay so then that's great and then it's like okay. Now is the child ready because it's also a business of ninety nine percent rejection. Oh yeah you know at any <hes> so why don't we just have a good time here. Learn everything we can so that you can go out there and you can compete effectively. You know when it's time I believe timing is every everything every I mean some go out there and they may get that one gig again. It's like they think that's how it's supposed to be. No no baby. You were very blessed and very fortunate to get that Gig now. What do you do in the meantime and in between time because over you're unemployed? Let me tell you to want your bank one so exactly. What are you doing in the meantime time? Are you building yourself up as an actor right. Are you in classes. What are you doing mentally to prepare yourself for? All those rejections is basically until you get like an Oscar right then you're set. I missed the Oh my God. You never heard the on the Oscars. I'm not going to bring up names. It's really do your due diligence and a lot of people have gotten Oscars and then that's it yes yeah. It's also Mike Grammy's it's this thing like if you win best new artist. Oh don't really want to win the best new fizzle out. It's like a jinx. Yeah I remember growing up in hearing that always stuck with can't get and acting also actually in that world so I totally understand what you're saying about the rejection you book one Gig right after you wrap you sign those papers you're done you clock out your own unemployed yeah right right and that's it and they know about timing yet exactly so it's like it just comes with so much yes and also with your nonprofit but I feel like even though you're geared more towards the you know theatrical world and you know entertainment they can take those qualities and put them towards anything they WANNA do in life doctors lawyers exactly you work at the furniture store. I bet you the best. The competency exam is it starts with that. It starts with your confidence people in politics now and it's like like wow every walk of life but they're using all of those elements that they gotTA A._G.. It doesn't matter what you do absolutely think too when you're young and you are into into something and you have a dream and you express that and you have support. It does a lot for you. It builds confidence when you are into something and then and you know you're Kinda like hey mom and dad like Kinda. WanNa do this or whatever and they just like. Nah right you go okay Nah. That probably isn't a good idea and it your confidence does suffer and you go through life thinking well. That's not really what I'm supposed to do or you know it's just and her and I talked about the that's what I dealt with. She had opposite her mom was super so ordinary and I didn't know that I was good at the arts and communications and all this kind of stuff. Why liked is it but I didn't know that you know that could be a career for me and my parents never pushed it? They were like no college in the schools. Go out traditional family not their their fault but it does make a difference moving forward in line and in she's so driven an ice. I struggle with that you know so there's seeds that our planet so early on you don't even know that they are the seeds until later years I five oh absolutely so what you're doing so you know it's it's changed. A lot of people's lives whether in the entertainment industry or not it doesn't matter. It's yeah okay joie because there's other lesson. It's never too late. Matter of somebody's telling you know or should be going in this direction. It's never too late to change that direction. Improve them wrong. You can start at any age like we said earlier you just believe in yourself more than anyone and just be like yeah. I can do this and that confidence will will keep you pushing if you don't believe it. It's not going to happen to you. People will see it and they're going to think they're not going to believe in you. Either have to believe that sets. It's a tone for your life on a day. Nobody can do it for you and you can't let anyone manipulated for you either. Yeah it sucks sometimes with women though I feel like when we're so confident and so driven Donovan it's like too much for some pretty much men the only ones that really have no more or insecure women handle. They can't comes off as bitchy or Bossy or she thinks her shit. Don't stay yeah I. I just know what I want like. I'm sorry going that way exact yeah. I know it's so funny. Morgan Freeman said something years ago that really stuck with me he was like there's no finish line in this business. No no you know you say okay I'm done. I WANNA turn it in right you know. He didn't get his break until he was. You know I know yeah I the career he's been grinding for. Its quality over quantity. I really feel like in the accident world really as quality over quantity yeah but you're still going to take the quantity filtering hands on on on the audience it depends on. Is it benefiting them more or me more depending if it's something that's GonNa lower a brand or write me he back. I'm not going to take the job no matter how That are struggling and that's nine to five exactly or or I mean like you know bussing tables and trying to be an actor <hes> keep doing it 'cause something. We'll catch. Obviously that's what I meant is that I always assume that people just in the beginning you just WanNa take it just for the experience sense of it and the really you know what I mean. Yes because I've I've taken a job where I knew that this was going to be a a crash course for me. That was big but it doesn't mean that the project was trash okay. Do you know what I mean but I I knew once I did this. I wasn't going to go back to that right time to elevate to the next you did experience and what you gain from learning about not staying there right going that yeah you know and if you do the hard part yes if you do to each your own like that's where you want to do it. That's your life again your choices but well. I don't think anybody ever wants to stay there. It's just what they're presented. ooh Please and one of my investors show me years ago. Do you love this the art in yourself. You love yourself in the art art. Oh I like that way. Lead the defining turn no is because the will then why are you doing. Are you doing the guy do you love art in yourself or do you love yourself in the art. <hes> what if you like a mix of both is up and then that's fine as long as we know that and then what is your motivation for doing the certain things that you do right you want the shine in the glitz glamour and I just wanted to you know do this isn't and you know like now you know wearing a whole of the world now I'm going back twenty five years ago that was implemented and stuck here but now we're in instagram to Graham world where you know you. Have you know people becoming famous through for nothing and I'm not knocking pizza. Well you know I don't I mean but it's also you know there are a lot of geniuses behind that social yeah it. It takes a team. I'm not knocking that hustle but it's also do you love the do you love it. Because Oh my God I breed acting I breathe Dan in writing and editing all patent passion using longevity though so what's going to happen to these instagram famous people they don't have that passion. They won't alone exactly they don't take them coins Chang that they started this. Yeah something has to come from this. Don't spend it on hand like any like they don't really resell. Also I mean they do but not for as much this is about creating your own legacy. No matter know how it started. You know you gotTa Flip it you at the end of that. You've got a little bit so you've how long have you been in the industry. ooh How long have I been getting paid industry. One on your first. You're acting debut was on Martin Right. Was it wow that was so crazy Martin and ninety three <hes> yeah it was the new W. k. r. p. in Cincinnati and you probably haven't even know that show that was my first job with Michael t Williamson Williamson who ended up playing way pause you're from L._A.. I'm born and raised in. How did you get to Cincinnati? No no no that was the name of the T._v.. Show I thought it was a it was an ironically it was radio. Show okay centered around a radio station that was in Cincinnati and <hes> they had rebooted it so it was an old w. k._p.. In Cincinnati they rebooted it to the new W K R._P._M.. Cincinnati but <HES> I was a love interest for Michael t Williamson who has had the best career you know <hes> he was Bubba Gump shrimp he was <hes> he was just offensive. Anthony Played Gabriel L. But I was just so fortunate to have him as a co star because he was like he took me under his wing amazing <music> and he was like this is a business and you know how to show up on set you know and everybody is respected. From the production assistant in money brings you water you you say please and thank you. I learned that and it seemed the full circle of it because even when I met Mara who was the Creator for the game I always tell the story it so amazing. She was a stage p a when I did the Sinbad show was which was even before Martin we got two great and that was what sounded a hi egg but it was fine answering the phones and I was like what are you doing answering these pretty. I'm a writer wow and it was the way she said it with with the affirming right on I was like yes you are confidence then cut to. I auditioned girlfriends like eight times never got. I was like really ready yeah. She was like yes. Yes eighteen so W W K A._A._R._p.. Now Daddy K. R. P. and it's the new W K A._A._R._p.. Because I'm right it's Okay Yeah Oh C._B._S.. Show that's so funny in the theater baby you know always did but you know how they say. Film makes you famous television makes you rich theater makes you love that. Oh yeah so then so playing Corolla was probably fun for you. Oh my God I was so yeah you couldn't be big enough so eccentric it was it was fantastic so if you could play any role again which role would it be. Oh God uh Woo. I know you've played so many great one yeah. It's it's hard the hard. That's a really hard for the rest of your life who could you. They have a little different yeah. I don't think I don't think I've had that role yet time. I get something new with like ooh layering because because I discover something else about my salary yeah you know what I mean. You're not done you have oh my God so much more in Q.. Examining talented thank you I really pleasant to watch natural. It is and that's hard and that's why you can feel it. They see it when somebody loves what they do automatic. It's six units inspiring. It's absolutely yeah it's so hard to an it's so crazy to be natural yeah in the acting a lot of people won't overdo it and it's like when you have that ability to be natural you have it and you have it and it's it's hard for me to be windy like if I as Oh my God I have eric of that but I mean like that but well you. You seem so confident. Were you not out. She's like Shantou but I think it's like if you don't know me. I'm not like I'm not your introverted inside yeah. If that makes them spent a thousand percent yes yes. I know I like this yeah. Do you feel like every role. You've kind of like pulled a little something for each character. Turn to your own life. Do you ever do you take with you. Opposite I think I've pulled from my real life in poured into the triggers fair yeah yeah and it's also an becomes a dance with the writers. That's where the real news comes fries yeah yeah because the writers they start getting a feel for you on camera off camera. Ooh what let me try this helps that rhythm does yeah. That's awesome. It's crazy any tips for longevity. I WanNa know this <hes> just e passionate and you know I I know a lot of actors that <hes> some have gotten jaded and so you can feel the energy you know when when they come into the room you know <hes> but you know it's such a humbling business so oh don't ever think he's actually arrived. Even when you think you have arrived still work on whatever that is that might need it to be tweaked. You know what I mean and just don't get comfortable in the in the process as a homeworks never done. It's not really it really it really isn't just enjoy the ride and be present. Yeah absolutely love that. It's like the same concept as like self love. It's never done right. Never he's never never reached a peak of self love forever evolving and trying to figure it out so I kind of put two and two together absolutely you have to keep workouts it and train and studied this self approve. You know what I mean. Take classes. You know I still I still try and write you. You know do my little readings and Blah Blah Blah but yeah so awesome well. It was amazing having you here. We talk about about Grand Hotel right now so I got into a shameless well. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA ask you. Are We know you're so you have a new show. How it's called Grand Hotel you play MRS PS two? I was like Ah I'm having fun on that. One and you know we're waiting to see what A._B._C. wants has to do with it. Okay <hes> but it's very different show. It's one of the what's the premise of hotel. Do you know it's about a hotel. It's the upstairs downstairs story. The last family owned hotel this okay yeah so what secrets lies is scandal. It's all all of that and I play Mississippi who has been there for ever and she runs the whole tail so I know where all of the secrets are buried zoom in zoom in what I <hes> and and if it does it's like really let's see how long you'll be right watching it. y'All go down. Hey I know the backstory so it's it's been it's been awry. It really has even gory as the executive producer so another woman Roselyn Sanchez on it right yeah very long careers yes. She started the dancer mean fame yeah. She's a yeah okay rising no but the cash is very diverse a lot of Latin actors in Puerto Rico from Spain from here see I. I love this yeah. Diversity finally finally women behind the camera. You know we had a female DP and then you know like we did thirteen thirteen episodes so I wanna say seven out of the thirteen directed by women amazing and women of Color Amazing. It's just been yeah intentional yeah yeah time. It's about time it's our time right now. Yeah it's our time and we need to stay here. Live here long. You Ladies Yes exactly the beautiful shameless plug time thank you I affect our <music> guys. I'm so excited to finally be able to say this. My debut single forever move is officially <music> out now. The song is available on every streaming platform. You can go on my instagram. Click my Bil-. 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