Damien Williams Opts Out, Is Clyde Edwards-Helaire RB6? (07/29 Fantasy Football Podcast)


Now here's some combination of Adam Dave? Jamie Ben. Two thousand. Seventeen. Kareem Hunt was a top four running back. Chiefs rookie running back takes advantage of a preseason injury to the veteran and Kareem Hunt becomes a fantasy superstar two, hundred and seventy two carries fifty three catches and eleven. TOUCHDOWNS will history repeat itself here in twenty twenty unfortunately, Damian Williams is opting out for the season and that means Clyde. Ed Brasileira has a much clearer path to dominating the touches Jimmy Eisenberg and Bandra joining me. I'm Adam as or this is a bonus edition of fantasy football today get right to Jamie Wears Clyde Edwards. Either in your rankings right now where was he and whereas he now? So I had downgraded him with the lack of off season worker, I think we've talked about that a little bit that I was concerned with Williams being there and. Edwards, they're not getting the opportunity to showcase himself in ot as many camps and preseason I dropped him from initially. The end of the first round beginning of the second round to the middle of the third round. Now. He is number eight overall and the six running back off the. Man Ben how about you? Yeah I had I had him at I guess rb fifteen was that a little bit earlier last week 'cause I had him right behind Aaron Jones still maybe a little too high and not enough of an adjustment that point. But I'm with Jimmy I. Think if I'm drafting today I'm taking rb six thousand miles sanders they're outside the pretty clear top-five backs. And I would take. Over mouth that was next question. Wow. Wow Yeah look I get it makes sense but do you think they're going to add someone in with that with that change your mind depending on who it is I. Think they will just the fact that McCoy who platelets on. McCoy who played with last year is still out there He clearly fell out of favour at the end of the season because he was an active he was inactive for the super. Bowl. But he has a history with Andy. Reid. He knows the offense under the circumstances of what the off season has been They can clearly bring him in but remember they made a move already this season parts NFL draft. Bring in the under Washington from the raiders and we saw the way he performed when he stepped in for Josh Jacob last year, they still have to young guys in Darwin Thompson and Daryl Williams and so you know they may not have to make a a a huge priority move but it just makes sense given such a young backfield aside from Washington to bring in somebody and for me I would think McCoy makes more sense than reaching for Devante Freeman or Lamar Miller for say. Okay. So do you think Do you think Clyde efforts either can get two hundred and seventy carries this year? No No. What are you thinking? I'm thinking about it catches I'm thinking you know sixty, sixty five. Sixty five catches may be and then double the touchdowns I mean pretty easily double-digit touchdowns maybe not a lock for. But when you're in the Kansas City offense, you don't have to score ever bring back touchdown to get double-digit touchdowns like you have to when you're in some other offenses I mean, he doesn't. He it's not gonNA be too tough for him to put up a pretty big battle on in this offense. You're talking about a guy that lsu year nearly nineteen hundred total yards. Seventeen total touchdowns but the receiving numbers I mean, you talk about all the time you know twenty five, thirty catches typically a high number for college running back. He had fifty five cats. Made I was just on CBS sports. HQ with people goes guys around the League compare him to Maurice Jones drew. You know smaller back but stocky build and in somebody who's got a physical presence. I remember speaking to him at the NFL combine I was very impressed. He had a very hard handshaking. Hi I'm always. Looking at that after when I first met Adrian Peterson at his rookie symposium nearly broke my hand with his. in I remember asking layer because he wasn't one of the top back since forms of where his draft stock was. You know it was John Stiller with the two guys everyone was talking about and then it was Jacob Dobbins in top Dobbins was in that the top guys within it was kind of acres and Edwards layer was the next two guys and I said to him. If you don't get drafted in the first two rounds, I remember phrasing it that way how are you going to be and I'm going to have the biggest chip on my shoulder that you'll ever find? Well, he was the first back taking. That shows you what eighty re wants that shows you what the each the GM wants that. You know when they compared to. Brian West broken You know we're talking about him, but the setup is almost identical to what happened Kareem Hunt? A A journeyman type of guy and Spencer ware coming off a productive season. Blows out his knee and Kareem Hunt we thought may taking the job that year. Ran Away with it led the NFL. Rushing on top what he does a fancy off. So I mean Edwards hilarious got just the a huge ceiling right now and if you draft win guys like Mile Sanders are great guys like Joe Mixon. Josh. Jacobs. Derrick Henry. Kenyan drake, they're all great. This guy could be better than all of them might be. That's why I. That's why landed at rb six. It's like I I. Love Sanders is upside to ever. Salinas's is clearly higher. Well, we're basing it on his hunt though. To say that when Kareem Hunt, in two, thousand, seventeen, the first eleven games the two thousand eighteen was awesome. Like I said he was top four in two, thousand, seventeen, two, thousand, eighteen he was on a per game basis third in non ptr sixth, NPR six and a half of your eighth NPR and he had. Seven. Catches in eleven games. He dominated the touches I two, thousand seventeen no. Running back more than eighteen carries other than Kareem. Hunt in two thousand eighteen Damian Williams had like fifty one cares only was basically after the injury. So I'm just wondering you know we make the comparison scream, but it doesn't seem like you guys feel like Clyde Edwards is going to dominate the touches as much with the Andre Washington with Darwin Thompson Madeira Williams there. With maybe the Shawn McCoy coming in devante Freeman is still available. Do you think people might overshoot it a little bit. No I mean I think this is a great question but you just noted that not many guys. You noted the Carey's were out there and I just pulled that up cream on at fifty three catches up for sure. That's good for back charge. Andrew. Who was the guy who had eighteen carries had twenty seven. Catches. So honks workload was more early down and he was playing some on passing downs, and then when you look in two thousand, eighteen, the only the only played like eleven gains but my kind of freezing up but the only colleague twenty, twenty, six, twenty, six passes. So he wasn't as much in the passing game the difference two differences one, they took seller in. The first round and they talked about how much they loved him and they compare them to breath these things and then to when you talk about his actual workload where he's going to give up some work hypoc gave up some work in the passing downs was Hilar- projects give up some of that those low-value touches to a guy like you know Daryl Williams. Or deandre Washington however, it's going to be our Leshan McCoy if they bring him back but it seems pretty clear that his workload will be all the high value touches and that to me actually gives him. You know maybe not hot upside just because it was so efficient that hard to just project that but it gives him eat the same close to the same ceiling. Even. With no training camp, well, you know different even with no minicamp s there's training camp even with no preseason games even with a really good offensive linemen and DNA Tardif opting out you're still going to go with him over Mile Sanders and Josh Jacobs and Joe Mixon and all these guys. It could be mistake could easily be mistake like. I'll I'll amend what I said. It's not that those other guys don't have great upside. Bent Bend. Piggyback off that Correct Mal. Sanders has a huge deal, Josh Jacobs His catches up huge ceiling Derek Andrew, we saw last year didn't need to catches monster campaign. Joe mixon could be fantastic also if he builds off the way that he finished, you go on and on about those guys that are first round caliber running backs but this is your banking on. The coach, just you know one won the Super Bowl and Kareem Hunt and what he's done, it has his body career with exceptional players. Especially, what he's done with running backs, Kareem Hunt Did that with Alex, Smith? Yes. This is cloud layer with basketball. You know with tyreek Hill as one of the best receivers, which is calcium, the best identity game, and so you have all these things that just set up so perfectly. He just needs to take advantage of that, and it's an if but he just help Lsu when the national championship with a monster campaign in an offense that similar type of characteristics you know of of how they operated and. Spread the ball around a great quarterback who said all kinds of records. And so I just think that you know you can take the safe route and take sanders or Henry or whoever you feel the most comfortable. When this first happened I went to my rankings and I said, okay, you know ten is probably a safe spot for behind sanders behind dragged behind mixing for me then I'm like. No he hits. Yeah. He's better than net right right I did the same thing put him in that tier was Sanders Drake and mix in Adler job in Jacob's that's the cheer for me. That's my order and I had him in that tier and I was like he's a top tier. He's better than all of these guys in terms of ceiling and he's in this year he doesn't belong outside this year But yeah I agree with that completely. All right. Some final questions for you here who's the second chiefs running back? If you'RE GONNA draft one who would be? I would take the Andre Washington now just because he's proven Darwin Thompson, I spoke to him at the super. Bowl during media night you know and this was at the point of we thought Shawn McCoy was done which curly's has been the case If it was GONNA come back this year as Williams the one and maybe Thompson competing for the two. He said I remember the quote paraphrase it if I'm not making a lot of money. By the end of by next contract I'm out of the league this year. And so you know he he's putting a lot on himself to hopefully improve in a big way the doors open now for him to be the second guy and then has been alluded to Daryl Williams. had some very productive moments last year, and even the year before I think you know when Williams was dealing with his injury situation. So they're all capable I think of being the second guy but I'll lean toward the veteran who stepped up in a big way for the raiders last year and hopefully has been in the playbook and those what he's going to have to do. To compete to be that, guy. Yeah To two thoughts on that one part of our concern with SELENA's at Damien Williams new, the new the offense so well and Andrea Washington doesn't I liked the under Washington the most as well of these backups. But I, think he's GonNa get a lot of hype I'm seeing a lot of already some buzz on twitter about him being the top one and so I made an agreement with Jamie but I also think one. It's a good note on Edward Solaire. while. We can be optimistic I mean it's very similar to cream hunt at like you've been saying Adam that that there was no one else really left. They had to trust this rookie. They're kind of in that position to have anyone else and then to say, I, like washing the most ranking the highest of the backups but I think Daryl Williams wind up being the best value because Darwin Thompson still a little buzzy to I expect our winds price and going forth but. Him and dollar to the two that have the most familiar with team in Darwin. Darryl is the one who actually played over Darwin a lot more last year. He's the one who got the most playing time in this offense last year not surprise me off. He had a week one role as the guy who they can trust and they know what they're getting and I would expect also deandre Washington the other others will, but he's the one that I think would be the best value if he stays like fourteenth or sixteenth round pick. Okay and then final question here. You're going to take him as rb six. Rb Six with what about Michael Thomas Atas? Whoever your number one wide receiver is are you taking Clyde dealer sixth overall? Eighth. For me I'll still take Thomas in demonte Adams ahead of them but I mean again, if you're GONNA go running back heavy I, think you're you know you're looking at. You know he's going to be in some cases. You know he made he may leapfrog over people are concerned about the injuries are. I mean, I think there's a case for him I think there's a case for him in the top five is wild. I'll take Thomas over him. Still I've had tyreek hill ahead Davante Adams I those to his as little tiered, my second tier one about those guys non PR or half PTR. WHO's your pick I will? Take severe it's weird because he's a catch guy. But in that format I wanNA running back more. Okay. That's downs. Yeah. there. Yeah right now have Jacob six. You've Josh goes over Sanders. In non are unhappy beer. Yeah. I think Jake I I've said this a couple of times you know he yeah. Sixteen game face would have been fourth and carries and third rushing by the way he could. Yeah. I. Just wanted like if you're GONNA if you're going to throw out lsu stats Jamie. Then, Justin Jefferson should probably be your number one rookie. Wide Receiver before if he played with better quarterback. Like. This Yonder Washington played with Patrick Home Tech Yeah. All right. All right guys we had a lot to talk about. So unfortunately, you're not going to hear any of this on the show that publishes tomorrow the that would be Thursday because we already recorded it. So we'll talk maybe a little more by this on Friday if there's more news but the Thursday show is about points per game standouts and trends and things like that. It will not have any Clyde Edwards Allaire discussion. Of course, it will have some jobs and Taylor discussion but no climate Brasileira and we will we will talk to you then thanks so much tune his boorda's show thanks Jamie and Ben taking time out to join me here and talk five that we will be back on Thursday. We've almost made it through an entire offseason with no ot as a remote draft a free agent period countless zoom calls at all the while to fix podcast has remained daily. Haley NFL podcasts, and many times more than daily at Grind will stop his training camp approaches. Join me. We'll Brinson are cast of characters as we get ready for the two thousand, twenty season whatever that might look like if you stuck with us through the tough times, we appreciate it, and if you're just hearing of us now it's the perfect time to give a daily footfall podcast shot down describe to the pick six PODCASTS apple spotify stitcher, and wherever else podcast found.

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