Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis (HR 1)


Pull Friday. You never feel better always feels good on a Friday. Wait a more clear little more excited little more power the whole thing especially when you have a wonderful ballgame now bad you know talk about not bad not bad the Thursday night games can get sloppy and ugly and bats that was that was like nine out of ten. What's what's so interesting thing for me yesterday? It was so good I didn't I stayed home until the two minute warning then I got on the highway in listen to Westwood One Radio Tony Boselli Oh my weight now Trojan Trojan Kit to catch the football game because I would never listen to an NFL game on radio just like but I happened because the game was so good in the first half I couldn't afford to miss anything in the third quarter so I drove in. I got a chance to get here for television last night and show my face and then I had a chance to listen to it. Fits is always good. I think you offended him. Come home any talking but it was such a good game in in I think you when they the match came out. It was a Thursday night game Greenberg versa versa teams. Everybody's like Oh yes about time. It's about time every now and then you get it does but yeah Jacksonville play like last week yeah that was you yeah you get that one of the garbage reason only reason why that became interesting because you want to see what Jalen Ramsey do that in Gardner mid shoe the the greatest quarterback ever to live handlebar but last night was such a great game travis and L Z Aaron Rodgers. I thought they was getting ready to just blow Philadelphia out of the water like it did feel like the way that it started. They go right down the field Bam. They get a touchdown. They get ball back to go right down the field again and then Bongbong they stall inside the red zone. They have to kick a field goal to you and I were talking about before they tried to throw that fade fade into the back left corner. That's when I sent you guys the fades of Sake my father every time they actually that when you it's it's one of those deals where it has to be somewhat perfect situation. You need press coverage. You need guy on outside leverage inside leverage on new and you need to leave room fair with a quarterback the quarterback sometimes they'll put it. It looks to you as a viewer in I'm not saying this would be the word facetiously or whatever you call it facetiously. I just couldn't even dumbstruck what what every now and then I could pull stuff is back to school would end tonio yeah right. What does this W? S. We'll get the Antonio Antonio and his grammar and his tweets and Eric Weddell. That's coming up in a minute so what happens with the Fayed is to the eye of the fan watching television television even at the game. The first thing you see is an overthrow right and you say amit ball strong too far. It's really not I don't care to foreign just whenever ever connect no it connects you wanted at the back pylon remember guys arms along the gadget on Google gadgets and when the ball strong oh you almost wanna be a foot from the back pylon when you catch that ball right and you want the boy you want your foot at the back pylon right about a foot away. Put Your Arms Afoot outside the pylon. You're stretching for the ball and that's when quarterbacks tend to put a lot of times but if if you very athletic and you could talk your body and turn and go up in basketball in take it like you can take in a bowl of soup somebody's that is even better and and that's what they try to teach in this particular instance. It just didn't work so they kick the field goal to get the three points and that's always a weird moment in a game. That's always a weird moment a game where one team it has firm control it the packers the first quarter they had control that football game only they weren't stacking up a bunch of points kicking field goals they weren't and then all of a sudden philly in the second second quarter clicks in they score twenty points go into the second half and now we got a football game and now the packers are chasing some points because they weren't able to get those those touchdowns earlier that they were field goals and then we get twenty one like you said it's your get six instead of the fourteen exactly now all of a sudden seven thirteen eight all chasing in your mind aimed as a player and as a coach first thing you say is oh we're fine. We can either go in ten thirteen. Kick a field goal. We if we go into thirteen we're fine. If if we going fourteen thirteen they're stressing and that's the pressure that you want apply no question so now fast forward to the fourth quarter all of a sudden the packers have a decision to make with about nine nine minutes to go in the game whether or not they're going to go for it. They're inside the ten yard line. They're deciding how exactly they want to attack and they passed the ball four consecutive times four consecutive times. Here's Matt Leflore talking about that Red Zone offense. We're able to complex a lot of what we wanted to do. It's just we gotta do a better job in the red zone and three for seven you're not GonNa win any games so key. I think we all kind of like the idea of them going for it in that situation but what you make the play call where all of a sudden you throw the ball four times in a row in a short field. There's not a lot of defeat field to defend at that point well first of all for in in in their defense defense. There was no Davante Adams on the field though he was he was hurt. He was out of the game but that's still no reason why you can't find Jimmy Graham. You can't find your Geronimo Komo. You can't find any other players that are around that part practice with air rogers that no the place the place election was it's horrible. You don't throw four. It's not this is not sixteen seconds to go in the game right. It's nine minutes to go in minutes and a gain ain't right run the ball and I now I don't care if he throwing. I throw it on. I WANNA know second. I don't care if you run it on. I don't care if you're running a second and throw it on third but give me a mix. Don't sit back in just decide to swing and now I don't know nor will we ever know until somebody gets fired. Who really was making those four call mystery in and the reason I say if somebody gets fired because once somebody gets fired they'll start telling them one another so it was it matlock the floor calling the plays Travis and Era Jews doing exactly what he was told from the coach or was it Aaron Rodgers not we're paying attention would call his own deal or was it? Air Rogers. Sanish man is dude and just doing what was out there in in in letting people see Z. That Matt Leflore doesn't know what he's doing or was it simply a young head coach that doesn't understand a pressure cooker moment at this time because he's never been in this situation. He's never been in a Thursday night football game in Lambofield. Everything is on the line. He's never done it. If you've got a veteran coach a handy read now Jeff Fisher you gotTA. Thank you Joe Ballot check. You have somebody that know what to do in that situation that they could capitalize is on it so it's a lot of different ways you kind of look at what transpired in that position transpired but not as good as good as Alex you gotta wonder from a statistical standpoint. If if you're you're and Aaron Rodgers. I decided you know what we tried it your way to. I three games because let's face it last night was the first Ann Rogers played over four hundred yards. I thought he played all season. There was a do aware number twelve managing the offense the first three Danes last night we saw Aaron Rodgers the gunslinger running around screaming for first downs. That's the do they used to sing gene so you've got to wonder if Matlin four looked and was like he's cooking yeah and he's carving him up and I'm just going to let him roll. I'm not going to slow him down out and speaking of slowing down we can talk about how the injury have impacted the game as well at the one minute Mark Bennett laughed and they were cooking and rolling on pause for ten minutes because of an injury interrupted rhythm but Aaron Rodgers cooking if you met leflore. Do you say you know let's go ahead and do this. We'll straight times or do you run the game. Luke run the ball the way that everyone assumes you should situation you don't have to run the ball you need to run into at least once to keep them all back to defend both thank you have to defend both things I understand. He's cooking cookie but but at the same time if you if you guys really want to understand certain offenses in whatever the name and West Coast offense whatever the case is all of them every last from Shaw McVeigh to Andy Reid John Grooten Not Joseph he carols offense anybody that has the tag west coast offense and where there Steve Sarkisian in Atlanta they all get cute in in this case Matt Lefay or got let Matt Leflore got cute the morning show with Keyshawn Elsie Rabbit here microwave coaches that they bring back you try to reheat the coaches that all of a sudden I wake up every morning with the morning show on. ESPN seventeenth in a week for the football season is already underway and it is off to a great start so the question is do you have your tickets yet if not download the vivid seats APP today and you can earn up to sixteen percent credit on all of your ticket purchases including the game this weekend at the Coliseum Front row on the fifty to the upper deck. Vivid seats has options that will fit your needs so don't get any seat get a vivid seats don. Let me ask you this Aska. was there ever a moment when you were watching Aaron. Rodgers drive down that field in the last never we talked about the nine minute one right and they can get it but when they got the ball back with just a couple of your like he's he's GonNa do some say yes over as television produces. I got going to tie it up and then I said to myself I wonder if they get smart and go for two at the end of the game depending on how much time is left on the clock when he scores so they scored like damn and it was four minutes it's left on the clock or whatever it was. Would they have gone for two to no seven. You got at least tight with four minutes to go. You can't because now if you miss the two key then you all of a sudden yes get the ball back again just to try to get it if you can't get it back and four minutes I'm out but if I tie it right and in Philly gets the ball back with four minutes I got a place I was. I was trying to put all the scenarios out there. Will they try to get you go for two will he tied up but you certainly feel that way about a lot of these quarterbacks bags that are great that we've seen it's like like I never fell in his may sound crazy but I never felt like paid manning yeah the ball back two minutes ago. He's GonNa Markdown down. Suzanne never felt that with him. I agree with you. Return it he has he's never felt that way about John Elway. You know who I feel. Don't worry about long Russell. Wilson Russell scares the daylights Outta me yeah Russell Wilson obviously Aaron Rodgers Gers Tom Brady. Tom Brady's never felt that way about the legendary Tony Romo nobre nowhere golf. I don't feel that way because we haven't seen yet so here's the question which aired march down okay just the New Orleans saints did but he also that was he got him. I'm into where they had to kick a fifty seven yard field goal now. I'm not taking anything away short bomb of a look travis if it was fifty two you feel better. I'd feel five yards better. I feel a little bit. I would feel better if it was a twenty five yard field goal it was he's still marched him down. Just didn't March for long doesn't certain in guys out you just feel you know so this. Here's the question because we're all watching this and it got me to thinking as you're watching this game. Take place and Aaron Rodgers is going if let's let's set the the standard here assuming that your coaches competent and assuming that your teammates are competent okay not put a good player on a bad team or try to overcome a Freddie Kitchens type coach that you have competent teammates and a competent head coach key. You've got one drive. You got the ball in your own twenty honey. You've got two and a half minutes to go. You get to pick your quarterback. Who Do you WanNa Cam Newton? I was good she's. She's this is this is this is I don't WanNa make anybody mad. No you're only pick good guys right. Well One guy if you pick a good guy in emmys the other guys less than a good guy. He's there's a lot of good guys to pick from where you want. I'M GONNA take Tom with Tonderai. One drive did go because I've seen him. Do it like back at I remember in my mind sitting at places and at times even when I was on countdown and working. ESPN which I still work for we Sydney Sydney and everybody would just be like man. Please go again and you just know was getting. I've seen this movie before. I was getting ready to happen every single time I let me just go back to the Super Bowl. Go back you can go back how whenever you want here. We go minutes to even if it's not a touchdown even if they're down soundbite to and go you know even before the half when they get the ball back before the half for the minute scores seven Tean Dan and all of a sudden you go well. They'll be seventeen at hand is GonNa Happen. Is Yours ready to know. who is it still Aaron Rogers? I think I that's the first first time in his career that he's interception from like that. Close inside the three yes the First Amendment Career Long Korea's been around he's been around yeah again and and and and the other thing too Aaron Rodgers reminded you of last night that we forgot and Tom Brady has never shown mobility then when it all falls down he's still he's still got legs. I know it didn't turn out last night but the reason why you're going ah because you're used to Aaron Rodgers like others always coming through in those I'm not I'm not saying that Andrew Rogers can't do it. I'm just saying that Brady just doesn't it just like he doesn't Miss Minna. Do this like flawless like he's just everything is just pretty. Just I just said. This isn't just you marvel at his artists work work. Just like you know well. I know he's not active anymore but the other guy that when he got the ball with two minutes to go he's going to do something. This is Joe Montana Visit Joe Montana couldn't run from me to you really wasn't that guy but when Joe Montana had it he was one of those guys for me. Currently it's Aaron Rodgers so let's take it out. Ah Drive and that's make it a you get a week two game plan. You get to put everything in again. Competent coach competent teammates is it's still Brady Company code competent. The team mates see. I like to see what Aaron Rodgers would do with bill belichick because I already lost because I already know what Tom Brady do a bill belichick and this one's always always scared me when this course has come up because it's come up in a different form but it's come up before can Aaron Rodgers. Can Tom Brady go to green bay in do with Aaron. Rodgers has been able to do in Green Bay because I certainly feel like Aaron. Rodgers can go to new New England and do some of the same things but it's you know it's again is one of those deals where I've seen brady just B- Brady Brady man and I can't go against that Elsie the do championship brings four reese lose your game Mike Game. My game is probably going to be an occurring. Thanks situation. Tom Brady yeah by the way WHO's not picking him already because you know when you get your Tom and more important when you give bill belichick what's what key was alluding to. They're just going to be prepared and there's absolutely nothing you can do on that. Will it throw them off with the exception of getting to him in pressuring him which is why I said before with one drive. I WANNA Aaron Rodgers before a game. I'm GONNA go today. Also just gain gain plan better than everybody Dave. What are we in the fourth week now? They've probably run and I'm not kidding you. They probably run fifteen offense offense alignment since the training chairman New England New England taking a look at the big. What do we need to do here? This guy this guy that guy just try just looking to see how to make that much all right so that's the guy that you take in the game now. Here's here's A to pronger. You've got a season and now you've got to pick a guy for your whole season. He's an and I need to pick a guy. That's going to play five seasons. It could be different guys who is it does two different questions right right again. Probably I believe you're brady across. The board are rally going to lead to our brady on a whole season but Aaron Rodgers is right there for me. I mean the Air Rogers is right there for me. He's right there like it's. It's one of those deals where both on the board if you take him. I'm I'm good happy as the other guy five. What about five years from now you gotta be out plastic mahomes five years from now for a season? I'm going back to Rogers because there always seems to be not a game or two to three in which does a conversation about what's wrong with Brady because he's GonNa give those lulls know what's wrong with Brady because and I hate not you and I don't mean to cut you off but I just did is that what's wrong with Brady because whenever you've had so much success only at the moment. There looks like there's a slight bit of would issue. He wants to create the story last season as in. Do you know how many touchdowns Tom Brady threw postseason last year that many I would probably say to okay that's fine. I'm good with that. Look so as I said it's not just because of the great success there's legitimate question of what's wrong with Brady because the age you know what's wrong winning. They beat the Rams in the Super Bowl my my guy for both of these things both for the season and for the fives the same guy it's Mahomes jd. I if I'm taking a gift I got to play a sixteen game season starting yesterday. Today I want my years. I'm taking home now. The season today not mahomes. Hopefully that's not a real place this yes so some bad news for the Lakers yesterday found out the Kyle Kuzma is going to be out indefinitely so we're GonNa talk to Dr Clapper coming up here in just a couple of seconds of phone just dropped off so we'll get him on the line but he's out with what's being described as a stress reaction action. Is that right. That's why we need an orthopedic surgeon. Show different different were for stress fracture. Hopefully hopefully that's what it is because I would assume that a a stress fracture is something that can be. Here's here's the scariest thing I think if you're an athlete or even really anybody. I guess so I tell you what it is. They don't know what it yeah. They say you think about this. You walk into the doctor's office and the guy says I never seen that before. Not The worst news that you get as promised Dr Clapper Clapper joining us right now good morning. How are you great? How are you guys clapper so let's start right here? What is a stress reaction? What does does that mean exactly so that's clapper vision to explain a stress reaction goes to your freezer where you're trying to take water at liquid quit and make it into a solid an ice cube okay so it goes through stages you pour the water into the ice tray? This is the old days nobody nobody does this anymore. Liquid and then you get impatient. It's not quite an ice cube solid. It's lush rights. You have liquid you have slush and then you have the solid ice Q. Well. The reverse of that is what a stress reaction is when you land from jump up as a basketball player the break the fracture where the bone actually snaps the solid the ice cube is the extreme the liquid is a stress reaction. The famous stress fracture is actually slush so in other words there are degrees would you say your foot hurts and the x ray negatively doing. MRI WE'LL SEE DIMA black and blue in the bone and that is the stress reaction action the next level would actually see a crack in the bone that you don't see on the x ray but it's positive on the memory that's a stress fracture versus Burton actually taking an x ray and seeing the brakes so you're so you're not at the level of fracture yet you're just at the slush level and it could potentially turn it into a fracture if he continues to play on it without getting some sort of treatment exactly not facetious doctors well Dr Johnson so what is the treatment. Wh What do you do you put him on the rack and just say give it time and it'll healer or do you actively trade it good question you have to respect the poor circulation that the foot bones have and the supply for healing comes from the blood supply so there's two sources of blood supply in the long bones in on our feet one is from the Saran wrap the periosteum that wraps around the bone and then there's actually just like a yellow pencil. You have the graphite graphite going up the center of the Pencil. That's the industrial blood supply so this two sources of healing. You need to let that what happened and the best way to do that is a boot and make them stay off the foot. They can't be putting weight on the end docile to size it wants to go in a different direction is slow down. What do you do in because the blood supply is not flowing correctly and it's not only that sometimes like an Achilles tendon for for example keyshawn? They always tear in the same spot. Why is that because that's where the end of that blood vessel is in your ankle on your Achilles tendon my Achilles tendon so you have to respect that and if it does not do it it's GonNa break you? GotTa really make it clear to the player layer you better stay off it and stay in the boot because if it doesn't they will want to a stress fracture and go on to a fracture. How long is this typically in terms of time frame before you could actually take the boot off and start the necessary? Rehab are getting back to practice. Four weeks is really quick most talk at six weeks. Is there a likely move or motion that an athlete can do that will be to for this or is this strictly an accident freak thing and he doesn't have to worry about it. Once he returns in his playing for US great question when we go back and and look the career of Michael Jordan he had a fifth metatarsal Jones Fracture Kevin Durant most recently the Lopez brothers Pow August saw you look around the league. Oh my God it's not a collision sport like football that keyshawn played. You're going to see more fractures and basketball players. It seems then even in football players so the reality is this is something that you have to respect and I will tell you this my my wife says I never answer the question so I apologize but when we watched I n Williamson below walk his sneaker. It was the best thing in the world's design Williamson. Why 'cause if that's sneaker did not blow up? He would've tore his ACL. It's all about footwear. It's all about the shoes particularly in basketball players when you talk about this incredible spike in injuries. I'm here to tell you what connects x the player who the floor is his sneaker doc. Maybe this is just me being an old man and worrying about these sort of things but when I heard it's something it seems that I continue to hurt it and it hurts and it lingers and it becomes chronic. Is that something that could happen for him or once it heels. Are we good and we just keep going so travis. The key the key point what you just ask as you're an old man and it is imperative that when we deal with veteran veteran players who have very mild injuries groin polls or strains you cannot let them be treated like a young athlete because because that will be the beginning of other injuries to the older player but in a young player young sons that you have that's different so when you have a Kyle Kuzma your billy dee to heal is so much more of a blessing in a young player versus player and we actually have to treat them differently. We can be more aggressive about coming coming back with a young player than with veteran Dr Robert Clapper Saturday at seven o'clock in the morning. He's on until nine dock always a pleasure. Thank you and start. I answering your wife's questions. Thanks so much L. D. ooh. Let's get right to it the game here on Sunday afternoon. Colosseum the rams looking to open the first quarter of the season unbeaten three and going up against your guy key Jameis Winston Yeah Gary Gilmore Guy my former Tina Tampa Bay buccaneers ears are GonNa be in for long day in the Coliseum. I think we look at the rams. GotTa Take Care of his game running away. They struggled a little bit against Cleveland. In the first half second half of that football game Aaron Donald got off to a pretty good start in terms of the way he played after not having such a great game the first couple of games but look at the end of the day. I WANNA see Jared Goff off Abdul Jameis Winston. Don't allow James Winston to come into your house and I'll play you. I think that's the key to this football game. He keep in mind. The bucks were missed short fuego away from being two and one I know the record isn't great but that guy makes an easy kick and the books of one two in a row they're two and one they're they're not as vulnerable as their record might indicate no no I think we look at James Watson's we see turn over eight and a half and we assume that's just going to keep on happening but he's been playing well enough for us to lease respect them offensively absolutely all right next game we've got the Ravens at home against the Browns and AFC North Matchup Caceres an interesting match up because you got two young quarterbacks and Baker Mayfield Lamar Jackson Lamar Mark Jackson Duel with our guy in Kansas City and Patrick Mahomes so now he has another tall task to go up against Baker. Mayfield may feel has a lot to prove he's been out there all week long Chirpin Rex Ryan back and forward now he has to show people. Hey He's going to go up against a pretty damn good defense at the Baltimore Ravens Anna quarterback Lamar Jackson and wants to show that he probably should have been in that spot the Baker Mayfield got drafted in which was a number one spot he had to wait to the end of the day to get drafted to the Baltimore Ravens. They run the football in Baltimore. They play Solid Defensive Baltimore. I think the Ravens it GonNa be in for a nice game with the Cleveland Browns and keep in mind we saw last night in Green Bay. A Philadelphia had their back against the wall. They lose that game. They're in deep deep trouble with what's coming up on their schedule could say the exact same thing about Cleveland that this is a one and two team that has to win in this game because the schedule gets brutal from there moving on in Chicago the two and one bears against the Vikings to in one north key this is this is a pretty good game amos kirk cousins time no he has to show that he can play quarterback might be in trouble back against Chicago bears and I think when you look at the way things have been going for him is has everybody Kinda wondering what type of office is. They're averaging about three hundred and fifty yards of total offense to Chicago to seventy five. We Know Mitch trubisky his but we don't really know what Kirk cousins is except. We all think that he's a manager of sore rich. He's well. Now's guarantee yes. He would be rich. The defense transfer Minnesota is interesting because last year they struggled a lot this year. They've seemed to turn things around they've given up about three hundred and twenty seven yards total total defense which is pretty good in the NFL so not only that. I don't know if there's anything scarier. If I'm a Minnesota Viking fans and you know this is kirk cousins time you you just send a cold shiver down. Everybody's Kirk cousins a capable quarterback are putting up big numbers. His issue has always been winning. The issue has always been winning the game you have to win. He'll pad his stats a whole bunch of emptiness and cotton candy but when you need a steak he used it gives you like a do it and he scored this year a lot though scored eight touchdowns in the air and three on the ground poll of Eight Marquette Sunday night football the saints hosting the cowboys the Saints Big Win last last week. Nobody's gotten them so. Nobody's gotten the cowboys but this is an interesting because the COBB wasn't really they haven't played anybody. When you look at the three victories yes they handle business this against the Miami Dolphins but Miami Kinda was hanging around in the first and then they just went away in the second half Washington? They beat Washington which was okay they they they needed an ally manning act like manning in the first game. The New Orleans Saints lose their quarterback against the Rams Teddy Bridgewater comes in doesn't play great. Everybody's nobody's assuming going to Seattle. They're going to get run out of the building. He has a week to prepare. The results. Were favourable on his side. They went up to Seattle. They one football game now. They're at home in the Mercedes. Benz don't at night so imagine all day long with the fans are GonNa be getting ready getting ready to going to begin reading getting lick it on a lot of sweet wheat liquor. That's down in New Orleans. A lot of hurricane was the hurricanes are bad news man they show if they want to show that the Dallas cowboys from what the cowboys did to them last year that this is a repeat test is not a repeat that they're going to try and do what they did him. In Texas Stadium The saints will try to do to them in Mercedes Benz Stadium if the cowboys come out of their four no do we feel a lot differently about them because like you said they played three bombs Tom now all of a sudden. This is not a team. That's certainly will feel better about them. If they come out of there with a W and I will feel less about the New Orleans saints. All is my still being my the top five. I'm sure they will be tied to control yourself. Ills e the unbeaten Detroit hosting the Kansas City the chiefs we are number one northbound the way I really need to talk about never wanted not division to pull the rug out pills e this house. You do understand respell little. It'll you do understand that this is is a disaster getting ready to end doors and home Patrick Mahomes on the road in a dome where the climate is perfect right and how much they for everybody knew Kansas City on the road is favored by six and a half points so let's say reminds raise braver by touchdown which is somewhat a lot in the national roll roll that means you're a ten point better mattel animus say it is to you real quick your head coach is supposed to be a defense guru rising. There's about four hundred yards of total offense purpose Patrick Patrick mahomes number five hundred yards of total office or what that's going to look like speaking of defense. Yes playing Kansas City yeah. I'm thinking we go for yours. Here's our own. Dan Sales Manner touchdowns the reason why it's only six and a half is because they know Detroit can score market down six forty seven. We'll run it back on Monday. What happened right here game? In Indianapolis. The raiders are on the road. Key rate has been Arolla. They're not they're not back home until November third YUP for real I go to London they go to London for a home. I gotTa buy somewhere near two times on the road until till November so look at the Indianapolis Colts in Jacoby Brusett. This is percents team. He's done a terrific job in terms of engineering things he should be undefeated now if Adam I'm vegetarian doesn't miss those field goals. Pat's against the charges you're looking at an undefeated ballclub the answers to Jacoby percent about whether or not he's going the Indianapolis Colts Miss Andrew Luck. He's answered all of that right now saying hey. We don't Miss Angela because this is Marc car. Now I have the keys to this and he's trying on elite them into the playoffs on the raiders side. They just trying to stay alive. They just trying to stay alive. Get one of the top five peaks. They're they're doing the Miami Dolphins without doing the Miami emme dolphins in trying to win and they're not GonNa win so therefore they're going to be in the tanking category all right speaking of the Miami Dolphins. The Owen Sixteen Watch is fully underway. They host the chargers in Miami. Here's an interesting when the point spread on this football game is what fifteen and a half the chargers surfaced on the road so here's what I would say. Will you start talking about trap gangs you start talking about Ken. The Tampa Bay buccaneers steal one from the rams because the rams looking ahead. They're falling asleep. This is a long trip for the charge that go all the way six hours to Miami. Bad things happen the teams that go down to Miami they didn't happen it. Didn't it happened this year. Obviously it's not happening usually loses but I don't know how good the charges really are and when you look at Miami this is a perfect trap situation for everybody to bet against them in and they look up and beat the charges and get their first victory not meaning now saying they won't have the number one and number two pick and they still go one in fifteen fifteen. I've been wanting fifteen before not a lot of fun but I think the charges is not so overpowering gardens. I ain't gonNA play in this game so if you think you don't Melvin Guards back going to be great. That's not even the case. I think Josh Rosen is going to have a pretty good game. I think the defense will play better against Philip rivers and I think it'll be close game I still I think that the charges should come out of victory but don't be surprised if Miami Win Game One more very quickly the giants hosting the Redskins. Should we get Danny dimes hall of Fame Jacket reporting to the New York media jump is that this is going to be a little bit of a dogfight as well. I'm looking for houses. Hauswald called her cousins case keenum. Yes bouncing back from different think I'm looking for case keenum the bounceback against giants team. That's trying to stay on float. They should've lost that game against the buccaneers but they won. He got to give it to him and I think that Jay Grooten is is is is is all hands on deck. The firing squad is out if he loses his football game chances are they're going to make him walk back from New

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