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NutriMedical Report Show Thursday Sept 5th 2019 Hour Two Gary Richard Arnold, Rotarians RINO GOP, Origins of Republicans as Globalists,


It's the dr phil show presented by neutral medical dot com call live eight one eight eight eight six four zero one go hi. This is dr building and we have our guest. I journal the knows more than political elements of the deep state than anybody else. I know <hes> <hes> one of our friends that recently died actually was one of my other previous cohorts who member here recently was the name gary. I can't hear gary so something's wrong with our connection. Hello gary are you there. Yes yeah you remember our gentlemen. Eh was around for years. I had actually visited him on the show many times. What was his name again. Our gentleman actually recently diners funeral that your phone is giving me. Give me enough volume. We'll we'll turn up the volume at our end. <hes> you have to quit or you can't do radio very well. Okay you want me to <hes> remember somebody yeah the the gentleman that research into funeral not lago all right and of course i consider you up there with anthony hilton in terms of knowledge of the political animals and what their real agenda for example knowing the agenda ronald reagan many of the rhino republicans may actually quitting now knows that the election twenty twenty. It's coming and i think it's already up to fifteen. Republicans are quitting these are probably not people fully supported trump war could advise them properly <hes> and on the other hand. There's a lot of people that are mistaken by even fox. News is being considered republicans in fact there globalist than maybe a rhinos rhino's. Oh i've got a new article. I just got it up on a website. <hes> at <hes> news expose dot org. It just went up within the last fifteen minutes right <hes>. Let me see if i can print that one out. Even <hes> yeah and percent article <hes> is is on your site read now all right so if i go to news desk yet another one i sent you by email. That one's not up yet but i you know that's called the <hes> probably about one o'clock noon your your white paper email right. Yes <hes> republican party. Cases republican says republican president <hes> republican party is still largely linked to the conspiratorial founder under centuries ago and we're looking here is shows a picture on main street partnership republican main street partnership but also talks about how the republican party was actually founded by the rippon isn't that right <hes> not it was founded in the in the city of ripon and that was one of fifty commune so it was put together <hes> <hes> by the united organizations when you get that <hes> some of the stuff out here <hes> the yeah that was eighteen fifty two horace greeley and alvin bovery sadie article here and the five members committed in of course these are people that <hes> member of the original founders of america were not re keen on parties they wanted to have individual representatives want parties because they knew parties were first step toward totalitarian control and ed also corruption right yeah so let's go through this article. I haven't sitting right in front of me now and i'm looking says alan bovery was the editor of young america and as a conspirator was secretary the american union of associations of which really was <hes> there of course young america came aim from carbondale straight offshoot from the aluminum body right right and the first head some fifty commune's munis across the united states and rip on was one of them so it was actually the rip you know it was a commune at four in the republican party and that's what the ripon society named after right after the town rip under upon area where we're located. Where is it physically located it eleanor now what people need to start understanding is the modern republicans are quite different in terms of their current approach now with trump trump. He's not reading a republican. He's more of an independent is changing the nature of the republicans because most republicans from what i can see a former globalism. That's there behind the penacook project for for new american century the behind the global money control system tied up to the british banking system that sets the gold standard every <hes> and greenwich meantime alert evil rothschild within his morning tea people have to understand that the canary square and the united nations building which is again an extension to the brief empire are are controlling the world financial system through the fed reserve system which is tied directly to the vatican and the jesuits suggestion which actually control the vatican in fact but people don't understand did the although the the ladies who's the head of the board which is actually has her hair up likely it looks like the shell oil <hes> simple right <hes> <hes> that in fact she actually headed the board has been for decades of the fed reserve system which is out of the netherlands that it actually is totally controlled by the vatican and the jesuits. It's actually control the financial system for ninety percent of world currency. The other ten percent is china and other countries who are trying to run their own system could in china with the swift system. It's just trying to marry married up with russia. They're going to fail. I mean there's just no way they're going to win. And what should does is get rid of what's called bubble economy which is blowing the economy the world up with debt and they don't have something like the ancient hebrew jubilee or were they forgive debt because as debt bob is gonna blow up and kill everybody but it's by design. It's like go to another but you mentioned united nations. Property itself was literally given to them by the rockefellers it was it was a it was a slaughterhouse was actually a slaughter house owned by the rockefellers given to the united nations to put a building on it so the actual grounds of the u._n. Is actually a slaughter grounds. Yeah i did the appropriate <hes> and you'll you'll notice in that email that i sent you. There's a western union. <hes> congratulations by secretary carrie states that ten years <hes> q. the rotary club for <hes> becoming a representative of the <hes> <hes> international organization <hes> <hes> in you know endowed or sainted <hes> by the organization itself but this is true also of the quantities and so forth they had speakers spread out <hes> <hes> just like the conservatives from heritage and kato and all these the claret-and-blue foundation go out to the republican party's and sell their propaganda but <hes> the the schools the the media <hes> the service clubs churches <hes> remember it was <hes> john foster dollars who was head of the world council of churches and they were meeting and you know advocating that there be a an international army all of this stuff and it was i was was that was your was doing that because remember <hes> break proud name isn't it uh well. Let's see world council of churches. You're you're talking. The late late eighties and of course eisenhower appointed both he and his brother brother he head of the c._i._a. Which was the the olympics acid deep state and <hes> alan dallas was secretary of state so roughly this now well nineteen. I'm forty eight where he went. After making forty eight that was understand our our intel agencies are total transplant from the tuli society of nazi germany. People don't know that don't realize that every intel agency on the planet is an occult organization every single one of them interesting yeah right well the other thing. Is you know you had <hes> you talk about the the carbonari and <hes> albert pike founder of the k._k._k. Was a thirty the third degree nation and he was also a leader in the international carbonari. I was under british museum about the three different conflicts including the final one with islam remember that there was an abrasion museum for years. Oh yeah yeah yeah. He talks about the three world wars. He was also a friend of madam clean up the ascii. <hes> in celebrating <hes> you know satanism together with the musani the <hes> the head of the carbon in italy italy albert pike's book morals and dogma and which looser is a lucifer's prince of light and <hes> the degree recognizes lucifer as the has got so i'd be panic from <hes> from the bohemian grove to skull and bones you know right up to the president and the site itself was formed from a commun- from the carbonari and that has direct ah late attitude the aluminum right now. Let me let me answer it a lot here. Every one of these people masons are actually ancient druids the council and i'm gonna say this and repeat it because they sit at other shows is julia council of thirteen. The vatican and the jesuit is actually just one of the seats. There's a pindar visits the chairmanship sheet. I actually met the pindar face to face twenty eight years ago. Okay people need to understand what's really going on here. It's demonic. Onic is trans dimensional exile planetary and they don't understand us pete average person's ex well. You're crazy giggle. How would you know all these things said <hes>. I have skill sets that are superhuman intellectually and spiritually and you don't understand this world unless you understand that it says in the bible in thesselonians we wrestle not against flesh bud against principalities empowered witness and high places high places are masonic. Every one of these secret orders is a demonic organization and elizabeth eric. They worshiped be of the blue light lucifer as the god of this world don't they yeah what's really important with the with the documents you have there is the western union and and their their praise of the rotary club and we look at the people that are of the <hes> the counterfeit right or he gaily and right initiative initiative sousa was run through the the brainwashing pro world government system by rotary <hes> by the rotary club and of course where he they sent him through princeton <hes> these policies for reagan <hes> speak for the heritage foundation <hes> which were actually neutralize lights this resistance to globalism because they never ever talk about thailand cfpb arts going bones and let me say what they wanna do. That's why we missile event. They do want america to surrender to world government after the hit us with something lifesaving e._m._p. Weapon or cyber weapon or climate disasters like for example the fact that these climate disasters like this during has happening. I know we have the weapons and can you describe an exquisite technology which goes beyond harp how it can make torsion infield to unwind storm systems and using torsion field any gravitons waves using nanoparticle three of strontium burying alumina and satellites. We have that now. We can kick off. I greek volcanoes eras totally weaponized now and not only we are. There's five nations modification technology behind us. The russians are next and <hes> well twelve years ago to get down to the call the people in brazil and said there's a giant cyclone heading towards your city which is largest city in the southern hemisphere sao paulo brazil result. I think it's over a twenty four twenty six million people a lot of people and so the russians flew down and chat and actually moved the storm system off land so it didn't strike their country the city so you have to understand when the fact that we have a storm hit us either trump is either complicit or he's ignorant. I believe is just ignorant because man is his blue-collar billionaire. He's a well-intentioned man but he's not yet a christian. His father was a high level scottish right mason. He uses terms of tells me he's us high level mason his secret masonic sonic term is a polygon rising. Lagoda was apartment at sixty six floor on near the central park. He's got pictures of apollo everywhere which isn't a very high level. Masonic sonic symbol apollo was the god of mars. People don't know this. Mars was an ancient galactic war. Most of the human population were killed tens of thousands of years years ago in its galactic war when we went there nine hundred ninety two instead of her calling it because we've been in there since nineteen eighty to mars okay so people want these movies and say oh we're not on mars. You know aaron idiot. You're we have okay. The very first thing that director space command said we control every cubic centimeter space between mars on july tenth nineteen ninety ninety four and i said you mean money told me shut the f. up neagle. This is a come to jesus. Talk and you say you won't freak out. We're going to tell you everything. I believe me. I know everything republicans. Were at the first candidates. They ran was in fifty six and let let me start this last comment here before your created okay. Donald trump thinks he's a wonder recall. That's when he talks about space force. He believes his messiah name. He's the one call to recolonize colonized. Mars and people don't understandable trump trump's ancestor was the one who led the crusades against the muslims in the eleventh haven't century. Do you know that his ancestor was actually the king in an austrian actually led the crusades against the muslims this this guy's got credits okay and his mother's side. He's a macleod which is a royal families of scotland. I'm cloud as well on my family line all right. I understand they. Are you know the talk about the knights of the round table. The masons had to move to scotland away from europe because of all persecutions things going on there. The round table where the people who believe that you should jesus was actually the blood <hes> one who had children and their children became the kings and queens of if europe all the royals of europe blood descendants of jesus. Did you know that i i've heard of that. They moved to roslyn or something like that and <hes> <hes> yeah including by the way all the stars of russia. 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Of the council on foreign relations and the united nations etcetera also formed after the league of nations initially and this is all imposed on the europeans and now groceries globalist like macron and france and and our head of the of the parliament in germany. What's your name again <hes> <hes> my name is exactly the fat lady. That's about ready to sing exactly yeah so when we have the rotary day united nation celebrates two organizations shared vision of the critical humanitarian sanitary activities of rotary and u._n. U._n. is on u._n. Actually has a secret room actually where he actually all religions worshipping together. They're tied directly to the vatican the world council of churches. That's why they're pushing things like chris. Lom dan pope was pushing unification of christianity islam and hearing sponsor sponsor a school. <hes> pre kenu ends to get these kids globalized as how we pretty much now now the yeah the the europe didn't win. It's freedom they. They were suppressed by the united states with the marshall fund and so forth i got surprisingly a list of the german marshall fund <hes> board of trustees and i can go one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven eleven twelve thirteen fourteen members of the c._f. Are and three members of the trilateral commission and this is the address german marshall fund of the united states <hes> fifty fifty three hundred bond to federal republic of germany. These are taxes extracted and stolen from the german people who push <hes> the the european union. I mean these these guys are even involved in our local cities. This is from research. I did that twenty years ago. In orange county and the city manager <hes> is supported by the german marshall fund <hes> and sending articles due to their publications nations and it's it's all these interns from the panetta institute as we saw <hes> the initiative souza who is out there attacking how terrible the democratic party is <hes> and praising how wonderful reagan and the republican party is he dated both <hes> both of his girlfriend's <hes> <hes> lor lung. I guess what's her name on five laura ingram and also <hes> which name the other religions. It's also phony out carter. I can't have senior moments here. I she's a she's a dynamite writer but she she part of the clare boothe loose foundation and henry uh-huh skull and bones so here you've got the whole kit and caboodle right next to that you see the news which is rupert murdoch murdoch was the murdoch organization was drilling on the golan heights before lawns fox before america even certify that israel should take the territory or make a part of israel so you gotta understand there's some sneaky things going on and even not only render trump's nose but it was acquisition and and trump was pushing five network genetically modified food and recycle toxic water. He's pushing an agenda. That's moving toward trade treaties. It's going to suck the ten kings that are going to have have power to the beast for one hour or one period of time. The new order is not coming from russia china's coming from the united states and what i said before unless we get rid of trump and making a the so-called good blue-collar billionaire who seems to be on the surface of a decent man but he's a narcissist. He's completely ignorant. These other issues he's moving at the speed of light toward the new world order and five sixty network and the people were fox. News will not cross those red lines. They will not have somebody. We like muir you on the show to raise issues. Don't want answer like nine eleven. I contacted a gentleman by the name. Steven kimber wrote an article back in two thousand nate causes one of the reasons why we left nova scotia and come back to the states was because the persecution even eggs are in our home with this guy wrote a book. An article on coast magazine called a a prophet and clayton park halifax. The fact is that if you just look the whistle blowing stuff like i does the exit examiner for building. I actually tried to do radiation neutron spectroscopy of the world trade center. We've had architects engineers amazing cremona proven the night level is an inside side job and it was a demolition to wasn't aircraft going to knock the building down but little little that aside from even the prophetic stuff we're heading toward a file combination where the human race is going to be terminated by a to a large extent by global plan to reduce fertility use i._q. Reduced human lifespan than starving to the death global cataclysm is all by design is not a chance and these superstars. They're hitting three places like the bahamas and so on. We can stop these storms. We don't i know how to stop the storms. I give the technical details. You know why they don't wanna hear they don't want any answers tells them that they can fix the economy and have debt forgiveness. That's how it can actually the every. I just saw an article here on drudge. The average person in middle class in california has not had a more than a one percent rise in their actual living wage and their ability to buy things and forty years the middle class and the poor and i'm doing better off trump tony there will also be richer doing better in fact this is true what we're warna saying but their ideas socialism and communism. It's not fixing the capitalistic state so we have hamiltonian investment in small mall in medium business and having a living wage so everybody can actually live and have an apartment and not be homeless. The thing is that this can be fixed. They don't wanna fix it because house. It's either the left or right leg of the beast that wants us caged in their system isn't it you got republicans on once i was there little plan dan or the damn social democrats the other side but they both want to bring us to the same place totalitarian control freak maniacs is what they want paragraph i ran across it seemed really heavy with <hes> <hes> conspiracy control of history and it's a series <hes> <hes> that was <hes> a book that was was written by david mccullough who was skull and bones and he authored a book called john adams was made into a series and <hes> it's paul geometries <hes> who is the actor there who went to kim schools admission organization actually was born in new haven connecticut and and i looked up his dad and his dad went to <hes> phillips academy another ten schools admissions organization the screening area for people that will <hes> enter into the new world order organizations pretty much like <hes> sees the roads a plan with his landon is using as apparatchiks to create a world government but it's out his dad was scrolling key one of the four secret societies <hes> dr anthony sutton exposed with his america's secret establishment so you can see how steeply involved <hes> these people are in manufacturing and massaging american history. I mean they are so deep in it <hes> and you'd think with all the technology and so forth we'd have a much wider selection and a free market of good honest material and that they would not be able to control it but <hes> the next article e._e._o._c. is <hes> the mafia side the crime side of ronald reagan with his <hes> <hes> america communications m._c._a. unionism and that of course he was reelected as head of the of of sag screen actors guild seven times <hes> and for somebody to exist in you know this <hes> mafia monopoly -opoly propaganda feel that long <hes> you can't be this nice gentle person unless <hes> they really are are skilled actor and that's what these people are. They can lie to you and smile just like this an article out of hand. They'll be a villain on. I call them the leeann laox crecy another democracy or socialism or whatever it doesn't matter what lately they're all part of the lion chrissy chrissy yeah. It's it's. It's a whole you know it's central casting. They can pull anybody out at any time and put them on the stage and they they go stand on this spot and goes on that spot and and cry and smile on q. and there's is a lot of people around trump that are trying to block him hearing what i have to say. If i got a chance to talk to you tropical i with my cohorts like yourself. We could get to bed on-track if if we can block some of these other people he needs to fire people like read those the director of he needs a fire pump peyot and mr bolton. He needs to make sure he doesn't appoint an idiot over at the united nations. I'm just gonna just pair it with. Debris snuggle want yes to actually probably get rid of the u._n. The u._n. Should be gone you just another tool for the globalist and then we have on the inside the wackos that wanna put socialism like elizabeth warren and breeze santa claus at one population reduction in everything else if they have healthcare they'll make sure the people like me do alternative medicine if i don't have a license approved by the government and i'm not under their control they it'll be illegal to do what i do. It'll be illegal to actually step out of line and not do it. The governor says you'll be a white noted. Skins spits not mouth healthcare provider the control totally by the government. That's what they wanted us. What's in canada. I think trump could win much of the west and that would be to pick up a big chunk of that liberty amendments and turn ninety five percent of the federal lands over to the state state legislature but the legislature have the proceeds divided up among the present citizens and do that over a short period of time it gives it ball. Let's let's dump out. Maybe modulated over five or six years otherwise the property <hes> that would distort the market too much but <hes> there's no reason in the world for the federal government to own ninety five percent of the various over forty five percent of california. That's outrageous. Some of these states like like nevada's ridiculous. There are also talking about solutions down number one. We need to go back bretton woods gold standard for the dollar number two when you have of unilateral trade ago seasons what's called a date where we reset a exchange rate which country would trade with china or we are france or whatever every year one day number two number three what we need to do is we need to make sure that <hes> we have regulation so that we can't regulate the cost the housing so it's double the cost of housing in california's arizona so we can't build homes and we also need to make sure that we a unger family can actually afford home because about so expensive offensive our home right now is ridiculous converted elsewhere in the country. It really is ridiculous. Okay and what we need is a system also were controls. The the food manufacturing so the food doesn't think the more you add and destroy the food food the higher the price gets more to get processed in harder and people's health and then we need a system to fix healthcare. Get rid of malpractice. Get rid of state licensure. <hes> you get rid of an how federal licensure by non-government agencies agencies don't have any top down control saying these are the protocols you have to follow allow integrative care and allow alternative pathways so he's surgical goal expert. Let's say working in a military operation in in a in a unit sale in over in afghanistan's doing surgery. Let them qualify for to become. I'm a surgeon or if there are an op strategic nursing do c. Sections let them know how to do it. What i see happening is we need to increase what's called. Integrative care is not an alternative and we can reduce the cost dramatically so everybody gets catastrophic here. If you need a surgical thing because you have a punctured lung from a car accident where nobody goes without or goes bankrupt the middle class and lower classes in this country aren't doing as well as canadian. That's a factor sun article last week but the problem is socialized healthcare system to kill you same thing as they in both the left and the right want this top- control system because we all benefit their own particular way they have their own scheme and their own agenda whether it's left or the right but ultimately wanna take at the same place where their control and we're not we lose our personal autonomy our personal control of our bodies our personal control over finances they actually taxes and destroy our wealth also tried accumulate from generation to generation right exactly well the the other thing i found just <hes> poking around on here with this jia mighty the fact that the book was written by skull and bones david mccullough and the actor was <hes> <hes> g._m. Naughty because it turns <music> out he was the president of the national league baseball and commissioner the seven curve baseball pop up though the name podgy amati pop-up <hes> g._m. Ati was the actor playing john adams and it was gone wrote the you know the series and <hes> jimani jimani is <hes> you know <hes> i it's it's bookings by members of skull and bones. This guy was also the nineteenth president of yale. University diversity is father so it's not only <hes> you know the propaganda mind-bending but just playing entertainment whether it's baseball or football and that's why you have the satanic rituals <hes> that are that take place in the middle and higher you know <hes> higher in control and modulate these people so they they stay in line and we will stay in line because ceremony or fear staying in line because there's there tends to mentally in dwelt there possessed or oppressed oppressed by trans to mention demonic entities were needing something spiritual level that the bible talks will test loading so that's how things are going. Are you still looking for that. One one. I assign that you can really trust a medical doctor. 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I remember i remember i remember when so and and so much amazing article. You got some nice little pictures here to explain all this on your site news dash expose dot o._r._g. People need to visit there and by the way they should also. I don't know if you donate button. We should have one because you should have fi- also i recommend before have more secure blog where he get additional information for say five bucks a month to get a lot more information including maybe video clips on this information is not a female on the internet. Is it yeah you really got hunting surgeon. I'm just as we're sitting here right now. I'm finding more. I find find out bolkiah mighty. He's got a brother actor. That's all also heavy in the film. Industry is father who is the president of yale also received a surprise from kingman brewster kingman brewster. <hes> said that <hes> our national purpose should be to abolish our nationality. I i mean they make no bones about wanting to destroy the united states yet these republicans are you know <hes> saturated with the same he gave in. Ah holders is all. I like the term calls. I like to term for the republicans to call the crap and the democrat okay hey. They're both bad and you want to choose one or the other because they're trying to tribal is by jews republican or democrat but the fact is we need to educate them when we have somebody like we'd love to confront for example people like bernie sanders claus. This guy's the devil. He went in his honeymoon in communist soviet russia. I mean we don't ten schools goals and all these high level mason. Even people we think are good republicans. Look at the actions of donald trump. He's got people pointed. They're like mr william rainier and the f._b._i. We're actually blocking things so for example like mr komi he's not being prosecuted to green giant from hell is getting away with murder and he's smirking all the way to the bank and look at the people like this guy. What's his name mccain mccain. He's actually tan so many times reagan at least was able to reagan was the most i think he'll be mccain but you're right and some of the other people around the you know the the dossier and so on one guy's gonna be overseeing and what's his name <hes> <hes>. That's got a new c._n._n. Job he should be in jail. What's he doing doing having getting paid job to be a pundit over c._n._n. Foul ever you know even before operation mockingbird which you know the the <hes> control the political columns and so forth <hes> you know what was done <hes> calloway said before you know he blamed j._p. Be morgan and other people for buying the you know they. They decided they didn't have to buy all newspapers. Only the twenty five most powerful because you know the college the but the average person has realized are being tribal eiser being polarized by the craziness of the left and the right or the inactivity of the right for example when we're dealing with the thing like i've articles here donald trump's considering a social credit score in fact for getting a gun i mean let me pull up the seat of the actual cleric thing here it says here the social credit score to determine who can by gun this is trump is talking about this amazon echo on apple. Watch could flag neuropsychiatric. Gantry violence trunks dealing with mental health problems. He's not new. Institutions are getting things. It's not a red flag law book and it's red flag as you know they had the world health organization boxers was that canadian general ah was was just awful about controlling people's minds and you're work at treasonous if you you're a nationalist you'll love your family or related to see when i say i haven't seen trump being like trump is learning how to blitzer in only pushes five g. and sixty neck and then little the mick mulvaney just a little dance in the white house there. He's a moron when they pushed an tacna modified food and recycle toxic hundred sulfide and industrial waste it dang trump. You got to listen to people to know more than you because you're pregnant doesn't mean you're the most wise person in the country are not maybe knows how to build a building our rink in central park. He has no clue on all his other issues and the people around on number globalist everything up well look around us even even people we admire you know for being obstinate and and and different how they're are accepting the new words if you <hes> are replacing old words and this is so red chinese and read handbook collected. It's the opposition. Dialectic limited explain the weather democrats during the campaign twenty twenty. They're trying to look so insane. It doesn't even if you don't like trump. You're gonna vote for him now. I want to vote for trump. I want him to listen to me about missile defense archie lila and above five you network and burnt remark meters and going fiberoptic in the country instead of five g. network and getting rid of g._m._o. Foods and all the other crappy is pushing and put together a rational healthcare plan. It's affordable that doesn't have top control the want to force people to get dozens or hundreds of axioms. It'll destroy their biology but trump doesn't get it now. Trump maybe a really good businessman and he's really good at building buildings and <hes> he comes from a family that's very wealthy but the man china's not a genius okay he's smart in terms of being a blue collar running and he's a decent person in terms of his general in personality but he's a narcissist if you think he's really good and you like them a lot you have had him on the back with your putin or g. or came from north korea. You're great. I have a great relationship. How can you have a great relationship with enough ball like putin or g. or can really stop talking like that. Okay that's ridiculous. You want to work or to deal with the devil. You have to understand you. Make treaties with your enemies and you have to call them what they are rather than playing around right but you see trump is playing this little game. The problem is the democrats are actually guaranteeing trump winning the elections him to his lose. You really stupid like trying to put red flag lauzon. I saw report here the other day. Eh the gentleman who's in the military who said he would slaughter the antifa. They tried to harlem so the f._b._i. Was the red flag. Laws in oregon took guns away trump trump. You don't need you don't need these laws trump. You need mental health laws. You need people have a red box in the school or public place or online line. Where if you see somebody who's not. They shouldn't get anything sharper than a pencil. Let alone a kitchen knife or a machete or gun of any kind or even a non lethal weapon like a pepper spray or they shouldn't even pepper sprayer and people need to be in an institution. I mean honestly there's good segment of our population are walking the streets. There should be institutionalized. They're not fit to be out in the street now. We might be able to help nutrition their brain back but to regular conventional doctors and it's a conscious or frigging useless they're going to do. They're going to try to talk away a biochemical defect in their brain or slow virus and try to talk it away right. That's ridiculous. It's like trying to exercise some kind of thing when the person's brain chemistry is all shot to hack and they may have a slow virus going in and they're brainer genetic problem and we assume that somehow we can talk it out. No you can't understand what the biochemistry isn't. What's going on inside their head. Why are these people so screwed up. They wanna go on explosively do things and there's plenty of warning every single one of these young men that when it's not there were so many warnings. It was ridiculous like this one in orlando. Okay okay or <hes> you know our dayton dayton ohio. I mean the previous year. They actually shut down the school because it was gonna come to school with a gun. Why did he not have somebody who visited him and take little carcass off to a second sitution. If it true do is totally crazy not let him all day passes. Today's panetta machine is <hes> <hes> in california's <hes> senate bill two seven seven and it's <hes> <hes> you know the panetta gang this is z. forced <hes> vaccinations <hes> and saying oh you know what that <hes> lewis who was funded by the unruh through foundation and sent to harvard. They all four years ago for years ago vaccinate. My daughter and i told the school nurse. I said you want to give the garza resolve axiom to my daughter. I have a vaccine feud contains lead. I'll shoot either. Kill i send my great detail the religiously after scaring the hell out of him. I said this is the reasons why by putting toxic edge of it's my daughter never gonna have sex or remarried. You don't this last year. I got a notice the tax board in the i._r._s. Did our daughter was not living with us. She's no longer depend on us. She was married and they find us. I think almost nine hundred dollars so rather fight than we just say. Pay the damn fine. That's how bad the i._r._s. Is persecuting diggle. Give him ninety dollars finds. His doctors not daughters not living with them. Yeah right right right it after the fact which we're going to do that the problem. Is you see. We have a very corrupt system. That's going to help handcart and i have one daughter. I don't wanna bring on tomorrow and he's young doctor but he's afraid of having this public name. I saw the most important thing. If you want to get your name if you wanna live is don't try to hide your name komo publicly but information because they'll find out who you are. You have to be as public as possible because intel agencies military and other police and so on if they know you are. They don't want you to turn them by killing can you so part of the reason why i saw alive is because i got a big mouth. I actually have a deficiency was called a shut up. Gene eagles not going to shut up. I'm not gonna take thank you know abuse to say well. He's just he's a prophet. He thinks he knows everything. Guess what if i talk about something dan but i do know about it and i would love you to actually challenge me please. I beg you challenge logic and evidence as to why i'm wrong and want to look at your information. It all fits exactly with what i know which is scary as hell that we have a scheme by globalist on the left and right two two legged beast. It's not just the left and the demon rats and saddam republicans. Many of them are globalist as well yep now i think they are and if they do nothing else but neutralize and people from our client fighting back. That's all we need to do because you wanna try bless him to one or another party and then they moosh forward like animals by toward the abattoir to be slaughtered. People don't get it. They think auburn auburn republican. I said no. I'm a really good american number. One and i went to republican party to reflect my viewpoints. Which is i want my second amendment right. I want mentally. Ill people not to get into sharper than a pencil. I want you not to try to force vaccinate me and my family. I don't want you to give me insurance of the federal government that if i get sick you'll kill me because it's too expensive to keep me alive. I don't want you making decisions of life and death or force vaccinating me or vaccine. Minnesota actually makes me sterile against museum food. You know monitoring corner actually makes your sperm count dropped zero. They discovered this five years ago in switzerland and when they're doing research ember doing research that money cornerstone switzerland excellent australia australia they actually made illegal to bring money injected modified corn into into australia the global behind all documents nineteen ninety seven from the human life international in zirk switzerland about how the world health organization scheme to sterilizes with tainted tetanus vaccine axioms that the catholic <unk> doctors association found for years ago the same thing they did years ago w._h._o. In soweto sauce africa and the philippines and they sterilized over seventy thousand women they can prove at least there's probably more than that and and they got a sanction it gets them not went to jail though nobody got nobody got persecuted or put put to death for doing evil against population sterilizing them and then when you see these republicans try to pretend that they're actually looking for human rights and so on. I i want to see the beef. I've tried to get senator from florida on and senator rand paul. They won't respond to me. Why do the same reason why other hosts even on other networks terrified a deal because i'm going to access them acce- with my norwegian iraq's tough questions i want answers. I wanna talk to someone like yourself. Will you say totally agrees with what i say. So let's look at this again. We got greeley salt at the country do create republican clubs across the country for central banks globalist controls and look donald trump with this new mc said with the son-in-law jared kushner which mexico and canada this is basically the third zone of the ten zone control of the world under the council on foreign relations fall nineteen seventy-three article article numeral racing forward under trump is slowing down as it. I think i think we're moving more and more arts. <hes> <hes> some of what you have to do what we're doing with trump when you're sliding off a curve in the snow rather than just put on the brakes and go. You've got to turn your wheels direction. That's pretty uncomfortable to try to regain regain traction so <hes> we're not not liking everything we see the man because he needs to represent our wisdom our knowledge and our idea what the constitution means for us grabbers but mental health people allow you know like in san francisco. They called the n._r._a. Criminal organization these people need to go to a psychiatric institution addition rested right now. I mean what they're doing. Illegal is exactly what we need. Justice department out west here as i say this report is ask better questions than wake up then praying and take action. Thank you amazing show. We'll be back again in just a few moments with oppressor bill warner political islam dot com and then dr dan royal last segment amazing stuff on cancer.

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