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Mr. Bill O'Reilly from Bill O'Reilly dot com. I can't imagine. There is anything on his mind today. Bill Beck pipebombs. Yeah. No idea. You know, I think we have to wait for the piano railing which. Fairly. We don't Bill come on. We don't have to wait for any of that CNN was out in New York Times where they were out with their opinion immediately. I know and they bear no responsibility for the acrimony word of the day sweeping across the nation. The New York Times and CNN bear, no responsibility. None for eighteen months. More than two years. Two years of constant negativity constant criticism onced and smearing. But they bear no responsibility back. Okay. Just to make your point. So crystal clear, I'd like to play a couple of audio pieces for you just to you know, listen to them. And then this. I'm sure backs this up. Could we play a flashback Rick Wilson? Please Trump is silly very powerful force right now. And he's still holding a lot of of the part of the. Base that is very activated by his message. The nativist message that's got a fraction of the base for energize. And the donor class can't just sit back on the sidelines and say, oh, don't worry. This'll all work itself out there still going to have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump. And that's a fact. Okay. So that's MSNBC. How about this is Johnny Depp? It's just the question. I'm not insinuating. Any by the way, this is going to be regressive will be horrible. But I'd like I like that you're on part of the women's last time an actor assassinated, repentant. How about this one flashback law professor on Trump? You can't be the boy who cried wolf and expect to have a viable impeachment power. You can't use it over and over again against the same president. Right. You if you're gonna shoot him you've gotta shoot the pill. Now that requires an overwhelming majority of a bipartisan kind, okay, let me go to MSNBC again what Jeb Bush should do. I told them Bush for that debate that I thought he should've punched him in the face, even if you lost he insulted, you're wider split or call Mexicans rapists immerse. He said, well, what do you think are? So I think you should punish them in the face. And then gotten out of the race. You would have been a hero so Bill. Yeah. I mean, you know, we can't target districts. We can't target because that causes violence. Put a bullet in the head punch him in the face. Take him out put a bullet in to Donald Trump Wednesday. Last time and actor killed the president. I don't know what do you think? You know, it's hard for me to keep stating the same thing over and over again. I mean, I think everybody listening to us right now understands that. Yeah. President Trump is undisciplined in the way, he phrases things. But his choices I laid out in my column on Bill O'Reilly dot com. He had a choice. So President Trump could have done with George W Bush did was ignore the personal attacks Bush's a fascist Bush's stupid Bush knew about there were no weapons of discretion. But killed American soldiers. Anyway, I, you know, bushy Nord it all sixty five percent. Sixty five percent of Democrats believed when George Bush was in office that he had something to do with nine eleven and that conspiracy was started by someone. They claim is on the right? And he is not. It was started by what's his fat face loud? Mouth guy. What's his name? Stew known. Alex Jones sixty five percent. Whatever it is. You know, and I and I talked to Bush about this on television extensively, and he basically said factor. That's my strategy. I'm not changing it. Okay. So that's number one. So Donald Trump could have done that easy. But he chose to fight back Trump it, and he said, I'm not gonna let these people marginalize me because it will never end and the American people see me as a fighter they see me as a person who strikes back when attack. So why I'm gonna do that? So then you have to say, okay. Well, who started the fracas who started this, and you can make a case that Trump's bombastic attacks on his rivals in the in the primary process started it you can make a case for that. How how he's able maim. Yeah. He's a symptom. The. The American people have never been this way. We've never been this. No. It was a symptom on people feeling beaten and kicked to death by being called racist, and homophobic and everything else by the came later when it when it was apparent that Trump was a player and could win. See what people don't understand is that in the beginning, the press didn't think that Donald Trump could do anything you have a chance. He was he was like entertainment. All right. Let's bring out the dancing bear. That's how the press on him. But then when he started to win the whole strategy changed, and I keep saying that this comes from the corporate level, and it does. Okay. So then it was destroyed him destroy him that that would be orders. It came down from the editors with the New York Times. Not in those words, but it was very clear what they wanted to do. Washington Post CNN, Emma. MSNBC and Facebook. I mean, they're on their I him there on video saying that. Yes. Okay. So there's no doubt the people listening to us know that. So that it's all right. If that's the destruction that has been ordered, how does Trump counter? What does he do? He doesn't have surrogates. I mean, there are no surrogates who can do it for him. He has to do it. So he does it in a very blunt and sometimes disturbing way for president. But my column said what is his choice. What if he doesn't do it? They are going to marginalize and destroy him. He'll be the laughing stock and. Yeah. In the liberal precincts. He is ready, but he doesn't care about that. But he has a growing I believe growing number of people supporting him. And the reason he has it is because he gives them no quarter. Yes, he fights back. But now they're turning it around saying, well, you are your fightback. It's like Cavanaugh Cavanaugh fought back. Oh, he's out of control. Oh, that's not that fightback shows. He doesn't have the temperament oh come on. You're being destroyed by these people you now lead to show emotion. It's the same thing. So now with the bomb thing. Oh, Trump did it we're we're we're not responsible for any of it. Oh, no, not us. Now. I'm hoping that the vast majority of the American people understand what's happening. I think they do because CNN's ratings are so terrible. No matter what they do. No matter how they ratcheted up still very very few people, watch them. So I'm hoping they get it. Well, they're not going to. So so Bill. How much trouble are they in? I mean, the New York Times literally paragraph thirty five in the New York Times talks about how this doesn't look like these bombs were made by somebody who wanted to actually kill anybody. This was just a statement of some sort what happened from the jump. Of course, they're cartoon bombs. They all eating it doesn't this is the gang that couldn't shoot straight straight. This is ribbons Asia. Press. We're gonna do this to get it into the press because we know the media will go hysterical. Correct. And it could be somebody who was on the right and didn't want to kill anybody. But wanted to make a statement, and they're crazy could be somebody on the left who wanted to do the same thing could be somebody who is just a really unbelievably worst bombmaker known to man, which I highly doubt. But it could very well be somebody who thought you know, what we're going to send these to the press. We're gonna send these to all of the all of the enemies of the right obvious. We will sway in election. Obviously crow contrived to get media attention to influence midterms. I'm putting my money on Putin. How does how does the media respond when it turns out that it's it's either a prank with no political motive or it was politically motivated by the left? Well, if that would be an amazing story, wouldn't it? That's why I'm hoping the FBI. Can you know flesh this out pretty quickly? How would the press handle that? I think that they would look you have to understand it every morning out of the Washington DC think tanks. Progressive think tanks. They send stuff to Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow. And these people they get stuff. So that they'll they'll sit down and go okay now, how are we going to spend this maybe the person sending it was insane. You know that kind of thing. They'll never say. Well, gee, maybe our side is so crazed now that we have to criticize our side, you never gonna see that ever back with Bill O'Reilly and the rest of the news of the week in just a second Bill O'Reilly. I wanna start with something that John casick said yesterday because he was on CNN and boys, and he the voice that we should all be listening to listen to what John casick said about the the caravan coming from Honduras, they're marching north. And you know, what it could easily have been all of us that we're in the caravan that we're marching north trying to save our families and save our children. We got the start putting ourselves in the shoes of other people. We've got the start thinking about the consequences that other suffer. And if we've been spared those by the grace of God, let us be let us be appreciative. Let us count our blessings. Stop let us he committee more Bill. Within six hours. My crack team. Found out who these people were what the real intention was and the the press and John casick Stiller just say, no, no, no, the good people. You want to talk a little bit about the caravan. Yeah. First of all, I know case, it's a long time. He used to sub for me once in a while on a factor on FOX, you good, man. Very sincere. Didn't I shop running Ohio? But John is a via radical guy. He's not a real world guy, and people ought to know that. So he basically saying Americans we have to put ourselves in the position of somebody in Honduras who is poor and oppressed because the society down there as violent and out of control. Okay. But then what is the? Point of that exercise governor casick that we allow everyone in Honduras to come to Ohio. Everyone. And the same thing with all the poor countries in the world because that's what your spouse ING by saying that the caravan people should be allowed to seek asylum in the United States. That's what you're saying. Everyone can come here and do that we would leave California now California would be a foreign country within eighteen months right three year backlog right now of asylum hearings. And if you apply you are in the country, you're here for three years at least. Okay. What do you do here? Who knows fifty percent of all immigrant families, both illegal and legal are on means tested welfare. So there's a one out of two chance that American packed payers are going to have to pick up some of your bills twenty two trillion dollar debt right now for the USA. So if you look at the unintended consequence. Ince's of John k six vision of compassion. It's not compassionate. All you're basically wrecking a system that does provide true opportunity for three hundred and twenty million Americans. Should they do what they need to do to succeed? You're wrecking that system. Governor casing. Do. You not understand that. See I could. And that's the debate. I mean, I just crushed them in the debate. Because he would have no answer for any of that. Bill tell me who's behind this who's financing this. Well, I do believe it's the progressive crew. The George Soros people because that's who is done it in the past. We did a big thing on Bill O'Reilly dot com. Last night about Soros after CBS glorified him. We said no he's pumping in two thousand eighteen this year alone, tens of millions of dollars into the worst organizations and by that I mean, they attack and smear. Anyone they disagree with David Brock runs one of them. That's the media matters guy. And don't tell me that, you know, this is a benevolent, man. So I believe that these kinds of people I can't prove it because there's no accountability and on doors, but I believe they're behind it because there is big money behind it as everybody knows Bill. I and I invite you to read what even the president of under is saying. This is this is backed by a Cuba Venezuela and ousted president of Honduras that are blaming the United States for all of the unrest. The former president says that America's going to have to pay for all of this. They'll have to accept our citizens. This is just an ongoing internal battle in Honduras. That has quite honestly lied to many of their people and said that America's going to have to take you and they're going to because they're responsible for this mess. This is a Marxist revolutionary that has tried to take Hundres by force the supreme court two branches of their government found what he was doing to be unconstitutional and kicked him out and he's been causing problems ever since. And now he Venezuela and Cuba are together in what was formerly known. As all the, but they are pissed at the United States. And they're the ones financing at least the beginning of it. That's how it started. Now Soros or others may be involved. But I haven't seen any evidence of that yet. But I would not put it past them. Right. And and it would be interesting to see if there is a pipeline of cash going into kid to goose Gaba. So this is what I say, I'm skeptical of everything, and I agree with you. There has been no hard evidence put forth, the George Soros or people like him did this. But if you know, it's it's history things they've done in the past. Yes. The government of Honduras should be able to trace. Foreign money coming into that country back. They should be able to show people. This is what has arrived here. So I hope they do that. If they if they believe Cuban Venezuela, actively involved in subverting their own country on doors, and then by extension hurting, the USA they have the ability to find that out there. Let's go. There are two other groups that are being formed now to other waves that are supposedly following this one. And I would love to hear when we come back. What you think the president should do? What do you think it looks like if they do arrive at the border, and how the press is going to treat this, and what do sane Americans do to counter that when we come back with Bill O'Reilly Bill O'Reilly Bill, let me lay out a scenario here in Utah me where it's where I'm off base. I don't think this caravan helps the Democrats in the midterm elections. And it's why the press is saying, oh, there's no there's no evidence that they're gonna come all the way to the border, and they're dismissing it, and that's just a crazy conspiracy. The thing ghetto, the Trump supporters all wound up there all dismissing this now. I can't believe that they're going to make it by the mid term election. I think this is to to arrive after the midterm election and a possible new democratic house which will throw us into chaos. A you think there's any reality in there be what do you see coming and and how things are going to shake out? Well, I said I'm Bill O'Reilly dot com. I now who says that the Mexican government will break up a lot of the the caravan before they start getting onto vehicles 'cause they're not gonna walk to mcallen, Texas or Tijuana, San Diego sector, they're not going to do it. So there at a they're approaching a a railway terminus now in Mexico. Some of them will get on trains heading north those trains. Have to stop in Mexico City. And that's where I believe the Mexican government start to intervene. Some of them will make it, but we'll say some thousand gonna walk. So you don't think it'll be a mass not a break them up. That's what you know. Look the State Department Pompeii I was down there. Now. I mean, he's screaming at them. Now that you know, if you let these people in Mascow go to the border, we're gonna take comic reprisals on Mexico, and that's what they'll do. And they know it so they'll break it up, but some people will reach and some people would get there mostly in vehicles. That's where the smugglers come in the cartels. Come in the Prebble in frontier us already has vehicles down there. You can do trains you can do all bunch of stuff. But when it gets to that point they border authorities will put up barriers new barriers, and it'd be manned by US troops. And. It'll be no way for the migrants to get to any US official to apply for asylum. Trump's already said he's going to do that. He has to do it. The left is hoping for some kind of violent confrontation. That's what they would like to see. But I agree with you that this is not helping the Democratic Party in the vote ten days from that. How bad it's hurting them. It depends what section of the country. You're in. Do you? Do you see the the possibility that real radicals would like to set up a Palestinian Israel situation at our border, and it would be handled. Exactly the same way by the media as they handle the Palestinians and Israel. They they show the big bad state beating up on the on the little guy, do you? I mean, I I said two years ago. This is what our border is eventually going to look like they are going to set up a a Palestinian standing in kind of situation, and we're going to be Israel. I mean, they've already done this on the small stage. Bring it, you know, bring it to Broadway bring it to the American border. And that's the way they'll play it, maybe. But the why the Mexican government does not want that they don't they? They don't want. They got problems on a border. You know war is one of the worst places in the world Tijuana right behind they don't want all this because it drains their infrastructure. I mean, this is an environmental disaster from Mexico. These people all need facilities. They be water. They need food. Mexican people are poor. There's not the infrastructure to support those so. Yeah. So how do they love shantytowns there with mothers and babies and look at the United States, they're rich and look at these people and let them in. Sure. But the Mexican government I'm telling you is under tremendous pressure by the Trump administration not to allow any of this to happen. So so how do you move seven fourteen thousand people and just find enough water? How is this not a humanitarian crisis new faster, but they have it set up whereby there a tents who? Paid for those tents. You would say the media would care now. No, no. They want a new no cures to the poor baby older. And no, but they mother no Bill, but they know they care so much about the humanitarian side of this you. Oh, yeah. You would think that they would find out is there enough baby formula who's paying for it? You know, I write it. Look we've been over this and over this one over this. We don't have a honest press in America anymore, which is enormous story that is not being covered by the dishonest president going to cover themselves. So does guys like you and me we do it. But, you know, the most of the American people feel that we do have a functioning honest press, and we don't. Let's see level. Let me ask you this. There was a story out this week. And I know you touched on it about the one in four college students were in critical distress. I in response to the Trump election. Twenty five percent said they felt like they had PTSD. Yeah. This is at Arizona State University and in ten p and and look it just an ongoing indicator that there is a segment of the American population under the age of thirty who cannot cope with life. And that's why you're seeing the rise of opiates. Opioids you seeing this whole thing at all plays into resin can handle it. Yeah. We can't handle any stress. No stress on. I again, have any, you know, we, micro aggression. I know I I'm offended by a sign of offended by speaker. I'm offended by a hat. I there's. A frog over there. You fends main? Can you imagine when they have children like gosh, they're not going to be able to get up in the morning, it's but those people will fail they will fail in our system because our system's not gonna change it's going to be competitive. It's going to be self reliance that the progressives would love to change it. But it's not going to change in our lifetime. And these people who have all of this anxiety about Donald Trump being president whatever else it may be going to fail in the marketplace gonna give you an opportunity to address Megan Kelly anything to say about Megan Kelly. I think I was kinder to Megan Kelly than any other person in the news business as you. Well know, we featured her on my program in a segment called the Kelly file, which became a her. The name of her program when she got one we promoted her and the beginning, I thought she was very honest. You know, great talent. And did what I always do. I helped her along subsequently. She turned out to be not a very nice person to me and many others at FOX, many others and went on her way. And now it's not looking so good. But I specifically wants to revel in anybody's discomfort like doing I specifically want to know about what you think about losing a job because you would dare ask a question if you're not trying to tear somebody down, and it's Halloween. And here's this specific case about a woman who loved Diana Ross. When is Diana Ross. How is that offensive and losing your job in our PC culture now and this ties, and it was it's so ironic because Miskelly one of the biggest boosters of metoo, which of course, does not take into account due process. So now did she get due process? No, she did not know her comments may have been to her inoffensive. But if you know your history black-faced entertainers in America were used to denigrate African American, and she she she knows that she should have known it. You know what she does? No, I don't know about that back. I really don't know if she if she knew that or not because you could have easily pointed that out in a couple of paragraphs before going into any kind of defensive it, and she did not, but in our in our media society. Now, if you say anything out of the PC line in the network arena, or if you're a tact by me to situation in the network arena. Your career is over. There is no due process. No presumption of innocence. No benefit of the doubt, you're out. Is it Roenick at all that there are so many people on the left in the journalism that are celebrating her demise. No of it celebrating as much as it's a virtue play. You see this is what has risen all these left wing commentators see themselves as virtuous. Oh, Megan Kelly. Did you see what Kirstin powers wrote in USA today? Did you see that? No. All right. You your take a look at that? Because she's a FOX was a Fox News contributor, which I and who I use a lot and she just scorched Kelly absolutely scorched her as a racist can flat out set it you're a racist. And you know, what I'm a racist too. This is what cares some power said. But I'm working on. On it. I'm aware of my racist tendencies because I'm white. You know, forget empowers everyone who's whites racist white privilege. All right, but I'm working on it. So I'm virtuous, but she's not. And this is what you get that all of these people that pile on, and I'm certainly not gonna do that to Megan Kelly or anybody else unless it's George Soros all of these people. Oh, I'm the really good person. You know, and it's very frightening. What's happening in this country? I could tie it into killing the S. But I'm sure you don't wanna hear them. Of course, you could tighted killing the SS. Well, it's all about it's all about what you can say. It's all about fear. And that's what the Nazis were all about. Absolutely all about those back to you cannot say things in America anymore or you will be punished. Yes. Guess what? Other society had that going on. Yup. Thank you very much Bill O'Reilly that's selling book, killing the SS, really really good New York Times bestseller. Of course, Mr. Bill O'Reilly. We'll talk to you again next week think so much.

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