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The REAL reason so many classic rockers are very reluctant to hang it up... (Rockin' Rant #38)


It's rock and rat number thirty eight guys the real reason why these classic rockers who keep hanging on. Walt retire. We're going to talk about that today. You're listening to the Lou Dini rock and roll circus changing rack history one podcast at a time. All right, guys, Lucchini rock and roll circus back at you in your faith rock and rant number thirty eight rockers who won't retire? And the real reason why they won't there's a lot of speculation. Eddie trunk was freaking out today on this kind of like seemed very baffled and befuddled by. But I think that there is. Actually, some very deep and universal reasons why these guys, and it's typically guys don't wanna hang it. Up row. Quick. Our website is Lucchini rock and roll circus dot com. If you're looking at this on YouTube or Facebook, there's links and stuff below hit that there's more stuff you can check out cold, merchandise, etc. Lou Dini, rock and roll circus dot com is our website. So Eddie today is like having this connection over Ozzy. Because I guess we all know that Ozzy was ill with some kind of pneumonia or something for a while. And but he's still going to go out and do this no more tours to tour, and but has now canceled because he's injured himself. And so he's canceling it, but he's got a whole bunch of dates on for twenty twenty already. Like, that's like what nine ten months from now. So he's anti-ship. So you have to wonder agai like Ozzy like Mick Jagger has this heart thing, but he's like stones like, no, we're going back out in three months. You know, kiss, you know, been singing two tracks playing two tracks whatever for a while now because they don't quite have their shit together anymore. So you know, what is this really about? I do not think that gene and Paul or Ozzy or Mick or any of these guys need the money. Okay. I think you need to get that out of your head. Right. And I don't think that they're like, I don't think it's greed you need the money. Or anything like that? Or that? They're trying to like sell any albums or anything like that. Would you have to understand is first of all these guys have all been working like this for decades decades, they've been working like this and people who disappeared who liked to work, especially when they like their work, and they want to keep doing it. I'll give you an example of a non music thing. My father who's going to be eighty years old and a few months. Comes into work every single day and up until about a month ago when he sold his his big commercial real estate. The shopping plaza was literally working like hard like every single day. Why? Because it he was used to working he enjoys working his work ethic. I think that while a lot of these guys, you know, the rock and roller are known for partying above above. I think in their hearts, they are working guys. And that's what they know. They've been working their whole lives. And and we've heard this before maybe you haven't explained to you this statistically shown that people who've been working for a really long time working their whole lives when they retire. They can go downhill very very quickly. So part of it is a feeling of kind of keeping you occupied your mind, occupy keep giving you something to look forward to there's an old saying from scripture that says, you know, without a vision the people perish. So without having something to look forward to without having the next thing to do the reason to get up in the morning. You know, people that are used to working can get very depressed and can kind of give up on life. So I think that there is definitely an element of that. In these rockers that they wanna keep working. I think also there is the addiction to the ration-. You know guy like Ozzy gets up on stage. You know, and yes, you know, he doesn't sound as good as it used to simply get but just him getting up there and two thousands of fans screaming and everything like that. I just did a show with nirvana tribute minor von tribute band where he played one thousand people this like the biggest audience we've probably played too. And these people were screaming and going crazy. And there was something really fun about that. Even though we were playing tribute band. It was something where they had paid money to come to see us to see that. And were you know, getting crazy? And there's something about that. Now, multiply that by like twenty times in applying to twenty thousand somebody's big festivals. Like fifty thousand people it's huge. It's very difficult to not want that and in feel kind of depressed when you don't have it. So there is that aspect of it. Now, the final thing I want to mention here is. I think that this is primary issue with men so bear with me. But I think that men's egos identities are heavily tied to their occupation to their careers. And when that is not there, I think they start to forget who they are. They start to get get psychologically and spiritually kind of lost and can decline, you know, this goes back to the thing. I said at the beginning of people used to working for this up working when they're older can decline very quickly. But this is a specially a thing with with men women are more complicated. They, you know, they're able to kind of like put their identity tied their identities to other to a lot of other things even a guy who's a family guy. It doesn't matter. It's really all about going on slaying that dragon every single day. It's this is and those that you guys out there who are watching you're gonna you know, exactly what I mean. And to take that away or have taken away or not be able to go out and do that is a giant blow to your ego. And I don't mean ego in a bad way. I just mean, you're sort of like personality, you know, what you dente fi as as a person and to have that gone snatched away from you may brings up all kinds of very complicated issues do issues of usefulness to the world and to society issues of usefulness to your family. All kinds of things. So this is I think there's some deeper reasons why these guys hang on even when some of them kiss, excuse me. Should have you know, like kiss Ozzy? Both said goodbye like twenty years ago. And then they came back. So I so these deeper issues, and these are the deeper these issues drive all of us. They don't just drive Ozzie and kiss and Mick Jagger. They're driving all of us. And I think this is something we relate to and I wanted to do this podcast because I wanted to sort of show, you guys the kind of human side to these amazing people that have brought us so much beauty and meaning in all of our lives. So I don't want to be too hard on my, you know, like again, I'm not really into shaming anybody or anything like that. And God bless them. But they want to go out. But I will I will reiterate what Eddie trunk says. And I think that there is a lot of validity to this too. I want to I want to remember these guys in their prime rush. Did it perfectly rush when they played they when they were done they kind of finished kind of on top. And then he stopped the last show that they did they they still sounded and looked great. And did the whole thing. Like they've always done. And then they said, well, we're probably not going to be back now. Okay. And that is how you wanna go out. Not, you know, do we really want to see like, Mick Jagger, come up there. And maybe have to sit on a chair or something to perform the stones music or something like that. We wanna remember Mick dancing around shake ended up and stuff like that. So I think there is some validity to to from the fan perspective to wanna remember those guys like that. But they're out there. Just keep in mind. They're human beings like us. And they're out there for probably reasons that are probably way deeper reasons that affect every single one of us. Thanks guys so much for a listening to me today. I would love to know your thoughts on this have you seen bands? When when like, oh my God. You just go home. They'll you're you shouldn't be doing this. If if so what was your reaction. How did you feel about who was it a love to talk more about it if you'd like to continue the conversation in a deeper way, please join my private inter- inner circle group, and you could do that Lombardi rocks dot com. Good, Lou Lombardi rocks dot com. There's access to exclusive music exclusive video and great interaction with a bunch of really cool. People are very passionate about great guitar driven rock, and that is it lieu Lombardi rocks dot com, guys. Thanks so much for hanging out with us on a kitschy guys all on the next Lou Dini, rock and roll circus. Okay. And we will stop that.

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