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Attention army wives fall. All in. You've come to the right place. Talk Radio is leading and longest running podcasts. Kind providing the latest reports stories Areso interviews and more power you on your military journey By your your army my Hello everyone welcome to the latest edition of Army Wise Talk Radio your source for military life empowerment. It is a privilege to bring you weekly weekly resources to engage. Educate and encourage you. If you're military life journey I'm your host is GonNa be when Special Projects Coordinator Mandy gifts in this this show number seven hundred nine and we are excited that you're joining us. I'm your co host for this episode. podcast episode so they W and empowerment agent. TJ centerfield tonight and we'll be talking with Fossey Hall. Stay with us to hear. How Farsi became an accomplished entrepreneur specializing in commerce marketing strategy business development growth of operations in south sows as as she shares the Association and the military spouse entrepreneurs I am s e connect with philosophy and facebook at best ask Jay Hall Media Instagram at Flossy Underscore Hall and Lincoln Flossy all also coming up in just a few minutes? Our new six GIOVINCO Green. We'll be calling in with your needs. This podcast is brought to you by your. Aws In command team or working in team is made up of volunteers who are stationed throughout the glow and the same is true for volunteer team that contributes to aws blog. And we have to say we are so grateful for our amazing band a block. That's right Mandy. Thanksgiving is right around the corner so this week our band of bloggers spree from experienced blogger. NGO injuries in her latest blog. Title Thankful for family. Angie shows that even though November is traditionally known for being marked for watch spread gratitude. There's really no set time or date to express it beyond Thanksgiving Day this time last year. And you sincerely grateful for hitting her one year riding in diversity with army wife network this year. As she sat down to write she realized how happy she is for one particular blessing that our current aren't duty station has family day which happens on a weekly basis at her location in Okinawa and she writes. I absolutely love Family Day. I'm thankful for those extra two hours each week. I mean let's be real. I let my husband in thankful for all of my hours with him family days just to remind you that it's a sad day. It's becoming a tradition for us. We get disappointed of schedules. Get changed. Family skips awake NGO said that she's dedicated or sorry. Energy says that she's decided that instead instead of happy November. That's her thing full grading she's changed too happy family day for more reasons to be grateful in this military a life journey visit. WWW DOT army white army wife network DOT COM forward slash aren't be Awa and want to read the rest of NGOs blogs and more of our empowering submissions from any type of in band bloggers members. You know I really like what Angie says about being grateful for family time More than other things in our lives really just because his especially there may be some that are away from their families and with the holiday season approaching it maybe more challenging to find gratitude India after billy great question and it gives us something to sing about as we seek to be great water. Current stations listeners. If you need some insight into the remarkable gratitude worthy aspects of your current or future duty station checkout posed the most series with the most is one of our most popular. Aws the resources and we provide this series to help you to be as prepared as possible for wherever and whenever the RB send send you somewhere. New located in the heart of Texas we find forte founded in nineteen forty two. Four hundred is the largest active duty armored as in the entire United States. It's a giant of an installation housing to commissaries in major. US Army divisions with more than eighteen units and surrounded by fourteen major cities. Two of which are Waco and Austin. If you've just received orders for Fort Hood or any other duty stations indeed together information. visit our website and Click on the category post with the most of clicks the magnifying glass. On the right inside of our webpage to search mandy. You're currently stationed at Fort Hood. What Fort Ford Hood in highlights do you have for us? Yeah it'd be. Julie are actually our second time being stationed here at Fort Hood and we actually really enjoy here One kind of as you were talking about. The installation is the largest active duty armor posts. So you can imagine how a huge as you talked about the two commissaries and there are two commissaries and The exchange is huge. There is Lots of different shops throughout the exchange there There is A starbucks AH. There is a mass makeup line Its own little store inside The exchange Just all kinds of the food options and then the exchange itself is huge But there's so much to do You know with MWR and Just different types of events that they hold on Fort Hood They usually do a huge See that Fourth of July celebration and there's is usually like a headlining act that will sing But really really cool and then When other things you must've mentioned to that surrounded by fourteen major cities and it's so centrally located in Texas that you can easily go to any of them? Well a lot of the major cities within Texas Breath like Dallas Austin Waco San Antonio Go down to Houston easily within a weekend trip so really great. And there's no snow which is great for me Philly I really like. Are you familiar Fort Hood Dj. I know you guys have been You you know stationed in Texas as well no not real familiar with it. Yeah Yeah it's pretty cool. You ever get a chance to even just visit for the day. So it's a pretty cool Duty Station even just to visit. They have a lot of different museums and things on the on the On the installation as well so we love it. I'm a Fort Hood advocate. Thank you. We'll be on. Yeah yeah so the blog We now want to talk about our weekly social media scoop and this week our aws command teams shared a video. Montage Ontai really cool It was filmed at each of on demand. Teams respected duty stations and this video to shore support for deployed servicemembers. We all wear red to remember everyone to pull ed on Fridays. We want to invite you listeners. To do the same we'd love if you could share your videos on our social media page or your pictures Showing your support for our deployed loved ones. where red video turned out? Great Mandy you were the creative genius behind the screen working your editing mention crates up Thank you Let's check in with this week's resource recon the time in the show. Where we it gives you the information you need for this military live in resources beyond a w in this week showcased resources soldiers juice angels holiday help for families as we talked about the holiday? Season can sometimes add extra financial stress to the military families soldiers. Angels adopt a family programs a great way to show your support to military families. Participants adopt an Algebra fan military family and they provide gifts for the children can contribute at Grocery Gift Card for the family to purchase this holiday meal. Quote into soldiers Angel wets. The program is doing good for numerous families. Here's a testimony from the surgery. Who received some holiday support? We weren't to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for going out of your way to help our family during Christmas. This is an engine needing help but it was amazing to tell my wife look at the goodwill of the American people. My girls were very very happy and excited. We can't say enough to express gratitude. It was probably the best Christmas and new years. We really were running away by the blessings. God bless you if you're interested in talking a military family for the holidays go to. WWW DOT soldiers angels word holiday help from military families to learn more. I'm really glad. Why don't we Feature that today Dj I think that it's are you know really great organization and it's just You know nice to hear how others are helping. Military Families I think that sometimes it's assumed that the military doesn't need any help You you know so. Nice to to hear that there's Programs in place that will help military families And I love that You know he talked day day talking about how There girls were happy and excited and and just bringing joy to the families is just really awesome. Really Awesome. Yeah it is all right well listeners. Now it's time for short commercial break. Wake up up next is our new six jolie. She's going to be bringing us your need to know news so stay tuned we will be right back Or simply like to indulge in more of army wife. Talk Radio head over to army wife network DOT COM The full archive simply download all previous episodes. It'd be ideas or the pod catcher of your choice interactive empowerment FOUR ARMY WI FI army wi family Now with our headline time for your Army Radio Live News Music Welcome back listeners. We we have our new six chilling on the line bringing us your needs to know news. Hey telling what do you have this week. High Indian NJ. Here's our top stories for this week. Military families familiar with open Allah. We're saddened to hear that. Sure Castle. A UNESCO Lasko World Heritage site in southern Okinawa Japan was destroyed by a fire on October thirty first sure castle is five hundred years old and initially served as is a palace coup kingdom from fourteen twenty nine to eighteen seventy nine. When the Empire of Japan took ownership it was almost destroyed once before during the nineteen forty five battle of Okinawa? The Association of the United States Army reported that the army is changing it's family readiness groups to better reflect fleck the needs of each command. It has also given the program a new name soldier and Family Readiness Groups. They will remain a commanders program and we'll the open to soldiers army civilians immediate and extended family members and volunteers. This is the first time that effort Geez have seen a major change change since they were established during the first Gulf War a USA dot org also shares the move shifts the group away from social activities and fundraising to communicating communicating connecting sharing information and providing a critical link between commanders and their soldiers and families read more at a USA Dot Org Org Stars and Stripes reported that the Air Force has approved indefinite enlistment for active duty airmen with at least twelve years of service. This this means that those airmen in good standing will not have to reenlist every four to six years retention bonuses will still be offered that may result in additional service. Chris Commitments read more at stripes dot com military members with limited access to phone. Email have been receiving letters three company. He called sandbox. The company offers a fast alternative to traditional snail. Mail and Military Times reported that senior enlisted leaders have been using the business business as a way to connect with new recruits. Incoming Marines received a letter from the eighteenth. Sergeant major of the Marine Corps. Ronald Reagan in April Sergeant. Major trae very black also sent an incoming marines a letter in the summer when he replaced green likewise. The incoming airmen received a letter from chief. Master Sergeant of the Air Force Kayla. He left in July. She'd McCarthy a sandbox chief marketing officer said it's going to leave a lasting positive impression on that new servicemember and their family read more at Military Times Dot Com and finally. Are you ready for the holidays and looking for a way to step up up your thanksgiving. That doesn't involve a seven hour game of monopoly ending in a family war. Maybe that's just my family good housekeeping has a list of fifteen lean to up the entertainment for your family and friends start with a simple game of Turkey tag secretly Pinot Turkey onto friends and relatives throughout the day. The person who ends up with the Turkey pinned on their clothes have to do the dishes or maybe another consequence take the party outside with harvest. Bowling liner driver with Straw avails and then roll Pumpkins to knock down bowling pins you could also many Pumpkins gourds for a Pumpkin Hunt. Help foster a feeling of thanksgiving by playing the gratitude attitude game with a free principle or taking turns naming something you're grateful for from A to Z find details of these games and more as good housekeeping dot com find links to all of the news stories we shared here at our relief network dot com in the new six mash obsessed section. This is is your AWS news correspondent Joey mcnutt signing out. Thank you generally listeners. Gets a Georgia bringing the resources information and keep you in the know we will meet this upsets guest right after this short commercial break. Nhl Star Matt Martin for American humane. Hi I'm not Martin and in all my years of playing professional hockey I've got my share chair for many who really put their lives on the line every day. It's not always the injuries you can see. That hurt the most. I'm talking about our veterans uh-huh every single day one hundred eighty four veterans or diagnosed with post traumatic stress and tragically twenty take their own lives when medications indications in therapy don't help professionally. Trained service dogs can Americanhumane serving the US military over one hundred years has put together a free guide help veterans and team. He's lifesaving service animals if you're a veteran or no veteran struggling with PTSD please Americanhumane Dot Org. And it's free downloadable reasons. Let's give our veterans helping need to win their about Visit Americanhumane Dot Org. I'm probably okay to have one more drink before I drive home. I'm probably okay. I opened the window to stay alert. Probably of his books. Step out of the car please. I probably made a mistake. Probably the okay. Isn't okay when it comes to drinking and driving. If you see a warning sign stop in college cab a car or a friend. Buzz driving is drunk driving a message brought to you you by Nitsa. And the Ad Council Product or service listeners reached thousands of military families worldwide worldwide via Army Wife Network Army Wife Network Dot Com has a limited number of sponsorship opportunities available Army Wife Network Dot Com Sponsorship Email Info Army Wife Network Dot Com for details All right welcome back to this show and welcome back to arpey wives. Talk Radio We. We are glad that you're here with us today. And the forty left for commercial break. Our new six Joe mean was talking about fun activities to do at Thanksgiving giving and just wanted to talk a little bit about our Traditions that we have our house and we Really enjoy doing doing The Thanksgiving Day parade of course and when we watch that we play Bingo with Pictures of the floats and we'll play Bingo with that with everyone and that's really fun and then we usually eat lots of food and watch football and relax. What about you? Dj what kind of things do you guys do. Okay so our tradition for Thanksgiving in Christmases. We've always looked the boys decide. What dinner is we? Don't their traditional Thanksgiving dinner. We usually cowboys when they were little. Just pick the meal that you're most grateful for during the year and that's a lot for dinner and they would help us prep it and yes. There's been times that we've had hot dogs in Geez for Thanksgiving dinner but it's it's just a way of trying to show the kids how to be thankful for something and what the days out and it's not about just the big meal just about being together as family and they normally will play charades and just kind of have a game night afterwards not too exciting. But that's our routine. No but that's that's really cool there. Dj I love that tradition. That you and your family have and and your rights. I mean it's it's about the traditions and the memories that you make make with your family so that's really cool. Thank you for sharing that with us. That's that's so cool. I like it and elected that. You've got doggy MAC and cheese. I'm giving Oh right listeners. That we have our guest on the line and joining us. Tonight is Flossie Hall. Founder and creator of the Association of Military Spouse entrepreneurs an S. E. Bossy is an accomplished entrepreneur I specialising in e commerce. A marketing strategy business development growth of operations and sales she generated over seven figure revenues within the first year of watching her mill and delivery company. Healthy Mama in two thousand fifteen. She went on to create of one hundred military spouse this job donate over ten thousand meals to homeless veterans and mentor numerous individuals plus he is now known for her role and national military expels advocacy and public speaking across local and national avenue such as Fox News. NBC CBS PBS and and was invited to the White House in December two thousand eighteen on behalf of her advocacy effort. Fossey served as a national. Don't director of product initiatives at the G. Network which gots military spouse invention entrepreneurship curriculum education and mentoring and she helped spearhead nonprofits growth from a single location to seven cities in a single year projecting to serve a thousand military spouses and veterans Danieli philosophies recent Venture Association for Military Spouse entrepreneurs an essay. He connects military spouse impact advocates entrepreneurs freelancers with organizations who want to make an impact with their it products and services increased brand awareness in the military community flossy served as a pillar in her community mentoring for numerous numerous organizations organizations such as feel theme Threes Family Readiness Group team our WB girls in Tech Bunker Onkar labs various universities and businesses serving you say startup weekend organizer in volunteering her time for many any national and other community organizations and nonprofits welcome to the show foxy was doing tonight right. Hey guys how are you. That was a mouthful doing pretty well. Pretty loud We'll talk be talking like you said mouthful already but that's great. We've gotten to know so much about you but telephone little bit about yourself and how. Oh you think came an accidental entrepreneur well Actually actually entrepreneurship wasn't I intended hats. Yes I spent almost ten years trying to be from a doctor and I actually Started a business out of my home kitchen. That's pretty cool. Yeah so my very first business is called healthy Mama and I was cooking for some friends and I had already been cooking for myself and some friends were like. You're already doing this for yourself herself and we would love to do it for us. 'cause I don't WanNa Cook for myself and were to do it and I was like okay great. You know I'm at at home and I need some income because I'm military south and these kids and My first company was pretty much born after that. Wow Wow that's very cool. So that's healthy Mama in for that was your first company So there had been a little bit of growing pains or some big lessons lessons that you learned When you when you launch that company so talk to us a little bit more about about that and kind of how that that company developed for for you well so like I said My intended taft was supposed to be medicine so when I decided to start a business and and food production I had no idea what I was doing. So I had to learn everything from How to cook food food to how to hire employees to bookkeeping to taxes to legal? You name it and We scaled very rapidly. And like you had said we ended up doing onless a million dollars in revenue our first year in business so it was really really successful but when you grow that fast it was also very very painful and very stressful so we had to learn everything the hard way so I feel like they did everything the wrong way two or three times before I figured out how to do it. The right I I went to the school of Google and Youtube and Scoured you know the Internet for hours at night and I was trying to find business resource centers and Anybody that I could ask questions soon as somebody helped me. I have no idea what I'm doing but I was selling this. You know healthy meal delivery service and I couldn't make food fast enough. People were just like we want more. We want more and I was like okay. The people want the product that how do I get it to them faster. That's fantastic though. That's I mean that is a good problem crab to have especially when you're building your own business and while just you know take a lot of dedication. It sounds like in a lot of Thailand. The era but it sounds like you were very successful You know with your company. So congratulations to you. That's really encouraging. Yeah it was it was really great and but it was like I said it's also very painful at the same time so it led to a lot of life lessons have I say it was a crash course NBA. That I didn't get you know a business degree but I got it at the School of hard knocks. I you know fell down multiple times than I learned in real time How to start and grow business because my business was growing so fast and now I've realized how Lucky Lucky I was with my business because I had a product that people wanted and I had no problem selling my product very fast and very quickly and now I realize that that's kind of like like in uniform thing where other people are doing? Okay I have been business. How do I sell it to people and I never had that problem? Yeah yeah no that's that blaze. You said that is definitely a Unicorn and I am a true believer that you learn the best when you're doing it in real life so I'm sure that you could probably teach me a thing or a two and probably some other people too so Well that's what I now. Yeah exactly so Now you advocate for military south entrepreneurship nationally. So share with us the wise and how Just surrounding that venture so so Just like I had just talked about I I feel like I'm fumbled my way through my first business and even though I had a tremendous amount of success over the course of Almost three years we ended up selling almost a half a million bills in San Diego So we had so many failures and and so many trials and tribulations and I felt like if I would have had some new jeter mentorship and better support systems and if I had other military thousands around me that are like hey. I'm also an entrepreneur or hey here's the path of how I did it that it would have been a little less painful and so the second that I could I started mentoring or their military spouses and with highs I turned to you know mentorship and guidance within like hey I started my own business and I started it in base housing out of my home kitchen and if I can do this so can you and it was really successful and but here's some groundwork and here's some things you need to know like to have some legal basics then have some marketing basics. And here's some tools and resources and tips and tricks nick. And you don't have to loan. And here's some great programs that you should know about. And here's some great. You know. Grants and great scholarships and all the things that I felt like like I found too late but now I've dedicated my life. Basically teaching military spouses that a entrepreneurship is even an option. That we don't always have to have a job that we can be our own bosses But we also have really big goals of entrepreneurship in Russia. It doesn't have to do something small that we can run with the big guys so That's kind of deal. That's awesome though I love it. I love that so much when you're really just providing really. I mean you're being you're becoming a resource for those you know military spouses. That may not have had that just like you said you know you you you would have loved to have had a mentor. Someone that helps you walk through that. And then as they believe it takes a village And that you know really what you're riding so it's it's really great We've kind of kind of touched on this a little bit. But he goes to a little bit more detail about why you feel so strongly about military spouse entrepeneurship and unwise important. Well I think that is military spouses Fi. First we have the highest unemployment rate in the country tree due to our crazy lifestyles and are spotty resumes and the debate on our lives and our kids and we we have Crazy amounts of education. And we just I feel like sometimes the job doesn't fit. It's like a square peg in a round hole and even if we are lucky not enough to find a good job. It's like Oh yeah I finally found something. It's like. Oh wait I have to leave it. And then you're stuck trying to find a job all over again and I feel like military south entrepreneurship. It gives us a little bit more control careers and we have more ownership ownership of that too and I just feel like we don't have to wait around and try to beg people for a job and we don't have to provide provide our worst to them that we can say no. This is how amazing I am and this is what I'm GonNa Charge for services and this is what you're GonNa pay me and I can do. The kids are in short. And I can do it from state I can do it from Japan and I can take my kids with me if I want to. And you can't say anything about it because I'm my own boss and then so true I've been there done that and I know how hard that is so I mean I I'm listening to like Yep uh-huh yeah yeah. Yeah Yeah and I love your here analogy to you. Know spending a square peg into around. Because I mean that's just I mean it is. That's that's that's what happens and that's what happens. Find something I love it and you have to move and you're always somewhat you know you're always calls the military where they want you to go. Oh and and and what you have to leave because you're this maybe on or Just you have a weird schedule just is what it is so I appreciate that. So much So why do you think that you know we talk about you. Know our schedules and different lifestyles. Besides not Why do you think that military spouses make such great entrepreneurs well? I think that we're kind of still for the entrepreneur. CNOR alive show on anybody that has built a business and it's kind of like trial by fire and I feel like that's exactly what the military lifestyle is on you have to curve. Yes sitter right and you have so many things thrown at you every single day and you have to have thick skin and you have to Have so much grit and determination and independence and strong bill and and You have to be resourceful and I feel like all of those shows. Just transfer right over into entrepreneurship that Military military spouses just it. Just it makes perfect sense for us to be entrepreneurs because in in the Business World Steph goes wrong every day just like military Y- you know in military life like something goes wrong every day and you have to curve and swerving after tibbets and you have to roll with the punches and I feel like military spouses are so used is to that and that it makes perfect sense that we survive and thrive in the business world so Once they talk to people like that I'm like you have all the skills that entrepreneur that but We are trial by fire people so it works perfect. Yes yes we very resilient. That's for sure. That's that's for sure. There's a lot of correlations. They're absolutely ossie. We do need to take a quick break but when we come back we'd love to chat with us about the Association of Military Spouse entrepreneurs. Yeah I'd love to talk about. It is super exciting. All all right. Well we'll be right back with more army wife talk radio in just a moment. This is Susan and Miller bringing you a moving minute from just move de-stress your holiday season. Get Your shopping done early or do it online and go ahead ahead and wrap those gifts. Now prepare or cook anything that can be made and kept frozen beforehand. Find a way to help others. It may help you put your own challenges in perspective. Enjoy the holiday festivities catch a holiday play or for a holiday movie. Focus on the people who matter the most. They'll remember the time you spent with them and don't worry about making things perfect but pick the most meaningful ways to celebrate happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas. This from just moved Band your military information to Arsenal Army WIFE NETWORK DOT COM offers military family news and resources for social media and much smile more Army Wife Network Dot Com your interactive environment for Army Wide listeners. We have Flosse Hall with us. And she's talking with us about military spouse entrepreneurship flossy. Let's dig into your work with the Association of military stuff entrepreneurs can you give us an overview of what. Ams really is and what kind of what they do so we just launched it this week so I have a CO founder. Her Name Is Monique Jefferson. She is a fellow military South Entrepreneur. So we are super excited. It is a An online membership community of resources and Webinars and as the supportive community Four military spouses. Who want to start or grow? Their businesses We feel like the military south life can be isolating and we feel like entrepreneurship also isolating his starting your own business. And it's really hard to find those answers of what to do and how And Matt especially as military South Free might not know people in your area so we started this online community to give access to those resources and uh-huh Some military spouses can lead on one another to find those great things And it just wants to speak so we're super excited about that Well Congratulations I. Can you tell us about The fantasies corporate media advising Komo rocketing strategy. Yeah so we Mony and I we have worked for a while with In the corporate world giving advice On military spouse advocacy. And then we've also worked at the grassroots level with military South Entrepreneur CNOR teaching and mentoring and doing all this great stuff and companies were constantly coming to US asking to get to the festive then have access to these amazing spouses so through empathy. We have this amazing database of military spouse entrepreneurs and and we wanted to be able to give these companies away to further their missions in Advocating for military spouses. So they're running a an ad or they have a product or a brand and they don't know how to market it to the military community we can help advise them to make sure they're using the right verbiage and the right wing go and they have the right stuff photos because how many times have you seen a terribly stuck photo where the military Terry member has a full beard. or it's says it's an air force member but they're in a marine uniform So we're helping with some of that but we're also working with us. He's Brampton companies to actually hire these military thousands that we have to be bloggers and writers and refers And it's just coming full circle for US so we're working on both sides To further their impact on a corporate level and then also to continue hiring our military spouses as on terrorism Russian cremate. Absolutely so it's it's a really great thing that we're working on here. Cut some pretty amazing What organizations have you? Pardon um I was in So so far we have a ton of great organizations on board We're working with a Hello Alice and military thousand advocacy not worse Working with Instant teams and the paradigm switch or working concurs lab and We have so many other great organizations lined up We can't keep up with how many organizations organizations that have come to us that had said we want to help your military So we're just trying to compile the best resources possible possible for any south that's looking for a tool to start or run their business so whether that's mentorship or an accelerator either was equal services. We're trying to find them in the Best Organization for doing that. Okay What advice can we get to the other military spouses who are thinking of starting your own business with the experience you've had I think the festive vice that I would give sources. Is You not be afraid to try. And take the first step so I would tell us houses to Just few it. It's never going to be perfect. It's never going to be the right time. I feel like talking so many thousands every day and their just nervous to just put themselves out there and to just take that very first data ah or try to get that very fail or that very first client so that very first customer because they feel like it's just not for just the the websites websites out Nettie or and we just try to tell them that sometimes it's his never been it'd be perfect but you can build it and fly it at the same time that sometimes you just have to give yourself a deadline and say this is my date. This is when it's going to go live and this is what we're GONNA do in the Jewish So you can't be afraid in kit to just try okay How do you to this with juggling? Your own business and being judy military spouse and the mom and pop of all of that. And then you have a pretty crazy life yeah My Life is pretty busy. I have four kids myself and my husband still active duty and I own companies now But I have. My kids are older. Luckily I have a twenty year old a sixteen year old a ten year old and an eight year old But my husband is conveyancing. He's super supportive of everything that I do and my teenagers Help out and even the understood about and my whole family acts as a unit and I feel like they're six device so I always say I'm one of the family whereas I feel like a a lot of MOMS and a lot of military thousands or life. They put all the weight of the household. And if you know the mom's eating they say like everything's on them and I'm listening then you know like I'm only one six at this family. I'm not doing all of it or fifty percent of it or eighty percent of it and sometimes they house referral messy and sometimes I take of the pizza and sometimes I sleep in instead of you know scrubbing the fourth but We just have to give yourself grace right and they you're doing the best you can tomorrow's a new day so Get Your family to help out and do the best he fan. That's pretty awesome at your family's supportive in this this but you know even take an a military family you have to be able to support one another two or three things. So that's awesome two years. Yeah and the only way that this can really work as a lifestyle that I feel like a south is where we're so dedicated to supporting our servicemember that we I forget to ask our service member of us in our careers and it's okay to say. Hey I need you to take care of. The kids will either do this or I need you to clean the house. Well I'm over at business conference like you need to step up and take care of yourself to it's a fifty fifty relationship or it should be they they sure. Can you tell us more about where listeners could go to support this great because So you can find us all over social media. I'm a huge social media person so you can find me on Lincoln personally. Walk the hall You can find MC on facebook and instagram and thin and you can also check out our website at. WWW dot a. m. I'm s e dot co So MC found stands for the Association of Military South Entrepreneurs. But we're definitely definitely man mony our social media so we are all over social media. You can find this individually on social media and you can find This vision all over social. Yeah we'll fossey things sir. Thank you thank you so much for joining us this evening and sharing such incursion information for military spouses and military spouse entrepreneurs. We've talked a little bit about this this this evening but I just fill like your resources and just the things that you're talking about just connected resonates so well with you know not only myself but with a lot of military military spouses and the and the struggles that they've you know gone through from her career simply and then you're trying to build up that entrepreneurs as entrepreneurs and I'm just thankful that You have you know come together to create such a wonderful company that can provide those resources to the spouses spouses. We'll thank you. We're just we said. What do we wish we would have had? It had when we started our first businesses and That's basically basically what we're doing so we're saying let's find a place for other south says that are just getting started or scaling or growing and let's build something great for our community awesome awesome well listeners. Thank you so much for tuning into this episode of Army Wise Talk Radio. We'll be off next week to celebrate Thanksgiving but we should check us out again on our next episode owed featuring Ginger Harrington Mill South and author as she sure as hell to cope with anxiety during military life. Transitions in the meantime. You can join us on. Have you got your W dot. I mean Life Network Dot Com to stay connected to a number of connect interacted empowering resources for your military journey we also have to subscribe to this podcast and share share. It with your network you can receive an email empowerment via our newsletter the state REP which publishes every other Tuesday or you can connect with us on any of our so media outlets such as facebook twitter pinterest and Instagram by following at army life network engage educate encourage aws is your source for military life empowerment empowerment. This is your army wife network. man-team sign you know. Thank you for tuning into army wife. Talk Radio Views and opinions expressed in our show or personal army. Wife Talk. Radio is in no way affiliated with the Department of Defense or any other friends have the armed services Inclusion in our show does not reflect endorsement by the dod any local government agencies Until the next episode Army Wife Network Dot Com interactive in our army wives. Meanwhile

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