Four More Years! EP - 253


I'm lucky if you just bear with me one second as I look back. I scroll through. Yeah. I'm looking back here November fifth. Okay. Two thousand fourteen. And when who what happened on that day, November fifth two thousand fourteen o anyone know what happened on that day Markaz hand. He's mark. He knows not asking you straightalk related. Yep. Blau Hong November four November fifth two thousand fourteen was the very first episode of straight talk with Ross Mathews. And now as we are in the early November's. The wine never fourteen number fifteen two thousand fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighty eight say is this the fifth anniversary anniversary really too because fourteen to eighteen th four th anniversary. It's been four years starting on our fifth year. How about four you almost half a decade? Oh, yes. If straight talk as president, we don't have one term laugh. Hill. More year. Remember correctly back then on that? I f showed did. And I never had any intention of having Mark on the program never wanted that. But Mark was there and we asked him to go get us food because I was starving. And he got us. Anyone? Remember what he got us chicken singer? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, Mark I was thinking I'm so hungry because I just came from Palm Springs. I know you're thinking, yes, I've lost five pounds in. Yes. I'm dan. Makli what I was thinking got a haircut to mortgage. I go to Europe tomorrow. So I will find those five pounds and more. But Barca was thinking in honor of her fourth anniversary, you go out with a cellular telephone because we we're here in a mall where basically t mobile. We are. We are hearing them all that you go out and you get some food. Mark. Would you would you be interested in doing that for all time sakes, or is there a whole foods around and cold chicken? No, no, no food court that you that's his big moment. Ready? So Mark your company. Whole fools look as. Some forty eight hour old beef. So here's what you do after you announce and boy, do we have things to get to. I have something to tell you all something happened to me. I'm excited. I'm gonna tell you something else. Mark related. I'm sorry in advance. Mark. Could you do the big announce? And then when the thing when the song plays you're going to run out. Good of the food court and calls when you get there. Okay. Okay. Great. Mark looks different. We're gonna get into it. Why? Okay. Mark. Here you go. The time has come to give us that announce we love your, wait. Hold on. He's he's acting like a horse. Does he does the announce remarks griping? Donkey kicker ready gives the announcement lots to get you to please. We need live from the bench town studios in Los Angeles, California. Here is. John. Thank you got. What has she didn't get our our Mike's up before? Shea running God everybody so hold on. Just like, he's the best friend. You wish you know, you need. John. Today. I look to a quick reach around. We celebrate four years the family. I'm Ross man Hughes. Jay is here. Coma. Nicole? Are you going to? Nicole Malone, comma. Mark without their J Reid. Kirk. In my defense. I don't have headphones right now. So I could not hear them. When is she going to sue us like stop waiting? I'm like, oh, it's going to happen. We're gonna see some new music today. Dolly Parton dead. Yeah. For the movie dumb dumb plane, which friend. Lecture directive. Who would come in here and talk about dumpling? I think she was coming out. I know she would have Heather McDaniel who was cakes in it. She was in here. Dolly Parton is it's about her music agent. Jennifer Aniston is in it and your fringe today. That's right. It's really will be out on Netflix December six four coming here. Right. And his. Okay. Great. Okay. Can I just say how funny it is? I was laughing. When Mark does that announcement. I watch you and your face is so funny because it's so it's very serious. I like studying like like a science project like it's funny. It's so serious watching how I study Mark like oh marks Markaz already calling here. Immediately. Angels headquarters. No, no. This is Ross speaking who is is that that will no Mark. Where are you? Are you in the food court yet? I am not I didn't know how much of the trip you to you. And just come back when I'm in the food court. What do you see why? Now, what are you seeing right now? A jewelry store an active living store. Put us under. Just dinged on when you're cocaine Joel. Okay. Great. So here's the here's the deal. So, you know, I'm moved in Palm Springs. Yes. By the way, can't wait to see the new place. It's it's coming together. I show Mr. Malone. Doesn't mean pictures today? And it's so cute. It's coming together. You know? And it's a lot the move is a lot, and you know, Don a lot of help. And it's like a thing. You know? I don't know when I decided I did that was a mistake. Week. Maybe I should move. Right. Go to Europe tomorrow. I should move. This morning. I was driving from one place to the other. I mean, this doing all that time every time you moved you. Food court. I'm looking at the food court on you. Now, it's just a blend is like ding Dong Rawson doesn't matter. It's like the doors law. That's right. It's so I what was so I'm I'm I moved this weekend. And it was like is going to young and scared to get into a store and just know that I have a story, right? Branching off from I moved. Are you there? Far away. God ball. Played for fun here. Play. So. Okay. Jay, I moved. Are you going to have over to you straight talk with Ross housewarming party? No, okay. Great. So I am to the point of God. I did something to CJ this weekend. I I said, oh, you can stay at the house as we can because I'm heading out of town. Like you stay at the bun. We call it the bungle because the little cute little bungalow. Right. Say the bungalow and he's like, okay. Well, it's pride in Palm Springs. Great. And then Tricia called me she goes, oh, I'm doing that garage sale there this weekend and. Up staying there. So I like renege my offer. You. Sorry about that. I'm not telling the story because I specifically when you're in the food court right on. Jason any second going to be. How were you looking at the food court? You said you were performed go here. I'm here. I was trying to figure out 'cause I was. I can't find oh, they're Brazil. What's it called Brazilian wax? Name out. No, no. So it's a place where you can buy. So they have this chicken breasts. That's wrapped in bacon on like a skewer you cook it get a shit ton of that they by the by the the pound or something, by the way. Get a lot of that get the green beans make sure there's no almonds because a little known fact Ross he's allergic to all means hiring. You wanna get? All right, Mark. Let us. Yeah. I'm on the phone here. So you want the chicken wrapped in bacon. How much of it a lot? Did we pal? Seems like a lot to pounds. Pounds. Okay. To like like. Yeah. Okay. Okay. And then you get the green beans. Yeah. Did you ask? Do you ask her her is going? Actually, left me. Can you can you say how's your day on? On good. Thank you. So I need to get started order. So. The the green bean south almonds in it. Yeah. Thank you. Okay. Maybe diet coke to. Thank you. Okay. So i'm. Moving things back and forth. Right. Okay. And I have the keep the little teeny little tinny covertible there, and I can fit that in the garage because I there's a bunch of shit, and it's a two car garage. But I can't fit my big car the SUV in there. Right. So I just parked on the street like on in the little. Yeah. And I'm bringing things in bags in and out. Great. Great. Great great almost all done. But great. I have a bunch of shed bub-bubba. I'll get away. I wake up in the morning we wake up. Wake. Morning. I was like oh my gosh. I wish I would abroad. I'm so stupid. I wish I would've brought in the new book stone site sleeper pillows that order on Amazon because I believe in this pillow strongly mine is old there. So it was time to go, and I didn't have it. So I was like I need. Hello. Starch or anything you ding Dong. I'm sorry ding-dong. Yes. Are you on the air? Yes. What you want to start starch or anything option? No right now. Okay. Pasta, mashed potatoes or Friday. Thank you, Mark. I we are good on the starches. We're good. Good potato. I'm gonna pass on that. And thank you so much. I think we're done here. So you've done a wonderful job. And. I'm gonna hang up. Great. This is a great bit. Thank you. Did this? Why wouldn't you think? I'd learn barriers. Yeah. I everyone set the scene. What happened? I moving SUV in an L P Phuc slept wrong. Go at because I the pills have been delivered at the other house. I throw in the box in the back. So I go to go get them. So I can make the bed with the new side sleeper books brick stone pillar, which the pillow I-, Amazon, Amazon, I gifted this pillow. I live this pillow makes it so great everybody pull you sleep with on your side is sitting pillow. It's no it's like just for for your head just a pillow, but it has a little groove or your aside. Super Niamh your shoulder goes in your head supportive. Perfectly aligned. It is a game. I can't believe I've been talked about before. Because I everyone in my life. I given this Bill to needed. So anyway. So I go out, and I go to the cargo click in the trunk opens SUV, and I might. Where's the? Where's the box with the thing? I bring so then I go back to the garage. Where did I put it is going? What is going on? So go get in the front. See my car. And I'm like, why is the booklet for the kind of car that goes in the globe? Why is it on the floor? What is going on? Wait a second. Like, what am I am? I in a mess, you know, and I go back in and I'm like where are those garbage cans? I had the ones you put their little silver ones that go in the bathrooms. We're put. But I know I put those in the back of SUV when I put the Brooks lives in. Oh my God. Someone broke in my car. Wait. No. I didn't lock it because I was carrying things. Catchers was open the broken to my car, and let me list the items that they stole. Are you are you serious? This is a true story is disturbing. I don't like that. Either victim of a crime. Yeah. You are. Yeah. Did you call the cops and everything because let me tell you what they got. I had a little dip up thing with like five singles. Like for valet you need like the always a single if you're gonna pay cash, so I it was probably probably eight dollars and then coins for for meters. So you add either we're about thirteen dollars. Yeah. They got that. I had a new THC for my vape pen in inside door next to my half used bottle of hand sanitizer. He took both of those the hand sanitizer. They took ready for this. They took two garbage cans that go in your bathroom. All right. They took my Amazon box with my two brick stone site sleeper pillows that makes me go part makes me I got hit by the pillow bandit. They didn't damage mccart nothing. They didn't look I had these two. Candleholders that I got at target on clearance that I love. But no one likes them like at my house in Burbank. They're like, no, I don't like bring him to Palm Springs, I show, my friend. And they're like, I hate those. They were in the front and the pillow Bandon didn't like him. Either didn't take us. They didn't see his right under that with my checkbook shut, but these candleholders were so ugly. Blue Bannet didn't even look underneath them. Like, an in the midst of the move in everything I just wasn't upset. I just said really the pillows joy, I would've spun that like, I just moved. Now, I'm freaked out. Like, you didn't get freaked out. The. How bad life must be that. You gotta steal half hand sanitizer. Used used? Bathroom garbage cans to Brooke stowed sightsee from pills, which gotta say are not cheap. But I'm not mad about the fact that he's writing for to your new place. That's disturbing. You know, what it's my? It's my fault that I did. But I gotta tell you. I grew up watching rescue nine one one the America's most wanted unsolved mysteries. Never did. I think I'd be victim. Right. But now, I am part of it. I'm so proud of you. And the fact that I've been so braved through it. Oh, jeez. Yeah. Really? Now, you have. Yep. I think you're so stressed. You're overwhelmed. Can I tell you the was I go. Oh god. I don't bring that stuff in now. That was my little. Now, just one two more things. That's good. Yeah. There was one thing on her my pregnancy pillow, but the pregnancy pillows gone, right? No. It's an close. So I gotta ring in Puerto Vallarta. The ring that I always wear Jay taken off and put it there. They took that that. Yeah. That was the one thing. Okay. But you know, what there's probably someone fat looking very well rested. I yeah. Right. So keep your eye out America for someone who looks very well rested looks like their spines aligned. Yeah. Wearing beautiful silver ring from Puerto Vallarta super team. Nice BAAs a gum. Yeah. That's a good life. I almost dot like not to go to the police. But because I I could get on the local news and be like, that's the one that. I have he'd be like calling all car. Yeah. If I was just like they said to report in my house. They'll be like, well, the thing was well happy was I was in my house, and I just want to pillows. Get there. And then I would have been on, you know, KM wish you would have done that would have been. Burglarized. Would have done it to play it on here. I just don't feel safe anymore. I just moved in and they stole everything. Sleep. Anyway, that's he's pillows. Tell them how much there they used to be one hundred and something four forty nine. It went bad. They went down for a pillow for two. That's no that's got to what. But they did. They got to one hundred one hundred fifty the pills. Yeah. Okay. Now, get pissed. Yeah. I would be too fuckers. Okay. Guess what? Coming up. Lots to talk about. It's marketing. What the people want slice of life their food back that the pill. You put that leak out on Hillary pod? Mark just came in with food. We're going to dish up, and we come back the something else going on with Mark. We have to discuss. Okay. Okay. All right. Plus all the rest of the stuff balls deep. Nikki trending the blackness J, rocket and saucy minute. Mark all of it. Victim. Brave. I put on a brave face. I showed up today. The Philip fanned. It will not in my life. I've met I've been families by two people the middle bandit in the hamburglar. I forgive them. Both I forgive you bandit. We'll be right back. 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Let me tell you something everybody we sit here for years have gone by have we learned anything have. We do. We know anything better. We improved based on the segment, but. I'll tell you this Mark walked in with food, a hang I gotta tell you something, sir. Four years later. You just brought me. What we call in the business, warm chicken. About that lady. How you feel feel good deal? I do I'm proud of you. Thank you so much for being proud of me. I am. So proud of you. This is warm to the touch more than room temperature not a hat. Bad not hot at all. I took a little risk there. And I bought you some broccoli was that a good move. Guman some Nikki Nikki asked me a question when we were the rain she goes, I can't believe that just happened in the stole the car. Just when you bring stuff in the house, right? Let me be very clear I left things in the like, I was so tired when I go. I can't bring another thing into the house. And when I woke up the next morning and went to the car. That's I got it. But I wasn't mad about it for one second. I really was just like if this is the worst thing that happens to me today. God bless, you know, and I think more people should do that. Like, we get caught up in this habit. This habit. But you know, what did you survive? Are you? Ok well, confess your family. Okay. I'm disturbed if I moved into a new bungalow an outside my place overnight. My car got burglarize. I would be really freaked out you left unlocked, you, right? You left? I would still be freaked out. I didn't even think twice about it. I just thought that that's where you are. I. Tired have capacity to give it. Pill. Exactly. Yeah. Facts also during the break said something, and I go I screamed you buried the lead. I'm sitting here just about to tear into my chicken. In fact, she goes, I got a new tongue scraper, and I love it. I had no idea tennis cravers existing. Yeah. Yeah. Suggest or anything? I mean, you are like a clean mouth. It's really a lot of fun. I insist on the clean mouth minds immaculate. I said one could somebody please, do you know that song? Skyscraper. Skyscraper song. Is it? Demi Levato seems guys are seen SEIs Christ. I didn't say, right, but skyscraper can someone do it to scraper. Scraper? Yeah. Lows not the only one you didn't have a loofah or tongue. Scraper believe I'm living it up now step comes off of your tongue. Yeah. The source of bad breath about. Listen to him before we get something. They ready. I'm a after I was violated violated. Rape victim victimized really metaphorically emotionally held gun point. Right. I. Move chicken here that warm chick. I thought I thought it's almost too warm it, it's almost warm. So I. This day. Just like now phone's ringing that's happening. Yeah. I just gotta get through. Let me tell me so. I'm like, oh my God. I'm a victim. Right. I need something. Good to happen to me. And I get an Email from a straight talker. Ooh. I love these the name of the comes from Megan in the Email title says my dream about dating Ross. About Megan says Ross, obviously, I love you or I wouldn't be e mailing. But I didn't actually realize I love I posted this dream. I had about us on the Facebook group. And they encourage me to send it to you. So here you go. Okay. She continues Megan continues. Okay. I'm only remembering and bits and pieces. So won't make it a lot of sense. You know, how dreams are. I totally know how dreams are one thing. I love that when people retail dreams. Yeah. Is there just a logical except for maybe this one? Okay. There is logic. Making continues. I have a reoccurring dream about going back to college. This was one of those. It was a community college. I work at one. So that makes sense. I was dating Ross you read that right? We were hetero boyfriend girlfriend. Roth night rented a car, we drove to his house in it. And we had our first time together. He was a little awkward because I wasn't. I knew he wasn't used to having sex with women. I did a little oral and he didn't even offer to reciprocate. Selfish, right, anyway, I'm pretty sure we did it missionary style. But that part is fuzzy maybe it's fuzzy on you, Honey, but not on me. Continuing. That was a joke. Continuing. Megan continues next. I was in next day. I was in class and he wanted me to come to lunch. So I left school. I had already eaten. I didn't think I wanted to eat. But we went to a buffet am. I couldn't help myself. It was like a banquet buffet. There was just one meal choice. Not like a buffet where you have options. It was salad south very steak, mashed potatoes and gravy. I was upset because the gravy was getting on my salad, and there was no room on my plate for dessert. CJ? I had a dream. Making us. May I couldn't remember my okay? For some reason, we switched to a different rental car. It was now a convertible Mustang, but spelled moss. Staying I was so blown away that I'd never noticed that spelling before I couldn't remember my class schedule for some reason, I left class early and God in the moss, ding. I was parts near a really dirty river sitting in the passenger seat. I was sitting to myself about why Ross wouldn't give me oral. And then I figure I figured it had never occurred to him. And I needed to tell them how to do it. I was trying to think of the best way to bring it up without making him feel self conscious. I decided the car needed to move up a few feet, and I tried to do it for the passenger side. I couldn't get it to break and the car went in the river. I jumped out and dove in the water and swam to a little island was filthy and money, I called a Ross about the car, and he shared me that his car insurance would take care. I was just about to ask him about oral sex. When my alarm went off. Megan. Okay. Dream about me, sending can I tell you something else that is going to make you feel good. Did you see on the street in the street heart group, there's a straight targeting Nadia Lopez that she got up blanche tattoo. What I did not. Day to go the go did see that goes to didn't realize that was land. She said it was blanched the ghost shut tattoo of it up. It's a one same. I'm so glad you're here. Everyone's out say, hi, blanche blanche. Blanche somebody got attacked two of you on them. So huge honor is it unseat. Geez. No. I know you didn't right. No. Where would you if you if CJ got two of you on his body where would you? Well. Me on what of his cheeks as I want me saying. And the last the mill. No can't be. Pretty dirty press conference for question for blanche when she's here. I have a question. Yes. Ross Mathews Ross bath Ross mass. Rosman of us. I'm curious. Somebody asked me like the thought that blanche likes me. And I said no blanche like me Blanche's only into CJ wise plant only into CJ jungle. That's the thing. Right. Is that a thing? That's a movie I know that. That's okay. Are you? Sure. Yes. I didn't say it. I'm asking for blades. I'm totally okay. Thanksgiving. I mean. Thank you. Please go back to hell. Two. That's fantastic. Wow. Do you remember Marcus something every year, that drives me crazy? I mean, he doesn't let me free. Mark something every day that drives me crazy specifically one thing every year doom, and it's always this time of year. Anyone notice looking? See anything different about he walked did. You lose weight. What looks different about. What did you say to them? Do you said did you did you shave your chest hairs? Shave your chest hair. What what is the difference? Mark. What changed? I am clean shaven today. Because it is the. Second day of mauve ember. So marked is every year. He does like a Comecon costume for Halloween shaves clean. And then he does Movember, which if you don't know is this movement where men don't shave for the entire month of November. And they donate money to charity, right or they shave mustaches or, you know, some kind of a facial hair thing. So one year Mark said, you all can choose what facial hair, I grow. So we had we did a poll, and he did it and we chose. Remember? It was was it the handle. No. It was a mutton chops over the handlebar moustache a handlebar like a biker handle it. I think you're like I got the best response on that from older Gail because I looked like the cop from the from the village people. Don't call it something. Yeah. So Mark has this year agreed to let us choose gain weight. We what what okay. I would like to I'm going to write these down these options siege. I want you start thinking too. So my first thought is this polka dots? Now, I remember something to keep in mind here just little circles of racial hair, all over the next quarter site, very. Yeah. See that focus on Ross the problem with the handlebar. What is you you? You don't mean to grow something that you're embarrassed to walk into a meeting with Honey listen in your defense. I'm always embarrassed with you. But that that's after about five minutes when people get to know me, you would like me to at least look presentable when we go to a meeting God, polka dots may not be the way to go. I think the more outrageous. Let's debate it come on. You. Debate. Walk me. I want you all to throw out ideas. I will right now have polka dots. Okay. So let's be real clear. His what he did last year was not muttonchop. No, I guess it was handlebar. Chops aren't option? Mutton chops are nothing. The mustache. It's very little house on the right? Okay. I have a vote that I think is great. Okay. Just neck hair. Shave ever. John. Let me talk. We can't do that. And so he just has to grow the neck beer. Jollity on. I think the more outrageous the better because attention to the I honestly could not stand. Tell you. I think that it should be you should have a moustache. And then have it come around the side your mouth, and then underneath your bottom lip and then down and then stop and then a little round on your neck and call it. It's a question. Mark. Like God question is. That's funny. And something I would definitely do someday. I should you know, why do it now I should dress as the Ridler for common con, then he's figuring out ways. To wear that around for months and go to meetings and stuff do it. I can't do that. Okay. What about this? Do you love? Superheroes. Shoot. What if you shave Superman's s over T, but like shape all shaved in disagreements as I would have to a barber to do that. Sausages made hair just died. Actually, physically make I have one more a real quick one. He just do a strip diet Browns. You could just be a skid. Mark. So like a hipster Hitler. All right, Mark. Thanks, mark. I think I have a good suggestion go because I'm looking I'm looking at options on the internet, and I never thought of this until I look Aren be special, which is this thin thin thin line that goes down and around the chin, and there's a little tiny stash. So you could go to meetings like this. You would just look like boys demand. I think you should do the NBA special. That's my vote. You can put that one on the list, I'm comfortable with that are like a half and half. Half full beard half completely shaved. Yeah. That's good. Mark. Let me tell you the problem with this. You can't agree to do this. And then veto everything not tea or must. Keep it simple for meetings. Yes. The late. Great. Tom selleck. Can you just I mean Bertrand Reynolds, can you please? Just do appoint stash. Yeah. Good sixty points. But let me get very specific here. What I want? If I may because I like where you're going with this. But I wanted to very specific. I want it to be very thin and close to your upper lip to the top. That's a Walt Disney. He's talking bushy porn. I hear you. I'm trying to think I'm trying to I hear mustache, right? Let me let me throw it a couple times of mustaches because what I would like to see is that really thin and a separate line in the middle. But little too wide. Like, I'm thinking Clark Gable? Okay. I see that. So so we have okay, so dense EJ, but I'm writing down big Bush, porn moustache big Bush. And remember when I said, I'd do this. I did say that I had to be in the realm of something I could wear to a meeting. I did say that went onto we got that. Okay. So what do we are? We going to side here we doing mustaches this doing now, still no, I think. We should put must if you wanna do it because it takes awhile for things to grow. Anyway. So you could put mustache, and then we could decide what kind of mustache or you could put those twos. Choices how many choices can you put on like a Twitter poll? I don't know. Here's a here's my question. Here's my question for you. Are you? Does Movember effect. Your pubic hair at all. No, we're not talking about that. Because I would also want to you wish. You would. Yeah. No. I'm not gonna well. This is awful. So we have no solution. Marsh said no to everything is just horrible. This. Okay. Why don't we maybe let people on the straight talk with Ross Facebook page could put up suggestions to or tweet at Hello Ross pod. Okay. Great. So here's what we're going to do as. He sounds as. Here's what we're gonna do. Here's what we're doing family interesting. So we have some suggestions put out this Mark has mar I want I want polkadot I want neck beard. There's mutton chops. There's question Mark, his big bushy porn star. Or there's a thin too wide mustache. Okay. So what we not deciding now what we're going to do is we want to hear from you. So go post on our social media and follow us at. Hello. Ross pod. CJ? And so and then we'll do choose. What of them Markle start the going and we'll reveal during the next episode with a picture on. Hello, russ. Okay. There's something on their not on there that someone's got a really good idea for like suggested our best to. Thank you. Jim. Part of it. I mean tell you the thing to Marco's doing against if you want a good bit. You bring it up. All my God. That's so now, we do it. And he's like, no, no. I said meeting appropriate, by the way, the whole point of this is if you go to Mogo dot co slash Bobby the monkey is where you can donate the money goes towards men's health how much money do you make last year I made over five hundred last year, so irate and that was my goal. So I raised the goal. We've got more listeners this year to seven fifty by the way that was all listener raise last year. So if you guys can donate, a dollar five dollars, whatever you can donate. It does go to a good cause. And actually the studio bits record has a team that I joined this here to help increase the amount of money. Wonderful. Thank you, Mark. Well, and if you forget it on Instagram. Descriptions link wrapping thank you so much when we come back. I'll have less chicken in front of me, and we're gonna do Nikki trending a Nikki believable. The blackness. Asi book and much more. Who also have a song I'm gonna play. We'll be right back. Wake up in the morning. And I don't think I'll ever make it on time by the time grandma books and get my supper, look, I'm at the Kona just in. It's. Say. If I know I'm in a mass talk at home last night. Right. Knowing much. She will know that. I'm there if I can hand it in. It's. Hi, it's Z Malone. You know, I love to go balls. De this time, I'm asking you a question are you following all of us on social media? Go to straight talk with Ross dot com to find all our social media links kiss kiss. There's only one. This is straight talk. Tone of down Nelly. Back to the program is we celebrate for years on the air with you think you all Searcy so much when I was listening. You know, we do modify them. That's the the radio station. I have the show on driving around. And there was a song. And it was I was thinking about it was after my. Robbery and. You know, just little things, you know, like thinking little things mean a lot not win their items that they're taking from. But like the when they are gestures that people make right Q. And and I was thinking that when the song came on little things mean a lot's old one, and I was like listening. Jayne, mansfield. I was listening to her sing it. And she kind of does a little through. Had to play a few just listen. She starts and one thing I'm gonna start doing as a singer songwriter is really just talking in the middle of song. More. Don't you think CJ that I need to do that? Because people are so used to me singing. I just wanna like talk. You know, she does this a lot. I hear it though here the. We should talk talk. Thicket. So there you are. And you're like, oh, sure. Singing. Oh, you're singer right, which I get all the time. And then well now you want to search which I did, of course, when I was Henry Higgins in my fair lady different stores. Nine thousand nine hundred people are talking about it. She's going to start talking second jumping on. On the. Cool. Six. So now when she setting down the music and just like, I'm gonna talk to the people. Okay. Don't. Today. Okay. For starters. I've always taught from now. This is my new talking to me. Save. I've just changed my entire way of talking. Yeah. Nikki if. C J. Honestly. Hey, real quick. That's what's to be the big moment. She seems loud. But she can't say do they get? Do they get? So so when we shed Joe, Larry, Tom. Okay. Because she gene can do it. Story about. Appears. What would happen if I do? Yeah. I'm just saying little things we along. I wish you all could be convertible with me as I drive. Do things like I love it. Here's another new thing. And then I'm gonna move off this I'm gonna talk, but I want people to sing what I'm going to say before I say that. To memorize it. All all the lines. She's about to say people sing it. I. Shield. Try. The day is great. You. Give me your. So do twinkle twinkle little star. Like this. You do you do seeing it slow twinkle twinkle? No. So you're supposed to sing it using. I'm singing, but twinkle twinkle twinkle twinkle little star. No, just stop twinkle twinkle little star. And then you're seeing it, and then I see for now, you do next the next how I wonder. One two. Good. Do do ABC. You know, what I'm doing the song that doesn't sound like talking? Okay, go. So like. If you like then shoot a poodle being if you like. If you like. Living on it. Exploring as you all know celebrated. Art. Have course, requires stimulates me. Balls with bags? Girl. Give it to me give it to give it to be hard. Give to them all steep with Fags days, please. All right before I let my balls out. I have to bring up my friend, Jillian Jillian was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of days ago. Our good friend. Coat for into the show co hosted here, and she went into her lymph nodes. So it's pretty intense. But she is doing really she has a really great attitude about it. So maybe you can just keep her in your thoughts. Maybe send her a tweet center something to encourage her. She's doing she's strong you spoken with her. And you know, how much I love Barbies forever. And she's got this. You know, that's I know that's her attitudes right now. And she does. And and I hope she feels all of our love, and we're going to reach out per so I brought it up. I really I think that I want you to send her loving. She's asked Jillian on Twitter. Yeah. Right. Asked Jillian when I talked to her, you know, she's a fancy, please. I got this. I have me because I'm like really are you? Okay. I got it. I I am on top of it. So she's going to be fine. Everyone just love on Jillian love love love love. Yes. Ross stretch. Goodness. Oh my goodness. Okay. All right. You know, the institu- did a interview an inst- in instinct magazine. Yeah. And you're talking about your franchise like pop talk straight talk. So I'm curious to know if you'd like other kinds of talk shows like if you ever had like a like a date talk for poop talk. I'd be the coho. So here's here's what I think. With this whole to podcast talk thing, we have straight talk and now pop talk, and I I'm thinking it can be an umbrella. What like what other talk? Do we want to do? I would love to do political talk where I come on and talk to like people, I find fascinating. And then so and then what if we did sucks talk like CG, it'd be great sex talk me would top talk date talk. Datong? You have I would love to talk. I would love to do food hawk. Yeah. You know what? I mean, all those sorts of things I would like to do Mark talk. Good to talk to the show. We'll talk up offense birth. Blanche talk. Be good too. Out of this world steetch cake. CJ stretch. All right. All right. I have to talk about the bubbly again because. The bubbly branch because the way he Nikki Nikki Neier in love with the drag Queen that you've been booking her name is six at the U N Nikki went to the Beverly brunch. And how was it? May I fell I'm gonna give you I don't wanna wanna cock block this movement. But I need to tell the people you have to go to the bubbly brunch. It is one hundred percent worth it you in CJ have created an amazing show. Do you get myself into the it's feels like one nece and family in a room full of like all the kids that didn't quite know where they fit in. When they were younger. We all came together. I loved it in the food was French does the right here cake, fringe Frenchtown. Oh my God. It was so good and such a great way to enhance your weekend. I went home and I felt so good about every Saturday at noon at Rockwell Nellie. So if you're in town, like com get tickets fast because the place was. Straight talkers there, but I bring up six because she's just so. I'm just obsessed with her. But my question is for us if a drag Queen sees you advertising seeing branch online, and they wanna be a part of it. Can they send you like a real? Or can they send you how do they get to be a part of it like scouting some go to drive shows a lot just because I love to go out and support and the coins to sit in the front row insure on. But normally a lot of people have been sending me Deums. And so then I just go check out the videos, and I think, you know, they're right there where can and be worth for the crowd. And you know, I've mentioned it to Ross. And then I always get the final okay rewrite. What do you look for the like because I love when they do. Those death drops like live for those. Somebody that can. You love a good job. You love. Good. Vo you love tech cow that gives it to you brunch. I mean. A good so full, but I come to brunch to Drake when most of getting my life. Turn me combine we. Yeah. I I tell them no ballots unless unless it's like a diva situation, you know, that brings the house down no ballots. That's a good rule. Yeah. Mark are you there? Oh, he. For him that I've been waiting for going to run down the spotlight. He hear me. Mark stretch. Oh my God. Okay. So Mark weeks ago? I've been waiting for you to come back a couple of weeks ago after the show I went to the bathroom, and then you came out of the bathroom, and I went in the bathroom to p the toilet seat was down. And there was brash dribble on it. You didn't lift up the toilet question happening. My question to you is a habit, and when you pee in your bottle in the car. How is we've talked about this on the puck. But is there dribble all over your car and own up? My God did not know this is coming. And what if somebody has to go number two like I couldn't have gone over. And it was fresh dribble. It was yours. My god. I I did not. Maybe I didn't know it was you walked out of the door kinda sheepishly because you knew I was going in there. You know, it's the frustration. One of the side toilet seats said the man toilet seat. That doesn't go, sir. For this reason. Right. And I guess I just over splashed or whatever slash usually will wipe if I don't lifted and I hit the okay, I also, by the way, anytime I have to take my daughter into a men's room. I take a hand. Okay. Wait seed off that brings but I kind of feel weird if I'm in a men's bathroom, and I'm peeing father brings a little girl. And I'm a little weirded out by that you problem. Go there. No, no, I get it. But it's a little uncomfortable. Pulled on time. What her father supposed to do them when they're not going to women's room? So again, I I get it. I'm just telling you that. I it feels a little strange. I mean, like like it's bizarre weird should be cut off most people most men rooms, I can go into a men's room. Do my thing wash my hands and come out and never see a dick. So I do not know. For my own growing tyrant. The guy brought his daughter, and I could see where you might get a little nervous around comfortable get that you have to take them in there. But I just think it's a little uncomfortable. Sometimes I'm conscious of a little girl in the bathroom. The more. I wouldn't them. The more. Interesting conversation is the dribble. So how long ago did this happen? It happened to when moves last time you're here three weeks ago. And you've kept us inside inside. And you knew you're going gonna talk about it's been on my balls deep list for what does it say on the list of been my dribble for two weeks? Hey, Mark on the list is marks. Pedro says Mark pee on the rim p dribbling car habit. Get everyone. Pretty read it again. Old age Z Malone p on the rim p dribble in the car habit. That's deep. You didn't answer my question with the car. I don't. What do you do? Don't do to dry. Dribble. The car in the back. You have to shake the thing. You have to shame Schenk. Okay. If you really wanna know details, I do through p bottle in a bag that we used to take when we because we used to cloth diapers. We take out seal. So there's no smell or anything like that. Is that the Halloween here? Okay. Oh. But so there's also a zipper things keep like paper towels and zipper thing. So yeah, I make sure that I don't. Shake it shake it in the bottle is your pain in the bottle, shake it in there, or do you pull it out and shake it? I'm facin. I'm like curious how you do it. In the bathroom. Thank you. Mark. Thank you. Mark. Thank you skid. Mark. Thank you for them. Oh, my God shit, his pants skin. Mark. All of us straight authors. Call. Could sit by it's MARCY talking about doesn't put an early white. Wears. Another that shit and should have. Would ever even stopped a thing? A toilet bowl as a. Underwear up in fact, but don't call by name. Skid marks. Skin. My wanted him to best Martin. Marvin. Concede. Kenny, sell it, can you see? Shows given that you're on. Sinden songs about. All you know, all. God. Okay, everyone. Please. Flat out these stories. It was so. Almost as is you blanche everybody. I just want to give a little shout out to Fred k sent me the sweetest little Email. I will be your straight girlfriend any day. Oh, thank you. Fred k for the support. We love you at the podcast. How you guys can always Email me at Nikki knee is it Nikki, Nikki straight talk with Ross dot com for all of your fun stories things, exactly. Today, we do have to really good onto keep it a leave. Believable. What's gonna happen on believe? You haven't heard anything. He believes. Please. Did I tell you did we do particularly remember because I read these so often and usually when I'm high. So sometimes I can't remember if we should do share Lindsey rude with the necklace story. Honey, I never listened. Not really doesn't really do. I love. What is it? Was last week story. Go one the unbelievable story about that thing with the girl that was. In the guy the guy with the neck that the needle. Okay. So Lindsey rude shared the story. She said my stepdad passed away six years ago, he was in my life since I was I was honestly, my best friend losing his horrible, especially because I lost my dad when I was only nine after he passed. I bought my mom myself, a necklace charm, and we put his ashes into the charm. She said, I know some people may be creeped out by this. But it made me feel close to him. Don't judge. I would never judge whatever you, however, you deal. I actually like that idea. So I was in college at the time. So I was moving every year into a new house renew apartment and throughout this somehow. I lost the necklace. Oh that makes my heart break. Oh, she says, I was so heartbroken. I felt horrible about it. I couldn't bring myself even to tell my mom so one weekend. I went home to visit my mom, and she and I were sitting in the living room just chatting away. And let me preface this by saying that her home is immaculate much Ross's mouth nothing on the floors. Everything has its own space. And as we are talking. I looked down. And the necklace is in the middle of the floor. I fell to the ground and grabbed it thinking. There's no way that this is mine, and I asked my mom where her necklace was she went into her bedroom and found her in the jewelry box. The most incredible part is where it was it was lying on the floor. Exactly. Where my dad's hospice bed was during his last. No and Jesse and she says since then so many things have happened. I know this is my dad's of connecting which is crazy that she lost it, and it was anyway that was so meant to be I love these independece stories, but I have to say this next one. I read it to Tommy in bed last night. And he said he turned the light on. All right here, we go. This is from Kelsey, sir, sir. Nikki huge fan of the segment. Here's my creepy stories a little long, but worth listening to okay. Quick back story. My father grew up in England with my grandparents and my aunt my dad, moved back to New York while his aunt state and got in got married and had three children pay. So my aunt always said that she had a poltergeist when she was a little girl and sold in my soda, my oldest cousin Jackie said, they have these spirits followed them. They always talked about them. Okay. So then when I was eleven my dad took my brother and myself back to visit family for two weeks. Now, my brother's five years. The second that we were in England. My cousin had a school trip to Paris. So my aunt and uncle took them, and we got to stay at the house on our own parrot. Right. Exactly kids. You see? See? Who knows when they told us that they weren't going to be there for some reason. I immediately felt nervous in this house for some reason. So the night that they left for Paris. My dad and brother were watching TV downstairs, my brother, and I went upstairs, I slept in my cousin becky's room, and he slept at my cousin Jamie's room, which was down the hall. An hour. So later, I was super scared for no reason at all other than being creeped out to be alone. So I walked down the hall to where my brother was staying. I went into this room. I could see him curled up in a big debate turned towards the wall away from me. And I shook his shoulder. And I said can I please leap in here? I'm too scared to sleep alone. And he said, no, leave me alone. Now, he was sixteen and I was eleven he didn't wanna sister sleep in a boat with him. I get it. I walked out of the room. And as I was walking back. I ran into my brother in the hallway. I was done. I went back into the room where I thought his body was laying in bed and had responded to me. But there is nobody in the room the bed was flat. I think it was my cousin's poltergeist. Oh, wow. Sitting in the room under the. Talking to me. Thank you for these wonderful stories Kelsey up. So great. I was in my house, the new bungalow thing. And I was like if you're onto it was like and say, hi. No. No, I'm too needy accord, you do that you don't say. If you wanna we'll did you stage your new bungalow like I didn't because I want I want. It's like come say. Hi, yeah. Well, let's say on. Jay wanna come? That was so scary talked brother, brother. The weird part is she had twin brothers. That would make it nicer weird. Okay. He time or the lack is long day, was unpacking. Real quick. I'm just asking everybody just to go vote. That's it. Just. That's it as it's so important right now, I'm learning as we're going in these midterms. I'm understanding the power of it and diving deep into props every single day. You know what I mean? So everytime. I learned something new as as as voted already. I'm still learning. More about props. That way, I agreed with that. But just vote and I wanted to leave it with this real quick. And that's it. I'm just asking everybody vote. But recently, Oprah speaking at the for Stacey Abrams for campaigning for running for governor. But Oprah's quote for anybody here who has an ancestor that we didn't have the right to vote and you're choosing not to vote wherever you are. You are uttering your family your disrespecting and disregarding their legacy their suffering and their dreams, please go and vote. I love that Oprah. Vote. Talking about I just want to add a little bit over was talking about. She was speaking, of course in Georgia. And she was talking about story about when African Americans, and she was telling telling us about how one man dressed up in a suit walked six miles to a polling place. And they said Oprah's words, they said boy, you can't vote here. It's you you're at the wrong place. Them where else to go. So he walked six miles to the other place, and they told him you can't vote here. Wrong place, six miles to another place. And when he got there, they said. It's too late. The polls are close opus telling the story. So he walked eighteen miles in one day, inlets suit and shoes to cast a vote and couldn't. And so anybody I mean, that's Oprah's telling that story, so it's not my story to tell. But I'm just telling you. So she said I'm voting for him. And so if you have that right, and you don't do it. Think about what it what it means. You know, and so oh preaching to the choir that that to me because you can tell people it's important about you can tell it affects them. But when you think about in that context, there was another story. I heard one time about back in the olden days. They had to like ride a wagon six hours in town to vote. Wife got in the wagon and road six hours to vote. One was a Republican was a democrat. But they did it and even though the canceled their votes out. They still did it because it's important. It's important it affects everything literally it affects me if you guys are listed if you don't think it affects it affects me, they're saying the millennials the millennial numbers are down. So we need to get them. Lineal to vote it affects Nikki, it affects bags it affects CJ, it affects your mother and your sister and everybody. Okay. I will tell you this. I was listening to the news this morning, something like twenty one million people low voted in the midterms last time already early voting is like twenty nine billion this year. So even though millennials need to come in. They people are voting people are paying attention. So thank you so much. Like every single one of us has the same. Our? Yeah. Oh, I like that just vote vote vote. Jay rod. Jay. Saucy? So I was gonna say the same thing if EJ actually I think it's important out vote, especially tight hers. I know I'm new to the family, but I've always been controlling it. And someone was like, oh, my vote doesn't really count or not I do vote. But I was always tied to say knowing vote for the independent or let me vote for the outline candidate and whatnot. I think it's very important living in a time where you know, mom. Mom telling you who to vote for. But we live in a time where I think the are to clear choices, and I'll leave it at that. I don't wanna put words in anybody's mouth or endorse anything on this platform. But you know, now is the time to play games. Your voice matters go to the polls and vote for even candidate not perfect. Here's no perfect entity. Go to the booth now. Hold on hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold for Osman. I'm running for. I'm not going to go on record agreeing with that. Because I don't agree with that. So thank you so much. Thank you. All right. The time. It's come for what we've all been waiting four. mark. Markets one minute. The end of every program for years of this one thing I can't seem to get rid of here. He goes, I'm from minute. Mark. Understand. I don't want to know. First of all I said last week that I was going to post up Comecon pictures, and I never did. So I just made sure to do that. So if I'm looking at it right now, it's really cute. And then let's see, oh, I believe blanche eventually needs to make an appearance at your drag French Ross. Oh my God. I think we. I think she needs to possess your body and come out at your drag brunch. I trying to ruin my career. I think. Lance awful. Yeah. We can't afford it. Way to expensive. Blanche's to expensive. You have to you have to get out a ouija board. She. I would like to do dad or parenting, you can pay on the black maybe with Diana. We could do a parenting. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. Cancelled. And then I also had something about voting, but actually have something to help you because I know especially in California other states people can get confused about I don't know this proposition. Do I vote? Yes. Do I know that out of that? So there is a website vote. Four one one dot org. It's v OT four one one dot org. You put in your address, and it will tell you. It'll break down what you have to vote on in your area. And what you can. So will teach you about the propositions. What? Yes means what a no means. It simplifies it down and makes it so that you can go in and vote educated -ly educated like your education, watch Bokan long minute. I just thought that was important because I sometimes get confused you. There's so many ads you don't know if you yes or no not so make your own decisions. And it'll even tell you about like your comptrollers. And and you're just that. Yeah. District attorney's are big deal, by the way, make sure you pay attention to that one because they decide what people prosecute especially if you like to smoke weed, and you're not in a state where it's legal. Okay. Thank you. You know, really, wonderful important information one one dot ORG. Done it again. We reached the end of this episode. I can just turn to each and every one of you in kisses. Four more years. Thank you, so much everyone contributes he'll he's to this program. Kish kid. I am I'm headed to a Europe tomorrow. Right now. Where's your first off is Amsterdam glasco? And then I go to a Manchester. Okay. Vermes? But it's okay. You know, life happens where it's like everything, you know, and you sort of figure it out you get there and just go to gratitude, you know, so anybody else to Honey, I'm grateful for so many things on the top of that list is four years doing this with all of you this thing. All thank you so much. Thank you. Okay. If you want to follow me on social media. I'm hilar us the show is of course. Hello Ross pod. C J C J life that C J A Y L Y F E. Mark is bookie and mauve. Oh dot co slash Movember. Bro dot co flush. Thank you. Nikki Boyer is Nikki Boyer on Twitter. And I am Nikki Boyer on Instagram Malone, is fact, Z Malone on everything. Make sure you subscribing love his podcasts at skate, aka gay podcast, failed everywhere. Josh into score Rodriguez underscore. From the bottom of my heart. Honestly for years. I can't believe it so grateful. Thank you think. You think you think showing Kish?

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