Masvidal vs. Usman Preview show with Bill Dawes, Grant Dawson, Tom Lawlor, & Mark Martin | #618


So I do. Greeting married, we were abused, you know from time to time. Once again for your favorite mixed martial arts podcast recording out of Los Angeles California off their mom with Hunter that guy off the podcast maybe a great show today. Like I was saying Bill Simon, I've been like like I thought I had Cove. The vaccine but I just been sick like no other and not the second shot and the second shot. Did you in know? I got a second job like a month ago. I don't know what happened. I've just like I said just sneezing coughing. I have like a hundred and wage. Point eight or something looking crazy holyshit a hundred hundred a hundred Point. Okay 108. Yeah, nothing crazy. But like my wife's like toughen up basically and then took to watch the baby while that's going on and just spending a rough couple days, but it's okay. I'm here. We're here do a great podcast. We got a great show today. We got Grant Dawson who's a huge Street? He's a guy that one with one second left his last fight, which was insane. We have Tom lawlor was in the pfl that guy had a crazy trip. He's in the UFC and he got banned for like, I don't know off or something, but he didn't know and I believe him but he's been a pro wrestler. He was in that Golden Boy MMA thing and I was in the pfl could win a million dollars. So we have a whole and then we have another guy who's fighting for the Ella faith. This week was also a badass who wrestles for OSU which is Tom Ryan. He's the guy that gave me the scholarship, which was I didn't take it but Tom Ryan's one of them is wrestling coach. Why don't you take it because this guy's name is Mark Showtime Martin cuz I thought that like I was in high school like wrestling a tire life and I thought like you went to college or some D1 it would just be my whole life again. Yeah III then I can actually have fun in college at the same time wrestle and it won't need a whole life, but you wanted to crush some puss and you thought that your behavior of course, but I was wrong cuz wrestlers kind of sports like all or nothing. There is no like even D3 is basically like, you know, three practices off a working out or two packs a day cutting way if you want to be good at anything, there's no specially with wrestling and maybe basketball is different or football, but when you're wrestling D1 D2 D3 birth A full-time job. Yeah, you want to be an All-American? So I learned that really quickly and I was I kind of burned myself out. I was losing like eighteen pounds a week was coming in at 1:50 on Monday and waiting 134 was 16 pounds by Thursday. Do we get all the wrong way talking about like sleeping with seven layers on opening up the windows. So it's cheaper at night just not eating Wednesday and Thursday. I've been salad sandwiches spinning in a couple week wearing two rubber suits to go for runs. And the year that I did that with two kids died holyshit and you and your your program but like in my league when your league kids were rubber suits and then a rubber suits what he was jump roping in the shower with a rubber suit, and he passed out and another kid was on a bicycle the rubber suit and a shower and passed out which I don't even think of that my identity would have done that song. Had I might be in a bicycle in a shower. Yeah, and I'm not even going to be like, oh that's so stupid because I one hundred percent would have done that horse adoption. Now, do you think the the colleges are high schools have any obligation to this bullshit at this point? Cuz at this point like everyone's being nicer and trying to protect everyone like now that looks like abuse. Well, they changed the rules they changed the rules to like after after me that they go they had a body percent fat thing where you can't get within like you can't lose within like 5% body fat or 6% but it's still kids find the ways to do it. I think anytime it's hard man. I think any time you have sports where people way in and their advantage by being at a higher weight gain time kids are going to do that. Yeah, like even with this been a stroke. I mean, he never should have agreed to find out 190. He fought 170. So he was fighting a guy that was two ten to Fifteen, you know, and he was fat he was a fat once a month. I mean, he could have been fifty five. I think I'm sure I mean Jose know but so I mean we we talked about have you talked to Benson's to Jake Paul fight. I tax it and I text it back. He's such a good deal cuz I'm like, hey man, you know like been your fucking your you know, that was a bad stoppage the same time. I'm thinking about it. It's probably a good stop. I don't want to see the guy completely laid out. But hey, you know keep your head off. I love you and anything and he wrote back like thanks man. How are you doing? Like his first thing is like what's new with you? Like that's how bad it is. Like he just took his own little planet man, like like when he texted out when he tweeted out during the thing like this isn't family entertainment like because he really was thinking that like, yeah, he has like wrestlers and the families like I don't know man been is just he's a different he's a different kind of guy and I I I'm still angry that that happened off. Because I think stoppage the soffit you think the stoppages too early fight. I think him going in there like not knowing how to really know how to box. It shows you how good you can be. Mme. Yeah not be a great boxer. If you're a great wrestler or even a good boxer even even an average boxer. He's not even an average boxer like Ben askren. It shows you how I used to be like they would argue. Oh, what's the most important skill? I think I think this shows that wrestling is the most important skill. I used to be Jiu-Jitsu is created to show that you did see was now wrestling is pretty much proven to be the dominant Sport and MMA wrestling with grappling because he would take you down also submit you if you're naked choke never but I mean, I'm trying to think of one guy that thought crossed over really to either one and now it's getting ridiculous because now they're saying that now Jake today have got announced Logan Paul is going to fight Mayweather wage. Soon fell and which is also crazy because they're saying that Logan can't weigh more than 190 and Mayweather can't weigh more than one sixty which is why can't what you have to have a thirty-pound like why can't Mayweather get the one is it going to be too out of shape if you like? Why are we why are we capping a lot? The lighter guy? Like what that makes no sense, right? Yeah. I mean Bill talked about that because why can't you be 175 versus a 190-pound like why can't they just make a catch weight? But because I think Floyd Money Mayweather's people try to prove like it doesn't matter how much bigger this guy is. I'm going to fucking school him. Yeah. I know but nobody cares. I'm I'm curious as to why do I see you're saying they capping neighbors way I could see why they're saying. Okay Logan can't remember when I need to go to be 2:30 versus a 145-pound. I guess like a handicap in golf. It's a it's a handicap for a black man. You know what? I mean? He got a fucking like I mean, are they saying that like because if he weighs more than one 160 then he'll be out of shape. No, I think what they're saying. Is that like we get that this is a lopsided fight and it's not a realistic entertaining fight. So the only way to make entertaining is to force away differential. It was like in the song Rocky movie where Stallone's fighting. He's like sixty eight years old and he's fighting. Yeah only way they had a realistic as the other guy's arm was like broken, right? Right, right. Okay, I guess would be sixty he could be able guy with who has long arm. It's like I know and he still lost I just don't understand the cap on the smaller guy. I guess the cap on the bigger guy, but I don't really have on the smaller guy. I did makes no sense. What what happens if he's five pounds. I'm sorry fights off. We got later that makes no sense to me. So, yeah, so that's going to happen. And now they're saying McGregor vs. Jake Paul dead. Is going to happen. I'd like that. I like that fight. I mean people are thinking that according to some poll. I don't know who their polling. I mean, it's just like like I never got a phone call about this page what I like, I mean, I never get pulled anyway, so like even on the election and real polls allegedly, but according to this poll Thirty for the people think that Jake Paul can knock out Mayweather and Conor McGregor, which is like crazy because look McGregor has not been a screen but never trained for a fight came from Mayweather featuring strictly boxing for a year. Yeah, so we gotta think that should be inspiring for 10/12. I know however long it's been fighting. Yeah. So he was he like an amateur boxer in Ireland too. I think he was an amateur boxer in Ireland. So we gotta think that he's a better athlete Than Jake Paul. I just going to Jake Paul has got a better right-handed Jake Paul. I don't see where it Jake Paul has the advantage and other than the fact that McGregor hasn't training Muay Thai Club. Issue between McGregor wasn't raining for Pacquiao. If you're training for Pacquiao, I don't see I don't see it. I mean, how how is how young man? But the point is what are these YouTube Fox is God go down. You know me for real like it's enough is enough man what BJ Penn said, he went by the wayside. I'm sick. Like I said, if I'm off today, I apologize BJ Penn also said he wants to fight. I don't want to see this. I don't want to say either nobody. They can't like we gotta have an intervention on this one. Like like I said, I think he walks to the ring the lights come on. It's his family and friends. We're all there. We should know we can't let this happen. So I know that's a great way to do it. That's a great way to do intervention on like some who's too old to fight like making think they're like stepping into the ring and then like let's got a guys know. I mean we can't have right. I mean, I don't even I mean birth By his friend the other day, like remember that fat friend that knocked him down. He came back and won but he would have lost a boxing match. I mean down and joked about man. So and then also Jake Paul. He was led to a wrestling match on pay-per-view versus askren. Now, he's not cuz actions are loser. Okay. First of all, no one's no one's ordering that pay-per-view. No one's ordering a wrestling memory. Yeah, Jake Paul aspirin kills them in wrestling, but nobody cared everyone expects that yeah. I mean he I I do hate these kids, but you know what? They're good. They they got me into we're talking about them. Are we talking about them? They're good. It's not even but At least with like McGregor these guys that like like annoy me. Sometimes I respected the skill set. I guess I respect the skill set of Jake Paul. He works hard. He does this but there's he's not even like ranked like at least it's McGregor. You're like, yeah. He's the best from the world Jake Paul isn't in the top 500 boxers in his weight class in California University. You know, I mean how many faces he had? Like what if I'm just saying, I don't know anything about what if he just happened to be a prodigy. Yeah. What if he person what if he pins a screen in wrestling like what if like what if a scary thought it was like, all right. Give me another five hundred grand. I'll let you fucking from you on my head head. He spars with Francis ngannou and gods like that's the hardest punch ever took and there was like Jesus Christ Jake Paul who knew that's what I thought, Gregor like what if like in the first round he knocks out McGregor does everyone just quit watching and at that point we'll just say, all right. Fuck this man. Busy and but the thing is like the whole thing just bothers me because like I've just been raised with like hard work hard work hard wood every fucking gig I took I do every gig whether it's in a laundromat a supermarket with you the road which just just grind grind grind grind bank. And then this dude like yeah he works hard but he also like has the best trainers the best people and any parties of these Instagram model towards some of them have been to my show these girls. Yeah, you don't go out like expressionless like they sit there on their phone the whole time they don't even look up and they found like you would think they don't speak English. They don't laugh nothing changes and then you go in their Instagram and they have the hottest photos ever like it's just anyway Grant Dawson is here. He's a guy that is a badass fighter. I was working for your last fight. I'm not going to lie the last guy they threw in with you hadn't lost his what like 2011 Yeah, it had been it had been a while since he had had a loss Diego Ferrer, right? And that was a good fight. I mean I had a winning. I had a morning the first couple of rounds it was claimed it was do you think you won the first two personally? I had at 1 to 1 going into the third. Yeah, how I saw it and then on the scorecards I was actually up. I won both rounds on the scorecards good so I figured it was close enough that if I'm waiting on, you know, all three judges scorecards. It was it was close enough, but no it was it was definitely closer than it's been in most of my other fights. Yeah. Yeah. I had a one-on-one too, but I was also like nervous and I think James Krause was nervous too. Yeah, you talk about James Krause is a guy your coach is like I know people that have like went out with them. He's the most loyal to his wife most loyal guy. That was friends. He's a great father great trainer joke about a guy like is the best role model. He must have probably he might have birth. Like seven people when he was younger and that's for sure it got for it. But what a great guy to have in your corner, man, and he didn't like good for you. What do you mean anything to say about James Krause home? And how long is your podcast? Cuz there's just it's an endless amount. I mean, you know him personally like he seems you know, he's kind of closed off to two other people to where it's like he doesn't let just anybody into his Circle, you know, he he's he's always friendly but you can really tell when when he's bought into a guy or somebody's bought into him the amount of loyalty that he has for that person. I mean, I'll go watch him when he wins a fight and then go watch him when one of his guys wins a fight when he went to fights like whatever, you know giving my check and when when his guys win the fight, it's like the end game. He's jumping over the cage. He's he's cheering. It's just you can really see that he cares more about his his people even than his own career. Yeah, but I gotta say Grant. I mean you're a kid that like I knew you when you were like dead. Just getting into the USA. You came to my show. You were this young kid. You had this hot girlfriend who thought she was about canceling two younger, but that makes you look like a pedophile but she looked like a little kid. You look like a little cute couple a cute little couple and I hear you are what like five fights later and they put you in there with murderers man and every single time you're coming out looking like a stud. Yeah. A lot of people have said that, you know, I haven't fought anybody but I fought and Ultimate Fighter winner. I fought the guy that was undefeated in the UFC who had a win over Chicago Santos and he beat GSP in a grappling match. I fought the former cage world world named these people, please so Mike trizano one The Ultimate Fighter off the not the last guy. I fought the guy before that his name was Nanna Romani, and he was the cage cage Warriors world champions say that ten times fast. So, you know, he he's dead. Get to I fought Derek Miller who is a veteran and I'm going to be honest with you. I trained with Derek now and he is one of the most talented dudes I have ever gone with he he is he's alive or give them credit for and then you know fighting Leonardo Santos undefeated in the UFC wins over Kevin Lee Stevie Ray like his list goes on and on and he submitted GSP and a grappling match, flying armbar, which is incredible. So everybody's like man Here's a thought anybody. He hasn't fought anybody. It's like you guys are a bunch of casuals actually. Look at the people that I bought you doing the right thing you not get caught in any that bullshit but I don't even read the comments ban don't even look because I don't have enough followers yet to not see it. You know, like when somebody comments I'm like, oh what a my friends commented may never one of my friends. Do I do the first of all Grant look I met you when you were working at an old age home. Yeah like Bellator. Yeah. He's working and and like wage. I mean look at you five fights later. You're a fight winning streak. Yeah, I mean my my winning streaks 8, but any UFC doing you're doing everything right but I 5 a.m. Should give seats should put you in line for a title. I mean most of the time like that's the streak where you get the title shot at five fights. You know what I mean? How close are you do that? I mean, I think I'm going to get a ranked opponent next. We're calling for for clay Guida, but I think they'll give me a ranked opponent and and we'll go from there. It was so funny. Cuz I go. Hey man, great when he goes are you going to finally got a roast me now and like how long this one second left? So so here's the thing though you roast all the famous people and so when you start roasting me, that's how I know. I've made it. So I'm like, I'm on Adam I 1000% Where's your like your like you go? Yeah. You're right. Don't you one more fight Grant one more fight that I've made it and I've made an updated man. Now, where did you think of the aspirin? I know we know what she didn't tell her real fine job. Think about that fight the Jake Paul fight with baskaran. Yeah, man, everybody's like everybody's talking about this by everybody is, you know got their own opinions on this page. Like I think that's only makes boxing look bad, you know, everybody is saying like this makes the UFC look bad or MMA look bad and I completely disagree with that. This this is a a YouTuber that is thriving in what is supposed to be considered one of the toughest sports in the world. So and and he's doing it by not beating up boxers. You know, people are saying wow he can legitimately box. When is he fought a boxer when he was also kind of show the boxing it might be the least amount of skill that you need to win fights because it's a router because you're the guy that 119 fights off without even knowing her all punch. All right, and not to mention just to just to talk about been asking one of my one of my coaches came in and he was like, hey your boy lost last night cuz I was picking been to win money. And I was like, yeah, he lost last night and he still accomplished more in three different sports than you and I ever will, you know, he he was in the top ten of three different major promotions. He was champion and two of them went on to the world teams and wrestling and now has made more money in boxing than than you are I ever will like what do you who who's making fun of this guy? Like, who's why are we why am I want to rather him win? I just don't know what he was thinking like his goal was to prove this guy sucks worse than him and like that's not afraid of his goal was to make half a million dollars. I think you made more than that. Actually, I think you made pay-per-view and that so yeah, you're right, but it probably over a million, but do you think he had but don't you think his trainers? Like I love would lie a lot and I love Biggie Mike but shouldn't have told him like your been. Um, you don't really know how to box like your parents. Don't really your parts just don't really hurt your punches are based like the way even stands is the guy throws a punch at him. He Ducks his dog. Like like that's that's his skills. So we never actually learn how to even turn his present pissed over he was showing like basically the Rock'em sock'em robot. Show me somebody has said I'm like broke. This is not going to go well for you. So here's my question for you. You are a very very good comedian. Yeah, would you step into the boxing ring for half a million to pretty much a million dollars? Of course, I would but okay. Yes. Yes. Of course. I would I would step in the ring to blow another dude in the ring. Hey, I tell everybody. Hey everybody's got your life. I mean don't you think that you would know this is not going to go. Well, like I think he really plays in a way of life, but that's just that's just a competitors mindset when you've won as much as Ben askren has one he's going to believe in himself and you gotta remember that. He's never tried to get good at striking. He's only tried to be good at wrestling even in his MMA. He doesn't he doesn't strike. He just he gets good at wrestling only one time. This is allegedly that he might have Asperger's right and that basically he doesn't it does things don't register the way the way other people and like I think he doesn't even care like I think he I don't think he I'm not sure if he even has that capability of being embarrassed but he's like, okay, I don't know he was dead. Terrorists you think so he was definitely in bed the next day. He had a barbecue at his house and compensating. That's like a premature ejaculate. I'm like, oh you play disc golf with his friends. Yeah. I mean, I don't know if he even cares. I don't know if anyone cares and if he does have Asperger's fine, that's great. I'm not putting it down. I'm honestly not because I have a lot of friends who have on the spectrum app or Asperger's this is not I think it's awesome. I think it's I think it's everyone is different. I don't even I don't know if he cares. I don't know if U cares Grant I was for the background. How's your how's your life to it? I wanted. Dad. He's trying to make it but I don't know. I don't even say even take that part of the podcast. I'm going to get flag now for saying that I heard he has Asperger's. Oh no. No, I don't think that's perhaps you didn't say he was retarded. You said he might be on the Spectrum. There's a difference. So Grant talk about the fights this week. Okay? Yep. C61 boost modern versus mosfet all who do we like in this bike ramp? Who's been? I mean everybody is so quick to forget what happens and that's one thing that I hate about the Sport Mazda it all gets outwrestled by every single wrestler that he's fought except one and that was Ben askren who he knocked out in 5 seconds and people think that he's got this like anti wrestling phone. Never Moosomin has the best wrestling in that way class. He's bigger he's stronger and now he's got power and striking now, he's been working with Whitman. I think it goes exactly the same way as the first fight and I'm not even predicting a finish on who's been sparked bill. I completely agree with that. Yeah. I don't think it's only close. Yeah. I mean look, I don't know man. I mean every time they'll people count out most of all he seems way back remember when he knocked out Wonderboy, right? We're not that would knock out wonderfully know you're thinking of Darren's Hill-Kelly knocked out. Yeah Pettis boy. I got there until 7 a.m. It seems like mothballs good when everyone counts them out, whatever ones depending on them is when he fucks up, but when everyone's like, you know what it's over so maybe a new spot the last fight everyone talked about how great he looked against against Burns. He he was getting rocked. He was getting fucking killed. I mean that first round I was like whoa, so maybe I will say though it is really hard to fight those guys that just come out and start throwing hammers like Guzman. I'm sorry Burns had nothing to lose in that fight. He comes out. He just starts swinging like crazy and does. Well, I do think that he he lost the first round and he was getting her and he's getting thrown around but it's it's hard to fight those guys man. And then that's why I you know, smart Fighters and I'm not saying Burns isn't a smart fighter, but that's why we don't do that. You don't come out and just go crazy because if you don't finish them now, it's the second round you're tired and you've got 20 more minutes left to Fight Club. That ever happen to you. Yeah, it happened to me it with Julian erosa was my UFC debut. And I I took him down and I was so focused on just trying to hit him. He kept getting up and I think there was like sixteen takedowns in that in that fight. And I remember just being in the middle of the second round going. Oh my God, like I've never been this tired in a fight before I can't hold this dude down does not look tired at all. And I've still got seven minutes left to fight. Luckily. He got tired in the third and I was able to hold him down the rest of the 3rd, but it's one of those things where you know, I think that burns learned from that loss just like I learned a lot. I beat I beat Julian but still like I learned a lot in that fight about not just going crazy. Cuz if you don't get the finished you still got a lot of fight left off. There are so many times like a comedy where like, I'm sure Bill like you don't have like a set an hour set and the first eight minutes nothing you're getting absolutely nothing and like I'm trying like my best jokes shower work wage. And I'm like, all right, this you know two ways I could either like just mail it in phone it in, you know pick up my check go home, or I can do everything that I possibly can to get them, you know, because I know I know that I haven't always have excuses like, oh crowd stuff the opener with security or it's sucking cold but happen or always never a dull never runs out of excuses, but I know that in the back of my head on that ride home. I'm going to go be like if I'm honest with myself going it was my fault. This is all my fault. I could have done better I could so I don't want to have that conversation myself in my head. So that's but but I hear you man. Have you ever had that were like even sometimes if you're winning, you're like I can Coast for a victory for know in the back of my head. I'm going to be like I could have went for the finish that happened in my net Normani fight. I was clearly up two rounds. I I had a 10-8 round in the second round. We we knew there was no way I was going to lose and I told myself like hey, I'm going to strike with this guy and and we spent the entire month. Striking and I could have I felt like I could have pushed for a finish or I could have gotten a finished if I wanted to and like you're saying on the way home. I was like, oh I was just trying to get comfortable striking or oh I just wanted to work on my striking but in my heart, I know that if I had put forth the effort took him down I could have gotten the submission. So it's it's a it's kind of a battle to where it's like I got better at striking that is a plus but I also didn't get the finish off and I could have gotten the finished if I had gone back to grappling and and so, you know, I feel like there's there's there's pros and cons to both. So we got a filthy Tom wall or joining us. I mean, I you know him Grant Tom lawlor, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He's actually on he's on the podcast. He's in the pfl. Now. Are you going to watch the NFL tomorrow night? I am for sure. Yes. Okay people. Let me tell you about pfl tomorrow night. Okay, two ways to watch it where to watch the fights at 9:00 on ESPN2. Okay, the prelims start at 5:30 on ESPN plus 5:30 ESPN plus ESPN to 9:00. Filthy Tom lawlor. I am so happy with this guy because Grant you know, you got an easy Road you are right to the UFC Contender. You have seen it's a struggle. All right, but this guy and I'm going to I'm going to get you out of this one right here. Go see Tom. Okay, this guy one of The Ultimate Fighter home made it actually Lost In The Ultimate Fighter came back up beat CB dollaway the game Aaron Simpson the gave him all these guys hit the fight Chris Weidman, and that was the fact actually no, this is back Tom that I actually texted data wider somebody after that. Why would fight I go this guy's going to be Champion. Not you I thought you're knocking Champion, but I might Chris Weidman. Is the next big thing because I knew how good you were and I was like Chris Weidman is a fucking did you did you realize what you fall Chris? He was going to be the next big thing. No. No, I still think he sucks how long I actually agree with Tom. I had a bad night worst nights of my life friends were all hammered all day the rat and hot wings at some fucking place in Downtown San Jose and they ruined my day and carried on the whole night. Chris Weidman went out there. I mean it was like, I'm I'm one of the few people Adam. Yes who probably can say, they slept with the UFC champion in front of a lot of people because Chris why we put me out like 2 minutes there so long. Well, it doesn't matter man doesn't matter where you start it's where you end up and you're going to win the million dollars to see in the pfl. I don't know. Yeah because you've been you've been grinding you got that Bulls. Steroid thing where you had like, you took a smoothie and then you got test off. Okay bulb on it wasn't even steroids. But what is ostarine the very dangerous sarm ostarine? I had Point 17 picograms in my system. You want to talk about throwing a hotdog down a hallway, right? I mean, that's really really a low low low low low low low lower than Jon Jones lower than anybody. Yeah, and then they banned you for two years. There was like a month left. They kick you out of the UFC a bunch of nonsense. I mean and here you are still grinding you're still grinding is and yet he looks great. I said watch this guy trained over at Syndicate. He's out you're a pro wrestler as well. We talked about that for a second and not killing the game man. So what made you join the PSL by the way, I mean, how can you say? No when somebody goes? Hey, do you want to fight somebody and you have an opportunity to win a million dollars a month? I mean, you gotta win four fights this season and you're gonna do it in somewhat easy or quick and spectacular fashion to get enough points. But when you have an opportunity like on your plate, what can you say? You can't say? No, you can't say no. What are you doing? My my daughter's in the other room. My dad came to watch her. I'm like, I'm sick hard man. So the so the guy knew where where are you right now? Are you in Atlantic City? Yeah. I'm in Atlantic City. I'm on the I'm on where I could see the boardwalk. I can see people hanging out in the pool. Unfortunately. They're not much to look at here on the East Coast, but you know, I'm here in the ocean Casino. Yeah seems nice, but I've only been on like wage floor so I can't really confirm nor deny. So when are you actually fighting? I'm fighting next Thursday PSL to so the seasonal start tomorrow pfl-1 headlined by Anthony Pettis and Club. Hollered, it'll be downstairs in this hotel. I don't think I even get to watch it live. I think I'll be watching it on T like everybody else. But next Thursday is the day that I'm looking forward to do is give some predictions. Who do you like Pettis or clay Cotter? I'm going to I'm going to go with the upset. Wow play-caller right here Grant. No, no, no, no, no, no contest. That's the Red Lobster Shack Grant Dawson. Who do you? All right. I'll take over Anthony Pettis over the former UFC champion. Hey, I liked what I saw in the boxing ring. I know he's coming down a couple of decision losses, but I think if Peta stands with you might be in trouble Grant Dawson, I'm just going to say if that fight goes to a no-contest in anyway, we need to hire Tom as the new Matchmaker the new odds predictor, whatever cuz that's nuts. I gotta go with Pettis man. I think that I don't think he's going to win the tournament off-chance Schultz's is going to be too much for him and then low key in there. I think that's how you pronounce. His name is the the guy who got second place last year. The those two guys are just Savages, but I definitely think that. Get through this guy and and end up having to fight one of them and and those guys are just going to be him. I think that those guys are just terrible matchups for Pettis. Now we talk about Emma guys have been into boxing clay caller one of the boxing and started walking out like prospects. They were bringing them in as like the tell me and he was like now fuck that. I don't I don't like this script so good for him. Now you fought Tom for De La Hoya. You took that amazing Golden Boy Chuck vs. Tito seven. I remember watching that live and when they shoot when they when they went to footage of Chuck Liddell getting out of the car. Everyone was like, oh no like you can eat it like a ramp to get into the arena. Did you did you see that going? This is not going to go. Well, what were you thinking then? Yeah. I actually thought that they were going to bring him out of like the the back of the van with the you know, where a lowers down and he's in a chair. You know, I was on that show you talk about Oscar De La Hoya, he's been the butt of a few jokes this week off. Due to his performance on triller and I just remember that he'd even show up at that fight. Right? He wasn't even at the event that he put on. Unfortunately. I had a decision loss on that flight and mashed my hand and the pieces onderon wins face and couldn't fight for a while. But I remember going in the back and and after that fight was over the Chuck Liddell fight. I looked at I looked at my coach John would I said John? I wasn't that bad was I and he goes no no wasn't like that. So that was a that was a killer fight. By the way. They were calling them in the next big thing. I think if he gets to his natural way to 1:25 because I mean it's like it's like someone left corner and like the dryer and then he came out, but he's actually a good fighter. I mean, he's a really good fighter is great wrestler, but you yourself man. I think people get you get overlooked. I was looking at your stats. You were a division to National Champion, right? No birth. Oh, no. No, I've wrestled on and she wa which the club program but you know, most of the competitions were open tournaments and you know, I I defeated you know, it's a a division two all-americans guys who were qualifying for the NCAA one Nationals at the time. So when I graduated from college, I was actually a pretty good job wrestler, but that was like, what was that fifteen years ago or a 16 years ago five? Yeah. Well, I was wrestling heavyweight at all the open tournament. So, you know my senior year. I was actually I was taken down in 52 matches. I was taking down two times one was by Mike Faust who was a wrestler Virginia Tech. He was like the heavyweights. I figure one out to coach at Iowa. I think you might take it for that year in the ncaa's and the other one was the guy Richard golf who was a heavyweight at Cleveland State who was dead. Yeah, at least qualified for the Nationals one time but I remember he like at a at a tournament. He's standing cradled me within like the first 30 seconds of the match and I came back to beat him like 4 or 2:12 or something and over time. But those are the only two times I was taken down that year. I'd beat you know guys from Central Oklahoma guys from you know, plenty of d-1 programs Navy do cause you know, North Carolina, you know, I I could run down the list if I went back and looked but yeah, I was actually I was I felt really good with my wrestling at the time, you know. Yeah, like I said a 16 years ago now I'm I'm a pro wrestler. So yeah. I know you're pro wrestling fun to do you have any any goals to make it to the WWE or aw, you know WWE is not in my future. I don't think I have you know, you mentioned my stint in the UFC. I kind of find myself on the bad side of promotions every once in a while. I remember going into the The Goldberg. Like fights and they had like meetings backstage with the commentators before before the show went on and they they start asking us questions. Like you know, what do you what do you see? What do you think about yourself a promotion? And I was like look you guys you guys dropped the ball on this one. All you've been doing is promoting two old guys, right? We know Chuck can't fight. I'm like, you got effort escudero thoughts on the show a former tough winner, you know trying to have his own Redemption story. He was fighting gleison tibau you had myself a professional wrestler taken on one of the top amateur wrestlers of them are on win and this was something they didn't promote at all and I sort of throwing that you know at them and they the guy kind of like well hey what's going on here? So, you know, I am a little bit too outspoken for my own good sometimes and quite frankly if you watch like the WWE I wouldn't be able to do what I want under that realm and it's off. One of these things like, you know, I'm sure you get asked all the time. Like hey, don't you want to be on SNL do you want to do so something like that? And yeah, you know off the grass isn't always greener. Ya know. What's your now are you in wrestling? Do you go out of filthy tongue or do you have another app? Yeah. I've I've now reached a point where I am unapologetically by myself. I wish I could come up with a different character like Adam Hunter multiple-time amateur wrestling champion, but unfortunately, I've used my boss real name up until this point do some of the things grants. I don't know if you remember Grant are you sleeping? Yeah. Sorry. I'm not talking about you right now. Okay. You would be freaking Millennials, but you remember watching Tom come out with like a bondage like he came out like you got like a you had some of the funniest entrances I've ever seen in my life. Like, I don't know Bill remember this he used to come out versus like Hulk Hogan dead. Make you understand Severn then like you came out with like meta. It was like some kind of S&M thing. My favorite though was there was no no Adam Adams. It was a dog collar. Okay, CB dollaway Seth petruzelli had me on a dog leash leading me down to the ring. But I mean, I don't want to I don't want to get it twisted because the S&M thing is something I do in my own time off. Okay. Got you all dog collars doesn't ask them involved dog collars are like it's not SMS dog collars is bestiality different. I don't know. I never get a dog collar and they will show you walking with a dog collar jobs and they acted as if it was totally normal. You're like, oh here comes Tom Waller and I'm like, we're not we're just not going to address the fact that he's a dog collar on him and is that all for is barking like crazy get a totally overlooked that like that's and then the one time there was a there was a really bad wrestling promo the shockmaster right everything this bill of Grant grab you watch w a dead. I do not. You're a loser. Right? There was a guy who the Shocker the guy the guy came out and it was like the worst promo of all time. Like he like tripped and fell over the wire wage and like when through the wall interests were kind of laughing at them and you did that right? You came as a shock mastered. Yeah. Yeah, correct. That was that was a deep burn not a lot of people got that one. And for some reason this is like the one-time UFC history. I wrote the fight was in Montreal and they had some weird set up at like a nightclub for the way ends. And it was like the one time where you come right out of the curtain and for some reason there was a little like there was a lip. They're just like when the shockmaster didn't I couldn't believe it when I got there. I was blown away. They had the perfect setup for me to do that. So yeah, that's one of my favorites but not a lot of people got that one. Yeah, but it was it was epic. All right. So let's talk about the next fight pfl Natasha all day versus Martin held Grant who do like this fight mates have strong. Uh, he's he's won it twice now and I think he's the best 155 or outside the UFC Tom. I'm going to agree. I'll probably get myself in trouble because my wife and her family are polish, but I'm going to go against marcion L, but I'll take Nathan as well. All right, Bubba Jenkins Lance Palmer guilty, Tom. Let's Grant Lance easy easy. Come on. This is buba Jenkins National Champion by the Jenkins. Yeah, we really Champion as well. I'm happy as well. All right, let's all right. Sorry, and then we also have molded Kabul versus Lazar. So janovic. Do we know those guys? I'm not familiar mold. Ma blade moblit. Did you say mulva? I did same oil but I met mob LED home now now filled by the way, who are you fighting first? I'm fighting Antonio Carl's jr. You face. Yep. Wow. He's the guy by the way, that submitted Garry tonon with a flying right? He had a flying something on him flying triangle and graphic try to scare me off. No, I'm just telling you what's going on. When did he did you do that with Garry tonon? He did that a while back. I wasn't it wasn't during a MMA fight. It was it was like during some like a TDI thing or something or at home. So I was trying to face. That's a good fight man. That's I don't know if you've seen me set up for the pfl this year, but they have a ton of screens and stuff around the cage. So a few tries that I may be able to log Over the top of the cage into one of these like lighting trusses that's up there. Now real quick, McGregor wants to know saying he might box Jake Paul McGregor Grant. Who is that boxing match against Jake Paul and Conor McGregor? Yeah. I'll come on man Conor McGregor like one round knockout know. I think a one-round knockout. I think you get him in the third but dude, he he literally he boxed Floyd Mayweather and I know Floyd was fucking around but he did he did well with Floyd, you know took him Ten rounds to get him out of them you're talking about the greatest boxer of all time and most people's opinion against the YouTuber like come on man. He was a good High School Ohio wrestler, right? We gotta stop coughing that dude down and spank him a filthy Tom Wood. We like McGregor vs. Jake Paul and boxing. I mean, I guess I'll take McGregor I'd given that one absolutely no thought out of that. It's not going to happen. Anyways, well Logan Paul vs Mayweather, June 5th Thursday, but yeah Logan can't weigh more than 190 and Mayweather can't remember 160 which is like, I don't know why they're camping out the bottom guy. That makes no sense. Right? Yeah. I'm like that's to make sure that he actually trains for the fight. Is that is that what it is? Maybe I don't know he doesn't need to but like why I notice a cap in the top guy but I thought that makes no sense to cap the bottom guy. All right. So this week UFC who's Mama Saddam granted already picked Guzman. I'm going with the upset and Moss Patel. I don't know why Philthy time would you like You know what? I'll take the hospital to why he's been around. He's been hey, I like I like to bet with my heart guys said you look like a Mazda. Fan look like from a fan. I'm a not a good way. I have check overs and drives Bulldogs. You would like additional shiancoe course Grant unless she's noon as she's not she's not going to lose Grant shevchenko, Tom. Shevchenko. Yeah, me too. I like that too. It seems like and Rog just can't be technical technical Strikers, which is what shevchenko is Zane Walley versus Rose namajunas tom o Shang. I think I think it's her all day. You'll of Communists you bastard Nicholas and that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever in my life. I'm off to do something, right Raley's Jiang. Yeah finished. Okay, by the way, how's that making Anderson doing this for loss? I don't know. I haven't seen her. She has a bit of gym. She had she had surgery on her nose and I believe her shoulder as well. So she's been recovering from that, right? Yeah. Wow. Wow. Amanda is a bad bitch man. Wow, that's crazy. I want you to win though. I really wanted to win. I like Pena a lot. That's that's going to be a tough one though. You're right a halt Chris Weidman bill. God damn, I just like you're right. I like your I haul but I don't like either one of those Fighters you like them as people like you seem like a nice guy like he cries when he hurts people and Chris Weidman just a just strikes me as boring and annoying. I don't know I was I was hanging out with your idol Hall like after m a horse years ago and it was a year when stylebender one like all the awards people kept congratulating Uriah Hall on winning and had to I had to tell him why like, he's a lot of people keep congratulating me. I'm like MC racism and policing I was like cuz they think that your style bender and take a look of disappointment in his face was just like I was like, I know dude I gotta be awesome. But man that was that was that was Ralph. So Tom like why men are your, Idaho? I'd like to go to bed feel good about myself on Saturday. So I'm going for Chris Weidman because you meet you exactly but you know like Weidman, I do want to win. I can separate my personal feelings for business in this case. Got it. I don't dislike. Why did I was going to do like, he's a typical New York guy, you know on the surface like Adam said he's or somebody said he's annoying. You know, I'm from New England. I'm from New England. So, you know when you're faced with two New Yorkers, you don't really want to pick either one of them, but I'll take the guy that with my ass in front of millions of people. So no not Tom where the difference in wrestling fans and anime fans. A chromosome going which way they're going down on both sides. Actually. What gets you what got you the ability to crush the most puss. Is it WWE or MMA? What you better get the latest? He's in the different. Yeah. I mean, I'm married but it's definitely at my May. That's there's no real about that dress like like a pro wrestling event, especially the ones that I'm doing you sure you wouldn't want to touch crowd most of the time, you know, whether it's man or woman at least when you go to MMA events, there's people like getting dressed up and getting dolled up. You don't I don't see that. You see people at wrestling events getting dolled up in like ICP makeup, you know, which hey that's it's up my alley bite. I've never seen anything like Indy wrestling the crowd just curses out the wrestling people and then they Restless Chris amount back like it's a full-on like argument like that's what do I put drive and go fuc yourself, like just like strictly money. There's nobody to tell anyone to quiet down like that's part of the show. I've had so many fans, you know, yell at me and like guys will go fate suck my dick and I go hey Whip It Out Go ahead. Let's see how we got nobody ever. Nobody ever takes the bait. What is it? What do they do? The oil? Somebody says? Okay. What you going to do? You got on your word am I where I wear knee pads for the ring for a reason. I have a there was a guy that like his move was like to have the other wrestler grabbed his cock and then he would like and then the guy would like flips he had like the greatest penis ever, but we can talk about that guy because my friend wants to fight that guy. All right? Yeah, we were elected. Okay. Okay persona. Non grata now, okay perfect world laughing at this. Sorry about that. All right, so get ready to clean the pipe soon too. Yeah my wife anyway, all right, let them know. It's not my wife. That's not my wife. So Jimmy crute takeout Anthony Smith. Anthony Smith is a nicest guy I've ever met like, he's one of those dudes like I remember interviewing. Back when he was like in a row bcw or some kind of and I was like, hey man, thanks for coming on the show. He goes. Thanks for giving a shit about my fights like and he's a guy that never forgot that like, he's just a good human being love Anthony Smith. I don't really watch any crew. But any time tonight I'm going to root for energy Smith, you know Axwell howler. Jimmy true it's good. I'm going to take Jimmy crew just because I think Anthony Smith has been he's bitter like fighting too much. You know what I mean sport a lot and he's had a lot of wear and tear like I said wrong house, even I kind of those those a meth addict tried to Rob them and like Anthony fought him, but it was only like a 10-9 round. It was like a close friend Grant, you know, they're not talking about grants guy off his house. Yeah, so I know Anthony really well because we're both from Nebraska and when I was an amateur, he would he would be at all the shows that I was fighting at and so he still had like a hundred more fights than me at that point is career. But yeah, he told me about that. He said that he said that that meth addict was the toughest fight he's ever been and he's like I hit that too so hard it hurt my hand and he was just like eating like nothing. I was like man, that's a hell of a drug. Oh my god, dude. I just made this. I mean man, that's that's crazy how I got a tough time with Shawn Jones dead. Well, that was it was after that when he tweeted that he tweeted that that was one of the toughest fights. He's ever had John Jones. We retweeted him and was like, excuse me. I think he was mad. Allegedly. I think he was on painkillers. The Jon Jones fight. Like I think that he was like if you look at that fights in slow motion, I think he hurt I know from some sources that he heard himself pretty bad and they put him on painkillers for that fight off Anthony. Yeah. I didn't know that which is why he was in slow motion for that fight. It makes sense. Like he that was not the same Anthony Smith that that photo of the people but I mean that you gotta give the credit note of John Jones on that one man. Like what well like you say, like look at what people are saying about Gates you fighting can be there like that wasn't the real gate. She it's like needs to be was just that fucking good. You know, like I definitely think that Anthony Smith could have fought better. But Jon Jones is just that good. You know, he is that good. I mean he is that good job. I don't know if he's ever going to lose if he Francis what Francis, was that fight him or whoever Francis. I mean, I can't francis's at least lost before right. I'm sure Tom Jones Lost to Matt Hamill, but no doubt that yeah, what's up guys that are lined is the fastest and easiest way to bet all your Sports Action. I mean football might be over but the NBA college basketball and the NHL are in full swing BetOnline even covers Awards. I mean, how cool is that t shows and reality t v. I love to watch. They got real time updated odds and props on almost anything you could imagine but online has you covered for all the news the scores and odds is the best way to place your bets and it's free to sign up so head to the website use your mobile device. I received your 50% Welcome bonus on your first deposit, but online your online Sportsbook experts don't sit on the sidelines anymore. Don't be that guy or girl. Earl get in on the action. Don't forget to use that promo code clns 50 to receive a 50% Welcome bonus with your first deposit Baton Rouge your online Sportsbook experts. So visit our good friends and exclusive partner at been online underscored AG take advantage of the best phone has its own business set up for a free account and use the promo code clns 54 your signup bonus use the hashtag BetOnline who fights. I thought that Thiago Santos was going to guess what decision on him. I thought that he picked that out. And then I thought Dominic gray has won the first three rounds with him pretty convincingly, you know, he couldn't take him down. He did all the damage got him running away and then lost the last two-and-a-half on still pulled that one out. So I'm just thinking bigger Longer guys seem to give him trouble that have have decent power and explosiveness and that's Francis, you know with with an extra Thirty pounds that that's my argument on the Dead. On that like I remember watching mat have a wrestling college for the month. I wrestled in college. He was a d one stud All American NE 23 to go to a school that had like mostly mostly deaf people and he was just killing everybody three you just you saw the difference when the thieves one guy goes D3 remember watching that have a long time and wsof. They had Matt Hamill on they they had a a crime-fighter on a guy that number that guy that lives in Phoenix Jones. Jones. He liked he liked just up as a superhero at nighttime and like beat people up then they had two brothers fighting each other. Remember those wonderful. He was what she had a guy with one arm fighting but they didn't even like act like this is anything like this was kind of funny like like I all I can think about is if somebody didn't know fighting it was like changing the channel and they were like Mom has like there's stuff and fought crime. Yeah, there was there was a guy in Seattle. He was at night remember like that that movie that came out with them. Like the dressing up as superheroes and they fought the gas gas. He was like a real life Kick Ass. Like That was like he legitimately like dressed up and used his MMA for good. Yeah, but he had no ground game and thought May because he was only going on the street. The deal is in Washington and Oregon. They have a thing called like mutual combat where both people agree to fight you can fight on the birth. So what's the real thing go like find where there's going to be fights, right if you would like step in and like, you know, try to push the top guys and then they they match them up. I'd have to look and see who has a brother was but it was a stepbrother and they matched him up at World Series of fighting and they go and do like the pre-fight interview and they start questioning them and the guy is just like not even he's like, I don't even know what I'm doing here. I don't know why I don't know why we're doing this fight just like totally detached from the whole thing. So what do I see? I never heard that story before that's yeah. No Ray sefo knows how to log Organization. I remember when I when I when I wrestled that they used to be a blind kid member like the rest of the blind guy. He went to like touch them at all times. So they had kind of an advantage because they used to wrestle that weren't blind but they made it so that you couldn't like get behind them and Tackle them, you know, that'd be kind of funny like I'm watching if I see a blind kid, like just kind of like somebody just like fucking three points stage this tackle. It wouldn't be fair but entertaining, you know this I used to try to use that on dates as well. I'd be like, you know, these are the rules I'm blind. You can't touch me at all times. What about tackling from behind back to that to Randy Brown taken on Calavera Cowboy Randy Brown's a good fighter. So was all their money and like all there is like kind of like ninety years old this point, right the old the old face. So, but I hope Randy Brown wins. I remember reading about getting knocked off. Like from Top number of the elbows that one guy fought the guy from here from Fort Myers legal Price He captured where you grew up. I can't I can't see you as a port Meyers guy thought Naples. It's all like swingers and like MILFs there and Tom lawlor like how much damage you out there? Well, I was like Seventeen years old. So I bought a ton. Wow, Brandon. Allen is fighting call Robertson. That should be a good fight as well over 7,000 then Tristan Connolly. I don't even Dwight grants on the card versus Stephen school. Do do, you know these guys Pat sabatini Kristen Connolly. I don't even know what to these people just economy that the guy who's like he beat Mike Michelle Pereira, but he's oh what was way smaller? Yeah. Yes. Yes the guy from Canada that guy Prairie calmly dead. Yeah, yeah, I guess Pat's that but yeah, so I mean Logan Paul doesn't win around against Mayweather, right is he got knocked out? Yes. Yeah, Tom breathing got it, right? Yeah, I mean, do you pick been asking for the fight to win the fight Tom? Choi I refrained are you are you married yet or what? No, not yet. What are you waiting for a young stay single to listen to these assholes. It's good to go for twelve years. Oh, yeah. What are you waiting for asshole? It's been 3 and 1/2 years. So she's a pro fighter. She's a baddie. Well, what are you waiting for? I'm trying to buy my own house right now for us a house and then we'll see. Yeah, can you pass are offering sex? How good is their ground game? She's better on top. Got it. Got it. Got him and Tom. What is your wife do? My wife's a bartender at the Paris Casino. She's got to be smoking hot. Yeah, she's she's a former French national championship missed. Oh, oh my God. I'm so how long guys it's fresh make a wish her mom was in the Olympics three times for gymnastics. So did you also try out for Cirque and shit like that? She she was in Le Reve. So was this your Make-A-Wish Foundation? How did how did you get this one? Actually it was John Cena is the one that hooked it up. Really? Now know you better really swear to God. She was out Plenty of Fish. Yeah, I was I was wage having surgery. I had an ACL MCL and meniscus tear during a fight in 2013 against Michael Kuiper and UFC sent me out to Vegas yet surgery and I was young I was doing the same thing. I was doing down in Naples for a little bit and then you know was on Plenty of Fish and met my wife and that was pretty much it now. That didn't kind of alarm you young girl about how it was on Plenty of Fish. Hey, listen, I'll take what I can get. I was going to ask you any questions a good point and the grant how did you meet your wife? She said she's a MMA fighter as well. So she had fought on our show a couple of times and I'd always thought she was smoking and she added me on on Snapchat one day and I hit her with one of the best long lines, you know, a man can hit a woman with and that was so when's your next fight. It was love ever since but I do have a funny. I actually have a funny story about about her if you guys want to hear it dead serious. So I was dating this one girl for the the girl that I dated before her for like three years and or like 2 and 1/2 whatever and we went to a fight and she trained at the gym with my current girlfriend. And so she was kind of just introducing me to the to the group and she was there with one of her friends and so my girlfriend now who I'll just call them by their names birth. And her friend go go and sit, you know with their group and me and my girlfriend at the time we're sitting together and I was just trying to piss her off and I was like you're going to end up sleeping with that guy in the back and and I'm going to end up sleeping with that girl talking about L. And that exactly happened. She she cheating on me with that guy and then I kept getting together with L. And we've been together for so long. It's a larious. Look at you mister Grant. I like it. Well our final guest of Joe Mark Martin you guys are a grant obviously a stud in the UFC fights and Wars are won $1000000. This guy's in the LFA. He's fighting tomorrow, right? Yeah tomorrow night Mark Martin former, Ohio State wrestler under Tom Ryan, right? Yeah. Yeah, that's the guy that gave me the scholarship but I didn't take off cuz I was an idiot when he wrestled for Hofstra. He was tortured hospital. But okay, okay, but you're obviously a badass five and one record only lost a split decision, which I thought was bullshit thought you want to fight. I didn't actually watch it but I'm just saying that Mark Martin, how are you mad? Are you ready for tomorrow? Yeah, I'm ready to rock. I'm you know, Mikey Hamel, right? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I'm telling him right now. Nice nice night. So you you trade over at the lab in Arizona. Yeah, nice who are some of your training for a few years? What's up, who are some of the guys that you're you're a you're a training with? So for this camp. Hot sauce was you know hot sauce. Yep. Yeah, he was in town. Tres I don't know if you know Trace yet appraised yet been what's the last name? Good one good one. I'd be next so yeah, those those a couple of the sparring partners, I'll be born with you fight a tough Brazilian guy. You're a great wrestler with some fucking explosive power. What's the plan for tomorrow night? It's a mix it up. You know, I'm I'm pretty well-rounded. Now at first I was I was more of a athletic wrestler earlier in my career, but I'm starting to develop some stand-up skills and you know some grappling as well. So, you know, I'll be I'll be comfortable wherever nice nice nice. Any advice Tom lawlor for Mark Martin. When quickly Boston any any advice for this young up-and-coming stud Mark Martin, I actually have some better advice for him than Tom did wage has went faster when when fast when like the now are you confident in everywhere the hands what what belt do you introduce do? Watch? What belt are you in? Oh, so I use I'm just trying to noogie right now always say after my face. I'm going to get in the gate. I'm getting the key, but I learned a lot of know gito got it now. They not belt people at all with noogie. I mean, I know there isn't a belt in noogie, but do they system in Oggy? Nah, I guess if you like a D1 wrestler or something like you supposed to be like an automatic blue belt or something like if you try to compete so I may yet but you are a two times state champion of Ohio. You're you're a Feelin National Champion. You made the Nationals D14 times in a row. I mean, you've got a job wrestling background for a while. You were known as just like, you're right. Everyone was like don't wrestle you don't wrestle you how hard was it to make the transition to MMA? I mean, I definitely took my licks in the gym at first, especially on Wednesdays when it's just kick boxing so I can't rest on my way out of certain positions. But Thursday, I mean that forced me to improve you know, you got Killers like, you know, Ben and Jerry and Mike and Dave and Mossad call Stuart just a whole a whole team here. So, you know, if forces you to improve now, Arizona has some of the hottest girls that put out how far did not get distracted because a lot of guys they go to Arizona you're focused and then all of a sudden they're just need even pussy how how hard is it for you? I mean God damn near my whole life. So I know when the when the lock in, you know, when I do though is not the same no offense Ohio's okay, but not it's definitely not the same but not dead. Allstate was a different animal like actual campus. It was you know, eighty thousand people, you know, just bad bitches what Everywhere You Look So, I mean I was I'm pretty used to that page. So do you think about with a Logan Stieber? Which team? Yeah Logan was on the same. Wow. What was that like I mean I kind of grew up wrestling with Logan. I know Logan since ten years old. So it just another friend to me. But I mean Kyle Snyder was on the team Miles Martin in Thomas L. Oh, wow, the Jordan brothers. So we have some stack teams. Now, we have to talk about Jake Paul and Logan Paul. They wrestle for Ohio Logan choice in the state. So how you ever slogan? I was actually me and Mike was just talking about this. So he was my senior year. I was 52 Logan was sixty so often my teammate wrestle Logan in the district funds Dominic Avenue. I don't know if you heard of them. But yeah the rest of that Michigan All-American at Michigan, I think he packed Logan. Yeah and the district finals, but Logan was pretty good though. I think he took fifth S8. Yeah, got it. Yes, if you could tell them to do to like this is pretty good athletes these kids. Yeah, so you are also Logan Paul's also great in the movie valley girl the girl a valley girl. Yes. He was I never seen a check it out. He's just being a loser man card watching that but I liked it. So here we are your are you are you single? Yeah, I'm big single little subliminal like big single that he's a good he's got I think you're feel like you've signed over his head that says single. I think you're one of my way from The OSI, honestly, I think if you win big you're going to get the call. I agree or maybe Contender series. Oh God one of those but I'm focused on tomorrow first and all right. I'll fa tomorrow night on UFC Fight Pass My Man Mark. Martin is fighting weight is Mark fight at home. You can grow 7170. He's ready to kick some ass. Don't get distracted Mark. Okay, very angry right now. You probably cut away, right? No, I already made way. We waited in this morning. So what's your what's your pre-fight ritual? Do you have anything that you do like your bank three white girls thought they gotta be girls. All right on the phone with them. I know no real rituals like to listen to music. That's probably about it off. I don't know I think whatever podcast right now. All right, so people follow apologize Instagram. I hate Twitter Twitter. Suckers off on me on Instagram telephone records. I'm not homophobic. I just enjoyed Ur contact to me either men or women are not dead. Yeah, good point gender-neutral as an insult Tom lawlor. What are you doing right now? What is Tom over here man? Why is there a weird noise is coming from your fucking what's going on like somebody else in here and Corey Hendricks in here? He'll Clarissa want to look at him at home to see my room. Is that what you want? Yeah. See this. There's a price you guys have roommates in the pfl know. He's got his own room. But I mean, he's the only person I'm allowed to talk to so, I'm sorry. The pfl to write it's according to people know he's just fighting boredom here along with me and I'm like and like Russia and shit fucking badass fighter. What's up? Y'all got Lance or above? I got Baba. They don't have Lance. Who do you have more faith? I never seen bubble fight. I'm going to go Atlanta. I think Lance might guess I'm up late. I mean all this beating him four times the wrestling though wrestling. It's a little different job. A little bit, huh? Got it. And then who do we like you like moss at all or boost fun? I'm gonna go and let me talk to Hamel for a second Hamel and great fighting belturbet a great night and Bellator, I think man, he's a tough tricky bastard month. You'll almost almost beat him. I was trying to knock him out. I couldn't take him down anymore. I think that Russian asses all greased up. So I was like, well, I guess it's time to throw hands now David Michelle told me that you drove from Phoenix to New York New York and that you took about eighty Adderalls and that you kept waking them up the whole time going to look up the moon going to be off dragon that long Something's Gotta be done and then you just trying to go to sleep and I just was I was ready to chat to talk about like breaking them up and say look there's a tree over there is a tree is not that bad. But I was definitely chatty. I was laughing my ass off man. Well, well you had a great fight last week. When is your next fight should I was the last part of my contracts or get home? When I go she ate a new one right now and then probably not till the end of summer. I got to college teammates that are getting married this Summer settings. I got to bachelor party. So I'm not I'm not trying to step on the scale anytime soon took a break in my friends too that they had gym, but he said to him and he broke his tooth the first day I do that need to his gut and he drop down like a jackass. That was his fault off. Okay? Okay. All right. Got got it right man. Thanks, man, appreciate it. So so gradually find that you want to play greeter, not going to get cleaned. All right. I mean I would be surprised but they they kind of sound like they're they're into the fight, but we'll see what happens. All right, cool. Thanks for coming on the show Bill T Tom fighting shoe face next Thursday in the pfl. Can't Mark Martin is fighting over the guy's name Friday. Ronaldo villini, what do you know about him? Pretty basic stand-up likes to Grapple. So hopefully you try to rest them get very excited. All right, Bill. Thank you very much Mark. Good luck, man. Keep kicking ass. Appreciate it. Thank you, man, and you guys call me at Adam comedian. You guys are the best. Have a good day guys. Thank you.

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