Brad Williams & Adam Ray


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Yeah, it's high inas all three clubs are hyenas again Thursday night and Fort Worth one show two shows Friday night downtown Dallas in the hyenas and then in plano at the hyenas comedy club on Saturday night, two shows, we'd love to see you. We'd love to sell it out. Go comedy. From the creators of the murder minute app. Comes your new favourite fix for true crime. Welcome to the murder minute podcast with a Runtime of about a short commute. Murder. Minute. Is your no nonsense source for true crime? Each episode of the program includes a scripted narrative detailing crime preceded by true crime headlines. A brief true crime news update through meticulously crafted, storytelling and sound design. Murder minute delivers a unique and immersive listening experience. Subscribed today on Himalayas apple podcasts Spotify or wherever you get your podcast. Don't forget to download the murder minute app. Available on the app store and Google play and follow us on Instagram at murder minute for even more true crime headlines murderer minute your daily dose of true crime. Talk to Delhi clo on the dope. And the antidote. They down the street from the practice, though, what you know, though impacting and the now through the ladder rope to mechanics you women to ladder rope. But on the saddle what a paddle and at route this trainers training now. To change money in the way, money wasn't in the way for Mike trout was it murder is navy. Now, maybe it is in the way. Now, I actually we can talk about that later. We'll talk about maybe like an all baseball episode as as opening day approaches, but I'm telling you, I I wanted to talk about trout, I really really really wanted to talk about trad getting four hundred thirty million dollars and how he basically got four hundred thirty million dollars in a way that that lets him off the hook. Bryce, Harper's money is Bess but worth more in pressure in terms of pressure. Just went for the nationals to the Philadelphia nationals essentially he went to a fan base. That's less forgiving, right. You ever Washington kinda doesn't care to the Phillies who throw snowballs at Santa Clara ice balls at Santa Claus. Yeah. So good luck. If you start striking out a lot and good luck. If you have an issue if Mike trout just continue to do what he does dangerous don't even have to win. He just is like I am going to retire angel. Nobody does that anymore. Cal Ripken was really like the last guy to do that. And I'll be one of the greatest players of all time. I wore will be super high statistically, I'll be grade. I will still have no neck, and I'll have four hundred thirty million dollars in the Bank period. I wanted to talk about that. I was gonna say he stuck his neck out for the angels. But he really can't doesn't have an act to stay out. I was going to say that. But here's what I really want to talk about. And I'm with you on this as the Lakers fall farther and Kobe's talking about how this is on. Lebron is the Lakers fall farther and farther back, and basically are they tanking? I mean, they lost the Knicks who are clearly visibly trying to tank to get Zion. Yeah. Which will have Gilbert arenas on this podcast in a couple of weeks. And he's going to explain to you why he thinks ion is not a great first pick overall exactly is a risky move. Exactly. But look the Knicks if they can score own baskets. They would in an attempt to they couldn't ain't gets on. So what I want to talk about is LeBron and what this year has shown us about him. What it does legacy? And how are we going to view LeBron after the fact it'd be like when co I mean, Kobe stayed a Laker is whole life. Yep. Okay. Kobe stayed a Laker his whole life. And we'll go down as one of the greatest Lakers of all time. Because he had those years where they were out in the wilderness didn't make the playoffs. They were terrible. And he came back and he wanted champion. That's right. He built the team around him. He had to ended on a bad. But whatever I mean on down up, by the way, let me just say this about LeBron in two years. They could put the pieces together where they could be competing for championships. Especially if teams like Houston start to lose their pieces or Golden State starts to fall away. Right. So in three years, we could be saying different things about LeBron. But as of right now, it looks like he made a bad move for his overall legacy, and you're making analogy for me, which I totally my analogy is that LeBron James ride the Lakers on the Lakers is essentially Samuel L Jackson in the Capital One commercials. Right. You ask yourself. Do you need the money to Samuel Jackson need? He does like three or four movies every year. Does he need the money? Did it was it a situation and just found his lab, and he couldn't not take it was it just a. Situation out of convenience because I allow them to do something else that he really wants to do like get more kangols. Does it take away from what like I didn't care what Samuel Jackson hosted the Espy's? I thought that was fine. I'm saying does it take away from the great stuff that Samuel Jackson did like Pulp Fiction like Jackie Brown. Like, I mean, every Tarantino movies in as it certainly think of now when we think of Sam Jackson, I think of it a lot a shouldn't be thinking of it. He's in a lot of those commercials. He's yelling at a guy. Gary from the backseat. He's is that what you wanna hear? He's laughing really hard at a sort of funny thing that Charles Barkley said about a a bunch of food setup like the NCW finals, and he's going to probably come back and do a bunch of those who it's going to be you're going to see a lot of those commercials. So you say to yourself why? And I don't know the behind the scenes just like, I don't know about the behind the scenes how much. How important it was for LeBron to start things up with his media career, but he's a young guy. And if he's signs a smaller contract in Cleveland or somewhere else in the Easter in New York, or whatever you could still do all that we pitched a show to LeBron's company was LeBron there. No, that's his company is he gonna show Il maybe show up for a couple of he's got other people to run his company. He doesn't have to be in LA traipsing around the offices of his company he can fly out on a private jet. Come out. He's got ten shows on the air right now. Yep. Any coulda had those shows on the air, whether it was in Cleveland or LA, but he chooses to come to LA, and he is sitting down at the end of the bench away from his team during the team is just losing. He's completely destroyed the chemistry on the team completely. Nobody knows if they're staying or they're going. They don't care Luke Walton who was a promising coach now done they're talking about who's going to be his replacement ruined. A lot of things in the Jetstream that was LeBron going to the spot. That he wanted to get to. Yeah. Yeah. And it's not like the broad hasn't won some things. Just like Sam Jackson amazing. Sam Jackson like you won. You won with Pulp Fiction, you one with some Spike Lee movies you one with maybe you got to the finals but didn't win with Star Wars. Okay. Mazlan? Do you made it to the Donald good stuff made the finals, you didn't win just like LeBron Deuba Cleveland a bunch of years k, but as you're up against The Empire Strikes back you're up against return. The some of the other better better teams. And yet are better groups. Yeah. So look we we don't want and it's a shame. Because look we've always said we like LeBron we, and we want him to what he is is an athlete and who he is. We've all wanted him to be the best player. I wanted him to win a couple more of those championships that he almost one. But didn't I would love it. If we're sitting here right now. And he wanted to more of the ones that he didn't win that he couldn't win so shifts call five out of nine five hundred nine and you're saying. There's no question this guy. He is in the conversation with with LeBron. He's in the car with George Jordan. He's in the conversation, and he may still be in the conversation for some people going nine times and rose amazing. But this is a questionable move. We don't know what it is. And and the last thing we'll say and we'll see how it plays out. But it's not playing out good. His writing is legacy now, and it is a bad chapter a sad chapter with Samuel Jackson. This is what we've what I'll say. I don't wanna hear Samuel Jackson say what's in your wallet? I wanna hear Samuel Jackson say reach in that bag and pull out. My wallet is the one that says bad motherfucker on it. Yeah. That is the question. Can you be Bama the vulgar in a capital? One commercial. Don't think you can you can't say go pull out my wallet. What's in your wallet? Does say bad motherfucker, and he can't say that. No. If he wants to thank you ran into our sound guy, although math or sound guy today. Thank you, Brendan for interest. This big WeChat just chocolate archives? When we come back. Very excited. We're talk basketball talking about the celebrity all star game with two friends. Yes. Who were in that game? They played in the game this year. We're talking about Brad Williams and Adam rate two of our favorite people government amazing podcasts about last night. We bring about last night into the cheap seats right after this break. Stay with me off. Go on in the paint. Yum, yum. It's the most wonderful time the March madness. Oh my goodness. Upon us another huge month in sports across the NBA, and the NC double NBA is kinda get down to it. 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A new star burns podcast delivers debauched biographies of infamous super freaks. You won't believe are real. I love stuff like so like a demon summoning rocket scientists that have a trash wording, millionaire brothers. I mean, hey trash man starting millionaire brothers and others trash shorting millionaire. Rather a blind teenage phone hacker who insect lawyers say porno samurai killer. I love that as crossdressing nuns on the run a major league baseball team strung out on coke and more. Every other words team profiles NS interest is a show about real life. Weirdos hosted by John Fahey, Aaron pita, and Matt Brousseau what an amazing group of dudes. What makes these characters eccentric could be perversion superhuman skill bravery or anything else that sets them apart from the crowd profiles and eccentricity is like scumbag. This American life me find it wherever you get your podcast. Hey, guys. Welcome back to the show as promise these two fellows. They're so great about last night is their podcast and their rates standups to individually that they were in the NBA like celebrity all star talk about this. Let's not we're talking about. And one of them is a power forward forward and one of them was saying like a two guard. Yeah. That we playing William Bradley, Adam Ray, I tell you more of a half guard half guard half guard guard, you I mean, you bodied people up like a power for I tried to body a Carolina legend Steve Smith, and that did not work out who who who knew that. When you tried to guard, a human bicep that it would Smith has no pity for anybody know doesn't slow kitted pinky as proof of that. Why is like I'm not gonna take it easy on this woman. No. His never invited to participate in the Special Olympics. One of many reasons. Over wheelchairs, and will we started the game? We were you know, these like bits plan, and we one where you do pass behind your legs. And then you and then Adam passes behind you took the ball, and you put up a pretty good team by eighteen the place would've would've you would've would've been made the the the basket off the opening tip off. Yeah. Where I did where you grew from the raff before it dipped out. Well, I mean because we bits we rate bits. We had we had a seven foot tall WNBA player going against another seven foot tall WNBA player. And I thought well, that's no fun for anybody. Right. Let's let's throw in the mix. And. Yeah. In the night. And then when the ref brought the ball down I stole it. And when win for the layup blew it because but see here's less of a steel in more of a shoplift. Here's my thought process is like were comedians. Our job is to make this game fund. God damn right. So like, we're not going to be like, we're we're not going to be lying. Yeah. We're we're not going to be like our teammate Osama's. Yes. I'm throwing under the bus aside. I love and he's a great guy. We're friends with them. But we're trying to make our comeback in the game. He's we have Ray Allen. We have Ray of the sitting on the waiter kissed in history for three point cystic. You would want no other person to be shooting three pointer and Hassan goes, I've gotta show on Netflix. In Jackson is before he shot it. Yeah. Yeah. Good steel and a and lay and here, I do want to piggyback on that. Because if I were have if I would have made a similar play. I would've been writing that momentum to be like, oh, I'm the one carrying this comeback. Yeah. I'm in the flow shit right here. Not Ray Allen. If he hits that three Huson Menage does IBM BB does everyone forget about the Bill Cosby, especially did on PBS. The answer. You all say to ourselves pass on buddy missed it. Body missed. It's love the I just because I've watched many or portions of I'll do then you realize I started watching it. You you watch more. You know, it's like do I need to see Kevin Hart planning. That's what do I need to see Bieber though. And but you wanna plays. But yeah, you guys in it now like now this is like it's personal friend is are these are people and Hasan Amin. It got to the point where I was like winter we playing in this thing for sure we plenty amount of Witter. Hey, we got much. Hey, the amount of people that were like who are and I'm like good to hear from you. And he goes I love Tony. I love Toni Braxton. Actually, you got some rebounds, you're playing pretty well, did you how what was the highest level of of best? I was a really good high school player, and I played on your high school team and set some three point records in my high school. Like, really, dude, I waited you stop being affected twelve no like yet to perform performance what my bar, mitzvah grandpa was like you can't wear sweatpants to your bar mitzvah, and I was like yours. Shitty. Grandpa. He was that was his way of passably being like probably time to suit you. Tracksuit? Okay. So most grandparents are heavy handed, and they don't have time. They know they're going to die. They need to like say the words they don't have to. Yeah. But that is a very coy way too. They like looking back. You can't where your to me is like that should be. The album. It's just back today. Maybe I should. Oh god. Do you actually you could athlete to did you play? What did you play grown-up and everything played a lot of hockey and play play golf and your great off? Here's the thing to of your swing? Brad do athletics. Like the first time like this is I'm sure this is anyone who becomes friends with you. All right. Like love him on all. Let's give them a try. He's good. See everyone's curious, right. Best people been golfing for the first time, and I can test where they see take drive, and they're like, okay, we're gonna oh there. That's part is is the opening drive because it's up by the clubhouse. Yeah. People coming and going in the door FOX, and there's always a crowd. Sure. Like what happens when the dwarf? It's a golf ball. Hewage Wehlage, which by the way, could be the name of your next. John. Album. You know, like a shank it does a leprechaun catch. It run, Robin. That should have. Name. Already mulligan. I actually hit the ball. And then they just go shit. He can play. I just love. I mean, I just loved you d ING jet. You have that you sent me that picture use of the picture view d j will host a worthy. Yeah. There's a lot of Williams. Dean, Jay Williams. Yeah. It was it was all those you haven't seen in the photo. I mean, Jay, Jay Williams collegiate basketball star went through in great shape, by the way. Go back into the league motorcycle. We're yeah. I mean, we'll be basing it off the game. But like like how he was able to DEA Cueva was like you could play the yet. Yeah. Do commercials other Cueva. Also, there's a point in time where you're like, oh, we're never going to get the ball back from this guy ever. No, no shooting shooting shooting. I I would hate to smoke weed with him because never pass never. Chest bump, I will say the pace of the game shot so much. He just on Twitter got followed by the NRA. Yes. Positive Joe, he did shoot will like, you know, we're all going in. None of us really wanted to win MVP other than Hassan. Remember him saying he's like I passed a lot. My first time. I'm looking out for me this time, and and Cueva the same way. He's just like there to show them eight players that look I can play and he wants to win every so even a timeout. Does I kill like as a quick woman? We should probably get the ball to Ray Ryan. Here's like nomin. Good chat. But like, you know, the Steve Smith thing to like I kept trying to post up because like the fadeaway used to be like my shot, and when I was younger, and I was quick when I was six grade at tallest kid. I had a three point shot. And so you couldn't really de me up. No. And you know, the one of the dads of this team. We're playing Dirk Nowitzki without the special needs face. He was journey. Turkey. He was girth. So there's this dad on the other team. We were playing the championship game. When I hit the skyhook right on just pop, tarts, and MAC and cheese. Just sweating outta me. I'm rundown. Corden instead of the top as long as goes man that fat motherfucker killing us. It wasn't like thirty two. That's right. You work, by the way. That's what I say about Trump all the time. I literally do a TV show. Sam Jackson, but the, but Steve Smith dislocate my pinky, and then knock Brad of the ground. Yep. Knock you to the ground that was doused charge. The chart. The w eight later on you nothing. They didn't know what to call. I don't know. And and fell guy knocks over a midget. They just kept looking at me. Like does he explode into skittles should've had we wait for it? Yeah. When does it happen that? And there was one time when I was when I was like first of all Steve Smith hated hated when I got him, he's such competitor. And every time I tried to guard him he's got this look on his face like 'cause he didn't wanna burn me. She could easily pick you up dribble that over you. Yeah. So so hot sometime tiny hot sauce pack. So one time like he's come down the court. I I'm gonna do some like sticky defense. So I literally like clamp onto his leg. And like I'm trying to think he flat up just pick me up walked me over the sideline. And just put me down went back in the game. And when that happened like, I so I'm not going to get laid for like, eight years escalated you but more more or less. He did that because he couldn't handle the fact number one that you guys were having. Fun. Yeah. 'cause like Steve to me seems like a guy first of all disrespected all the time amazing amazing football player. Incredible. For the best little man football player ever. And the best old guy football player. Did it get in his career, and he was not a diminutive guy as far as NFL players grow. But he strikes me as a guy who does not have friends. Have fun. He certainly has a guy who like Jay said, always feels disrespected. Yeah. It was riffing it up with us in the locker room pre-game pretty well. But then like, yeah. There were moments like even when I found him really hard at the end of the game. You stop the clock. I was like I mean, look, you're a big dude, you can take it. And also like I need to file you. So that you don't dribble away from me and the clock runs out. And that's the last show. Look chasing him. He was like come on. I was like your big. I gotta foul. I don't think I don't even think he takes that. Personally. I think he goes in in some of these athletes go into game mode. Like Ray Allen had a Mike on. So you could hear him saying he was talking about. They're like, hey, Ray, you're gonna shoot this. And it's like, yeah, I'm gonna try and get as much and I mean, he definitely looked me off. There's this great. I posted up Steve Smith three times in a row. He knocked the ball out all three all two times. And then because Ray tried to get to me twice and one of the times, he dislocated pinky, and Brad goes, yeah. His closing speed is unbelievable. It's time to remember that and the post them up, and I'm like just soaks got radio. Ray I'm gonna fuck and fade away. Seattle SuperSonics to supersonic. Yes. That is the name of their buddy cop comedy. Yeah. Yeah. Doesn't start stars. Caroline ray. Liotta sponsored by chanting. So I'm trying to please do a little the commercial. It was on your Instagram. A got started smoking smoking. I haven't been stopping for thirty years. But then I quit with chanting. I might have robbed a pizza Hut's got three domestic abuse charges. A couple guys legs chanting. Say my life my life. He also said like the biggest accomplishment in my life was quitting smoking. You're in. I'd rather you smoke and do another Goodfellow. To not get you to do. Shades of blue Jennifer Lopez them to do a bunch of like random Hollywood facts from his life. And it just says chance at the end he takes a drag. So he's like a lot of people don't know that I was actually for still getting stopping my mom will shoot. I got addicted divided on wild Hough. Joe patchy not circumcised Dicks. But six fourteen times in the theater chain. Six outstanding warrants for my arrest. Right. Currently. I'm. And he might be. Announce it we worked with him in wild house. We work with them and hung out like. L? Yes. That's unbelievable. You the bouncers? No. This sheriffs in a little tally at six weeks on the movie, it was I am. No, Joe going back to watch that. What what is Tim Allen smell like money? Yeah. HVAC Travolta, Macy's get us into college. What? Travolta was very cool. I mean, they were they were all all Martin was amazing. Whereas. Steven Steven to allow ski was the best say Stephen toe may her brother. No, not in that movie. Holy shit. It was an unreal cast. And we were in Santa Fe with these people like going out to dinner, you're out in the. City dinners. Please tell me that John Travolta had Adele disea- moment with you like. The twins ski Laura's. This car. But you guys could do great double massage. Almost no. It doesn't seem like the podcast for that type of. No. But I will tell you. We was a fan. It was a fascinating thing for us. Because we got to be fun. We had to be funny and some of these big scenes. Yeah. And with all these people like we had to have. No, we weren't. It was we were too dumb to be nervous. It was like thousand six it was a long time. We were sort of like I seen that we came into that movie. We were we go out and the first it'd be pull up to set. It's like this remote area outside of like Santa Fe between Santa Fe Albuquerque remote area where they were this whole scene with bulls. They have three bulls onset to use Jay Armstrong, Toni, Kukoc rats. That's right. And and we go out there and coach was like sharing prostitution. So we pull up in our car drives us up to where the trailers are. And one of the bulls had gotten loose. So as plan to set on the very rely move, the car, and like there's a bull runs bull running loose that then like it uses its horn and slams into like, Honey wagon. I mean this happens, right? As we show up. That's our first seen this side of the set. And so we get onset, and they're like, you know, twenty five, you know, handlers for the bulls because everyone's safety is. And we just saw bull just like take off to not have the Greenham in EMS at the bowl liked. Writer. So John Paxson there. Inskeep. The bull Luc Longley. We can keep going some most deep. Cut bull. You could Pratt sellers. Brad size guy number Disney, host get the picture. That was Michael, Molly. So so anyway, we go up there, and it's like ninety people there. So they're extras and their people. And there's these all these handlers and all four dudes were in the scene with Austin, Stephen Laskey and the bull that John is run around and doing stuff in the middle of the ring with the bull and the cameras on us, and we're just improvising. All of it. 'cause they're like we wanna get a sort of running commentary from you guys. So just riff. I mean, how great is unbelievable to get excited for that. Right. This is what we do is what we do in prep for the thank you. And it was also for us. We're like thank you for giving us because it showed these guys that we were funny. Yeah. So like immediately everything equalised level the playing field for us. And they were able to see that. We could be funny. Some great moment can hang out with them at craft services. What we do is. So unreal. 'cause even like, you know, once like even Brad doing the warm and his intro like Ray Allen. And Dwayne way we're talking to us way more after that. Because it was like, oh, these guys are like funny like the as making them laugh. Yeah. They were like, oh, cool. Like, that's like, we're not that funny. So like now, there's like a restraining the height you get off the ground when you're doing your worm is ridiculous. And we've please. That should that should be vertical stat in the NFL. Combine. I wanna know. Oh, how wingspan? Verdict ver ver Jordan has his life Air, Jordan logo. Inverted back. Your. Down feet up. Yeah. There's gotta be a poster or a picture of that somewhere of amid word. I'm not joking. I as a heterosexual man who is married as children. I would buy a fat head of doing the one on my wall. Yeah. And what was so cool about being in the celebrity game. Then we got to go to all the other all star core cities that we can. The watched the celebrity game. So when adamant shack I met shacks penis. To be fair is. Yeah. Aircrews? So like we met him shack like 'cause we walk up. We just want to get a picture and say, hi, he goes. Oh, yes. Guys in the game. Yeah. Yeah. He called. Oh, yeah. You're Josh should move. Right. Maybe spin move. Goodson. It was it was goose meme he called Brad. Yeah. Which ones on a Carnival Cruise. Like when he did call me big men. I almost wanted to get upset because that is a little bit of a guy slim, you do and I'm like are you trying to fool us? Yeah. Are you trying to be like shocked in a fool? Hoping that when I get called big name by shedder go, maybe maybe I can shop the normal stores. Like, no, he's not going to happen is like, and why is fat guy slim and wars being called big, man. Why are those the only disability? You're allowed to do that with like like are you allowed to call amputee spider? No or feet. What's up legs? Can you? Not neil. I mean, can you call a blind guy vision? You shouldn't Cashin. Lookie you'll lie eagle. I can't can't can't do that. Now. Do you? Call Lance Armstrong. No. Yeah. Okay now. So he said that in our in our deficit special the ball on that guy the ball, and that guy to do what he did to the people. Early in the special. Early. Save that for the people on board with you real quick with that one. So they're missing testicle. That's that's long the same lines being fat and it worth. What is one ball? Does it change gears here? What can you see different? Can you probably I wonder if you give the same level of Jacqueline? That's a little I know about my own body. Let's get that porn made. Yeah. Crawl? Yeah. John bent, like when Lance was doing just tons and tons of all the if he jerked off just oxygen would come. Yeah. If he jerked off into Sheryl Crow song. If it does what is your favorite show makes you happy? The rally. Or if it's like, they say that when like when when like, you know, you're blind. Your other senses. Get heightened. If you do have one arm, then like your other. I'm gets real the really strong does. So like is that testicle just like the incredible hulk testicle is a massive test. That's every morning wakes up to everybody's worth. League. Overtime loverboy. We brought Loverboy into the doesn't otherwise boy the song by Billy ocean. Don't sleep on that. Eight on Billy ocean. Get out of my dreams get into my car. A little too forward. Pejorative little to forward as a different time though. But I was saying to my daughters both of them don't ever do that. Yeah. If anyone says or do that number one, listen, I saw Vigliotti real quick with my dad at the hilarious thing at a subway. Yeah. What do you get people? It was very generous with the Meatball serving that again, and he is an artist he was a casino in deep Sacramento. And and he was so he's pushing sacrimento seventies. Got as long dreads. They're they're white and the crowd. The mean age was probably seventy two my dad, seventy four on there, a lot of old Filipino ladies. And and one point just like to prep Caribbean Queen he starts the band's playing like, you know. To go on a trip with me. And it was a. Yeah. You want to go to the beach where the water is blue and was like in the sand is wide. It's like, yeah. Is like it's a place, and it was like, let's just fucking. He lose like nine minutes in the Atlantic Ocean. We know what the song is get to it. Hey, would you like umbrellas in your drinks? With Berreby and. Glove. Do the God damn. All right. Let's shall we take a break yet stick? We got the boys here we're going to do some quick hits with them. I can't believe they were in the there in this liberty as if we get to go back. We'll we'll make a petition. I love. Warms. They've had Jews. Now. Let's. Twin Jews crazy, right? Everyone's working for the weekend. We'd back with more people the chiefs. He's Brad Williams at away right after this. Guys. Welcome back to the show. We want to remind people tonight. We're in Dallas, Texas, fantastic highness downtown tonight. We were in we've last night and then on Saturday were in plano at the hyenas clubs where are you going? Where are you right now as we are which technically next weekend? Oh next week. Oh, I'm at the Miami, improv. Hey. Yeah. The brand new Miami improv that has opened up for all days. Go to Brad Williams, comedy dot com. Adam Ray where you sir March eighteenth of the twenty fourth I'm at the laugh factory in Las Vegas Tropicana, March twenty eight Goffin comedy club for one night, only New York City. I love that. We we were in Denver a couple of weeks ago. The just you know, we were like we found out that you were headlining down at comedy works in a day after we after Brody died found out about it. And we just wanted exceed someone we knew that from the comedy world. What was good about? Is. We got down there. Right. Sort of around when you got on stage. And it's rare that you get to see your friends, go do a headlining set because they don't go on the road with you almost the never it was the crowd loved you. Thanks. You did. So well, it was so fun to sit. And just watch a comic we just done a full show. And so we were kinda on high from our club is so great just to chill and be that, and you were so free, and you were talking to the crowd, and you were working in your material. It was a beautiful beautiful show. And then we all got on stage, and kind of all did our favorite bready jokes ended that but we did that I meet me too. Because I was a cathartic thing that you didn't like I've been so up and down that day like flying, and then and then being very numb for most of it. I just and it still is very like not real at all just things that you just you know, you just think someone's going to be around forever. And there's I don't, you know. And so that was a very like sweet thing that you guys came out. And and you know, you don't realize you need some not that it was closure. But it was like a it was a it was a boost of positivity that I needed. It was us channeling him. It was so cool to get laughs on his job. And then we hope we sold your some of your murky Fantasia made some great Josie. What was the one thing you said about phase? He's good. He's better. He's good looking in person. Even better looking by it aboard at night, and she get some quick because they're all right. Johnny Manziel's wife. He was married. I did because. Wife's name really, I don't know Jenny Janney football. They cut to her during a broadcast of the Brent Musburger could. So here's my thing. Whenever we do Cleveland. Our joke is when we do Larry leave him are is that, you know, they just finished the Johnny Manziel statue outside of dating. If not a seven play football statue of him in his car, his girlfriend throwing his wallet out the window. Just reaching the grab really it's so lifelike gonna say about his, no. She is abnormally choose that normally beautiful for an out of work quarterback L out of job again after Canadian Football League Team Canada on his. Kicked out of Canada. You do the nicest place over they were like so sorry. Sorry. You're terrible story. Oh, you know that that's not snow there. We thought it was no it turns out a cocaine. All over Sascha about goal. Cain up by my audit. Benefited the doot. Look, you can't help that guy sucks. You have to be really bad to get other CF. So. This is the guy you kicked out. No, I'm so happy to see because then that means that next year we could have Johnny Manziel XFL starting quarterback not. I would love to see that him. And Vince young who just got fired like get all those dudes together. Johnny Manziel gets kicked out of a flag football game like Turkey bowl Thanksgiving Day game like that he just showed up in and just jumped like, that's we know it's gone with. So his wife now his is now making headlines and not in a good way in the most Johnny Manziel. Bree TSE Menzel, and you're right. She is actually really beautiful took part in a run like a diva half-marathon. Okay. Sounds like it'd be a lot of fun into mak- California's fine fine participated. You're in good shape. I'm doing being accused of cheating. Jesse man's L finished what she said is her first half marathon in the time of one fifty eight twenty two it's pretty fast for twelve miles thirteen one fifty eight her marathon time her dad's the medium, female participant is thirty two years of age and finishes your vicious into nine. And Forty-five her finish puts her faster than seventy percent of Email runners persist comparising within the first thirty finishers, male or female in the divas raise that had four hundred eleven entries. However, she isn't listening on the results page, if we knew more about our training and body mass index could use that question does what they said Poynder. I wonder. Some of it is. Good shape. Nine oh, two million the Cologne of the regret Grover for those miles. Thank you, very fat. Made you win mid Umbro. Give me five star thirty runners. No, I'm huge. What do you think your marathon time with eight Brent? Oh, I mean first of all every marathon IRA Dacian run a marathon with all doors and call it a half marathon that would be. It'd be sponsor that. Yes. I mean in then we would also who the woman who so our buddy Dave able who is a Pulitzer prize winning reporter for the Boston Globe for all of their coverage of the bombing at the. He he was there. He did like a year sort of sabbatical with Harvard through this like program where they removed the Neiman scholarship, and he was doing documentary on the first to complete. What's the Ashim? So a woman the woman. Know, she's amazing. And he was standing at the finish line with running video waiting for this person when the bombs exploded. So he's twenty five feet away forty feet away. And so then he nearly went into like journalism mode because this was nowhere near the finish line. Right. Wasn't going to be there. Right. But she wasn't hearing that thankfully, thankfully on safety. Right. But fascinating documentary that he was making her. So she apparently finished the first half of the race not the dwarf. But this man sells. Yeah. Wife in an hour, thirty one minutes and twenty nine seconds. And then the second half of the race. You know, the second where you're tired. You're you're tired where you can't go on your basically peeing shitting down your leg you finish that first one was an hour. Thirty one second of the raise twenty six minutes and fifty. Legit. That's legit time. Nothing about what she wearing those Healy's just someone was. Half miles in twenty minutes. The woman the unbelievable considering the women's world record for a mile is four minutes and twelve seconds. That's unbelievable. And her time would have had her running a form at mile every mile for the blast. See my thing is like we started up like it's a half marathon. Like, I've been in a celebrity golf turn before where I saw some guy cheating, and it's like, it's a it's. Number one, number two. You are Johnny Manziel's wife you already strike one. Yeah. Maybe even strike to rob people are going to be looking to knock you down. Even if you do everything, right? Exactly. So if you're gonna cheat why she was cheating. They already the holds been Doug right time to dive in and start putting the dirt on. I love it. All right. Okay. Maybe don't let me get here. This is crazy. Did you get about the Olympic athletes upon trying to connect the Olympic athletes who they were busting for? They were just going in check to see doping, but an Olympic skier was caught my pin number now, but was caught with a needle stick. So they went to like check these Olympic skiers to see if anybody doping and usually that requires you to pee in a Cup, but they showed up, and he literally had a needle in his arm. Like like, some sports. I totally cycling. I get how doping can help you. How does doping helping skiing is it just like other sport that it really helps? Yeah. A lot of people. Those are the real the most use they're just so under the radar sweeping. King Hong I love curling so much especially mixed currently because mixed race curling curling as we draw the line somewhere. Speak on it. No. But we the mixed curling is my favorite because we imagine all those people. There's no way that person is in your partner in life yet. Because many if you're an Olympic athlete you're spending so much time if your wife is not your curling burner. Then that's going to be a weird day. Your mistress is your. Skirling partner team. Yeah. You know what? I mean. So we say is like how do they not like have every single time as a fight because curling is basically one person ordering the other person what to do like all the. The people. I if you're in a fight at our wife, someone says you sweep sweep what do you think I'm doing like, I'm doing say? My wife is that the if she wants to really upset me to know it to really really upset me. All she has to say to me is about something that she asked me that I don't know about will do get the emails. Yeah. Can't get them. She sees your name on it for her to say, do you? Get emails the biggest life. So oh, I didn't realize you didn't know how to sweep anymore. You forgot how to sweep then that's gonna come out in a mixed curling just imagine like a mixed couple. And like and like, he's sweet sweet. Oh, now, you sweet now you sweet sweet like you're trying to nice men time with my mother. She. How you certainly housework down have a conversation with her almond far. Fuck you along. The woman throws in the guy sweeping. Oh. Oh, so you can't. So you can't. Pilot. Issue. Dish view a dish. You bitch is what it that would be the name of his album. Yeah. Which will be great and Elian brutally Lear. So a police officer found and took video of this guy. So he they show up and he's got a needle coming out of his forget, there's a needle in your arm, but took them you put on your arm. Joyce. You're just hanging out in your house. And that's happening. You know, the way you just hang out in your house and needles sticking out. Get should be called drugs in less. You're caught. And then it's your your doping is your dope. Yes. Like get caught your dope your dummy. Like, I just don't do it the drug. He was and it was with steroids are Lert Ludd dope. If maybe you know, how sometimes they have more oxygenated blood that they put in there. Maybe that's the thing that we just don't know like some of these athletes like what Kobe LeBron are doing with like Kobe's doing with stem cells and skin graphs and going overseas to get like, you know, more cement or whatever, you know, like there's just doing lights pigs. Pigs bladder. He wasn't Manny Ramirez. Took like pigs some taking atler Jay. This is the thing it's like a little just lick area. But how do we know they're not like he'll give me like the lady off Akao gives you more stamina chug like bull com. Those college kids, by the way, you'll never hear some you'll never hear somebody to be like, and I'm just so happy. He's top of his class. He's married. A beautiful woman. I remember this guy used to bunch healthy. On the great stuff jug, mountain dew. Bill gates. Yeah. Maybe maybe the t- the the tears a Steve Jobs. Yeah. He may may recipe should should've said walls the act. Yeah. Caroline, Wozniacki love of the Australian Open. You did not gorge yet. It just go when when Adam to mine and went to Australia we landed had we went straight to the Australian Open and wash replace. She is no joke when my favorite Tennessee's amazing. She's gorgeous, huge tennis. Yeah. My mom doubles all through college. Oklahoma was pretty big and she used to play with me all the time. And then I would play. I don't we play. We play now duck. Yes. Play. Who play? Chair. You don't play. But you'd be good. No. I don't play the ball. I dunno. I'm getting laid. What are you guys? Do. The fuzzy bowl you realize that ping pong is my tennis idea. Okay. Known that from you guys is being table. I have to run the same amount of staff. Pingpong table run the court toppy that ever played Kirk vox, Michael Kosta, FOX. Still he's the best of the best. But I would love to see Kurt. And my dad, Michael let's get a little comic tension going the same way the crappies for that derby. I love it comic dunk contest. I'm trying to attract silver that they do celebrity three point and dunk contest. In addition to the game because you bring me a little who owned that up fat backward. It's like Gary oldman's bit, Gary. Breakaway rims at the Jewish community center. Is that not only I love it. Someone thought of this that not only would Jews be don't gain regularly that we need but dunking so ferociously that we bowling down the backboards from these. Right. Thanks for joining us. Of course. Adam Ray, Brad Williams, go check out. Adam Ray, Adam dot com, all of his comedy, great comedy dot com. And then Brad Williams comedy comedy dot com. And they're amazing podcast about last night is dropping able twenty six right now. It's called read the room. But it might be changed to can't wear sweatpants. Your. I'm reading room is a great. All right. Well, there we go. Once again their podcast is about last night. If you're not hip to that just subscribe to it, and you will love it. They have great guests who put oil you'll hear it what it is and the past week out the chain smokers, Craig Ferguson. Tony hale. They've amazing. If you want to start with our episode, it's really we'd love to come back and New York, and these are two of our favorite comics out there when they're in your town because it is a if you love stand up comedy to the best out there doing it right now. We'll be back with special guest right after this. This is of course, I'm saying about the Atlantic Ocean. Bye. Billy ocean. Hey guys show. Love the about last night guys together podcast in out videos of them, actually in the NBA all star as basing talk to them for Williams trying to check Jay Williams from Williams. Williams was one is one of the funniest picture is pulling the ball from behind Adam raise legs, and then putting up what I consider to be a decent shot from the elbow phenomenal. We are as we head into this NC double A tournament. It's on and cracking. And it's amazing to me how many people participate in the brackets in the pool right in the polls. Well, our good, buddy. Kris kristofferson. I'm not sure figured it out yet. But he said he wanted to he left, and he's doesn't he's not quite sure how it works. So take a listen. Hey, boys has ago. It's America's sweetheart Kris Kristofferson, Colin you all just wanted to just take time out of my lovely day that I'm having just to wish you and yours blessed. March madness, you know, it is that time of year where everybody is in a pool. Whatever went in there and see a pool, and it's all you hear about around the water cooler. Hey, how's your house your NCAA? Who will? I'm here to tell you that. I am myself inappro-. It's it's just, you know, it's just a lovely NCAA. Would you know, it's the water in this NCA, just so clean, midget? So Chris was very refreshing. It just it be very honest. There is is definitely litter Hillary because you have to have chlorine in. Your who? Because you got to keep you got to keep it clean. Because all the kids who go pee because kids p approvals sometimes grown adult men named Chris Christopherson. And I'm in this lovely over to the Radha me is like. It's like little Tiki bar in to lift me or several old, ladies and old. I mean, like probably younger than me. And you know, they're just lounging in some shares, and you know, to be honest here talking to you. Oh this. I don't know if this is actually I might be an actual. In a hotel or something, I gotta be just if I just continued his tradition outage during this conversation. I don't know where I I don't know where this other hotel indoor pool with a holiday thing. There's little mini golf off to the left. I have no idea how I got here or how I even started this phone call with you be quite Frank. I'm just sitting in this PU I've got a pair of jeans on and they're they're like a brand of wash achieve that. I do not wear and then I got one she I don't know how this even came about. So we all could give me some help. Maybe you know, us like a phone locator. Also this current in this phone, I'm talking to you on this is not my phone. I did not recognize this phone at all has a case on it. Just seems Ghostbusters. So you could just send hill artistic kind an just can't be company like a hawk or like a small house just to keep Kris Kristofferson company because that'd be that'd be just honest here. It's very possible that I'm just laying face down in the middle of the Celtics e now just just slowly dying of hey for all slow threat. Anyway, get back to your it's. Who's that? I'm of course, of going for the UC, Irvine eaters, all the ways Kristofferson out. Yeah. I don't think he understands quite what that is wrong pool. That's okay, though. I mean, listen, I'm just I'm in my I'm initiative, and I feel like I'm drowning all thank you. I'm just happy on many levels that he's still sending us these still live. If he sends us one that means he's still unless to pocket, he's driving voicemails posthumously. I don't know tonight. We're in Dallas, Texas. Yeah. Come see downtown, Dallas, hyenas gloves the country tonight at eight and ten thirty. And then tomorrow night. I think it seven and nine thirty. We'll be in plano, Texas. Come see us. We want to sell these shows that would love to see all of our Dell's peeps there, we'll see their punch waterfalls guys. And then go to super squats Kami of a bunch of live dates coming up from now into the fall and very excited about all. This is heavy nothing below. We got nothing beloved you guys. Enjoy the term this week and the best most wonderful time of the year. The first two round I around first weekend. Is out of control. It's so much fun. And then next week. And of course grade as well, we'll be back with the next week. We're gonna have the Schwab with us. Yes. How Schwab is going to break. It all down for us. The Sklar brothers from the cheap seats. Thank god. We're out. I got nothing. But. Starving. A podcast network.

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