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OBI interview with Bengals wide receiver Josh Malone


<music> hey everyone it's anthony with the orange black insider bengals podcast enjoy this set of interviews recently done by our co host john on share in these interviews include hearing from the likes of bengals head coach zack taylor quarterback andy dalton running back trayvon williams wide receiver josh malone offensive lineman billy price and linebacker jermaine pratt. These interviews also feature other members of cincinnati bengals blogs and podcasts. This is the type of content we love to bring you and will continue to do so during the preseason. He's in regular season and offseason. Thanks for listening coach new offense <hes> he's been wealth no adjustment but everything's more fi- chemistry's well with the team and just looking forward to play you've been in on any of the pre-snap jet motion kind of stuff yet or is that been mostly cody course on the other guys. All involve is not just a few guys. Everybody's out there on the field. So how's your chemistry with andy that you're running with the ones with a._j. How good o._t. O._t. as a lot just a lot of rest with andy <hes> but i felt like our chemistry building very well. She'll be good even taking kick returns back as well. How's that been fun way back when but <hes> again missed it one of the biggest changes for you coming from your previous two years in the new offense offense by receivers they make more post nap is a tree snapped motion whereas one of the big differences on offense general your your individual responsibilities mortgages like hotel office is different is nothing like who's running in the past two years. You know everything's tighter heider movement. There's a lot of things you gotta use your eyes. You got to be smart. A lot of justice on the floor is just makes you think a little bit but not too much tighter. You mean the formations tighter like you're more convinced of. Most of the past two years have been alive so you coach back in the days you giving you any personal coaching you or your new arts. Here's coach. He's being the most health throughout near <hes> a lot. <hes> we always we see something you always walks up and tells him what he wants to improve on always gives me just little things to keep working right so and so this is your first year with an offense head coach this like hot-listing have your head coach like more involved in the offense. They're gonna play basis. Who've been great great. Great does william being evolved with the offense is always like really matters to him so <hes> that's one thing you don't wanna missile lost all his is there any like. Did you watch the rams offense. Exactly they're coming in. Oh you'll be. <hes> took a look at their offense. There's some similarities. We've got our own differences. We've got our own of offense is ages. You know the guys would office they they did and i believe you can do the same thing so so. It's the biggest improvement for you coming in and year three you've always had ed speed came into the league as a young guy in his third year now. What do you feel like you're doing best. I'll try to approve them run every year as mature and as a player moma more focusing <hes> taking care myself off the field and just how i've been to meetings and it just professionalism studying knows taking better notes and stuff like that big <hes> thing going into year three the first years so with the starters. Are you more specifically just like the excellent or you are also routine with the flanker i don't. I don't think he'd been sloppy. You guys like routine both sides of the formation one spot for the most part rotate. Both we all know every offense <hes> so <hes> wherever they put us we just going just blue cheese on offense to where we can learn everybody this so we really ran with us. We're talking to andy a little bit about when the play itself breaks down. You have to go off script a little bit and how there's been an emphasis on that. Is that something that's an adjustment for you. It sounds like it was something that was made an emphasis last year. Oh well issue vote. Play breaks down a lot so there's a lot of nasa's happening on a lasso fires the first years dose adjustment at you're too late now. You've just got this basically a second like play once again. You've been listening to one one in a series of recent bengals interviews courtesy of co host john sharon he recently spoke okay with members of the cincinnati bengals including head coach zack taylor quarterback andy dalton running back trayvon williams wide receiver josh malone malone offensive lineman billy price and linebacker jermaine pratt john was joined by other members of <hes> both since he jungle dot com as well as other bengals podcasts but this is a pretty exclusive set of interviews that we bring you on our podcast. We thank the cincinnati natty bengals for the opportunity to speak with all of these members of the team and we thank you for listening to this set of interviews will continue to bring you more of this type of material throughout the rest of the preseason regular season and into the offseason. Thanks for listening <music> yeah <music>.

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