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I'm Bruce Willis producer for your hustle. This episode contains language and depictions of violence that may not be appropriate for some listener's discretion is advised. What about sorry guys peeing bike? It's not so easy for Women To pee. So is that ever an issue? Believe it or not you're listening to ear hustle from PR XS Radio Tovia. I'm Alan Woods. My co-host just asked a very unusual. I did an important question if your lady truck driver. I'm not a lady truck driver Nigel. Poor and we're doing something very different sedan your hustle. This is not a regular ear hustle episode season five begins on March fourth but in season four we interviewed a woman by the name of Erica. Solano she had done time in prison and we talked to her about a romantic life post prison and also the dating advice. You have people just getting out of prison. We heard her in episode called. I won't the fairytale and since getting out of prison. Erica has become a commercial truck driver and I don't know why but at the end of the interview I was just curious about you know peeing. I mean mail truck. Drivers can just an empty bottle but it's not so easy for US chicks. I don't have a problem. I have a strong bladder and I drink tomato juice so I do have to use the bathroom a lot but I just stop and I use the bathroom wherever I stop but For guys it's Gross. 'cause they don't have strong bladders and they just pee wherever they wanna be but for women There's there's contraptions to use. That's always wondering what are they. Have you ever seen them? No Russia okay but I was at a anyhow. We got to talking to Erica about trucking and it turns out that it's not uncommon for incarcerated people men and women to get into trucking when they get out new guys inside who spent a lot of time reading books trucking. They were getting ready for those tests when he got out. And since I've gotten out I've met a couple of truckers on parole. I mean after being contained in that one little itty bitty area for year. You just want to get out there. Get on those streets and hit the road. I mean even me. I love you loving. If I have to go somewhere calm I know appear prison both shackled in looking at another cars and seeing people free. You just want to be on a row. That was me so I mean if I wasn't doing this podcast I might be on a roll myself. Truckin Oh my God. Indeed I mean isn't slightly. Do that in any case we decided to revisit. That tape of Erica talking about trucking in honor of a brand spanking new podcast launched by radio. Be a you know that network. That was a part of this. Episode is part of a Special Radio Topa wide project welcoming new radio. Toby show into the family. It's called over the road and it tells the story of American long haul truckers changing and culture daily life on the road. You have driven a truck for almost forty years now with some help from the good folks at Radio. Topi overdrive magazine. I'm GonNa take you along for a ride. That's the host of over the Road Paul. Maher offer been driving for something like forty years. I actually talked to Paul while back just when he was getting going on developing this show. We chopped up about podcasting which was an honor. Made me feel like an Paul. He was very passionate and knowledgeable about his truck and going deep into the world of trucking. We're a family to live at Marie. Lead it to hear stories of the past. You need to step away from here strings on the steering loan changing today. It's the freedom of it and that's kind of being taken away. I'm long-haul Paul. And this is over. The road. First Episode Rolls Out February twentieth forever. You find your podcasts. I'm really excited about this. Too and to celebrate your hustle and all the other radio topiary shows are producing episodes on a trucking related theme. The long haul and this is ours. You know what night over the road kind of reminds me of us. Everyone knew about prison but they didn't know what life was really like. Oh that's true. And we all see those trucks on the highway. But God knows what daily life entails. Wait a minute get it. I'm sorry but it's a Little Cup your coochie and then it has a little spout in the up through it but if you really bad the pressure would just go all over the place. And so I actually don't even use it. It's for when you have a really low stream you WanNa just take your time is slowly but can you. Can you use it while you're driving or you have to pull over? You'd have to pull over. Yeah there there you just get. Pow's yeah but no. I I never have a problem all right enough of that. Eric told us she's been driving for about three years and she drives. What's called a day cab? So there's no sleeping compartment and she doesn't do long hauls like Paul and that's not because she's on parole in can't cross state lines no. She's not on parole at all. The reason she doesn't do long-haul is because she has cats and bring a lot a lot of it as she doesn't want to leave him alone for too long right. Erika Toda set aside from the fact that it takes her away from her cats. She loves almost everything else about the job. There's the freedom. The fact that driving a truck takes all of her energy and focus. She likes it. There's a Lotta multitasking. Although sometimes she says she sees people doing a questionable types of multi tasking. I saw one guy looking through the pages of a Playboy magazine. Once that was weird I was going to take a picture and when he saw that I was looking at him. I had to pretend like I was like while he was driving. His Dome Light was on and he was traveling right next to me and he was just flipping through pictures of naked girls. And I'm like wow. There is one thing she really does not like about. The job is not the job exactly is some of the other truckers male truckers would. I don't like this very insulting is when other truck drivers. See me coming out of the cab and they asked me. If I'm driving an automatic. Why would it be automatic? Why do you think I can't shift think I I can't float my gears? That's weird and you might have guessed. Eric doesn't look like a stereotypical truckdriver. Look like I realized. I'm becky myself into a corner and you know what I am. Definitely someone who needs to listen to over the road because is actually going to inform me moonwalking. So what I'm going to say is that to my present mind. She doesn't look like a stereotypical truckdriver she superfit. She's pretty and she pays a lot of attention to look Erica. She's a bee's she's not to be fucked with me. Spent twenty years in the Peon and actually back before she got in trouble with the law. She wanted to beat a law. That's right she wanted to be a cop a constable on patrol now while she's out driving it's like she's part of the highway patrol. I'm on the phone to the cops all the time. I see crazy shit. What do you mean? You're the cops all the time? There's crazy stuff going on the freeway all the time like Ali driving and then there's a ladder I call the cops on like I am number two lane Northbound eight eighty. There is a ladder and and I don't know who dropped it and then a few minutes later I'll call back like didn't you just call me. I said Yeah. But there's a mattress on the freeway. Now I didn't know that people called that's that's all day long. What number do you cautious when one or the regular CHP number CHP is the acronym for California Highway Patrol? I didn't know that's how they got if I call nine one one and and it doesn't connect me to see hp than the the operator disconnects me see HP. I've only stopped one time. But that's because there was somebody in the in the fast lane trying to make people stop and they were waving their arms and they were standing in the Fast Lane. They got into an accident in their car was up against the side Wall Medium. Call Nine one one and I rolled the window down and I started screaming at the person. Getting your car getting your car. Now get off the freeway and then the person who is waving heard it was my voice and she was a teenager and she had been drinking and her face was split open and she was trying to get people on the freeway to stop in the Fast Lane. And so I'm looking at this girl bitch. You're about to die. She didn't die because Erica. Was there on the phone with the. Chp Erica told. She sees a lot of scary shit out there while she's driving around and she also had a few close calls borough one day. She was getting off the freeway and her brakes failed. I felt like I just had to do what the hell do. Keep from killing anybody. I was Coming Downhill on Airport Boulevard in Stockton and I lost my breaks all the way to the floor. It was just absolutely nothing. I couldn't change gears because my RPM's for just so high. I my my gear. Shift was locked in. I was just driving right into the intersection and my light turned red and their light turned green and nobody could see that. I was having a problem and the cars started going in the car right in front of me. It was just enough to where I made a left in a whipped around him may like a C- like ch and then and then I jack knifed to stop and I destroyed a trailer because I was carrying doubles and there were tomatoes and and I completely demolished the light signal box. But I couldn't stop. That was Erica. Solano talking to US last season and as I mentioned earlier this preseason episode is part of a radio TOPI white. Welcome to a brand new show over the road which is made in partnership with overdrive magazine Guest Richard. Indeed over. The road explores the daily life and changing culture. Trucking in America host Palmar hoffer also known as long alcohol has driven trucks for nearly forty years and brings you along for the ride. You can find his show over the road wherever you get your podcast and don't forget season. Five of your Hustle Begins Market for it. You'll hear more about that soon. I'm Nigel Poor Paul. Paul and I'm earl woods ten radio.

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