# 19 Somethings Burning Uncut Brad Williams & Adam Ray


Hey guys brand new podcast this is. Something's burning uncut. This is the audio version of Mike Cooking. Show something's burning from the moment. The mics go on until the moment. The mics are off. It is uncut. I've always been fascinated by the audio of a TV show when they're not shooting TV. Show just the ship. That goes on offense by the way. If I could get the birthday conquer uncut holy fuck that would be an amazing podcast to all the Shit. I was talking. I would pay by the way Dan either. If you're listening to this I will pay legit money to buy the audio files from birth. Congress bringing together as a podcast. I would come off like an asshole I can. I'm issue I guarantee you. I would lose fans very quickly. I did nothing but talk shit and and ask when lunch was. That's all I did. The entire time of birth cocker. Like how many more you got to do to Moore fucking reads are. We doing reads a whole time. Lonnie how come we're doing. I feel like we're doing more reads. Am I talking about a of Franz and the element loop one more time? It was me pissing and moaning about working and then me asking when lunches that would be the entire audio that you would listen to. This is not this is just me Brad Williams and Adam Ray cooking my favorite moment in any substance burning that ever happened is on this podcast. Brad Williams falls out of a stool and my response was what I my response was what I was. That real is that a real thing like I whatever I said it was because it just caught me off guard. He fell out of the fucking stool. This is a great podcast. This is US Talking Shit. It is amazing you're GonNa love it so And like I said we're doubling down on content trebling down. I got plenty of time at home. I'm doing logged zooms. If you like the zooms let me know if you don't like them. Just keep your mouth quiet. And we'll be back with a new studio when the lockdown Lightens up and we will be doing. Burt cast out of a brand new venue in in a few short months. So so yeah so we're GONNA put out a ton of content. I hope you guys enjoy it and as always to bears one cave Bill Bert IRT cast. Something's burdens coming back as soon as we can get around other people but until that time. I hope you enjoy this. This is. Something's burning uncut with Brad Williams and Adam Rick guys. I'll see you later shape driving home. Hey what's out perfect intro? This is Beth. I don't I don't take Uber's anymore. Is that what you live for carrying people shut the fuck it so your toddler can hike with you or your dwarf can come on cooking show with your come on over here guys Just put over here the name of God. This call fresh dwarf. Oh that's a fucking that is so cool and now a human lazy Susan Goodness. Oh also a little bar on the back. Yeah yeah supports. I don't mind daughters had seen that I would be wearing that all the time. Yeah did you really you really got done for you too. Yeah we're GONNA wear the NBA Celebrity All Star game at the NBA was like we. Don't have dwarf insurance. If you drop them that was that was. It looks so much. That was most fun we've ever had and who is thinking this. Of course I guess Adam Ray Brad Williams just fresh out of the NBA. All Star celebrity game. How can you guys worked at? Which by the way. We're aware that we're not celebrity. So you don't have welcome. Yeah the bunch of rappers. That were like tweeting. That's like what the fuck are these guys. Did you guys do this so I went to the NBA Awards? Adam Devine was presenting and he took me from birthday to just go with and soak up all the all the The festivities and at the after party handful -til is in and Adam. Silver the commissioner was there and I was like you should try to talk to you about getting team back for Seattle and we just aren't showing off so you settled on the All Star game. One of those. He goes come to Summer League in Vegas. If you guys want hit Brad like we gotta go the commissioner said. He's going to take care of us like we got us with that means we're at somewhere league we're hanging out and it's like owners area and and he's like yeah. That guy owns the You know the the timberwolves that guy owns you know Dillard's and the frog and sons or whatever and then Bradstock Adam silver and he goes. He's about to leave. And you say yeah I just go to silver. I say just one that I play in the celebrity game before Peter Pink List. Does what a good call. Good call silver just looked at me and goes you're in and just like that and then I was like. Oh we're a package deal. Says he can't read. Somebody's putting shit in the overhead. Storage back up. Ice Judah Kerry me on the Court Ed Sober just says. Yeah you guys go while you can do that and kind of looked at us like yeah ask made Michael Jordan play Minor League Baseball. I can do Commissioner Point World Same White Guy. We're privilege ticket dot draws a lot stronger than you would think. Yeah Yeah try to that guy up a handful of time trying to talk shit to which I should have scripted it because I was like I wrote a prescription. I'm looking to fill and he's like what's that I was like pain. And it's nice to meet you man. He's steroids. Can you guys want to drink? Tito's we got one Let's not does Mankato's a soda. I WANNA cleanse. Should warn you. Yeah I'm not really like holding to it. But what's Burke plans look comes with that more. No it's this is how my my cleanse did little skipper fingers. This is new when I get excited but whenever I go out to eat with people like when I'm a group of guys the APPS I start ordering apps like this what's good good Disney villain of you know my my friends were calling and skipper finger. Skipper fingers while you're GonNa say you WANNA daydream world. We're pants in a threesome. Be What were we talking about? Oh this is how it might cleanses work on them juice with with protein powder hemp protein powder and And be in of their berries in the morning. I'm literally low on blood sugar. So I'm like and then I go Lean protein and green for lunch. And then I do another shake at night. No booze but I've been partying because you know everyone's like we all went to the store last night and I was like I'm not going to not drink first night back story thing right and then And then I was like here. I'm like I'm not going to drink from just eating healthy. Try needed clean by. Have this one thing that we're GONNA eat tonight. That is so fucking amazing. I'm so excited. I'm so excited. And obviously this bad bed played softball with a Tomahawk steak and and I got these sleighs. We're GONNA do a fancy steak dinner so I do have a wine club wine with things. Get why we say I have fillets I have a bone in rib and these were all given to me by L. K. S. D. Kitchen in Downey California. I shall on to those guys. Up with stakes. Thank you for watching burning net. Step right here's my next step. I want to shoot at your place there. Things Fuck Salads. It's all stakes. One of your plays well shoot something. Camp Pendleton with the Marines and wanted to og Olympic Gardens. Vegas Oh he crap. Let me Gordon's a really great restaurant. Have you ever gone? It's good? It's good Dave upstairs. Girls Draws Progressive Liquor nipples anyway Sir blue or high S- Hope yes and then Soda Soda. We Have Soda Soda Right here. I gotta be honest. I've watched so many episodes. I'm starstruck seeing the set live in the flesh. I know right. I remember the first time I saw a girl that was in poor some points. I was watching a day to get fucking ice with those. What have you ever I saw a tweet that I was working at it for real like starstruck like the same way I. I saw poor story in On the Shovel in Dallas of DFW. That I had obviously talking before this is Tolbert. I guess it was a little aggressive. Because you're talking about dragging off watching porn and look what happens jets and everybody is going to be a hot episode. Lots of guys really excited. That's all that means boy now on the menu wet more like mine. Try something you'd hear it like a party back in the eighties. How do you take your dwarf with Strap already had that? So he saw the porn star Star recognized. They're kind of geeked out like I'm a huge fan of obviously you know what that means. She actually was a little offended that I said that I did to a playmate one time. That was getting crazy to know that. Like every fucking guy around jacked off issues. Like excuse me and I was like you're playboy. Yeah she was like excuse me and I was like not on. We just admire. Let's see how you think I drink dip there. You go but stay. Hydrated Splash of soda. I like I order. My t doesn't sort of the exact same way every time there's a bartender that seamy with them at their bars they know it's the same way big ass no line sort of big last no lines that so so we're drinking the glass no line. The line creeps me out. Yeah I'm just throws off my palate for mourning mourning drinking. It's an period. You know it was it. Was the people lines like a bit. We could really fuck it up solar anti right like you're a wealthy guy big line lobby. Big Bet there. Is You know we're going to run out of Avocado soon but Yup Yup freaking out. There's running out about. I don't tell you why a notice to be true. I never heard about Kado Avocado Avocado until until I was twenty nine. Shut up. No I take that back when I was twenty two. The first time I ever heard of an avocado I swear to God all my children. The first time ever heard the word Avocado said twenty two years old and a hostile in Spain with two Australian. Guys my buddy Jo and they. They made us bread with avocado tomato and Mozzarella cheese. And we go Green Shit. And they go Richmond Richmond's above eight and we were like cool response butter and then and then and then and then the next time I had macos twenty nine I was at an Ohi and these people are making guacamole and I was like what the hell is that you walk into you. I take that back measuring this. The first time I walked moly yeah I was that there's a better one that's why misremembered owes at Kevin. James Is House Gary Valentine's brother Mike Burton was making whack-a-mole tons of Glock. Yeah and I was like I was like I never even heard of whack-a-mole now it's like and apparently it takes. It takes like five years for a avocado to mature. It takes like five years to mature and so we're eating too quick pace. It's like it's like elephants. Yeah no close. We're eating elephants Wolf's prepubescent wolf and have it not be no but I'm obsessed with Wolf's casino notes happening in comedy please take this part out so we don't get slammed these fucking fucking hardcore social activists social justice warriors are trying to weed out the wolves of comedy. And what they're GONNA do is we're GONNA cut too many sudden they're going to overrun and get eaten by themselves. Your Baby Yeah I think you know. I didn't have yogurt until high school really super baked and I never smoked when I was a kid and it made me want to throw up and then I was superstar my freshman college and And I went to my buddy's dorm room and I was like Dude. I need to eat something like chewing on the comforters. And he opened his like mini fridge. And He's like I got yogurt and I'm like Oh man yeah I started chow down on it. He's like did you like you've never had yogurt before I go. I haven't any lose. Money Goes Holy Shit. He opens a second fridge. He's got like sixty different. Flavors goes have your mind blown ear imagination Berry. There's there's cream cake you ran into the yogurt kingpin. Yeah never going to believe. This dude got stomach problems. Take a look great. And that's my mom but my my thing I must have had fifteen yogurts. Let's go what what was the? What was it something you had the first time you're shot up. The first time I was inside of a John I was like Oh this is everything was correct. Well down like those guys okay. It's over quick quick like Oh God first thing that I had Oh Karnataka's where I was like what the fuck to fish tacos was a joke. Oh Yeah I was. I was not there was a porn. Catego- we were in. La at the place. Is it audrey on sunset and someone order fish tacos and a shot of Tequila and I went there like what I go? Funny sounds like a band. And they're like tacos Camargo they really Tacos Taco. It was like no a number of his. Talk up this tacos. I love partying routine after that. Yeah well yeah and then doing what we do for a living. We'll get to travel all around so you get to taste certain things like you're doing that a lot in life right now. Yeah that's so cool. I'm so broken travel for so long that like I don't do shit when I go to city I go there. Yeah I'm fucking done at all. I have done it although he has. There's not one thing I I watched. I follow his instagram and he was a he was a writing sled dog. Sledding Alaska and Alaska and Michigan Red Dog sleds. It looks like just the greatest activity I would. I would love to hear the conversation between the dogs and to pull you and the dogs. I had to pull me. Who'd you pull that guy like? Oh that sucks. I run with the midget behind me. Oh lucky you lead right. Let me drive my sled. Yeah there's probably reason I drove the sled dogs smell like fucking Dick. They smell so bad. Do not at a one of those. I did ride dogs now because they don't pay them outside the whole day God. They're they're they're they're outside. They just shouldn't business can run but he was going to jump off the boat and shipped WANNA FLIP. I saw is it. Do you have somebody in your life. That sends you those videos or you. Like fear Minus Mike. Catherwood sends me all the time. And he's like hey visit some guy like turning his ball sack inside our own pudding over someone's head as a blindfold and Yeah you're just like okay. Got My whole life without this time. I WANNA watch it again. Who's a good one for that sound crazy and you may have to believe his name? We're not I don't really care. Should Vanilla ice he sends texts like it's nineteen ninety-one and he just got text messaging like he has no idea about anything. That's an inappropriate texts with with the Ice Solo. He's still he's still T- t nine. I only have one be a one vanilla ice. Okay come on God damn it. I don't have any old tax. It's just the new is never had vanilla ice tea or is there one because he you know what? I'm saying like the way his mind works. He's a vanilla ice combat. Combine those two things. I don't want to cook today. Drink and bullshit. This is the best part of the show is like the hang and like fuck around. The cooking gets overwhelming. But I think it's also where excels a host because The conversation becomes very very organic. Yeah fluid nature of our banner will segue perfectly into some tasty treats show you the I wanna make this appetizer. Pay Show it to you. I love you guys like blooming onions. These two thousand four in respective Brad. We got mini boom another internatonal. Bread will deep fry them. And then one biters conch shut up to the face. A serious weaken we are. We are GONNA need help cutting these but it's very simple read. That's all right dwarf cries we all get to play the lottery tonight. I told you this is a good one. So we'll just do a couple of that So this is how you do it. Okay Okay you take a good one because I because I fuck up. Seri- good one. Tv We'll do these okay. It's very simple adorable. By the way. Do we have oil to deaprtment this oil right. Let me let me get this. Babich going burner right now. You're already ahead of me and cooking turning on the oven to cook. No I love we Asian wife and she cooks everything all that Still Gyco up an. Yeah Yeah Yeah because word. Got Out that I mean we're GonNa because I announced on every podcast been on but My wife and I met on the APP field which is tended for threesomes three km radio all right field. Yeah that's how I met my wife Mattress you women were together. One of the women didn't show up and Just the other one who happened to be a hot Asian. That likes three ways. So obviously you lock that now And and so people here that they they assume that the three ways go in all ways shapes and forms. And it's like no may said worth and my favorite we only knew threesomes with other women some other dudes cauliflower so some guys here that I think that They like to do the time with my wife. And she's sometimes going on the road with me to help sell merch shows and so then they see you're like Oh this is the wife so you want to go back and fuck and like I take us to dinner. Yeah do something my favorite color. I want you to on your on your eyelids. That's weird dude. Asking for that that that definitely happened but celebrities my wife celebrities okay. So what celebrity would you allow to fuck your wife Rabbit? I would watch and I would be able to ask questions and ask so. That would be a wonderful Brad. If you're out there you WANNA fuck my wife. Cooman back to our new show who fucks. My wife is not one clip and getting bigger. Fuck my wife. I just want say if that does. This is the moment that went down. Yeah what do you think it would do? You think he would be like. Yeah but you've got to send me an Uber like what's the thing. I'LL WANNA see motorcycle at Joe did go. He's getting back together with John Aniston. No I don't follow the tabloids much but now this is that that is. That is a weird question. When you're in Hollywood and then you play the game like who would you allow on the cheat list because our because ourselves and our partners have ways to actually meeting these people Like it's a possibility. There was a growing Dallas. Shut up to this girl in Dallas. She goes She was like freaking out with Ingram and she goes Your mind what's it called my my My Hall Pass. Yeah so really and she goes. Yeah I told my husband. He wasn't allowed to come. Because you're my whole past show fucking hot and I was like cool. She was like yeah. So your pass and I was like many times in my head I was like hang on. Let me call my wife real quick at Hiller girl in so I have to honey. You understand how this works like say no. You bought a ticket. She contributed God given what we do. Is We cut the tip off and then we go in here. You remember last night while you're Jewish by the show my Dick so much better already. Been kind of like it's covered. It's like wearing a sweater. Yeah I was trying to rob a bank. And it's so this if you can help me peel. The outside layer off just a little chunky part. Just little junky cars. Can you get choked up from peeling or is it only from sliced in these things? You mean choked up like crime. I'll tell you the outside lease recap the plot of Simon Birch to me right now or else I will start virtue that's Rabbit Yeah Simon Birch the dwarf version of Rudy Where this kid? Who Ends up saving a group of children on a bus. Because he's small unconvicted the windows and but then he then spoiler alert. He ends up dying and it's like this she said I said don't say the plots I'm GonNa Start crying so yeah that that fucking some of these up that that's the movie. I cried every time. How about you kiss another times over his wife? Yeah that's Ron Travelers. Wife fucking pouring. He comes back out of the forest at the end. She Goes Daddy Daddy. Mommy Daddy's home. He's like panic. And how long have I been gone? Oh homegoods I'm getting right now because you know why I feel like that because your dad. Now I'm a dad always call on the road and I drink a lot and you well. I'm trapped. Drinking is its own form. Time traveling. Isn't that an Intel joke? Oh Yeah I've I've tried to. Rewrite Steel joke tells the greatest Burgundy on stage with him in Vegas was one of the highlights of my career that and united barely talk the whole time. We just laughed laughed at him on stage at him. Doing the biggest crabshoot county festival. Rip Crapshoot Comedy. I I like the guy a lot. what else can we be doing to help you? Thank you so much this this drake. What makes US dread ballpark dredge? Here what is this is the dredges the Blumenauer drudge. It's two and a half cups flour ballpark it. You know what that looks like. Probably two and a half cups we. We don't have measuring devices. I don't know why it wouldn't here. In and make a dredge if you get it wrong we die but whatever all right. I'll keep cutting these okay so Adam Grandma in the flow. Or where's where's the others non movie that made me cry or white and I was like six? Say Miami Miami's but my ties deep stays work house eating fish on the beach lake. Roberts Wilson fucked up face and you haven't seen the kid is basically like God something going. Oh I can't own Wilson like the opening scene like the first day. He takes a space helmet because it gives afraid to show his face and he takes off own fine. No one's GonNa tell and then kid like everyone's GonNa tell there's so much going on like the kids like you know. Are they going to make fun of me? And almost fine and this turns out some kids like Nice knows you talk kid. Oh I will say I will say that if you have a fucked up face and you're going to school have Owen Wilson. Drop off partner. That's going to help you better. Seal their you I I look like my lap has been the studio fifty four right now. It's just nice to covered cooks cross-reference holding their breath the show currently no bring in like lassie on the set of. Who's the boss? Right chestnuts one one teaspoon of Cayenne. These are cups. I mean I I can do this. Black PEPPER TASTE. Sure one teaspoon fucked up you know. I really don't even know business. I'm I'm actually wearing my wife will see this. It'd be like see you can cook it all the time. What are the odds of you? Have a kid you having a little percents. Take we get the PC. To terms of the odds are twenty. Five percent chance dwarf seventy-five percent chance tall. There's pros and cons to both my friend and don't think I haven't thought about it. We've been thinking about kids. Yeah Book Yeah Yeah. We're pulling the goalie and which Ryan we'll see what happens. Yeah which just means. We're fucking Asian works for durable. I mean the ones on those the TV show where they adopted him. Yeah those kids I mean I don't know The the littlest couple sorry. I have to know all this. It gets brought up at the meetings all the time. Now what Brad Pitt Souza's and he was like I'll take a rain check on crusher but Williams see if I can get my own dwarf pit oud more pet with sounds like abandoned his at some point. There's a kiss Little Person I think the drummer move all right. Oh Yeah Yeah that you're talking about over the idea. They had a chick drummer at one point and that was fun. Doing I go to this when you're doing this right. I'm just going to oversee what you're doing two tablespoons peppery time that's a tablespoon. Paprika. What do you think the temperature that is probably not with my finger thing. No you still test things that your finger go for it. Would we have a thermometer have teaspoon of time? I'm going to Ballpark half teaspoon. You Yeah please. Like that's probably if you shake it. Does it help if you dance? It makes you feel like your way I mean I I I feel the unique Eglesias School of by the way most the property. This is how I this is how I beat eggs. Two tablespoons really touched me. I made it up. I taught me so I taught me Nothing I just had. A A fought brings Jesus since College Ten Years Yeah College together yeah both at USC Trojans really yeah and then we were like one of four people that did stand up Who else was the other kid even more because at USC? John Rutherford Yeah. I'm Rick non-nego Weatherford Yeah And then actually drink four. If you're planning to Yeah No. We met at college and then it was like time. Did you take the time put in the time in Stanford Process the craft on one June of Cumin I'm much Oregano. I'm all it feel like rego. It doesn't even say reaganism. Just put them in. I'm pretty common fish with a little person Pinch of anything. I mean measurement. What is the proper terminology? Because I think I'm trying to be like I always want. I send my daughter's one time I don't. You can't say anything that makes them feel bat. That's look worse. I don't mind saying certain stuff on my nas answered stuff you know what I mean. Tug Lashes on the pointed out when it came to the F. Word you know which one is about the rain. Mec- sorry the Mamad around you all just had it. You're going to be the best dad. Some kid legitimately meaty thermometer. She let me check my head. But then it's actually. Yeah I mean this dead commits to the bit envy on this. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. We're good we're good other bowl why we need another wolf idea giving what do you need? I mean to eggs one couple milk one cup of water in other budget. Here we got we got. We got it. I got milk bat right and a little bit more that one cup of water and then two x keep in mind. Brad is a two-year bread and you've given him for real. How wasted Burn Toyonaga? Oh the sad part is is. I can do a perfect impression of what he sounds like drunk and if you go on Youtube I mean you're already on youtube if you're watching this dual sub window and look up Verne. Troyer drunk pissing in a corner and key makes up. He and he makes this noise over rewinding and replaced. Oh that's going to be a gift. Cut The onion plays in a bowl cut or the flower makes us come up with a plate and shake to distribute that. Okay or we fuck that out there like this but in the Hague and then we go get it nice and soppy onions. Eggs should be hanging out more like Persians in Iranian exactly like Jane Iranians yes or an Iranian. All like Pearl Jam's a solid man system of McDonald's a fucking solid ban. The Hollywood bowl in great. Okay. Let's hope this does what I think it will do. And we'll see if that's already made the sauce. The sauce is very simple and a bunch of other ship. I mean yeah cake around with mayonnaise. Anything no shit right. That's greenness. No what's it called by that fucking that sounds like a nickname from Asia Dwarf Baby Coupon Grim Manson. Or how'd you make a Turkey baster of Korean? Yeah just like ready ready. Shit great use. Or How long have we cook them for Rachel? Outback steakhouse this should be an appetizer. You got in the blooming onion. You should make mini blooming onion. You shouldn't have an ad campaign should avenue ad campaign where I come out dressed in outdoor clothing and all you boomerang in the ad come and go Roy. Sometimes you just need a little status and here yesterday. Many blooming onion and I'm holding the mini blooming onions. They look giant in my hands. I'm selling this four. You write this. Commercial is probably a little too fast until hot too hot feeling. They'RE WE'RE GONNA BE RAW ONION. Oh Oh now. Similar outback steakhouse. I already have experience. I was in the Jack in the box for the mini Sirloin burgers. They crushed it. Fucking was I got. I got many burgers for that. That's how they paid us. We're you none of Ceylon of the combat. Talk very trying to figure it out was not another week. They made you talk like that. Well they see they. They did this thing where they just assume that all doors would talk like that when we showed up by the voice of the way you normally do. This is how I normally act like. You're communicating just with your people. We're not even ten. Pretend you found a lollipop blah blah blah. Do you understand for commercials? But did I wasn't good at it and I think that's pretty good. That's pretty intimate. I mean I don't think the onions are technically cooked. The the inside or I mean we definitely brown the outside out to enjoy the raw fucking onion. I wouldn't do it yet. I wouldn't do it yet by the way. Now that we've got this perfected smells amazing. I gotta try. Let's try big one one to a big one Sure we got everything set up. I'm not so just peel. It chuck it in so yeah here we go. We go like this by the way. This is what we want to know how to cook these things. This is how you do it boss move. Don't fix it in post. So this is how you make a blooming onion. You kind of peel it. I guess you'd like wait out. Adam Don I never Phil Collins Live. That's all right. This these are the ones that make you cry. Okay so you know what so funny. When I was in college one of our one of our classmates was taking cooking class and he came in or what have turned others. He worked in the kitchen. He was taking a class and came in and he said tonight for dinner boys having blooming onions and all of us lost our fucking minds. We're like no way and may blooming onions and we were like that. Every meal is like it takes away bugging long. She go in. Yeah we just cut like this on okay so those are all the pieces of guy. I'm going to try one of these while you're doing that. Yeah fuck yet. Mitzvahs see this is going to be a weird one because it's got a weird stomach plus too hot. Oh very walk one. How does it? How DOES IT smaller one? I'll suck move. This one's GonNa be global these things. And then you put this this dredge all in it right dredging there. Sorry so good yeah. Those are a little rock. Let me move this book just getting going on. I don't never get old right. The FAKE BURN. Burn myself. I'll be like the JUSSIE smollet up cooking. Yeah we went there topical humor all right. I wish I just had a little bit more spooner. Something dumped the shit. I got it now. Is it standard to Cook and flip flops? Goddamn it there we go. You really don't Cook. We're right now. We look like every scene from like Mr Mom. That's okay now with this. This one's GonNa be fucking Moraif Michael Keaton movie that whole Cogan. Nanny suburban commando suburban commando or the nanny suburban command. I remember the One. Mommy was in where he fucked. Wife Remember. That one was a great movie. Was that what was that. Guy's name the radio guy on the radio. Guy fucked his wife and part of a Weirdo. Love Sponge Yup which I mean. That's the real good luck from your area. I know exactly. What is okay shots fired by the way someone checkout legally? If we're going to get sued he's a very litigious person and a little bit of a cut. That was said by Bert Kreischer. That's a birth ratio. When the great maybe I should have taken the price tag off just we might have returned to those of you wondering this price tag of the onion is still attached to picture that that's key all right and brings out those earthy flavor. Go here. We go you ready. Maybe don't do that with your hands on or something. No only tongues some of that similar to try another one of these were good. I gotta be honest. I used to work at Albertson's grocery store greatfloors ideal for the many. Oh yeah you gotta get back in there for the smaller of the two the onion not bad at all? Is it a little rock? This one will be better. Oops sorry to be on Menu Right. I cook it slower. Not like this House Man Mini blooming onions spokesman. Here don't get Gingrich. Don't get to have you know and I want to talk Shit Dude on line all day once winter now very frustrated. I don't have any way of getting hold of him. I mean I could use certain dwarf channels but we're not allowed to use those unless it's an emergency this fucking off naturally The man is integral part of this concoction. Yes said the white man. Owning time like Greek Russian Jew really rushing. Okay Yogurt along with Bert. Well yeah this is going to be fucking sick. Okay so we get rid of that one grabbing the second the still still tax when Albertson's grocery store and Seattle as my first job. Some guy was in the customer service booth to handle all the complaints in return. Shit and this guy brought in a slab of meat and he goes. Yeah there's like this big green patch on the meat. I was like. Oh that fucking sucks clearly. Just give it back to me and we'll go get your new and you know we ate the me and I was like what he goes. Eight or not at. He goes green fungi. Legs in Brooklyn Alien and eight around it. Caters gives no one. Because you ate it usually. There's some bullshit they call from my boss and the boss's customer's always right but we gotta give him new. Meet people like that every day. There's someone wants there's a soda machine outside. And she spent twelve dollars in quarters on twenty five Cent Root Beers. She comes in with a bag of lemon lines and she goes. I spent twelve dollars in quarters and I tried to get root beer and it just gave me lemon lines and I was like well. That sucks but I do have some questions at what point four dollars and you were like probably not getting Rubio today and she goes you calling me still like. I don't know you don't WanNa came in with well. Said Rooster dropped a buck and just a whole bag of forty-eight lemon lawns working I mean take a look that looks pretty legit right. Oh that's done Lego for longer. We are based on no scientific factor knowledge whatsoever just was based on our last run with the mini. Yeah we took it out by the way. I didn't mind them a little. Roll my my mind. I have some on my speech today. I'm talking to the circles a little my blood sugars low well. Let's give us a steak fucking chocolate. Mar. and what kind of character is this? He's not totally gave scene of. You'RE GONNA use a state the guy that's the guy from a Chrissy knows best. Who wants to wrestle the living room you were going to do it you were. GonNa do it. Anyone for buck naked twister. Just kidding I've got a Margarita to drink talking. I went out last night with my buddy Aaron Goodwin from ghosts eventers. I am amendment story. Yeah I'm going to get a drink. What do you want? And he goes Just take a Margarita. I go Margarita. Two in the morning big last time and a Margarita wasn't Raymond Margaritas is like fucking white. He had a Margarita with Paul McCartney at the Hollywood Improv. The fuck crazy story ever I get offstage was a comedy show. There's maybe twelve people in the audience. He's in the back. I purposely walked by him because I see in there because I'm like maybe he'll call me over and become best friends and I was like what's up man. I didn't know you were going to be here. And he's like command. Command asked me to sit down with them tells me likes my step. Then he goes. Let's get a drink and I'm like yeah man. I'll drink anything I'll do anything to you like very vulnerable right now. What do you WANNA drink and he goes? Let's get Margaritas. And I'm like fucking you could have said anything. Paul McCartney would've been like fucking. Let's do it so we drink Margaritas. And we like watching the show and then his tiny Super British manager was like we leave. He's gone front Japan four hours. Oh my God how do you know so many fucking famous people impressive job is if what is it about? You were famous. People are drawn you onto your podcasts. In there like Sandra Block shut the fuck. Yeah wine realize that once I saw that and I was like shut up to stay just like well. That's move. This is me Working on a movie with Sandra Bullock Okay this is is this is about. I WanNa see when you because when I had to Motor-voter in had to in this in one of the scenes feet yells out. It was like an Improv. So it was like it was like a dancing scenes. She's supposed to be trying to get my phone and then he's like Santa. Push Adams face in your in your cleavage. So like I hear that it's about to happen and on thinking is don't buck and smile as you're like going down to like let's let's have you do that like what. Would you want me to motorboat you Zim Brian? Hey Hey we would get out again. We're GONNA do do it. How would you? How would you respond to that dirty movie do it? What's this is no? This is no. It'd be finding the movie. This is me hanging out offset with her. This is how so all you gotTa do is initiate any sort of interaction and watch me. Fuck it up a guy burt. We're thinking about getting some raisins from the craft service table. You Win. I'm thinking really horrible things. I want to reasons out of your shit. I'm not good with celebrities. I've never been goes liberties I don't. I'm not good at meeting them or making friends with them. I don't I don't I don't have one. I don't have one celebrity friend I have like. I have like four friends. Who Happen to be famous but not celebrity. Who's the most famous person in your phone that you that you could taxed? And they will take back. I'd no-one no-one no-one like Toms Saga well. He he is very famous or more famous singers. That I'm buying a lot more sociable. Someone who's your favorite comedian. Tom Burtt they go. Oh tons funnier but I met. Burt excessive all. He's the Common Really Nice Guy. Myrtle hang out with you after the show Thomas gets in his Golden Pegasus. Wise Away. Motorboat in an impromptu. Tom But tom is probably a lot wiser that my I mean so. Many people have my number of given so many people my number. You seem like that guy. We're like young comics at will come to a show and hang on watch right on the road and they'll be like the chummy up and then like a couple of compliments in you take a number. Do let's travel the world together. I offered a kid last night. I said if you aren't wearing underwear I will take on the road with me for three weeks. He's one underwear. I misjudged you. How much was he trying to do? The trick who was the movie where the guy like fiddles around and tries to get his underwear out and I lost the neulander. He he was trying to do and then he goes. I saw that. Did you see a lighter around here lighter? The fuck are we doing now sparked this up cooking brad cheese. I haven't I know I have it but I don't know where I put it definitely somewhere. Rachel is that one good. Try something to jump in or is it. High looks super fucking hot upside down the drain. It do that agreement. Yeah the price tag extra credit if the Price Tag. Yeah Oh this is until you one thing. We did not add to that dredge. Fuck salt was that a little sprinkle salt on their your flipper back over Brad. At least it's kosher salt back. I didn't know what that guy was being an assault. Let's make some book and stakes. Here's what we can do states and we can twice baked potatoes so it doesn't go without potatoes twice big `tatoes start off with. I'M GONNA get the state's going. We'll snack on that. He drinking bradbourn drunk. Okay so what most famous little person in college right now. Right now. Based on what? What's your little most popular show says who says that was at the show last night or the hanging on the store. Oh Nicky that guy Can I found? Yeah Yeah Yeah. He's a comic as well for twice. Baked potato very easily slice it in half and then we dig out the guts. I like it here. We'll do we'll just do to right. This was actually better. I think dig out the mass thing. Cover it with cheese. Shove it in. Their baked potato was emergency lunch. You know what that is. You ever elementary school. If you forgot your lunch in the cafeteria goes do you want? And you're like my mom didn't pack my lunch and I don't have anything I'm hungry as fuck and potato that was sitting in the back and it was a baked potato and I ate it for lunch. We saw fear. I'm not sorry Shapiro. All GO SKIING RIGHT. And he says and he goes. I got dinner okay. We made potatoes was a baked potato. And then just one. He was eaten by the Westfield Bashar in the upset he was even in normal looking. I'm like fucking potato and my head on my steak with my family. And he's like pretty good Huck. I live on top of the. Oh I thought we'll get some onions on boy. Well it's a bachelor. He's a bachelor. You know it happens. I mean like I can imagine Mark Norman. Oh that's all we gotta get morning. Radio unbelievable I love when that clip got posted. Because I was like. Oh this is going to get shared by everybody. Yeah man crushed. It is ridiculous. The woman like The newscaster definitely was having fun with it like she was like not doing that. Classic like Okay Live. Tv We can't say and then and then One on Radio One time where television? I am not doing this fucking right. I wanted to television one time. That's not cut my hand like my dad said I did sit out by just went through the potato into my hand. Okay we'll find note we're fine. We're fine my dad was wrong. No and you can hear it again. I did it again. All the data that you're bleeding into you don't worry. Don't worry kids. I'm clean clean. Potatoes aren't totally Rachel. But it'll do. Well Yeah but then when you marinate them in human blood he's GonNa be applebee's doesn't have that we take a basic baked potato but then we have a special Berkshire Blood Marinades and right down. The middle of horse twice baked potatoes. You've Kreischer blood. Fat and vodka does sound like a weird grown potato initiative. Lord knows I potato call Bhaktapur for one of them. Hold on hold on okay. This'll be okay. I need this one. Expertly removed okay. How about someone not use a spoon? Nine bleeding bleeding. I'm not bleeding blood going all over the thing little Brad. Oh what's a little blood between friends? Yeah bottle it carrying there. We go all right. We need to someone. Read the directions People can't read when you say you go through but also don't have this dwarf stereotype book on hand. So you're like maybe we should help you. I love a good stereotype. That's real like like eighty one. They drink their faces. Get read true. Yeah black people don't get one nevermind nevermind look head to you guys. We don't get rock climbing. Get it get it. We're walking into something I think we. We've earned ourselves like a solid years worth of black good black jokes from the Donnell Rawlings episode. Yeah so yeah that one all right so let me take this and we do something. What do we do with this Butter twice baked potatoes. Nonni your here man. Tayo in half lengthwise did that. Did that put your own blood inside? Did being careful not to share the show. Leave a small rim of potato intact. Four support got it lay on baking sheet. Don't have it's already in their own okay. Manage smashed potatoes with one stick of butter half cut bacon bits and have cup sour cream. Good Old Bacon. Bits bits bits right. They're nice smashed potatoes mashed potatoes with me. I don't know I think I'm fucking this up already. I mean insurance. I'M GONNA go go so to watch this. I'm going in this pack when in doubt. Go and start start. Start MY GO-TO number. Whenever I eat something Mike Webb won eleven. Is it really? Yeah as my number went onto the safe escort state was was. It also your. Sat score brought shocking. I'm smart in that crazy. I'm not that I'm I'm not like book I can't listen to people. I don't really have a fucker tap out really quickly. Yes but my sat scores. Were really good. I also I got to take a class to get better squirrel. The test is still like you know. Second guessing is the reason most fail a test This is GonNa be a thrice Baked Potato. Nice punked man. That's why. What type of butter is listed? Fabio believe that it's real what is up with crazy when I worked on a rollercoaster show two three years. Can't you fucking kidding me? I definitely have been that to me is like there's a handful of videos. I'LL WATCH A YEAR. Just remind myself how great life can be. Oprah telling everyone to get cars chair Randy Johnson hitting a bird with baseball. I know that seems like kind of like aggressive. Who did that first? Dave winfield did not not pitching. He definitely met what's up about when we do. They don't know who is that bad. Well we're getting notes Burt the network over the mood about my bugging little fucking mini whatchamacallit. But God damn. I don't get notes about Kim Greene happening right. How dare you boyfriend are pretty serious thinking about adopting slap Globe Zoltan? What are you getting a dog dog? They had a dog okay. Who's GonNa be watching the Berlin kicked on this? Your dog dog. They don't see racing dogs. I don't see I'm trying dude. We are two months away from people like being woke dog owners. Dude we are able to check them in there. Oh donut donut here. Yeah Yeah. My Wife's family is kind of rednecks. Don't know you can't have dogs anymore. Like what can I learn how to be quiet? My Wife's family won't see this because they don't get an internet which you know the the they'll get healthcare. You don't get evolution a lot of things. Don't get Internet the Jason. We don't sell tickets. Yeah that's why a lot of us don't put a Mississippi by the way I don't mean this will ripley. I know you're in Mississippi watching this clearly. You have Internet. But we're watching the places an art huge. It'll places that podcasts are huge Mississippi Alabama. Like in the Idaho which it's also the place. Here's okay this is my way into a drink theory. Still it's the same places where gun laws are less strict and the reason being has nothing new culture or anything like that. It's basically the distance people live away from each other further. You live away from each other. The bigger guns you can get easier. Yeah the close. You live around people. Obviously they don't want you shooting through your wall into someone else's yeah but the close you lead people to better Internet you get so New York strict gun laws great fucking Internet an extra gun laws. Great Internet used to more. You start spreading out stricter the gun laws get or the left strict laws and the worst internet gets. I was just in Alaska so it could absolutely shoot a gun in your house. Career Wall not hurt anyone for fucking three blocks. Someone was complaining about their neighbor in Alaska. It's like us and you talk to them. It's like well no. I can't talk to them because they live two miles away and it's like how do you revive like dude? It's it's bad when we go to my wife. My wife has that we have a house in Alabama. And when we go there dude it's just you off the grid. You read a book. You put together a puzzle. It's a little bit of a throwback. You phone doesn't fucking work but then you're not on your Chil- your with your family and do puzzles do represent a simpler time right puzzles. Maybe a Yoyo speaking me. Yoyo Puzzles my Yoyo daughter. Isla grabbed a puzzle right. This summer puts dumps all the pieces on the thing and then throws the the top. Wagau look like she goes. You can figure it out you do. The top looking just guessing. This should be maybe a flower. Now we mix. Oh No wait. We still mixed. I know you Philip titles yet. Jesus what are we doing what we do know? Put it back in there and you put One Half Cup cheese one half cup. Milk seasoned Salt Green Onions. Black Pepper. Remiss yes in the in the mix immunise. Yes into that Cheese Hadjis James Abbott half-cup Then one half cup milk from did a lot of a lot of cheese. Hey I just say one half cup cheese agenda listen. I'm working for big little light on the milk. You're putting this back in. Yeah go ahead give me a splash of milk splash. Their regard looked good. I liked that can be a little more splash a little more. Splat and then Some salt or we go the salt. Put the salt in season salt and then green onions dom dom this is. GonNa be fucking these days and then some black pepper. I don't see color. I so work was the most focused thing you said recently. All Jeez my dog is mixed race. He's Brown and white. We got that was like together. Mocha people are fucking mixing. Now Bert even dogs dude. I told a kid that Tried to do a Headbutt on me one of my niece's friends his name's Gary a nine year old Gary and Mary such a plumber named Brenda. Kick Gerry or no degrees so hard to come out like with a beard and a ten year like to back in a small. I'm always like a body shop yet. Man Leg gloomy yet. He like every time I see him when I'm home and my nieces at this park. He's always there and always fake headbutts me and it was always like talking on the bushes and I told them we try to headbutt meals. Like you think live is just all like fake headbutts twizzlers and he was like what and I heard myself say that was a guy. What a what kind of advice. Trying to give this kid. Next door is better than the advice. My uncles gave me one kid gay. Are you gay Guy Button die? Thanks man awesome. Hey thanks for ruining me being a cool person wrestler not try out new things and then you pause knew that. Are you concerned? I always think we'd have so much fun. Gay couple we would up the world's like sometimes when you hang out with Tom. Is there a part of you? That goes God if only Dick we're on a plane flight from From talking I mean this is just like a came and do yet says filled potato shells filling. I think these are good right. Yeah those were. Let's wait for these bacon. So let's fucking or you eating a sandwich game plan. What's the poor in how sandwich and the implementing battlespace at one day? You're a little warmed. Yeah get food poisoning chefs bits delicious. All right we are on the side for the great says the put them in for fifteen to twenty minutes okay. So we're going to do. Start Your whole night okay. I've been to fear guys. Potatoes AREN'T so bad. Guys if I if you put Chaka chips on a great desert my Buddy Hutch one time. Want us all kick balls only people in Florida? Have Buddies Taught Shit like kickball? Every kickball glitter remained kickball. No kickball like mango mango. Yeah my friends. Names are the most fucked up named ever. I grew up in Florida and two days without tongue told you that tongue was Brenton. Aw Look like this up. The women don't like wait. Why did he get over kick balls and he lives one complete? He's trying to be a good dude. He hadn't been called the a-list the was anything. He bought shopping that he thought we all needed. He wanted to boyfriend hunches. A Refund Guinness for me. I want you to enjoy it too. He gave me a really motivational speech. One time I just started comedy I came back to Tell Asi to skip football game. And nothing's going on for me sitting under a understood unrestored thing and we're just sitting there laying under the solid laying out in the morning. We're all over and he was house colleague. Bert and I go pretty good but then we hutches also the guy that got a stick cotton his throat one time so so he goes house. Call me I said. I don't know I'm not really getting everything I want. And he goes. I GIVE YOU A. Can I tell you how to succeed and I said Yeah yes sticking rose all you have to do is promise that you will go after that goal for the rest of your life with one hundred percent integrity I want. I don't know if that's how it works in comedy huts and he goes. What's one thing you want right now? Bert I go only at high heels. You promise me you will not stop going after getting high until you get high. Yeah I promise. He was a one hundred percent of your moral code. You're going after getting high and I said one hundred percent Hutch and he goes all right they pulls out a joint meals. Let's get high. He was diseases that I didn't know your best friend was Yoda Dude. He also get highest fucking giving motivational speeches. That went nowhere. He's like one time there's a man. Walking through the cemetery fell into a hole and he tried to jump jump out of the whole jumping at all and then all of a sudden he gave up sat down the other guy goes. It's not worth it. So so do I use a condom. And that's why I asked you man. Sometimes you ought to trampolines. Sometimes you're the back of a target trying to figure out where the bathrooms who needs eyebrows that put that up from watching. Something's Burning Indiana. Wash okay okay. So we're going high high rates Rachel all the answers. She's like your personal media. You know what the world can't have enough Rachel's in my opinion okay hidden cinema which when this company folds in it Wilson. I'm going to hire Rachel a real salary and just just wanting to work with me. Yeah you make it happen. Would you for me for real heartbeat for sure? How much to buy you from all things comedy right now. Request launch whole all right. So let's push this forward a little bit and who the stakes were working with the Afghan. Thank you too okay. Yeah yeah more. Bacchus Radin thank you once again to L. Chaos DVD's phenomenal stakes flays. Bonin rabbi and a total. That might sound. Culturally appropriated Nell but you went to Fsu. So it's fine by the way if I had a nickel for every time. A chief elder banged the drum in my face. Which one would you do there because before woke woke all right my next special but ain't woke don't fix it didn't just come up with just the autumn it. I mean right talk sometimes when you're a pro pro bad as me. So here's how we're GONNA do this. Bad Bitch Okay we're GONNA sear it for five minutes aside. Okay and then we're GONNA pop it in here for like twenty minutes and then we're GONNA we're GonNa Cook all these fucking steaks all these guys in here. They're going to want a little bit. We'll we'll have a few bites. We'll eat it. We'll joy at night. We eat like kings. She thinks steak is really the most communal meal like it's really work. It's not like a one on one. It's like a you want everyone to be around right off. Hand Young. Yeah. Can you stay this me steak back? Or what's it called? Sorry like how many plus ones have been brought to your steak dinner your house would you say yes to if you had multiple stakes being coached. This is the best. We have to do the bronze. I know. I'M NOT GONNA try. Let's try it comes the Bronx meet him. See it work. Yeah I believe in yourself. Stake my favorite thing in the world. They're a little pepper on there too. Where's it you consider yourself a state connoisseur? Pretty I'M A PRETTY BIG STEAK PEPE. Right or Paparazzis. Say by the way we were tearing through these burners burners all right the buck career some butter and salt salt and pepper butter salt and pepper. This season the state socialist repression. Yeah Yeah Yeah yeah ways to get cut off in your house on my first one so I'm still also well. This is good call on the butter. Rachel ooh refresh. Yes I do. Yeah right the Burnham and that's the name of the show really convenient you wanna Philibert with what odd Viggo. We're doing this right loop. What does this call this bachelor right? Wait how long have you been doing podcast about five years? We've got like five hundred episodes? Yeah by the way you are five hundred no joke top two of all time not to say that 'cause we're on your show is rated really. Yep Real. I like to hear that. Get people trying to be honest with you. When I first started my podcast I was GonNa just be a guest. Host my podcast. Oh interesting. Because I'd just be a guest to become a better guests than I am host. So you want someone to interview you every time I need call narcissism your higher rated than Jason Derulo. He always he. Who IS JASON? Arnott break for the audience that it will go Jason Derulo Jason. Derulo sounds like yourselves. Mattresses visit Jason Derulo Youtube comfortable metric for you and your family come down the road. The rule of the rules the rules on the pillow. Jason Derulo a RB pop star. He sings A lot of hits which one of its what you say one of them say they will limit really tell them what you say a new bit. I can see the new bid for you guys. You Guys Brand Adam. Sing the heads. Ha this is lady Gaga. Can you believe that Brandon can sing shocked? Also Oh man interested in this big holiday funny fucking Shit various him and I made. I don't get a don't like gingers. That's very true. Do you mind you need. You know that redheads need more in effect. Can't say ginger on the network guys out. Sorry yeah we got one for real owns the thing. One of the first ones to go into the apocalypse. He's a library boy. You know what I mean. Why very mechanically sports? No I love you Andrew. What was I gonNA say? Oh you know redheads it takes. This is going back to the earlier segment. I didn't know that stereotype redhead. New website I'm going to call it brand new stereotypes dot com. We've seen this and if it is go to squarespace and buying for me Yeah Gurney. Stereotypes Dot Com squarespace GonNa Brandon site. I just you come up with a day. Okay let's start now. Oh that's white gorilla dot com is that it's a website of idea of show. I talk about a white girl who moves to Los Angeles and tries to get into acting. Oh my God I made a few episodes they were. Let's just say they're not woke anymore. Okay going in here. Fuck all right. So this Paulie dial this down. I think we're DJ era era era what Dj Name Dj Birth Quartz. Everyone's thought about it. Yeah you mine would be I mean did you a quick fat. Dj Quick Fat and I was a DJ. So I already have one or a DJ for real When I was in high school i. Dj My old junior highs dances because they thought that if it worked it it they went up paying that much. How would you see over the turntables Pogo stick? And I'm very good. No flicking booster chair. Anyways happened because you're putting something flammable on fire. Heart SMOKE DETECTOR IN HERE. So we're about to smoke this out on something's burning that'd be counterproductive. Let's get into cooking steaks the smell so good already to just kind of you start learning how to cook really corner costume ago. Yeah that's something that you regret it feel bad for okay. I was like yeah girlfriend guy. Fieri came up. I said keep going chefs respect our game after the All Star game was like me and then he was like drunk. He's he had to leave us because he had to go upstairs. Cook dinner for Jamie Fox and life. You live man. Yeah how many buckets Pecker Wood white boy jobs. They made it that table. Sinn number powder. Hey and that's not. Even the first time I'd met Guy Fieri the first for the first time I met guy. Fieri is the most Guy Fieri place you can meet Guy Fieri Company close backstage in a kid rock concert short. Yes this is a brand new. Bur CAST oop. There's not much. My podcast is a brand new V. How to season your griddle? Ooh That's unbelievable or riddick idea. Great Idea I mean I'm Never GonNa Forget those one cup. Burt die. Say All right here. We GO BLADDER DEBT. Fillet death death by lowered. The temperatures flakes. I'm GonNa Cook these on here. Okay so yeah they do it on. Fire alarm nonsmoking. The fuck at someone's camera some pepper on it album. Bronco so you can see me. You know that right now cooking. We've Fan Rachel. We have a Jew blowing blowing the last member of Youtube than we need. One Guy do blowing or let's do this. Let's move this girl over here. Now are your drinks always always a female name? We're taking the tag off maybe There we go. We governor there right. We let her. We are having a problem better taking tags up today. Anyone I mean we got a lot of space to cover a significant. Do you see us better. Ucsd SMOKE OH real. Fuck that I do. Looks set a timer. I Whistle Exit. Came with a with a flashlight attachments. Targeted shut up the way I want to. I'm sorry I don't know how to turn on the hall. I'm sorry apologize for last job to all the people triggered offended and every girl named Alexa. My daughter has a friend named Alexa Dot. Great now. Here's you know she went home. She like Mr Chrysler would not stop yelling at me. Asking me a bit. Yeah when she gets older. It's going to be horrible. I like so blow me. You can change the name of a right at you can go in the oven going through. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. What do your potato heavy right now. Put Him in now. I think so too twenty minutes. I know but we're like really for often time on these guys. Let's do. Yeah but are now remember. Fuck you mean now. Choice but okay. This is A. This is fickle grill. So bad throw these lots in the in the oven. I think why why we cook steak. You automatically start doing like a Tim Allen. All does that when he was orgasm is even wonder glasses on your glasses. I mean mood. But he's also buzz light year so so he could also yell out to him beyond. Yeah that's the best orgasm call balls on inflicted think Obama. We're GONNA go when I wish this could be a bit. Maybe sometimes when I'm an orgasm my brain just yells out random ship and I can't control it that And so Some of the weirdest ones or he's a few feet grimes okay. Let's just go with all these bad bitches and here I think we're never ask you the deserted island one food question. No never heard it. What are you talking about? You know what I'm saying like when you see a stupid you know drunk fucking no. He wasn't answering your question. That's the last thing he yelled when he came. Yeah don't say like if you were stranded deserted island and you can have one food with you. Remember that like you know like in Elementary School. When you can't do anything sexually as you like what's a game can talk about intellectually stimulating. So it's like what song would you have with you? What food would you have with you? Yeah so what would be yours song. Yeah for like. Let's say two years you get one song one meal and one definitely. Kokomo by the beach. Boys they call. Oh what's your food allergy? That yeah food is pizza very solid. And what's your sexual position? Okay Slow People. There are fuck me. I mean that's the sexual. I think we're good. We're going to push out in. Let it cook for Fifty K. Loubet said fifteen twenty minutes for the for the potatoes. Twenty minutes GonNa make it. Stop Burning I mean it already kind of fire one time do that but this thing often fucking burke let's take it outside take take it outside milk anything slogan. You think you're about to do. No no no no no. I always wonder what you'll take fingers. Yikes I'll take ridge over handball. What the Oven Mitt. But it's not gonNA help each little fucking steaming cast iron. It's not going to protect you from that. I would. I would do it in the I would do it in the sink. No thanks. You're going to burn right through it. Just try to grab on to see. I'll give you twenty bucks. Who's got a shovel? I got an idea. Get two spoons and just carry. Yeah that's a great idea. Throwing the cooler. Some ice cubes on has no one in control. Worst Round by eight dude just like how do you do this? This is not letting men time's up. It's our jobs over. Is that going to go on a basis? I don't know he keeps doing it. Weighs turn right now following instagram. Who was burnt savagely in a so? Yeah Yeah Yeah and I followed. My sister was like you should follow her. Once it starts to burn it's too late only shit book. Yeah women are bad ass. Yeah put that on your fucking website. I did that was a Hashtag. Women do better than men absolutely really do great job Rachel Win fucking step up to the man already did already did. Did and please. Don't talk to my cooking. So is he like the actual shaft. That really have a job. Here can actually do nothing. Do less than nothing on this show show up. I don't even help guests. I show up on mentioned people. And that's it. I I saw you guys at the fucking all star thing and I was like dude fucking Homerun fucking video of you. Dunking wasn't even. I didn't even make it some some guy at the instagram account at bounce made the video of me stealing tip off so what happened. Yeah well I actually stole a tip off first of all. I saw that so we had. We had to seven feet tall. Wnba players that are like me which one this one. Yeah so I go tap out our WNBA player. And Say I got this. So I'm lined up against the other one and then when the ref lowered the ball I just grab the ball and took off Go Go to throw a shot and all my dreams come true but unfortunately I'm not as good as Airbud so yeah so I miss your but online. They did it so where it's like. They photo shopped An instagram account balance. Or scream at Brad Williams comic. You'll see this. I go up and then they slam me off the backboard to what was so funny. Yeah Really Cool. And we tried to do this thing where I tried to dribble the ball under Adams legs. Many times we had three different trick. Plays where Brad was going to go through my legs. One was going to be like Brian Cashman ball and then I would turn and then he'd go through and I would like do that and that's what we tried to do in the game but then we didn't anticipate your team. Actually playing defense played really hard. Man Like Steve Smith dislocated my pinky. Some people take that very seriously at Steve. Smith is one of them Justin Bieber. I think was one of those guys. I ball man rapper like MVP two years in a row and like you know everyone was real cool and like chummy. Like down and and everybody. Was You know Dante House? Beautiful the backflip in her intro and so Brian I sit there being like. Oh I didn't know we had to go back back handspring back answering and we were just supposed to run out and like high five a bunch of injuries and you walk through and you have everybody and like so. She does that right before. Brad Brad. Being like well now we obviously have to do something and Brad just looks and goes worm and I was like yeah and reality next week and round goes it back to do the worm I go. Just make sure you're paying attention and then brand. I wish video just watching Brad do the worm. I don't think he's ever seen a little person that war before he was just like Holy Shit a waste for that. Yeh I seeing someone seeing someone. Watch a dwarf. Do the work for the first time. But you're also really good and I got a great one I of myself. There's a video on youtube missing. Brad dance for the first time we're stolen drunk and Brad is place and we're doing down there. You know like when you have a best friend. I know most things about them but like I never seen Brad dance before next four in the morning and some on his ipod shuffle the Gangnam style. Mc Hammer remix comes on and Brad starts doing this fucking choreographed. Like I'm not even doing justice. A five minute dance. Lewis started crying laughing ago. Willie I go. Jeff Choreography to this and he goes maybe give you my phone. I think on Youtube type in Dwarf Ghanem outdoor dances Gangnam style. Dude it's like and then cry laughing. Here's here's what I WANNA know Brad. Cigarettes here's the go home and stuff in here right. I mean it looks great. Looks Great and potatoes really taste the stakes of this long? I'm sure I flip these days. Yeah I think so more Tim Allen Grunts. We're good question What are the things where you go bro? I don't know you can't make that joke about being a little person because there's like everyone always calls me fat and I'm like I get it if you're my friend the I like you feel like your intent is good yeah. I'm cool with it sometimes online. I'm like KNOB row. You get blocked his fuck it like first of all. It can't be joked that I've heard a billion times before like if I though oppose in your like heritage of Lucky charms with that. It's like no no that. Yeah that's hack like no so it has to be an original joke and some some fans are really fucking funny. Mood say are going to be honest with you. I got just as we talk about shitting on people who don't get comedy. Yeah some people fucking get it. Yeah and you're like you're like oh you're fucking Merck. This one guy posted this fuck in especially with the Canoe Artwork Photoshop. You got some great people that Photoshop for you. We'd on first of all. There's this one I gotta give. I'm going to give a shoutout. Well we have a guy who on his name is Dr Photoshop. Yeah I know that Guy Yup fucking after photoshop on instagram he after I played in the NBA All Star Game Day he he shop an eye as an NBA jam team so it had like our stats underneath and like when you like you get it. We're doing this and it's like so many people online. Just don't they're just like they think it's like the best replies like all savage Kreischer Sabbath trump's and you're like no. We both want to laugh the joke each other's feelings are you more willing to engage these. These are the biggest place of overseen sucked regular plates. No we're using. It looks like we haven't taken by nineteen thirty eight that was like something to pro wrestlers ahead with so many of the people that don't get it versus the people that do. Yeah go back to this motive to the sausage gravy sausage fucking phenomenal through yet so like ten tangent question like anything hack that. I've heard like a million times me like me. You've got the skin though and also I don't know what to me. My fans aren't that mean like no one says like the most savage I've ever heard was when I rap that old Nikki. Glaser drop the MIC. She was awesome like like. Yeah like her main jokes was not that I was small. But just that wasn't gonNA live very long. Hey Somebody GonNa tell me this. I got five years. We'LL START PULLING OUT STAKES AS I. I love it. I think I think I think the Ra- by the bone in rib is yes stakes. I like mine medium but however you just cooked it on I. That's the rib damage good-looking state. While we had a shot of that we have when we smokes clear under his overhead with at present it is the flavor not even close and neither is that we just enjoy slowly. Yeah we got these in their. Let's say about your show to that admire the here. We go that that's perfect. On amazing. We have forks and knives. We just doing it man style shit. Oh what I hope. I can go on what that was but try. Let me just let me just get this for you for you right to tastes like meat a bread and in so many ways. We don't really. Oh my God not butter food up not like to eat steak. What is your dog saw. God you're going for a while when we have a couple of days but are you okay. Do you recover Beijing. How many people hate beef? Yeah well it's also I mean it would stewart's right for you but like being so pushy and broadcast the about the lifestyle so much on the broadcast that no it really is. I told I was reading. I couldn't shut up about it really for two days. How many texts and tweeted? You said that we're beginning oriented. Want him did you judge other people. That's part of the lifestyle up for us and just have little slices. You walk up anyone. Who who wasn't he meet me like it's murder my daughters my wife said she couldn't live prey animal. Now that you're you're a prey animal. Wow he compared to a cow. You Talk Right. Let's just go. We've got a little bit of that one. Yeah absolutely GOTCHA and fucking amazing. Take a look at this perfectly cooked. Good Hana's fuck. Get the shot shot. That is fucking phenomenal very satisfying about seeing that. Well you know Do also the sounds of you. Look in your fingers. Can that be my new email? Definitely look my boyfriend's Dick. Now you can go to bed. No wonder what it sounded like. This looks great. It's open a bottle one. Yeah yeah burning. Now they're good Niagara Plants out. Yeah let's bottle of wine. Red correct red wine with red meat. Nobody drinks heard that white one would stay right. No gotTA got everyone. Has Anybody ever been like over having Kobe? Beef I at the Zima on that on that under the potatoes are done. I'm going to pull them. I don't know I mean this one spilling over but great. It would melt. Yeah I mean look I like to roll the dice to like a part of me is like five more minutes. Yup Yup Yup. Yup I agree. I mean. Oh Darwin's sitting here is the best show. Imagine if we prayed. Oh that'd be great. We did create so much fun for everybody. You know what I'm saying is going to be on. This show is one of the things. I do everything you've done yet. I mean there's like early to like whatever your jamming on his always going to be like. What's the forefront the like this cultivation everything you've done right like the bill burr and Thompson Bureaucrat or responsible this we were walking right through here and and I think it was someone said? Hey we have a Kitchen here and Tom goes wanted to do that. I D wanted to call. Something's burning. They've come title the title longtime ago. I tried to sell the food network. They passed and now food network. Swearing a studio somewhere in the outskirts of Burbank. Burn Zone you have had this food network with past and Burr was like Cooking show I said. Yeah he goes. Tom Araya First let's do it and then we did it and that one was so much fun and all over the map and then you and then we I think I think the one of the biggest ones we've done obviously is is Julian Bobby but Brian. Count and Brennan. Shaab was where we were like. Oh we're GONNA do this for a while while. Where are you going Poland? The men knows how to doesn't make an engine comedic at the beginning of a Sitcom I'll do the pop up. You know what I'm saying like like I'm answered the theme Song Right. Burr DO YEARS I. It's like well you turn to the camera. Got Six sitcom Edwards Yup Papu but Ben Bernie ran a in their catchphrases. Now Okay here we go. Yes I'm Rachel. You knew the music within and I'd love to see a baseball fan and been Ben. That spicy here looks like it's burning law really though let me see. I think we're good bringing these bad bitches out. Let's just hope fucking Rachel bring them out. Bring 'em out funk metal it's Bert. Hey next season let's recast Rachel's playmate model playmate model. Rachel it's gotTa tell the plastic surgery. Don't you know Lindsey Palace can do? Hey go I've ever happening the way. I thought it booed this is Albert. Got Skin grafts diamond to help realize it wasn't wearing protection. Do they all look all right? All right off that potato. We've got Blades yeah I think that are probably almost perfect. Oh my God medium rare. Shut up fuck up. I mean she'll the camera bread. I'm ready with my fourth CAM. Donald Being astle show the camera guy got I got I got. I got to figure it out. You ready okay. I just want everyone to see there. There's about nine forks over here all all laid out. I wonder if they knew I was coming. We don't eat tiny food. What'S THE DWARF DIET? All the hot pockets bagel bites and all the ranchers pizza Rolls Savini Corn. Dogs like that. Let's see how you like yours more. Well okay I like it more rare yup perfect Mrs Brags ready for comedic effect. Comedic meet yours. Yup Yup Yup Yup. Oh my God all right thanks on what you guys are. GonNa eat the fillets. Okay okay. That's all right. Let's bring it over to our places over there. I mean I'll be okay all right all right all right. I'm very able bodied jokes. Told on the fly on one of my specials was My daughter tripped a blind lady at the. But Luckily I'd seen ray and I was like she didn't do herself. Grab a drink this over to glitter clean up our workstation. That's my grey-haired drink. Red Wine absolutely sip a little bit. Get a little by the state before. You Cheers Stig. Appetizer for steak. We get classiest. Fuck up in here. Candles light on baby light. Another birthday handles even better. Yeah who's got? Who's the closest birthday coming up See Mommy twenty per week January with Jim. All Right Bert move. Remember all right. So it's Adam's birth that finally yeah killing you hold on wind we open it now right here. We we have the ball radio stakes in this block. A good spot for stig knives by the way of the stakes are rarest. Fuck I apologize. I like Spoons screaming burnings. Would you watch either stick with a spoon? Twelve works open. This art works really. Hope you guys put out that potato. How do you think we've stayed friends? You going to do a threesome with a Guy. Two guys and a girl. Oh Wow and it couldn't be adamant that'd be another comedian. Who would you want it to be? Oh has been another comedian Because there's secret here you can't answer to quickly. We answer to quickly. You've been thinking about it about it. Yes so you have. These were very goeman number. One number two people. I'm not doing a top a threesome with top. It'd be funny. Threesome that that. A sexist joke. Yeah thank you so much. Let's keep it classy here. I'd have to go. It's gone a little bit. Of A. From a SNIFTER It's gotta go ahead on it. God damnit vers date man. I love these insist. Isn't it romantic comedy? Come to live on you getting a shot of our beautiful meals too late. Show the plates. I mean let's just take a look. Yeah they got worse. Let's crib this and there are no we'll Bert Kreischer. You got this and then give them a little vision of what you got real men get a Tomahawk right see. Linda braves new slogan. Don't stay back together. We look to the potato shelby. I'm in here too. Yeah Good Tell Them Gentlemen Gentlemen Because our funnest fucked to follow on social media. You're fucking awesome. You're really fun to be with. I gotTa be dead honest with you talked about you guys so much this last month. It's a pleasure hanging. Thank you man to treat me here. who killing it added a new one. We are okay or I'm on Bradwell. My pants tonight is Brad and say we're going to war are we know. You're what does the tour bus live like kind of tell you this much? You WanNa talk about fun following Social Media Holy Shit. I got my Stepdad to follow. You have instagram thing. I've ever done in my entire life. Continues on big? Show Me Everything. Tom Doesn't know about yet. I on time for you show secondary to the tour bus lifestyle. Very candid right now. That tour bus has changed my life. I have when I travel you know when I traveled to try to do this tour and have to fly every morning at six. Am and then. I drink on planes and then no NAPA wouldn't work out. It'd be overwhelming. This tour bus has changed the way a torn because literally get done. A show of Calgary you on the boss you can hang for a few hours. Go ahead and take off right. No no Dr St Vancouver Tour Bus Starts Up Tillerson Soda. Throw on Netflix. Why the Frye Festival documentary until diggle lacking right? And then you know and you like I'm GonNa go to bed. Let's all go to bed. You go to bed you wake up in the morning and like hey. Let's finish documentary. You're still driving into Vancouver right. You should have been couvert. Ymca pass through like. Hey I'm going go. Anyone WanNA saw sean. Everyone saw come into the show more theater. Two shows literally rolling in fresh as a daisy. No booze that day. Just I mean changed my life I watch. I was in Indianapolis. We drove from Ottawa. Indianapolis in a snowstorm or blizzard. We pulled in the apples we get in. They push out the side. You got an extra four feet an NFC championships going on right watch. I'm getting ready to watch him and kicked a field goal to see the rams. Go knock on the door Bert. Four I go. GimME TO REALLY Walk Kicks Bill Burr. Walk off getting on stage. I'm telling you when I say this if I became if I if I won the lottery and had like three hundred million dollars I get every every one of US tour bus ie by all of us. There's certain things I WANNA do for all comics. Are We steaks all right? Let's go that Tomahawk for. I'm going in for the fillet little overcooked for me but I think they get all all the Boma Cross nothing better than Fucking Filet O. That's the only reason I wish I had a son. Let them taste you steak. There's a thing about a man there's some of the DNA prone to meet right the first lady. My Dad made me made it rare bigger. I'm getting sick at your man. Stop crying stop. Crying BONE ROBOT. Certain things about being a man that had been handed down from men that feel like our appreciated enough for instance like. I remember the first time I told me how to hold forth when I cut a state it was like I do like this in the mouth like this was such a manly thing to watch him. Do I was like oh it'd be like that. Is that how you do it? That's why on that. Yeah well fuck me. Clinton's find close dot going. Well take a break and just started. Yesterday I expect the time you start shooting us at five. She was okay. Can you figure out dinner? I was like yeah sure to eight o'clock. I'm wasted thirty minutes over. Beat so you've had two stakes. One of the biggest. No Nos on. This is potatoes. Create a Man Picasso Picasso and then looking at it a blue guitar group poster the original budget. What did he do? What's famous painting your put off? Where's Hannah Colangelo? Either David. The Monitor the great non-aggressive lines. Where's Hannah Gasping? When you're talking about yeah knows. He's not history major. That had nothing to do with their sexual orientation or the topics of special. This is so fucking good. Pin here into me Do you ever combined bites. Oh I just went steak and then I went potato. Afternoon was unbelievable. Real suggested. So you're not like a grilled cheese dip the the park cordoned off dot to wait pancakes. Dip It in your whisky love it. That's defunding someone if they don't do things like that you know what I'm saying. My wife is this'll by the way might have just figured this bid out at a joke about my wife fall asleep. She compulsive without drugs or alcohol which is fucking creepy like a Mormon. Just go. That's me I'm done thinking. Click my wife. Does my wife will work her way around the plane. Go a little bit of this a little bit of that little bit of this little that I go stake move it to the potatoes. I go I go one thing and next thing. I don't I don't like that was. That was good a little bit of apple onion little. You know like to double down on another one. I can't do salty and sweet and the same meal. Well I'm salty sweet so you can't even No I cannot I. CAN'T I have to separate plates. I need waffles on one plate. You on the show. Don't don't call me out. I don't WANNA blast. I don't have to go public apology. Data Don Lemon and tell him I. Sometimes I like to eat salt in Sweden and we'll kind of American or something I don't know I mean there's certain foods I think just can can blend together and lifting Broadway watching Brad. This is watching. My small dog eat dog treat in front of my big. I'm like Mona Hurry up. And but yeah I mean all right? Let's go I'm GonNa do mixed bite tell you? Now you're GonNa you'd never do it but I I appreciate you trying out for the sake of nine. I'm not a good comment is a lot more on. It's not bad it's good. Here's here I'll tell you what I think how we were raised to like. I knew the combined things you know like like Dourson podcast to great podcasts. By the way I tell you what a fucking Ergen I am your podcast lady. That's how you guys up. Yeah it'd be some help setting up I'll do it and I was like go. Fuck Off Really. Use Your help you know what it is. I just constantly some day. We all got into podcasting when it was just no way to figure out ourselves. And so there's this independence where you go like fuck everyone. I got this yeah. It's the same thing to stand up like you want someone like when you're first into it on what you tag them a joke I think. Then you get a little older and you're in the morning you're like yeah please. If you have a good a good tag I'll tell you what I never in. Probably twenty years in comedy took a tag up a joke on this last special. I did the secret time on streaming on Netflix. Right now by the way my machine special that I shot in two thousand sixteen is also streaming on Netflix. Going by the way Mazal Tov listening to that by the way. Columbine fucking is right now on did that. How great is it? That especially you've already shot done material. Burned is now coming back and now. It's getting second life on Netflix. I think it's I mean I would argue. It's a better special than secret time but everything you do earlier. Man Thank you. I'll tell you. Shut up Nikki. Glaser she hit me up. Gave me a compliment? Random like I just watch the thing I liked it. I was like I remember. Rogan told me that we were doing this podcast on October. Do especially with great. My reaction to that is priceless. You Watch my special ED. He was like yeah. It's awesome and I was like too when you hear comics and like what you're doing right. That's what I the way sidebar feel free to cut whatever you want out of this. That's what killed me about. Brody is that we all fucking loved him so much and it's like everything he did was so fucking funny to us and was so selfless with his also like jubilation for every comic in person and like and what he was doing on stage was so So to him but he was also like he knew that everybody there was always a there was a piece of him that went on stage all the time that knew that like there was a handful of people that were aside from the audience that he was performing for. You know what I'm saying like if you talk before he went on stage you were like Oh. It's turning up in arms because you know there's like more comic select. You know what I'm saying like you just was I I read this on twitter and I couldn't agree more. He's someone said he's the he's the most in the moment comic ever hardcore. And that's not even debatable. Yeah if there's no way someone could stand up during his set without without him calling it out someone to walk across some good sneeze coming to do anything. I mean just and watching brody when a joke didn't work was like watching Carson like fixing the joke and getting the laugh even want. It didn't work so I was super. Lucky I got you. Did you know him in Seattle man? I knew Yeah I mean I like when I was in public radio SAUM on public access like he was. This is crazy. He was the first. I mean so crazy that I even ever got to become friends with them because when I was in Eighth Grade. He was on a public access. Show in Seattle and I was like and I become fixated with this guy of Tannin brody and I was. Who is this guy that is so fucking funny and not universally famous but but it's crushing on this medium. That's like public access. And it became fixated with it and and and when I got to La. The first thing I did when I got to tell you go to a taping of best sports over the brody was warming up literally sauna. And you've gotta be fucking kidding me and I screamed it out. And he like came down and talk to me and my friends after we talked about Seattle and and he was so generous with. It's like time and it was so funny. And he was like it like you got it like Tena and Brody by the way. Tannin brody followed a show on public access for this girl named Shannon crinoline. That was a heavy set girl that just painted herself. Like those paints you would just dance and like talk about like weird like you like you know every time we've all we pleasant but he he was like. I can't believe you saw that show on public access. Everybody saw him and it was like a you know like pre Internet and it was but yeah I saw him twenty probably twenty one years ago and the UC in a collectible conscious in New York and he kind of likes spotted me out that I was jock and he was a jock and then everyone else was like not like that. Look like a little softer dudes nipples and stuff. And he's had a where are you from you know and I was like Oh Florida yeah. It's sports baseball baseball right. So he goes up on stage in an art room in New York and he goes new movie ten. Things I hate about you. I got a movie ten things I hate about me. I have hair on my cock. Not Not all the way to the top. Halfway no dude. I laughed I was like dude. I love this guy. The thing I got to say about him is he was sweet and that moment when they're do I could name them off their budget. Cont fucking all comics. That were contact them because they could be because they were nerds. High school passed by the way. Brody was you know was picked on how to rough life. He's a sweet guy. Yeah he it like any like win when he would pick someone out of the audience and just like say hey. Where'd you go to high school? And they would say the city and he would know everything about that. High School Say Daughters. So you know. Obviously I don't I'm sure you know. The survey may not know this but he lived right by me and so we share the same videos. He posted were really great. Because that's one of those things too that you're like you want as much content and the the amount of run-ins it seems like you had with him were trauma every day. I saw him every day. It's really hard me to walk from to starbucks and not look for him because I did every that. Look for him because that's the starbucks and my daughter's when I met him. We were walking from starbucks. And I said Hebrew George Island. He Goes Oh Georgia. Eight eight till you die. And they've started giggling. They go without me. And I said that's our area code and it goes brody says well stage right so then wrote for. You had his first by the way. Feel free to edit anything. I'm talking about where he had his first break down. He was at my house like days before it like literally days before it and you tell something's off we had a barbecue. I invited him. I saw him walking on the street and say remember. Barbecue and He came in and you can see something often Jordan extensive. Everyone could sense it. It was definitely talking a little bit wild and then And then we see him after that and I said Oh yeah he went into an taking care of and he's good and so But the best thing in the fucking world is when my daughters would see him as starbuck from because in the street. They'd have groceries in their hands. And they go dad brody Stevens it bay killing that. I had to tell him he passed. And it fucking killed me. We killed me. It fucking killed me and it was like. Is that the first person that your daughters have now lafrance. She grabbed me beyond good friend. Yeah suicide only one therapy. Holy Fuck man you listen to anybody about me about. He's a good guy. I miss that guy that guy forever. It's it's so rare that someone like that comes around and comedy that like goes if someone ever came up to you and you brought up. Brody's name they're like that guys a Dick. You would immediately look at that person and go. Oh so it's you. It's not him so I try not to hang out with the story now. It's like a week after nine eleven like everyone's like him. And how are you doing yeah? Everyone's you're cool right hug before yet like you know. Everyone's the good thing is that we now have like a two year lapse of nowhere. No one will kill themselves. Because it'll look hacky your sakes this is get the show the fuck off so that if they did everyone's GonNa model them in home in Brody's voice. No one wants to be. The body has better birdies. I was so much better than I did it. I number one trending on twitter. What did you do eight with a full? I Don die but we this is. What's a horrible bunk comics that you can find light in anything? I've talked to a little but also the it's a blessing and a curse man. It's we're conditioned to find the lights out of a dark moment like all. I could think when I posted how many how many likes to get you because you know. That's Brody's brain negative comments that I didn't start crying until he was trending number one on twitter and rick. Ingram tweeted out that he's like brody would've loved this. Brody would've loved that he would walking. That's my Rosa at number one. I would have known that. I wouldn't have Gilbert dateable taping. And who's doing periscope for the warm up and he was like. I was there and he goes and goes. Adam Reagan's periscope live because from Seattle knows who J. Buehner is went to middle school. He gets it has seen the rain and I can. I tell you a brody story. I'm not sure is real or not every story. I've always punched up. Yes yeah so. I'm just being fair if someone wants to dispute this then you're right I'm wrong. I'm walking through the parking lot of that starbucks that we always might do and brody's in his car explaining drums on his steering wheel. And I Walk Bernie Williams and he goes driving Uber waiting for my ride and all I could think with someone's going to see brody on his book. Let's go I bugging. I can't promise you real drink a lot and a lot of things I can do. Real man he was a fucking alleged won a handful of minds. That are that specific. And and you know there's still enough. I think I have a goal. She's a reverse the soda little man versus food. I hit that became. Yeah this is one of my best episode. I've never been funnier minute ever in this. I'll just tell you how much I love. You have the the When we did bird cast you promote the show. Yeah Yeah yes you said. It was one of your longest episodes but we ended. Because I don't know if you remember because you've done so much concept but you're episode. I've never got so many tweets or DMZ my life because the episode ended with Brad was going to Guam next day. Shit I remember that I wanted to Guam the next day and we went on this tangent of Guam pawns where we started talking about long to Guam. Oh my God I do remember that may have you want to Guam around the world. I told you remember that. I got so many messages about the ending of that episode. And and you say it was almost a four hour episode and Brad wouldn't because he was getting on the flight to Guam so you got shit base and I left for a minute to go the bathroom and you guys like the best thing about. I was in Guam. And then people will walk into Guam if you want to ran but O'Brien Yeah Oh my God and made content and forget it like people go. Hey Man tell the story about other dot and you're like I don't know what you're talking about on the podcast. We'll tell you. Oh sorry just flies through. It's such a great fit. This whole system we got set up has been so fucking fun because you don't need a new one anymore. I mean obviously you need these people. I don't know who's flex paying them. Thank God bill. Burr is doing a fucking eastern European. Okay let me rephrase. Here's a great thing about what we do is you need one rich friend. Lucky and builders hemorrhaging ceremonial. It's like yeah more. Something's burning one day. That'll pay off. What do you? What would you guys do if you could do a show on the road like video show so we so we actually had this idea and I still I still WanNa do it Where we do you can call a man and a half. Yeah we do a competitive miniature golf show and we'd call it put up or shut up like this. Yeah and so like we produce. We have roles brow. We we have people that are having a dispute in order to settle the dispute. They go on upper shut up and whoever wins in the miniature golf game wins. The dispute was the punishment though. If you lose what's punish oh well we got. We have to create those events. It'll be it'll be also a great sponsorship and a good band name for the cameras out. Why are you whispering everyone? I don't like that. Shit fucking captain where we'll where we'll do they all look alike. Where Wolves when you get drunk? Enough Russell. Oh Shit a little out of shape. Where Wolf but you outrun them. But it's still terrifying me wonder about his cardio certain beards. That like I mean like how often you trim your beard is no no no no. Can we get a shot on me when I saw look at? You Trim my beard obsessed with their. How many days a week every every two days three days so right now. This is This one here we go so hey guys it's Christ something's burning. We're talking beard maintenance from the eighteen hundreds so first of all Chen longer so that I have a jaw line. I've been attributed. I don't turn this at all what I do. Is I trim it once and then I tre miss one little lower and then I go to this one to ten. And then what's important about? This didn't sidelines. You see the sidelines. You sidelines a fucking. Tidy ship agreeing. Yeah and so all I try to do is kind of like damn bills area. Now you know. I do a little bit of his but he goes aggressive. But he doesn't care by the way Dan Bulls Aaron all the fucking hot women's web episode. Though Kill Tony. Line the line that happened last night at kill. Tony was the hardest I've lost and that was when the slightly overweight female comedian Came onstage and first of all don't Tony Hinchcliffe said to you. What's it like looking at the female version of yourself? Oh my God killer line and then Tony says Tony says. I wonder how much you and burt way together. And Red Band hits a fucking button. And it's brody going eight one eight till I die dude. Fuck and funniest thing ever. There was by the way that that woman. I feel bad because they may have fun the entire time. Yeah they trooper she. She was all hung and it was so great so funny. I wish I knew her name. Someone find her name. Tagger in this right now. I'll help you out yet. She can get the followers because she's a stand up. She's doing it but Tony said She was addicted to heroin. Maybe I shouldn't put that in but win and Tony Goes Tony. I'm shocked at that. Was your favorite thing to eat out of a spoon and then a horse rider. And he goes. I imagine how the worst felt. Tony was savage on. And that's the thing about this podcast go on for three days. Alex Hanell's podcast where he climbed up the mountain with Iraq the what the Free Solo. Oh that wasn't pockets. A movie film and it was a year thrown wasted. He is the best. Listen it was Kreischer in the kitchen with the Tomahawk steak The rest of the state for the crew legal sampled a little. Bit heated up a tab and then We should probably have this up. With what time is it we crush this. What is eight o'clock do two hours easy to sift through? But I think there's a lot of good stuff look good moment fucking. Tell me this went pretty well. Yeah guys I've done a lot of these. It's a it's a burden I've been here for. All of my new guys are just booked another movie. It's us in Chatsworth. A Solo scene on a Yoga Mat should have gotten a laugh on alone. Yeah buckets so great. Stand up comic. It's the best to if you're watching. This would be a comic fucking. Do It fucking do it? Just do it. Just go to an open mic and do it and do it do it with your friends and your form a group of Friends. That are fucking that you'll never worry about offending with King. Great you have no idea the text you'll get the tests you'll get are so hilarious and inappropriate. Friends will bake baked potatoes in Salt Lake City. A little bit of Bacon but now real bagging. If someone's got a religious kosher for life life yeah yeah more more than in college when you were van wilder backyards so lost them and I know what I was. GonNa do with my life. I was like maybe I'll sell boats. Maybe also carpet niece Georgia boats Hashtag Kristen MEDOC FOR DAD sold votes in Orlando. And he's like I'm GonNa Hook you up and I was like. I think I'm GonNa Talk. How many God bless you think you're going to be increased at one point? I know me by the way drunker. Something's burning I've ever done. I am honoured drummer of creed in Orlando did Orlando partied cursing bullshitted you know you know it is. You know it's cool to hang out with raw says. Oh isn't it like do you think they WANNA be comments more? We WanNa be done more. I would hang out with requests. Yeah starting to carry on comics wannabe rockstars more than Rogers when it becomes then a Lotta rockstars comments. I mean when you saw Celine Dion. Stand up Oh we have twenty more minutes over here. This was a big husband. You're not in love with this. Forty years is not far off at all. The onset probably hundreds of thousands of shows. So she's got so many she got so much game tape to go back to and she's a she's locked in at this point my buddy hits me were in Vegas for the craftsy comedy festival and And he's a hey my My wife sick. Do you WanNa go to this. Concert like goes blunt and go on. Like where do I meet you go grownup Lomond? Like eight rows back. And it's the most like Caesar's Palace and she does a few songs up top and then there's probably fifteen twenty minutes of just like everything was a song opportunity. She was like this is ready to be here to be here to be to be. Here is my guitar player. Jose's bill me for fifteen years for fifteen years. He's been with me. Jose Jose Everything and then at one point my buddy innocent his what the fuck is happening like. Why isn't she used to go into the settlers and then she comes out and different quick change. She's an all yellow dress and she comes out she goes look at me. I'm so yellow. I'm so yellow so yellow yellow. No one's the sputum the color so yellow and then she'd stops and turns and then looks back to the station just goes. I'm like Selene Dijon and I'm just like that the funny chevro- to my entire life and I'm like I'm not against Selene. Puns that our economy hard core. I can imagine some guy backstays being like fucking the John Pun work comes out and panties. I'm like Selene you're on you get on the. I don't know what all the Dildo I'm sending hard on. I try I'm trying to yes and keeping it going. The joke going more like like it. Hey one of the things that I love those that Colin Quinn. A loved when people were bomb on tough crowd and he goes. No no Sh- let it happen. I Love Right. He's the greatest is there are there beers in there. I know we're running. Low on bad is is doing with battery is enough osasco. Close up a little date tonight. What what are we? Doin' We know we're two hours from now on we're good we're celebrating brody and we're talking to lean but yeah it'd be a time going to slide something a bunch of state for you guys. This is cooking great. Yeah Yeah we're good we're good. We're still recording right. Oh Yeah Time Yup Vietnamese Janet Vietnamese Tiger and assumed Vietnamese Vietnamese beers endorsed by Robert Kraft wishes time-sensitive live. I would love to know I would love to talk about. Robert Kraft one. It's like important right now. They're going to be like. Oh yeah he's already went to jail going anywhere As a seventy five year old man that like seventy eight? It's a lot wife are pass away from cancer. So let's get it then it's about sex workers and they leave then. It gets complicated because then feminists say shock. Such workers are okay. It's their own decision. And then you go off here. Here's one for you. I mean it's it's gets complicated. Everything gets the pre these days especially hand jobs. Hey I'd I'm GonNa go skipper fares razzle dazzle hands like. Oh that was funny for me. Asked me to explain this to my wife on the CLEMSON I. I had steak a twice baked potato. That's not real. Is it that John Okay? Way To say okay. What are you going to sleep again? Wait a second. I don't know it was rich. Wouldn't oh there's no way that's happening right now. Started going end was too big a any sort. Everybody's GonNa Kill Kill Brad. Sit Back Up. Do you want me to call. No no no no. You're good stool. I mean climate. You're right to to drink brad. We're GONNA fucking wasted nine dream breath. Beer Jesus gracing the go Bairo. I've never these beers. Were in front of his face. A God are you okay. That's the best part. Don't get hurt when they fall more one more beer one more beer was maybe we have to choose it. You're still alive. And you guys wrap up our almost imagine if you gotta go no more film stirrups grappling Hook. That was it. Looked like you've fallen before because the way you like grass yourself I was like. Is it going to be weird advice that I'm trained in pro wrestling so I can fall back at your daughter's maybe I'll have you ever brought anything up dad wise to your the brunt of coors light your what I I get what bit real I went to a I went to choir expel. Yeah you did. Sprinkles spiral moment? That's insane the right way. I may need to see the footage after Brad polling after we wrap this did you guys get is on a we have it. You'RE GONNA have it from that angle to kids that they're wearing like cut to the depression. Was I'd been what about this? This was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. This episode has had everything. I'm sorry the only I said to someone recently. There's nothing better than Brab. Prep it all the time. Brad Brad Williams Ice Skating. A little person is kidding. Escape is the thought is on my instagram speedskater but fast motion. It's basically like the figure skater. Got The star from Super Mario Brothers. It is the funniest thing not not in a funny like deprecating way. But in a funny they bring joy to your life. We're like I was watching on the bus. I was like dude. There's nothing funnier than probably speed skating. And I showed everyone in there like all. I want everyone to go. I actually played hockey religious. Yeah I played hockey goalie. Funniest I definitely. This has been a home. Run when you want to do it again tomorrow. Dude I can do another fucking episode. You guys want to see another episode tiger in the comments. Say Hey bring back about last night. Tag Them Yeah Tag Brad Anti Adamant. Yeah it's got Do you guys are the fucking best? This is what we should do. We should do. Something's burning a comedy table but we do like a dinner with a fine chef and comics. Bring like five. Yeah yes maybe we'll call it dinner for five. Then that may have been taken over five five five. Yeah and then call me John. Farrah different for overall. Yeah I wonder if John Fabra watches us and he was like Richard done with my career directed backwards. What do host what backroom Kevin Gallen? What's that remember mind? What factor in cash? No it's a guy that brings girls into and he goes. I want audition as a model and then she's like. Oh cool and he's like I'll need tissues account this deck and she like on all and then next Gino but he sounds like Jon favreau. It'd be listening by the way is Ernie Scar. I know a lot about this. Let's get the fuck out of this episode. How do we end? How do we end this feel wasted and I am Hot? Spin class at ten in the morning at the single skipper hands it. But I don't WanNa go wait. Give me. I'm fucking to do this forever. If you don't and this Rachel what fall to fall again. No can I show you when I was a kid. We used to do this. Never mind. This is inappropriate. My nipples been itching a lot lately. I have no idea. I think I'm getting bigger larger. Someone's stop this episode. We end and throw beer at the camera. No by the way your arm. Don't test them. Get guns I could do it. Well no it's the same compacted into a smaller space. Well that that I don't straighten so it just looks. I'm go no go. I can't go through. Yeah by the way dwarfism. That's my book. I'd warm as a morning show kind of being a pocket. Bibles live like me. And by the way dwarfism all right all right. We need an end to this podcast. This has been fucking amazing. How do we end it? How do we do? We should cut up the crew and watch. It tastes a little bit of the skillet. And then iceman. I'd I'd I gotta be honest with you. There's no way to end this other than this has been fucking amazing. It's been really blast. Like I've been Ha- I had such a great time tonight. I'M GONNA fucking wasted ship. Waste unless we all toast and that camera does a slow motion like a zoom in or that camera as we're toasting and then we blow up Campbell together. So let's give you too much of my glands. We're all do a toast with me right here in tap it. Yeah and we go getting released April Christ so far away. He's going to be so dead by promote my my kid's birthday kids that you're eventually going to consummate. Yeah sure Hey We mean something anything. Something special in them law the candle by the way but if we don't it right the first time we can always rely on that and I want you to blow. It can on and go to dark okay. Can we do that? Is Everyone listening to matter right? Okay so maybe it does. I'm hammered toast. You Start and then. We'll all the camera you say the thing. Yeah and making. Yeah we I think we go around shave one thing and then no one. Yeah Okay and then will end on the best one said that camera whom I look so then. So then we'll have glasses making eye contact and then we'll look here and they will he say or one prayer. I am walking past. This is toasted then and then here we go hang on. Let's take a superb lesbian. You're starting hey guys to food fragrance quite a bit all together. I'm sorry just so sorry guys. It's free saw. Jesus Christ here's want to get your fucking were I got. I got a more lighter. We can guys to food and friends and fun asthmatics Brad Warriors I. Let's do it here. We go here we go. It's like the old saying goes when Dwarf Falls. Another one grows at. Spliced was good thing before last week. Europe make disability were spitting or not mean Nice. Only talk reminding reminding nevertheless. Grab on Fire Sean Dump into do flips or you know ripped yeah. You Ain't steak I write. I need to really bring a Har- go because you're the last one. All right guys are back to you and say come here. Please tell me you smell that aggressive. We've got smell. I can't smell it. Whoever smelt it dealt Matt is a thank you? Everybody One of the best known and that was the one that guys just WanNa cut up this mother fucker waste.

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