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It's time once again for America's favorite show the radio adventures of Dr Loyd brought to you by the Floyd dot com. Following episode of the radio adventures of Dr. Floyd was recorded on July twenty second two thousand seven in front of a live audience at the colony theater in Burbank. California, welcome to the radio adventures of Dr. Floyd live. We begin this week in the layer of that. No. Good nincompoop Dr. Steve. And it sucks shaped assistant fidget. We find the to Betty's in their secret lair, deep in settle river city where Dr Steve is no doubt coming up with a dastardly sinister plan fidget. I've just come up with a desperately sinister plan. Yes. Today's July twenty. Second on July twenty second nineteen thirty-three Wiley post became the first pilot to fly solo around the entire world. Yes. He flown around the world once before with a navigator, but the next time he did it. He only used a compass and an autopilot device made by the Sperry gyroscope company to aid him. We going to make it time jump back to Brooklyn New York and be there when he lands his plane. Then we'll swipe that autopilot device out of his plane. Return it to present day and sell it on EBay. Ono fidget this no way that Dr Lloyd will be able to stop me this time. I've seen to that things to the little dastardly sinister plan that you and I put into action yesterday quick to the time and space ship. Dr. Steve has come up with some correct putt caper to prevent Dr Floyd from catching wind of his latest criminal contrivance as the do Simister scams scamper off to their ship. Let's chicken with our brilliant hero but world's most brilliant scientists Ducker Floyd. His young protege Dr grant. And they're playful, robot companion, chips. We find Dr Floyd Dr grant and chips and Dr Floyd secret laboratory where Dr Floyd is frantically pacing back and forth. Time check. Please. Dr. Grant it's three thirty pm Dr Floyd three thirty. Doug namic. This waiting is driving me crazy. Don't just Louis, don't you know what? Data's chips? It's July twenty. Second. It's the day after July twenty years. Gyms, July twenty first, which one of the most important days in the history of history must not say. On July twenty. First, two thousand seven. The seventh and final Harry Potter book was released. Yes. And even though Dr Floyd pre-ordered his copy of the new Harry Potter book it has yet to be delivered. Oh yes. And they promised release date delivery. Oh, super soggy, partial service delivery guy gets here. He's going to get a piece of my. Here he is now. You're late. Yeah, we had two new guys loading the trucks for us just to date and they took forever to do it. It was weird because one of the guys were sort of shut shaped and everybody's coaches give me my book. Yeah, I need you to sign here, please. Okay. Okay. And here. Okay. And here and initial here. All right. And sign here, please just fill in the rest of yourself now, good days, but did the door slamming. Gets here. I can't believe it. Let me get it open here. Finally, all know what happens to Harry Potter. Nothing could possibly stop me from reading this entire book, right? This very moment. The president could call an me to solve some gigantic problem facing the country, and I changed no. If you talk to Assan exploded, I spend those last eight minutes reading this glorious glorious book, nothing. And I mean, nothing could keep me from reading this whole thing, right? David just made a jump what they've made a chump to Brooklyn New York on July twenty second nineteen. Thirty three. We've got to go after them. No, you to go after them. I'm gonna go nowhere. But my comfy chair with a Cup of tea and dish book. But Dr Floyd you have to go with us. It's a waste three of us. We always watch each. We'll take Tim with you. You mean our red red-shirted expendable crewmen ensign temporary. Yeah, you need something to do since flight attendant, Christie shopping yoga training, learning new ways to torturous during fitness time. Floyd's if we take instant Pereira with his a mission, he may not come back. He's aches pains Boone off to roll. You come back. This is a kid show you think we actually bump off a character even if he is expendable. Well, Yup. And get after Dr. Steve, he's probably just trying to steal Wiley post auto-pilot device from his airplane. You should be able to stop them. Easy. Get outta here. I need some peace and quiet. And Sinn Perot Reebok to grunt and meet me this shape as Dr Floyd heads to his favorite chair and Dr grant and chips make preparations to chase chase after Dr. Steve. Let's go to the coincidentally named Floyd Bennett airfield in Brooklyn, New York. The date is July twenty. Second nineteen. Thirty three and fifty thousand people have turned out to watch Wiley posts soar into the record books as the first pilot to fly solo around the world. Look at all these people fidget will have no trouble. Swiping Wiley posts. Autopilot device will just meet him at the end of the runway in these crudely made mechanic disguises. Suddenly the crow lets up a cheer as Wiley. Post plane comes into view. Listen fidget. You can hear why lease plane. He's coming in now. Having a little engine dribble, it sounds like he's lending. There's a duck on the runway. Oh, he missed him. It's okay. Come on fidget. He's landed. Dr. Steven fidget race over to Wiley, post surplus in the winning may welcome back Mr. post. There's no time for. Parsons, miss what time is it? It's eleven fifty PM sir. Dork made it in seven days, nine hours. I beat my old record by twenty one hours plus you achieve the fist so low round the world flight. How was your trip where it would have gone by a lot quicker if there'd been a movie to watch on board. And I have to say that since it was just me on the plane, the beverage service was awful, but still it wasn't bad. How that new autopilot device workout. Oh, like a dream. Let me tell you on my last flight. I had a navigator with me Harold gatty. He's a nice enough guy and all, but it was just a route sexual relief to be on my own this time. I mean, how many times can you hear ninety nine bottles of beer on the wall once twice too many if you asked me. But anyway, I'm sure that seeing as you said a record in this plane, the. The auto pilot device you used would fetch a lot of money from aviation buffs oh, I guess. So why? No reason why don't you go meet your adoring public while we steal. I mean prep your plane for the night. Oh, that'd be great. Thanks. Wiley. Post goes to shake hands with some of the fifty thousand people who've come to see him while Dr Steven figured get to work removing the auto pilot device from the Winnie Mae. Meanwhile, Dr grant and chips have just landed in one thousand nine thirty three along with their red-shirted expendable crewmen and send temporary. Thanks for asking me to come along sir. Don't mention it, Tim. It's good to have you here. It's just the careful. We wouldn't want anything to happen to our favors expandable crewmen Bryant took to grant. That's right ships. How are we going to stop Dr? Steve, sir, hip. I know he could be anywhere and all these people. We need to find a way to draw him out into the open. Look. There's this happen microphone. So widely post can make. Speech. Me an idea we can use to Steve's need for public attention at game team. Well, how would we do that? Oh, we'll write one posts. Speech fool him and complement Doug to Stephen it that will draw into the open, and then we'll know. That's quick thinking chips. Take this pencil and paper and write down everything dictate to you. Yes, ma'am. Sir. Hip as chips begins to dictate the speech to temporary. Let's turn our attention to the cockpit of the Winnie may just where Dr Steven figured currently are. And that's the last bolt fidget, the auto pilot devices. Mine, I'll just put it in my rucksack here and we'll get back to the ship who this is such a brilliant plan and there's been no sign of ductile Lloyd, we're home free. Dr. Steven figured have Wiley posts autopilots vice, will they make it back to the future and be able to sell it on? EBay will chip speech idea work and just where is Dr Floyd in his reading of Harry Potter, I'm Hefley there. Oh, come on. Here. He is bookish good. Find out when the radio adventures of Dr Floyd continues after this brief message. Okay. Kids listen up. It's time for the radio adventures of Dr. Floyd, imagination, nation, secret message. Remember that only true magic nation, nation Rangers can decode the secret message using their secret Dakota ring from their ranger kit. Okay. Get out your quota rings and a pencil and paper. Here we go. Sixteen seven fifteen fourteen seven seventeen twenty three twenty five five three four seven seventeen eight. Eight. Twenty five. Eight. That was the message from Dr Floyd himself to become an imagination raid nation coming. Imagine nation, nation ranger, please visit WWW dot imagination, ranger dot com or visit the concession stand in the lobby. Now back to our show. When we when we last saw when we left list left Dr, grant chips in temporary, they had traveled back in time to July twenty second nineteen thirty-three to prevent Dr Steve from stealing the autopilot device from Wiley post's airplane. Did you write down everything? Chipset, Tim? Yes, sir, hip. Okay. Read it back to me. Yes, sir. Ladies and gentlemen hip. I'd like to thank all of you for coming out to welcome me home hip. It truly makes me feel like a hero till we don't have enough time for that hit comes twenty post. Now, excuse me. Mr.. That's me world-famous pilot. Be dumped you flight so to we'd run into two speech for you to give to the crown. So you wouldn't have to think about, we'll just say, thank you. That was very thoughtful of you. I'll go read it now, our heroes follow Wiley who gets up on a tiny makeshift stage in front of all the assembled fans who give him an uproar, ES applause. Thank you. Thank you. I prepared a little brief speech here. Ladies and gentlemen hip. I'd like to thank all of you for coming out to welcome me home hip. It's truly makes me feel like a hero to see so many people here who care about the world of aviation hip post. Does it say the hips? Oh, okay. As daring as this flight was to accomplish? I couldn't. I mean, I couldn't not have done it without the help of to amazing individuals and those two individuals on my ground crew here in Brooklyn. Dr Steven fidget where where are they let let's hear it for them. Dr. Steven Pichardo stunned to hear their names, but Dr Steve cannot refuse the limelight and makes a beeline to the stage. Yes, thank you. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you, hush, hush. Excuse me. I have to finish my speech. Oh, of course. Please continue about how great I am to continue. My grand cru of doctors feed and fidget are such swell guys that they made the offer that on the completion of my flight around the world, they give everyone here at the field tonight a dollar. Yes, yes. Thank you. I am that. Fantastic. Wait, wait a minute. What. You can either so generous there must be about fifty thousand people here. That's fifty thousand dollars if of, but I don't have any money or really well, then what's that big rucksack for this? This is just the autopilot device that we stole from airplane. Let me give me that back. Look you guys, but you'd better start getting out your dollar bills. This crowd is looking angry. The only thing we can do in a situation like this fidget run. Hey, after him, he didn't pay us dollar. As the angry crowd chases Dr Steven featured Wiley post returns his autopilot device to his plane and Dr grant chips, chips and instant temporary return to Dr Floyd secret laboratory in prison day win engine temporary made it back safely. Yeah, you right. Dr Floyd we didn't lose him after all. It's great to be back sir. Hip Addy's Anthon. Thank you sir. Well, how was the Harry possible Louise? Oh, it was fantastic. At the end, Harry was able to get back home to anti em and uncle Henry by clicking his magic slippers together what? Yeah. It was kinda sad that he had to leave Ron. Her Miami and Neville especially since they've just been giving their brain heart and courage by the wizard slowing, that's no hurry Posta. That's the wizard of what are you talking about? Of course, it's Harry Potter. She Dr Floyd's someone put a copy of the wizard of Oz in a Harry Potter dustjacket. You've been duped. I wonder why everyone kept calling kept calling Harry Dorothy, I wonder who who could have done such desperately sinister plan. We know the answer to that question, don't we? Dear listener? It could only be the work of the evil mastermind currently sleek slinging into his secret hideout. Well, we've may have failed and getting Wiley posts autopilot device, but at least we have Dr Floyd's copy of Harry Potter. I know what I'm gonna do. I'm going to read. The last page and spoil the ending for everyone. Harry looked around the leaky colder. He tapped his feet to the song playing on the box as he popped an onion ring into his mouth. He smiled across the table at her Maya knee and Ron as the three sat and waited for Neville to parallel park is broom outside as he chewed on yet another onion ring. Harry looked up as the bell on the door. Signaled someone's arrival then. Well, that's it. The next page is blank. What a gyp? This is a horrible ending. How Dan take a rolling do this to fans Dr. Steve throws the book across the room. Dr Steve posts from ultimately being foiled. Again, we she'll take our leave what evil plans. We'll Dr Steve come up with next. We'll Dr Floyd be able to prevent those evil plants from coming to fruition. And how does Dr Floyd field now that he's realized he hasn't really read the new Harry Potter book man, I really liked those winged monkeys to this stinks, find out next time on the radio adventures of Dr floor. Episode number s. e. zero one, three of the radio adventures of Dr Floyd feature Dan class as the narrator WWW dot com. Bitterest pill dot com. Brian Kennedy as the delivery guy, more quirk as chips. WWW dot more quirk dot com. Ken green wall as Wiley post and members of the audience as our sound effects. Technicians and signed holders special. Thanks to Jen Messina and Barbara holiday. This episode was recorded live at the colony theater in Burbank, California on July twenty. Second two thousand seven to show featured special musical guest, Zach, Morgan WWW, dot Zach, land dot com. That's WWW dot z. a. k. l. a. n. d. dot com. He sure to visit Dr. Floyd dot com. That's WWW dot d. o. c. t. o. r. f. l. o. y. d. dot com. This episode of the radio adventures of Dr. Floyd has copyright two thousand seven Dr. Floyd industries, all rights reserved. Hey, fidget. Did you see this article about the guy who bartered an iphone for sponsorship of his podcast? Yeah. He said he would trade sponsorship of an episode of his podcast for the price of an iphone. Yes, it did work. In fact, he's got to iphone so far. Way. So I began thinking what if we would do that, but we'll do it even better. I'd like to offer sponsorship of three episodes of the radio adventures of Dr. Lloyd complete with the cast doing custom commercials for your product or service a complete radio adventures of Dr. Floyd autographed CD library Yelm membership in the imagination nation and a one of a kind handmade fidget, replica dole all for the price of an iphone. If your interested in this little Bader send Email to me at Dr Steve at Dr lily dot com. That's d. s. t. at d. o. c. t. o. f. l. o. y. dot com. Oh, it'll look fidget. And when it does, I might let you look at my new iphone, but you can touch it.

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