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Hi. This is teddy. In today you're listening to Mike, espy in Mississippi on onto bribes talking politics part of the DEM cast podcast network. Are. You listening. Thank. Everyone this is Kelly with two broads talking politics, and we are super excited today a to be on with Mike Sp Mike was the secretary of Agriculture has been a congressman in Mississippi and is now running for you as Senate so high Mike Alot Killian. Hide Sophie Them. Glad to be on with these two broads. Yes, indeed, so I wanted to jump in we're talking to you the day after your biggest fundraising day ever. So this is super exciting but I think a lot of people who are out of Mississippi probably think of Mississippi as deep red state still somewhat segregated and you know you've you've seen some great changes in Mississippi in your time there one of. The first people to integrate your high school? You were the first black congressman from Mississippi since reconstruction and Mississippi just now in two, thousand, eight hundred and finally changing its flag to no longer have the confederate symbols. So I wondered if you could just talk to them about the changes in Mississippi and wh what Mississippi looks like now, what you're seeing there. All right I will let me Let me describe all of it based on something that happened last week. So with the wind and mist of tornadoes in Mississippi storms and all of that like if way else but we get, we get all these. These storms coming up from the Gulf coast. So Alice Shaving I last week and Hurricane Sally was coming and I was listening in one ear to the news. The weather forecast and the national. Weather forecaster. And this person said circuit sal is coming. It's going to hit a landmass the between mobile and New Orleans. Not Start laughing us that's Mississippi you. Twists. So I understand you question a lot of people remember us as deep deep red and you know Quasar racist a racist but allow people have their own appease believe mischievous change a lot. You're right about a grownup of bit state. I was born and raised in state group Job Grow I. Remember Mama going until the clothing store and not being able to China address. Let she was prepared by it. Her name was really gene SB and I remember them saying gene. UBISOFT, not trump address alleged bypass no self-respecting white woman's on by the stress F you've tried it on. So I have a hundreds of any dotes in stores about about you know Jim Crow Mississippi in late fifties and sixties and seventies I did integrate along with my twin sister. Pu- high school that was formerly all white and this was about nineteen. Sixty, eight, sixty, nine, and there were seventeen blacks among eight hundred quite it was all awful every day on the inward I've got to find a flavor by teachers sprayed me one day with a Phar- extinguisher in class teacher. So it just it just wells so bad honestly I said once I graduate from this place I've never coming back missiles but I did I. went to Howard University Washington went to California Law School, but I did return then I became. Legal Services lawyer then first black assistant sector state first black assistant attorney general first black. Congressman. Civil war in addition levels not majority black. Abandoned Nineteen eighty-six then serve the nation as of agriculture in ramp eighteen months ago and got. Percents percent about so and rent it again, it would want one point down. So why why are we doing this? Will. Basically and I'm ask you question Mississippi is really a being at a pivotal moment I honestly this is not a dramatic statement we literally at the crossroads between. Moving forward. As a full partner with all the other states told the third decade of the twenty, th century are we going back? And fitbit costs we we had a legislative action a month ago with Mississippi legislature down the Mississippi black with confederate emblem. Sixty six years old I was surprised. that it happened at all in happened with that much haste. It's not it I. mean they aborted referendum in November so they just did it. They did it because. Their. Constituents are tired of that image of that hateful symbol. And they won't get rid of it. Closed above go through new chapter, turn the page and I believe that I'm a representative of the future. We can go to the past. Represented by my opponents. That's. Who made statements about. Both suppression at the other universities. It I keep asking which which universes all those you know. These are the issues that she won't name. The everyone knows statement about public hangings. The A. Lot of people don't remember her going. Till the Jefferson Davis. Memorial. Two thousand fourteen John on rebel hat. The river waistcoat and the confederate era she held a bitter. Rifle. That's all bad. Do you want to go to the museum? That's what his leg is now died no problem but or way out she said to them this is the best of Mississippi's history. Right that's two thousand, fourteen, not. Eighteen fourteen, hundred, nineteen, fourteen. So that's the choice we have. Whether you want to be. Someone. That's GONNA drag us back to the days of your a semester wants to push us into the digital with mitigate expansion. Dollar minimum wage paying teaches a decent salary. You know all of that. So so these all stock choices and that's why I'm running. That's why I'm running out. It's Var as. It'd be a red state I. Would you say to you? The only way I can answer that is to repeat something that Reverend Barber said. Reva Barbara's friend of mine from North Carolina but most people know him as the president of the poor people's campaign he's very familiar with these southern states and. The stagnant politics in these states and he said to me. Mike Mississippi is not so much red as it is on organized. Right. So what are you saying that? The National Democratic parties and? A lot of people like the ones you mentioned. Heaven invested in political infrastructure? Mississippi. So therefore for decades and decades, we've not had the revenue to get the data to do the targeting. To Fund the candidates to build the badge. And to do things necessary out to move us in what we do. So the Mike espy campaign. Can Be said to be related detectable state Democratic Party. Gus It it's incumbent on us in two thousand eighteen to do all of that you know only had. Seven months run from. From April to November eighteen months ago. And Run it twenty five years for anything. So we have a nasty candidacy, get the message together. Symbol staff raised money. and Get out there and do it, and we got four to seven percent of the vote and so. Would do to build the greatest database? In Mississippi's history today. And we share with the Democratic Party to run elect a bunch of progressive candidates in two, thousand and nineteen. There's full of black women. Who lifted the judges because Enhanced County we'll get cinema boat. fullback women, one judicial races, and so have bench down. And that's because we had a seventy seven percent turn out. Black voters but Mike espy. So night an absolute and voted for me and seventy seven percent turnout, and so the down ballot impact was huge. So so river Baba's right so if we had. Earlier investments of interested people into this race. in other races proud of mine. It would been easy for me to run. But that's okay you know I'm ready to serve not just be something but to do something. And and now it's working. So now we have one point down. We raised a one point, eight million dollars since last Friday. 'cause most people understand now because of Ginsberg's death, the risk to healthcare in America. And the the the great. The Great Act of devastation to pre existing illnesses the coverage for those. And Medicaid expansion that's going to happen to November with the new conservative justice on the bench for life. Oh. That's why we're getting out notice with great the fort. And we're doing well. I want to talk about Medicaid expansion a little bit I know Mississippi is one of the I think twelve states that has have not expanded. Medicaid and I feel your pain 'cause I live in Wisconsin, which is also one of the twelve. I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about Medicaid expansion and what that would mean for patients and for health care organizations in Mississippi. Look could expound on this for two hours. It is the number one issue now campaign because it is the number one problem in Mississippi. in by any measure. But a healthcare measure. we're we're last was a newspaper article last week that said missiles number fifty, one in the nation let's say there's all fifty states. Will they included the District of Columbia and we worse than than they are When it comes to just just bad healthcare outcomes patijn heart disease. Asthma. So both zone. So there's I mean, there's any number of ways that can be mitigated but I think the number one way in the public space is to expand Medicaid. Because because we don't have Medicaid. A lot of low income people in twenty percent of Mississippians are below poverty. Love Twenty percent admitted those African American persons. So when when they have the hill ailments, they don't go to the doctor. They don't involvement sales with primary care because they know they can't pay the bill. So they just. Remain he'll in the illnesses just just get worse. Or if they do go to the doctor, his use of the emergency room. And when they get a bill, they don't pay it and those bills aggregate. It increase the Royal Hospital. Is Behind the eight ball because now they'd given services. For uncouple day. Care it so they close. So consequently, Mississippi we've had seven eight hospitals to glows in last ten years. Saw Row communities are now without a core. Medical Service. Provider. So if we had Medicaid expansion tomorrow, we'll automatic cover over a quarter of a major Mississippi's automatically. Who would have covered and security of knowing they've got medical care. Ninety percent which would be paid by the federal government so I'll tell everybody. Johnston is was the senator full the modern NAVIEN senator. eastland was the senator Roger. Cherian dead cocker. Was Senator for Roy Development Agriculture I'm. GonNa be the senator for healthcare. So I do all, I can do expand Medicaid to give people the. Confirmation that that their illnesses can be covered more explicit boy expeditiously. Those hospitals could be. Covered, with uncompensated care. And up you know in in in all of that so. That's what I'm GONNA do. I'M GONNA do in in. That's while this campaign receiving such great notice because people no, I'm serious about it. I know that it is maybe a New Year in Wisconsin and you're not covered but. A. Lot of people consider this be a blue state phenomenon. Where you know California and Arizona kilts his gavel New York habit and sold the local legislators here. I think that this is an Obama being that's relegated only to blue states, but it's not true because Missouri in Oklahoma recently the rip random now have Medicaid expansion. So odd tale mud folks in Mississippi. Why do we? Continually. Cut. Out. Noses off despite out basis. Because we're paying taxes for all these blue states now conserved states we're we're paying taxes for that people. Have Medical Insurance Black. Why don't we spend our tax dollars to benefit us? So that's my pitch. You know I've got personal stories. And anecdotes that ACA chair with if if you WANNA hear them down. The main thing is that it's one issued Mississippi. I'm GONNA do this. That's why I'm running. I know there was a lot of talk in two, Thousand Sixteen and after twenty sixteen about how rural America felt really left behind and that was part of what drove the the vote for trump. You know I think rural America has been even more left behind under trump the effects of climate change and. Tariff Wars on agriculture have just been a terrible. You know you were the secretary of Agriculture this is obviously a huge issue in Mississippi. What are some of the things that you would like to see you would like to see the Senate doing to to really improve the ability of for farmers to make a decent living for our agricultural sector to really thrive. or as well this sweet spot it just hit it. Begs the question I was fortunate enough to be selected. By President Clinton as his twenty fifth cigna radicals, twin victor of nation I served I. Really enjoyed it but the nickname both sectors agriculture. Is the mayor of Rural America. So. I was the Mayor Role America for a period of time and First thing we did is I said, well, I'll wise being so ignored. And I try to elevate the rural development function of agriculture. To be as prominent as the production buxom, you know where we give. production loans, and and. Crop Insurance to farmers I try to elevate the road development function. which would be row water rural sewer rural Dell Communications row housing. Built an infrastructure real. America which will Saudi needed. Then we did all these studies and spent all the money to do that out of there were. Thousands of thousands of homes in America nineteen, ninety-three stay without running water. Now. That's prize me. I- Mississippi as shouldn't be surprised, but honestly, it's A. Prolific around the Americas so I said I'm going to. Go back to President Kennedy when he challenged the nation. To to be the first America would be the first land of Man on the moon. And be dialed. The US has off. So Union. And we did it. So I said, at Kennedy, fashion, we gotta have. In this agency by the turn of the century, we're GONNA, have every home in America connected zome robot it. We did it. So even though I was on a bit two years, we'd met that we met that goal and so heavily that every home in American ads running water because USDA initiatives. It we did that. so Proud that water sewer, rotter homes, and all of that. So now yes, mount tariffs. A lot of bombs situation a lot of the. A lot of the the Bakruptcy we've seen on the display in combination in the farm sector is because of losing markets. We're losing market because of terrace that this administration has imposed. On countries like People's Republic of China. Now, let's go here for men. He did this he being the. President trump did this. To benefit him politically. he pulls a tariff on steel and aluminum. Because he knew he's running and twenty twenty and he wanted. To to to help him politically in the states of Pennsylvania and Ohio and Michigan. The auto producers, the steel manufacturers, and so so so we did that. And I wrote an article called careful what you ask for because I, knew that when did that? China was going to impose retaliatory tariffs. In out allsteel in a moment, but it's going to be on things that hurt us here in. Mississippi like soybeans. Or China was out number one sorby market by far. and. So we impose that type child they turn around and slapped a tariff on soybeans. which made also expensive. We lost had market by large. And Brazil won also being competitors winning and bill that Lloyd and we lost that market. It's all the because we lost the market. There was Reduction in markets reduction in prices. And Farmers beans were landing to feel. Kitchen disease and. Losing big begun, becoming more surplus in nowhere to sell them so. So that's what he did and then he had to. Cover his his problem. By giving cash subsidies to farmers To give them my full Monday loss from their own productive evidence. That increase the federal deficit it gave from body get credit corporation. Has Gone on the bill, the tree dollar debt bill and didn't have to because the bomber just wanted a. To sell in so So you know. I believe in fair trade. Even, the bombers having increase in their markets. If, we have fair trade in increasing global markets. They're design because we're productive. Got Better technology than the and went into world and a bomber just Rona grow and harvest and sale. Two. Thirds of what they grow has be sold on international markets. Because one third of a is consumed domestically. So saw me and I'll be the senator. ISP What I would do so I, would certainly be a person who had jotted do all I can do to stop all these erratic. TERRIF- activity. I'll be designed to to help open markets on to beat our competitors. and. I Abby Thirty Senator Help America. So here's what I'm doing very quickly. As a private citizen which I want to bring into the federal. Budget. Federal programs so. As a private citizen as a volunteer unpaid percival last twenty years. I've been on a board of now. That I'm the Chairman of its nonprofit. which which involves itself in. Lipson enough. The bottom one third of low-income states in the mid south. Mississippi. Alabama Arkansas Tennessee Louisiana. So we go to the boys that states. It will four hundred, million dollar non profit. So we give. Mortgages burst I'm homeowners in those areas of about two hundred, fifty, thousand dollars. In New York. That's a closet Mississippi. It's a it's a nice three thousand square foot house maybe. We Fund business business loans. It medical land surveyors were committed bill clinics. Buddhis- will be, grocery stores. Now, we work also critic union the we put them in public schools. So the students get actually dig deposits from their teachers. I want to outdo new mountain text grades and empowerment zones and all that we're doing manatt profit would make it part of the. Treasury Department programs. To. So we have new tax credits for the nation but I wanna do is offer maybe like another dividend. If you will take your tax credit go to to. There's a term called parentally poor the districts that have been impoverished for three decades. In a row. I'll persistent. So so is that a poverty district? You get invest you get the normal tax credit plus extra if you go to these. Districts. I want to do that as the Senate. I think everybody listening is probably pretty fired up. To help out with your campaign. Can you tell us a little bit of about how people can? Help out with your campaign donate or volunteer if they live in Mississippi. Thank you. I will do that daily out the no. So the two days I'm going to do is Medicaid expansion but broadband McKinley at because they're so easy to do. I'll just like we brought rotter. America. You Know Nineteen Ninety three and night tonight at four before I left. Weaken a nanosecond. We can bring broadband connectivity ever. All House America. It's especially bad. Now condemning because a lot of students are working remotely from home and and is fine Gael Laptop. You don't mouse and and you can you can connect. But so many homes can. So they've got to go to the library Bernado community college if they can get to it. To get out there less and it's just awful. I mean a lot of love schools Mississippi have to have to put Wifi in a bus. It had bring the bus to ought to like a remote areas situated located. That a bus has keep moving. So two kids can can get the homework and and get the teacher at his crazy 'cause. It's so easy. With several billion dollars to do this which we have. So so I want to connect students and I, I know what I'm speaking about because of adopting a program calls global teaching project where. Students of Mississippi for. Rule schools. WHO ARE AP students in. Stem. Courses. Don't have Internet. To be, connected to their. Stem cost teachers at Harvard Yale. Princeton MIT and Stanford. So they have to go. Twice twice a month to to wherever they can get Internet. It would stem costs instructions from students that these teaches that these obvious leaks universities. And I, and then twice a year on Martin Luther King's birthday, and during the summer they all congregate physically the teachers come to Mississippi and the students come from rural areas and I'm beat them all at the universities and I give them a pep talk and head out blois and they have no internet mostly. So so I I feel so bad for their. These high performing students who just want to do well. They're working hard. They WanNa, get somewhere with their life and they don't have Internet Gus people my generation didn't provide for. So, this is easy. So I WANNA cook them all up. We're going to do that so now. What people do to help us go first of all to Sp.. Dot. com. It's easy to remember because that's espy awards is was ESPN. and. I gave birth espy award when I was sick Deroga- actually gave it award birth one. And I love that. So so the ESPN. Is Esp y will Senate Dot, Gov? There's a donate button there and you know is really expensive run these campaigns, whoever can whatever you can give? would be would be. Be Great. We've got one point eight, million dollars in. Since Friday and the average contribution was thirty, two dollars. So so whatever you can give is great. Job. Like you sophie but people have been writing postcards so you can write a bull Scott from Wisconsin or anywhere. You can text a, we have a, we have a prodigious text operation. From all over the world. a bone making operate not not the world excuse me all of the country. thinking about global and world class people like able able to Vernay. She's about new new blood. So she sat up a call time. She from Los Angeles, she's called it in Mississippi able to Rene. It's odd through her last night and told her thank you. So so you can eight Iraq does any number of ways text? Calling school new school ways we have to win we just have to win, but it does take money. Yeah. Well, we are so excited about this campaign I. Think it snuck up on a lot of people who hadn't watched in two, thousand eighteen but those of us who are watching in two thousand eighteen, this is this is not a surprise that you're gonNA cost finish line this time. So we're very excited. To run in to win now. we built that bridge. So there we can cross but also behind me can cross. You know I think we built shops data watch. It we know where we have to get to and looks like we're getting there as I say we will not in February. August one three days ago and we got a Palmdale now now they've been on television three weeks So I'm renting gets about WHO's uniquely awful. Honestly she she's. She's taken us back. Nobody wants to go back. That's why they voted flake. In they took a poll of Medicaid expansion and that's that's now six percent more. Those who voted in that in that poll. So we know where we have to get to and they want to help us get there in I. think that's that's me. Well thank you and we will put information up on our website. So people can find your website and can sign up to volunteer and donate. So Mike Thank, you so much for speaking with us today. This was was really great to talk to you like I said, we're super excited about your race and just can't wait to see it happen on election night. Got Down the road as we. Thank you so much. All right. Thank you. bye-bye. Thank you for listening to bras talking politics part of the dim cast podcast network. Our theme song is called. Are you listening off of the album elephant shocked trees by the Band Immune Nouri and we're using it with permission of the band our logo and other original artwork is by matthew wetland and was created for use. By this podcast. You can contact us at two broads talking politics at g mail, DOT COM, or on twitter or facebook. At to talk you can find all of our episodes at two bras talking politics, dot com, or anywhere podcast found.

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