Starting 9 Episode #88 - Davis Streak, Mariners & A Surprise Guest


What back to start at nine? Let's episode eighty eight creeper up on that hun dope piece shelves to Michael Irvin. Sorry could join the show today. Oh god. By the way that Kevin Poole. Our interview a lot of great feedback. Great feedback. Lot of kids for the kids out there listening to starring nine. The message could not have been clearer doesn't matter. What size yards as a matter. What round? You got drafted in impossible is is is a mindset that you create for yourself because Kemp LA was out there. Making things happen in a in a in a situation where it was not exactly favorable for him to make it to the big leagues. Now. He's with the San Francisco Giants hitting hitting grand slams deal. Sorry about it. And it's great because. He he let us inside. Man. He let us inside. He didn't have to share the shitty shared. He didn't really have to to peel back those layers, and I don't know that a lot of people really understood that about Kevin pillar had a feel for exactly the road. He had travelled, right? Some of the shit that he has dealt with some of the some of the nose and the hurdles that were placed in front of him said fuck it to all of it and his raking in the big leagues. So that was that was really and you're right. You're at a lot of good feedback. And I think that's what's really cool about us having opportunity to sit down with these guys that linked is the stuff you get to talk about you find out they're very passionate about it. And and you can just roll, and you can really get a sense of the human being so shout to the Toronto Blue Jays for allowing that to happen for making that happen. And obviously deploy LARs well, yeah. That everybody got to listen to that shit. Because that was that was awesome shit. Oh, yeah. It was that was one of my. Personal Fe 'cause he was he got it. You know, there's some guys that we have on. And it's like they're going to keep the I'll make a bowling reference for Dallas is not very good at it. They keep their bumpers up a little bit. They wanna stay stay down the middle of the lane there. Then there's some guys who are just not afraid to throw a gutter ball suck guys. Just not afraid to get down in the gutter. That was are right here. The gate right out of the gate. Nope. Bunkers necessary. Not need those bumpers, which is you know, very, muddy Dallas. It's having a feel it's feel he he wasn't intimidated. He he wasn't making excuses. Like, oh, I need this to be candle pin? He was he was in it to win it. He knew what he had to do. He knew we had to be himself. Then that's what the people got. Yeah. Which was refreshing was refreshing. Back to the whole Chris Archer thing that was. I don't know. This is the suspensions were handed out five games aka one start for Chris Archer. I don't know. I feel like if you don't actually hit the guy. Maybe I'm wrong doesn't really merit a suspension. It's kinda like maybe maybe like a fine for inciting a riot by week. It's kind of like a jaywalking. Yeah. Like if you if you like actually come at a guy, it's like, right? We'll give you a gain. Even eight games is is is still kind of like one start. For throwing out a guy's head or you hit a guy in the numbers Easter behind him. And remember what I would I explained what I tried to break down is the way that the game is allowed or the way that the players can police themselves is being limited. And will you're saying that's what rules are for the they should be policing them. No, no, no, no, no, folks. That's what happens in the world of professional athletics is you've got a shit ton of multimillionaire egos in the same room. Whether it's on a baseball field, an NBA court, the ice doesn't matter the pitch wherever you're at all these people have to coexist will it's a room full of ALPHA's. And I'm not, you know, I'm just I'm gonna let you know based on what I've come to understand. Let's say you're in a incarceration situation. You wanna know who who's running that room, the ALPHA's ALPHA's run the room, and that goes for every room you ever set. Foot in how do you control those Elvis? If you yourself are not a alpha. Maybe you're a beta looking around you probably just gonna fall line. That's kind of what happens. So when when the heaters and spikes up our laws of the land guess who's gonna police themselves the people throwing heaters the people wearing spikes? And those are called the players, and that's how that's gonna go your opportunity to do. So is is being taken away from you right because of trying to figure out a way to make sure that Chris Archer feels the five game suspension affect and not just one start because you could technically call it one star. But you know, what this day and age starters getting used differently? So you very well could be using Chris Archer on day three his bullpen day. And that's how I look at it. So hey, yeah. That's just mentioned does does matter. It is more than just once. It's one start. But you don't get to use. His look the bottom line. Is guys are trying to teach other guys how to Bill about this game in a certain way and standing there dressing up homers at home plate. If you haven't done much is going to rub. Some guys the wrong way. It just is. And the sooner you can accept that. And kind of accepted understand what goes on after that. I think the easier you'll be able to make peace with the policing of the game itself. That's just my opinion. But if you're going to sit here, and wait until some law is figured out to where like Chris Archer has to name his child after rob Manfred. If he gets bucking suspended for hitting somebody that's not gonna happen. We're not going to come to a law where you're just going to get rid of one exist. In your career. Did you ever intentionally throw it somebody with your blazing fastball? I followed the rules jeered. I mean that could mean that community you different things did you ever? Maybe let one slip here in there. Or was it sort of just the not mate will ever go to bed questioning whether or not I had their back. Okay. And if question that. You can ask ask look a man by the name of Jeff Bazeley? Okay. Former roommate of mine. Excuse me. Former teammate of. I don't know how you mix up those too. But. Because we spent a long spend a lot of time together in the minor leagues. Buffalo Wild Wings shout out to Midland, Texas. Spend a lot of time with a guy but against him. Obviously. So Chris Archer it's five games aka one star for throwing behind Dietrich Yossi tweet surprisingly only gets two games for attempted murder or like a mass murder, actually. Not that I'm advocating for a stiffer penalty for Yossi elp week. But. I don't know if 'cause I like weeks. Let's just like let's just cover up the name and say it's player ex. Let's look at player Xs record player access has done shit. Like this a lot. He's he's been at the forefront of many a scrum. But I guess, you know, like, no punches were throwing or landed. That's thing. But it's like it's kinda like dude whenever there's a scrum. Even if you're involved or not involved, it seems like you are at the forefront of it. So I don't know if you'd want some I think it's good for the game. I mean, the video of that altercation. We can't call it a brawl or a fight that altercation. It's that like almost seven million views. So I'm not going to punch a guy forgoing fucking psycho. And being one of the reasons why that was such a viral clip? It's not a it's not a base brawl. That's the thing. It's not a baseball brawl. I mean, it's more like a seventh grade date to the movie theater. A lot of heavy breathing. Ding and some fumbling around and like at most you you catch in an upper areola. Maybe that's that's about all that happens in those pushing and shoving matches. So the two days, the two games, whatever. Yeah. Fuck whatever. Whatever it's not ten. So that then it's not Ted. And I mean, like, I I'm thinking about Yaseen plead sounding like John Rambo. He's on the phone explaining to the sheriff. Who are you in? A mirror under worst nightmare. I imagine plead going through that in his head. And then just saying fuck it. It's. Because there was like a there was a moment. There was the build up like angry or pretty angry, really angry. And now, it's like I'm coming for your spawn, I I love the energy love the energy. But I am here for the buck in route Netto door, Joey bats type baseball like you've gotta problem who we issues. Let's go how many times Jared? How many times have I petitioned for the NHL hockey rules to be transferred over to the baseball field done it? I've asked for it to happen. Let them let them roll you. And me, let's go if you can stop me into a muddle you've turned into an oil stain. Great see a hope I can still pitch if not that was an asshole move by me, wasn't it. Yeah. Second of shuts the door on that. But again, I love I love the fact that anytime that there's a brawl. Yes. Yelp week is right there in the middle of it. Like that guy's just ready to go whether whether you've wronged him or not it's he's just ready to defend his teammates via fisticuffs. I'm going to call an audible here to of. Two topics. This. There's two topics that I want to hit on today. The first one let's give some love to the Seattle. Mariners while dropping lots of de everywhere. The Pacific northwest is on fire corrobos on fire my Twitter feed getting blown up booking mariner fans. It's what they're twelve and two. And I think they've homered in all fourteen games about bucking Mitch Haniger. My God who we wanted to get on the spikes up tour didn't work out. But not no forever. Nope. Out right now just to couldn't right now. Yeah. Seattle Mariners have the best run differential in major league baseball through through fourteen games. There are plus forty one. They've won nine of their last ten five straight coming into Thursday. I don't like and they're seven and water on the road. There's seven one on the road. Are we buying this small sample from from the the early going from the Seattle? Mariners. I can't. Well, I just remember what was it? It was either last year the year before our member talking about the Seattle manners. 'cause they they held a playoff spot somewhat decently into the season. And what was the canosa's bench in last year? Yes. Okay. So then it was last year because we were talking about canot like where are they going? What are they gonna do with them when he comes back, and because he is not eligible for the postseason if the mayor's make it we're talking postseason for that. Mariners team last year. Do you get the sense that, you know, without Edwin d as we know that they're not a better team in that regard necessarily. But what about just what about this? Mariners team just feels different to you versus the Seattle Mariners of a year ago. 'cause there is a completely different feel. I feel like I mean. There's a a longer line of. I think that's ultimately what you take away from this team. Now is I mean because there were guys who came up last year during the season. Like, I'm trying to think what Vogel box is a name that I think comes to mind. Yeah. Who the fuck was this, dude? He came out of nowhere, and he was fucking throwing head a little bit. And I just I think I just just shit like that. You're like you have an idea of who these guys are now. Why? And I guess I'm speaking more from a guy who watches the AL west, you know, very closely. It's not a lineup that you're like. Oh, wow. Oh, you guys. I mean, come on tip fucking is. This is the Tim Beckham coming out party is slaying Slade corrobos, Tim that is has not stopped dropping dick since Japan. I can't really this guy's been a pain in my ass since two thirty in the morning in the middle of fuck and March he's his lugging seven seventy three. And I'm sitting here going. All right. Like, I I'm not taking shoot away from from from back at all not taking anything away from him. But I'm thinking to myself is this what we're fucking dealing with right now is about to happen or is Malik Smith and like Tim Beckham just about two, and I'm even thinking about my boy, Ryan Healy. Yeah. Are all these dudes just about emerge like what I'm scared of Jared what I'm scared of. And I'll be very Frank. I'm scared of what what happened to the as last year happening to the Mariners this year, like they're all just going to be like, all right? You guys trying to get better together. Let's do and you just get like five dudes who were bubble guys. Maybe maybe a few of them that like we're going to be role players that are now like, you know, what? Now on this kind of like everyday player train. Now. Fuck it. Who would be really good? How this looks? Yeah. I mean, I can appreciate you at least extending that all of branch to the Mariners and their fans. They don't have the talent that as last year. But you're you're right. But but see I don't know that everybody assesses that situation the same. If the age don't have that type of season. Like, I I think it's they made it really easy like for people to say, well, they're good. They've got good players on that team. As did the as made it easy for. I think for folks who say that you add minutely we're watching the as a little more closely than than you have in years past. So I got you got a good feel for that. But you're right. They have locking studs, man. They do I just think that the Mariners they could they could be just a click away from like, you said Tim Beckham going, so he doesn't have a fucking nine year window where he's great maybe three year window where he. Just outstanding for who knows. Maybe that's now. And if it is I like, you know for two fucking not be please. So right now as as like the Seattle Mariners are in a situation where they're looking great. But their teams in that division that are are better than them that haven't played up to their standards just yet that being the as and the Astros but the Astros. They've they've quote unquote turned a corner this hold on turn turn the corner. They they turned a corner because they were playing poorly. Right. But then they swept the Yankees in in Houston. So after that shadow to the Astros, by the way that it's not easy to turn corners in baseball. It's you know, sometimes you get pulled him one direction. There's nothing you can do. It's like when the Titanic sank and in Jack was just getting yet down to the bottom of the ocean. By that current it just it happens. It just happens sometimes and during a baseball season so credit to the Astros for swimming to the top of the surface there and that series against New York in about four games writer, three games this three games. Yep. Three games. Very. Like a small quarter. Yeah. He has a quick corner to turn around the Astros that ever swept the Yankees ever. Yes. What the fuck really? That's you got to think about how much time they spent in the NL. Yeah. Don't think too much about that. Because then it makes my stat less impressive. Noticed that was not enough. It's true. Those fucking cutting room floor scrap impressive, nevertheless. After this game. Kick it down to the. Yes network. Yeah. Boots on the ground. They're trying to get all those quotes all those clubhouse quotes from players and coaches, alike, Morocco. It's and they go into Aaron Boone's office. And they ask him, you know, where where you guys at right now and boonies. Yeah. You know, I think we're turning a corner. You know, I think I think we're really close. We're really close Raya, positively from the Skibbe, which you know, what do you expect him to say, he's a Maltese? He's got a he's got a, you know, he's got to say what he's got to say that keep people from from falling off that cliff there, then you know, the same media members go up to Aaron judge's locker. And they relay Aaron Boone's quote directly to him about, you know, how do you feel about you guys being close you guys turning a corner? Aaron judge to is credit. I mean, like he's not gonna go. Along with the PR machine is gonna be like fuck in turn a corner. What are we talking about? We lost. That got swept returning a corner. We just got swept by the Astros. And of course, the Yankees have the the protection of being able to say, yeah, we we have a ton of injuries right now. And it's not getting any better the Luis Severino news which will get to. That's that's not overwhelmingly positive either. It's like it's not like our reinforcements. Are we we're not getting positive news out of that camp right now, I feel like maybe we're boonies head was steered desert. Is there any thought to to the movie booty very well may have thought he was still talking about the injury report? Turning the corner. Like, we've got. We got thirty seven guys on the deal right now. We turn to the corner. Excuse me. It's i'll. Oh, yeah. Don't offend me. Your your I l platoon is is is looking good those the boys that are turning the corner. I think that's what was on boonies mind near you're getting Jordan Montgomery. I mean, you said it we'll we'll get into this. I yeah. It's not a. Great look now, it's but I get I get worse. What is he supposed to say? I mean, if he sits there and makes excuses everyone will crucify him for making excuses. You're the Yankees. But I will say this though you killed on hold on. What you can't lose three fuck in games and feel like you're seeing what you need to see in a row. What you can't that can't. That's just statement. I know but a bad same. I would look Buni to like let's say the Yankees were Intel let's say the came off of that wrote came off of Houston and we're coming into Oakland. And I was at the I was around the cage. Like, I'm going to be an I would straight up. Ask him Buni. You lose you lose three in Houston. And you're right where you need to be. What what were you seeing that? That is giving you that feeling. I would have I'll tell you what it was. I mean, they were they're losing seven two. And then they made it a game. Like, they were it was late scratch a few cross every team in baseball is going to do that at some point this year. Yes. Shows not against the Astros. Yes. No, no, no, no. The back end of that Astros. Bullpen is pretty damn good. It's not one of the best. I mean, they're they're not the Yankees bullpen. They're not the as bullpen. But like they've got three guys maybe even four that are pretty damn good relievers at the back end of their bullpens scratching four runs late in the game. That is that. I'm not saying it's like all right? The eighties are back. But that's probably what he's talking about. It's like, yeah. He's talking about like you said he's got to have something positive to say. But he shouldn't have said we're turning a corner after getting swept he should have said I liked that we fought back late. I liked that. We didn't just give up that no one bats than I if you just says that right? And that's and this is just nitpicking. Now at the words, he actually used and it's all a hell of a lot easier to talk about its ways year to those interviews the day after as opposed to just wearing that loss and coming in off the field and trying to be a beacon of hope for club that just got swept by the Astros for the first time in history. So there's there's a difference there. Well, here's the other thing too. He he's handcuffed because he can't use the injury excuse at any point ever. Like, that's just not an excuse. You you come off as a baby if you're like, well like look at all the guys we got on the I L can't do that. But. The injury excuses legit against the Astros. The Anki have fucking played two series against the Orioles and one against the Tigers. Granted the Tigers are playing well, they're pitching has been outstanding. But the Yankees even with all the injuries that they've had on paper are still better than most of the teams that they've matched up against to start the year. Besides the Astros still gonna play those games still gonna play the games, but the injury excuse it, just it rings hollow. When you're playing two series against the Orioles one against the Tigers. You can't cry about your your injuries when you're playing teams that are barely major league rosters. I accept that. If that was if we're in the thick of the season, we're the we're the very beginning of the season guys are still trying to get their foundation if you will so and we're all bigly ballplayers. But there's levels to this game jeered. You know that I know that fan graphs has the Yankees at sixty seven percent to win the east right now. Tampa Bay rays looking like. I can't disagree with you. How do you? How do you not show some love to the Tampa Bay rays after the start that they had which their teams that have started off very well in twenty nineteen and you look at we've already had the conversation about the Seattle Mariners like we buying this. We not buying this with the Tampa Bay rays after the season they had last year. Can you not? But I don't know if I buy them is a is a first place team. But I definitely by them as being a team that's going to be a thorn in the Red Sox and Yankees side from from wire-to-wire. I I expect them to be the cause, you know, the Red Sox are not going to be a one hundred eight win team. They're not even going to be one hundred win team. They're going to be somewhere in the nineties in so of the race. And so are the Yankees. So I think we're looking at a division race in the AL east that maybe we didn't talk enough about. Prior to the season, we spent a lot of time talking about the NL central the NFL east those are going to be super competitive divisions as well. But here we go the Tampa Bay rays. Start off red hot Red Sox Yankees Stutthof ice cold. They're gonna meet in the middle somewhere. The Red Sox and Yankees are gonna get better. The raise will probably fall back back down to earth. Where is that though when they fall back down to earth? Where is that is it somewhere where the Red Sox and Yankees are going to eventually ascend to I don't know it's going to be it's going to be very interesting to see. But of the teams that did start hot the Mariners. The Tigers the raise. That's really been. There's I mean, I guess the dodgers. But that was more more of a offensive thing than an overall record thing. But those teams the American League, it's it's quite obvious that the rays are the most legit. But there's another big story line that has been going on in major league baseball. And that is Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles who still has three years left after this. What is it twenty twenty three mill a year this year through twenty twenty two? Sam. I can't believe I thought it was a seven year deal this contract. Feels like it was like for twenty five years. That's I feel like when he agreed to that deal with the Orioles at that was was that before the twenty thirteen season. That's all right. I think just before. Yeah. Like, honestly, what I think had to do with a lot of this was the fluctuation in performances back to back, and the fact that there was you know, it was documented I think because it was a lack of like he didn't have as fuck and T. We did not have his Tiwi for Admiral and. What what we saw the year before was ridiculous. And then no outer all or not we and you're like, okay. Well, who who are you? Then who who do we expect this is before the twenty sixteen season? Yeah. He he signed his deal prior coming off the season where he hit forty seven home runs and had a nine twenty three. Oh PS. God why do you like this is much longer ago? Like do this. This contract was never ever a reasonable idea. It was never a good idea. From the moment. It was signed the only people who thought this was a viable option for this franchise was the Baltimore Orioles. I mean, that's not even hindsight either. No, it's not it's not because there was obviously questions about you know, who where he's out two hundred eight times the the year the year entering free agency two hundred eight times that led major league baseball like I'm not one to freak out about strikeout. Well, he led the he'd lead. Baseball and punch outs. Two years in a row believe. Yeah. That year and the year after he signed the deal the first year of the deal in which his opiates dropped one hundred and thirty points and the plunge outs went up like to two hundred twenty or two hundred thirty or something. I mean, I don't think there's ever been anything like an opium drop of nine twenty three seven ninety two seven thirty to five thirty nine. It's at one twenty one this year. And if you watch him like watching watching the Oakland series like some of the balls that he would hit. He he's not even running shit out at this point in time. Like, he's just waiting to see if it falls. If it falls all go to I. If it doesn't fall really, what am I doing here? Like, that's kind of the end you could see him smiling and trying to find levity in the situation, which I can appreciate because again, folks as tough as it is. And I'm gonna get a little sentimental here as tough as it is for you to swallow that type of performance as a paying fan. I promise you, I promise you you do not want to wake up with the demons in the head of Chris Davis making the money. He's making putting forth that type of performance. Now, do yourself a favor and separate things that I just said, I know you would love to wake up with the money. I know you would not want to wake up with the demons that come with making that money and not being able to earn that money. Those are two very different things. And Chris Davis will be staring that demon in the face for the next three years, if he can't hit his weight, and that's that's reality. And that is a miserable fucking existence. Could you imagine being the dude who shows up to work every day and everybody in that room, basically has? All of the information. They need to know that tells them you're making their work environment. A worst place to be not by attitude not anything like that. But like if you want your company to succeed, and maybe hit some cool fortune five hundred list or something this guy right here in the room is is an active detractors in that effort majett being that guy because he's that guy. But he's that guy who's showing up grinding everyday trying to show the younger guys how to grind through this. That's a tough. Fuck you way to make money right now, bro. That's a tough way. And nobody's crying for him. Because it's a fuck tone of money. I get it. But I just I just want people to take two minutes and put yourself in that position. And think about what that would be like, you know, not being able to vacuum correctly not being able to dust correctly, not being able to cook dinner correctly like thinking about fucking. An entire day's worth of life for your family, and then like getting your data of the year award or your mother like you just I don't deserve this. I don't want this. Have you been seeing what the bucks going on? I got my kid eating out of their own diaper. I can't figure it out. Top spot. Yeah. He's also the last oils player to report for spring training. Not that that means a whole lot but going into Thursday he is oh for twenty nine with fifteen strikeouts. And how many times has he walked four. Swung for fifty going back to last year. Oh, fifty. In fact, now that we've gotten the sentimentality out of the way. Since the start of last season. Chris Davis is slashing one fifty eight to thirty six to seventy nine. That's a five fifteen over five hundred and fifty five plate appearances two hundred seven of which have ended in strikeouts. He's been worth negative three point six wins above replacement per baseball reference. That is so hard to do. He's the worst player physician player. Fi war this season. And he has the third worst strikeout. Rated forty five point five percent. I mean, these are fake ass numbers. Do this is like video game. When you put it on the hardest level when you first get MLB the show or something you're like, I'm just gonna I'm just going to like. I'm just going to adapt. You know? And you're like literally within your guys falling over swinging at the curb ball every single time. I gets. It's crazy, man. It's a spectacle to like I rushed to the TV to watch his pinch hit last night. Do you ensured have to have been Roman in a past life just fucking crucifying lab? I have our roles on this podcast and mine isn't to take you behind the scenes of the west fading gasps of a baseball player. Which is all which is great perspective. That's not me. Where's where's the cutoff? Because is there is there any chance that the Orioles actually play out the remaining three years of this deal? I can't see three years. But I think I think we brought it up when we talked about maybe not. But the thing that makes this so unique is that in a normal situation. He would probably be blocking somebody. But and in this situation, he's really not blocking anybody because half the team is like fake anyway. Right. But I mean, there's gotta be somebody. Maybe anybody. I mean, literally you fuck. Hey, you'll let them get hot for two weeks. The Yankees are out the division three. They're like fucking fall bird. Take a seat loop voiced seat. God come on over Chris Davis. Just took a few into right field for us. Let's see what we got. Paul third. 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One o'clock game to which is super appealing dress love that level day game action. Yes. What are we got us? Call him pepper. We got a little pepper. We got some things to cover and this sucks. This fucking blows. I can give you some positivity on this. But let's just. Let's let's cut deep. Let's cut with a knife. Pledge of our boy, light cleven, you're out. Six to eight weeks jeered before he even sniffs Abass ball, the this hurts man this hurts big time. Baseball wise, this hurts because in a division that I think we all still believe. Is the Cleveland Indians to win. This puts this put some pressure now on the remaining members of the rotation and the bullpen. You don't have a guy who go get you. Go get your two hundred anymore. And I think that's I think that's a problem. I think that's a big problem considering what considering what he's meant for this for this club over the past couple of years. I think it's a big deal is big deal, especially with the start that kluber has had to to begin the year. This is I mean clever was my guy. I wanna what was it. My my bowl prediction for the you're so the. No at Bowers my sei-yung pick. But I said for club that he was gonna finish top ten this year. So that this obviously because they're when you say this is fairly significant and Terry Francona is not a manager. That's gonna say things to cause panic when you start talking fairly significant than. Yeah. That's that's probably bad news. I also see this as an opportunity for Shane Bieber to sort of step up and and be a guy. That's like all right. Well, hey, I can do this to you know, in of all the guys that they had with two hundred strikeouts. Last year. We had him on the podcast in the in the in the sample that he had for the twenty eighteen season you extrapolate that over a full season. And he's just as capable being two hundred strike oh pitcher as well. So I guess the way that I'm looking at this right now, and I'm sure Jay will provide more perspective. But the way that I'm looking at it now is yes, it's a huge blow. But no, there's not really a threat to the Indians ale. Central crown? So if there's any team with first place aspirations that can actually absorb a blow like this and keep chugging along and hopefully get a guide back for for the postseason. It's the Cleveland Indians. I mean, there's there are a lot of divisions in baseball where you have to three teams some even four teams that are like, I don't know. Anyone of these teams can win the division. You look at the AL central. It's still the the Cleveland Indians division to lose. It doesn't make it harder for them. Absolutely. But it's not it's not a situation where this this somehow tanks their season or. Catapults someone else pass them. No, I don't think it catapults someone passed them. And I don't think tanks the season. But I do think it's legitimately very serious problem for them. Like, I think you could make an argument that like Dallas or one of you guys alluded to like, you know, Corey kluber Corey kluber may be the third best pitcher in this rotation. Now, like, I don't think the stuff we saw from cleanser. And like it was only two starts, but it was twelve innings and twenty two strikeouts. You know, his swinging straight rate was way up his leg. Ability to miss bats. Or results on missing bats in the strike zone. Was way up. He had been one of the five best pitchers in baseball through his first two starts as has Trevor Bauer. Really? And like I'm just not convinced that this team has currently constructed is really that much better than the twins. And I don't really think the twins are that great either. But the Indians rotation will be fine. I think without cleanser because as you alluded to they have like. Essentially four to five like really high end starting pitchers even when clubs not there, but the offenses legitimately bad right now. And it's so it's bad that I'm I'm concerned that losing Clemenger for six to eight weeks at a minimum will put a serious cramp on their ability to win the division. Like, if you look team why ball games, those are tight ballgames that he's pitching in that this club could be winning that they're going to now have no doubt. And it's not like they invested in the bullpen during the offseason. Basically, let people go and the offense is ranked as the second worst offense in baseball entering entering Thursday better than only the Rockies, and that's probably debatable. One eighty six to seventy two three eleven from the entire offense. Jose Ramirez has been terrible. We all know, he's a very good. Great baseball player. But. Like, he's the only Carlos Santanas, basically, the only guy performing up to expectations or exceeding expectations. And if you look what are the expectations for like six of those nine people, they couldn't they couldn't be lower this. It's just not that good of a team. Buyers are not contributing and you got excited about Hanley. And I mean Hanley's thought that. That was a corrobos excited. I was just saying I'm interested to see what he had left in the tank nothing. Exactly. And he also this about clovinger to you think about Clayton Kershaw the back issues about this mechanics. Thing about cliff pretty herky-jerky is he not. Pretty herky-jerky for I wonder if there is anything to smoothing some of that out that might take some strain off of the shoulder off the Terry's major. So and remember just little medical little little medical lesson. Here that muscle attach is like I believe to the back of the. Glenn humor will head which is your humorous. It doesn't attached to the capsule, which is where a lot of other shit is attached to. So if he were to have torn this you could be looking at capsule. That's that's bad news. So hopefully, this is a matter of hey, you know, what it's clean tear, it can repair get some that scar tissue in there to act as glue as well. And then he's often running at the end of this thing. Hopefully, hopefully. Yeah. Not great. Great. Hey, jared. Yes. Dallas the cups and the pirates been playing baseball they share have. But the other night guy on the mound for the cubs. The other days. Felt a little. A little bite. Little will got him shawny Leiceste DL Hammy. Did he say that this was because the double that he liked out the other day? I didn't I didn't catch win to that. I would imagine that that didn't help if that were right. I'd say that sounds like an excuse lesser, not a big excuse guy. I don't think it's an excuse. How did you injure yourself guy? Fucking and had a little base knocked to Bagger. He out imagined that that had to been the reason why he pulled his Hammy. Well, whatever the case Lester down. No immediate need to panic here. Right through the cubs. Disagree. With the with the injury. No, no, trust me. Trust me, Jerry because I'm gonna get into remember how I was kind of chastised and talk shit to about picking the pirates rotation. We already talked about that last podcast. Oh, gloating all over again. Do what did you you thought that was going to die? You thought that was going to go away thought? We'd let it breathe like two starts. No, no good starts. We're not. We're not gonna we're not going to let it breathe I guess towards bios was pretty good. So let's are down. That's not good for the cubs. What we're talk about this with the cubs. They do have some op days coming and remember. Joan Lister said they've got off days. Taken that away from him said, I don't feel like this is going to bother me making my next start. Joe madness. He's going to Lester unless he's gonna show up with no leg probably gonna be tough to keep him out of the lineup. So the bright spot here is should they need more time for John Lester, they've got off days on the eighteenth. And the twenty second of this month, April he's due to come off. I believe on the nineteenth, but they won't need a fifth starter for awhile. So that could give them the cushion and the need to see him all the way back or nurse him all the way back and not have to tap that source early. If that's the case they've also deal Doppler radar says there could be some inclement weather around that time, which means snow days. That ham. He's got a little more time to get better. Rob a little more time to you better. Tyler chat was gonna take a spot. Make you start this weekend. They got Tim Collins from three to bolster the bullpen. And that's about that's about it. That's about it might gunnery. Actually, I believe is also soon to be activated. He throws a bullpen today. Dealing with the latte issue or whatever. So if that goes, well, he'll be back in the pin. He'll be back to helper. He could he could also start. But. Today's date the overall RA for Pittsburgh's pitchers to nine three top five in whip seventh in walks per nine their starters for runs allowed per game. The cubs seven point one, oh that's last in baseball. Jared if you were looking for any kind of comparison on where the rotation I picked in and the rotation you out remember picking the cubs now is me we establish this have you out. Jerk on the door restraints, your it was on the Darby these now, you're just like combining arguments move exactly moving into this. Just. Assistant this isn't playing this isn't playing with sticks in the mud. This pepper Yankee shutdown Luis Severino for six weeks allies, all about shoulders and things in the back of that nature. Are you concerned very concerned very concerned. This isn't the rotator cuff inflammation, folks. This is the lat this is totally different completely different. What did you rather be a Latin than a rotator cuff? Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. But completely different. Like, I know to dudes who have torn their latte off of their back like detached their Latin muscle. Never the same took took like six months. I think to get back six or seven months be we's one of those dudes X where year he do that. Not good. Like, honestly, his I believe. His rookie year. Like, he tore it. He said I wanna say like the second pitch or something like that. And it has with the fucking toward LAX's. He was like I got called up to the big leagues not coming out. What a psychopath that doesn't surprise me in the least bit. But I mean, like if you were if you're looking at the Yankees right now all the injuries that they do have. Would you say that Luis Severino is the one guy that they need to get back healthy the sue the soonest? I would. I want to say, yes. Because. They need help. And I mean, it has to be you. You look around the dime. It's like you don't need ellsbury. You don't need like DVD's is a big one and do bar is the only one of what they have. He he's the only right handed frontline starter that they have right? Yeah. Like CC like you can you can get by without CC. But yeah, Severino. Is that one guy where he's not replaceable on that roster out of all the Garin Hicks? Very good center fielder that defensive metrics love Aaron Hicks. But you know, they can they can get by without him. But it's it's Luis Severino. The guy that sort of sets the tone for that rotation that they've they've lacked that big time. I mean, at this point the axon at this point, you you if you're a Yankee fan, you basically have to say mentally like I'll see you sometime after the all star break. Hopefully, right. Like, yes. Again, folks, six to eight weeks before you're even touching -able before you're even touching the ball. Then you have to execute a throwing program that's going to be a week it sixty feet then out to ninety feet than out to one hundred twenty feet, and then beyond that long toss. And then you're gonna come in. You're going to do some flat ground work, and then maybe off the mound a couple of times. And then a sim game or life BP. And then we'll get you out on a rehab start. Maybe make two of those see how you balance back like it's fucking lengthy link. The this is a long road, man. It is a long road, and it can be arduous, and you hope it is one that has a finish line. If you're the. He's what what place. Do you think the Yankees will be in when Severino returns? Could be. I mean, I'm going to say this year. It could be third place. Yeah. It could be third place. Yeah. Yeah. And and the Red Sox could be looking at the. Yeah. Well, that's just not. That's just not know, you think you think Orioles Bluejays are going to be in second place. At least in the second half grind. I'm going to grind that call from you into dust on the eighteen consecutive podcast. I'm going I made a mental note of what you just said. And you bet your ass. I'm gonna be tweeting that out in the second half of the season. When when the Orioles and the Blue Jays are sixty games back of the Tampa Bay rays say it's a historically hord start for the Red Sox. So we teased this earlier CC's slated to return Saturday. Yes. Richard Saturday, which is a big pick me up. I seen people being like, you know, the the eggs are disadvantage because they have a sei-yung award winner on the deal that was over. King decade ago. Who's saying that I've seen Yankee fans list though, like how many times out of all the players on the I l like we got twenty two all stars X amount of silver slugger to rookie of the year runner ups. And we got like the fuck and we got a Cy Young award winner on the aisle. It's dude fan that is the word dopey that fan. Don't don't be don't be the inventory fan. To rookie of the I two rookie of the year runner says like who wasn't at the colts who raise that like runner-up banner or something like that. Oh in the NFL. That's sad. Don't list rookie of the year runner up. So take inventory, just don't do the. No, that's silly. I'll give you guys in in-person scouting assessment of cici's return on Saturday. And then we can break it down. Sure that'll be super super what a tease that'll increase downloads for sure. Well extension season rolled on continues to roll on. Sure does. Yeah. Matt carpenter Matt carpenter. How old is he the only go to your extension because they ripped up an option or I think. Yeah. Maybe thirty five he is thirty three years old. So it's two years thirty nine and he had an option year for next year. So that rips up the option year, then they get an extra year. Yeah. So he's it's through his age thirty five season, which feels still safe this. If move the biggest part the biggest thing that this does for the cardinals is keeps that infield together. Yeah. Continuity. Yeah. That's a big deal. That's a big deal. You'll have them all together wall. Waltz us to be Wong. Goldie diong. You'll have them all together. That's a that's a big deal that matters to us deal. And the reason that matters once one time in thirty fucking years one time in the last thirty years of the cardinals been able to field the same for infielders on consecutive opening days. One time in thirty years. So that means a lot to a a fan base who knowingly wraps their arms around their players and loves the shit out of them. They've got they've got guys that they can pinzel in for the foreseeable future that matters and look back arbiter career eight forty five career three seventy six OB p. Thirty doubles thirty plus doubles each year since twenty thirteen. They knew they're getting. A team guy teen guy play third play first place. Second plenty fuck where you need me to play. Cardinals of locked up Goldschmidt, carpenter Michaels and Jose Martinez to long-term deals over the last couple of months. They see their future. I didn't realize that carpenter was as old as he was. But he was kind of a late bloomer. Yeah. That's okay. Nothing wrong with being a late bloomer? I really, no. I'm just saying he he didn't really establish himself as a fulltime majorly player until he was twenty seven years old, right? Yeah. I think I graduated college when I was like twenty five well you've you've been around legion tournament. Yeah. Palace actually got to meet one of my former teammates out in Oakland. Yeah. The opportunity to call them both shit bags. Yeah. Robbing America's us now. Just just getting ready. Just getting ready for a little fall. Big deal. What doors? No thank God. But Norris's back in baseball. Yeah. Come on. Jay. About sixty seven punches and fifty seven and two thirds innings last year. It's good. You're you're not. You're not okay with that three point one nine k to walk. Come on. That's a second best Mark of his career. Yeah. Like the stuff the stuff still plays. You know? Yeah. Sure. Yes. Great clubhouse leader to no doubt. So he's so he's not your leader. So he's not inviting you to dinner, you know, well, over maybe meat, maybe me dinner, but people born outside of this country. Maybe not I mean, that's that's neither neither I don't know. If that's for us to what was what was the story with him again. You just had inflammatory quotes. I mean, it's clear that he makes the nationals bullpen better his veteran approach may or may not rub. Some of the newer guys in the game the wrong way. Yeah. The nationals bullpen has actually been a fucking. It was a note when Trevor Rosenthal recorded an out last night. Yeah. Yeah. I got I got like, yeah. I got like a notification on my phone Trevor Rosenthal records is I I would have twenty nineteen as like oh shit. What was he out on the gun? I didn't see it. I wasn't watching live. Yeah. Just saw the notification. But yeah, I mean Craig kimbrel. Still just kind of sitting there NATs, and there, you know, I guess you're less than two months away from not having to forfeit a draft pick. But if your bullpen really is that fucking bad. I don't know maybe a worthwhile investment while the Phillies Braves and Mets all sit above you in in standings right now. So I don't know why I tell you what's crazy is like this is something to think about the teams that have those. Teams that have those visions of a chemical or of a kimbrel the draft pick that they kit if they do not sign one of those guys that individual I think moving forward is going to have a magnifying glass on them of sorts interesting. When actual thing to note on bud Norris. Dow's kind of referring to like career best or second best of his career. The big change for him has been the jump in strikeout rate. You know since his conversion to the bullpen and a lot of that has to do with the huge increase in the use of cutter basically with the start of the twenty seventeen season. So you know, if he's a legitimately different pitcher than he was when he was kind of like a number five number six starter. Then you could really help. You know, what I was thinking actually when you mentioned kaikal like maybe maybe that'll bring the Indians into the fuck. No. There's just like that was that was gonna be bad. It's my thought at the end of our podcast was hey, I could see kaikal you never know. Grow up on. Peter. It's it's crazy. Like you have these teams like the nationals and the brewers could very much so use a guy like Craig kimbrel. And now the ins could use Dallas Heikal, neither touch them. Did you guys you guys hear that j his voice, you wanna know what that was a front office just beating the fuck out of j just ripping his get over ripping his fucking soul out shitting on it that that right? There is what you just gotta taste of. Yeah. Yeah. Fucking Peter paying. Yeah. Wire talent compete in the Glades. We are over here. Just trying to live in reality. Dallas. I feel so bad for Dallas. I used to feel bad. I know I feel bad for j I used to feel bad for Dallas. Because I remember when he was like talking about not being able to afford Edwin Jackson. Yeah. Right. Bitches just in twenty nineteen in twenty nineteen not being able to afford Edvin Jackson is like, yeah. That's literally if someone came out to me it was like, I don't have the money to afford one tater tot. Big dot guy. You mean to tell because I mean, that's great. Did you bring that up? Yeah. Because guess who's nearing that minor league deal at think it, isn't it already done deal? Again, corrobos. I'm not a news breaker. I don't wanna be in official. Not liberty say, yeah, she'll do break everyone's favorite reporter that has all the news. But won't tell us is Dallas brain, it's right next right next to White Sox. Dave. I mean, only Dallas news actually accurate when it does come up here. This this is what all do all do you guys this favor the ones who? Can you read that? Don't read it out loud. He go. All right. Okay. Is that enough? Yeah. Sure. So let's say the as are able to consummate this relationship with Edwin Jackson, bring him back on the minor league deal. I can tell you just from watching him work with the younger kids in the rotation and work with younger guys in that clubhouse. I know Matt Chapman is a guy who gravitated towards e Jackson just sort of enjoyed his energy and took note of that. And how to kind of be of clubhouse guy. Edwin Jackson will be welcomed. Back caution yourself because again, it's Edwin Jackson year four hundred and twenty in the big leagues. The so like. Like what you get is what you get. But he is a dude who he's kept himself in shape. He wants to compete and frankly last year's performance. What what was the are like a three great thirty three. In what seventeen or eighteen starts? All right. Seventeen starts close enough. I paid I paid close attention to Jackson. I mean there were times where he was offensively wild. Sure. Now, he threw the dog shit out of that cutter. He threw the piss out of that cutter and more times than not folks more times than not the as a chance to win the ballgame. When Jax was either on the mound or coming off. Yeah. I mean, I just I saw that news come across. And I was like, wow. Dallas just gets his guy as happy for you. If you went anywhere, but the as I wouldn't cared at all. But the fact that, you know, you're you're getting your land in the big one. He's coming home. He's coming. I hope I hope before his his first start at the Cali that they have P Diddy come out and perform that. I'm coming home song. Kill me. Yeah. Just I walked pyro. I want ditty. And then gimme each Jack in his first start of the twenty nineteen season for the ultra trying to get up. Trying to get Earl e Foti wanna out there live, we forty behind home plate, man. Corrobos? We'd be these type of moves. It just make baseball better is just like who. Did you have? Jay, did you see fucking Brett Anderson tweet me the other day? I did actually. Yes. I mean that that's the type of stuff made it, dude. That's that was tough that was to see. To see if you haven't yet subscribed to the starting nine YouTube channel go do that we put out a new vlag every Monday. And when I was in Oakland. I'm getting chirped by book there before the game. Mnaya was also getting in on the fun. And then. Brett Anderson goes out and shoves it up the Red Sox asked the day after my birthday. And then that night sends me a tweet and says happy belated. Brett Brett is a Brett is a gym just an absolute gem that the world will never know. And it's unfortunate. It truly is unfortunate. Because Brett Anderson is is easily. What am I all time favorite teammates, just based on the level of bitterness, and the level is the level of dead pan and the level of he just? You have no doubt in your mind when he walks into the room that that is the most miserable dude on planet earth. Like nobody hates being awake. More than that guy. He just kind of gives you that feeling and it's fucking hilarious. I love him for it. It's quite quite quite bull squad. You there? Dallas. Dallas 'cause you recommend a meal kit delivery service for me by any chance jer. I'm glad you asked because with all the traveling shift that I gotta do I'm back and forth between here in the bay area. I got a lot going on. And I am the individual who does all the cooking at home. Sometimes I'm fucking tired. 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They will lock you the buck into some tacos, my friend like crazy flavor. Tacos too. Not that is what like really hooked me the tacos Taco's beer for the tacos who. Who J are you guys ready to play deal or no deal? Yeah. I like this. All right. Let's go right. Here's the idea brand new segment. Small sample sizes early in the season. Some people off to some remarkably good or remarkably bad starts. I'm going to offer Dallas Jared an end of season line for these players. And they're going to tell me whether based on these hot or cold starts. They're gonna take these deals. All right. We're going to start with maybe the guy who's been the best player in baseball. Certainly the best in the NL early on Cody Bellinger, he put his name up. There is terms of hot starts with the likes of Willie Mays. I'm going to offer currently for context. Cody Bellinger is hitting four twenty six with seven homers nineteen RBI and opiates approaching fourteen hundred would you take at the end of this season. Cody Bellinger, ends the year. Forty homers and nine fifty oh PS. Yep. I'm taking it. It's his platform year right before or betray Shen. You give me forty long balls that Bessis career marked by one nine fifty s fairly sexual you give me that. And I'm getting breaded up chicken, Ted as an arbitration next year book deal. Jay, I'm not taking it. Well, I'm not taking it. But not by a whole lot. Like, I can see him probably hitting like thirty four homers like a nine three. Oh PS. He's going to be in the neighborhood. But you start talking forty bombs nine fifty nine talking like a top three and eleven VP candidate. And I just think that is not gonna end up in that territory, but he'll he'll be close. This is about you taking the deal or not taking the deal not agreeing with where he's going to end up at the end of the year. So you're have you ever seen dealer? No have you ever seen? Let's make a deal. Will you show up in an asshole bunny rabbit costume? And if you don't have the paper clip in your purse, you're not getting the fucking price crops. So you're either taking the forty Jackson nine fifty or you're holding out for more. What are you doing holding out for more? Yeah. So so in in this format, you would take the deal. Yeah. That's why I took the deal. Like, I said those numbers sound great forty Jack's nine fifty s platform, you're heading into arbitration give me that production. I'm taking that deal. Jay is only offering that deal or is offering you the opportunity to look like an asshole at the end of the season when Cody Bellinger hits thirty four bombs and is nine oh three. Oh, PS and you're out in the cold. So so what are you doing? I'm taking the deal. Not right. The. Next next, Mike. Welcome aboard. Next is Mike trout the games best player. He leads baseball in Opie. He leads it an on base percentage, which is a crisp five ninety two through twelve games. Leads it in walks. Five homers. He's having another great season. He's already been worth one point eight wins above replacement per baseball reference. Okay. His career his career-best. Mark is ten point five twice. Would you? Take an offer of ten point six four. Gerardo? Let you go. First. That'd be his career high. Yup. By fractional. Yep. Yeah. I am taking that deal. I am taking that hill. They get they get good deal. Jerry understands how to play this game. The only the only time I've even heard of dealer. No deal was that's clay Buchholz wife was a suitcase model on that show. As was the Megan Margaret prince duchess, or whatever the hell, they call those people and. Yeah. I think Howie Mandel has been in the barstool office has not. Yeah. He has he's a super weirdo. He like germaphobe can't touch them. Dallas you taking it. So I can I wanted to go one or two ways here. No, I'm not bucking taken it because I think I think we're going to see like, I think we're gonna see a like a ten eight. So I'm holding out for more this. I am holding out for more for my truck. I am not taking this deal. Jay, not taking this deal at all. I think. Yeah. Like, I do because I was looking at my God. You're I went through an entire bottle. Cocoa butter last night. Looking over bonzes baseball. Trout's baseball reference page because I was trying to just kind of get a feel for win. Trout was going to take off and never looked back sort of if you kind of get give it I mean like because berry headed career, and then he became very Balans, the pirates gold glove defender base. Stealer like becoming the best player in baseball. And then there was like, a guess a low, and then the Newbury emerged out of that out of that catoon and had his second half of career was just fucking ridiculous all over again. And I wanted to see when trout's like, I guess I career was going to win it started or whatever. But but yeah, it's it's I'm waiting for more spin zone. You have to take it because it's his career fucking best. You don't turn down the best player could possibly do. That's why you take that deal is because you cannot feasibly an intelligently turned down the best player could possibly perform what it's Mike trout, and he does better than you'll ever think. You'll fucking do. Let's we can move off of some of the most extreme example, so far Yoan Moncada. You know, obviously, a big part of the White Sox future. So far this season. Three nineteen batting average nine seventy seven P S. His strikeouts are down as a percentage of plate appearances last year. He had a seven fourteen Opie. Would you take an eight twenty five and a twenty five percent strikeout rate at the end of this year? Give me all of that. I'm taking that deal. I am absolutely taking that deal. I I know some of the some of the staff members over there on the White Sox, and they're extremely high on him. But I think they also recognize knowledge one of the numbers you're talking about here. Some swing and miss. I'm taking that deal. Jared. No fucking deal. Wow. No, you're aiming. You're aiming higher. Yeah. I think I think he's capable of eight seventy opium, right? Again. That's every time. He gets a hit from the right side. Now White Sox fans, but the guy he can't hit. He's still sucks right in enter like one hit does not change the fact that he's sucks as right in hitter. So fucking tweet me every single time. He gets a hit from the right side. He would be significantly better. If you just abandoned hitting right handed. That's not just my opinion that is the opinion of many. But yeah, I think he's capable of more. Chris davis. We talked about it earlier. He's got fifty straight at bats without a hip. It's very sad. Would you take the hitless streak snapping at sixty? So it's ten more ballots. Yep. And. It's already the worst for position player. Yeah. I gotta take that deal because if it's any longer than ten more fucking games at bats. It's like God. Damn what point do you just quit in the middle? I could bowling seasons in the middle of games. Just like fuck it. I can't I can't. I don't have a good ball. I'm just going home. And putting my autumn going on Jared wanted to he wanted to quit bowling one bowl into it on his birthday. But I'm in judgment anyways. This. This can't go longer than ten more bets. Jay it. Honestly can't. And if it does I will genuinely be sad. It will ruin my day, Dallas. I mean. Yeah. I want to take the deal because I don't wanna see this happen. I don't want to come on. I don't wanna see that it buck and hurts my heart, man. It does feel the dudes pain. I think you have to take the deal because history won't remember much of a difference between fifty and sixty. But history would remember a difference between fifty and like a buck twenty-five. Let's let's be real we are mall praying that he gets his knock on his sixty ninth Abe. All right. Let's let's get into a pair of pitchers here. Maybe. I mean, it's quite possible that he's the best pitcher on the Indians. He was a borderline Cy Young candidate last year. He has taken it to what seems like another level this year. Maybe not we'll see Trevor Bauer. Last year two point two one a Yara one hundred seventy five innings in two hundred twenty one strikeouts. I'm offering you two hundred innings a two point two one and two hundred fifty strikeouts. Are you is that enough of a leap for you guys to sign up? I'm interested in taking the deal just for the innings alone. Yeah. It's basically the same quality of performance just over twenty five more innings. Yeah. Yeah. I'm gonna take that deal. I think if he does end up with two hundred innings, I think the era has a chance to be even lower and the strike outs chance to be higher. But I'm gonna take the deal. Just because I wanna see it two hundred ending season from I'm basically taking the health versus the performance, and that's kind of where I was going with as well, I'm taking that deal purely because I think right off the top of my head. That's four more starts. From from him and the domination factor. The punch outs. Gimme that our last one. And this one gets a little personal. Chris sale. Oh, okay. Obviously last year great year borderline psychic as it usually is two point one one Yarra over one hundred fifty eight innings. He's off to a rough start this year. Thirteen runs in thirteen innings pitched with only eight strikeouts. Jared knowing what your expectations are for both him and the Red Sox. Would you take an end of season regular season line from Chris sale of one hundred fifty innings and three five? Which would obviously be his worst season. Basically since he became a starting pitcher. And. This is just regular season. Yup. I'm not necessarily guaranteeing. You is there for the playoffs. But that would be his end of season line. Can I interest you hundred fifty innings hundred and fifty innings three five year roughly is available as he was last year during the regular season but of noticeably lower quality overall. But not dead not said his fifth seven two six right now. So remember there's a good chance that given given two weeks. I could be featuring the same kind of fast Balkars. Gonna have to take that deal. Shake. Civil. Take it. But I got I gotta take it. Now, you hate to see it you really do. Yeah. Man. You gotta take that deal at this one. You gotta take that deal because I'm just not sure how the body responds moving forward. I'm not and and. Look, it's been the shoulder. Couple of different times last year. And we talked about it Alex did his level. Best trying to find breeding spots for sale the average velocity right now, and it is super early because it could be another month where his body and his arm really starts to take off and build. And now he feels like Chris sale that very well could be around the corner. But as we sit right now is average fastball is ninety one point two miles an hour. That is I believe three to four miles an hour slower than his typical average fastball. We talked about the zero swing and misses and back toback starts on the fastball. I just if this is what I'm looking at right now. And those numbers are what I could look forward to based on what I'm looking at right now. Then then. Yeah, I think I have to kind of fly in that safe zone and take take what you've offered. Those fun little game. Maybe we'll revisit another batch next Thursday. Deal or no deal. Was that the only one we didn't have one more than we have Josh Hader on here. They. Yeah. Eighty one and a third innings two point four three E R A on one hundred and forty three strikeouts. Those are his two thousand eighteen numbers. He has started off this season. Even better. Would you take an overall repeat of last year? Holding out. Fuck your suitcase could beat it guy. One. No part of that. And here's why because is wing rate is up almost ten percent to thirty nine percent from thirty percent. His e swing rate. Seventy nine percent. That's a career high. Z contact rate. Fifty three percent that's a career low. Contact rate overall forty nine percent that is a career low and fifty eight percent of the pitches that he is throwing our first strikes. He is filling up the zone they are swinging more than they have and they are making less contact than they ever have. I'm holding out because haters going to give me more, and you could drink the fuck and hater eight all you want corrobos doing better. Yeah. No. He is. I kinda just I'm reluctant to. Not take the deal because I think. I mean guy that pitches multiple innings. It's like, yeah. It looks good now. But eventually that. It's great that he can pitch multiple innings like that. But eventually that does catch up to a guy he is young enough. But there's there's wear and tear there. There's going to be wear and tear there. So I'm gonna take the deal repeat last year. Give me that if I can guarantee that some. Yep. Lock you out. How about this? Thirty three starts excuse me. Thirty three outings of four outs or more for Josh shooter. That's a lot. That's a lot wrong. That's strong. That is. What's at the barstool store? What's that the barstool store whole? I'm glad yes. Because baseball season is finally here and barstool sports. Once again has a ridiculous selection of merch of teas long. Sleaze. Hoodies hats of your favorite teams. Don't miss our newly launched starting nine pocket T and T's for all your favorite teams. Go to stored the barstool sports dot com. Go to the baseball collection. Get your merch while supplies last J would've baby. We got fucking Twitter questions from the grounds crew. You know, we do hell. Yeah. Question for the podcast. Who is the most surprising World Series winner in the last twenty years twenty years. Wow. Let's see. Marlins which time three Marlins. Oh, three. Yeah. Of the last twenty years that goes to answer back and ninety nine I was gonna say, yeah. Ofri Marlins or what about the old one diamond said Randy Johnson? What about the fuck in two thousand two angels over that that that giants team? Yeah. That was heartbreaking. But they had they had a fucking squad ninety nine with those. I mean the manner in which they came back to win get interpret this question any number. This is a fucking easy question. I know what my answer is. It's no it's that fucking dumbly as hard nose team won like eighty three games two thousand six cardinals one eighty. They went eighty three seventy eight then won the World Series. Yeah. Well, they did have a lot injuries during the year. And then everyone sort of came back at the end. So the record wasn't exactly indicative of talent that they had perhaps. But let me read you if you numbers. Okay. The reason I took the Marlins is because the Marlins no, I think that's very viable answer. Two of the guys that made a huge impact. We're not even there to begin the season. Yes. Willis and McGill Cabrera showed up from bucking AA and mckeon, right? Yeah. Jack McCain was fucking ninety seven thousand years old. And showed up halfway though is my point. Right. Didn't. Yeah. He came in later, and they also to the point about the Marlins. They also beat a Yankees team that not not that we haven't seen this. It doesn't times. But the Yankees won ten more regular season games. They were one hundred one win team of Marlins won ninety one games at your. Two thousand six cardinals. There were. Alber pools forty nine homers one hundred and thirty seven RBI three thirty one batting average in a one point one zero to Opie that you're Jesus. There. Other key players on that team. Scott Rolen was still a very good player at that time. He was thirty one years old had an eight eighty seven that you're Jim Edmonds was on the back half of certainly in the final years of his career. Thirty six years old but managed an eight twenty two with nineteen pops and four hundred plate appearances for them pitching staff. Chris carpenter. Due to one hundred twenty one innings pitched three oh nine the rest of the rotation though. I mean, this is what was so crazy Jason Marquis. Jeff supine. What was left of Mark moulder? Anthony race and Jeff Weaver. I mean, all of those guys the lowest ERA of that group was super at four one two during the regular season. It's just it just wasn't that. Good of a team bullpen wasn't that great Ueno was still in the bullpen that you're. That was still in the bullpen through the last fucking pitch. Or that was that was different twenty thirteen. But. Yeah. They beat the Tigers. Another tigers. Heartbreak sad. That sixteen damned that was that was also the Carlos BELTRAN hook year. Wasn't in the NFC s. Or Beena on the Florida Marlins that you're three think he was let's take a look let's take a look at that team. Let's run through memory lane on that. Is that right? But yes, he was. Yes. He was he had six saves for them that year through thirty eight and a third innings. He wasn't like chopping people up lighten him on fire yet was he who the hell knows that was. The the Marlins rotation that you're pa- von. Oh, penny. Mark Redman Dontrelle and Josh Beckett. Yeah. And you know, you know, who's featuring a little Pouvaana two point, oh is fucking evolved e. Look like come on, take two seconds. You mean to tell me that of all the Carl von oh don't live like they fell out of the same tree. Pouvons not Chuck in one. Oh to sir. Was was blowing cheese one zero two to. No. Yeah. But I'm talking about how they physically look right now. Yeah. Okay. Got the shoulders. Yeah. Interesting lineup from them wanting Carnasciali one peer Todd Hollandsworth was the regular outfield with Miguel Cabrera was on the team Mike Lowell Alex Gonzales, Luis Castillo directly and Pudge Rodriguez. What about how was it like a forty seven game hitting streak that Louise steelhead at one point in time. Yes, I'm crazy like that. Yeah. I don't know he hit three fourteen that year. I don't remember. But all right. Thirty five games thirty five. Same thing. What are Jared and everyone's thoughts on passan's article in the future? The Red Sox. Ooh. I don't subject myself to the negativity of the media. Oh, okay. If I'm reading that article, just call I I'm going to call them right now and be like, can you? I didn't read your article can you sum it up for me. I'm gonna do the hold on on say, call call Jeff. Yeah. Tell you what it sounds like it sounds like somebody was playing in the show and took off. Options. Jeff. We're going to get him. Jeff for ESPN. Path. Tough break. Callback. Just seventy was like. Yep. Fucking. That's right trade decline off force trades on salary cap off. And that's what the Red Sox. Did. They're like fuck it. Yeah. We will. We will pay all of you. Whatever you want. We will give you whatever you want for whoever you want. We just want the word. We just want the rain and listen like they got the ring. But like it would not be totally surprising. If a team that Dave Dombrowski like engineered, and like essentially required management to pay for was left like a little bit in in a tough spot for years down the line. Right. Like look at the Tigers. Well, because the Tigers, and that's that's the sensually what is happening here because you're talking about how much money are they? He's gone back. Hold on. Hey, jeff. So here's the deal. Right. We're recording starring nine right now. And we got a Twitter question where it said, what's your reaction to Jeff passan's calm on the Red Sox? And I said I haven't read it yet. So let's just call him to get the cliff notes version of it. So can you can you give us the Cliff's notes version of your call? Please. Version of my column is that the the Red Sox are innovative tickle in twenty twenty in that is as disastrous as start and as it's been for this year. The issues to me are even deeper over the next three or four years because they've got the Mookie contracts to deal with they've got JD potentially opting out. They've got the luxury tax threshold really becoming more burdensome, and they've got a pretty barren farm system. And when you combine all those things the only way to get out of that spend a bunch of money, and are they going to spend a bunch of money. And if they do that gonna put them in the same position the Yankees were in back in two thousand and early two thousand ten before they really committed to rebuilding from within sounds pretty bad. Jeff. It's bad when you have a championship in two thousand eighteen and other two thousand thirteen and other in two thousand seven and other in two thousand four right when you've won full rings and fifteen years, and there's no such thing as bad. That's true. Yeah. I mean, it's been worth the risk is been worth the reward. Oh percent percents. It's also what Dave Dombrowski does Dave Dombrowski filled up really incredible core and leaves the barren wasteland behind. Where would you say the Red Sox farm system ranks right now? Because is it fair to say that they're dead last? No, I think that's I think that's wrong. I think they're about of. Five. Okay. I've seen prospect rankings were there literally thirtieth. Yeah. I don't think I don't think they're dead last. But there let's his way like their neighbors with dead last. Got back cleanup in Pawtucket. It's it's it's not an ideal situation. Jeff, I appreciate your perspective. It doesn't make me feel that great to be honest with you. But I mean, if the solution is to spend money. Let me go though here question wrong. No, no. I don't think it's war just facing reality where the call drops I'm trying to enjoy the ring ceremony. And I got a bitch slap in the face of reality of the situation looks like after that. So at least give me give me like a twenty four hour buffer to enjoy my ring ceremony. And then be like, hey this. This could also this could also be very bad. You poor baby. Maybe had so much taken away him over the last fifteen years. Fucking ring chair. Really give you twenty four hours a massive for twenty four hours. That's all. Take your ring ceremony shove it. Oh god. Jeff. Thank you so much. This is actually your second appearance on the show. On the show, by the way, my love on the show. I think so. Yeah. Yeah. We've had four letter network people on before. Typically speaking, we are supposed to get permission. But I got I got guerrilla ambushed by rob is your so this Harto if then if you're listening to this. None of this free plant. Home from the stadium right now and cherry call that. I wanted to make sure gotta call my friend back. I mean Bank to find all people. He will he will sign off on this with flying colors. He is he's a great advocate of the program print of the podcast. All right. We're good to go that. Okay. Perfect. Thank you. Jeff. Voice. All right. So there's Jeff passan what a funny way to end the. Is the he's he's great. He's he's the woes of major league baseball. Yeah. Which is basically like he the second that he'd left Yahoo. He just started dropping bombs left and right be like bam. Bam. Bam. Breaking news left of love the guy. But there you go. There's there's a little perspective on what Red Sox fans have to look forward to which I can choose to ignore. And I will funnel thoughts. Final thoughts. Wow. What are what are some? What are some weekend series are coming up? It's kind of a dumpy. I looked at it, man. It's not not great. It's listen. We don't want to get into the habit of previewing series. Just to preview them. It's it's not a sexy sleet of new meetings this weekend. No, listen. You can always find something interesting. But it's it's nothing like what we had at the first first half of the week. I'll ask Jay this. Astros are cardinals. Where's he going? Cardinals Astros Astros are Indians. Whereas you who kaikal? Astros. Jokes. Like, I'm not trying to be funny. There is going to the Indians. We we don't know what we don't know what the ask looks like right now, we don't know what the Indians are willing home. The ask is a minor league. Invite with the possibility of making one million dollars because that's probably the market in. Wait a second cargo Hanley Tyler clipper Kreis range because then. Yes. I've just say dude like referred team who I think can identify them as a favourite for that division. And you know, how much I like the twins knowledge that the twins are are probably just going to go away quietly. They have the opportunity to secure an arm who could help them resecure their position. Get the clear division manager. Stan I understand. It's not happening. I am going to push back against this notion that there are no series. They're really all that notable. The watch this weekend. Mets braves. Doesn't doesn't tickle your balls at all? All right who the arms, we got degrom Wheeler who Doron Wheeler matchup. Hold on. Hold on. It's it's Wheeler nukem, Vargas, Tehran and. I'm here for the Wheeler nukem. Yeah. And to Graham freed here for two grown three Sunday night baseball. Yeah. Yeah book. Yeah. Buck. Yeah. What about Astros Mariners that that could be interesting? I'm here for both of those teams kicking the shit out of each other. We got on Friday. We get an old fashioned weight off with Wade Miley in Wade LeBlanc will block. Yeah. This is this is just making my point for me, the rulers laid off those to Wade into brewers. Actually, I did about dodgers LCS rematch. Yeah. That's that'll be very interesting. So actually, I think now that we're on now that we're on the topic. I think the Friday matchup between those two teams is actually the most interesting. Corden Vernon's early o or ES. Yeah. That it. So yes, there's baseball the watch this weekend. With friends always baseball to watch baseball the watch this weekend. So get excited for those matchups or Orioles Red Sox Orioles Red Sox that good old fashioned battle for the basement. Well, it's good to have the Bobby Valentine era. Red Sox back. Yeah. I'm excited. So hopefully, be a real shame. If the Red Sox couldn't beat that fucking team. Then I haven't panicked. But you wanna talk panic. We'll we'll rendezvous next week and see what see what the deal is after that series. That's all I got. Good.

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