T&T Classic: Syracuse vs. Kansas 2003 National Championship


Today's episode of Titus. And tell you when we will be revisiting the two thousand three national championship game between the Syracuse Orange and the Kansas Jayhawks. That is on. The docket is a classic you pick this. Were excited to talk about it. We're very excited and I will say it's good to be back on the set with a TNT classic. It's good to watch basketball. We'VE BEEN. It's been a long time since we watched a basketball game and been able to give them some sort of commentary whether it be no game that actually matters or dislike you and I link pickup in just talking about what happened with you and I play basketball so it's nice to give back in that world. I see a lot of Kansas fans out the world I've put out. Hey we're going to talk about this game. They're upset all some guy conjured up a whole story about seeing Dean Smith wearing the Jayhawks sticker on his shirt after the game when they lost it. Really Tugs my heartstrings. So I feel bad for for all the Kansas fans out there so so the precursor is this isn't to put Kansas down through just to talk about college basketball. You get bill self in you know he's GonNa come very soon. That'll be great for you guys. You got a title on the way in about the about the bad something about the good time. Kansas fans want us to talk about this game. I feel like there's a lot of people take that there's a lot going on where enough in college sports the NCAA passing the I didn't actually pass anything. Kick the can down the road but they said they're gonNA do the the name Image Likeness. Dang others news about the transfer waivers a forest desired. Steve Forbes. People want to talk about that. You know what Bonnie I could give a flip what they want and the words of Roy Williams I could give a flip what they want we are. GonNa talk about. I don't give a flip about the G. League. That's like I say we are going to talk. Exclusively about the two thousand three Kansas Versus Syracuse National Championship game in Bay himes crowning accomplishment. And it's very lengthy career. We were going to dive into it today. But first Woody Durham all right. This is the third installment of the Classics Series here. We've done the two thousand five Arizona Illinois game before we've done the two thousand and two Duke Versus Indiana game. This is the first national championship game. Tape we've ever done. It is the two thousand three. Syracuse Kansas Game I put the ball in your court. Let she picked this one. I have an idea of what you're about to say when I asked you this but why this game I think at this time in sports at least for me in the sports it was all about. You know trying to find teams that we're going to get over the hump. The Boston Red Sox are GONNA win their first world series of they finally going to get over the Bambi. No colonel sort of stuff. That's what's happening in the ether of the world. And then you get these two coaches You know guys that we've seen around the block for quite some time. Jim Boeheim Annan Roy Williams. They both are supposed to be at that level. I think Phil Mickelson at the time was supposed to win. A major in golf at this is my mind when I'm putting into the ether of like everyone's trying to get over the hump. So you've got these coaches. They've got these great teams but they're differently built where you have a young core of freshman talented guys in Jim. Boeheim does the quote that they say in the last dance about a Doug Collins about MJ. Like I just give Carmelo the ball when I get out of the way. That's where we are like the Syracuse team they were seniors got heinrich calcium that whole storyline so its watershed moment in college basketball. It is obviously a national championship game. And it's also You know we love message for the haters. We love getting over the Hump. We love giving the few moments after the fact and for Jim Boeheim. This was that moment. And that's why it means so much. Yeah we're we'RE WE'RE GONNA set the stage here a little bit of a very lengthy setting the stage. I have a feeling because I think You hit the nail on the head. This was this was supposed to be that this was a game going into Roy Williams. Jim Boeheim where depending on which side of the fence he fell on whether you're syracuse person or Kansas prison. You felt like you were the team of destiny. You felt like this was the coronation of your head coach. That that he's been waiting for this moment or his entire career and finally at long last he's going to get that moment. And that's what made it so interesting. And you have the the as you said the freshman on one side the seniors on the other so we're GonNa go through and set the stage here a little bit. We'll talk about the game itself. Which the game. I guess wasn't really that intriguing. Syracuse jumps out of big lead. Mcnamara goes nuts. Kansas comes back in and makes it kind of close in the end but Yeah we'll dive into the game and then we'll get into the aftermath because I think that's what's ultimately looking back. What would what's also super about this game? It's more like the game itself. Clearly enough is like the least interesting part. It's going into the game super interesting coming out of the game and everything that's happened to college basketball to get us to where we are now. Very very interesting and the game was good. You know it was a three point game. There's a block shot at the end. I don't know if people remember that are not we'll talk about that will hand out some awards do like we always do go. Goats and all our many many superlatives. They're very superlatives that we love to do but first let's at the stage so take people back to two thousand three. Remind them of what what this country was like. There was not a pandemic going on people could shake hands and and Sit next to each other live sporting events it was a very different time take explained to the people thousands of dollars like yes. So let's take a macro look at this. They were going to get micro dive into the College Basketball version of two thousand and three. But what's happening in the world in two thousand and three? Well yes it. You said that you said there was no pandemic. There was one. There was a SARS was going on so so wonderful over one there. So that's In fact I was going through this and I was like buying things like the time stamp where we are in the world so Cristiano Renaldo was eighteen years old in two thousand and three. He made his debut for Manchester United or so in my mind. I'm like okay. Wow that seems like forever ago. That's two three another thing that will make you feel like forever go Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Terminator is elected Governor of California. The governor goes in in two thousand and three so of course we remember that. That's a that's a big moment. In time apple launches something called itunes which becomes a major success selling over ten million songs than four months the launch. That's obviously something that everyone's excited about. And this is the first time that we get any sort of a backlash to tigers In the world in two thousand three a White Tiger Attacks Roy Horn of the duo siegfried and Roy. We remember that in two thousand three tiger king that was the original Tiger King and obviously nothing could happen was married to Carol. Baskin is the question on. Everyone's mind a probably probably like Avia may picture where it's like Justin Timberlake siegfried and Roy Carroll Baskin. You know it's all her next up. Jk Rolling Release the fifth book in the Harry Potter Series Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Oh my God. I'm currently reading that. I'm not even kidding. Well I'm not even kidding you. I'm on page. A. Dole spoiler for me but Harry just got expelled from hogwarts. There's a lot of book left so I assume you know. It would be hilarious that he gets expelled from hogwarts and then the story line is lay just storylines like he stays out of school he. He obviously mechanic don't need school. He's like schools kind of like see like a waste of time. I don't know why Julie Z. Widow come back. This is a good college basketball. Show I swear to God. Let's phony because I'm actually. I'm actually reading the book right now. So that's what I came. Also parts of the Caribbean. Of course the curse of the Black Murrow remember that that came out in two thousand and three and then also one of my favorite things in two thousand three is a show by the name of Chapelle show and they had a segment on that show show yes of course with Paul Mooney and Paul Mooney. You know has his little thing where he's talking about movies and he talks about a movie that came out in two thousand and three and it is called the. Last Samurai and is of course wrong. Tom Cruise can still alarium to this very day of. That's the case. Also bad boys do came out. Lost in translation came out the Matrix reloaded game out. Finding Nemo came out that is two thousand and three pop culture wise. And now let's get into the basketball set the stage wonderfully date. I have my mind. My my brain is said on two thousand three the cutoff jerseys underneath cutoff shirts underneath the jerseys everyone wearing the Nike shocks. Yes headbands were still big back. Anger sleeves a lot of finger sleeping sleeves. Yeah that was the fashion of the time. If you watch the game with us you would keep war candidate especially Greeks cut off. 'cause he was so skinny and having that baggy cut off the like. Hong all the way over his shoulders like it was a shock out or something like that. Yeah anyway so the stage all right. That's the show actually as it turns out no. So what about? What about you individually tate? How were you give you the Peop- I think this is useful for so people? Remember your perspective here as we go on with this podcast. They know when you're like I remember like this. Give the people an idea of where you were when you say I remember it. They know what what what you're talking about. Your I was eleven years old. I was playing travel baseball at the time. I remember I was not playing basketball. The basketball season was over so I was in baseball mode at this point in March but I remember just watching because everyone had told us is North Carolina. Kids that The reckoning was coming Roy Williams on the way so I was watching this game. Basically waiting for the new head coach waiting for the chosen one to come to town and as. I'm watching this. I'm just excited about the fact that hopefully the good guys will win here. He'll lead to make everyone happy and then he can come on so as a as an eleven year old. I'm just excited about a new coach. That's okay all right I was. I was a freshman in high school. I was in the midst of spring. Break my freshman year of high schools with my parents we went down to. I WanNa say like Destin Florida somewhere in the panhandle mugs. That's always went because we're from the Midwest and it was chief is hello there. My parents had we would go to the panhandle of Florida. I vividly remember this is. This is the most bizarre thing ever put. Brains are funny and I remember falling in love with string cheese on this trip on this spring break. My parents went to the grocery snacks. My mom got some string cheese and I don't remember like ever really eating string cheese. I ate a ton of string cheese on this spring break. So in my mind I always connect the two thousand three syracuse team to string cheese. It is very bizarre. Makes no sense but yeah that's that's the connection big. I honestly it anytime. I string cheese I think Jerry McNair honestly the rest of my life so because I so much damn string cheese on that trip so all right enough about that let's be honest jerry back mares eating string cheese and so it was awesome so those are the facts. Let's set the stage for this actual because as we said it is very intriguing going into the game. First of all it's played in New Orleans. It's in the superdome and that is no worthy because The the pivotal Moment Jim. Boeheim CAREER HAPPENED IN ONE THOUSAND. Nine hundred seven key. It's the shot to beat Syracuse not quite the Buzzer but it was effectively at the Buzzer. That game happened in a the superdome and nineteen ninety-six nine years later after that Syracuse makes it to the national championship against an meadowlands. I believe it was in the middle. Ninety six against Kentucky but Kentucky Untouchables Kentucky teammate. John Wall like Syracuse wasn't supposed to be John. Wallace was was playing out of his mind and John Wall. Eventually fouls out. It's like a five point game when Wallace vows out but like searches never really had a chance like that. That one doesn't really weigh on Jim. Boeheim so much at this moment in time you talk to Jim Boeheim about like what? What is like the one moment you wish you could? Redo what what haunts you as a coach etc etc. It just keeps mar hitting the shot and the super dome. And now here we are sixteen years later. Syracuse stepping into the exact same superdome and. Jim boeheim Jim. Boeheim even calls like we see Rony Seikaly and the the crowd at one point. They talk about how behind invited. As many of those nine hundred eighty seven guys back to to be here for this which thankfully Syracuse won it because that would be very triggering horrifying if they once again lost. If Kim War doesn't block Michael Risha Syracuse loses yet again man. That would be very upsetting. I think tape. Yeah well there was like A. There's like a weird Oliver Nego- through the entire game and play it out but there is a weird as you watch it with billy packer as he's talking about the game and talking about what's going on. Obviously Billy packers biggest concern is Carmelo. Anthony's back right. We're GONNA talk about all that but the reason why so concerned is because of Carmelo Anthony's back in his mind was one hundred percent. Syracuse are guaranteed to win this game. They're so Jane better team than this in this turnover pro Roy Williams. Coach team and billy packers mind as you watch the game you kind of feel as if Bay Heim has the comfort of knowing at the end of the day. I have the better three point shooting team. I had the best player on the court and if I have to go small I can't go small I in that and that's the KOPPA's Exuded was very interesting watching this because when I was younger I watched it from the vantage point of like Roy. Williams is supposed to win this game. Just because you you'd like the bias is already inherently there so yeah let's talk about that. Let's talk about the misconceptions going into this. Because I I'll be honest. I thought Kansas was better than they actually were like. This was not a great Kansas team. They were to see but they started the year. I believe they started the middle of my notes here. Yeah they started the your three at three. This preseason number two it's the country they start your three and three they lose to honoring North Carolina. The the the team is going nineteen and sixteen against minority fire. Which is why Roy goes on in the first place. They lose too bad. North Carolina team where the best player was a freshman Rashaad. Mccain's they lose two days later to Florida. Then they lose the to Oregon to drop the three and three at point there twentieth into a people like horrible by stretch immagination but I remember Collison Heinrich bean seniors in my mind. I was like Oh that Kansas team is a juggernaut but as it turns out it was the year before that they were the Juggernaut. When you're going on the team when the front court for Kansas was drew Gooden Nick. Collison and Winston. Those are the three frontcourt players who all at some point in their career won't big twelve player of the year. That's the nasty team and that goes to the final. Four in Otsu ends up losing to Maryland national change of Maryland. Juan Dixon goes absolutely nuts in this game scores. Thirty three Kerr connery and I think like I'm getting ahead of a little bit but I but we're already here let's go. I think this is why this is so compelling to me. Is that hydrogen collison if you go back and look at their run as a class because again okay. So the other backstory like part of the reason. Roy didn't leave North Carolina immediately Would win a bill. Guttridge retired and they went with Matt. Daugherty's because Roy was so committed to this class this Hurricane Rick Nicholas Andrew. Gordon was part of the class as well. He really loved this class. The way he talks about it is like he just love those kids. If you're a cynic maybe you say well. He maybe didn't really love kids. You love the idea that they were. You could tell that they were super talented and they might win a national championship. Either way the truce probably somewhere in the middle but he wanted to see this class through and if you go back and look tate the freshman year for this for this group. They're in eighth seed. I'm talking just their. Ncaa tournament runs here in two thousand there and AC they lose in the second round number one duke By Five Roy. Royan que get into a fight the first staff. Kansas starts this game up thirteen four. And then at the very end of the game dukes up three Connor Kesse clean look at the Buzzer base. There was like under ten seconds. Life Heinrich is a clean book to send the game to overtime. He misses they ended up losing to number one duke. That's how they lose their freshman year sophomore years. Oh one they lose in the sweet sixteen to the one-seat Illinois Frank Williams drops thirty for Illinois Heinrich and Collison. Both foul Heinrich has five turnovers. So then we go to the junior year this is. The juggernaut drew his big twelve player of the year. He actually wins He actually went to one national player of the year award over Jay Williams. Just funny. They've they've run into a Maryland in the final four Heinrich again fouls out with five. Turnovers gets absolutely toward by one Dixon. Yeah so the the the point being here this is a three year run. Were LIKE THEY LOSE? They lose three one seat STATE THEY LOSE TO DO THEY LOSE. Illinois Maryland Heinrich place poorly in all three of those games so going into this final season. You're like this. Is it like the they've they've all been trying to this? Roy Williams has never won a title Hurricane. Rake in a Nicholson have have had these obstacles. Where every year? It's like this could be the year. This could be a breakthrough and finally at long last in their senior year. All that standing between them at a national championship is a team lead by two freshman and a Sophomore Nikki. Maury and that's pretty much all they had to to get over and it just felt like all things were going Kansas. Its way yeah because they were familiar right like in the in the conversation of College Basketball Right. We all drew gooden. And you know it's funny. I remember this year. Co Anthony was sitting on the bench. When he was heard and Rome's Adam sit next to him and the reason he did that was because he said he did that drew gooden and went through good that when he came back he just knew. So much. More ABSORBING. What was going on from the coaching staff and he ended up being a player coach on the floor. So you know. Roy obviously revered that Kansas Team. They obviously had a sense of basketball. Iq That's next level. But what's funny? Is You set that stage right like this team is the senior late in team is gonNA come into this moment in deliver in and then you watch the game and they are herky-jerky that right Nick Kassem the first lap you making the game like this little like stutter. Step floater that he caught it. The three point line almost traveled. I mean everything that they do early in this game. They look like the team that has tiring badly air balled his first shot of this game very badly so bad that billy beggar goes that was like a Derrick Wittenberg pass caught the ball and laid it in and go. Yeah the the to the greater point like this was not a degree Kansas team that I thought because I inflated them with the year before when good was on the good has a gray season as I said was was first team. All American actually won one national player goes goes to the draft. Pick think fourth I want to say in the the OT draft and then Collison Heinrich obviously come back for their senior. They're not great. Outta the gate. They're they're not a great team. They said they dropped the twentieth in the AP poll January. They lose the number one arizona in Allen fieldhouse by seventeen tate. It's ninety one seventy four. They could absolutely run on their own. Jim Allen fieldhouse which Kansas as we know like almost never loses their they fall to thirteen and five and then they lose the Missouri. The big twelve tournament they enter the NCAA tournament one in four versus top ten teams. There are other than just saying Kirk Hinrich in Nickel Centre seniors on this team. I don't think there's really anything point to and say like this was like a great team but for some reason I remember like falling into that trap and when I was watching this I was like man. Kansas team is great and even even when I think back on that game I just remember being like a Juggernaut that that was definitely not the case. What it's also funny when when you think about the source stuff too is like the rumor mills that were going on in Lawrence Kansas in January around that time and people knew in North Carolina. Said I mean we'd heard rumors that Roh Williams is GonNa come to town was gone that Dean Smith was head convinced Roy Williams to leave Lawrence income to Chapel Hill. That was the rumor that was going on. So if you're a Williams and you have seniors that are there. You also have this rumor behind you yet. Your team may not be as lock in as they were the year before they lose eight games of what they did the year before that you may not prepare for some of these games like you had before because as we both know washing Roy Williams sometimes the preparation and the actual like being in the moment of the game could be affected by his emotions than that surround the game and like we him where the Jayhawk which is why he never beats. He never beat North Carolina when he was at Kansas and then when he's at North Carolina he never beat Kansas because he's just always to emotional about the game that it it's just too much. It's just too much too much to other things other notes here. I had to set the stage with this Kansas team And then we'll move onto the syracuse portion of this We have we should point out to Kurt. Heinrich starts his career. Kansas as a point guard is running point for Kansas. The arrival of air miles pushes him over so in the season air. Miles is Rhonda. Point liners off the ball. This is now the second year. The Heinrich is off the ball. That's only interesting to me. I think just because we just had Joel Berry on and they had the same sort. Roy had the same sort of situation with mark stage and Joel Berry and so that was like fresh on my mind then like see the air miles her contrary. Kinda one guys to two point guards but you know what I'm saying there. Yeah and it's also with Heinrich. When he moved to the to. Everyone wanted him to be more of a shooting guard. People wanted him to shoot you here in in is higher. It's gotTa take some threes. GotTa keep on us and then his role on Kansas eventually ends up being just like three point specialist and this will be a bigger discussion later about like the just. The kind of basketball that was played back then were It doesn't seem like that long ago it was back at a time. Where you you did have one guy who was like you be the one person on the team that shoots threes no one else threes and that was hiding that ended up being hinrichs rolled by the end of this By the end of the thing but then the big one we have to talk about his Wayne Simeon Who Midway through season has has the shoulder problem. He's averaging fifteen and eight for Kansas. He was he was great for Kansas as I said he goes on to over five. Un Big twelve player of the year. This was a sophomore year. He he missed it. He dislocated a shoulder originally on January fourth. Well he originally has had shoulder surgery in highschool. I'm so he's got this. Lingering problem then he dislocates. January fourth of Mrs Eleven Games he returns in mid February and basically by the end of February. He dislocates it again. They have the they talked to the doctors. The doctors say you're going to have to have at least two weeks of Rehab before you'll be clear. The family just decided. We're going to do surgery on it and have set out the rest of the year because I didn't want to risk anything. Probably a smart decision for the long term because It was beyond like a physical thing. It started become a mental thing if I went back and read a bunch of these articles and they just said like Roy just kept talking about. How like you could see Wayne and practice? Kinda like favoring certain things and and scared to have contact and all that sort of stuff so Kansas is without Wayne semi the entire. Ncaa tournament run. It doesn't necessarily change a ton of in in terms of like how they play. But it's worth pointing out because I you know the the. This'll be a discussion as we as we dive into the game. Because I think Nick Collison gets completely gassed this game and it becomes obvious by the. Nicholson just totally out of gas. And having a guy that could have been in there you know carrying some of this interior load for. Kansas definitely would have been a difference but how much of a difference we'll discuss later. I think voter Scott later but I also have to point out that it is hilarious as we even as we picked his game. I even said Wayne Simeon's name you know as listed people that are playing in this game just because in your mind you think you have pursue there but obstinate The shoulder injury kept him out. Yes so that is the Kansas side of it as for the Syracuse side of. I think this this story is more. Well founded my brain how I remember it that Syracuse. I vividly remember that. Syracuse was not ranked to start the season I remember that Syracuse lost their first game of the season Memphis which Looking back if you want to draw parallels and make notes and all. That sort of stuff was no early because this was the year after Doin Wagner had played at Memphis yet widener always gets called like the first one in Doug Guy even though he's definitely not guys like Eddie Griffin Zach Randolph. All these other dudes four Yeah there have been plenty guys before. Do Bob mcadoo in the sixties right doin wagner gets gets called the I wanna done so Simai poetic that Carmelo. Anthony is very first game. He loses to the Yes to the original one and done team Syracuse. Starts this season on rain. They are not ranked in any people to until January fourteenth. Which coincidentally I another fun poetry. Whatever you call it up they be Missouri. I believe on January thirteenth then after they beat Missouri they show up in the AP poll for the first time and that is noteworthy because Syracuse ends up beating four different big twelve teams on the road to their title and they also beat Missouri in the regular season. So yeah there were six big twelve teams that made it NCA tournament this year. Syracuse beat five of them on your there were five against the big twelve on the season and the media joke for people that didn't watch her understand what was going on. If you watch this game they keep saying. Throughout the entire time we'll syracuse beat. The big twelve champions. That is the little joke the gymnastics thrown out there. And that's because of course they own the big twelve the big game for me from Syracuse. That year the Ganda Says Okay. This team is a really good team. They blew out Georgia tech and I know a lot of people may hear that in modern context. And say okay. Who Cares Georgia Tech? They get blown out all the time But this particular Georgia Tech Team. I have an affinity for because of what they did the next year but in two thousand and three Chris. Bosh still there. They had the BJ. Elder Jared Jack. All those guys were familiar with that team. Luke censure and anyways they get blown out by Syracuse. I think it was like ninety two to sixty or something like that and it was like a Carmelo. Anthony Hakim work. Who's the software like these guys? There's something else even though Chris Bosh Star this. Qc They have. It's a different level of stars that we have going on here and the reason I say that is because they blew them out and then the next year I saw at the New York. I massive Greg around the beginning of the euro when my family? We saw Georgia tech at footlocker. They're walking around and Ishmael. Muhammad Ali's guys in my brother like this. Is the best team in basketball. Like these guys are unbelievable. Like this is Jordan. Detect like they were the biggest stars around so for this. Syracuse seem to blow that team out. Obviously Chris Bosh was even all mets speaks even more volumes. That says to me like oh the they were clicking. They're like an eleven game winning streak after they lost that first game they had things rolling in and they were doing it on their own and it wasn't it wasn't like it was rolling but it was still like they've into blues. No Rutgers at one point I want to say I haven't read w January twenty nine. Lose the Rutgers January twenty ninth which you talk about. Georgia tech was different back. Then rutgers was different back then to where like records now is much better than ruckers Loser Rutgers was losing to rutgers in your mind. Sounds like yes what? It's unlike last year when you said right right as of that they get taken to. Ot ON MARCH FIRST THEY TAKEN OT by really bad. Georgetown team they lose to uconn in the Big East turney by thirteen. They have five losses on the season. Two of murder Yukon. Yukon's suites in that year in Yukon wasn't necessarily like Juggernaut by any stretch so it was the Syracuse team was about what you'd expect for a team that that's led by freshman in that. There was a little up and down but they still. They still only lost five games on the year but part of that might have been debating scheduling as well. We all know help behind schedules. You know likes the schedule cupcakes. And it's often criticized for that That was definitely the case it for for this season speaking behind by the way this was twenty. Seven th year Syracuse's fifty eight years old. He's been to twelve three sixteen. He said fourteen seasons of twenty five plus wins at this point. So this was a at this point. He's kind of Syracuse legend already This was just the this was the cherry on top. This is the one thing that that had been with Out of his reach the entire time. Man It's crazy to think about that because this is this is how many years seventeen years ago. He was still already. They're twenty seven years. That's what I was gonna say to like just about You talked about. Even though they were hot they weren't really hot. This skepticism that lived in college basketball four team like that like with Jim. Behind there was we. Were still talking about the zone. We were talking about the fact that can you win the big game? Can you win and astrium ship runnings? Oh we don't know that yet. Can You? Also that with a one and done type talent? Can we actually rely on freshman guys to come in and be most outstanding player in the last time? They said the last time that that had happened was like Louisville in nineteen eighty six saint player with freshmen and perv Ellis or whoever was gonNA pay himself against Jay Bilas Jay Bilas Do Teen. Yeah yeah there you go perfect so that was like all that is skepticism college basketball at this time. It's like we've never seen this is not going to happen. I don't know about this Carmelo guy like you know. Is He really that good? Yada Yada Yada and slowly over time and I saw Jerry. Back Moore had a quote about practice One of the first days in practice I knew were going to be so good because they were looking at me like they were shocked by how good I was you know. Let's provide that context as well so the year before this game We already where he said. Kansas was amazing. Withdrew good team at all that. Syracuse was not shared. Use In in WanNa to go twenty three and thirteen they're nine and seven of the Big East they finish fourth place in the NFC. Which I think might be the satisfaction college basketball fourth place in the NFC was actually a third-place gay and they lost the third place game of the NFC and then from that team Preston Shumpert graduates use a twenty one point six point one rebound guy. He's the six all time leading scorer in Syracuse basketball history. Eve graduates the Sean Williams. He was the second leading. Scorer on the Syracuse team gets kicked off the team so I actually found an article by the way so Sean Williams team at transfer Siona and I remember that this happened but I was trying to figure out like why he transferred in like the circumstances little. You'll love this. This is like some great journalism mixed with some dirty laundry here. I find this article from four of written written in the daily Orange Juice stood newspaper. I think it's the newspaper. Here's how the article starts buckle for this outside the locked bathroom door. Eight or nine men stirred angrily their bladders needed a break and whoever stood behind the door wasn't giving it to them five minutes. They've been waiting. What was up with that girls? Wait guys just use the bathroom? As a pitstop. Between Miller lights the crowded basement corridor caught the eye of Conrad's employees within a minute to bouncers thump thump on the door demanding. Whoever was in there to get the hell out the shell? Twin ignored inside to Sean Williams heard the pounding. He's no idiot. He knew people were waiting. Sue bed they'd wait a little longer. He'd leave them. He'd leave when he finished receiving oral sex. That's how the articles darts I did. It goes on to be like it tells the story about the shod. Roy Getting kicked out of a bar and like what the hell. Yeah where takes journalists? This is before the Internet blogs this is like full-on this guy was like this. Because I'm looking like what was the Sean Wave Started? Whatever I find this and I was like Whoa. That's beyond a story that's interesting feature anyway to the larger point Those two guys. The team was not that great to begin. Those guys are removed from the team. And then now you're replacing them with Carmelo Anthony. Who obviously is is a great player was depending on what recruiting service? You looked at eight. He was he was in the top three. No matter who you're looking at the other guys were Amari. Stoudamire and Lenny Cooke Lynch who both Amari obviously went to the NBA. Lenny Cooke tried a WHO? Who made the documentary about him? Was a showtime. Have they showtime? Yeh Go watch that if you wanted to understand the story so basically my point is Carmelo. Anthony was like the top recruit in college basketball. And then you add a but even still. He's a freshman like you said. There's a lot of uncertainty around that. Can you build it because this was not? This was not a situation of a Kentucky where it's like a well oiled machine of like we sent those guys pack and we figured it out bringing the next crab. Whatever mum they'd gone to the United States and finished in Fourth Place Bring Carmelo. Anthony they bring in Gerry McNamara. Who is a great recruiters? Well and then a billy. Lynn who he was a redshirt freshman because his freshman year he. He was suspended as freshman year for sexual harassment. Type stuff and then he's he's suspended the first twelve games. I WANNA say of this season because He played in an unsanctioned league over the summer. So those were like the three freshmen grades. Teamwork's a sophomore. I think Craig forth. Who wasn't really that big of a deal? But was there started. I think he was. We gotta live. I can't wait to talk about creek. Fourth very very very young team is the is the larger point here today and it was not and I think the the the this is my long winded way of saying of putting into context. This was not like your Dukes or your Kentucky's your one and done teams of today where they had sorta figured out the science of how to coach guys how to plug is in bring him in and whatever. This was like. Jim Boeheim had a really bad team that finished fourth place in an idea. He lost his top two scores and he now had to replace them with Jerry McNamara Carmelo Anthony Basic. And fortunately for him. Those guys actually our top tube scores so when you bring into the building they can be top scorers in. It's not a problem so it did work out and it's funny because like they are the perfect you guys do put in to be those score. Rolls Really. And they don't have anyone that they're competing with for those shots. Carmelo Anthony does need to compete with anyone for shots land that early so syracuse. Here's how they get here they're NCAA tournament run. They beat Manhattan by eleven. In the first round there are three seed Syracuse ends up getting three C. B. Manhattan in the first round second round. They start their big twelve run. They beat number six sixty two Oklahoma state of fun. Fact about this game doug outlive did not even score in that game. Dugout also wasn't on. The team had graduated by them. But does it just pointing? We don't need that technicality. Point is Doug Alley did not score on the game. Then they beat Auburn by one in this re- sixteen Oklahoma Elite a number one seat Oklahoma then beat number one seed Texas in the final four. In part of the part of the reason. I wanted to bring all this up. The Oklahoma Texas then beating Kansas and the title Game Ron Syracuse. Not only they they beat all these big dwellings they knocked. They ended the careers of three. All American guards Hollis price they ended the career Tj Four one national player of the year with with David Wessel. They ended his career and then they incur trainers career With a loss which is a fun. Little caveat as well that they went through this gauntlet of like great guards. It's very old big east too. So this is this is the end of the year. So maybe that's another reason why it's watershed moment. This is I'm stamping it. Down had two other notes on behalf Roy a one. They showed this graphic during the game. Seventy-one tournament wins between them and seven final fours between When when they met up here and then the other note I had is at this point in time behind Roy had met in the NCAA tournament twice in ninety six. Syracuse beat the two seed Kansas by three Which was the which is the sixteen. Minute OF LOSING KENTUCKY IS. We talked about earlier. That was the the Paul Pierce of France. Jacques von Janice team yet on behind gets the better of Roy that one five years later in a one in the second round four vs five matchup. Kansas beats the absolute living piss out of Syracuse. They win by almost thirty and Heinrich and collison wrong too. But the Syracuse Freshman. Obviously weren't so. That was that was two years before they had met in the second round in Kansas. Beat the hell out of them. So they're sadness anything else we need to. We need to touch on to to set the stage. I think the last thing that we had to say is that the New Orleans aspect of this in the fact that it was in the superdome and the fact that I think Adam had just hit the kick for the Patriots when it's reasonable Like fourteen months before this like the mystique of New Orleans in general in college basketball in Nineteen eighty-two Jordan. Hit the shot there. That's all the mini-stories Nineteen eighty-three was there. We have are those are the those are the three the three title games to this point. Where Carolina over Georgetown with the Jordan shot the Indian over Syracuse with the Keith Marsha and then Carolina over Michigan with the weather time those are the three title Games. Up to this point that had happened in the superdome. It's funny because at the end. Billy Packer He has like this little quoted. He's like basically like is this. Not what you WANNA do or like. This is what it is like. This is New Orleans like this is what we do. And it's like Jim Boeheim is going into hug. Roy Williams the Tel -gratulations. Roy Tell Him. Congratulations to that point. But YET NEW ORLEANS THE ASPECT OF THAT. I just want to point out. It's a beautiful scene in a beautiful setting in the yellow. Yeah Oh the other thing. We've got to mention. Oh Matt resigned on Wednesday leading into this game is on Monday. The final four is on the Saturday. The Wednesday heading into the final four Matt Doherty resigned from North Carolina and it makes sense because I remember watching this game at it was like you get to watch a job interview. And this is what we're gonNA play like from now on we're going to have a white guard. Kirk hinrich coming to me. It's like this is who we are. This is what North Carolina Basketball. Look like. So so that is that is looming over the era. The mess already era. What time are let's get in the game here first of all Jim? Nance billy packer on the call is you said love love here and Billy Pag Billy. Packer was absolutely hated as Mounir. By the time young it up but it is. It is nice to go back and watch these games and hear him on the call and just remind yourself of his existence. Honestly I was GonNa say I think a lot of people there. There's a show that they do with. Acc network now in its With billy packer son with woody. Durham son in. Its way you know the two of them are talking to each other and I just listened to it sometimes and I don't even listen to what they're actually saying. I'd just like to listen to the cadence because it puts me in a basketball like mine. Stay for whatever reason so you hear billy packer people. That don't know billy packer. Stick is Dick. Basically you tell every coach while they're so stupid stupid do basically you'll go after anybody and everybody and in rooms have a very I would say love hate relationship at some level. I don't know how much love is there. Billy Packer is not afraid to talk about Roy. Williams turnovers talk about sloppy. Play not talk about that. Timeouts not talking about bad decisions so going into the game having billy packer as a Carolina. There's a point at the end of the first half. I think we'RE KANSAS FOUL. To give and billy packers like Kansas as a founding here they should go for the steel and then too they should play aggressive defense and try to steal because if they fouls knocking them and then like three seconds go by like our Kansas is doing they should still here and then like five seconds go by Kansas slowly falling into the sea. Like what are they doing like losing? The game is going to be won or lost on this decision foul gadgets. It was in it. I think Syracuse is up scoring Carmelo three or something happens then you could see not literally but like in my brain. I could see him just crossing his arms to stop football like should have filed the NFL. I told her this is added. The coach coach and everybody knows that. That's another bill is always. Everybody knows that. Never forget billy packer. One tired of psychic to track down the knife used in the OJ Simpson case. And I'm not even kidding. You can look this up folks yet. He's he hired a CY. He wanted to wanted to offer his services to figure out who killed Nicole Brown Simpson so hired psychics to try to find the the knife. This is a real thing to happen. He also used to play golf courses backwards which is to say you would like tee off on. Greens and try to hit his ball to the tee box. So that that's that's the man we had our lead analysts to college basketball. Like whenever you think of the Word Maverick you know what I mean like someone. That is a maverick and they behave like a beverage. It's billy packer and it's not a good thing. You know what I mean. It's just like he's GonNa do exactly what he wants to do and say what he wants to say. That's beautiful and then we opened this game. We get we gotTA keep working. Nicholson to go for the tip and billy packers. I comment that he says and both those guys tried to steal the tip really reprimands you know what I mean of all right so general big big picture vibes this game We already touched on. It makes it an part of the reason we did. The whole backstory of the two teams is. Because what is very unusual is that the freshman team did not play like freshmen. These senior team did and that was the theme early and often in this game. Which is that like Gerry? Mcnamara the stones on this guy But in Carmelo to both of them just so poised so call so confident at all times using swagger whereas the Kansas team looked like they were super tight. Heinrich airballs the very first that we already talked about that. Collison as you said. His first shot is like kind of jumping in fading. Throw it up. Kansas did not look like polished. In any stretch of the by any stretch of the imagination whereas Syracuse look supremely confident so confident in fact the first shall we see Jim? Behind has less than a minute of the game. And he's got his patented. Movers got his hand on his chin. Yeah he's got like four fingers up his nose kind of like doing that thing. He just looks like He. He's Chile like he's he's playing colgate in a November game you know. That's that's a carrier down that kind of seems to be his attitude because as you said he probably knew the secret. Which is that Kansas has shooters other than Heinrich and Heinrich is going to be tight. Because he's nervous because this is his last game but Kansas and he has to win it or else. What is his career even mean Kansas and he's got a team full freshmen with nothing to lose and Jerry. Mcnamara's what is hell? So he was like screw it. I'M GONNA pick my nose. Yeah I'M GONNA pick my nose and I'm going to sit here and I'm GonNa win this basketball game and it's funny because we opened the game up and the first thing that we hear for billy packer is pace is critical right. This this game is going to be about pace in the first matchup. That'd be point out his Langford verse. Carmelo Anthony which is a bit about five inch difference in Length Garden Anthony and Hermel Anthony's on the block earlier in this game. And that's the whole thing what's going to happen. Here are what. What IS ZONED? GonNa do to this. Kansas offense Kirk Hinrich. What's going to happen with Kirk? Is You can go to shoot the ball tonight. He's had ups and downs. Remember the Duke Game. One for nine. All the stuff is being discussed to begin early in the game and like the first Basset Craig forth. You know who is if people don't know what a five mad looks like. Look up pregnant because that's five. He's wearing number fifty one. He's got cement blocks for feet and and he's not going to block a shot like my favorite thing about creek for one point in the game. They're like Nichols is not afraid to say the Basque because he knows Craig forth isn't a shop locker and absolutely correct cookie. Mort that guide shop Lager Creek for shock blogger. So if you pay your first possession a game on offense is Craig. Fourteen to easy bucket. The open this up. I'd feel pretty confident to like I. I'd start putting my fingers in my nose and say we got a good shot here. Do you think Craig for duty. Carmelo Anthony Nose Creek. This if he's asking Craig fourth bumps into Carmelo Anthony on the street and he's like Yo Mellow in. Do you think are Craig. Yeah what's up? Dude was watching this game like I was watching it like they had that was that was the fifth guy. It was Craig forth because at the end of the game they go small. We'll talk about that later but like the way that Craig forth scores the first basket that is that it cites confidence Jim. Yeah and really confidence in the entire team 'cause McNamara I remember McNamara hitting six threes in this game in the first half he he he starts the Trans guys. Getting hot. In the first half national title Gains Spike. Albrecht the Phil Booth the. Who else did that handcock Hancock? Yes the idea of just going absolutely nuts but what I didn't remember about McNamara's run in the first half was that one. He was just like unconscious from the start. He was just pulling from everywhere and was wet but but sued that it was like. I said it was from the start. I think that was the part number one like I. I remember meeting the threes but I always thought it was like through the flow of the offense and like they were double team in Carmelo so he kicked it off. Jerry who was wide open definitely not the case in and also the Jerry was sort of like easing into it. Mcnamara was gone in from the star soothes. You catch the ball. He's like I'm hole in it. He's taken why some wild wild wild shots hitting them and it's setting the tone because on the other end Kansas packers just hammer that home over and over like Kansas hit threes to stretch this zone out to give him space to to It's no secret you play basketball. You KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT BASKETBALL. At some point you're gonNA have to outside shots against the zone and that falls on. Heinrich 'cause Kansas doesn't really have any shooters other than Heinrich and Heinrich airballs. The first one misses first five shots is very very cold out of the gate and that is kind of the theme of the entire first-half Syracuse will not nist. Kansas will not make shots. The LANKFORD becomes the focal point of the game for me. Because as you said he's Guardian Carmelo given up a ton of size to Carmelo eventually gets fouled trouble fouls out of this game which becomes a huge kind of a nail in the coffin for Kansas. From Langford goes out on the flipside on offense late for becomes the one guy who could kinda mix it up because as you're watching Kansas run offense collison killing collison balls out in this game. Is Joanna. Download Jeff Graves Kansas big man? Who Would Wayne Sydney goes out? Graves becomes the new starter Starting Center he's balling out to like He. He had sixteen sixteen. I think in this game but you have like like those two guys are to stay inside. Highnesses floating around outside trying to get his threes off the air miles really quick and can penetrate everything like he's too small to kind of do anything in zone so kind of falls on length for to be the guy that's like the slasher To you know get bodies moving with zone and all that stuff And he becomes like a focal point of the offense for for Kansas. In the fact that he's the one guy who can go inside and outside both for Kansas and he's also guarding Carmelo. Anthony on the other end he becomes like the Guy I own it on and ultimately fails out misgivings I said. Because he's in. He's in foul trouble as it turns out guarding. Carmelo. Anthony when you're giving them five inches is Is Not an easy task. Yeah it's not an easy task and it's also not easy because one of my favorite Early on pivotal plays in. This game is an entry pass Carmelo. Anthony it's funny because you and I we joked about it sometimes the guards the ABA which is the amateur basketball analysts. We that happens that we know it's a violation and we wanted to be called but we understand you know things happen. You always make all the calls right so early on in this game. Carmelo Anthony. Get an entry pass. And does the classic thing where he catches the ball drops down dribble in any picks it up and then he wears on triple threat and then he starts dribbling any merely. Does that Roy Williams stands up and Roy Williams is doing the classic coach like up and down like planet. But you know just playing the bongos. Like calling the double dribble. Billy Packer obviously saw for Roy Williamson good job by Roy Williams being able to spot that they're obviously a double triple Carmelo Anthony. They're letting him get away with one there and Carmelo Anthony like you know whatever pulls up his jumper. It's ten five from that point but it was funny for me 'cause we about watershed moments in this. Like what this game would mean in terms of college basketball. It's like that little playroom at their little issue. Best TURMOIL RAGES LESS THE BALL. Off like yeah. We see that a million times in college basketball now they would never call it a double dribble but in two thousand one they probably would have and if it wasn't Carmelo Anthony and it was. You know maybe maybe on the other side. Let's say Langford. Has that happened? Maybe they do call. It was like a funny. It was the first time I've ever in in college basketball game. Remember scenes like that where it's like. Oh He's got his own officiating going on car. Carmelo is GONNA officiating dude. Belk college basketball used to be the exact opposite of superstar treatment. We're like Reginald get off on things on superstars purposely. They look up through the superstars. Word say I'm not giving them any calls. I'm calling any instance of them dragging their foot or maybe double triple in. I'm calling them. They love that they absolutely love that. So yeah you're right. This was the star whether it's sure not in our braids. The safest player pivot where it was just like oh he can get away with Roy. Williams was beside himself. I think that was so shocked. Me On the rewards because that would never happen today if we saw Marvin Bagley gets an entry. Pass the catches at drops in those. Did he start squaring up and starts going? No one cares Zion wherever it may be but Roy Williams was so adamant because at the time it was so fundamentally based at basketball and you. That's how you get Ito. That's a turnover in Kansas or the ball all over the place anyway. They're turnovers going. They need something to help them on the other side of that. So that was my willer mobile. Or it's like okay. Carmella has a different gameboy off then. And I'M GONNA pause here a point Syracuse fans. Are we saying that the rest Kansas? It's not working out on an so. Don't take this wrong way. But later in the first half Air Miles Syracuse is doing a great job. This whole I am getting back on. Defense as we know Roy run Kansas. It's a ton of their points in fast breaks air miles as fast as hell He. He's running the brakes in lamps. That's not happening in this game Syracuse. Doing a good job in back later in the first half miles goes out on a fast break. goes up for layup. Mcnamara takes really sloppy jars and gets called GETS. The call gets the charge. Call the very next possession McNamara hits his six three of the first half and that sequence to your point is like in in the context. It's two thousand three. You're looking at that. You're like a freshman. Just got that call like an odd. Yes that's wild that they would give a freshman that go but then again it is a charge call and we know of college basketball Risks Love Shark all but It was it was a really really really bad call and I'm not saying it's swung the game. It was a pivotal moment. The first half and I think it was a it was a watershed moment in in this game. Because you're like Oh if Syracuse circus already has the best player on the floor if they're going to start getting these calls of McNamara's GonNa hit six threes in the first half all my here. She's going to run away with this thing. And that's where ahead by half-time that's kind of where this thing was going. We just funny because if you flip that the other way around right if you just say like in college basketball terms I do play the fiber when Carolina play the five and it's like a younger team playing the veteran team. That's what the veteran team is doing. They're taking the charge. And then there guys Donna Williams is hitting his six three and the first avenue. It's Kinda like we'll when these senior leading guys are getting these calls and it's all coming up. How can you beat them? It doesn't matter how much talent you have on the other side. How can you beat them? But it's another thing and it's freshman guys with that town that are making these plays that. Are I think that's what we are this? We've almost a role reversal and who was playing. It was a freshman pilot. Senior senior plan like freshman her kind. Rick obviously was in his head. We bench the Duke Game a little bit. But he's been so ebbs and flows up and down in this tournament anyway that when he starts out over five. I. It's US Air Ball and the next three that he'd take smack. Mary hit three. He gets a wide open. Look for three shoots long. It's like a little adrenaline long. And then it hits Langford is such a bad brigade. Hits INFERENCE LAGGING GOES OUT OF BOUNDS. So as busy turnover and you just see it in his face it's like this is like a washed. Dover. It's having again. You know what I mean. Then everyone had had sort of been in on it. You know like what's going on with Heinrich is he gonNA show up is going to be twenty eight hundred. You're going to be the duke. We don't know right and when you start out slow and then you had the freshman point guard who's not afraid of anybody who's a bulldog and he's pulling up for about half court it's crazy threes. You know what I mean. It's like it was like for B. Which is like the senior is getting choked by the freshman. This is this is weird is not good. This is not how this is supposed to work what what is happening here. This is college basketball and then on top of that. It's not even the best freshman on the court. Who is who is. He's so good he's just so so smooth at all times and I I will say that like looking back on it. What tends to happen with people as they exalt these guys like the tournament runs. You remember. This is more of like an NBA. Fan thing where they look back on the guys who they remember college and pretend like they were like other worldly in college and you could always see all that stuff but with Carmelo. My fear was going back and watching it would be. That Carmelo wasn't as good. As we remember we remember him remember Syracuse winning alike. Carmelo was actually like Cata sloppy at times and he didn't quite have the jump smooth jumper yet or like no he was he was he was just as good as we all remember he was. He was that good. He had twenty ten seven in this game. He was just so steady under control at all times and he looked like a professional out there against a bunch of amateurs honestly. It's one in one hundred percent was that and it also had the back as you ready was not a hundred percent so as I watched this game I didn't realize how much of that was also playing into it. Where billy packer was like. They they got up by eighteen in this game. Yeah people that don't like Syracuse gets up by a lot and it's going to get by eighteen points and you're kind of like you know they're cutting to the Kansas bench and they're cutting to the crowd and they're kind of just set the stage. Ucb behinds wife. And it's Kinda like this whole moment is all coming together. This culmination of everything. But then you forget about the fact that like Carmelo Anthony is being coordinated at some level on. This guy is coming to college basketball. He's done something so far from what we expect. Some of that is it's mind blowing itself level to see zone Jimmy behind Syracuse orange with this team coming off. Nit Foreclose is now a national championship like all that is happening within the context of the game in Carmelo Anthony is also dealing with back pain and he's not one hundred percent so everything that he's doing that's amazing. You're like what happens. What he's one hundred percent so it was like another level it is a basic but he's got somewhere else to go. Yeah at one point. The first magma's resides out of bounds. It's his hands on meteoroid. I don't remember did. He hit his shot after that. But Yeah I think you might have one more. I think you might hit the might take an air miles charged. But then obviously he doesn't score the at all in the second half Syracuse jumps out to the eighteen point. Lead it's forty seven twenty nine a Kinda. Let Their foot off the gas. It's not like they think they've already but I mean when you're up by eighteen in your making everything and Kirk Hinrich airball in threes. And at a certain point you're GONNA get a little comfortable. Kansas chips back into the go into halftime is fifty three to forty to syracuse is on fifty three points on a senior Laden. Kansas Plays Fast Kansas Roy As we all know likes to get up and down there are a lot of possessions. Anytime you're playing in. Roy has gained fifty three points in the first half of a national title game when when you have freshmen. Leading the way is pretty staggering. Looking back on it but serious was was playing out of their minds and their up. Eleven at Halftime We come out in the second half. Kansas comes out gun blazing. They finally get the fast break on they. They opened the half on a tend to run but then Langford picks up at one point during the run for picks up his fourth foul early and then and then Michael Lee has to come in for Michael Lebron's of being famous for having a shop like my work late. I has taken out but they on that sensory run to cut the lead fifty five to fifty two. And you think like maybe there's going to be a game here. Maybe but then as I said. Langford kind of gets put on the bench with foul trouble in Kansas. Never really quite figured it out yet. It's one of those it throughout the entire second I honestly throughout the entire game. It feels like the macnamara factor. Obviously it's like a head start in there. Neighborhood never able to defeat with underneath them at some level rate with his candidacy and then when they do have the little slashing Gono with Langford and everybody gets musical buck as their get out in transition I it seems like a lot is That they're going to make the hamper jump over the Hump or whatever. It's going to be in this game. They kind of get Stagnant or Kansas calls timeout. Roy Williams is like trying to run. It just never came to fruition in. I don't know yeah yeah. I don't know how to explain like what I'm saying about Roy Williams against him but it never felt like they were. They were Severity level and it also it also felt like they were under pressure like like Utah. Kansas bench was a wreck. The entire felt stressful. And when they they cut over there Roy Williams like come on guys like calm down. Just play your game. And those are the early turnovers and the whole time. They were playing fat but they will replay and look good for fast. It was a rushed and and it just felt that way the whole time we Kansas. Even the second half as they were bigger the RUB. The tone of the game got dictated early in as we said. Kansas had to hit shots to affect his own heinrich had to basically be the one to do it to to stretch out zone to make Syracuse. Think a little bit. Kansas ended up scorn fine against the zone. But it was never really like a fluid thing as you said like Kansas offense if you go back and watch the game like no pointer men this Kansas Offenses Hamad. If found ways to score points a lot a lot of it was just junk honestly length slashing collison banging on the low block. Great Little Louder. Just yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah. It was ever really cohesive offense and on the flip side I feel like McNamara even though he didn't hit a shot in the second half by hitting six threes. You're setting the tone. You and I have played callous basketball games. That are lines. You know when guys start out hot especially like it continues now like open guys start out. They don't have to hit a shot the rest of the game because in your brain regarding a guy you got it a guy that's been hot before Just you're you're very very paranoid about it if you sit fourth row and then it's been thirty minutes since he's hit a single shot you're still. You're still biting on every pump fake. You're still like I can't let this guy get this and I feel like that was the case of McNamara's like you set the tone that I'm not missing tonight now. Kansas has to worry about him. Maybe they're not doubling Carmelo as much because their shit their pants about Gerry McNamara. Jots yeah and I think like the tone is already set and that became the tone for the rest of the game and it wasn't until Kansas started running in fast break a little bit. Kinda got a golden but then he just goes on the big run behind calls timeout. A second-half kind of settles everything. Down Syracuse. Just what's behind yelled at? His guys was basically like all we have to do is get back on defense or going to be fine. It was never really like even when Kansas started to come back toward the end and they had the shot. Obviously just over time at work blocks. I never really thought Kansas was gonNA be a threat. Nece as I'm watching it at no point. Was I lake man? This guy's got interested in for a second. I think that's what I was trying to say when I couldn't even get words together because I can't really explain how discombobulated Kansas was in this game in the sense that like when I watched it live. I thought that they had a real shot the win and I honestly you know if you had told me beforehand that last shot at the end of the game I would have told you purchased shot at. He should have made. It should have been Mario's miracle and Yada Yada Yada then as I watched this game. I'm like I cannot believe this year in Kansas. Stay in this game. I can't believe I mean we haven't even gotten to the real big story. Which is the free throws. I mean the the free rose Kansas was four for seventeen for the free. Throw line in the second half Ten thirty on the game. Twelve percent cosimo three for ten. Yeah like that is. I mean that's agreed. And it's so funny too because as Syracuse late in the game is going to the free throw line. They're just as bad. You know what I mean. They're not relying on themselves to make free throws and you could see Jim. Boeheim is just as concerned and at one point. He took back out of the game late because he was just like I. I suspect we're GONNA miss free. Throws we just need guys with lean to the car three point nine Jerry? You're the only could make him. But you gotta get out of the game billy packers pulling his hair out about every time Gerry McNamara. Path the ball in the last five minutes of the game basically. He's like she's the best free. What is he by the? Yeah the the free throw shooter was horrible. I think I think in the case of Collison who who ended up going three for ten. I think it was just fatigue. I think collison of fallen out of this game three in the free throw line and if you if you watch towards the end of the game I mean the guy is obviously gas. He's given all twenty one sixteen. I WANNA say nineteen call. What was Carlson's line in the same? Nineteen Nineteen points twenty one rebounds. I had a backward. You had twenty one rebounds nineteen points. He was basically as I was rewatching. It felt like a Greg Oden versus Florida. Where it's just like one man. Is this looking around like? Is Anybody going to help me? And he did have held like Jeff Graves played really while length slashing but like Howson was an absolute beasts in a losing effort and fouled out. Couldn't hit free throws but I think if if you want to be I mean I'm GonNa cut some slack here like if you're is exhausted as he is you go to the free throw line and you have to shoot a free throw. He's he's probably catching his breath. More than trying to make the free throw shots so but yes syracuse state goes eleven for eighteen from the three point line in the game. They started seven for nine from the three point line. Kansas was four for twenty in the entire gay. Carmelo hit three threes himself. He was three four five. You almost said as many threes is the entire Kansas team. So like I mean if if you want to boil it down to to really one bullet-point cans did not make shots shots if you WANNA extrapolate that all you have to think about this. This is Jim. Bejon was smart enough to say this all right. I'M GONNA pack in my zone so tight that I'm GonNa make this guy that struggling with his shot in his confidence I'm GonNa make him hit shots early to get that confidence and in fact and if he does that we're gonNA play off even more and the fact that the first shot that Kirk Hinrich got in. This game was a wide open. Look in its air bom from three point line. That's why Jim. Behind was so sick. He's he's like he's stuck another. Here's like Oh really. I'm in deep and there could be a fun night I I Love Neuro the point. You're trying to make and you're trying to find the words describe because it's hard to. It's hard to say. Without sounding stupid we all know the Syracuse won this game. Because we're watching it. All these years later we know that Syracuse won. But I think the point you're as you're watching it at no point. Did you think Kansas was going to win? Yes in that like if you wiped your memory and we went back and rewatch it for the first time even as Kansas starting to come back they're not gonNA make enough shots they're going to mistreat. Those are gonNA threes. They can't sustain this even as they're cutting it close and and I'm with you. I remember this game as being like I first of all I don't remember Syracuse up eighteen. That's not how I remember that I remembered Syracuse the most of the game and I remember cans make close at the end. I remember like Oh my God. Kansas might actually win. This is GonNa be great finish Watching it it opened my eyes to how how much syracuse is completely dominated. And I think that is that is a good tool to swallow as a guy who Like if I'm a Kansas Fan. I am not as upset about this game as I think I would have been. I get I don't know how to how to phrase it. I don't really feel like this is a case for the better team lost. This is my point eight if I'm against his fan I I don't get upset. It'd be like I can't believe we lost to that Syracuse Z. Because Syracuse was the better team and juice deserved the win and they proved it over the course of the forty minutes. And if you're a Kansas fan you said to yourself I mean I it if only Maryland could've won in two thousand one and then you could. Do you know what I mean. It was just like you just play a team. That was better on that day and Maryland choking against Duke in the West exactly like and maybe this would have been a problem. Yeah that's what it is. I for the sake of argument though for people the Kansas fans that will said they had a real chance to win this game. Do you just want to run through the last minute of the game? Because yeah we showed. Yeah let's do it. We'll give it we'll give I have it all mapped out here. So here we go. We've got the last play by play pop up on the screen and we got a game trends that we get to ties to lead changes in the biggest lead. Of course we said is eighteen by Syracuse Collison fouls mellow in the background. About fifty seconds ago it's eighty to seventy seven syracuse at this point and you know Kraus's kind of getting into it. Everyone's like fill in the moment you know. We're getting the billy packer set the stage. And then of course he talks about Carmelo Anthony and what they find is as interesting stat which I found the last minute Free throw shooting the last minute for Commercial Carmelo Anthony. For the season he was eight for. Fourteen is the stanton. Billy packer likes to pull out like these. The worst thing you could ever hear going the free throw line and a clutch moment like this anyways. Carmelo Anthony Poor twenty-three-year-old that billy packer made dig. Oh Yes yes after. He did the O. J. Thing at the same time I'm back for more staff look look up so mellow misses the front of the one on one. Because he gets jinxed by billy packer and that's great then only other end right. Kansas still down by three miles wide open wide open for three and he goes in and out graves goes up could have been a gold tin but the bomb. Pops backout graves gets fouled. He goes to the line. He goes one for two. Which is I mean. A saving grace at this point. If you watch jeff grades you two free thrown. It's it's something else anyway. Mellow the bad back stuff still going on. We're hearing about anthony slow to get a basically imbalanced. The ball graves falls down on him. He like goes down gets back up. Whatever work ends up going to the free throw line At the end of this after occur kind Miss Heinrich deep three with thirteen seconds left. It goes all the way in all the way out this kind of like the three phases of the jump Shafiqa Heinrich. It's like the first one was an air ball egregious the second one was in adrenaline deep brick and then the last one he finally had you know at least got some sort of similar shackle results comfortably takes it in stride shoot. Shag goes all the way in and out of course and that was pretty much their last real moment work. Mrs. Both free throws is Dover. Three Point Game Heinrich has the ball the top. There you make extra pass the Michael Lee and I did not remember this Mike Lee at thirteen points against Marquette. An was the best three point percents shooter on the team for Kansas. Yeah though it was a good pass from Heiner in my mind always thought it was a bad pass. Of course it was a group. I think I think the the lazy take the lazy. Whatever would just be like Kirk Hinrich euless senior all American guard. You have to shoot that it would. It was basically the Steph curry play against Kansas steadily. Hold like you could have technically had a semi clean. Look from like thirty eight feet. But he's like so like you're not wrong to say that he could have shot it and you're not wrong that he's the best player on the team in the best shoot like you know whatever but that's like a super old school extremely of thinking which is this guy. If you're the best you have to take the shot. Definitely the right basketball play definitely a good play for Kansas to have a Michael that wide open in the corner. He just took forever to shoot the ball. He should've shot fake first of all like teamwork was one hundred percents. Sell it out on that. It's easy it's twenty hindsight. Twenty twenty shopping. I'm sure if he would've known kielmortgage going to block it with his armpit. You probably would have shot sake but it was just a very very slow release like even your watch it over and over and over like Warrick doesn't just get a piece of it. I mean. Were like Tomahawks donor. Must be of Zaire Block Virginia close. Everyone's freaking out about like Hakim. Basically does that exact same thing but it was like. Actually you're insane athleticism by to take anything away from McCain Maury but like this was more to me like Michalis took a slow release. Yup for sure the next day so the shot gets blocked out of bounds. And then we have the. Are we going to add more time at the clock? Billy Packer is demanding. It has to be at least one point one second visit gymnasts saying. I don't know we'll see what happens. They get the time off the clock. Her camera gets the ball he shot. It's it's long. It's an airball. Jim Behind goes to shake the hand of Roy Williams. And then we get the billy packer line of the night. He says. This has New Orleans given US final fours or not. They have to be or what or not. He was talking to a psychic again. There it is. That's your last minute of the or not. I caught that soon. I'm so that was his big script. That was the moment. The gymnasts decided I'm going to start scripted lines and saying like you're out billy schwer beggar would never had the last line again my word. Is there anything else about the game or should we get into? Sperling is here. I should get superlatives because that's going to have this back into the game. So let's do it. Let's start with the The so just to recap the ones we do with these things. We do the go which is capital letters. Greatest of All Time. Nonsense lower case. Go which is the scapegoat. Duluth disappoint this. This is what we grew up with like nine times out of ten when you would go to someone you'd like. Who was the goat like who? Who's the reason he lost a game that it'd be like Elvis parents lost the game? He's the goat and now it change so we always thought that was hilarious for you and is so the goal is it became very confusing and right around the time is basically. Kobe was like twenty ten to twenty eleven somewhere in that range when people started using and what goes into the art. It was perfect for Kobe because a lot of people hated Kobe. And a lot of people obviously Gobi. And you'd have people calling Kobe. Go in certain games. And you're like. Is that a compliment not a compliment. I'm confused and you've been both of the Utah Jasser. Yeah it's like he is the goat. Yeah there's go only true go because he's the only guy that could go vote. He's above all right so we have the upper case. Go the lower case. Go we do thing? At the moment we knew the game was over again. We're pretending we're watching this for the first time. When was the moment you're like yeah? They're definitely Kansas is definitely not coming back Syracuse. Has This in the bag? We're GONNA do some. What if and then we also are GonNa go through some Inventions here some some things that were invented this game invented. This was the start as we said. A lot of things started two thousand three national talking. So let's start with the The Castro who is your pick for the greatest of all time to good goat will say. Yeah the goat of this game for me. I've actually gone back and forth on because I think there's an easy pick and I think there's a hard pick and I think I went with the easy pick and I think the easy pickets Carmelo Anthony and I think it's because he obviously is a one and done. Savan is a look gymnast. I just watched the end of this. Gymnast knows about the interview. Permanent THAT'S SMILES. GonNa last for a long time. It's Carmelo Anthony just standing there. And he just seems like a bright future superstar need climb the mountain top in one year and he did it. Kinda like it was almost not as hyped up as it should have been leading added this year with them because no one expects us to do something like this So in that sense. He's the go because he comes in he gets it done and the one done year in it in an it's happening it's Carmo Anthony. Yes pretty obviously Carmelo. I mean that's the reason we know this game is just it's placed in college. Basketball Lowers because Carmelo Anthony is the started the one and done thing as we as we said even though he didn't need whatever it doesn't matter like he was he was so iconic that year and like. I said my fear was. I was going to watch this game and Carmelo was going to be okay and then we were going to retroactively. Decide that Carmelo other-worldly debt what I was very much wrong. Carmelo was unbelievable in the game. Get Twenty seven seven for sixteen from the field. He gets Langford foul trouble which ultimately Dunes Kansas Congressman for vows when Langford on the bench I I kind of went over the problems. Kansas head with their offense without Langford Langford ended up being the leading score for Kansas. By the way at nineteen points in this game He has the big three as well like he hits the big shot. Kansas is kind of coming back graves. Picks off a pass like the block tries. Throw it to an outlet in Heinrich A HALF COURT. Just a horrible horrible pass. It's picked off by Joff Josh Pace I believe and then he throws it up ahead to Carmelo. Who is a big three which is kind of like a dagger three so it wasn't even just like he was good points? Use It huge shots. He was a calm steady influence throughout the game. Carmelo has to be the pick. I mean you could shout out McNamara for going nuts in the first African shout out collison for being for being a beast in his final game and just fallen out leaving it all on the floor of. It's definitely admirable a look back on Nicholson's The way he ended his career should hold his head up high for his effort. And all that stuff. But yet it's definitely Carmelo Anthony. The only other person I would say could chemo. Work Chemo with the block. The only person I would say is Carmelo's hairstylist. Because his corn rows were Titan fresh and Nice especially when you compare them Jeff Graves A little sloppier corner worked so shout out to Carmelo wherever he was getting hair. A very very fresh look on the young man. Yeah Carmelo. Anthony knew what he was doing. He knew it was going to be news building a brand and he was doing the right before our very eyes. And let's get to the version that guy that can't build a brand and that is any other goat not real bad goat. I have a feeling we're going to pick the same guy on this one too. I think it's at least you go. I was GONNA say it's a pretty easy pig in my opinion. And it's a guy that's supposed to be your leader. It's a guy that's supposed to be the one that you depend on God. It's supposed to open up the packed in zone because he's your best three point shooter. You're only three point shooter. Really other than Michael Lee come on. You can't be come on Michael Leeann and national title game. Michael doesn't want that. Pass either Kirk Hinrich. And we could all agree. That Kirk Hinrich. Here's a conspiracy. Michael actually glad that he had his shot blocked by key more because definitely airball in and he would be. He would be the goat if you didn't get a shot blocked but instead like it's been framed as like a great play by Akinori. If I'm Michael Leah. I'm like Oh thank God. He sent that to the third row. Because I was not hitting you know what confirm that curcumin is. Actually the goat for sure though is that he actually did airball the last three. They still had another shot. He still had one more three. He and we'll look and he was so bad that like we forgot that he got look so double goat. That's a good book. The first shot he took in this game airball. The last shot he took in. This game was an air ball and they're both just as bad like they're both so far off. It looks like you didn't even know how to shoot a basketball. I think the one to end the game is more defensible. When your risk by the clock yes just having a slightly more visible than wide open? Look but yet hiring. This is his first five shots. He has won over the airballs. He's six for twenty from the field in this game. He's three for twelve from three point line. And then you contrast that which in and of itself by itself that is bad enough but then on the flip side you have Gerry McNamara Freshman Siracusa three point. Specialists is ball out of his mind going nuts. And you're not hitting anything it just compounds. The problem and I think Hinrichs pick for. That was pretty easy. This is the only time we've ever. Yeah it's ever happened I was GONNA say like there's there's an argument you may maybe Roy Williams because obviously Jim behind the whole goal was to make sure that they had to shoot threes in the day proceeded to just try shoot threes to keep them in the game. So I I you know maybe Roy Williams and let list but it's definitely Kirk. Yeah all right. I'll this'll be more fun More we'll have more arguments over this. I think when when to you was the game over. When was the moment you're rewatch for you? Said of Syracuse is definitely went in this thing. We don't already know this is GonNa win. Yes so there's thirteen minutes. Four seconds left to go in the first half Gerry McNamara heads. The three and it goes twenty three to fourteen and the commercial. And it's like you know become back out and everyone's you know they're telling a story about Jim behind talking about how he wants to get the ball. Carmelo Anthony every single play and that's the best album. It's a basketball cut to the bench and the show the staff. I think of the time they were shooting six or seven for three or something like that and I said Yeah Syracuse is going to win this game. I think this is a I think they're gonNA have the women's game and then if you look at it. Yeah I mean obviously Kansas Mix Iran. We we have the shots at the end. That may be a real chance but once Jerry starts hitting threes in the first half of this game in my opinion it was over. So I'm twenty three to four. That's crazy that early. In retrospect should've been heinrich airball does for Suffolk game or yeah mine was a little later like I kept thinking. 'cause I just had such a vivid memory of this being close game at the end that I thought surely can't just make interesting. Shirley at some point it's GonNa become actually interest so I was still engaged even As you said like mega-mergers going nuts. In retrospect I probably should have known minor was missing in Syracuse built in eighteen point lead. Oh they're just gonNA. They're clearly the better team they're going to win. But I kept holding out. Hope I kept saying like it's going to get interesting at some point ear so my answer was with twelve. Thirty three to play when Heinrich turns his ankle trying to save the ball bows and he has to go. He gets to come out of the game. You wasn't out for long but he was already playing poorly. It had already been beaten into the ground. How important he was how he needs some big shots and how he's gotTa stretch the defense and like we really really need you to show up her and he turned his ankle and it looks really bad. He can't like put any weight on it at first and all that stuff Even when he comes back in I think at that point I okay. This is this is done because it wasn't just the ankle turning and it wasn't just like saying because at that point you know you're pretty much done for the game in terms of being productive up but that came at the end of the sequence states so Kansas cuts the lead the three at sixty one fifty eight on air miles. It gets a fast break layup. Then we have the sequence that I touched on earlier where graves throws the horrible pass. Carmelo hits the three supposedly six then call us and misses two free throws and after that Josh pace gets an easy bucket. The lead is now sixty six to fifty eight so like Kansas Kansas Storm. And all the way back on the air miles thing. They cut the three graces. Though the bad past Carmelo hits the big shot. Carlson business free does pace gets a layup then heinrich turns his ankle like oh so. Kansas had their big Bush. The cut at the three Carmelo is the big shot. Heinrich ankle-. That's it. It's gotta be it's gotTa be again. So that was it for me. I had the four had written down were would McNamara hits one of his threes So I was Kinda thinking the same thing as I had heinrich turned his ankle. The only other two I considered length for fouled out because it was an eight point game with length from files out with like five and a half to play And then when we watched the shot thinks that everyone thought I thought I was going to pick that going into the game. I thought it was going to be one word block the same. I thought it was a good game all the way up until then but on re-watch I have to pick twelve thirty three play when Heinrich turns his ankle. I knew the game. You know it's really funny going into it. I thought it was going to be one or two things. I thought it was going to be. I remember Collison filing out and I was like it's going to be when Nick House and say that's the moment Kansas new. They weren't GonNa win this game or was the block obviously and when it calls and found out when I was rewatching it I already thought the game was over but I was just like it even feel like it was a big moment for whatever might have. Can I just say the standing ovation? The Nick Collison Gut was kind of weak. I don't mean to call out Kansas this fans but I'll do I'll call out syracuse fans. I've only a okay. Let me. Let me backtrack. This'll but what I mean to say is. There was really not a great crowd. Presence in this game and I don't I don't mean attack Syracuse or cans. Maybe it was just like the way the superdome is built. Maybe the acoustics of the Dome or the way. Cbs was wiring and their microphones. Whatever it was but it was really weird. I never really felt like as I was watching the game. The crowd. Really that into it maybe Jerry. Mcnamara's Fall Syracuse. Came out to vic leads you know. Instead on their handle it was they were so tight. I'm telling you that whole building. I don't care I know it. Just too tight. It's just not fun when it's like that I I kind of felt like that with Like watching the two thousand seventeen title Wiggins Aga- fans like they were just so tight because they had so much pure faith in that they were GonNa win. You know it's just It's not as fun like that sometimes. So all right. Let's get to our. What ifs do Someone You got any good. Yeah my number one. Whatever this whole game is all right. What if Let's say what if Jim Behind does not win this game. What happens then? Because here's what happens Jim behind becomes basically the greatest number two of all time he is. Coach K.'s Dr Evil. He is number two and he is right biocide. He's Never GonNa you know he's always going to be you know the bell of the ball or whatever he's always going to be number two man. The zone gets banned from college basketball. Because you can't win with zone. The incidentally comes in and they're just like you know what we don't need this. We don't need coach k. Being able to run zone with a bunch of one dollars. Let's just get rid of this. Jim Boeheim bows out. He's like I'm sorry. I tried. I thought zone would work. But obviously you can't win the big one with zone It's over. It was a good run so all right the zone. So that's one of the. What IF THEY LOSE this game. I'm I'm loses this so winning. This he gets a little taste of success. He thought that the only thing he ever wanted his life was the one one national title but then he gets it. He realizes the real thing he wants. More than anything is to win. More Games than coach K. Yes so now. He's that's why he's still hanging on coaching Maybe if he doesn't win this weirdly enough retires earlier he just gives up on the national retires without national. Because now he's now he's going to die on the bench. Now he's like I got a I got when more than Jay Jay's thinking the same thing and those guys were coach other three hundred years old yes yes. That's a great. What if you do you think you'd be likeable? Do you think would cause like people? Don't really love because he's just a crew module and we over Wide Bay Bam's not the most likable Ghana. We love but we understand. They like the most human college basketball coach. It's ever lived like he's just like you'll straight up. Tell you when he's nervous. I'll tell you what he's thinking at all times coaches exactly how I would coach which is just like a key still to this day is brought us out. Just I mean he's still bitter about the key. Smart shot like a lot of college. Basketball coaches are robots. That just take the next play mentality. Jim Behind the human being like I am. He's like I'm pissed off that you've made that shot. I thought I had the title Bullshit I'm bitter about it. Screw that guy. He still does that attitude. Do you think you'd be more likable? If he never won a title yes. He will be rooting for every single year. Like now he's he's in the twilight of his career that they're like come on Jim. We're all root for. We want you to get your one. I two but he would hate it. Tell you why. Because like he would they would treat him like a baby or two Wa wa or like you know some little like it's like oh it's so cute. We hope he has. You know we hope you can mega run this year and honestly they kind of Bob Huggins like you kind of become like a like a little acute care during the world as opposed to like a real guy who is head coach. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah it's it's a fine line you want you want people to root for. We don't want to pity and I think at this point forty five years in the job. If he hasn't won a title you can be pity. You poor thing. When you mentioned earlier Jim Boeheim and already been at Syracuse for twenty seven years during this game. I just got him his bed. That I'm twenty seven. That guy spent my entire lifetime at Syracuse. Yeah that was easy. Seventeen years ago and high def even been invented yet. Exactly all right. My for this game is what if Wentz immunise healthy I think from a stylistic standpoint it doesn't change much because he's he's not hit breeze we've kind of hammered that Kansas had to make shots. They did not make shots. That's what ultimate cost him to win. Wayne Simeon was not going to go out there and hit threes for them to do though is maybe he he gives them another body to throw a Carmelo and maybe that helps with Langford spelled trouble. Maybe it helps with foul trouble is certainly I think would have helped with Carlson's Fatigue issues that he had late in the game where he's used found a little more tired he was missing. Free throws them all of that site. I don't know where I fall on this. I don't think Wayne Simeon wins the game for Kansas. But I think it definitely helps their chances. I- Syracuse was just so like Winston is not gonNa Guard Gerry McNamara threes himself a winston. It's not going to you know. Go Ten for ten from the free throw line so ultimately. I think the problems that the harm Kansas. I don't think Wayne Siemian directly solves them but he definitely helps out because you can kind of lake take a little bit of the load off. Langford. Maybe link for doesn't fell out. Maybe give him some more points you know. It was more of a trickle effect. And when he started doing that you Kinda lose me with the what is so. I don't really think it's that big a deal. I like my. What if some lake? You change that one thing. It fundamentally changes everything with the Simeon thing. I think you've changed that that it has to change something else which is something else which changes something else at that point. Who Cares? So let's just do my. What at that fundamentally changes everything because we see it's already changed college basketball. It's in fact it's already in college basketball. What if the G. League lead Carmelo Anthony playing for what I would say Syracuse? I said I think yeah. I think I think circus would've lost by other. What if would be? What if it doesn't fell out already kind of touched on that? Because if you go back and do that play. Leedle Bill etling absolutely flops on this on this email driving to the basket Langford Garnham. How did trips over his own feet? It's the fifth foul Lankford. He he's he can't believe it he gets sent to the bench his his season's over at that point scored nineteen points for Kansas. I think that call. I don't think it really matters. I forget what the score was at that point. I think down like eight still six. Maybe I still think Syracuse wins but that one is more intriguing to me than Simi. Implants because I think Langford. Yeah I think of lengthens not foul trouble. Think doesn't get called for that foul. It's a much more interesting into the game but I still think searches once. That's why I I still keep coming back to that like I. Don't think any of these things that drastic. Yeah my last one. If that I have is what if you know? Kansas wins his game. What if Roy Williams in Kansas they win this national championship and what's a ripple effect? Because here's what I think happens. I think that Roy Williams decided to stay in Lawrence Kansas. I think they win that game. I think that he catches feelings. I think he finally reaches the mountaintop. He almost feels like he doesn't have to go to North Carolina to get that validation from you know that experience in his life because he was able to reach at a Kansas and I think if that were to happen that would be insane because North Carolina's head coach right now would probably be bills and pink. Oh yeah that's interesting. If you went I certainly think of Kansas. Wins and Roy Lee Carolina. Kansas fans. Don't hate him and there's no Oh yeah yeah for sure. We're going to get to that a second. We're going to get to the whole Roy could leave. I don't think he gave. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA talk about Roy Harris. Yeah can't if Roy wins it's I don't I don't think so either. I don't know that that is fascinating. Maybe maybe cause it. Because is it something where it's like. I got the one thing I wanted now. I can leave and be happy knives I think about it or is it. Like the whole reason you went to Carolina's because he thought himself I can't win a national title at Kansas. I just can't do whatever it is. I'm cursed I can't do it here. I need a fresh start dance why he went to Carolina. Yeah that's an interesting interested not the only other. What if I had is a? What if Kansas made shots? Wow Sin senator kinder you gotTa make shots toward at this level. Kansas did not make shots. You're the losers yeah that that's pretty much all right. Let's let's go over a list of things that were invented. Let's let's remind the people what was invented in basketball in this game. We already kind of started the first one. Carmelo with the superstar Treatment Yep Yep superstar treatment with the refs Carmelo events that my number one mentioned in this game was for Jim Boeheim. He invented small ball. Jim Boeheim was the creator of Small Ball. He Of course took out and put in game work game work at the big black so small ball where's Waldo chimps small so no one ever obviously? Carmelo invented the one and done model This is the I love. The CARMELO was not during the one and done era. Which is anytime people talk about one dollars. You still have to mention Carmelo. And there's always the caveat people can't say like one and done such as Greg Oden. Anthony Davis Kevin Durant and Carmelo at like you always have to say you always have to include those guys and then say in parentheses also Carmelo Anthony. Who's not part of one than Arabic started the trend? Anyway it's we'll explain it later. You've got a muddy the waters on the whole thing but Carmelo invented the one and done whether it doesn't matter what the weather rules in place or not way everyone will remember it. Is that Carmelo? Anthony was the first ever guy to be one and done in college basketball. Yes yes hundred. Percent Hundred Percent Roy. Williams have ended the break-up and Roy Williams of into the blue break up which is basically like I can jump from Blueblood to Blueblood and I can get away with it and no one's really going to care that much obviously really cared the media that ranked the coaches. That's the only billups overweight. He invented the oversell of when you leave. One School. Just like oversell. How much torn up about it out the door bring. It was the best it was me. It wasn't you guys. It was me I had Gerry. Mcnamara invented the unconscious ray rage He invented the absurd shoot from anywhere on the floor range that was mimicked by JJ After a kind of overlap their careers actually over left. Jj redick copied them. Even though is riddick older than it actually the same age. I think they're the same age either. Yeah they're both I one. They're the same age but McNamara Venit McNamara and vintage. Just like going from anywhere I got. I got the hot hand. And then Morrison Riddick Jimmer Steph trae young. All these guys it was invented by Gerry McNamara. He was the first great shooter in College Basketball History. Exactly he was the original Original love that next up to Mitch. this is not an invention but as soon as you pointed out. Jj rennick men to sixteen sweet sixteen for people that want to couric. Yeah Kirk Work for nine sure but JJ sixteen. That sounds a lot worse than me. But yeah bitch invented zone defense. I actually let this update here. Here are the three teams that one plane zone. So Michigan State Played Zone seventy-nine while they won the title. Magic Johnson could guard anybody so they would hide magic defensive deficiencies planes Villanova of course at eighty five played zone against Georgetown because they had no answer for Patrick yes so they play eighty. They play the perfect game. Villanova perfect game in eighty five and then. Unlv of course played the Amoeba with Tarquini in nineteen ninety. Those are the three teens. It doesn't matter it doesn't matter as far as we're concerned. Zone defense was invented in two thousand three. Jim Bay high started the zone. Defense three so Giambi haven't been zone. He'd vanity idea of zone defense winning national titles to. I love that in a in a tell a held up. You don't mean it still to this day. People were like thousand three. That's when so defense works of also had Kirk Hinrich Nick Collison invented Roy Williams pipeline to Iowa which actually isn't true. Either Review of France was raised in frontier radio. France was from a Iowa but in my mind they kept hammering home. That calls Heinrich from Iowa. They were coach. Assads from Iowa. Yeah so I think that was the pipeline to Iowa at the broadest. Marcus page in Harrison Barnes. So yeah that was invented by yes. So thank you for Harrison Barnes and Marcus. Pay To really appreciate that. Nicholson and Kirk Hinrich. That checks out that. What else out? Here macnamara invented the red hot first half that we already talked about that. Spike Albright Heinrich air miles invented the Marcus page and Joel. Berry shifting over to the Combo Guard very much breast about all I have. Is there anything else? What else? What else was invented? I think the biggest invasion of all this was Carmelo. Anthony getting getting the the player. I calls in college basketball. We've never seen that before. So I I want to put that out there as a great invention I say can I say quit the Wany? We haven't even really shouted out quite the way the lone senior on the Syracuse team. Mazing name Hoosier as well Bloomington North High School. Same highschools jared Jeffries same high school Sean May dwayne. He invented the idea of like he was the captain of the team. He invented the idea of clearly not being the best player on the team. But like somebody arguing that. He's the most important player on the team. Even though anyone with you only need to eyeballs you could have one functioning Dick Vitelle with one eyeball rain. It's all the way he's not even close to the best player on. I'm sure at some point three someone. Who's like listen? I understand Carmelo. Is the best understand? Jerry gives us a lot of shooting but just think from an intangible steamboat especially like your mind. Bechtol three date. Would he got this team full of freshman? I guarantee there are people like I. Just think with being the senior. Captain keeps these guys together. I think the intangibles I think is defense. I think the way he mixes it up with these guys. Keep them all focused. I think I think you could make an argument that causes most important. So I'm GONNA say Wayne he invented the idea most important player. The being the most important player. Even though you're not even close to the most talented player Okay Dago. Most important play on an ashtray. Which team now the most valuable? But the most important thing. What else we have to hit on. Do you have any fun? Facts that for clean up duty that we missed. Honestly the biggest thing that I want to talk about is the fact that just Roy Williams part of this like the the aftermath this which we kind of talked about it but the MED thirty on Wednesday announced shift aftermath. Let's do let's just get into it. Let's head first into the Roy Williams aftermath. Okay so Oliver inventions done and here we are Roy. Williams is now just lost with senior guys. He is now with Kansas but also a lot of rumors about Carolina and then we Bonnie Bernstein. That does a little interview with Racy Wilson. Not Tracy Wolfson so we apologize to our listeners out there for so long. I actually had it marked on my computer when I looked at the file. Tracy Wolfson Roy Williams and It's not as Bonnie Bernstein eurowings. But you know here we are and she s Roy Williams about the northbound Carolina job. Obviously it was a somber time at this point coach Williams. You know it's a tough loss for you guys. Have you had any time to think about the North Carolina job and he said Look Bonnie I give a shit about North Carolina in that in that is the last thing that is when Roy Williams the demand. That's one where we went from. North Carolina fans are excited their scouting their new code or Washington. An Ashtray Game Two way to Dean Smith not cuss and if if this is who this guy thinks he is. We're trying to hire coach K. So immediately North Carolina Fans. They go on the offensive where their dislike going. Roy Williams who are you to say like you don't give a shit about North Carolina while we don't give a shit about you so there's like a week of that goes on all just kinda get sits under the rug because again Dean Smith comes back in need Smith says look everybody we gotta have a win like if you what Carolina basketball like. This is who you want and it all comes do we have. Do we have the audio of Bonnie bursting ruins we yet. Lewis Lewis Mary understandably. You didn't want to address this issue during the week but many people out there with the game over one A. What your level of interest is in the North Carolina job coach body? I could give a flip about what those people want as a journalist. You have to ask that question. I understand that but as a human being it's always people that want that answer right now. They're not very sensitive. Offer you the that. Would you be willing to take it? I haven't thought about that for one. Second haven't thought about that. One second the guy in your ear. That told you have to ask that question as a journalist. That's fine but as a human being. That's not very nice because it's not very sensitive and I got that in tough times. That people should be more sensitive. I could give about North Carolina right now. I've got kids in that locker room. Thank you for two things. I want to point out here. You already covered their Roy's custody and this is a big deal Roy. Williams doesn't cause North Carolina coaches. Don't cuss Dean. Smith wouldn't allow this to happen. He could tell the first time. He says that he says Bonnie I could give a flip what these people want. So he's tested. He's like revving up the engine a little bit. He's dipping his toes in the water. He he does the cuss word without causing. I could give a flip and then body. He kinda shoots doughty says You know he says the journalist hard but as a human being understand that and he thinks it's over he thinks if I just say that Bonnie will leave me alone. Monte birdseed goes back to the Welsh all. That's great coach. What if he offers you if they offer you the job? Or you're GONNA take it. And that's what he snaps he's like. I don't give a shit about North Carolina and so that was hilarious. Roy was just got a you know he was. He just kept hidden poked but the the fact that Bonnie Burston asked him again. The fact that Roy Williams is calling out cook. We talked to the guy who is in her ear. Whatever happened to that guy? I need to wear out to the guy that was in Bonnie Bernstein. Roy said you're a bad human being the producer. He's like Bonnie. I know that you're not asking that question. But whoever's in your ear bad man he's a bad bad man but at the same time. Roy respects the business. He's a journalist. I understand this request. You must have great work. I would give you the word great journalism and I respect that but as a human being your piece of Shit but then put the ball on it all after Roy just reams Bonnie Bernstein and CVs at all of that. He said She says coach. Thank you very respectfully. A hits hits him with the coach. Thank you very much So I I love that. Roy invented the The the cantankerous post game interview with the the Letter Hamilton Dana Jacobson. Add that to the list so to the larger points eight. Roy Williams gets asked about North Carolina. He says I haven't I haven't thought about it for a single second. Not One second of I thought about North Carolina exactly seven days later he takes the North Carolina job and kind of shapes modern college. Basketball's we know and as we said Carmelo on its college basketball. If you're looking at it as it's due to wrong thing of players and coaches Carmelo Anthony in this game shapes the direction of the players. He starts the one done movement. He makes it a viable thing. Where you know we talked about earlier. Amari Stoudamire Carmelo Anthony to the best recruits in college basketball going into the season. Amare Stoudamire obstacle pro. First Carmelo Anthony Obstacle College in Carmelo shows the path that like if you go to college and kill it and win a national title star. You hit the ground running when you get to the league and everyone already knows your name and you can can use college for that one year as a jumping off point whereas Hari obviously had a great year but like it took him out of my own little while for people to know who Amari Stoudamire was so Carmelo shows us the path with he kind of lays the groundwork for modern college basketball players. Go Roy Williams leaving North Carolina sets the framework for modern college basketball with coaches. Because then bill self comes because comes to Kansas Bruce Weber goes to Illinois If Bill Self was on the bench for Illinois Maybe Illinois Beach North Carolina title game but instead Roy Winds Carolina gets going from there and and away. We go well. Let's talk about the fallout Roy. Going to North Carolina eight because the day after he takes the job. I found this clip of of him being interviewed by a young Mike. Greenberg a younger Mike. Greenberg will say on sportscenter. And he says Roy Roy doing the overselling how bad he feels. He's asked about how he felt with. Doherty was fired. He says I was stunned. Authority wasn't he resigned. Yes yay door gave them the option. Yeah yeah he says. I was stunned. I felt uncomfortable. Matt's guy like this is very awkward for me it He then says that he felt like a traitor kept using the word trader that he felt like a traitor for the recruits who ended up being. Who were the recruits Omar? Wilton David Padgett. I think most guys that can't had signed. He called them to tell him he was leaving. He says I feel like a trader. He made clear that he was going back to the banquet on Thursday. So this is on. I'm trying to get my day straight. This is on Monday. He takes the job the Monday after the title game. A week later he takes the job. That Thursday was the Kansas postseason banquet. Roy went back to Lawrence for that and he say he's talking to Mike Greenberg about this. Kansas Finish are not happy. Obviously they're very very hurt by this a Scot Pollard. This is my favorite part of all the fall out Scot Pollard. Calls the calls the Lawrence newspaper unsolicited and just starts talking about how he feels like. He's been betrayed by by coach. Leaving Scot Pollard left Kansas in one thousand nine hundred seventy left six years earlier and he was calling the Lawrence paper unprovoked. It was just like here. Are My thoughts? Take grab a pen and paper thoughts a so. He he left Kansas absolutely shook because they promise the national title. They thought they were in this together. They thought it was a family. Roy Preach Loyalty and he left the tape. And I don't know your thoughts on all this but I thought it was pretty easy Because it's hilarious you know. Seventeen years You know it was April fourteenth. Read so you just do the math. It's not that long after next year which gave no about a week or so after James. Who gave Roy Williams as announced the head coach North Carolina? So he goes from. I don't give a flip. The on the new head coach nicely. You know that. That's that's A. That's a turnaround that we've seen all way too many times at this point but the lead up to it was all the rumors that were going. Reverend Williams was you know I mean. The two thousand rumors were everywhere. Ruins is gonNA come North Carolina. That was a dean wants to happen. Guttridge wants to happen Roy. You know he's done a great job Kansas. He's obviously had all these great players but North Carolina is home wants to come back to his home state. Yadda Yadda did he doesn't come in. It's because he wants to stay in Lawrence and Wanda's wife with Saint Lawrence and all sorts of stuff so there's three years of just shit you know for North Carolina Basketball No one's having a good time nothing. Nothing's going well. Anyways Roy Williams is doing what you're saying which is like chiming in from the outside like why hope Matt figures it out. I Love I love you. Know How he coaches. Those kids got it. Yeah so you're getting all this from work in the air irritated right because you're just like you didn't want to be here now. You're commenting on it and stay over there. Yeah but then he comes full force and you almost have to walk back that three years of wake but then he still has that outlook for Kansas that he did have Carolina before where he's like. I hope Kansas figure. I hope the day. Paget ITO figures out live Lawrence North Carolina fans like. We don't care about day. Whoever that is I care about. Rashaad McCann's Weiss throwing balls at our head coach practice like. Can we figure that out when we get into practice? Figure that out. So that's the funniest that's sort of like the most interesting thing with coach. Williams that he's both sides of the coin with Kansas fans an with Carolina fans. He has a love hate relationship even though I mean look ruins seventeen years of North Carolina nine regular season titles forty five Tournament Wins Five. Final fours four Title Game Appearances Three Natural Championships complain about that. But there's also the underside of that. There's the undercard with Narcan fans you've been stood up before you know it doesn't matter. Everyone remembers two thousand sorority. Get over that and I think his first year honestly was like a it was growing pains like talking about like like he was benedict. Arnold or whatever like nobody was ear that North Carolina Chapel Hill. To hear. You say that you feel like you betrayed. Kansas came home betrayed anybody. But Roy ahead to like I don't know it was a weird flip and everyone but they can't poindexter like I used to know the first year I was like who is this guy can't say it gets but then I fell in love and this is why Roy was so conflict. I really do think. Roy's genuine because I think he made clear that North Carolina was the only job you would ever leave for but but Kansas fans also had. They rightfully felt very upset about this. Because this wasn't just a case of coach leaving for a program first of all it's a hard pill to swallow in your Kansas and someone voluntarily Turns Down The head coaching job at your school. Because you're like your chances. Who why would you not want to be here? We're the best of the best like what are you. What do you mean. You're leaving voluntarily right after we almost want national title that makes no sense whatsoever But there's also the unfinished business. Kansas has won a title since one thousand nine hundred eight. It'd been fifteen years at that point and you know it was it. Was Roy been within the entire? Ron is the face of those fifteen years. Roy's the face the fifteen years. It's all it's all building to this moment and you come back close to where it probably in Kansas fans. Minds of Michael Lee makes the shot. They went and overtime and that's probably what they had convinced themselves. So that like we were so close to win the national title. And you're GONNA bail on his now that I understand their point of view. Especially Roy preached family the whole time and they feel betrayed but it is kind of perfect how it all worked out because obviously you pointed out. Carolina's was better for it. They've won three national titles. Since then no more titles Roy Williams. Since he left Carolina a Yukon is one three but one Kevin Kelly as a little side but a Kansas. Better for bill comes like maybe maybe the Roy Bill Self. I'm not saying who would have been better. Whatever but I think he's as fans would agree that the way it worked out ended up being perfectly ended up being perfect that twenty years. Later after Danny Manning eight you win and you don't just win an eight you beat you caroline on the way to winning you beat Roy Williams in the final four. Don't don't beat him blow him out. Roy Is then wearing the Jayhawk wearing two thousand. Three hundred percents doesn't happen if Kansas wins. The national title in Two Thousand Three and then Roy wrote lineup. He's not wearing the Jayhawk he's lying. I don't feel bad. Whatever the only reason he did that is because Kansas fans were so upset when he left that he felt that bad. That he's like you. Kinda overdid it Roy. You should put your foot down with like L. With all the I give you fifteen. Good years you not accept the kiss my ass. But he's too nice but then not only all of that but then the way. Kansas eight ended up being perfect. Because it was the missed free throw by Memphis just like a teamwork missed the free throw Syracuse. And there's the scramble. They need a three to send it to overtime. Instead of getting shot blocked they make it. They win over time. It was all perfect. I don't think he's got a scripted or any barriers fan so it all worked out for Kansas. It was just crazy. The the the wheels that went emotion when Roy left and they started turning on d do like Kansas fans. Dean Smith probably not anymore but I I was digging up all these articles that are written about how held Roy. Dean is a Kansas Guy Dean from Kansas play. Kansas Kansas through and through. Why would he? Why would he stabs all modern the back like this just to get Roy Williams North Carolina? The whole thing the whole thing was juicy but it worked out for everybody. Everybody says well. It's funny because like just the the drama behind at the Kansas. The Kansas connective tissue North Carolina with fog Allen with Dean Smith with Larry Brown with Roy Williams and all those guys basically being able to pick and choose their loyalties. So it's like a and they have the two best backyards to pick you. Don't I mean it's like you want Lawrence Wilt Chamberlain and all in fog on all these guys deeds method? You Are Frank. Maher or the list goes on. And on Ron Leaning Rosenthal is people end is because Dean Smith obviously like became the North Carolina person at that point but he still had such an affinity for Kansas. That he didn't want them to like he knew how they all know how fickle situation is and how much it will blow up and it's just so funny that they tried to do it all behind closed doors in secretly and like you know trying to get the all the cards and all the ducks in a row and this is the year. Roy should leave. North Ron's ready to get rid of met thirty this year. It's like all these things were just like being decided behind closed doors but they were also getting leaked and it was time on. The Internet wasn't around like it is today so it was all rumor mill. It was all just like folklore and I think that's why I was so dramatic when it all happened because it didn't even feel real like when ruined it came out of the Roy. Williams is here as a kid. It took you know some days for that to be like. Are you serious? Jawad Williams is going to have its coach. What we're going to be the has to be. The biggest is that the biggest higher in college basketball says since then has has there been a bigger. I'm trying to think of a moment that was bigger than that. Like when you said like Oh man this is Ms Calipari or Roy Area Kentucky. I mean but I don't really think that's that's maybe it is. I guess it's sort of the same thing ish but yeah I don't know but but Memphis wasn't like it was more defensible because like he's leaving Memphis using conference. Usa At the time Memphis Day. Just like hiring the hottest coaches. Yeah this one is like Oh my God. Someone's leaving Kansas right after going to the national title game. That's crazy but it all worked out for everybody. The wheel motion bill self goes to Kansas. Bruce Weber gets the Illinois job. If Bruce Waiver. If that doesn't happen Bruce Weber doesn't inherit. Bill Secretes go to the title game. Maybe Bruce Weber like when he gets fired from Illinois. He doesn't end up at Kansas state and may be yeah like he ends up Kansas State which actually helps Kansas fans as well right. Right is the rebel receiver for fans. Did Not want to listen to this. If you listen to this now you understand all this head. It was all it was all. It was inevitable enough about Kansas. Though we gotta talk about Syria I could I could just subconsciously feel Syracuse fans getting mad at spend time talking about the damn champions the aftermath of Syracuse so Carmelo goes pro. Obviously we all know his story. I guess I guess I'm looking back on a date. Carmelo Anthony. His what's wild about. This is that he spends one year in college and we've made this point before his one year in college has overshadowed he's had a hall of fame MBA career. He's going to go to the hall of fame. He's one of the one of the greatest. Nba players ever. Even though he's never won a title. People say this is all whatever the guys. The guys unbeliev is one of the best players of his generation. Whatever and yet he still arguably not even arguably to me but like arguably to the the greater picture better known for his one year Syracuse because it was just that magical he was. He was that good. That's pretty crazy to think about. Is that people still to this day. Talk about Carmelo Syracuse Carmelo in the Olympics in NBA Carmelo NBA Carmelo. Is everyone favor version of carpeting? Say It's like Olympics in Syracuse. Carmelo battle it out for the top and then it's like a long drop. It's like yeah. Nba Mellow and the guys. Like one of the greatest scores. He's unbelievable and when he was on the Doug it's unbelievable when they could have gone the finals a few times. But somehow we forget about all that sort of stuff I don't so let's the Carmelo. Aftermath is like his legacy will endure forever as the guy who We've been joking little tongue-in-cheek about like inventing the one and done thing. But even if even if he didn't invent the one and done it's just like he he is forever. The model of using one year of college basketball to boost your profile to submit your legacy and then in hit the ground running as a as a bonafide star and then gay Jerry. Go ahead oh I was GONNA say forget that if he gets drafted by the Pistons would have won a championship. Most likely unless he took all the shots away from teacher on prints or something but they probably wanted Jamie. Then everyone would say Carmelo. Anthony Bajic Johnson Larry Brown would have ran out of NBA basketball basketball actually Gerry McNamara aftermath. We all know he finished his career. No six with the legendary big tournament run where Syracuse wants. Four Games of four days on all of them were basically possession of title game. If you pick by four ends up stuck in the Stadium in the first round McNamara just completely runs out of gas but He he becomes a legend in his own right host. This like that's that was what was cool about. Mcnamara's like it wasn't just he had this. One Ron faded into oblivion he. He was great throughout his entire career. Of course we get the Bay We wouldn't win ten fucking Games Without Gerry. Mcnamara the legendary rant. That will always always think about what I think Gerry. Mcnamara behind saying we wouldn't have won ten fucking games and I think a string cheese but for McNamara to book in his career with the national title and then of course they lose in the first round of his senior year that the tournament. But that big run Almost worth it it's almost better syracuse fans. I think they'd rather have had that. Oh Six big East Ron. Who's in the first round? Have them like lose in the second round of the Big East tournament and losing the Sweet? Sixteen in Oh six you know what I mean like. It's almost better. Just have the biggest ron inflame out. Then see as So anyway that's the that's the macnamara aftermath and then we all know behind behind still stuck around. He's in your forty five. Made a couple more final four since then. Add Two teams had the team in twenty two and twenty twelve. Both felt like they were good enough to win. It both had a Fab. Melo had the academic problem in two thousand twelve. Because he couldn't speak. English is expected to take all the classes and then a honor walk. You had the leg injury and in two thousand ten eight up the Butler in the Sweet Sixteen Gordon Hayward Butler team. He's had some good teams. Never had a team. That's really he said team. That could contend. He's he had the twenty thirteen team. That beat Indiana made. The final four by Carter Will Exhibit Twenty Sixteen Team at Virginia. Louis obviously but never really had a team. That was like this team is going to win. The National Title Other Than Twenty. Two thousand twelve was probably best shot but like Kentucky with Soga that year and Carolina was so good that year. Yeah so anyway. That's his one shot so it's a good thing he wanted to. I guess I was GonNa say like Gympie. I've that was that was the year he did it. And that's why we're so confident that I added Jerry Makmur from the other day. I don't think if day goes by when you don't think about that moment which is like one of the national image. And you know I think a Lotta Times on the show we joke about. You Know College basketball dying all sorts of stuff and the end of whatever it was but Gerry McNamara saying that got me a little bit. Because he's still ask Syracuse on staff right now and just the fact that like that game that moment it's still has such Like a space in his heart in his mind I it says something about college basketball at that time. And it says something about you know what it means to perform all nets And have it be such a special moment and to continue to let it be and not be like? He was so pure how he was saying. It wasn't like I'm bragging about it. I WanNa talk about our days. It's like I think about it. Every day makes me happy. He's be happy. There's there's no point in trying to rank stuff like this because it's stupid and in fruitless and who who really ultimately cares but it really does feel like Syracuse the fan base of Syracuse is a tighter community then again. I don't know where they rank in terms of like the tightest commute like the most familial type community but the faculty Jim Boeheim grew up. There went there and has been their entire life the fact that like Jerry. Mcnamara's plays they're in the now he. It really does feel like Gerry. Mcnamara is going to be there the rest of his life. Yes eventually take over. He's going to be the new bay. I but just that whole region of the country is feels like they got they got that. Russ Bell mentality of like. We'll make fun of ourselves will crap on ourselves for how much it snows here. There's nothing to do. Here are the only show in town Syracuse basketball but if anybody from outside Syracuse tries to make fun of us will kill you we you and I love places like that. That to me is what I think of what I think is. Syracuse is like that fan base Is just so. It's just like a cultural thing and obviously a lot of these things I'm saying are true. Fan bases around the country but like it just feels like a special trip. Syracuse that one observation. I've had steered Francis Wealth They all have like old old gear that they wear like you're watching A. Syracuse gave you always see like this scattered about in the carrier Dome sweatshirts? It looked like they were made in the sixties or eighties. People like no of like like people that have been fans of Syracuse basketball for only like the last ten years or whatever they did grow up there but they went to school there or they're younger fans whatever they still like have opinions on parole Washington per watching Jersey Democrat. Yeah they they still really really care and it's like how could you possibly share about that? You aren't old enough to remit but it's because it's been beaten it's such a cultural thing there so for them to have the one title and not just the one title. I really do think that like this team. Winning is so much cooler than the nine hundred sixteen for example like no disrespect to John Wallis but like that was kind of a forgettable series team. Eighty seven was a good team. That would have been a good team if they want. But it's cool that three-team it's cool. That you have a guy like Carmelo Anthony who is an icon he's not just a syracuse icon. He's college basketball. Icon Jerry Magnum era. Everyone will remember him It just all kind of came together perfectly in a weird way. I really do think it's better for Jim. Boeheim for his legacy for like how I will remember him for a all that other stuff that he only wanted one. I think it's like we really better that Jim. Boeheim only one because it like makes it more special and it makes the fact that it happened in the superdome after the eighty seven situation was shot it just all ties together so perfectly and I don't know that's that's kind of it that's all I really have. Yes got a guy like a mass amino vibrated. There it's like they had to do it that year. If they do that you're they would never done it. And then they did it and it's like it's nice to go back and reflect and just look at even say we're talking about an active college basketball coach by the way we're just like he's never gonNa do it like yeah you could do it next year talking about. Bam like he's dead. He's been dead for fifteen years did so so good for him. I do want to rattle through some fun facts though to put a nice bow on this thing Nice. I had some things written down here. That some cleanup duty. That we missed a number ONE GERRY MCNAMARA FROM SCRANTON. Did they hundred times in the in the broadcast but screen became famous later as we as we know the office. Do you think they pick scranton because the office started like? Oh five right before yet. I feel Fran because at Gerry McNamara height of Jerry Magpies career absolutely Larry. Where's this guy from Scranton Pennsylvania? Let's go how nickname house. Mcnamara's nickname not electric city. I have this written down. This is this is looking back on it. Scranton is the electric city. That feels. That feels like a Dick vitelle nickname for Gerry. Mcnamara. No like. I don't know big swinging Amiss by college basketball media back then another fun fact Nick Collison and drew good. Who a year before this took place. They won back to back in. Abc National Awards which is absolutely staggering. So in Otsu drew. Gooden wins the ABC National Player. The AUBERGE will and then an oath re when David West and TJ Ford splitting all the national players here. Nick Collison slips in there and Wednesday. In a beastie national player. So I don't know who is voting on ABC but that Guy Loves Kansas basketball. Say Large someone in Lawrence Kansas vote. He's like yeah. Love McConnell's the The other thing I was going to say Another fun fact. The only non Kirk Hinrich made three by Kansas in this game was Michael Lee. As soon as he checked in from the corner that he ended up getting blocked from So the only three that. Kansas wasn't Kirk was the Michael Lee. Michalik actually made a shot from that exact corner that it can more into block from. I found that kind of interesting What else here. Behind Gary Williams both Coach their Alma maters titles and back to back years and then two years later. Roy want his own runner. So that was interesting to me they. They brought that up in the broadcast back to back years back to back years. We love that. It's good to see I had a Kirk Hinrich. Last made field goal of his career was a two handed dunk when he leaked out ahead. They threw it up to him and he he went baseline I think that's pretty funny. He at the last few goaltenders airball three and last night one was a was a two done and then the only other thing I was going to say was zone. Defense was illegal Ba from nineteen forty seven into until two thousand two so syracuse won this title right after the NBA said zone defenses allowed in India for the first time in over fifty years and then Syracuse won the title in College Zone Defense. Oh I found that interesting as well. Oh One more thing Kansas was two hundred seventy seven. Free-throw percentage in two hundred nineteenth in three point field goal percentage on the season college basketball. So we probably should have saw that coming that they weren't GonNa make shots the free. Yeah the free throw situation was abysmal. It's Ozzy was shocking. You've been watching it seeing how bad it was like in Primetime Eh Yeah you mentioned his own defense. That's pretty much. What the whole if you were to look at the back channels of basketball like Jerry Colangelo. Usa Basketball something something happened there the NBA like zone? Defense needs to come back. We need defense in Jim Bay. I was the face of that. They put him out there. He made it happen. He delivered a graduation. Go on. You're still here. You're still kicking. You're still win. It still plans on still picking your nose on the bench. Love it anything else. What else are we gotta talk about? I think we hit it all right. Yeah they had it all. I WanNa do another TNT classic. I like it. We didn't National Championship game. I hope you didn't upset the Kansas fans. Obviously because they did not last game. Yeah we we did our best. We did our best. I I love doing these. These are so fun. I know that people don't necessarily love listening to them. That's a seems to be dominated as like it's it seems Pacific for just a fan base that one but I don't care if we don't we don't as Roy Williams said we don't give a flip with those people think we don't get a reader we we certainly do not give we enjoy doing on the. It's it's by far the most fun I have during the show. The regular fixed we deep dive into a start digging up stuff a Taking trips down memory lane. So hopefully guys -joyed But again if we don't give flip we'll be back on Monday with regularly scheduled programing talking about this. Wake forest higher talking about the all the happenings. The news notes of college basketball upper usual. So thanks for listening. -gratulations Syracuse Orange. You're still it's thousand three national champions on rewatch after watching it. We are still claiming. We are still deciding that you have won the two thousand three National Championship. Congratulations stay mellow.

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