ep192 2019 Dead Pool: American Heroes


Two thousand nine hundred man points deadpool west picks with the number one draft pick gotta go. With the shirt thing. Leeann. His beauty contest lead them would win. The sure thing man. Well, you're going young. So I'm gonna have to go young as well. Young or not. That's what the pope saying why he gets throat cancer loosens, his voice and kills himself where crews then the Mitch and Leland means I just wanted to say happy new year and suck intake west. Cannon. Verbal mega man. I'm so damn boss. Some pigheaded so much of headed kill them seats with these live cheese elite. Don't forget it. You'll Richard Nicole musculus astronomical articles Trevor cost of land. So that I could get McCoy's in the four with the of should give me bonus points. Ain't no Princess. Ain't no prince the second hand with the we. By the commando and just to give you an example. I'm like across the dream win hotel. We have so. This license ice unintended could petition for me. Now, one of the sheet. I'm on fight him a bit. And. Hands up. Also doesn't work because you don't just arbitrarily make fucking rules. When people aren't here decided. You can go back and listen to last year's episode and these are the same rules. They are they're the exact same rules. Gonna die as stroking out. Not. Thank you, Chris. Sometimes what I'll take it man as almost picked myself as well. We would win. We would have somehow disqualify, you know. It's like I'm gonna die jumping off a bridge. And I jump up ridge. That's obviously see premeditate suicide. But I mean, if I'm like, God stroke out this year. Yeah. Year, right. This at least get Sally of the year. Do if you quit you jump off a bridge if I had. Yes, that's that's cheating. You don't get to say in your own pool. I'm going to die jumping off a bridge on December twenty second. And then you do it. And you win that's cheating. But I say, I'm probably going to stroke out this year. And I still got this year. That's a win. Okay. Yeah. And you it if you don't from stroking out, we'll still be on the pawn. Stroking? That's definitely aren't there. Because I got the roof writer Anthon going on in my head now. So I agree with you know. I'm doing it. I got the way to go. I got the way to go. So I don't like four. I'll give you. I'll give it to you. So here, we go west just gave us these awesome. Skateboards Leland comes with the most awful guess every year like ridiculous. He's gotta be best. I was like waiting on something special for west. It's very rare. Having a hard time picking out something for leaving because he's the man with everything. And so I said, including glitter shirts. I mean, he has everything you. Oh, yeah. When he wants it. That's not a bad thing. That's not a dig. Got it about bin. What would a real man want? You know, something not too expensive. But something he can take home and appreciate and so I got you guys each very nice for all of imperial stout comb. Awesome. Thank you, sir. New rate. That's my that's my with that moment. I was gonna say I tell you what everybody's next year. Chris Chris, not all that's not a crisp five dollar Bill. That was more than five. I know for a fact they sold us at the seven eleven down the road from west is how. Five bucks? Also. I want to send out a hardy fucking dick from. But it doesn't. And with Eddie, totally redeemed himself. With that welcome next. Evolution of man points. We shed the shackles feminism beat back the pressure political correctness her unfiltered opinion about all gifts cheesy and not near the end. We try to find out who stands true and proud as a thoughtful gift giving man of the week or who's just a simple little dry by seven eleven Sally of the week. It's mushrooms. Danton forehead. So crawling say space curl pinch. Give to blanket they prepare to be triggered because our facts don't give a damn about your feelings sit in a room with me west is Chris and and out west on the horn. We have. Fat mitch. You know, you're not allowed to have your own thing. And also last but not least we have Lee Lin is this Kito. Can I eat this? I don't think it's key to this'll be my that stop you from eating addict before this'll be my that'd be my wall year. I gotta give all credit to my oldest stepdaughter who saw these and it was like, this is for your podcast. You should you should get these wherever you taking your fourteen year olds that I wonder where the shopping with mom, so so she told us we could all eat Dicks. Good for her. It's a little I'm I'm so proud. So proud. And I also you'll regret that fucking seven drive by common when you get your face. It was so hard enough. Hard to find gifts or timely row gifts for timely. Gotta go with whichever now. All right. The purpose of the not so west is chomping at the bit. Well, we have limited time. This effort to try to get this even remotely near are under to our limit. We gotta roll roll fame. I go with crowned champion for two thousand eighteen you don't know what can happen tonight. The thirty first I could still pull ahead of freaking comet could hit something. Yeah. But you need to pointer to tile, I've got one hundred one year old one hundred four year old on my list. Still and cop off Leah Bracknell could drunk works. Scared at the Chinese new you need three to win you need four to win. I'm not gonna make it goes to. All right. Can congratulations west AIBA Queen? We are the chair my crown from last year. Yeah. Which by the way, Sally the year. Slackers didn't give us a frigging trophy. Yeah. Why should I how cool would it? Be the livestream with our frigging stuff cat right there. I'm sorry. Their very own man. Pint sushi. Those. We got plenty of days. Policy in the military. Van in the middle of the table. Kind of we're all joking opposite the table. Can't support his way. No mitch's a fat one. Would said is they say that out of ten pounds? But a. He didn't need midgets than had injury. So it would be funny if his moniker came the fat one, and then people would be confused all the time if we all five forever and once week. Wait. I thought we haven't gotten into be Mitch going, aren't you bed? We haven't gotten anything monogrammed yet. We could still put the fat one on the everything for Ben's. We're talking to fat one the fat one or the bear with the up to you the fat bear. Okay. We can go with the fan bear. Never mind frontal, although bear just become FU panda, fucking seconds. Promised quick run down of the rules. Since Chris, what's are you over it? We're doing a draft ten picks each of us each person each celebrity hall of Famer whatever they are can only be picked one time. We retiring to names this year because they have their survive the deadpool twice in row, Bill Clinton, and the Queen are off limits were Jewish. Remember, the people for the rest, or for real hang hang their jerseys with pride. So ten names. Like, I said you have to get a jersey with Clinton on it. Yeah. We're gonna put a stain on it because because that real real quick I was going to I was going to like chess meet this it picked Hillary just so that one of you guys wouldn't because we'd have to retire jersey. Almost wanted to be for sure that she's going to die that year, if not she's a winner, and who isn't. Jesus Christ knew that was going to happen. Is that new present the old one? That's the one that's been dropped multiple times. Or it's everyone's gonna pick their ten names you're going to pick one name of how they're going to die. And it's going to be ten bonus points. If you get it right now the couple of rules for how they die is it cannot be of old age, and if they already have a terminal illness, you cannot pick that so if someone's already dying of cancer, you can't say John Smith is going to die of cancer. If they're healthy as. A big gay bear. And you want to pick terminal cancer and die this year. You can do that. And. Also, we've got all the the list if I do pick somebody and the way they're gonna die the way that they're going to die the bonus points. Yeah. The temple what you get the points for the guy they die. At least get you there. And you were wrong about how they died. You should get points for their age group. Correct. Which I don't think you covered right? So no, that's why it's bonus points on the age of your point. All right. So the age group is up to forty that's five points. Forty one to fifty nine is three point sixteen above is only one point. So it's kind of how you want to do the numbers is it forty one and fifty nine instead of forty one sixty one we said up to forty bring. Five two points. Under forty five point forty two six to three forty one to sixty. We've said three three on that. And then one and then one point because I got sixteen. Yeah. That's what I'm saying. You gotta kinda do. So let's kick it off. Without further ado, west with the very first pick in the man points podcast, two thousand record your own to me, we all are two thousand nineteen man points. Deadpool west picks with the number one draft pick gotta go. With the shirt thing Ruth beta Kuenssberg mass. All right. Sure thing man. I see. But I don't think it's a sure thing because I think stick around and make sure Trump doesn't get to name anybody. She I think that's a bad pick. She's on her fourth three cancer. They're going to do weekend. Great. I don't it's a solid pick. All right. Yeah. It's one of my only fifteen or not, hey under my problem. All right. So I'm gonna go with my first pick, and I'm going to go with a little akin to your one of your big picks last year. And I'm going to get that old Pat Robertson from the seven hundred club. I almost put him. I didn't put him on my list. I almost did that too. And I didn't so good. Thank god. You'll one of my only what's another one. We don't feel bad about. He dies. He goes to heaven. It's no big deal. You have my first point. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. I mean, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, definitely going to hell. Well. All right. That'd be Christopher. I'm going Hillary Clinton. Oh, solid. Pick solid pick. Nobody saw that coming now against as a wish again, it's not a wish like, so I think she's sicker than they've they've been on for a while. I do agree. We've gotten a lot of wishlist from listeners that like when the information starts pouring in from this visitation this year. And I know I keep saying this, but she's going to just going to stroke out. You know, the the worst thing about the whole listener wishlist we've gotten we kind of hanged. They all gave us death like how they're gonna die. It's like it's one. It's only one. But no. Here's did you notice this, right? So one of the wishlist, we got. All right. So I sat on the Facebook page. Hey, guys on a wishlist, and one of the people who sent in a wishlist said got inside information do. Are you threaten to kill them? All. Which which hanging hanging? Around hanging congress. He means military tribunals. Stay it labs. Spiracy theorists that believe what's the last time. Somebody was hung. Well, I mean, I don't brag though granted. Pretty sure Chris Cornell hung itself, no water thing not hung themselves. Like where it was. It was involuntary like Saddam Hussein. I didn't realize they were an American. Fuck and say, I feel like we did feel like he was imply out. Oh now, you feel like it was implied. It was pretty sure is implied that America. Yeah. We met America. In your statement. Just now we're getting off track. All right. That's why we started right off a little bit. Otherwise, it just frigging five grown men being list. All right. What do you got? Richards moon moon. And I forget that. That's a good one. You picked him last year. So if he survives. He's retired. That's gay. And Ben with his very first pick ever as part of the main points bond gas, you are going with the nature boy, RIC flair. If he survives. He's retired. That's true. I like that. And you know, what I hope you score points because I hate Rick flair, absolutely. Did they gonna go through my listen? I got police it had like a chance. You must you must get it done it. Now, Mr. everybody else over prepared. He's got sixty people. So you guys take all my shit. I'm gonna look at your list too. I'm gonna go with my number two as well as no I'm not gonna call the way she dies. But the next one Demi Levato. I picked out knowing that nobody was going to pick that she can I had I had I had Demi Levato. List? It's not your. I mean when we announce picks to we have to tell how they dying auto. I mean, Demi Levato is gonna OD, but that's not what you're taking. But that's not the one. I'm okay. Because that's what I was going to get an audit. Sure thing. Okay. Then one is probably going to die as well. As why? Okay. So this is where this is where you have to strategy comes in because he went young quick. And he went Demi Levato. So we might be thinking of the same wheelhouse. So with number two I'm going to Selena Gomez. And I'm going, and I am going to go ahead and call it. I'm saying overdose. That is my bonus point pick, Selena Gomez will overdose. This year. How old is she not very she's under thirty. She's definitely under thirty. She's in. She's in her mid twenty s you jumped on that one. I got two point big points right there. And she just she just went to rehab, and I was going to wait. I didn't think any see I was gonna wait on Sunday and go man track match shit. Oh, no. We've gotten smart in this game. I thought about Demi Levato to all right? Christopher. Picks up fast because here's a quick. Bob dole. Oh, good one. Good one. He picked before I the first season out. Bob Dole will be retired if he survived. That's what I'm saying. He took the first go round. Yeah. So Bob Dole. We all forgot about them last year. We talked about that. But reminded me I was like I'm not gonna forget that this year. Yeah. You got Mitch? Tom cruise. He's assassinated because he knows what happened. The Shelley Mets bitch data nest of his wife would not sign dodgy. Is it your is that your ten point Hicks with? Bold new year. Like, the only one that. Jiang. What's going clear? You guys know what about like? Scientologist person. Right. Yeah. I think I think wife the head of Scientology. Well, to get black bag man clearly out this, you know, something about the Clintons. You got. You gotta watch going clear like if you haven't watched it yet that's forgetting tried it blow your mind get away with Colt man, they have a whole they have they have literal slaves in Scientology, like a slave ship yet if a slave ship that they send people off to work on and they literally chained people in the basement. Yes. Is legit Stein. It's known and yet they continue to have tax. All y'all don't wanna believe in the deep state people. Lots of people have said it. They just have been investigated. There's been lots of people saying it. It's protection of the church. Oh, yeah. Absolutely. It's a reason the pope got away with Muslim little boys for so long. The pope, this pope didn't know the other popes did is that what you're saying. See he slipped into the Catholics. No it too. All right. Who you know back to me? I band. Oh, I'm going to go with Gene Hackman for my second pick. Ooh, dark orc. He looks like he's really dying superman. Great actor them. Everyone can't wait to see his in memoriam at the Grammys or freaking Golden Globes or whatever. All right. This was gonna make everybody smile and with with pleasure comes through fucking Jared Jared. Yeah. You almost like almost put them on a list. But I think he's gonna be alright survived prison for the last two year again research. Don't worry. This is prison to the one calling. All right. He's gonna get shanked. You think? So I think you would've. Yeah. Because I have a little bit of my own wishlist wishlist into this. All right. I feel like he's already got the Leland protection program in full effect. Because if he's lived this long, I think you make these good. All right. I'm. A hero away. I hate that. This is only a one point or, but I feel like it's a full thing. And and I actually kinda liked this guy. Ben, I'm sorry. Terry funk. That's a good one. Yeah. Did you go on a WWF thing to do? I have a couple on here. The first thing I thought. Thinking was wrestlers, right. And all the rest is I thought off thong of at the top of my head that we're back mayonnaise dead dead dead dead on Mike who's still alive. Here's folks alive, you know for much longer. I went through what I went through that. And I went live alive alive. Then I went who single. Support granola reason to live who's going to go back down the Jake the snake pathway, you better. Not have Jake the snake. Absolutely. You get sixty Chris I'm helping you out. You might not have had Jake's I don't I don't care about wrestlers don't have any. It's not because you ought to care about them. So I wanna put them on my death list. I mean, I don't. I pay don't pay attention to that world. Very Ma saying we mentioned wouldn't occur to me to take the snake friend of the podcast. I know he here's a great guy. He was great. And he wants to be videos moving. I'm just saying it's not something. I think about often so wouldn't occur to me. So often. Highland. Begnaud time seeing much snake pencil woman running out of people. All right. Mitch. What do you got no screaming? Oh, it's Chris my bad. I'm chris. Garrity picked wrestler, your turn, oh chain wrestler wrestler. We never heard of Little Richard. That's a good one. Good one. He found out that are still alive. I was like holy shit, and his Jerry curl still looks fantastic. He looks like Dave, chappelle, Justice prints pretended to be literature. Although I do have theory that people that used coke for many years, and then quit for good have really strong hearts like they're on cardio. Just twenty four seven for years. I've been on a treadmill for the last twenty years. I think can't survive sitting on his couch. So I might it might be a bust. But I was surprised he was still around tonight Mitchell. Okay. You guys are gonna hate me. But I gotta do it. We already hate. You got nowhere. During an operation for air plugs. He can be allowed on the death loose. Mitch Chuck Norris. Chuck norris. Sometimes I think both. I'm actually being nice here. You should be record. Somebody should be recording mentioned are you going to say because he's sitting on the toilet was dog in his land. Tried to hit Chuck Norris. Any fucking died. I mean killed Bruce Lee. With telecom. Jesus. Kyle. All right Benjamin did reference I didn't know. All right. So my next pick is I'm going to call it also Goma Joe Nemeth on liver failure, Joe Nemeth on failure. Well, hold on. Do you have inside information about his living? Epstein dude everybody does. He's a hard drinker. I mean, he looks like a hard aggregate. That's that's who I'm calling. I'm sure performance enhancing drugs were never part of his life. Never not even once. I think it's time to go for an easy one. And I don't even know her name, really. Dogged abound. Hunter's wife. Tunga look at it, you she's got one foot in the ground and one of them banana peel, and you pick her sure things we're gonna make it to the end of this episode plate rule committing these step in on this one can you at least you need her name better Google that right now jeeze we don't like that. Actually was a rule. We said it has to be somebody that everybody everybody. That's the main reason I said dog the bounty. I'll give him the fact that we do all know like of the person, but come on. I don't know I know of dog the bounty hunter, I don't know his wife under the she was like with him or whatever. All right. Pretty recent. Chapman. Oh, yeah. Oh you over. Didn't you know, she is scratch it scratch. You got sixty fucking picks. What are we on pick number? What are we on picking number four? All right. Well, I say, but the price is wrong bitch. Bob Barker had Bob to list. Last three guys. Now, if you ship you called me this morning because he's too scared to call west. And now he's trying me. No, see nice. Try those shit head. I've made sure I knew the rules before I came here. You know, what the best part is was talking to you. I was gonna pedicure this morning. You're such a faggot and get all the fucking gay. They're like, you're you're so fucking you only get it from him though. Look at these nails man, I feel he need to get. I got a wax. Good morning. Kickoff. I'm going to start two thousand nineteen right with glistening, skin, Lord. Lord. Did you pick already know? Now, it's back to Wes. Quit wait. It's Chris dog about eight hundred can't even. Scratch that why would you scratch bounty hunters was we knew it was he just doesn't show. All right. If three. Yeah. Did you not pick didn't knew she was sick on? She's like dine dine like she might not make any household name. She didn't cross motel bounty hunter, the show is a house a real real quick. And in the south. I'm animals, and Chris will definitely agree with. But this you have to if for some odd reason they died today. You don't you? Don't get the pool end. You lose the pick. Okay. Make sure I go down to nine. She does midnight. Like anybody else is going to pick her after she's already dead though. But I'm saying he doesn't come back next episode. Alternate knows. That's that's understood. There's no on-deck circle. I got Bill Cosby. Who will be retired? If he survives this year on the last one. Yeah, he did. I picked him. I figured he would commit suicide before going to prison before fake cataracts for trial. That's funny. Those are fake. This might be real west context. Fake cloudy is the lower number twelve and asset you stop and winking at hit Mr. coffee. Mccown wreck trying to look like that old guy from kung FU. All right Mitchell. All right. You ready ready to go with? Charlton Heston heading rushed today. Just made a move on it. Thank commandment movie. Which one is your actual pick for how they die all of them. See I that's not. I don't work. I mean written down and how they died, but you only get to pick one for your bonus points for comedy. If you want to do that, that's fine. But you have to commit to he's going to wait till he's right. It series about I felt and has to kind of an interesting twist. We could do that. And then like, okay. But only the first one on all of them because changed rules ten. We're not changing it right in the middle of this game. I'm just consider for next year right Benjamin. Yeah. I'm going with Donald Sutherland what two on my list this standard there. I'm going down heaters DAT. Mitch killed rose rows between. Okay. Which obviously talking to the dog. Funny. You know, what I hate you? This funny book you. I don't even know keeper Sutherland's dad was still alive. I glove. I I thought he was picking challenge game you like, a hunger games guy. He was in. That's right. Yeah. One of the high. I didn't recognize it with all that make up on. What it look like? This year. He pretty Jiang war. He was president snow. Oh, I can't remember the name. Oh my God. Leland you're serving Todd. Words been banned. Is it? Oh, we understood down syndrome debut catch flack for that. No, no. You wanna know? Our problem we've made up of naked of stripped down syndrome, and you're worried about a saying the word retard which time saying it'd be catch flack for which possibly my proudest moment. My dad I thought and my dad today and evidently, he Google Down's syndrome stripper. Let's think too. Stuff. Does papa. Well, of course, it does. Because dirty dirty place guaranteed. I have not I have not gotten to that part of my list yet where there's so much to look at yet to be that bored. Go was. All right on the track. The pope. In one. He's a bold cutting. Good call I wanted to I wanna know why to not just because he's old, but he's also starting to turn on the pedophile. So they're going to bring I think maybe gone on strike him down state's going to give them the other Asian. He's literally just going to wake up. To go young or not to go young or not. That's what the pope saying. Oh, man. Well done, sir. Let it be said I can't make fun of my own religion. All right. I'm going to go with I'm gonna with. Bart Starr who? All the Green Bay Packers quarterback. All right creed. Misty, you know, get to watch sports. All right, five three hundred five that's the role. Right majority has to know who it is. You don't know. Bart. Starr is. That's that's like saying that's like saying, you don't know Mickey Mantle thought, I didn't know who freaking Bo Jackson was because you don't know the Bart Starr. Don't turn me down bitch. I'll turn y'all. Dare me off on a regular basis. What does crazy eyebrows to nobody on with that? It's crazy. Outta bed managers is eyebrows. Now, he's got a judge everybody else. Just saying you gotta do you. Go wrong that was six shit. All right. Yeah. This is only number five people. So I'm going with sure thing it's gotta be Herman walk hermit Walker Herman walk. I brought him up last year. Oh, my famous, I know one hundred and three he's old as dirt Healy line point. But God damn he's a survivor. He's he's going to be retired. If you sent me it makes it this year. He's a surprise of winning writer. We're cultured. We know who he is been also because Chris brought him up last year. I checked a little culture here. What he's done injecting things. That's right turkeys. Well. All right. All right. Mitch what do we got? Oh, Michael Douglas, that's complication for plastic surgery. I saw that on the prep page, and it was like what? What is? I'm just thinking Douglas us it it's over sixty. You don't wanna go with the sure thing if you don't. Crack's not as your survival food it is tongue camp stroked out like thirty years ago for more. I know. Was Michael Douglas donkey. It said he got it from going down on chicks many women. Yeah. It's it's a legitimate thing. That's real. All right. All right. Good going down mother Bieber. All right, Ben. So I'm going back to the wrestling ring do not pick Hoke. I'll be mad at all of us. If I run I am thinking, I will go with all keys assure thing, I am picking Nikolai Volkov. Oh, it take you Nick level Okoth. Number fizzy. Like was he the iron curtain? No, no, no, you did play a Russian Russian. But I just went by the name, but he's Japanese. Just went by his name, just the Russian Nikolai Volkov dude named Nikita Colo. But that name I used to watch with shady is the one I was surprised to find a live. No, no, no, no, no. He is not this chic. He's alive. Iron sheik. Okay. Never minus the Sheikh you shouldn't have told him that God listening. Stupider? Let them pick it. It'd be like don't throw out names that are on my list pick pick. He's already dead. That's a sure thing three years ago. All right ready for my now's a good duck under forty. Yeah. Chelsea manning. Complications of removing to gap. Demi no suicide rate in that group that oh my God. You're right. They're not only the roof. But he's she's gotta be like I fucked in my life, all ran for congress. He's living Ashim she she miserable. Yeah. You're right. It does he is living in a bubble with people telling her how great she is. When they find out. They're not that. Great. Oh, yeah. It's gonna be rough. But I don't think that's going to be share L. Let's come in soon though. All right. Well, you're going young. So I'm gonna have to go young as well that sounded weird. I'm going six nine the rapper. I hit him to six he's a mumble rapper up unicorns. That's the one you should call. Sweet. I think I thought about well damn. Imprison? So it's either. Yeah, there's many there's many things anal bleeding or shank. Bites hiding into I think the shaneco getting. But then again, it could be I don't think he's his hard. People are getting shanked as often as you guys. You are if you're you're what do you think your harder than you are where's rainbow hair, which I don't think Jared because he knows he's not noses at the bottom. Yeah. But he thinks he somebody still I don't think. So was that pick number six that was the mercy cared for suicide. But either way major dies. He's doing his comfortable either ways it win for society. Yeah. That's true. Well for society, correct? All right back to you there last year's list. Vera, lynn. Hundred one years old still kicking. And I hope I actually hope I hope that. I don't get the points on this one because she has been this famous voice for the tree for the especially the British troops since World War Two. Did he just Google old? Brit know you had her last year. I know we cover this like three times in the pod. No, you covered old people, but not realizing Brinson. I hope I don't get the point on this one because then she's retired. And she fucking deserves it. She's dying tease this on her own. I'll take that point. We want to give it to me. No, I'm not saying. I hope I don't win this point. I'll take the fucking point is I'm not turning it down. I think she would want me to have it. All right. Mitch. I am going to go with Jack black Jack black. Yeah. He gets throat cancer looses, his voice and kill themselves. I'll tell you. What man? I just watched the Mitch famous breaking. I just watched the house of the clock in the laws, and Jack Black's gut is unreal is getting amazing. He's walking around under his own power, eighty four power rascal. I mean, his blood pressure's. Gotta be thrilled. That's a that's a solid under sixty pick man. Yeah. He's young. He's young. All right. I'm going with the great Jim Brown from us six. He has a restaurant. That's Roger Brown. I know down to I know Jim Brown is a very different face black guy. Great ruin black Faysal, Jim Brown. Where do you see what's your black? I'm seeing Jim Byrne has a very distinctive face. As opposed the other. That's not what I mean. The meeting Brown. It's Kim Brown and all black guys. Oh, gee. Oh. This year. President only meek black guy. What? No. I like this one's for you. Mitch. But I'm going to eat it in your honor. So bitch. Can't see. Oh my goodness. He's not one will eventually. That's right. Mitch could be watching to see. But he's not delay though. It was a big deal. It was like thirty seconds away on. All right west. What do you got for number seven? Oh, this is a hard one to I'm gonna Clint Eastwood. Oh, but I've been done handle. If he just had a movie, we Heston's dead hasn't. He already been a once. He's it Charlton Heston dead. No, no. Does. She was like don't look it up. It's too late. It doesn't even matter. He he gets aged who you catch angel. Mitch did. I don't won't. Clint Eastwood today. I don't even ever ever ever. I didn't want Stanley to Diane either. But he's but he's still did. See this is another one time two thousand eight by the way. Don't you who picked him? Is not dead. April two thousand eight age eighty two. They would've fixed that error by now. For ten years. I don't even think been dead for ten years. It's like what I was thinking Clint Eastwood. And then when he said Clint Eastwood, I was like Michigan Charlton Heston that Judas dead. But after ten years. Oh, judy's pathetic. Clearly. Yeah. I mean, her the internet plus bitches down there in the silence I've been down. That's right. But not for ten years and super glad we already said the rule that a few minutes. He just. You gave it. Charlton Heston with that. I'm on three source at hold on. I picked Mitch now press that you're very good. Oh, my. Rolling on us. How old was he when he passed away eighty four God. Okay. So but did he die by the? He was in the ten commandments Ville on his head. That would be like. You would know about that shit. At the time the normal way. Apparently, you don't realize it for twelve years. Wow. Just like one out for Charlton Heston. Oh, my. I feel bad feel bad for calls who soon employer at amid said he's been dead for twelve. Public dangerous. I feel bad for home schooling. No. He said he's died an eight, oh, I thought he said two thousand six no. All right. I'm saying oh my God. Oh god. So we build a winner. No, dude. I thought he I thought he said dude on six. All right. All right, man. Oh, my mind. This is no it's mine. Not the Clintons. We put Clinton's Eastwood. And then we got Detroit. Your back on me realize shown us a few days. All right. So I'm pretty sure this guy is alive. But you never know because you don't hear anything about him anymore. And that's. Moreover, it's like boom emerald a gospel. Boom. I can't do it. I'm really John, man. Yeah. You haven't heard is. He is a lie. But you've ever hear anything about him. Good for him. Yeah. So that's why I'm wondering what can dream. He gets. Gets. I know right now. He's doing better than Charlton Heston. That's for sure. Maybe maybe he's the different ten years. And no one's checked on him. He's already eaten him. Heavy suffering horribly, and you wish wishes used her. Awesome to go. Find his grave dance on it. All right. I got Betty white upright. It's going to happen sooner or later. She's ninety six no shit. Everybody. Happen sooner or later words of wisdom from west. That was returned. That's untrue. That's true. Because Charlton Heston is not gonna die sooner or later. So everyone on the list, but he died sooner. So yes, he is. We all thought often Histon gossard dominance this podcast like deathly up sometimes. And she fries you didn't pick two buck. He might still be alive jokes on you becomes a lot. I'm alive gets shot. So. John wilkes. No, who's the other fucker not John Lewis booth. Yeah. He's been dead a hundred there's fucking here. I missed reference. I was thinking about the guy who ran up and killed the guy who killed Kennedy. Oh, yeah. The Harvey Oswald the Harrah's will. But who's the guy? Oh, Jack, ruby Jacqueline. To puck comes out with the press. Cower some Jack ruby tech biggie. Mo the Fogo. Fogo? Was like damn it. I should've stayed ninety. This hour. Wait. It's gonna take me. Mitch. Mitch jesus. He's still alive. My right hand of the father. Is it my pick? Make sure. Dennis Quaid, everybody Google way. Dude with Debbie's before rain say Randy would be the one I go with. Yeah. He's crazy quite have you seen this person? He's doing well. Getting me. Mine was great. And he died the steroid overdose. I mean this much nobody's taking steroids and he like in late sixty days taking his shoes he's gonna live forever. Like stallone. Then it's quite. I know he's all right. We'll take your your share this person's alive. Commercial just recently, you know, they realize if they don't even beforehand. Commercials are not let I know. It wasn't the list ten years. The last commercial. Black and white. Turner memory was the NRA of legal. How long has it been Steve's in charge of the NRA? That's a good point, man. The only got dog really made a big deal about that. No. That's the last time. I remember anything about the NRA magazine. They didn't even do like it back with Charlton Heston was still alive. We were worried about nine eleven we had big. Big issues going on. Oklahoma was president hill with pain attention. It's probably instant time. White guy kicking the button was before Obama ten years ago. It was before. This before he's sworn my God, I'm thanking might have killed him. I'm putting together right away. Eight have been running for his campaign about this just freaking solve all in the Heston's order interact with three hundred campaign. Only one way to take down the NRA kilter. Somehow they survive is been relevant since nobody cares. But they would ever talks about her to talk to say to you hook. They think the NRA's put relevance. You hook does about ten years ago to. Yeah. Who do you think orchestrated then they draw bumped off? We'll the pack. Skin slap your. Some debris some realism back. I'm Ben van county. Now your turn bitch. You might if I play going this Jimmy Carter still available cars. One year. I'm taking him his number. Almost assured thing that's who I was taking next didn't reach for him. Did I waited? Yeah. I was I was going to go that route. So now, I gotta go my backup plan. In my backup plan is David Hasselhoff. Why thought about taking them all off off goes back off the wagon, dude? He's done, man. Was he was he drunk extreme. Yeah. He was. Oh, yeah. The famous video. I knew. Oh, yeah. Whosever? Most of it until it was a wash cloth. Space with man, Atty. Slapping him. All right. I'm gonna I can't believe feeling did this show. Oh, it's still you was he seeing David David hostile while. He's face the cheese per that. He steel quality. But it's twenty six. Twenty six series pick. Yeah. Serious. Well, I can't believe he's lasted this long. I'm gonna go with Kirk Douglas. I can't I can't believe that he lasted I didn't even plan on picking him because I want to take him early. But I've been full curious Beijing for number eight pick in. So it means we're getting serious Ben some of us play to win. All right. I'm going with Roberta McCain John McCain's, mama. His momma is mama. Still. Yeah, I'm still but her husband's did her, son. She fourteen put on hold on. Mitch is. Absolutely, sure. Roberta McCain is still alive, but was unaware that you need to check. It might be still on his list. Well, that's a good idea right next to a solid bin Laden. Now. He was hung. All right. Yeah. All right. That's what it yet. I know Leland be that was below. Hello. Nancy pelosi. Are this is a wishlist he's getting a nice nice new job though? She's got a. I'm wolf a fatal. She cooks up fatal stroke from the husband because wears on that. He got a hat, or we just hope it. I should've got that bitch. Autographed. Oh, let you get kicked out of the middle gave it to you for Christmas. That's just so silly. And he gets his wish. All right, Ben Goldie Hawn Goldie on death. But she looks haggard. I know Mitch I'm sorry. But she didn't look bad at all. I mean based on the. When I got thirty contest. Or is he gonna make up and all that shit on? It's a beauty contest leaving would win. You're you're right. You'd be close. I didn't pick me you'd be a close. You looking opulent. Thank you number nine, correct. Yes. So got to go back, and at least get a point. So I'm going to Henry Kissinger still alive. Yes. I saw that I saw too. And I was like man, I can't believe he's still alive because this is one of those I ran across from like blew my mind, and he was still upright that dude cut hooked up with some alien technology or something that's kept him alive when he was working for Jim. Nineteen twenty three. That's all nasal in that guy. So I can't believe I didn't write them down. I saw. And I thought about it. I didn't I didn't. All right number nine pick. I know. Yoko Ono gone out. God. She should died. A long time you how did she not make your top five breaking down the Beatles? She's gonna die. She's dying. Seventy nine they do. Well, and then they go, but they still live to be one hundred that is usually they look haggard forward after thirty. They turn your thinking. Want price sealed their whole life. Drunken uncle Dave's wife. I mean, she looks horrible vegan diets. Of my brothers white. That's what you get upset about. Now, you cross law now across on was is dead. Mom. You can totally talk about her. One joke about somebody else. Here's here's what I hope. I'm wrong. It's young one, and I still hope enrolling Jason mewes. Ooh. Jay trump. Jane Santa Bob. He he's been recovered from heroin for a while. But if he ever ever slips off that track he's done, man. Like you. He was doing heroin and opioids, and if he gets pissed at the old lady or the baby draws crazy because you no one else. I haven't seen or heard a lot of the one. Now, come off the air haven't been hearing him and Kevin Smith. Do you a lot of those? He's on Twitter. Oh, is is muse. Yeah. He's got. He's got some gaming channel thing. He does is on all the time. That's good news. I don't want him to die. Yeah. No. He's. He's white. If he does you might as well get something gets three points might as well, you don't say same thing about five bucks three point six three points. Browse right. I don't have that many people. All right. You know, it might this one's gonna be odd that it's it's kinda sitting MacAulay Kokin who had him. Years back back. But this is the second time go round. But he definitely he just changes middle name to MacAulay Culkin MacAulay Culkin. His name is MacAulay Culkin. That's insanity. Unstable about him that I think see, no. Kills themselves by drug overdose. I can't go wrong with that. All right. Ben. With John Ratzenberger from cheers. Who he's the gray hit a guy with the mustache when the mailman because I still alive. Yeah. Yeah. He is cliff Clayton. Yep. Clinton, but even go he's also an Empire Strikes Back. Well, known factoid there. Why did you certainly? Gun. Thank you. Hey by it came out. Right. It wasn't by acting. That's Sma pick. All right. Nice. And for your final pick in the two thousand nineteen points pond guest et bull west takes. Well, I was going to go HOGAN just to piss off somebody, but I don't have enough real points on here. So I'm Caitlyn Jenner who another man, I think of all the training wish-lists. No, dude. He's not right. The suicide rate of transgenders is fine. I know Ri percent technically had three maybe I should still take Blair white. I don't know. I had three picks. I love her. But you know, I had three picked on or three on my list, and I was gonna pick all three because thirty three percent. You're guaranteed a point. If you're like, most of them are not rich and famous or the one I didn't throw out there yet. So if anybody wants to grab it lets us Arquette, it's the transient trainees that are starts. Is that fans is related to David. Yeah. It's the brother sister. Okay. She's a wack job. Well, all the our cats are pretty weird, but David Arquette at one point DMC, CW Tricia, also weird. Yeah. Some great moves, man. I'm freaking super torn on this last pick. If I want to give points to it's why I had to go with because I like big points or like, I almost picked the trainy kid. But I think he's got so much support right now he's got another year before until he's eighteen. Yeah. Because he's going to turn into a nobody. And then he's gonna be depressed. I'm not I'm not having that folks. I'm just saying all right back last last one is I feel for you. If you could roll through my list, Stephen LIZA, Minelli, that's all they I think I've already I've already called it. I too few. We'll see we'll act Siwi their OD or she'll kill herself somewhat. She'll she's she'll remember that Michael Jackson is dead. And then she'll take her own life. Sure. Kind of like what? That's linking Jiang LIZA Minelli. Tell her that. Michael jackson. I'm not tweeter. Now. Stay alive. Liza stay alive. All right. My name's sake. Well, we they really Nelson. How Willie Nelson? Housing. We've never I don't think we've ever before he almost died, and then he did another tour due and I got a buddy named Sean that went, and he's like, you can't tell me we'd like people say this reason, I didn't like hardcore picking on my list was the pot smokers keep hanging on. But did you slow? Yeah. Pot dudes or frigging forever. But I mean on said he went to the show, and he was like, yeah. He was there and he was playing, but it was real slow and real awkward, and it was only because everybody loves him so much like they're probably that shit and probably singing along. So you could. Yeah. Who said it was real bad? He looked real haggard like weekend at Bernie's. Maybe they had strings on his arms. He's still here. New dog said he just got out smoked. But let's like I really Nelson the other day when I watched Kenny Rogers like a year ago. It was like the worst. He I don't know how long can you keep out smoking snoop Dogg at that age, seventy medical. I saw Ozzy Osbourne like fifteen years ago, and he was like there's still going well him and Keith Richards to. Yeah. Ozzy Osbourne didn't seem like he knew who you just made my mind midst, not less Mitch takes it could take it. What are you going with Mitch last pick? Eight Benny white still on the pick just picked her tonight. But thank you. But she's still alive in case. You were wondering I'm like. Unlike and still spunky and hottest civil. But he picked really, no, no. But earlier much earlier she was actually my number seven pick because I've been keeping. Oh, I didn't write mix. We'll we'll shoot. Well, that just there was everything Trump has. Resuscitate of diag- in John Wayne. John. How many decades you're gonna be dead? If we can't put him on there. I'll pick Jesus. He came back. That's right. All right. So I'm gonna go with Hans Celik, Tom hilly? Oh, that's interesting. Now, it's an interest. I lifted at to what about his mustache is that separate. Okay. What team is how it's going to death. He led the desk, shaving his moustache and just it opened up an and his moustache has its own artery. He will die like Samson. Yeah. I just realized I didn't make clear Jason mewes will die of drug overdose. Okay. That's that's that's yeah. Okay. That's your but tests. Belic shaved his mustache. And so real quick before been makes his tenth pick. What is your actual bonus point mint because you gave reasons for all of them, which one are you actually assigned really believe is going to be the most liable most reliable. Keith Richards, hyphen sleep. Are we call them that old age Kohl's? Yeah. Well, we'd said old then I could I could ship Keith Richards for. No, no, that's I don't know man because he's just how. All right. I could accept it. Because here's the thing. Everybody thought he would die from something else. Right. So we look at the office night. We'll give him natural causes in his sleep. But if if there's any drugs in his system during the autopsy, he doesn't get the point what come on at this news. You're trying to pay that he can't take aspirin. Doing illicit drugs or alcohol. I'm seeing if they find out his blood alcohol content was point four seven. That's not dying your sleep. Because for Keith Richards is almost opposite. Everybody expected him to die of drugs right hall forever. So if he actually died for aspirin because he's older, he's got dones. I back pigs COPD because you know, he smokes a fuck and Pakistan. It's all right. Ben final pick. Ozzie Ozzie Osborne. All right. Okay. Go that idea saved Tommy Lee Jones this year. Tell me the Joan that'd be the same thing. Now Tommy's dick a second pick as well. Tom jahnke. Johnnie Lee Jun, oh, I know. I feel like you don't believe this is Tommy that, you know. This song picks, man. If about that. Now, I'm surprised a couple that surprised I thought Charlie Sheen was gonna make this Charlie Sheen list. But what I almost picked really Nelson, and I was like smoke when I saw it on your list. I was like, you know, what that's more solid pick. Michael J, FOX. He's actually on my list to and rip Taylor. I've thought about taking rip Taylor. Hey, are you counting Parkinson's as illness? That would. Yeah. You couldn't do for the bone. That'd be completed for the bonus could say Parkinson's kills. It sounds. Oh, dude. Sleeping much grief. I get at home for this test. Not this right here. What's this is the episode? They get you in trouble. It's how it sprinkled throughout the rest of the year where one of scores points, and we get to all excited. That's what makes us horrible. I think I'm gonna get really butter because there's so many on my listen like, dude, I didn't think you number them. Although this year this year. Nazi list. This is who I will kill. I I even had like Prince Charles because you know, the Queen doesn't want him coming up. I'd prince Meghan Markle because they're not gonna. Kathy griffin. Maybe would have been would have been because pick would have been her Prince Philip's ninety six I mean, the family, but the family whatever feeding those fuckers it's keeping him alive a long time, and it's very we'd. Pat, priest Maryland Mont monster from the my goodness. Nobody would. Yeah. That's why we'll do the same Maryland month that is kind of. I don't know. Maryland minister, the mom knows. She's the normal one C. You didn't know either blonde. Mom. Oh, yeah. That's right. I went through a bunch of old sitcoms too. You know, what I all? Van dyke. I really tossed around picking Dick Van Dyke that give him another years picked him last year the year before that we picked him gives a firm in little long game believe Chuck Norris and Clinton's we've made this book. I can't believe that Trump essence already dead. I can't believe HOGAN didn't make this as I was so. Cogos on nude. Willie Nelson there. Taking. Eighty three where I thought he was still. That is true. All right. So now, we're going to roll, right? We gotta roll right into other two big things. Right. Sally of the year year. Who is in Bonn it Alliott? They're easing thick who is in embodied. All right. Mitch. Let's hear you first. It's an easy pick because I might agree with you. Donald trump. Maybe not. No, I don't have an Sallie Mae west doesn't have a Sally Ben doesn't have. I guess podcast is over don't have a cell. Don't have a cell. I do now that he picked Donald Trump. That's who. I am. Donald Trump for explain. We'll let Mitch explain I I'm talking to Mitch. Okay. All right in just talking. He should not be allowed to talk in public prison. The president should talk in public. No, not this one. We can only tweet. Tweeting museum dome. She was not that's not true either. I mean, that's it. He's acting like a baby now with a partial shutdown because he's not getting a wall. Oh my God. And I don't know who everybody was contrarians on the other side. News your shit. Evidently, not. Now, he's going to go down with the boat. He really is watching whenever it in revenues get down there. Straight bootleg fucking tin foil on the end of. I I don't know. He's gonna point like Trump. He hasn't done anything. Sally. You'd really because I feel like he hasn't fulfilled his promises. Well, I beg different. And we'll discuss that next. Okay. Winston is done Christmas. Is saying he is. Done. A lot has done a lot. He has not all flow work a lot. He stopped diverting migrant gear I end, quote, unquote, right? And it's your border. Did isn't it because he ordered fucking? Wait is it his job to protect the country. So Donald Trump did his job. Yeah. Which is rare for president. And it's not Sally. That's for damn pizza doing your job brings you because Sally to not do your job. That's true. Oh, okay. It he's not building. The wall said he was now. Yeah, he's not gonna fun. All joking. You saw the walls not happening. To have more border. It's happening. How do do already raised over fucking million dollars on on a fucking gofundme? We'd show. Oh money. Yeah. I get it. But. Pay attention to that shit. When everything we'll run like, hell, we're all talking over mitch's reasoning. Go ahead rid. Tell me why you is rate fifteen million teen million now late. I looked at it last week. It was over a million. But now, it's fifteen million. But you know, what? And I haven't even. We put it to sixteen million, right? Like, no fucking fifteen million five. Guy raises fifteen million right for wall. That's not going to be built because then the money goes people. That's how go fund me works. Okay. But you know, the guys go fund me right at tunnel underneath the wall right now. It's. Good for him. Jim, mental instability. No one's raising money for that. No one's raising money for Americans. But there are going to raise money for wall that a superior. Mitch people are raising money for that. It's happened. There's countless charities for that there are people raising money. But let's talk about let's donate to other causes that they believe in the government won't take that money. Then no the government won't if you don't want them saying if they're donating for the wall. Well, because people get it. I get it. But we about making the point. Hey, we don't want to take your money, but they'll take our tax. Okay. Give me whatever. Okay. Give me whatever get it on bullshit. Yeah. We don't want to take your donation. I'm still waiting. Argument for Sally. Besides the economy at campaign promise, he's having a hard time getting fulfilled because of resistance in congress. He really has turned into a stereotypical politics. No, he's we're for snowflake. I like this angle. Trump is definitely snowflake, bro. You say anything negative about him. And oh, my God is automatic flip out throw three phone in the air, grab it real quick start. Tweeden thing I think west he's trolling. No, all joking aside. The flip. He is a very sensitive like true. True. You'll sit skin in that man. That is true because he's not a politics. I mean, I'm not saying sometimes I like that. I mean, how are you not gonna be sensitive? When ninety percent of the mainstream media is Khan told you eighty seven point three percents. Don't you ever say in you poke, and you poke and? I don't know the actual percentage. The vast majority is constantly switch it from Fox News understand. What's that? He's not listening, obviously. Because he's not obviously, he's listening to us. Hey, going Mr President. Way to go Mitch where you get rid of that dead that win big Mattis. So who got made of the week last last week by a joke because you slide, but buddy, and he's like I'm going to do not to piss Chris offer you Sally. I still have Madison families. Yeah. Last week's. So did he but he decided to bag MICH up as mad? We. I think I think Nana bad pick. I don't think so not for Sally. It's a good thing that we get to vote. All right. So then I'll tell you what to make you feel better. Chris. We'll with my Sally of the year. Okay. CNN? Oh my God. We got this. And this is one of the big reasons I'll say this is not a big political thing or for Trump. But it's just ridiculous. How many times have we brought up Don lemon or Jim Acosta or someone else that works vegan? Yeah. She's MSNBC. But how many times have we brought on? It's dude. It's they CNN employs them. It keeps these people employed for for reasons are crazy to me. I mean, everything from CNN granted wasn't on the black. That's right. But I'm saying they went in the red. They're going, you know. CNN last year. I think it was where they threatened to Doxa private citizen because I got butthurt over him making that meme of Trump beaten the CNN emblem with a chair to just last week, dude. This incest me last week and CNN led the charge when Trump went to Iraq and sign those hats and those flags and then since they couldn't bash Trump for going to Iraq because they always say, oh, he doesn't go to Iraq. They had to find something to attack him and do that's fine. If you want to punch up at the president, he's a freaking president. But they are missing their Mark. They were trying to say that these soldiers. And if you look at them, we're talking some e four's some some lower non coms e fives that happened to have their maga- hats or their Trump flags. They're freaking boss. You know? Let's let's go out and say, let's say that these soldiers are are fan boys of the president. All right. So let's be a little mean to him and say they're a little fan. Boys of the president nothing wrong with that nothing that breaks UCF J of them going and getting a hat. Autographed by the president. However. If they have some weak ass CEO and charge them that's going to end up getting a bunch of political pressure. These guys careers at possibly ruined. And at the very least they're getting some sort of article fifteen or they're getting moved to some duty station that are what some there's gonna be adverse effects, and it's not going to be on the president. It's going to be on these port. You know, twenty something year old soldiers that were excited that the president came and visited them. That's an exciting thing. We've all been deployed, and if you're lucky enough to be deployed when a president I don't care who gets what when I was deployed Obama came Ugo frequency Obama. It's exciting. He's the freaking president my question on this one. Is that one? You really think anybody's getting into the I think I think that those guys will I don't you? Just messed up for the simple fact that you said because I had their commander in chief way to go. No, I hope I hope not. But I've just seen so much stuff happened to people because I don't think they're going to catch flack from this. But that doesn't excuse an how about this. Sorry little Sally bitches how about a couple of months ago when CNN helped get that freaking coastguard boat commander relieved a duty because he made the okay symbol in the back of that picture, and they tried to say it was a white supremacist thing because it was just doing this. They definitely added to it. Is in a white supremacist sitting? They tried to make it something something like this mean that I'll be to realize that it was like, it's frigging. Now, if you see anybody that okay? All of a sudden your way. Yeah. Even the even to Mexican doing is really what he was doing. It was the whole like look there. You know, the Gotcha. I'm saying fuckers, and we can lump them in. And I hate to hate to be like I'm riding on Trump. But did fake news, man. It is fake news. And then they're going ACA. You're freaking to me private citizens. The non fake news. And that's not a joke where there's a lot of fake FOX's box real. When you're talking about fake news like CNN coming up with this story. Okay. I really I agree with you. I don't think those guys are going in any trouble. If they're if their command have any balls they'll be like, but if anybody gets in trouble who will it be the young guys not Trump? No trump. It'll be the young guys. So I know, but I'm saying CNN is consistently. And I'm just going to slide right into my Sally week, which is obviously CNN because of the year. So the because if you think about over the entire year who has been consistently foolish shit and Sally that you I mean, it was first thing I thought of and not because of your post, I was already think. About it it CNN that is not a serious new story CNN when they came out was world respected. I mean, granted they were the only ones that were doing twenty four seven. Yeah. But but people were like this is CNN and like military establishments headed on twenty four seven because they were breaking news faster, sometimes an Intel agencies could break real news. But look, I'm not done CNN ratings. Are it's my Sally week. You didn't raise put on it? Okay. What's your question? Go ahead. Ratings are down forty one percent this year. They're beaten by Nickelodeon beaten by the hallmark channel Elmer. Joe? They absolutely are not my panel that real not hiding the fact that they will say or do anything just to bring down the president. And that's not that's not like being serious investigative journalism. Like, hey, we're going to get to the bottom of the truth. No matter who it hurts. It's they were legit. Like, we hate the president. And we will say or do anything that is not you cannot have that position. And at the same time. So you like why isn't anybody a store yet? Why isn't anybody treating us like real news? No. Just the last one the the Trump getting or the signing on CNN. I that's what I saw. That's why it's all pushing in the most MSNBC picked it up. Where did you see it physically? See it. I saw it on CNN 'cause I watch CNN. So do I. Yeah. Because I don't have like just all we're going to have fought for fodder for this. But that's what I want because they're dealing with on Facebook. Oh that story. I saw I saw the first of all it was all over the Twitter. It was all over their website. It was all over their Facebook. And it was covering the ones pushing it dude this morning, but can do this morning. I watched CNN just for a little bit. And they were complaining about the ten ten twelve minutes on the pants Milania war to Iraq. Again. I haven't seen that. But Facebook tan, I I'm Kelly. I know you're not saying it. I hope you're not calling me a liar. No, no. I saw. Did you say you didn't see you? Did you see the expose on how witches in America are pissed because Trump's calling Trump calling the investigation against him a witch hunt, and they're offended interviewed different types of which is it this is CNN, and they're crying because people don't take them seriously. It's Sally book now because they're doing that. Was that we're these witches at a wall our country. Save one of them did reference Salem, and I'm like because which Trump because that's what a witch hunt is. That's what words mean. Yes. It was an unfair trial put against people with no evidence based on politics. That's what the witch hunts were. But they're offended that he used. You're talking about aren't to one of the winches credit though. She said I feel like him using the term which is pretty low on the priority list of most which is he said a lot of other shit that offends us which good on her for being honest. But she was like, but he he's still shouldn't use. But my point is not the C N N's making these dumb ass news exposes, but then they cry when people are like when the ratings are down and people are calling him fake news. And they're like, what are you talking about? I tell you what you want to talk about then skin, you know, who's thin skinned than than Donald Trump CNN CNN, it's doors. Yeah. Cuomo. And I'm not saying Trump doesn't have thin skin. But if we're going to tack in for some of the year for thin skin CNN is worse. Absolutely. You got bin. What it seems money insignificant? Now was just Jim Acosta. But I guess put the whole company on there it sounded a year. You gotta come with facts. Look, he is he is just the biggest agitator I think ever seen for the station the cost I'm trying I'm trying to he's what a yelled at Kim Jon during the his conflict. Is he's a seething got kicked out. It's got his White House credentials for vote for two weeks is almost for being disrespectful is a motherfucker. It's almost to the point like, there's no agenda to it. You're just being retarded. Jim Acosta tries to make news about himself. Arthit? Here is the news. Jim Acosta doesn't report the news. I think he he actually goes out there with the intention of coming. How news he hasn't been fired or have been successful at that? He hasn't been. He's been one hundred percent successful because other news organizations cover what's going on Jim Acosta in Trump or Jim Acosta, and what he was screaming at Kim, Jon UN during the freaking the peace talks and the peace committees. And he's screaming at a dictator when like he's a fucking idiot. Sally, everyone is standing on on ice this thin. And Jim Acosta just is throwing rocks out on. They're just waiting for him all through punk. There's a wedding going on. He's like throwing rocks folk ride, dude. Has about that much meaning, but here's the thing you got his White House credentials removed for two weeks and CNN didn't fire him folks seen again for being Sally as fuck. They doubled down on their childish bullshit. We bring CNN people that work for there. All the time. Did it's frigging strong. It's pretty shrewd who pushed everything because I was almost gonna with Christine Blasi Ford as well who pushed so much of that stuff about attack and cavenaugh over the rape, and the devil's triangle and the frigging gang. Ben was ridiculous. They were a huge push along with congress and everything drink in high school. Yeah. I know you wanna be devil's advocate. But I know you agree with us. And that's why you're translating. You're quiet because you're trying hard to figure out how to blow this out of the water. And you can't bio means please try with that's the only thing I got is relevant from irrelevant. So that's why I don't, but they've made them selves that way. And the whole public image for the last this earliest people the capitalistic thing that's great about going to start to relieve your your fall off. That's great. If all immoral west. But at the same time, we're talking about Sally of the year and this whole year, they have represented the sallies position. I think it costs led the way for see. I was still looking when when you said then like 'cause I did a lot of thinking on the the Sally one was hard, man. It really was because there's so much out there for me. I'm like aim CNN immediately popped in my head for me when you couldn't come up with with trying to come up with names because to me, it's right? We've been in. It's always the same group of people, but they're all different names. And that's the social media outreach all of them. Well, that was going to be because to be my thing because the whole thing is everybody's losing their frigging mind. But doing nothing about it first off, but ranting on social media, but then taking social media stuff like it's frigging real life. Like it's thought about everybody that caves. Apologize to five people that complain which socio. Whole not just social think about one that's misconstrued to MIT that pops to mind over and over again as just being Witter Sally time Facebook. Keyboard warriors, all shows off. We all the ones that think that this is like, well, this is what we gotta do. And this is how we fixed the thing. But they don't do anything about it that bitch on him. It gets hit noon. Nothing done. It gets nothing real on social media done. But nothing ever everything continues. I'm psyching writing. Libertarians down the middle of everybody who's just voices or opinions on there. But that's only place a voice your opinion into this frigging, megaphone, nothing not even at the polls. I mean, they don't most of them. Don't how many vote that. Can. I know a lot of so many numbers are so low. I know I know about a very vocal people in person that I work work or have worked with and then I'll ask them like who'd you vote for. Yeah. Like throwing out there. There's like you. But you don't do your job to go. Try to change. I don't care if you vote different than me. They're just going to do nothing and you're going to try to make this Mark on the world like your important. First off you're not if you're here his face. I know, but you don't play. Yeah. But the social media thing, it's that instant gratification. They get a little feedback. Yeah. At least people agree with me. I made a difference. Now, he didn't some people already agreed with you. I may chimed in and some people will never agree with you. And they chimed in nothing maybe Houston like you've got a little motion support from some other fucking Glazman Dolan faggots out there if any of you that listen to this. In fact, it's by homos, I mean faggots by being affected. The definition of the word if you want to change the world start a podcast make your bed, you will change the world. Nice one Admiral good. Thank you make your bed. I can't believe you said that he's the anti Trump to he's still write about making your I do it every day just because video good. That's why you make your band toy. I make my bed and he's right. Because if you come home at the end of a hard day and your bed is made. And it's made by you. If feels good I feel fucking good, man. It's easier to slide into it. If it's already a mess. No. It isn't. It's all fucking jammed up from the sex when the last did you really think this go on? Did that just for me? All right. Mittel pitcher apply called, wow. Head looks like it had a lot of sex. You have no idea. Thank you banana Hamdan sedan. Time hack. All right. I think does anybody have any other. Yeah. I was gonna Justice warriors. Whole social media outrage. That's a good one day. Mitch come up. He said Trump. Oh, jesus. If you remember that was not going to say Trump for selling. I've knew somebody was it. It'd be west, but he was Mitch beat him to the pond. Knew it. Nightside. We feel comfortable voting already. Well, all right. Yeah. CNN CNN, social, Justice or social media outrage. Doing the social media outrageous as well. All right. Mitch tie. You got the big vac? Remember, somebody always sticks by you. Media outrage. Wait a minute. Did ben? Me. This one. Well, yeah. You know, what I'm gonna have to go with me. It's the best candidates because it's riling. Did we just become best friends? That is how your podcast becomes political. It was true. I mean, legit either. One of those our wasn't either one of those was a really good candidates. I know I like that too. But we don't that thing out when I got to because I guess union talk bad about Lord saver Trump. Trump it's not about talking. It's about fake bullshit. That's right. If any of you, which hunt would like to be considered for Sally of the year next year, you're gonna need to start doing something. Tell us why you deserve it. So you making love to the camera, right? So you didn't know where to do it. You can Email us at pure pond perfection at g mail dot com. Get a hold of us on so stupid. Get a hold of us on Facebook. We are manned points bond gas on Instagram man, underscore points podcast. If you like having kids get a hold of us on Instagram. That's a reference to today. Some of you will know some of you will not we're on itunes, Stitcher. Google play in tuned in radio, please rate review. Its subscribe, I want you to take over many stars. You think we deserve? And how many are you going to give us Chris three? However, many you think an ad that's right and add five dick because it's a nice cool thing. He gave everybody one. That's right, right. So rate review that really helps a podcast Monday Wednesday and fries at zero nine hundred central standard time, we are on you uncensored radio today. We're not on today channel was out all day, or at least maybe somebody didn't pay their Bill. We have it on. And it's a freaking it's a pretty kick. Butt radio station. It's it's all uncensored hardcore hip hop. I'm actually really digging the channel listen to us on their on your morning. Yeah. Six nine definitely a little bit mobile ramp. Anyways, Tele friend, tell an enemy tell Don lemon, Jim Kosta or some other retard that works at CNN just tell somebody in now man of the year. All right, slowly, inadequate. I'll go all right show him running stuff. So while running a little bit I'm going to encompass a lot of people into one, and they are going to be named this. But I'm going to give one name to it's okay. Just to kind of give an example at the type of people I'm talking about. And I'm talking about the every day heroes in America. And there's that that are that. I don't want to say our unsung. They get there. They get their moment in the sun. But it's an hung, right. But it's fleeting. It's twenty four hours forty eight hours in our ever changing new cycle because we gotta make way for witch hunts and these people don't get what they deserve. And I'm talking about people like Erin Feis. I think everyone you're not going to know him off the top of your head. But you remember everybody remembers last February and Majorie stoneman Douglas high school in parkland, Florida where there's a shooting and Aaron was at football coach who died shielding three students with his body saving their lives. And not now, obviously, not always with school shootings. But we got stuff like, you know, we've got guys putting their life down on the line. We've had stories about people stopping robberies in waffle house getting shot multiple times saving while you're there. Let's go hit mine was going to be James junior waffle house. He's shooting. And that's what I want to say those type of people because we try and highlight those people on the show doing everything to him. Not only did he stop a shooting at the risk of his own life. But then they started a me for him. He took the money and gave it for the burials of the people who were killed there. And then had also inspired children who have to dress up like him is Halloween. So I'm glad that he's a real hero. But this type of thing America is still the greatest country on this planet and the greatest force for good. We still have the best most moral heroic people on this planet and they're doing they're laying down their line. For absolute strangers that they have nothing in common. Other than the fact they're Americans just like them and people like who west just brought up and Aaron Feis they sadly there just a blip in the twenty four hour news cycle. But there's people like them. There's men and women like them every single day doing heroic acts that don't get enough attention because Trump tweeted this and Jim Acosta scream that or this football player took a knee or this baseball player. Hit a home run. We're focused on too many different things while people like this aren't getting the credit. They deserve. I need to go next. Trump that. No, I'm not gonna try trumpet. I'm gonna try to add to it because mine was very long the same lines a little bit different. But same kind of people. So my son joined the army this year west is boys joined the navy in the last few years and they're going for special warfare. When I went to his boot camp graduation. I saw how many young kids were still lying up going to boot camp marching out proud to serve their country. I was very moved. Because when you look at the news, all you see is chaos, and like you were saying all the bullshit and the only the heroes. They get that little blip and they're gone. But there are a lot of good Americans out there. I just wanna throw them into that pile and agree with you the average. Unsung quote, unquote hero of America. If you will that are still out there, and you're not getting any attention by the media. They want us all to believe that being drudge in this little pussies is the way to be. And it's not true. There's a lot of good people out there doing the right thing. So. Once again, we're best friends. We just made a gay. Yes. Sorry. Sorry song heroes. We didn't mean to do that. But. What do you got Mitch? Oh little torn. Always draw bitch. It's. Collected thoughts. Actually, I I got a couple. But one us guys will think I'm pretty good. So I don't know which one you want me to do just go and say. You know, it's only you'd better not. I'm gonna go with the not so much the me too movement. But I would say the whistle blowers. In a good positive way. I'm not talking about you know, people personal game. But see I have a thing about people having way too, much power and abusing it. Because. And especially women are the ones that. Meals for it. No pun intended. But no wiser getting on me too movement alone. But dean. I guess what behind it as in people? Good guy. Tell you do it innocent. You you get you get talking shit about me. But that didn't look your pick me like making fun of you. We're listening Taylor. I I it's kinda rare. But but I'm not just saying I'm just saying people in general people are getting a little tired of being. I don't know abused at their work, or there are ways of did you do to Mitch living rec-. He's. Now, I I mean, I'm talking about men Emlyn and people are tired of the TV. Metoo movement is it still alive. Died back in two thousand eight. Along with top and has. Who would is with them? They need to move it killed charleena has no I feel like is really for once come up with something heartfelt here in Boston is going. Oh, I see what he missed. But I'm not I'm not just saying meek in the movements. Just like it the people with somewhat tower and they've used this shit out of it. I feel like I can opposite him to the point. I just made. There are also a lot of people in this country. That are just absolute pussies. They have the best life possible on the planet and they're just looking for shit to complain about. I'm not saying there aren't absolutely sexual assaults and people that have been abused in the workplace. That's true, man. Probably the majority of actresses would. I really do think that we. For decades. Fucking sold reenactor at the beginning at the beginning. And I think it was it, Shannon. Dante. There's a difference between sleep win with them to get the job. Right. And being forced to I think at the beginning of the me too me too movement was founded on his some good things. I think honesty in general, I think so too. But I think then it got liberties at did it, right? Like read an article on it the other day, the lady who started it literally just had a girl come confessed to tour at a summer camp thing that she was being pretty much abused by her stepdad. So she brought the young lady to another counselor that specialize it was that kind of stuff. And she when she walked away. She goes I wish I would have told her me too. So that she knew she wasn't alone because she had been abused as well. So that's how it got started. The me too was for her to be able to tell other people without well, I cannot because of the Harvey Weinstein thing, but then it went that's when Melissa Milano is the one who took it and ran I think we've seen adultery. Listen Milano got on it. But she's not the one who broke it because that's the one that article. We're save a lot of tweeted the me too thing and it started from there. Okay. What have you breathing over here? All right. Then somebody say, I know what I'm really saying. It's like the people that are being abused power that so the planet that one I mean men, and when regardless of where they work whatever, you know, the does a man. Think cuts so men of the years any person who's been rate. And fullbacks door. Off. It's what you okay, we're not just red dragon fight back. They waited twenty years and said, yeah, me too. Some did not all that's just the ones that get the media famous or because it was politically, okay. Please give chance explain when he's turn. We predict blackout who's the big black guy that just wants us. Three times. Yeah. It's a good thing. There's only eight black guy 'cause we all knew immediately. Who was I thought Mr. T, but he's all Vika inappropriately touched list with Michiki will never die. He's going to north pity was. Sorry, Mitch go ahead and hijack. I'm just hang on that report what a couple of months ago. Yeah. No, no. And he didn't get anything. Really? They blew him off because he's. One. Yeah. After how long? Oh, I don't know. I don't know what is abuse. Then when he was a few years ago. I'm definitely be smaller. I'm Gary Sinise. In the Gary Sinise foundation. Doc. He was just well. Atkin anymore. Probably going. Whether it's handing out meals, the veterans or the Lieutenant Dan band going out and playing them for all the troops. Or, you know, they modify homes for disabled veterans. They, you know, they send the family's Goldstar fall trodden path. He's bringing back. What'd you say? You're all grown up you bring bringing data now. I just like Gary Sinise. Why because he's Gary Sinise. Yeah. I like it you fucking role until you interrupted me. Hey, professor keeps going I love bent on the podcast. And here's the big little. Here's the big little. Oh, man this back. We've we've all gotten a little bit professional with that out of him. Eventually. Yeah. Me the guy is very selfless individual. And he cares. A lot about the troops. And he makes it evident by his actions. So that's who I'm willing to be an American hero. But did he die? In the movies. Teach you die move each lost legs people. We've votes didn't. They. Hey, you don't get the win for. I will say this Gary Sinise. I've met him personally. And he was a good. As far as I know upstanding, dude. But I also know somebody personally who asked him and his band come to an event, and they were like, yeah, we need five thousand dollars. And our command was obviously like, yeah. We can't do that. So they didn't come. So I don't know. Maybe that was just how much it costs to get there. I mean, no Marta they have to travel. Maybe. But I'm saying it's not all selfless like I'm just gonna pay for all this shit. And so playing not hard, but not the same as dying shielding three teenage girls is that what you're saying. I would say that. Yes. Sure. If we're on the stand. I really felt Gary Sinise will get out of here unscathed after this whole meeting fucking thing this just happened. But I guess not just saying that's just one. I guess not. I'm sorry. Gary. He's just sticking heat on this podcast before bro. That's a that's a rough personally thought he was. He was good, dude. And he was useless. He's a great, dude. But oh, raise their an opening film from one of my friends former when jobs now, film producer, not GI Joe's, it was about truth. Him who's whose bigwig that's always in Twitter? Like, the guy the conservative actor in Twitter now, James woods, James was James woods. And Gary Sinise came his film opening and made a big speech, and I was very impressed. But then I heard the story from Raquel. You know from our last command they tried to get the band to come down for something. And it was like a big money deal. And it's like man that that broke my heart thousand eight much. Oh, I'm it's not really that's upstate might have been fabrics military command pop up with or an F R G or. Yeah. I'm no, it's a lot of your are. We talking about the police down. So. Yeah, I just noticed a nonprofit. Yeah. They really like going Mississippi. We'll go to Iraq. Or are you going to Mississippi? Walter reed. It's what I saw. Them. But that's a good place. I will say that's a good place. Every time I see him online. It's always at Walter Reed. Or he's always taking care of Iran, Iraq or doing good shit, man. I I'm not trying to drag him down. I'm just saying I've heard both sides of the story. I'm just saying Gary Sinise. Do he's he's got is. She. Guys, definitely cares about the troops. He's definitely going out. I mean, come on. You're not going to. Even if you're a millionaire spent all your money like just traveling wherever wherever they asked me go, you know, what I mean? Like at some point you're like, well, we'd like to come. But I spent a thousand dollars on a photo shoot for my cat for Christmas. President Gary Sinise can't Cuban spend you through it. You made it rain. And then you took that money spend it on Chris Heinz else. I lost one of those twenty dollars. Yes. Twenty bucks, you spent twenty bucks on that. Okay. We'll the frame is nice, right? Ninety dollars to me. She'll sinise. What I'm looking at is. We honestly do have some good nominees. Overall. Leland kind of lead was a good lead. And I liked the whole American because Americans still has heroes like American heroes. And if you really look at it, Gary Sinise falls into that designed for anybody. Well, not have to be dead. Neither have are sewn in either. Neither have our sons. He put his life on the line all even credit hundred people that I saw graduate GM, and I'll give you credit that their wheeling. They're willing to put their life. Nieces flown overseas in combat not the same. Sandwiches, still. Risk. I mean, so we're seeing everyone that's ever gone. Oh tour is the same same every time. Bob Hope into Vietnam he said life in his hands. Dude. It's not the same as the guy going out in the jungle. I'm not saying that. But it's still he didn't have to do it. I may ask you a question. Just international flight is dangerous here since the sixties. And and I know all joking aside about bag on Gary Sinise. Great guy who gets more media attention, Gary Sinise, or the people that we brought up and that's part of my point. Gary Sinise does. And that's part of my point. I'm talking about the unsung American hero. That goes about not that Gary Sinise is doing it for tension saying that I'm not taking this personal. But the fact they do it, and they're they're dude. If you if you, and I you know, God forbid if I stop at Starbucks on the way home today to get a Cup of coffee, and I die saving someone else's life. You're going to hear about my name for the next twelve hours. Then I'm going favor in the wind. Well, we won't let you appreciate kidding me. Do I seat feel before for list? Right. But that's my point. Yeah. Blow up doll. And I'm saying these guys not that. I think about it. They know they know that if they die saving some other random Americans life. There's no monuments erected to them. Their name doesn't go on a wall. Like, I said, you know. Like, I said, you know, in some points, unless it's something huge like a national tragedy a school shooting like that you just gonna be in the local news. All right. So I'm telling you the unsung American hero that still exists every single day that happens every single day. So we'll have to unsung to it. Yes. Because that's part of it man doing what we are doing the right thing to do. Not hong. But that's my point. They're not getting any credit for it. That's just because that's what writing. To do so way they were raised. This is Mitch gibberish. We're talking about people that song once hears about even know what he said we're talking about people that who did he nominate. Timeout, people that still believe in tradition honor integrity, doing the right thing when nobody's looking and probably didn't think twice about jumping in and putting their body nobody links twenty because you would never thought they'd be man of the year jumping bullet. I never thought they'd get that. And that ward of being mandate have about that long. But that is the rest of your life and think about the place, dude, you ain't getting out from behind the counter. But that's the thing. There's something in eight in them where they don't have to think about it. Because a lot of people would cower and with think about it. But I'm talking about the guys that don't think it is second nature to put themselves in front of fire, James shelled. You. Vice? And every everywhere every everyone else that goes out and does that on because there's so many people that we don't even know that. I mean, I guarantee you there's some sort of story like this slipping on a smaller level that happened yesterday somewhere. I don't ever hear about that happened the day before. All right. So we're gonna vote on his in. I'm voting for the unsung American hero. That's my vote that you guys are making way to try try and Mitch who's your vote K chicken. Waking through the off with me gate Kippen win. How do you think he got his how many? Started with gay chicken me too. You know, what I'm I'm going to go with it was a game. Who do you say have ridge American citizen taking one for the team? I yeah, I'll go with the UNSCOM. It doesn't matter anymore. We. Manner. It's still a Senate vote. It goes down the record. We have been known to change at the last second. It's was like give another sticking with Gary Sinise. All right. Yeah. But you might as well voted with president last time. I tried that you fuck erupted. They so I'm just saying Gary Sinise present. And I don't know how to articulate as Mitch. So we're just going to say. Most of the time remind listen to it again. And then figure out maybe what he said it is New Year's Eve. It's only sixteen hundred maybe Mitch it's only thirteen hundred for Mitch. He got a heck of an early jump on getting drunk before. Yeah. I know. I don't ask. Not argument. So. Unsung American heroes is how your vote. Yeah. That's what it's going to be the man of the year. It's unsung American heroes. Rest of the world, you hashtag maga- with that. Let's see these Dick's boys. No, he's eating that. Why? We're gordon. Oh, yeah. I just want to point out now that it's on. Raft. Yeah. It's a condom do now that it's it's all on record. I just want to point out that my nominee one both Sally of the year and made of the year. Nobody realized it why we're voting on. Fine, also won both. So look into that camera. Oh, I stopping it. No shit. Oh my gosh. Meatball sub route two again. Is it a regular dragon teeth? I'm spitting Annette. To do. It gets worse. Put a cat. We watched the. Something. Pee wee.

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