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Here's your chance to be on Weirdest Thing!


Hey weirdoes. It's Rachel here. D- mathiot. Don't worry. We'll be back soon. But first we want to invite you to star in an upcoming episode of the weirdest thing I learned this week. We want to hear your weirdest SCI tech health, and engineering facts. So we can share the absolute weirdest of the bunch with the rest of our listeners. It's easy. All you have to do is download the anchor podcasting apps on apple or Google play. That's A N C H O R and look up the weirdest thing. I learned this week. Then click the voice message button, and you can record your favorite fact, and send it right to our inbox seriously super easy so to review download the anchor app. Find our show, click the voice message button, introduce yourself. If you feel like it, and maybe tell us where you're from record up to a minute of gab about your favorite weird. Fact, don't worry we'll make sure it's accurate before posting it anywhere and don't sweat it. If you can't get to all the details in sixty seconds. We may even decide to do a deeper dive ourselves on a later episode submit your message by five pm eastern on. Stay may eighth. We'll feature the weirdest things you helped us. Learn this week in a special episode on may tenth. Thanks for calling. Weirdos talk to you soon.

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