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Support for this podcast and the following message from discover with the discovery miles card they automatically matched the miles you earn at the end of your first year discover it miles limitations apply discover match for new card members only learn more at discover dot dot com slash travel live from N._p._R.. News in Washington I'm Dave Mattingly. Iran is denying the U._S.. Destroyed an Iranian drone in the straight of Hormuz President Trump says the U._S. boxer. Yes Sir took down the drone when it came within a thousand yards of the ship and multiple warnings were ignored. The President says it was a defensive measure in response to what he calls Iran's provocative and hostile action Iran's deputy foreign minister says his country. Entry hasn't lost any drones in the Strait of Hormuz or elsewhere. The trump administration is looking to Argentina as it seeks to build an international coalition to confront Iran N._p._R.'s Franko or Donas reports secretary of State Eight. Mike pompeo is traveling to South America this week where he is expected to join Argentine officials when they announced plans to designate the militant group Hezbollah as a terrorist organization the designation against Hezbollah which is supported by Iran Iran would give the trump administration another important ally in its push to build global support against around the trump administration has struggled to build some more among traditional European allies who have warned rising tensions could lead to war. You're but the Argentine government has its own history with Hezbollah. It is also depended on U._S.. Economic Support Franco or Donas N._p._R.. News Washington President Trump says he plans to nominate Eugene Scalia to be the next labor secretary. He is the son of late U._S.. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. The President tweeted his intentions last night less than a week after Labor Secretary Alexandra Acosta resigned amid criticism over his handling of two thousand eight plea Lee deal involving financier Jeffrey Epstein Heat advisories and warnings are posted this morning from Nebraska to the Carolinas to Maine. The National Weather Service says high temperatures this afternoon will likely be near one hundred degrees. In cities such as Chicago Washington and Raleigh North Carolina N._p._R.. Shannon Van Sant has more on the extreme heat gentry. Trotter is a founder of cool down Saint Louis. His nonprofit provides air conditioners in utility assistance to low income income families. The elderly and disabled been very hectic. It has been blazing hot. We're worried about now is making sure that people especially seniors in the physically disabled stay hydrated that they have a place to be cool at by Saturday much of the East Coast from Virginia to New York City is likely to see temperatures at or close to a hundred degrees Shannon Vincent N._p._R.. News authorities in Japan say the animation studio in. Kyoto where thirty three people were killed yesterday in a suspected arson attack had no fire sprinklers or indoor hydrants. They're not legally required there. Witnesses say a man sprayed liquid accelerate before setting the fire. This is N._p._R.. Our news from Washington Isis is claiming responsibility for a deadly bombing in Egypt authorities in Cairo. Say A suicide bomber killed two people and wounded three others in Egypt's northern Sinai Peninsula early yesterday yesterday. An armored Egyptian military vehicle was the apparent target today marks forty years since the Sandinista Revolution began in Nicaragua as Maria Martin reports Nicaraguans remained divided on their views of the revolution led by. Nine Daniel Ortega analysts estimate about one third of Nicaraguan still support President Ortega. They remember him as a young son that is to rebel writing triumphantly into Managua This Day in nineteen seventy nine victorious over the dictator Anestachio Somoza but forty years later many got wants feel Ortega has betrayed the ideals of the southern Easter Revolution that since he became president for the second time in two thousand seven he's weakened state institutions and attack act the rule of law international organizations blame Ortega's government for a brutal crackdown on opponents which they say has resulted in over three hundred dead hundreds imprisoned and many other Nagata once forced to leave their country over the last this year for N._P._R.. News I'm Martin Stocks in Asia ended the day higher analysts say the gains were driven by a couple of factors renewed hopes for progress in trade talks between the U._S. and China and comments from New York Federal Reserve.

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