SYSK Distraction Playlist: How Rodney Dangerfield Worked, Live From LA


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This is the intro to the podcast. That's right. We recorded a live episode at the La Podcast. Special Right and This is it. Yes. We did one on Rodney Dangerfield. It was September nineteen, two thousand fifteen. The Sophie Tell, beverly, hills, very chic, very and It was a lot of fun. We hope you have fun listening to it and stick around after the credits roll so to speak because we have a little bonus track at the end of this window. You guys doing. Thank you very much for coming to our show. That we do this normally, but It's usually just two of US and Jerry sitting here on facebook. While we record like eating me so soup. LOVES ME? And then we do live shows Tuba normally. There's like a Gulf of a stage between us and like you guys are right here. So. We're watching you to I. Guess is what I'm saying. She's got a winner shirts. Nice shirt and she's the only one. Oh I like that. I. Of course there. says. I listened to podcasts before cereal. Burn. On the back, but I'm cereal. We should also say hi. Everybody in Life Oh. Yeah, streaming, folks, hello, and of course thanks to audible and squarespace, and the rest of those people don't sponsor so I don't feel right in. The. Middle in. Sure okay cool. Jessica. Waiting out. Monopolies. Signed. Okay, so? You got to start with I. got nothing to start with I usually. Don't drink this early in the day, but the nerves in his felt it would be fitting. Tribute to our topic which we're going to get into so I decided to work up heavy sweat right 'cause. Rodney. Dangerfield is known for drinking and sweating. You're basically you're missing the tie. Again everything else covered. Thanks because familiar with Mister Rodney Dangerfield. Yeah, that's good. I'm glad to hear that he's a an increasingly underappreciated comedian like I've talked to at least a couple of people who have not seen back to school. I know, boo. And I was actually talking to someone who works here at the festival. WHO said? Is. He dead and I said Yeah that happens a lot so that he said why don't I remember that now? It's no respect, no respect. That's the cool thing about the guy like he that was his whole shtick. There was this whole. Hook right what we need to start in the traditional way to okay. Very nice. Hey and welcome to the podcast I'm Josh Clark. There's Charles W. Chuckers, Bryant and we are here at L. A. Best and. All you lovely people give yourself a hand. That a better you feel. A little more, you guys. Okay. Well now we have to start over. This lady. I mean people seem back to school? Great Start! So as we were saying. The weird thing about Rodney Dangerfield is that. He was his whole. His whole shtick about no respect is actually really really close to accurate as facts. Yeah, and not just while he was growing up, he had a really tragic terrible childhood, but also as he got older and older, and even after he blew up. He's still people just kind of took what he was saying and ran with it. He had this one story where he opened a club. which we'll talk about called Dangerfield's so it's very obviously his club. And he was on his way up to the stage, just been called up there and on his way some guy stops him and says Rodney can have your autograph, and can you also give some more butter? And this happened to this guy quite a bit actually. Yeah, yeah, so it does turn out that you will see even after death. The Guy got no respect, but. As Chuck will assert later. I predict. He he is, he's a comedian comedian and very well respected by the ones that count sure and I don't know if you guys know this, but a lot of Comedians have inner pane. which is the reason a lot of them? Get into comedy and a reason that many of them drink till they black out on many nights. Inner Pane is no secret to the comedy world but. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who was. Legitimately depressed and Sad is Rodney Dangerfield here's like a crying clown. For he was often talked about the heaviness. He felt every day when he woke up. He said he would wake up every day. And there was a lingering above him was his heaviness with a capital. Even yeah, and if you've ever, if you ever want to go down a youtube, rat hole, just look up some interviews with the guy on Youtube from like the eighties, and he does a lot of interviews, just like local TV stations, promoting movies and stuff. And when he's out of his stick element. It's one of the saddest things you've ever seen. It's really depressing. He's. He just had this air about him. You can tell the weight of life on his shoulders in it. All pretty much stems from his awful awful awful child right childhood. It is hilarious so far, everybody. So we should start at the beginning with him. He was born in Nineteen, twenty, one on Long Island. Not. In Long Island Chuck tells me. And he was born to Vaudevillian father who took off with one of Rodney's brothers to go hit the circuit. And that was that like he I think he saw him like once or twice a year for a half hour and hour or something like that said he saw his dad literally like twice a year growing up, and he was born Jacob Cohen. And His dad was a juggler, an comic who apparently hit the road because of his wife You know we're talking about what an awful person she was when we were going over this stuff it and that she was, but the more I thought about it. She had a serious problem. It was back in the nineteen twenties. You didn't diagnose things like they do. Today just ran off to the VAUDEVILLE. Pretty much, but she was clearly depressed like profoundly depressed and. Sadly completely abandoned emotionally neglected little right or I guess Little Jacob. He was he was left on his own from the time he could remember his mom literally never hugged him. Once never kissed him once he swore up and down. Yeah, this never complimented him or try to build them up she. She was a bad lady and starting probably around age eight or something like that He. Realized that if he's going to eat dinner on a regular basis, he was going to have to go. Get a job and go grocery. Shopping himself right so he basically raised himself about eight or so. and. The speaking of groceries, one of the one of the great things that stuck out to him about his childhood. He was He had to get a job after after school job. Who are still in school? And he lived in a fairly wealthy neighborhood, but he was not wealthy, so we used to deliver groceries to his classmates. Home! which kind of demoralizing on July ten you know? And he also while he was out there, running around on the streets there's. He wrote an autobiography year. He died in two thousand four and. He called this chapter male prostitute. Because he was like ten, and he was so unsupervised that there were apparently at least one or two local molesters. Hey Rodney. Come on up, got a nickel for you. and. He swears up and down that it was just. It was just kissing everybody. Don't worry. The child was just kissed by the grown man for a nickel. But he and it happened a lot, and he's doing it because he needed the money, yeah. So Anyway Rodney Dangerfield. Let's fast forward out of the horrible horrible funk. By the way we're GONNA pepper in some of his jokes here and there and debated on whether or not to try and do it as him. Because, it's hi. Marty promised. Here, there, it's hard to do that. It's hard to tell. Rodney Dangerfield joke without doing him and I took a little informal poll last night with some folks and they're like You sort of have to yeah. I think so. It's not like it's a good impression, but push. It makes me delivering my. Weirdo affects where I'm not even trying it all the weirder, so prepare for that, too, but one thing that he did and that, of course a lot of comics do they turn pain into funny and he really relied on his. His jokes is a way to. I mean the only time he was happy. It was when he was on stage performing, and as soon as he laughed that heaviness would come back, but he often joked about his mom. He would say mom never breastfed me. She told me she always thought of me as a friend. Which is a funny joke, but when you know the real pain behind it, it's it's just like the saddest thing you've ever heard. Tebbit of the funniness away from it. I've got a good parent one. You're ready. Yeah, so I remember the time. This is my writing. Teams Go. I. Remember the time I was kidnapped. They sent a piece of my finger to my father. He said he wanted more proof. That probably did not happen, but it gets the point across. And plus it's funny, and so if you were parent Joe Okay So. Tell you. My parents hated me. My bath toys were a toaster and radio. Funny. That's going over better than I thought it would. So certain about age fifteen starts. He realizes he's actually Kinda Hilarious, and that he has a talent for taking all of this horrible tragic stuff and turn into funny stuff. And he started writing jokes got good pretty quick. He started selling jokes, age, fifteen or sixteen to establish comedians. Yeah and he kept them. He had this Duffel bag. You would write jokes by hand is entire career. Put Him in his Duffel bag, so he literally had a Duffel bag full of like thousands and thousands of jokes and apparently I think. You said that during a typical performance later like once he hit the big time he would tell like over three hundred jokes in a set three fifty. Yeah, yeah, our granted their quick jokes still. But he he remembered them all and he wants it best. The guy was a comic genius. Hopefully, that's coming across here or will by the end of this right, so it gets his big break at age nineteen. He's written jokes for a few years, and he's GonNa. Try this out and he gets a job at a catskills resort for twelve bucks a week. Ten weeks including room and board yet dirty dancing seen very much, so yeah, but he's like the up and coming comic onstage right. Have you guys ever seen? ironman meets dirty dancing that mash up now go check it out. This to- bizarre. It's one of the things you'll ever see. There's nothing to do with Rodney Dangerfield. Add on a sickly, but so he's working. He's working hard. The Stanton catskills like he gets re up he he keeps going back to the catskills. It's one of his regular gigs, but on the on the side while he's working, he's a singing waiter at the Polish Falcons nightclub where winners yeah, we're Lenny. Bruce's mom was the MC, he was an acrobatic diver. Right, but I know what you're thinking. Triple Lindy. No he did not do the triple indy in the movie obviously. Those of you who've not seen back to school. That was an in joke, yeah. He was a diver in the movie. The competitive diver while I was GONNA punish them for not having seen it okay. Sorry. Trying to drive them appoint. So in nineteen fifty one he gets married for the first time to jazz, her name, Joyce in dig, and he had a couple of kids and move to New Jersey, which we all know that the death knell for any comedian, the trying to work in New York kind of means. You've given up. But he didn't give up just yet. He did for a minute for sure. Yeah, not not at that point though he was still trying to work. But when he turned twenty seven, he quit comedy and literally did not perform from the age of twenty eight to forty one at forty one. He was like. Let's try this again. Well his he and his wife divorced, so he's got a little more time. I think I'm going to. Try, comedy again. They actually got back together like the next year in stayed married for another ten years or something like that, but this time around. He was like. Let me see if I can figure out how to how to balance home life with this trying to break into comedy right? Yeah, and let me try and develop an act I. Think the first time he flounder because he didn't. He know what kind of comedian he wanted to be. He tried singing tried impressions even tried comedy for a little while, but he also he had these jokes. About how much is life sucked like? He used some of these same jokes his whole life. But they just didn't hang on. I'm quite right because he had his whole life ahead of him, and he was young and full of promise that second time around he was right there in the sweet spot age forty one. Little desperate kind of sweaty and these jokes about how bad! These jokes about how bad is life or it was going? Like really just kind of hit a lot more. He adopted a persona basically and. That definitely helped. Yeah I mean it was. It was SORTA him, but it was also a character, and when I was researching this, I was like i. was Kinda thinking about the? You don't see a lot of character comedians anymore. No like that was the sort of heyday with like Andrew. Dice Clay and Well Rodney Dangerfield and Imo Philips, and it seemed like there were a lot of characters, but now no one now it's just like. Look at this thing that happened in my life and how funny it is! All these. Shocked Travolta about my life. I'd like to see some good character comedians. I can't think of any out there. I Guess Brent Wind Back. Let's wait wait. What about like Larry, the cable guy, he's total. I assume he's a carry. Character because he started out as a completely different kind of comedian Oh. Yeah, then adopted that percentage but I. Don't count him as a comedian so. He's not watching. Don't worry. No, he's not. He's writing bad jokes. Start a flame more with Larry the cable. I'll totally take him up on. Other squash me with this sacks of money. So he adopted his character He changes his name legally. This point to Jack Roy Which? was that his father's name? His Father Stage Name Phil Roy Yeah, so he changed his name legally to Jack Roy and that was his real name till the day he died. And he was performing under the name for a while until he tried the second go and decided You want anyone to remember Jack Roy so He. He told this guy that was booking them at a club in Manhattan. Could you just make a name for me and put that on the on the? Marquee on the playbill. Yeah, or any AD. They took out so the guy who ran this place. The INWOOD lounge I think came up with Rodney dangerfield right, but the weird thing is. He actually lifted the name from Jack. Benny character like there was an original Rodney Dangerfield and it wasn't Rodney dangerfield right. Giant twist of the PODCAST. It's all downhill from here. So the Jack, Benny came up with his character and I. Think the forties, maybe or something like that. Yeah of this. Grades E, Western hero named Rodney. Dangerfield and I guess the lounge owner remembered it and came up with Rodney Dangerfield had no idea about this, so he's walking around like using this name for years. And apparently he met Johnny Carson wants one of his shows. Johnny Carson was like you know where your name came from right. Now. What are you talking about? The whole Jack Benny thing and later on he. Saw Jack, Benny and Jack. Bennie wasn't like mad or anything actually said I really love what you did with the character and you really you know you did it just right, so no harm, no foul yeah! Hugged it out. Very famously. On the second round he was, he was making a living doing okay but he got his real big break in nineteen sixty seven with Ed Sullivan. He was He couldn't get booked on Ed Sullivan. But at the time they would book other Comedians for the run throughs as like just place holders for dress rehearsal basically, and so he got spot on that and apparently did so well in dress rehearsal at Sullivan. Took note on the side of the stage, which means he went like this. You're funny. That's how you knew. It's all them and thought you're funny. Works for Nixon to do that. Great Nixon. Actually? That was a result of a huge long shot. He told his agent like just give me on Sullivan. And it played out very well ended up, being on Ed Sullivan, like Seventeen Times or something like that, and it led to all these other late night appearances us on Carson like I think a record he holds the record for being on Carson the most seventy times something like that. Yeah, MERV! Griffin. Dino like all the due to are running late night in basically where the taste makers for all the comedians were suddenly promoting the sweaty, weird coked up. Pothead Booze Hound huge potheads. Rodney dangerfield right, and he took it in Moran with it like right when he hit in one, thousand, nine, sixty seven, he got to work. That he was such a big pothead, actually the original name of his biography was going to be my love affair with marijuana. And he was serious. He wanted to call it that because he smoked body said for you know sixty something years. But well up until the day he died for. Twenty one on like he was smoking pot in Icu in the hospital because he had an early medical marijuana exemption long before. Anyone even knew it that way. He just wrote his on. I was, but if he flashed in your face, you didn't ask questions. So he got his big break. Actually Carson had blackball them for a while, because he accuse Carson in a letter of stealing or one of his writers of stealing one of his jokes, so carson famously wouldn't have him on the show for a long time until they have right until they eventually met. And worked it out, and then Johnny became the biggest fan ever, and if you want to enjoy yourself at home on the Youtube, just go look up Johnny Carson on Rodney Rodney Dangerfield on Carson. There's a lot of clips where I mean Carson was like the ultimate set up. Dude just let him do his thing, and he would laugh until he was crying I. Couldn't believe that angels getting away with saying most of the stuff he was saying on TV on Carson Zone show getting. So he's he's married. He's working a lot and he decides that he doesn't want. To happen to his own kids, what happened to him which was to be neglected, so he said. You know what I'm. GonNa do even though no one's ever done this I'm going to borrow a bunch of money. Quarter of a million and I'm going to open my own Comedy Club in New York City so I can stay home with my children, Brian and Melanie I think, and it's not like he had any money right then you know this is a huge huge risks he's. He's doing okay, but he had to borrow all that okay right, so everybody tries to talk him out of it. He goes ahead with it, and it's such a success as the loan paid off in like eighteen months just a huge success and this this club actually became venerable in its own right. Yes, still there today run a Dangerfield New York and it had this HBO special that broadcast out of in a bunch of Comedians. Get their big breaks on that show like Seinfeld. Chris Rock I. think Yeah Jim Carey. What's his face. Jeff Foxworthy. Jeff Foxworthy fans in the room reader redner of course, Sam Kennison and completely made Sam. Kennison's there and that was what He. Comedians love him so much because it meant more to him to play father to these young comics, and to give them their start than almost anything else, he really that was sort of his life's goal was to seek out talent that he thought was original and really kind of boost them up. He was a huge Freudian. Yeah. Yeah, the whole father, son, thing and So Chuck. Where we at? We are at Dangerfield's. It is nineteen eighty. And he decides that. You know what? I should start making movies. Because well. He made a few movies before that but nothing that anyone would know. He's actually cast I by Stanley Kubrick and Nineteen fifty-six for the movie, the killing the killing the killing great movie. Who Said Yeah? Wow. Yeah great movies he plays onlooker. Big Part. And then he was in another movie. What was that? Don't call the projectionist. Yeah, it was a big part in a very small movie. He said that it was the type of movie where they went to go shoot on location by taking the subway. She's probably true. Yeah I think it was, but he played the this movie projectionist boss. The projectionist said quite A. Nation and he was a superhero and. Dangerfield was this arch-villain Nemesis. Didn't go very far well, he he learned almost nothing about how to shoot a movie, because this was seventy-seven, and apparently has huge breakthrough came in caddyshack, right? He was already very much a well respected comedian, but When he when he shot caddyshack Herald Ramos. When he directed it, he said later on the. Clearly dangerfield and nobody was doing. It was a live performer, so when when Herald Raymond, said Action Rodney Dangerfield stand there. It'd be like you do my bit now. That's what action. Do your bit, and so then Rodney would just turn to the camera and like his whole bit into the camera. Hold. We gotTA. We gotta get this right here, so pretend the camera's not there one and he finally got to do it because I was the thing that just broke him out. Yeah and he hated making movies. Like you said he loved performing live in front of people, and that's where he got his his rush, and he wants compared making movies to You said you know when you make a kid. Right something one hundred times on the chalkboard and they've done something wrong. He's making a movie like he hated. Doing all these takes hated standing around waiting. Why he didn't make a ton of, but he he felt like the live audience is like he compared it to a heroin addict like shooting up. You know like he just loved that rush and he definitely get that for movies which I mean the crew standing around looking at you waiting for lunch. It wasn't as bag at all. It was not as back. You found this description from rolling stone editor Ben Fong Torres. Which I think describes him. Like to you want to read that Sir Okay so Ben Fong Torres who is in almost famous. He he had says the Rodney Dangerfield looks like a midlife crisis. There's a surface orderliness. He's groomed and he's dressed like a businessman at a convention. Gray hair slicked back over a haggard shades of Mayor Daley face. Suit White Shirt, bright, red tie, Silk, silk, stockings, China shoes, but the neatness gives way to what he calls the heaviness. Over him. Life gives Rodney Dangerfield the jitters. He's in a constant sweat. He wipes his brow incessantly tugs at his tie herky-jerky, as he recounts the horrors of his daily life shifts, shoulders uncomfortably in his eyes bug out of their bags. He moves the floor Mike around. The comedy store stage looking for sympathy, but all he gets are laughs. I. Just think that's fantastic man. He Nailed Rodney dangerfield absolutely in. His shirt and tie that came about because. Well, he hated clothes in fashion. Yeah, let's just go and say that I. Think it's time he was. He was a Slob. He said an interview how much he hated close so I never cared about clothes and fashion and was comfortable robe. Basically. and. But for one of his first acts, he put on the red in the black suit and dress dapper, and when it came for the second performance, he was like well they. They liked me in that so I'm just going to wear that. And that became his stick was. Very Dapper, looking guy who's always very well. Put together right. In fact, I just saw earlier today when he gave out a best makeup award at the think, eighty-seven Academy Awards really yeah, and he and he walked up and he sedate Nice Tuxedo, everybody right underneath torn undershorts. Feeling like was the dead truth. Probably had like holy underwear. Syria you should look that it to me and that's great I will because he basically does five minutes of stand up at Academy Awards. And it gives out in order to iron, man vs dirty dancing. Yeah, take some notes and then some dangerfield stuff. Should we take a break here, chuck? To can add break yeah. Yeah. We'll be right back after this. A Big Announcement folks. 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APP just go search for the message subscribed today, so thanks, e podcasts, eater, and principally for pushing the boundaries of the medium. Guys are doing a great job. Subscribe to the message and listen today. and. We're back all right. told you that would work. So he makes caddyshack huge huge it. He's allowed to Kinda. Just do his thing in that movie. I'm sure most people have seen that classic comedy which Josh said with stink if it weren't for Rodney Dangerfield and Bill Murray Murray, the rest of it. It's like a tepid coming of age drama dirty. Sucks. Ted Knight. He was fine, but you can watch too close for comfort, and that's as much as you want you know. I just don't think it needs to be in the movie right? I think it was Bill Murray and Rodney Dangerfield that's what made caddyshack a classic Chevy Chase Ted Ted. You feel about Chevy Chase. My father raised me to Chevy Chase. Did he really you really did you're dead in like? Oh, man still does not like Chevy Chase. Why didn't think he's finding or Yeah. Some about Chevy Chase sticks in my dad's across. Any passed it on to me. Weird it is totally that's what you get when you're dad's not avoid. They pass on weird stuff like that. So he makes caddyshack. It was a huge hit now. He was legitimate. He was sought after for movies. In the one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, three. He wrote a movie called easy money. we're seeing that anywhere. It's actually pretty cool movie. It's not bad. It's a little weird structurally which kind of makes sense that? He wrote it clearly did not to write a script. You know how to read a good jokes. Though so He Played Monte. Capuleti an Italian American drunk pothead. Baby photographer, because because this is back in the early eighties when any one of any ethnicity could play any one of another ethnicity sure because he was Hungary, inborn but hey plan Italian guy. That's cool. So in the movie his mother-in-law was. The inspiration for twin beds and Hated her son-in-law, and when she died, she said all right. You can have all this money if for one year I think like ten million bucks. If for one year you quit gambling and boozing and smoking in. And doing drugs so easy money was had Joe Patchy it was it was okay. Right like the first half of this movie is just a series of vignettes there where he just completely screws everything up and like your stomach's all upset and everything, and like you're really emotional, and then nothing comes of it whatsoever. And then finally halfway through the pot arrives. And then it gets kind of good actually. Yeah, agreed yeah. Lot Of build up about payoff in that one, but one Roger Ebert. Like the movie even though it was a little weird and said. Basically. The movie was about watching running dangerfield. He said Rodney Dangerfield gloriously playing himself as the nearest thing. We are likely to get the WC fields in this lifetime, right? Ride. Himself said that it was that was pretty much me on screen. That's as close as you can come to my real life in easy money. Yeah, right? Yeah, he's A. Baby photographer. So nineteen eighty six is when he finally makes back to school, which was his biggest hit. Think it cost like thirteen million eleven eleven million gross, well over one, hundred million, which in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty six. I mean today. That's still good money. Today dollars hundred fifty billion dollars. Place for you, right? And this one he played he. He had the idea I think he got a story credit of a guy, a father that goes back to school. Who was the big loser in life? So he goes back to school with his son to get his degree, and any told that idea to herald Ramos and he was like that's good, but what if he was rich? What if he was wealthy and had it all and still? Still go back to school like knowing what he knows now with a lot of money and riding. It's like okay, that's the movie. Yeah, it's a good idea and it actually I mean that was a huge movie. When it came out, it was the sixth biggest movie of one, thousand, nine, hundred six, that was behind top gun platoon, karate kid to star Trek for, and there's one other one that's written down somewhere and here. Movies, and it was like the six highest grossing movie of the Year in its Rodney dangerfield right. Yeah, and so he is hit it big at this time, and is a huge huge movie star in in the biggest comic I think. They did a survey in the late seventies right before his movies. With college students that said that they were Rodney Dangerfield was their favourite comic. And he was. Sixty one years old, fifty fifty eight years old, same thing basic was when he hit it big as a comedian, fifty eight years old right and like college kids are like into this guy, and actually if you've seen if all you've seen. A back to school. That's all you've seen. Rodney Dangerfield. Don't quite have the the understanding of what he was actually like. He's pretty edgy comic. Actually in pretty hilarious in college. Kids loved him in the seventies he hosted. In one thousand, nine, hundred, when when he was, I think like sixty or something fifty nine. And he started to blow up like at about age sixty that crazy. We tell a few more of his favorite jokes. I think it's high time not again. Look over a few of these. He has a great joke about. HIS PSYCHIATRIST! I told my psychiatrist. Everyone hates me. He said I was being ridiculous. Everyone. Has It met me yet? Classic? Let's see I like this one. It's slow, but I like it. Classes when you're alone, you fart, you say excuse me, that's. So if you haven't noticed a lot of his jokes were. They were self deprecating for himself, but also about his family he talked about his wife was dumb and fat, and his son was stupid. And even when he wasn't I mean it was all a character so even when he wasn't married, he was telling jokes about his wife. which must have made it a lot easier when he went home and I probably so. What am I favored. Wife Jokes was tell you. My wife can't Cook it all. How can toast have bones? And and your impression is getting better as we go along and drinking whisky, so I'm not saying that. All of us. Let's see I've got one. So. This is like weird and I like that in comic, just just bizarre stuff. He was talking about the bar that he was doing standup in that. Nice as what a joint as the bartender for a double, and he brought out a guy who looks like me. I miss those days man where Comedians just wrote great jokes, punchline setup punchline over and over yeah. I. Tell You drink too much. The last time I went to the doctor I gave them a urine sample ahead an olive in it. Classic and then. Another thing I learned about Rodney Dangerfield when you go back and listen to stuff. He wasn't like mean it was self deprecating. Targeting like his family, mostly nonexistent family, all of it reflect back on him, and basically what a loser! He was right. And he didn't have very many mean jokes. It didn't tell like many gay jokes. He what he didn't tell racist jokes anything like that. which is like in the seventies when everybody was telling Jerry? But. He did have this joke that stuck out to me. Are you fat. Do you look at a menu and say okay? Love, love getting laughs from Rodney. Dangerfield jokes wishes to see this. Say I think we have a new act should know one day. We'll talk about a rush. I got one more. Dating a woman she called and said come on over nobody's home I went over. Nobody was home. Good stuff. I have a new career. Reading Rodney dangerfield jokes, that's a whole. No one's done that cover comedians. Shark NATO and now this. You're all aware. Chuck predicted shark NATO right. He did you're welcome? Okay. The more you got anymore. You'd like the one about his dog. Until that one. Okay all right. My dog is lazy. He's so lazy doesn't chase cars. They just lays in the driveway, taking down license plates. All right so now we're in. Enough Stop? In the early nineteen hundred S he's making these movies. He won best comedy album. Grammy for the album, no respect beating out Richard Pryor Monty Python Gilda Radner in Father Guido Star Duty. In nineteen eighty to the Smithsonian institution, but his red tie and his shirt. In the Smithsonian. The American History National Museum of American history. Right along with Jimmy he's. Had Archie bunkers a recliner and Charles Lindbergh's plane. But the joke Rodney said was feeling after they left. They were just gonNA use a shirt to wipe down plane. Always self deprecating Andy and when he handed on this journey, so this is a big deal. I only have two shirts. May Have Been True. And also in the nineteen eighty s who remembers the Miller lite commercials from one thousand, nine hundred eighty s tastes great less filling. Man, back there has is Hanif alright. Pump. He really great commercials. They were named. It was like named the eighth best advertising campaign in history for McCann Erickson Adequacy and I went and watched a ton of them earlier today and I remember them all from being a little kid and it was weird they were. For those you haven't seen him. The premise was you would get. A bunch of ex athletes and then Mickey Spelane and Rodney dangerfield into some other random pop cultural icons at the time and to sell Miller. Lighten get into big arguments about taste less filling at the end Rodney would usually come in as the the the ship. Who Does something wrong to spoil everything crew everything up for such a weird like. And Dick Butkus and baseball players. Miscellany spelane I don't know it was so strange, but there were huge in they. They let them on. A. January nineteen eighty-four. If anyone remembers his hit, rap, single and Rodney. Because they're this, really it's something else it is, and it was a big hit. Actually it was topped sixty. Which is pretty big, top top fifty nine chuck give it its due. That means it was number fifty nine. Yeah so. It was right behind uptown girl, and it was Rodney Dangerfield, rapping about being old. Sounds really bizarre now, but like legitimate rappers at the time say the sugarhill gang rapping about like having dinner your friend's Mom's house. So it wasn't that far off the mark for the time you know like, be nice to your family. That's what wraps worry about. The good old days. he was on the simpsons I think a couple of times, wasn't he? No he was on more than once I think he's on twice, but in one thousand, nine hundred sixty played Mr Burns illegitimate son herb. Who got no regard, no regard at all. I wonder why they didn't say respect today not. Was a joke messing around. Okay? Yeah, the man himself is. They are would've been surprised if he was like look, it's one thing I don't want to say respect, maybe not boy that trying new things here. Branch out, which actually he did brancheau. He's actually really creative guy. He had live Broadway show. That ran for a couple of weeks in nineteen, Eighty, eight called appropriately. Rodney Dangerfield live on Broadway exclamation point for a couple of weeks. He, wrote a romance novel. Called La Contessa, and if you Google the image for this it's disturbing. It's basically like. Your typical ribs. It's Fabio basically with a woman except it's got Rodney dangerfield space on it. And it's available on audible I. Was it really? With Rodney Dangerfield. Reading it no way I. Kid you not what I joke about what's on audible? Well his I looked up earlier to if audubon autobiography on. They're not the only Rodney dangerfield thing on there. It's awesome. L. Martine. So you get that for free. audiobook he wrote. and. I guess he didn't direct it, but he produced and wrote the Movie Rover Dangerfield the animated classic about a dog who gets no respect. And then Mr Oliver Stone called him up one day, and said I had this role for you in a movie called natural born. And it's about this. Father, who was molesting his daughter, raping his daughter, and I think it'd be perfect for it. And Ronnie didn't get it. I was like what do you want me for this role? He's like you'll see. and. Did you see that natural born killers? You can get the scene on youtube. It's when Oliver. Stone did the Phony Sitcom. It's how they portrayed that that part of the movie. So they have a laugh track and it's it's really disturbing. It's like re layers of bizarre right, so there's so it's like Rodney dangerfield sadistic incestuous molester. But. It's Rodney Dangerfield. That's the weird part, and then there's a laugh track to just throw you off that little extra bit. You know it is very jarring. It was pretty well done, but the. The notable thing about that is that. Oliver Stone Ra- Rodney dangerfield rewrite all of his lines, and you got a lot of critical acclaim for your Bose like. Dangerfield. We had no idea and he's like seriously. If you go today, and just Google the Rodney Dangerfield of you can find a whole list of things He's such a cultural icon that phrase itself has become a thing now like petite Sarah. Is the Rodney Dangerfield of California wines. OR THE MEMPHIS. Tennessee City Council is the Rodney Dangerfield of local government. Seriously? That's the thing. Even saw guitar preempt was known as the Rodney Dangerfield of guitar pre. My favorite is palladium is the Rodney Dangerfield of precious metals. Stupid! What. Am I GONNA this up? So Chuck my now let's let's step back a second press pause. Have, the beautiful old message break agreed. 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But outside of that, though is still just doses, peppered throughout his life and examples of times where he didn't get any respect like when he sued Star magazine They published a story about him being Las Vegas, said he would drink like tumbler falls of vodka and smoke pot all day long and do cocaine. which was all completely true? But he knew that they couldn't prove it. So sued them for libel, and the court ruled in his favor right? Yeah, so that's respect right so they awarded him one dollar for his damage to his reputation and one dollar for personal discharge. The judge went. Yes. Sorry streaming. People realize it's kind he did. He did get awarded forty five thousand dollars for presume damages and. I did a little more research today on that He. Apparently salute all and Kokin Week. Apparently Star magazine showed that they didn't turn a profit, so he couldn't go after him. Couldn't appeal for more money right, so he tried to go after their parent company and it went all the way to the Supreme Court, said you. You didn't start the suit that way, so he'd been worse now base right? No respect. And even death as we mentioned earlier Rodney Dangerfield dead. Why didn't I know that I have an example for you? Hold on before he dies. He was on Howard Stern the year he died, and since I watched that interview. Man Depressing he's eighty one and he's clearly like at that store, but he still has his his sense of humor about him. But somebody called in to Howard Stern and said Hey Rodney. It's Bob Hope of see. In fifteen minutes in Howard stern is like well. That's not Bob. Hope is dead. So they were saying like Bob Hope was calling from behind the grave and see Rodney, dangerfield and fifteen. And if you can't get respect from a caller on the Howard stern show where. This is actually in that interview, which is like forty five minutes long, and it's completely depressing, so don't watch it. But not just because he was old, but Howard's trying to talk to about his childhood and stuff, and he'd just written his autobiography, really just laid it all out there like alluded to the rough life that he'd had an interviews and stuff like that, but he published this book right before he died, and it was, it was rough. Were think the saddest thing to me about his mom was despite being. Being completely neglected emotionally and getting no love at all as a child, he still wanted to be like a good kid. He still worked to support her, and like apparently came home and showed his report card. He worked hard to get good grades. She wouldn't even look at it. She just like signed it without looking, and that was the saddest part, is he still sorta defended her in that interview Like right before he was, he was dying any made up with his dad before his dad died apparently. Even though he never saw him. He said he forgave him for all that stuff. Oh, yeah, yeah, really sad stuff though. You want to hear some more jokes. Actually when tell how he died. Well in this interview in this interview, he's telling Howard Stern Howard Stern's like he's about to go in for. For the should I pretend. There's not a siren background. He's going in for surgery and Howard Stern and asks him like. Are you afraid you're going to die? And he goes? You know what dying in surgery would be the best way to go like I would go to the drug me up a go to sleep, and then it just wouldn't wake up. That's like as good as it gets right, so he goes in for this very surgery. He falls into a coma during surgery almost there and then he wakes up then a heart attack Benny. Tell Rodney these. Your feel went after that life that he had when he was so close to going the way that he wanted to go no. No specs. You WanNa hear no respect a year after he died, CNN tried to get in touch with him to get his reaction about the passing of Johnny Carson. And and if you read his obituaries, a lot of a shocking amount mentioned that he was well known for his role in the scout went in the Scout. I got to the bottom of that Oh laid on me. He was going to be in the Scout. Okay role was originally intended for him and Sam Kennison, and he didn't do it for unknown reasons and ended up going to Albert Brooks. And Brennan Frazier Okay but it was one of those things I think were one of those Internet neat things on the Internet where someone print something that everyone else Skopje's and base it, so I think one person wrote. Because everything else. That's always worth. The exact same way like listens movies as the scout which he was never in doubt, he wasn't now. Thanks for looking into that man. Sure that's what you get when you're hanging with chuck. But he did find love again in a situation in one, thousand, nine, hundred eighty, the everyone probably thought was like a typical gold digger. He was sixty one years old. Any married thirty year old woman, who was really hot blond in La but. By all accounts everything I looked into, it was not that like she really really loved them and was great for him, and they were super. Happy, together. or as happy as he could be and. It turns out that it wasn't that kind of a deal. After all made me feel good. Yeah, like for example. When he died, she made sure that his funeral wasn't until five or dusk, because he always asked her not to schedule any appointment for him before five PM, so she made sure his funeral income until after that. Funeral is a really big deal. Everyone basically came out in droves, his pallbearers included Jim Carey, who he? He took Jim Carey on the road for two years when he was a struggling comedian. The Open Forum in Vegas and Jim Carrey's getting booed off stage. Everyone hated him in writing stuck by him for like a full two years in Jim Carrey. Never forgot that Chris Rock Tim Allen Larry David George Carlin Jay Leno Adam Sandler, and then your boy Michael Bolton Michael Bolton. He was supposed to sing, isn't he? was but he was too choked up to sing at Rodney Dangerfield. They were really really really tight friends because Michael Bolton's song, everybody's crazy was in back to school and I guess he parlayed that into a trip to the set, or he got to meet writing Dangerfield, and they became friends for the rest of their life, so Michael was too sad to sing at Dangerfield's funeral and you know everybody was disappointed. But. There are a couple of people there. That were like who. It's Okay Michael We. Know you're upset. You don't have you don't have to do this, you know it's everybody will understand. That's what they said to us before we went on. So. We're going to close this with with a final nice little cherry on top about. Rodney Dangerfield and sort of his outlook on his lack of respect with when it comes to the Academy of Motion Pictures. Motion Picture Sciences. Yes. As you guys call it in L. A. The academy. He applied for membership because he wanted to be an academy in. He added credentials us in movies, and they said No. No, you had to be at least three major roles. He had thirteen under his belt by this time, including natural born killers, for which he received a lot of critical praise right and they turned them down like jerks. Even, got a letter from Malcolm McDowell. Ryan McDowell Roddy McDowell. which was Malcolm Mcdowell? He's the good one. Are they brothers, I don't know. Are they? Relation but Roddy, Roddy net was riding with. It was Malcolm, McDowell, saying it was Roddy McDowell in clockwork orange and Malcolm McDowell. That was Malcolm McDowell. Oh okay good because I felt a lot better about this. McDowell. Apes Yeah so okay good I'm glad that those two are separated. My mind because I was like I really liked them and clockwork orange could. Roddy McDowell, who everybody hates wrote a letter to Rodney Dangerfield. This rejection letter that said that He. Had Not. Had enough of the kind of roles that allow performer to demonstrate mastery of his craft. Basically, you're just playing Rodney Dangerfield and we all know it. Even though he had all the credentials to get in right, so Rodney Dangerfield, he's like. Let's see what year is it? Nineteen ninety-five, what's new, what's on the horizon? The Internet I think will build the world's first ever entertainment website, and he built his own website and. Realized that this would be a great place for his fans to come vent their anger, and it was as a matter of fact, this gate like. This one thousand, nine, hundred five, and his bands came on, and we're like to heck with the academy. That kind of stuff and The academy actually relented and said you're in man, Aaron Rodney come on what's right. And what did he say no. He, said thanks, but no thanks. He still has a website. Rodney DOT COM and if you go to that despite this earlier, there's a section called jokes and had audio clips. I was like Oh. This is great but it's not him. It's some dude reading like as bad as me a really just saying his little one liners over and over, and it's not in front of people. It's like dead quiet. Jude thing as jokes. It's really weird I can't tell you how much I love the cover comedian idea. Just. Stealing from other comics such taboo. We just need to just get out in front of disown yeah. It makes up like Mitch, Hedberg and rich little. Mind Stephen Right there in the middle. Perhaps yeah I like it, so that's Rodney Dangerfield. Star show if you wanted anymore your Sol. Clamp if you want. A fun right that was. Yeah. We had a great time in a big thanks to the LA podcast festival for having a South and police have us back. We'd love to yeah. It was really cool. We got to see other shows and We did our own and had a nice little crowd. There very supportive. Nice kind people around and look for the next La podcast. Best coming I would imagine next September doesn't sixteen. Hopefully, we'll be there. Yeah, keep keep your ears out for mention it. It whether we are not. We're that kind of guys. That's right. no listener mail from me, buddy. No, but if you want to get in touch with us, you can tweet to us. That s why s K. podcast you can join us on facebook dot com slash stuff you should know. You can send us an e mail to stuff pockets. 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