REShow: Mike Mayock. Hour 1 (11-08-19)


Thank you for listening to this. podcast one sports net production available on apple podcast and podcast one. Everybody's got A to do list. Drop off the dry cleaning pick-up some milk. Here's an idea. Let's add save hundreds of dollars on car insurance to that list and the good thing is you don't have to drop off or pick up anything. All you have to do is go to GEICO DOT COM and in fifteen minutes you could be saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance extra money in your pocket. Of course this may be the most rewarding warning to do you do today okay. Everybody welcome list dish of the rich Eisen show or live from the. At and T. Studios in Los Angeles California -fornia where the chargers are licking their wounds. After having every opportunity last night in what may prove to be by the end of this year a must have game name needed to have. It didn't get it their first team in the NFL right now to a played ten games non. Everyone's played ten games. A bunch of teams are on their. Bye Week calving. Had played nine summer coming off their bye week. Having played eight and very born six. The chargers have won four of their first ten as they are now. All the only team with six games left on their schedule. And conversely the raiders the raiders. Who took a ten? Nothing lead last night as Philip rivers. I think he threw through almost as many interceptions that got called back that he did. Actually that didn't get called back last night. Oh I thought you were gonNA say as many kids he has almost you put them all together. You know and not a good night for you know what though I mean he still. He still had a shot to win this game last night. And Amazingly with a minute it and change to go on all timeouts left. They didn't run at once My my friend ED WERDER OF ESPN WHO I follow tweeted out a stat that he picked from Elias that he got from Elias that last night. Philip rivers is the first quarterback to go all four seven in a final drive with a minute and change to go meeting forty or more yards cards. I mean it really is quite a stat very filtered. But they didn't. They didn't mix it up and Gordon. That was his best game of the year. Last Guy Hunter. Henry scored a touchdown scored a touchdown. They came back a couple of times. But it's it's just it's it's kind of the same old movie it's the same it's the same sequel almost every time out For chargers team with the exception of last year. That's been struggling struggling to get to the play. Offs and the raiders sniffing it. Oh they're sniffing at bud they've got. Ah I break with the colts in their back pocket. They've got a visit in week. Seventeen to come down here to Los Angeles and if the chargers season is over I prophesy every raider a fan that lives here in Los Angeles and there's tons of them are gonNA show up in that building the other teams that are sniffing it if you will be outside looking into the steelers at foreign four. And the Jaguars Titans at four and five. And they're in front of that and as you know. I said in a fourth down about three weeks ago in my four downs is a hot take. I love when my heartaches actually viable that the raiders would go ten six and make the playoffs. The Oakland Raiders. Now at five and four me to win five of their last seven in order for me to be correct all right. Let's take and if they are ten Hanan six based on as you could see the rest of this. AFC Ten and six make the playoffs for sure. Usually does I also senator the fourth down at ten and six would miss the playoffs in the NFC that had ten and sixteen would miss the playoffs in the NFC. But Oakland from here on out there on a mini by now as you know. Chill out the rest of this weekend. Home for Cincinnati's what is their next game at the New York jets is their game after that they visit Kansas City their home for Tennessee and Jacksonville so those two four four and five teams that are right behind him they can take care of business and not only separate themselves by game but also have that tiebreak in the back pocket act the the chargers at Denver so charges week sixteen seventeen man where the two losses there I mean you just have to assume. Sometimes they'll slip up at Kansas. The city could be one and right. I don't know you know Denver at home as surprised. People you number nerdy favourable skaggs divisional games. You never know it could lose. The chargers Archer's out here for sure. Maybe they almost did last night. They made enough mistakes of their own twelve penalties. But I'll tell you what this Josh Jacobs's special he is really special and I don't just mean statistically I said yesterday yesterday before the game. He was my leader in the clubhouse for offensive player of the year. There's no quarterback right now that's leaping to mind like say Baker Mayfield offensive rookie of the year. Pardon me like last year. Baker Mayfield was clear offensive. Rookie of the year along with Saquon. Gone the two of them hand in hand. Name me another rookie. That's performing offensively is well be decay. Metcalf is having an icy. He's been nice but Josh Gordon might take away some of that Josh Gordon. It's Josh Gordon. He's top five in the League in rushing right now and he's got nine games in. It's not like he's got ten games in extra game and he's so statistically you can't compare he's fourth in in a league in rushing right now he leads all rookies and rushing for sure and the way he rushes the way that he cuts. He hasn't never makes the wrong cut. You see that sometimes you guys bounce out and they keep bouncing eight. Or they're too impatient. He always makes the right cut. He turns a loss allows into a game he turns a short gain into a medium gain. He joins a medium game into a long game. He can block he can catch and he runs with such violence that when he arrives at the defender he's he looks bigger with what he does after the the contact then what appears to be with your own eyesight. He doesn't look very big. And then the contact hits on my all well. That's pretty physical. Oh he just carried the guy to three yards so he turned three yard gain in two seven. And I'll tell you he reminds me of He. Looks like Ezekiel Elliott. Is that hot hot. Take I don't know should I grab the plank. He looks like that where he's you. Don't take them off the field. I know they do sometimes on third down as a rookie. You don't have to that the way he's going he's GonNa be. He's a star already in this league but a true star for years to come like this is the twenty seventh overall selection a a diamond rough. That's what he looks. It's like to me arrives with violence gets up. Does it again does it again. You can feed him get stronger as the game goes on. He can pay cash out of the backfield he makes the right cuts. He drags people and he can pass protect. Who Does it? Sound like Zeke now. He's part of a rookie class. Where Cleland feral who'd been up and down had two and a half sacks last night Max crosby is be out of half a sack last night? They did have a ton of offsides hunter and froze becoming viable as a threat on third down the RENFRO thrown hunter. renfro bake the kid ingle who nobody drafted from. Wisconsin scored his first career touchdown last night and needed that to go to waller army too. But Waller's you can tell us being erased he is. You could see game plan against bowlers. I bring up all all. These rookies is because our first guest is a one drafted him and and I will as I get set to talk to Mike. Mayock of the raiders. Front office formerly normally my buddy of the NFL network for all those years sat on the ends of draft sets number of times. I would look at Mike. And I try and make a comparison or an evaluation valuation of what I see on tape knowing that he's watched the tape a million times more and this is not my area of expertise I'm straying out of my lane. I didn't have the Honda sensing if you will and I would eventually say to him. Hey you know this guy looks like to me and I just put it out there and I would just hold my breath waiting for the side waiting for the side I or he might go. You know what. Hey that's a good one and then when I get that from you know what. That's not a bad comparison when he would go higher register. Then I'd feel like I'd sit up in my chair. That'd be great but there'd be a time where I kinda get a little nervous I'm Gonna I'm GonNa go down that road with my you are. I'm GonNa tell them it's kid looks like Z.. To me okay. I mean shoot your shot. Obviously but he does look really special. Emma defense after getting carved up by Aaron Rodgers has become a little bit tighter tighter. They certainly came up big on fourth down on the lines. took all their top receivers off the field five days ago six days ago on Sunday. So the raiders have won twice recent four days and now they're five and four and they're in a great spot a great spot and May I ask him to join us to discuss it also on the show. Joe Hey juicy. You played last night downtown in Los Angeles Co.. I plan right man. Hey Coli did I was too busy watching the best record in the NBA. Boston Celtics Kemba Walker back in Charlotte and a nice video for him as really nice. I'm guessing Kyri won't get the same reaction when he points by the wait by the way great way for you to bring that up because those games were not against each other TNT. I just wanted to get very good. Yeah but your team. Wasn't you know. Hit fifty grand for load a lot of money for load management but you can handle manage. That load is Is Bomber bomber. Manage that load fifty K.. K. is just like. Let's let's look in the ashtray by the way. That's an old phrase is not not like Ashtray and cars anymore. There's not no no exceeded player. No no no no so Adding rate the clippers got Got A W in the forty percents. What he does? He leads the league with most fourth. Quarter points twenty seven points last night And it was was Wa- watching Clippers and blazers in their throwback uniforms and buffalo braves is what is what the The clippers wearing the clippers looked like they were wearing old old trailblazer uniforms in the trailblazers. Looked like they were all wearing. Old Clipper uniforms. It was really bizarre and confusing to watch but this is why they load manage they. I don't care. Fifty grand hair doesn't matter sorry fans you thought you'd see him against the bucks the other night. This is what they're gonNA do and they're now six and three As many wins the Lakers right now through nine games of this very young season so That happened last night. What else there's also a rumor that My network might be losing another guy in prime yell. I saw that one st man to be the new coach there and I want to give you my two cents on all that. So may ox up. I do you ever poll question over there. Yeah you know. I'm going pretty simple today. A Monster Monster College football game tomorrow presenting simple who's got LSU al.. I want to ask that of Mike but I will ask him about the evaluation of that game best. 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He'll be here in studio our number three so we've got a couple of actors we've got a game seven world series winner and we've got a longtime time friend of mine from NFL network days on the NFL draft and combined set now a general manager of a team that is over five five hundred through nine games for only the second time in the last nine years. That's the Oakland Raiders. Mike Mayock when we come back on the rich Eisen show. Wow what a great time of year. It is football baseball playoffs and soon the NBA. If you're looking to add some excitement to the game make Betty aside dot com your partner new members get one hundred percent bonus match using using Promo Code R. E. One. That's double your money to start winning today. At this is when paying winners for twenty years and top rated unbending review sites that this is a very very user friendly interface and mobile site simply play win and get paid fifty S. I offer betting options for everything but in the NFL NBA NHL Boxing. And all all other major sports also politics reality TV East sports. Virtually everything try live betting it bet you can bet on games from start to finish every play and every minute until the end new members get one hundred percent bonus match using Promo Code R. E. One. Oh one that's double your money to start winning today. So once again go to betty aside dot com and use Promo Code R. E. One oh one and get this limited time one hundred percent bonus offer to make some extra cash remember. It's only a game until you bet it at the hand. Go Talk to writers. Would you believe it. off-the-peg line blows the whole nine Man Fox and Jacobs takes home role. Gosh I love Burger we all love Brent Musburger roll tide. Obviously you know Josh Jacobs coming from Alabama and and what a season he's had. I called him yesterday on this show before the game my offensive rookie of the year candidate right now. clubhouse leader there and we'll put the board up here from our Los Angeles Broadcasting Centre crew last night Cleland feral Max crosby three combined sacks two and a half from the kid fairly clearly his best game as a pro hunter renfro all three catches three four catches resulted in a first down. That's could Alec ingold from Wisconsin undrafted rookie free agent his first career touchdown and again again Jacobs is fourth in the NFL rushing. That is part of the rookie class. That was drafted by my guy mic. Mac and I do believe before we get Mike Del. Tufo we have exclusive richeisenshow sound of Ham of him. Celebrating last night's victory correct A. G. W. Cafod unforgettable the Nicole well Mike here on the rich Eisen. Show the general manager of the Oakland Raiders. He is Mike Mike. May I call you. Mike Awesome Rich. We really had to go there This man man you know these are good dessert. Look yes we did have to go there quite frankly we did how. How how what does this Obviously look you know marathon not sprint. You know anything can happen. It's a crazy crazy league that said as you feel right like now five and four after that last night that win in the black hole where everybody's going crazy in Oakland your feelings are what right now. Mike On the positive side rich. I think we've got a group of of kid that compete and that's the most important thing to me as we're trying to build a foundation But we're we're five and four. We're we're not. We're not a great football team by any stretch. We've got a long way to go and I think the important thing is we got and I learned this years years and years ago. It every day if you get a little bit better just every single day at tiny bit better and keep that your focus. It's a powerful the fourth model multiplier over season. And that's what I hope. I'm not worried about playoffs. I'm not worried about records. I'm worried about this young team. Keeping their focus. And I'm just trying to get a tiny bit better every single that that kid Jacobs's special Mike you. When did you first see how special he could be well? I've I've told this story often but real quickly. I mean when I took the job was plus or minus January first last year and the National Championship game was in San Francisco Cisco right down the road from Oakland so I went to the game and I watched a bunch tape and love them but remember. I'm like five days on the job here with goes gruden and I came back from the game and back to the office that night and put together a seven play. Cut Off of Josh Jacobs. And if you're GONNA play running back for Jon Gruden first you gotTa pass the deck then you gotta catch the ball and finally we can talk about you as a running back and I put a seven play real together where it was him. I'm knocking defensive. Ends on their three times and past bro him catching two passes and then finally to run and at five thirty the next morning or whatever I walked in the the John Office and said I want you to watch guy. We'll take them in the first round and like Mike and Jen. It's January. There's no way and I'm like coach. Just Watch at seven plays with me and we watch the seven plays and all of a sudden he was like he's pretty good Mike and I and and say he was on our radar. Early would be fair and we tracked them all the way through. I gotTa Tell You Mike when you mentioned pass pro and obviously catching and running. And just the way that he does pass protect and the way that he can smoothly catch out of the backfield and the way that he caught so quickly and the violence with which chee runs and the way that he runs and carries people after contact. I'm watching and I'm thinking who does he remind me of reminds me of somebody. Sorry and I'll tell you. He reminds me Zeke. He looks like Zeke Elliot to me and I'm wondering how far off you think I am well and I mean to you to paraphrase. Bill parcells from thirty years ago. Yes let's not go and anoint him or anything you know. Oh He's nine games into his career and we're cautiously optimistic and what's cool riches. He doesn't look like he's two hundred. Twenty four pounds but he is and his lateral quickness is outstanding. You know he didn't run a great forty. And I was at the Alabama pro day praying. He would run slow. I mean I I was literally literally the finish line came in and hope it would be bad because I knew that would turn some people so I think lateral quickness is ability to make people miss his pass protection his hand and the cool thing is. He's you know it looks like the plays blocked for one yard and he gets four and then it looks like you're blocking get for four and he gets ten so If this kid takes care of all the details he's got a chance to be pretty good. Do you know what it's been a while since I was on a broadcast with you Mike where I gave my opinion in terms of an evaluation and held my breath to see if you agreed with me or not. It's been a while while I felt like I felt like it's been two thousand six through two thousand eighteen all over again right there. I got to be up. I feel feel like I spent most of those well for fourteen years watching you play with your phone under the table I am. I was actually when I was doing that. I was paying attention to something called twitter. That you always pooh-poohed Mike you know I still the check my last tweet. It was probably before I took the job A. B. Cell maybe so art Brockman that Mike Mayock here on the rich Eisen show best game out of Feral as well and that was interesting. How back when it was two thousand six to two thousand eighteen and if you had gone on NFL networks? I liked this feral kid and then somebody didn't draft him in the top five. They'd say what's wrong with my general manager and then you actually were a general manager and did it Moore somewhat criticized for the pick. What do you think of his development Mike? I think he is that we thought he was and He's not flashy He's going to be a really good. NFL NFL player I don't think we helped them at times. I mean we asked them to play a bunch inside and that's hard he's never played inside and his life So so He kind of took one for the team from because we have to do some thank you never done before. The last two games the last two games. He's been outside only really. I thought the second half of Detroit game a week ago he started to come on Against a pretty good tackle and then last night He plash ashed some of what I think. We hope to see more than he stout against the run and he's a power got just enough slip to be a good past adds asser also so I'm happy. People got to see a little bit of what we think. He can be a few minutes here with. Mike Mayock Raiders General Manager. Here on the rich Eisen show what what have you learned about being a GM of through your first several months on the job that you didn't know or you thought you needed to learn going in Mike it's It's twenty four seven twelve months a year You're on call every ended up every day. there's really never downtime where you just Kinda to get this. Take a step back and go well You know I WANNA go. Put my feet the sand and drink a beer because there's always something going on But it's also for me rich. One it was all about was the three and a half hours every Sunday were Thursday night. Whatever that's what it's all about in in It was what thirty I texted my six younger brothers and sisters in the locker room before week in right before the kick week one against Denver. I texted my six brothers and sisters and said wow it's been thirty five years between NFL Games for me. I can't I believe how bill and right now I mean the previous times the previous times you played How do you handle the not being able to control? What's going on on the field? How do you handle that? I'm I'm I try to be STOIC. Up My box that I'm not real. It's it's it's an emotional roller coaster and and It's been everything I'd hoped in more rich that's so how much Hard knocks you leave on the cutting room floor. Mike Mayock I sensed it. was you with a pair assessors this past summer just to slicing it up and leaving it on the cutting room floor with a chainsaw. Not Scissors much. Would you do there. I don't think they love me do an NFL films. Mike you go way back with everybody in that building. Come on now I may have ruptured or relationship or two. I'm not sure you know I'M A. I'm a rookie GM. I don't know what I'm doing. I haven't hard knock there. We are and you know I will try to protect my head coach. I was trying to protect their team and I thought that was my job so then were you hiding Jacobs from that too. Because we didn't see him at all. I mean he wasn't on that summer at all Mike. One of the reasons I love this kid kid came to me on the first day of training camp and he said you know hard knocks asked me to do this and somebody else asked me to do that and he said do I have to. I said No. You don't and as a matter of fact if you don't want to do it tell me right now and we'll take care of that and he said I just want to focus on football. I don't want any other distractions attractions. And now in hindsight how good the maturity of the twenty one year old man. His story is amazing. I mean his story is absolutely amazing and Waller did where. Where did he fit into all of this Mike and what what? He's he's become and obviously you've signed him long-term now his story now. I'm glad that got through the hard knock hard knocks goalie. That blew me away. Just see I had no idea about his journey. And how he's wound up a crucial member of your offense. Not just for this year but from Vegas in years to come Mike I thought the the hard knocks crew the NFL films people did a great job detailing that And I went to Darren to make sure it was okay with them and to show you'll his maturity and where he is and it's so Bridie he said Mike. I want to tell my story and I WANNA help people to the extent I can now with my platform And he's he's extremely Mature Intelligent and serious young man who wants to help other people and I think we get so fired up about wins and losses and the NFL and the penalties and the officiating. And we kind of forget about some of these special young men ED and He's one of which he wants to give back. I'm so excited for this kid both personally and professionally. I can't tell you and then just a couple more guys I wanna hit with you Derek Carr Mike obviously You mentioned it's what it takes to be a running back in GRUDEN system. I can only only imagine what it takes to be a quarterback Jon Gruden and how that is meshed and how it might mesh beyond this year so much evaluation of him by a lot of fans and folks positions like mine about how their relationship is. I love the fact that Derek has bought in to what John is preaching and. I think there are a lot of quarterback rich. That could look at our offense right now and say you know. I want to throw the ball. More and We've got a big offensive line. We're running the football. We're getting the ball out quickly in the past game. Name Dirk getting protected He's one of the most accurate quarterbacks in the league when you protect them and his credit he's bought into the whole thing. He's become a leader of this team. And he believes what John Doe and he believes what we're doing believes in the run game I give them a lot of credit. He's spreading the ball around people. Try to take take waller away from us now and you start to see the emergence of say Renfro so Dirk has done a great job of buying into the program and and being accurate and last night we had a two minute drive to win a football game that we're quarterback has to step up and he did on a couple more questions for you To Mike You know We go way back. And you know how I approach my job. I do want to ask you about Antonio Brown whose name is in the news here. Saying he wants wants another. He wants another shot he wants to be back in the league and then he doesn't And he has been very active on social media over the last twenty four forty eight hours. What what do you think should should happen with Antonio Brown Mike Ricci is not my concern anymore? Okay and I will leave it at that but then And now I hear you On I just Felt Anita had to ask you right there And then the last thing from mm you hear this coming weekend Let's put you back a little bit in the role that I've I've enjoyed being with you for so long with Alabama a plane LSU and One versus two In terms of quarterbacks potentially coming out in the draft two things one how big give a game is this in terms of NFL prospects for you Mike as GM huge. As a matter of fact I was supposed to be at that game And I had to cancel. Oh my flight Just because we got some things going on here I gotta I gotTa take care of but it pains me not to be there Tomorrow on the field pre-game pre-game watching all these guys around From a perspective of the draft and prospects. It's one of the Games every ear where every team in every scout is GONNA look at this game about thirty times and it's good against good ones against one. Well you know whatever you want to talk about but you get a true benchmark of the top players in the country playing against each other in a game of magnitude so this game is going to be scrutinized. It's going to be one of the most scrutinized games of the year and then in terms of these two kids at quarterback. Do you think when all push comes to shove on draft night through the talent evaluation. Crucible that that this game could be the difference as to who gets drafted over the other. Mike I don't know who's declaring for the draft and with right went rich puts us in terms in terms generally game where we're going against each other's defenses in a game game where kids who are at the same position could could this make a difference when an evaluation is made push comes to shove on your on o'clock. Let's put it that way. Generally Charlie I think the media focus of Chihuahua versus borough They're never on the field at the same time obviously sleep. I get frustrated with that. I used to get frustrated that in the media. Sometimes I think the point though that you make is a really good one regarding the quality of the opposition so our people if if was to come out when people wanNA focus on him against. LSU's defense absolutely how we performs on a big stage with a ton of pressure absolutely same thing with Joe Borough if he comes out with teams want to focus on him against Alabama's must be absolutely. There are two three four games a year. That are huge for these guys. Coming out of power five conferences. And it's not just. The quarterback is every player on that field on Saturday. And I can't wait to watch it it I ball and television and then I'm going to get the tape out. I'M GONNA love go through that day. I bet so last one for you Mike you think you go to L. A. Florida state pro day for coach Dion Sanders. What do you think what do you think it's out there? Apparently it's out there. Mike Leon Fan cal. No no no dion taking the GIG at Florida state. It's apparently in the out there. Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah let me let me ask you let me flip the tables here. Sure yeah I mean you you went beyond our tight. Thank you would embrace. The grind would a million percent a million percent goal. I do I believe where they were they were they were the hand over my heart. I think he would be absolutely embracing it and you know the way. He is with his kids Whereas has with his youth And his high school and his His truth he is. That's that's real. So I think he would and I and I would love to see a photograph of you and Raiders Gear and him in Florida state gear at a pro day. I mean my gosh collages amazing right well the good news. The good news is you've got an upgrade with Daniel Jeremiah. Strong Davis so you're in good hands and the draft Graf brother. I love you Mike Mayock. I don't care who knows. Take care of Yourself Mike. Okay I appreciate your right back at Ya. That's GM the Oakland Raiders. Soon to be Vegas Raiders. Mike mayock fresh off a big Thursday night win right here on the rich Eisen show so just two things because I want to go to break And on the other side get to dion which is one of the quick things here buddy. I've spoken him so I wanna hit you about how serious this is. I I all air ski and to how May I ask how good he is. A general managing and handling the draft. We saw all those kids yesterday last night how. He fell in love with Josh Jacobs and he had three first round picks any waited for the third one. Do you know how many times you've probably jumping out of his his thing that we've got to go get help now to get out. But no no wait. Hold hold like braveheart hold at. Because he took Abram Abram Jonathan Abram who were waiting to see it come back major injury right exactly he took Abram with the picky got from I'm from the cowboys. or The raiders. got from the cowboys while he was still the NFL network and he waited. He could've taken Jacobs there. They didn't waded still got his guy. Really Amazing eight four four two zero four rich. I've spoken to dion. I WanNa talk about Dion and the Florida State coaching search. That apparently includes him. That's next on the rich Eisen. Show the ferruginous an easy to use hand-held device that helps to relieve tension and increases blood flow thera- gun PERKASA. Therapy is unlike any massage device. You've ever tried designed by a chiropractor it's therapeutic for all body types. It can treat every part of the body Thera- guns triangle design allows you to grip it multiple ways you don't have to strain target hard to reach areas. It also weighs about three pounds so it's easy to pick up and use whether whether you're an athlete apparent business professional fitness enthusiast person experiences pain. Each deragon provides a natural approach to improving your physical health and wellness. Thomas Muscle soreness after work out. Usually makes it difficult to move throughout the day right. 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You'll see all of my wonderful wonderful sponsors and help make this show possible. So thank you for downloading subscribing and of course supporting now back to the show so during the first football game look down at the old twitter feeds and see my compadres My follow and also Ian rapoport report comes out. During Thursday night football that Dion Sanders is emerging as a candidate for the vacancy for head coach of Florida. State date while so. Let's just take this one step at a time. Here Okay I immediately say he would be great. I return amazing. He'd be amazing at it me too. You know because we know him now. I'm already seeing it at the the was the Local local newspaper in Tallahassee Democrat. I guess it's called saying that sources say that he is is not a leading candidate or being considered as one by Florida state by the coaching. Search and I will say this to those in charge of that search. You're making taking aim mistake. You are making a big mistake now. Then take it one at a time I. I spoke to him today. He's serious about this you Mike May I kinda say do you think he'd he'd he be up for the grind. You Bet he would be and not just him he would bring together a whole host of people. You didn't tell me who says that the coordinators would blow you away. Because they're already he's GonNa come with a staff and he's GonNa come with an idea and he's GonNa come with the concept and he's GonNa come with Dion Sanders easily. The most popular guy. I've ever walked through an airport with and I'm sure people when they hear my saying it's like you can't win football games. Because you're popular Miller Julia well he will be able to walk into any bodies home and immediately gain gain interest in the child and parents and vice versa including apparently Lebron James who has tweeted out in favor of this idea earlier today. Lebron sang man. It would be so dope and just seems perfect for prime time to be the right one thing about it he would get in in any household on the planet to talk with kid slash parents Hashtag. It's time for prime. I've seen it. I've seen it at combines. Lines kids flock to him. Now how serious would he be as a coach. He has been so serious about his truth program and Youth Youth Sports and coaching where he coaches right now for Trinity Christian Cedar Hill High School in Texas. You don't see him on. Nfl Oh network that much anymore. He's that serious about it. He so serious about it when he got into the pro football hall of fame at the Super Bowl the night of the announcement where he became a pro football hall of Famer First Ballot Hall of Famer. He was pissed that he had to leave practice to go and be part of the announcement because not only was the ring removed from coaching. It would undercut his ability to look at kids and say it's about team not individual achievement. That's how serious he is about this. And you know you're seeing names like Bob stoops thrown out there like this and I'm I'm sure he would do a terrific job. Oklahoma fans would say that too. He's got you know He. He doesn't have nearly the roots with Florida state as Dion. And here's what Florida sorta state could do by. Hiring Dion is break. The mold set a trend that clearly we see in the NBA World and clearly we see in the Major League Baseball World War. David Rawson Aaron Boone. No experience just stroll in Aaron Boone Winning back to back hundred when seasons for for the Yankees David. Ross don't bat an eye on the cubs hire him from a booth. He's got no experience at this NBA. Jason Kidd I mean we could go on and on and on and on about guys who could come off the bench in airplane experiencing their vast hall of fame. Experience is good enough for those sports. Why and football? We have read on the show the other day when he came on and Susie and Marshall had him. Johnny said the same thing on a hall of fame player. I know XS and OS. I know how to motivate so. Just because I haven't beaten the Coaches Circuit Circuit what wilderness for fifteen. Twenty years. Doesn't mean I can get a shot here. Dion whatever plan dion would have a staff Daf dion would have the cachet of deal. Who else has that in in the coaching world and the college world do a whole lot worse? That's for sure and he'd be up for it. He sounded up for it when I smoked him. He wants it. He wanted a Florida state. You've been down and out. Why not turn to the guy who would come with a plan and the staff and CACHET and a buzz and high step at into the ACC and hold it up? Let's go I'm telling you it's go. I'm telling you and if it succeeds do you know how many other schools would say okay. He he's broken ground everything with everything that he's done. This is what Edwards talking about exactly. It's and he's there taking in his school needs somebody like him to step in and say I got it. And he's he's a businessman from the minute. He was stepped on the campus. There too now he would be the CEO of this operation. He knows how to be the CEO of an operation. It's it's time to bring back prime time but ono else's done anything like this before. Well there's only one dion sanders. That's for sure I've seen it. I've seen it in person. He knows about teamwork he knows about business. He knows how to run on something and certainly the day age where kids are going to start saying. I can make name my money off my name. Nyquist an image whose perfect coach to try and share in that era the on our to coming up football season is here and it's time to dominate the competition with your fantasy picks and RJ bells green preview on podcast. One sports net. Is Your secret weapon victory. I said the fact. They didn't

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