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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Johnston the world. Health or strongly defends its role in the corona virus outbreak after criticism from President trump the. Who says it's working around the clock to fight the global pandemic NPR's Jason Bogan after president trump lashed out at the W. H. O. Director General Adnan Gabe. Races Cities Agency has been working tirelessly to provide technical guidance research in logistical support to countries around the world trump. On Tuesday threatened to cut off funding to the. Who saying the. Who's response to? The outbreak was slow in China centric. Tatum said personal attacks. Don't bother him an added that throughout this crisis he's been subject to racist slurs and even death threats he said what is important right. Now is the nation's come together to fight this pandemic. You need to use the only option to defeat this virus if you don't believe in unity and don't do unity police. Prepare for the worst to come. Jason bobbie-ann NPR news the GARONA virus death toll spiked for a second straight day. In New York officials. Say the number of debt is over six thousand with another. Nearly one hundred fifty thousand confirmed cases across the state. There is room for optimism. New York officials say the curve of the infection rate appears to be flattening reporter. Charles Lane from member station W. S. H. U. Governor Andrew. Cuomo says that his worry now is that people will become complacent ignore social distancing orders and cause more infections he says normalcy can't return until the infection rate comes down. Cuomo also acknowledged that minorities have been disproportionately impacted by the virus and suggested an unknown underlying societal cause they live in more dense communities more urban environments. But what isn't and let's learn from that and let's do it now. Cuomo says more testing will be done in minority communities. When asked if he were grocery stores and delivery services should be open in order to reduce exposure to minorities he said no they should remain open for NPR news. I'm Charles Lane in New York. The circumstances surrounding the death of Zimbabwe's second Cova nineteen patient raising questions about the country's readiness to deal with the pandemic in Harari reporter Ish Mufti. Their doctors want an explanation and an audit of the government's capacity to deal with the pandemic according to the government's daily pandemic update. The positive results out of the deceased was only confirmed after his death despite showing copied nineteen symptoms. It took almost two weeks for him to be admitted to a normal ward. And then to. I see you when his condition worsened. The government has on numerous occasions. Said it is ready to deal with the pan-demic this is NPR news. There are reports coming from Seattle of a major disturbance involving hundreds of jail prisoners. The reports say the Washington state patrol has called for reinforcements to restore order at the Monroe Correctional Complex. The reports say a handful of prisoners have the novel. Corona virus and others aren't isolation making other inmates nervous newly published meeting notes. Say That when chairman. Joe Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve Board of Governors took emergency action in mid March. They hoped to contain the covert nineteen fallout fed officials remained very worried reporter. Steve Bucknor in the minds of Fed officials. The Economic Outlook had already deteriorated sharply and become profoundly uncertain they slash interest rates near zero and Linda aggressively firms and households. Financial markets have stabilized but not the economy Chicago Federal Reserve. Bank President Charles Evans now predict very large losses of jobs and output. He's guarded about the outlook. Health situation allowing the economy can begin to recover in the second half but there are many caveats in this hopeful story. Line and many many things must go right. In order to minimize the Economic Evans says the key to recovery is giving people enough financial support until they're able to get back to work for NPR news. I'm Steve Wagner and the Justice Department says is hit two people with terrorism charges for allegedly trying to spread the new corona virus. The charges evolve cases in Florida in Texas. I'm Johnston NPR news in Washington.

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