MORE ON TRIVIA Week 3 - New England at Detroit


The blaze radio network. On demand. Pat gray is here on the blaze radio network. Morning. Friday, welcome to it. It is Friday triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three and of course add Pat unleashed on Twitter. More on trivia coming up next, our top of next hour. So today is the New England Patriots against Detroit, Detroit Lions, the third lions are the home team civil start in Detroit next hour. So more on trivia back and this time it's his what pissed it off though. I'm wondering nobody knows. Nobody knows some say it was the kneeling thing of moody game. Yeah, it is, but it's also undefeated on the season. It's thousand percent right to to two. So hopefully today we'll make it three in that eventuality. I think you would imagine it should probably be New England, but last week I was really surprised the Dallas beat the giants because I don't think Dallas is that good this year. Yeah. So the jets embarrassed Detroit? Yeah. On opening day last night, the jets were beaten by who. They were being by this Mayfield. Right and the Cleveland Browns, but Mayfield finally got into game. Well, it's only the third game of the year. So to rod Taylor apparently got a concussion. Did you see that play? He was tackled like. By his legs. I don't get a concussion from that. We're the concussion happen. Look was. It was a hard tackle though to get burp. No, he was tackled the window allowed to tackle anymore. Honestly, you know what it was. I think he was struggling so much last night that it was third down. Just took him out. That may be third down. I think he got tackled. He laid there for wealth thinking. They're going to put this kid in right now. I'm gonna lay here for a second and make it look like, I'll tell you what, let's say I was concussed and Baker, it might have been that because he was and they, you know. The crowd was already restless. I mean everything. Everything was pointing toward Brockman. We're both saying he's moments away. I mean, they had no spark. They couldn't do anything while he was in there. And then Mayfield came in and immediately got that team going. They stopped looking like the Browns. It was fun to see came in there really fun to see because I'm a fan. I don't know why I just liked that kid. He's he's really good, and that was amazing. But most amazing thing last night wasn't the fact that the Browns won for the first time since the Obama administration. It was the fact that I texted Pat during the game and said, Baker Mayfield is coming in and he immediately responded to that and said, I know I'm watching. So that was actually the miracle last night, not Browns wind. You reply to me means the phone or. Yeah. Who was texting for you last night? Nobody. Nobody's home, but me. Actually your phone with you? I did said possibly. Well, my wife's birthday, so I've been calling her. Oh, so there was a special occasion? Yes. Because see special occasion. She's in Utah. Talk to her. Now I've talked to her several times during the day. We got to talk to them. I don't even on their birthday birthday. I hold her happy, right. We're Doug. What else do you want to see this. I know see that look at that. Normally it's just me talking to myself applies all blue. That's me and look down here. I'm like, getting replies. World class it was wanted. It was nice ledger, so pleased. It's not true. I'm not what. Apparently there's some talk that Colin Kaepernick is going to the patriots that talk the patriots in. There was Oakland where the two teams that were teased as being interested in Collin? Yeah. Now, I don't know if this is just to avoid the collusion thing or if they're really serious, what in the patriots want with Colin capper know they wanna ruin their season. Apparently. He's. Plight, one capital sucks going to New England. The play right on the Neil for the joke. The I joke that came to my mind that I didn't tweet. I should have a at myself Tweety. But if he's going to kneel in New England, I mean. I would say that New England's quarterback needs his shoes, shined. Tom Brady looks out a little dirty. Let's see. That's a bad joke. Horrible, disgusting. I didn't think of it. Somebody else did. I really don't know seriously. Now, if he goes to consume, seem to Oakland for sure. Can't look Cup is for Derek Carr. I don't. His handled a lot of players that are, are you know, difficult management wise? Yeah, he can handle that. Yeah, not a problem. Yeah, I'm sure he could. Let's see his troubled anyway just to know AJ McCarron is the backup in Oakland. That's the only other quarterback having allow. So they definitely not that I was gonna say, they definitely don't need Colin there. And we'll, what do you do the practice squad? I think the most famous the most impressive thing about AJ McCarron is his wife, right? Right. He's the one that let's face at the brain. Yeah, about how beautiful. Quarterbacks got all the luck Kirk. Well, now now he is the play by play announcer for the Oakland Raiders. So now the AJ McCarron is in town. He tweeted out, hey, welcome back to the very beautiful. So he cut played into that again. She is actually doing. She was really cool for about it. Yeah, yeah, I didn't know that. Yeah, yeah, that was the play by play for Oakland. Still doing doing ESPN stuff too. So. I was gonna say, just want to stay home. Yeah. Yeah. So he's, he's earned it, you know? No question. I'm surprised. Probably just, yeah, I am too, but he probably just wants to keep busy his hand in the weekends as an easy doesn't need the money he's made during his career, easy enough for him to do walk it. Here we go. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. You could do it in sleep us and a local affiliate. Yes, he has our triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. This is kind of an interesting story despite the heightened political activism on college campuses today, it appears that some students especially in Fairfax county. Virginia are having a little bit of trouble turning in their absentee ballots. Why. Because they can't seem to figure out where to buy postage stamps that good, true. Some US Americans. People don't vote. Because they don't have stamps good, and they don't know where to get stamps and other people don't have stamps everywhere, like such as the South Africa and the Iraq. I mean, is this possible that's according to the study. One thing that came up when this local media source did a survey on this was that kids actually, they fell out to get the absentee ballot. They fill it out and then they can't figure out how to mail it. They don't know where to stamps. The University School great may or may not sell them right. The campus school again store, you don't even have to still office anymore. You can get him at a grocery store and get them online. You can get them anywhere as Dylan just was down the hall. This is probably going to be a case of voter suppression here. It's like, yeah, right beholden back to requiring a stamp, right? Who are you? You're making them pay. There's no way that someone going to a university would be able to go to say, I don't know stamps dot com. Right knows no, you can't. You can't do expect to the grocery store because you're not gonna be buying food at some point. That would be like, see, she's thing. Oh, you can't go to stamps dot com. No, it's literally saves dot com. Grace millennials, get a love it. That's kind of sad. Actually, it's pathetic. It's it's pathetic. Don't look at the cost. Don't why? Why are you looking at the call screen? Don't look at Ohio. Hi, you're the boss. Right. Hey, Henry fate. Hello. Jaffe, hey, hey, Kate. I had a question you guys know more about football than I do. I was just wondering who has more wins the Cleveland Browns in Nebraska Cornhuskers. Henry? Are you sitting down. Henry for sheets call. I, you know, the answer to that question is of course the Cleveland Browns kick. I mean once fell two games one's a college. Right? Early, compare schedules. The early seizes schedules, big ten school and like Nebraska. So so challenging. They've played Troy and. Akron or somebody Akron, they lost to the lightning coming on Akron left town, didn't wanna play on play accurate. It was. They were fortunate, Akron got rained out. They were praying for rain against Troy. Yeah. Would have beaten Akron, Colorado know that now can we show the you might if we show the, the pictures of wire season has started off a win to, instead of to know show show the still shot of the Colorado player with the dirty after the play was over. So he tackles are quarterback and then he just rolls around. We can't show you the video because you know that is guarded in the NCAA twist the guys, he'll sit misses the rest of the game costs. That game causes the next game because the rest of our one, your cost you the game because we defensive lineman, you lost our quarterback and we have no one left. Are you kidding me? I'm totally easier in school. Like Nebraska isn't deep enough to go one deep. No, he looked actually left when he wasn't name the starter. He's. Deep come on now come on. I mean, we talk about depth in the conferences who you're suppose. We're talking about three or four and five. Yeah, right in the big ten you? Yes, that's fair enough. Ohio State won a national championship there string quarterback the Rams Super Bowl with their third string quarterback today. So I totally Obama won a national championship last year with their second-string telling you how much I hated Colorado in the nineties when they were the Nebraska rival in how boy has been rekindled. So much of the fact that I was actually laughing out loud when I saw the mascot, take himself out in the groin with a t shirt. Let's see. Let's see because here. Oh, really fast. Go back to the beginning of that point blank. Okay. So the field we'd go back to the beginning. Oh, funny. I mean, so that's not a bit. He did that. No, that's the incumbency of Colorado. Purpose. Oh, people would. Nebraska would hate him. He's waving on his way out if he would have been hurt, he would have been the top I contend that is a buffalo that won't be that's not real. That's not baske- do. That's what they do. They do dumb things like that because they're supposed to be funny. I mean, at least who's the mass comfortable bresca Kabwe or whatever. It's a farmer and his name's farmer. The corn husker Herbie husker who by the way, the current current, nothing like the nineties. Herbie husker back winning three national chain over. Here's anyway and dad was growing up in Nebraska. He goes, they lost forever and he was those days are back. That annoying little red. Now, you know, inflatable mascot break dances and deflates is little. That's we're way off into the corners. Your tonics. Triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety. Three. Let me tell you about. Let me tell you about a great SuperFood something that takes the place of actually putting vegetables in your mouth, which I just don't. I don't do it because it's nasty. So brickhouse nutrition. It was it's a, it's a company that was created by a team of top positions and they created field of greens, a real SuperFood with actual nutrition facts on the panel because actual real food. So you can look at the side and and see the nutrition that goes with what you're eating and every scoop field of greens has a full serving of real certified vegan vegetarian and USDA organic fruits and vegetables, complete with Eddie oxidants. It's actually going to make you healthier in the long run. Just go to brickhousechad dot com and try field of greens today, get ten percent off a month's supply. When you use the offer code Pat, it's brick house, Pat dot com. Gray on the blaze radio network. Pat gray is here triple eight, nine hundred. Thirty three ninety three. Is that digging McDowell that we're looking at and FOX right now? Is that who that is? Oh, just cut everybody that's over. She can't be her right now. Oh, yeah, right. Yeah, it is. It is. All right. We've established, jeez, had some work done. Hasn't you look at that? Is she not? Does she not look different than she used to? I don't know. She put out there. Daring. I'm asking question as to whether Fox News is dig in McDowell has had work done since last judging. Not judging it all in anyway. We're seems to have had work done, specific work done where Pat. Well, all over the place. Yeah. Okay. There you have knows. Cheeks. I don't know. I don't think so elsewhere. I have no idea. I don't know. Maybe I'm completely wrong, but she looks different hope she stops you'll, but she stops what before she gets. Yeah, let's start loving it. Clowns face is not is not good. Three cuts away to get addicted to it. You can because the first one helps a lot and you're walls, right? And you look that work. That's great. No age a little bit. A war of a second one comes along as good as the first one you think? Well, maybe the third one help get the second one. Right? Right. Claw face. Yeah. Before, you know what you wake up and you're clowns face territory? Yep, it doesn't take long doesn't. So all right in Miami, they have created a homeless bathrooms. And so the advocates are praising him for the installation of the first public restroom in the downtown area complete with a needle exchange, which is wonderful. I think that's great. Yeah, right. It's a beacon of hope for the homeless. Yes, in and the tourists in downtown Miami. It's a and it costs a mere for this bathroom. Three hundred thousand dollars, which is I would Trump change for a bathroom. Don't you think. I could get a pretty damn nice bathroom for three hundred grand. I'll tell people living in homes. Two thousand have a five thousand square foot bathroom at Texas for three hundred thousand dollars. On three hundred thousands, we'll gab, but it has a needle exchange in it. Oh, okay. That probably there. Thing is it's not gonna cost anything for someone to come by and pick up all those the good thing clean, not just keeping, you know, making sure the needles don't get out of control, right. But you know, with the homeless using that you might have some people who aren't necessarily as hygienic as you might like and cl- clinging maybe hope for and so you you have to be cleaning that bathroom all the time. Right? I mean, somebody would have to be on top of that crazy. Otherwise is gonna get right, super ugly. And these are homeless bathrooms. What can we do? Right homeless bathroom population? Can we get can get houses for these bathrooms that are homeless or they'll be sleeping in their we. Why wouldn't it their bathrooms for the homeless? Oh, sorry. Do just as Friday. And why would you sleep in their though? I know why wouldn't you? And they probably will, and they probably will. It's probably warmer than outside in, you know, in February and cooler than outside in June. Ally. So you contend that every homeless person in America should live in the state of Florida or as close to my Florida. You save your money, you get a bus ticket and that way you can stay outdoors and not be freezing. Whenever we went on vacation when my middle son was little. This really weird thing of do that old. Hey, dad. If I was a Hobo I'd live right here. I do that all the time. Why are you always scoping out future Hobo sites for yourself, so great. My hope for you is that you never have to worry about that. We went to Hawaii in six years ago and he's like, dad, look at this beach a Hobo. This is where I'd live. You gotta get here first. The sun swim here. So wait, I'll never forget riding with a going to. I think we're going to use it or someplace your car going somewhere. And I remember stopping going. See now that's kind of place need to live at if you're homeless. My son, Jack, he started. A warning sign right there. How old is Sean Sean now? Twenty. Four. So is the out on the streets yet or. No? Actually, he's still in school. It's still not quite like Jeffy just yet because you know to your mission is pushed him like the BYU football players to an age where you're a little older than the normal college student. And that's where he is right now, but I think this is senior year so he won't. He won't be twenty six or twenty eight when he graduated. At least I hope. It's so bad, triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety. Three. This is kind of interesting as well. Woman who wants worked as a drummer for beyond say claims now that the singer is wrapped up in practices of extreme witchcraft. And she's been using her spells to run surveillance and to control her fiancee's. And now she wants a restraining order. A Stor for practicing extreme would which craft on her. I can a Ken a restraining order, stop someone from practicing extreme witchcraft. I don't see how you. According to the very bizarre court documents, Kimberly Thompson says she used to work for beyond say, I worked for as a drummer for her band for seven years. She claims then for some reason beyond say, has started a campaign of harassment harassment against her. That includes extreme, which craft dark magic, magic spells of sexual molestation. She also claims the lemonade star, murdered her kitten. I don't know if that was through extreme witchcraft is flow, but to extend the spell. You don't know about which is she also believes that beyond say, has been taping her phone her, I guess this would probably mean tapping her phones and controlling her fiancee's fiancee's. Does this woman have? It's unclear why she believes she's all doing all of this. But they did some research on this person and according to interviews and reports, it seems she's a drummer that performed with beyond say as part of an all female band. She's also released several albums on her own, and she has played with the band on late night with Seth Meyers. So she's actually done work. Yeah, but I'm, I'm really not certain that I buy completely into her extreme witchcraft claims, but we'll see. I mean, look, there's a lot of there's a lot of really good witches in the world are there, and you know, they looked down on the witches who try to practice, you know, evil, dark witchery. Yeah, they don't like that. Do not. Between a good witch in a bed, which well, the the bad, which is our green obviously. And that's one and the cackle. They floated a sink to the bottom, the fly on brooms stupid, but the good witches can do that too. So stupid now, well, they're both Mabel. They're both capable of flying brooms. I said, how. I told you a couple of distinct difference. Don't pull out the trait that they share. I set in your arguments green, the cackle. I mean, how many differences do you need those couple que they put children into big boiling pots. No k. that's another distinct difference that good which would not do for the children, eat them. So go, cats, kill cats. I mean, all the things that beyond say is accused of. Noted. I think it's going to be an name of her album. You know, next extreme witchcraft light me feels like funny actually. Yeah. Yeah. What triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three coming up in less way about a half an hour. We've got more on trivia today. The game, the match up is New England and Detroit Detroit is the home team will be calling Detroit I. So that's always always always fun. Trying to get a convenience store to answer the phone in Detroit is always a challenge. Hopefully we're up to today and you know if you if you hear problems as people have done for the first two weeks, you can call in with a flag on the field at triple eight, nine hundred thirty. Care flag here. Jeffey doesn't throw a for you. All right. Triple eight. Nine hundred thirty three ninety. Three more pecker unleashed coming up. Pat gray, the blaze radio network. Pat gray returns on the blaze radio network. You think this woman will show up on Monday Lor sometime next week. I mean, it looks like she won't testify on Monday. She wants to do it on Thursday or whatever. Whatever she dictates allows they're seriously trying to dictate all kinds of things like, who can ask questions, what questions can be asked, who goes first since when does the accuser go first? Or they always go first, the wind does the accused go. I like she wants cavenaugh to start, and then she ends it. We'll know you make the charge and then he answers it. That's how it works in America. When you you provide a defense. I, you have to have something to defend. He's not out there trying to prove anything he shouldn't be anyway. No kidding. He didn't have to prove anything you do. You do. The burden of proof is on the accuser. So this whole thing is completely upside down. I don't even understand. Hopefully they won't even consider making cabinet go I that doesn't make any. To me, it doesn't make any sense at all. Now if you've got some evidence, bring it, let's see it. All of it. Yeah. What do you have throw it out there because if what you have now is what we already know what you what you say and what against what he says? Well, I'm sorry that's not convincing. Did you see the the tweet storm? It was a story with Scully is former law clerk where he just laid out the case as to how this probably isn't cavenaugh that. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Like. His friend from high school next one back, I think that, yeah. It's an interesting case lays out first of all the cues, Christine blazey Ford. Says that it happened at a house and she kinda describes where the house was, but she doesn't know exactly the address or any of that. It was a Maryland suburban home. The scene of the alleged sexual assault was described by Christine Ford as being not too far from the Columbia country club and may have been may have belonged to Kavanagh's friend named Chris Garrett. Here's some. Here's some tweets thread from Ed wheelin. Now, Ed is a, he's a former Scalia law clerk. Did he go to school with cavenaugh. Does he have any vested interest in this at all, the guy with the tweet storm? No, he has a law clerk for Scalia, so. On his own. He just did some investigating on his own. Yes, and here's what he, here's what he says. Dr Ford may well have been the victim of a severe sexual assault by someone thirty six years ago. Her allegations are so vague as to such basic matters as win and wear that it's impossible for judge Cavanaugh to prove his innocence, but there are compelling reasons to believe his categorical denial. Let's look at one set of reasons according to Ford's letter, the assault occurred in a suburban Maryland home at a gathering that included me and four others. She said her Oiseaux account adds that account in the Washington Post adds that the house was not far from the Columbia country club, the four others that she and her lawyer have identified are cavenaugh Mark judge PJ Smith and female classmate of Ford's. None of the four lived in the vicinity of the Columbia country club cabinets home. Was three point six miles away Smith's four point, three miles judges ten miles in the females, female class classmate, seven miles here is a house that's barely a half mile from the Columbia country club, and then he gives the street address and shows a picture. Do we have that picture of the house? You know, do we have the floor plan? Nope. Okay. We don't. I didn't ask for all right. So. Why would you? I mean, we're just trying to describe this on radio, you wouldn't. You wouldn't want anybody to see it? We're not ranging. No. Well, wait, yeah, we, I guess we are. Was that a thing? Oh my God. Started Justin. Our prep for that I did. We were on TV ever since Farnsworth guy back in. I don't know the thirties, not boy. Most underrated inventor of all time. More of an farmer developed television in a barn. Stuff. I'm just trying to deflect. What did you say was it was a farmer? He's a Mormon far. That's right. Really, we can talk about it. Talk about Filo t Farnsworth. Oh, you want if it deflects from requesting, but just segment. Okay. So anyway, he shows actual photos of of the home inside the home and any shows the floor plan tweets. It's really, it's amazing. The floor plan corresponds closely to Ford's description of the house where the gathering took place. Here's the short stairwell and he shows a picture of it. Part of a u shaped staircase with landing reading up from the foyer to the living room. Okay. So not a picture of that. So we don't have. I mean, the guy not tweet out a picture of what he takes time to do the reading actually picture somebody somewhere along the way after he tweeted, it didn't didn't do what they maybe should have. Make. She says the gathering took place at a small family room, see the family room in the upper left of the floor plan. Someone leaving the house down the stairs out. The front door wouldn't be seen from the family room who lived in this house. Chris Garrett, a Georgetown prep classmate, friend and football teammate of red Kavanagh's. Garrett was good friends with Mark. Judge was also one of the people there. Their friendship appears to have continued long after graduation, and then he includes a Facebook exchange that shows that they were friends with girls in bikinis. That's that's a picture I should've called for. I see full both cavenaugh and Garrett in high school have commented on how much they resembled each other, it appearance and then he shows cavenaugh and Garrett in their senior yearbook photos. Now we, we don't have that picture. We have that one that's important, one dirty similar. They look. They look like twins. They really do definitely looked like at least brothers for sure, at least. So the point that he's making is that is that she screwed up who it really was might have been this guy's house who lived very close to the country club. She described where nobody else that she mentioned that was their lives within four miles of that country club. And and he took her supposedly into an area where. Korea Party wasn't happening what you could do if it was your house. Right. It makes more sense for it to be him. She categorically. There's zero chance that I would have confused the two of them. I don't know. But this is a pretty good case. He lives zero chance that I would have confused the two of them, but I can't remember exactly what house I was in or who it was you read it happened and I didn't report it when it when it presumably happen. Right. I couldn't mess up that bunker all supposed to fall in line hook, line, and sinker and say, okay, this happened to her judge cavenaugh. I'm sorry. You can't work in the United States of America anymore. You know if he really did this. I mean, I'm sure the statute of limitations is up, but I mean, that's sexual assault. You could go to jail for that. You'd go to jail for it? Yep. Yep. And it sounds like women though aren't believing her right now in polls, you know, they're, they're citing with Kevin. All good. So. Effect, you know ended that thing where they talked to sit down with a bunch of women and probably didn't get the answers. They were hoping for all. I'm sure they said that with four Republicans, right for Republican women? No, I don't think so. No. I actually don't know their party. I believe they sat down. They were Democrats for with Republicans. No Democrats. Okay, because I got the impression that they wanted to make you believe that those bastards. Yeah, we had the video sticking up for. Right? Yeah. All right. Let's let's take a look at what's found hands. How many of you believe judge cavenaugh says this didn't happen. I believe. I believe, hopefully believe the word of a woman, something that happened thirty six years ago when this has an impeccable reputation, it wasn't Joe bitty. Nobody has spoken ill wheel about him. Everyone speaks about him. This guy's an ultra boy scout. He's, you know, because one woman in allegany. Sorry, I don't buy. I would come forward if this wasn't true because it has basically destroyed her family. She's had to move to cover. She's gotten death threats. And so if she's lying, why she's also destroying his life his his. His. Rear. I mean, why did she come out sooner if she's telling the truth? Why didn't she come out when he was going into the Bush? Whitehouse? Why didn't she come out when he's been a federal done for over a decade to something that allegedly happened? Some thirty plus years ago matter today you can judge the character of a man did this having team, and I think that thirty forty years later, somebody's gonna destroy your life because somewhere at some party you, it's not right, but maybe touch somebody the way you. Well. That's amazing. That's amazing because it's coming from women interesting perspective there. First of all, what a dumb question from the reporter I, I don't recognize her from CNN, but why would she do this if it didn't happen? I don't know politics. I'm kidding. Politics. Are you kidding me born yesterday? Have you seen the world lately? She would come forward? No, of course. No. Gosh. No. Nobody could have put her up to this or she couldn't have any vendetta against Republicans or this guy, or she threw her tire life into turmoil. And by the way. She claims that the that the cues is getting death threats. The so to, yes, is the cavenaugh family. So too is cabinets wife, Ashley, let me read some of the beautiful things that people have been saying to her in messages. I please tell your rapist lying cheating corrupt bitch of a husband to put them bullet in his ugly effing skull. Wow. Okay. Mic condolences to you for being married to a rapist, although you probably deserve it. Worrell how if you and your rapist husband. Short and sweet. That's good. In then there's, there's this FU rape enabling seaward. Your husband is a liar, thief rapist and probably a pedophile burn in hell you worthless. Effing seaward. Wow. Where were these people doing the twins, Mike, hush. How about this? May you your husband and your kids burn in hell you f ING pieces of trash? Wow, yeah, good. It's beautiful. Come in there from the all inclusive loving and tolerant. Right, right. Let's not forget. Well, good thing is that we know that they believe in God, obviously, say. Sentenced her to hell, right? So yeah, and the whole family in fact is going to hell according to this person just amazing. I it's it's incredible triple eight, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three Bill in Kansas. You're on the blaze high. A just wondering, you know, I heard read on the internet that one of her demands was that no lawyers could ask questions. Is it most of the Senate made up of lawyers? Yes. Yes. Who's gonna ask questions? They're gonna bring in some farmers. Okay. Yeah, some agriculturists farmers and and I think there's one seven, eleven clerk that they're bringing desk. He was busy on Thursday. Was he made it on Monday, but they moved tight spot. Then harvest time, you know, spill her all of her. They gotta say no tour conditions, no, I'm sorry. You're not going to sit every condition on how we're going to conduct its hearing. KOMO we'll keep you safe. Yeah, saying, listen to got security. We'll keep you say we'll make sure that you arrive here. We'll make sure you're safe. Nobody bothers to. That's it. Yeah. I mean, first of all, the Democrats have known about this for months and all of this is coming down right now because they want to delay this thing till after the election. Well, you can't allow that that tactic to work. You can't. And so I, I hope they stick with it tiller. Okay. Either get here this week and and say your piece and we'll listen to you or don't, and we're going to confirm this guy. We're going to have a vote for him. So good luck. At least you know, we'll see if he holds to it. But yeah, he's acted tough so far. We'll see if he sticks to triple eight, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three you know, losing weight is difficult. We all know that and then what you get to a certain age, it just gets even more difficult just a time when. I mean, you lose weight, and then it just comes right back and it was so hard to lose it in the first place. Then you've wasted all that time effort. And it's so frustrating if you'd like to get off that merry go round. Try rid us on. Radio is a safe natural FDA knowledge, dietary supplement. They took the good stuff in olive oil. The only a which has been shown to boost metabolism and it reduces appetite. That's why olive oil so good for you. Instead of like butter at an Italian restaurant, there's just got some great properties to it. So if you have been struggling to lose weight, give reduce ONA try. It's our use e oh, any dot com. Radio dot com. When you enter the promo code Pat, you'll get thirty percent off three months, apply ridges on dot com. Offer code Pat for thirty percent off rid us own dot com. Great. The blaze radio network. Pat gray unleashed to nine hundred thirty three ninety three and patently on Twitter where conservative haiku tweets beyond say a witch. She puts a spell on many maybe ask Jay z right from oops. One would need a magical restraining order for that. Obviously. Arthur from Texas, I can hear it now Maxine Waters calling postage calling postage stamps for absentee ballots new poll tax. Well, yes, and suppressing the vote. That's racist, obviously, racist suppression. Oh, no one knows how to get. I can't get stands. You know that they, I mean, the Republicans know that and that's why why they're making stamps be placed on absence, right. Well is in since we're, you know, actually surprised that the those aren't paid postage would. Yeah, really? Yeah. It's your white privilege guys speaking here. Of course, there are post offices in the ghettos or in the urban centers, but those areas don't sell stamps and they force these individuals that live in these places to go out to the suburbs in order to buy stamps. Right. And that's causing the prime here from the prolific JD chapel, GD, chapel. Why are we building homeless bathrooms win Starbucks already fixed the problem by opening up. Restore bathrooms for everything you do. Well, that's why the only right now Miami's only setting up the one, three hundred grand, right. It must be in an area where there's not a lot of Starbucks. Starbucks. Is there an area where there's a lot of Starbucks exists. Snark as ARD says. Another way to tell about which is if they wait until just before vote to pass a candidate out of committee. Improvable accusation. That's really funny. Awesome. That's a good call. That's great. You know, speaking of cavenaugh I'm good, which and bad witches, and we ran the CNN video where these women believe Cavanaugh and not Ford, and you know, and they've done other polls where it looks like about twenty five percent twenty eight percent of male and female. Believe the female and not the mail. I mean, that's that's a very small percentage of quarter right a quarter. Yeah, that's right a lot, right. Well, I've been following this Instagram account called really talent, and I don't know the people. I don't know what they, you know where they produced, but they've been producing these videos of role. Reversals of guy being harassed by girl or the guy, harassing the girl in public places, and the outcome of that is fascinating. Here's a little clip from them. You could tell me that you could tell me. Tell me why that guy last night. Don't talk to. Paying. Lane. Yulia filming, filming. You're right, right, right. You're happy. People are stepping in. Now the girl is doing it too. That's. Techs that girl again. You read out. Amazing when the I mean not surprising, really, but amazing it just it shows that we're still. Yes, we are still in a society where there's a difference between men and women and the percents. He doesn't need the help she does right. And the guys were Shiva chivalrous to her and jumped all over that that that one guy just threw them to the ground. You really get hurt doing something like this by the way, it's probably not that smart to be doing that. And thanks in the when this role is reversed. One of the guys jumps in and starts helping her slept the guy around. Really. So it's just it was just fascinating. It is I. And when you think about it, I, I actually started watching those like, what would I do? What would I do? And obviously you step in and try to help, right? Yeah, but I would. I would. I. So I don't think so. Just, I don't know why I just, I don't think would cause you believe she can't hurt him that much. True? Yeah, she can't, you know, or he's a guy, so we obviously deserves everything gets defend himself. If he, you know, needs to. Right. But then if events he's the wrong. Well, just by stopping her from hitting him. I mean, stop hitting put. No, it's not. Well, what those not no frog. That would actually you just that's the belief, right? You just hold her and stop it and say, they'll the of the person calms down and the guy can do that in the girl. Can't. I mean it is interesting though because I mean you could get a series beating from some of the guys live that could've been blocked by that guy. Yeah, push right. And what we don't know is at that point, you know before before actual hurt comes other than being thrown down on the concrete there, we'll play it. We'll play right? Yeah. You might not have time to do that though. So, yeah, fascinating. I mean, it's culture and it's it's kind of bread into us and you don't just overcome that because people say that that that doesn't that reality doesn't exist anymore. Well, it does. Goes into us. Sorry if you don't like it, but it's a fact of life it's built into us. There are some things that are actually true true to science that even if you tell us aren't true, they really are. Yes, amazing thing. You could deny science, all you want. Say there's absolutely no difference between women and men right there. Physically the same. Okay. No. Okay. You could say that if you wanted it, all you want doesn't make it true. Thank you. And there's also, you know, there's also biological things about the way we respond to each other. In the way we interact with the because men have certain things built into us and women have certain things built into them. It was planned that way by someone. From Google or something conspiracy? Yeah. From Eric Schmidt? Google planned? Yeah. Yeah, that's what. Triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three coming up in just a few minutes now, right after the break we're going to get into more on trivia. This week's matchup is New England versus Detroit get ready with your flags on the field and get ready for an incredible battle more on trivia coming up next on Gran leashed. Mad gray unleashed on the blaze radio network. At grade is here on the please radio network. Tundra of the human my on, what can you find mount Rushmore. American. Of infinitessimal intellect will collide in a cloud of glory. What is the largest planet in our solar system. Then till gladiators, capable of turning a minor in line into an unscaled summit. What does the s in t s a stand for. The s. is for travel. Versus dim with done versus goal. Moron versus Moore in an epic, battle of Nick. This is more on trivia. Morning American head. Friday and more on trivia time. Triple eight, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three if you hear reason to throw a flag on the field, here's our Commissioner, Jeff Fisher to explain the rules. Well, if you hear reason that to throw a flag on the field, you're more than welcome to call and Pat willing to listen to you each week, we predict the outcome of chosen NFL game. This week's game doing patriots taking the Detroit Lions in Detroit Detroit, the home team, we call convenience stores in those local areas, local metropolitan areas and ask them four questions each same questions each quarter, four quarters. We predict the outcome of the game. It's very simple with we call the convenience store. They say, yes, they'll answer the questions. We ask them very simple questions. Very easy questions like. As easy question, some of these questions incredibly difficult. You hear this sound heard that means we have a contestant in the next team up and this should be Detroit. All right. So we've got Nate. Did you say. Nate. Hi. Hey, welcome to the big frog. What? A nine point. Nine. The only station beyond the bandwidth of your FM dial you. Listen a lot. No, not really. Well, we won't hold that against you. Nate. We've got the all request noon hour coming up in just a minute, but first of all, we want to ask you for quick questions. If you don't know the answer, just take a guess and you can't ask anyone for help. Okay. All right. All right. Question number one. Think about the four seasons where you live now, think about western Canada in western Canada, which season typically comes after summer. Fall. That's right. That's right. It's narc. Yeah. Do you like a PHD or something? Okay. All right. Wow. You could've pulled us. All right. Question number to finish this well, known phrase, a penny saved is a penny earned. Earns. Yes. Are you sure you're don't have a doctorate. Okay. All right. Have you checked lately? Have you checked around for a doctor at somewhere in your house? Oh. Muster rubbed off. Question three. What fell on, sir? Isaac Newton's head apple an answering. Now. In the. Cow, fourth and final question they in order for you just to hit this out of the ballpark for the right lions, what hurricane just hit the Carolinas. Sandy's sandy? Can we take close. Sandy. It was hurricane Jeffey. He actually rammed into a gigantic buffet, just decimated the entire thing. Nothing right. Do we appreciate your participation though or you, we're going to send you the home version of games like, and I just did. Thanks. All right. So that's three. That's three up for Detroit. Good quarter that I thought it was. It was so good and then and then he ran into the problem there with hurricane Florence? Yeah. I mean, and hurricane sandy, which never actually, but that's okay. It wasn't a hurricane. Those all everyone believes that was a hurricane. Oh, yeah, they do because it was a hurricane for for a little while. Right. That was it. Right is just ridiculous. But it was a super right. So it was like, right, you know, one of the avengers of storms made landfall. It wasn't a hurricane. We have to call something. We have to go up superstar superstorm. That's when a storm is really, really. It's, you know, like a bird or plant? No, it's super suitable. Within between superstorm in a super duper storm. Is there a difference between the two. I don't. I don't detect that. You're taking the seriously at all. So congrats to the left for changing the vernacular because superstorm sandy really did stick yet did good that they could not go it a hurricane, and they knew that because it wasn't a hurricane, but man, what if we call it a superstores? That'll sound scary. Are you will not a super duper snow. Not that that's not real now you've cheapened it. Yeah, it's about right, triple eight. Nine hundred thirty three nine three. All right. Three to nothing so far we're heading into the bottom half of the first quarter and try to get somebody on the phone in New England for the patriots. I've got a really cool job that I think I'm gonna take. Okay. This company only pizza. Specializes in portable outdoor pizza, ovens, and they're in dire need of pizza. Tasters sounds like a good gig. Okay. Where is it? They're going to pay you. They're gonna pay you up to a thousand dollars a day to eat pizza, made it one of their stainless steel portable wood-fired pizza ovens here. That's what a great gig that is. There's the loophole is you have to make the pizza yourself. Okay, and you're going to be able to do it at home? Okay. What I don't have to go anywhere do study. They send me the stuff I compile Nick recipe. Developments product has the brand ambassadorship, and they're gonna give you a thousand bucks a day for that day rate, three hundred dollars, three hundred bucks. But for those who have had solid pizza making background, I've had solid pizza pizza background, right? Prove me wrong. At make grand predict can go up two thousand dollars. Now they're saying that it's why toot, but it's only really it works out. They only need people to do this. You know, two or three times a month. What still? That's not bad at all. Lincoln for three. I have a huge fan of becoming a brand ambassador, Tony pizza. Give me one of your oven gone, right? Here's my two weeks. Notice my new calling in life. It's gig enjoyed it, but pizza. Wow. Ooh. I know you've tried to develop our awesome wood-fired pizza ovens. You know what? I don't have one of my home yet, but I believe it's awesome too into it though. Kidding. Wow, that's a good gig yet is that'd be fun. Except that the making new pizzas and stuff. You know. They want you to try the ingredients stuff with boozy. Just try stuff. Yeah, do stuff you can't. You think one of my kale you kinda scared away. Kale pizza. Kale pizza. I could do the kale just, you know, for a test, but they want other that other stuff. Like what I don't like sausage. Sausa- stuff. I, you know, they want different stuff as pepperoni pizza, but they don't need to test that. Everyone knows that that's enjoyable. But I've put the pepperoni different. Okay. Yeah. Okay. What you're putting it on site. Different, like I'm cutting him in half or something. I'll do it different. Yeah, nobody's ever done that before. Revolutionary. See, thank you. What an idea. They'll be brand best or go ahead. You're not all random. You're not a brand ambassador, it'd be fun though. New pizzas for trying to love it. It'd be fun. Yeah, couple times a month for a little extra cash. It'd be great Disney's apparently planning to scale back the Star Wars movie productions because they've come out too fast and furious. And now they're starting to think, well, okay, solo was a great movie and they didn't do that well, so we're gonna slow it down now. Bomb misconception. I think so too. I think so too, but he just confirmed that the production and release of the movies is going to be scaled back. He admitted he'd made a mistake that there'd been too much too fast. And so he says, you could expect some slowdown. We're going to be a little bit more careful about volume and timing, and it's too bad. That is too bad. Although, I mean, that's actually they should've thought of that before. Probably, yeah. I mean, I thought there was more than that, but I actually liked solo allot. I thought it was one of the best our worst movies who was bad as everyone thing. I thought it was the best Star Wars movie since the original three. Yeah, since nineteen eighty three. It was to me the best. Yeah. All right. Who is it? Joyce from New England. Hey, Joyce. Welcome to the big frog. One. Nine. Nine. Are you big fan? I grow. So what's what's your favorite song that we play here at the big frog. Okay. Can you hold? You know, I can't really talk right now. I've got customers waiting for me. Ask you some questions, quick, it big winner. All right. We are. Number one, think about the four seasons where you live now, think about western Canada in western Canada, which season typically comes after summer typical. Typically in western candidate. Just talked to finish this well-known phrase. A penny saved is a penny earned. Question number three is what fell on psoriatic Newton's head. Apple, correct. And number four, what hurricane just hit the Carolinas. Big winner. Perfect. Customers and we're gonna let you get back to them. Now we're gonna send you home version of the game and just did psychically. She got. She got here. There you go. It's. Joyce fights back. Wow, that's the Florence at the end four, four, two, ro, New England, four Detroit, three first quarter in the books scoring game because that was the final score down over the predict this. Predict themselves how many times it would make clear thought flag on me l. it's that plenty of times. Look, I don't even want people to gamble with this game, but if they did make a lot of money. All right. Second quarter coming up with more on trivia. Only on the blaze radio network. Pat gray returns. Trivia. We're into the top of the second quarter. Now, the New England's up for two three over Detroit. Of course. That's the game we're. We're playing today. The New England Patriots versus the Detroit Tigers are the lions Tigers baseball. They're not playing baseball. That's correct. I know. So if somebody would were to agree to answer the fork questions and then they decide that they've got a customer and they hang out what happens, then they four fifth quarter, wow, no matter how far along they are, if they've gotten all of them ride or have an answer any once you agree and then you hang up, you're in it's over for the long haul. Yeah. And if you hang up before fit the quarter zero, that's rules. Nobody wants to. Try not to what. Duston. Okay. We've got Dustin Detroit hanging on the line. Hey, Dustin. Yeah, you big lions fan? Yes, I, yeah, that's too we are. We are as well. Who do you like the best on the team? Who's your favorite? Right. I like he's gone. Day celebrate golladay familiar with. That's on scrape. Great song. Never. For him. It was awesome. Sing it for him. In fact that day last year really, really cool moment. Hey, we're gonna ask you four quick questions if you don't know the answer, just take a guess and you can't ask anybody for help. Okay. All right. All right. What is Google. The search engine engine. Exactly, right. Question number two. What does the Richter scale measure. Scale, a Richter scale. Say, let's say, wall walls. Can we accept good guests though? We can't. No. Okay. It actually it's a trick. Question Richter scale measures Richter's. So. What do you call a car with its top down. Tough one. Say, sporty sports. Putting weeks s forty sports, the hundred percent correct answer. The correct. Naked, we call it half. Got it. All right. Are you sure you sporty sports? That's not exactly what we're looking for though. Right? We were looking for half naked. All right. Number four. There's a town in California with a golden retriever as a mayor. What type of animal is a golden retriever. Wow. Let's say dog, let's say. So we're saying right -able. All right, man. Thank you for playing. We've got a, we got something really special for you. We're gonna send you the home version of our game, psychically, and I just did so. MP three of golladay. No, no, I'm not rent to slow him. No, I'm not a great. Great. So one of the best husband ever did? Yeah. After paper roses might be her best. So. So, yeah, I mean, you're right on the sportscar thing. It's not a sports car convertible. Right. Well, what do you call it? Convertible. I, he's supporting, no, that doesn't work. There are plenty of sporty cars. I think. I think what we're actually looking for is a convertible, are we not? Isn't that what you call it? Other than half naked? You call it a convertible, right? He wanted to be if he wanted to Detroit, I'd call it cold. I might give him that might give. I'd call it cold. It's not the. All right. So did he get anything right? We got Google Disney. He got Google Google and the dog and the dog. The dog. I mean, that's scared me. Dr. I think it's a form of a gerbil. Okay. Give me the name again. Dude, lem. Hey, welcome to the big frog. High. Hello. Oh, hung up. Oh, that. Second, understand what way that was being told her so does wait. It's cuts. Yeah, it's so. Because he didn't ask you didn't talk, didn't ask them their name. Let's have them tell us their name and just take. Tells on the air. Yes. What I'm saying. We'll just say, hey, let's go to New England or whatever. And who is this dude lem to? That's what it sounded like. Was it dude, lem called doodling back, but let him to them. I, I would have been fun to. That's a bummer that who'd lem. That was a mistake, tell them we got a fabulous price elected, especially for him. You left your lottery ticket on the counter. You're coming to claim it if he doesn't stay on the phone. That's too bad. No less. I mean, he could win fabulous prizes those the phrase that pays. Ninety one best righty from the sixty seventy nine engine Morrow. And the most release talk. Plus with the morning show in the morning. One. Every morning from six to ninety the more name and don't forget. Traffic and weather together every sixty seconds on the fours lurk. Jiggles jingles are good. I've missed those for about of our real life to start playing again, if you actually working at the Bill one. Oh, nine point. Nine and had to play those all the. Yeah, they, yeah, they do get old just like the music gets old. But these I don't think I'm not sure these could ever get old the only station beyond the bandwith viewer FM. Nine nine, right? Nobody ever says. Great. Well, wait, if it's beyond the band, how am I hearing it and don't you love how every time you ask them if it's a favorite rating it? Well, it's for once this morning. Didn't? Yeah, because I have thought that right honest. Honest, yes. My favorite station. I listen all the time really. That's how we get the video clips from the stupid late night shows all the time of showing a stupid people because they rhino people don't want to say they don't know something they don't want to appear ignorant right. And in fact by saying, no, thanks, you look smarter that way absent don't answer the questions. Okay. All right. Here we go. I believe we've got somebody in New England. We go to New England now, hey, who's this? What's your name? My name is Laurie Ray Laurie Laurie. We're gonna ask you. We're gonna ask you for quick questions. If you don't know the answer, just take guests and you can't ask anybody for help. Okay. Okay. Question number one. What is Google. Like engine is a search engine. What does he Richter scale measure. Earthquake earth. Lori steps that Jeffy takes things. So it's virtually virtually identical. Question three, what do you call a car with the top down. Convertible convertibles are you taking a break from the hospital, Dr rocket scientists and NASA or something? All right, Laurie. There's a town in California with a golden retriever as its mayor. Now, what type of animal is a golden retriever. All right, Lori. Thank you for playing appreciate your time. You got customers in there now. Scream, scream for him. The big frog one zero. Nine point. Nine is my favorite radio station? No, nine point nine. It's my favorite radio station. It's the only state should be on the bandwidth. Say it's it's the only station beyond the bandwidth. The only stay out the van with nice fraud is close enough. Thanks, Lori. We're going to send you a home game. Thank you. Bro. Say Sam kenniston over here. Because a lot to say, where do we stand here, right? Yeah, we're at halftime right now doing Lind has cleaned the clock the first two quarters man with answering all four, correct. Both. Oh, that's right. There thousand five. Obviously, calling doctors in convenience store, difficult. The convenience stores that are happening in hospitals, willing. Because these people are way too smart. I, you know, I would say, maybe, you know they're out of work from being a doctorate at some university possible. They're working at circle k now. I don't know, right? That's what we're calling or they just moonlight from NASA, their rocket scientists most of the time. But right now they're just filling up some space. Everybody needs a little something, but the heck, right. Why not your income Chevy. I don't think we need to go down that road. So. Sales. Answer your into sales. I don't know why I mean makes perfect sense, right. Our triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. And of course, at Pat unleashed if year, anything that you think. Is troublesome. You can throw a flag on field by calling us at triple eight, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three or you could also tweet at us at Pat unleashed. Here's something kind of interesting. There is a a paper newspaper that has adopted the name of it's a, it's a newspaper in the town of Uranus, Missouri, and they have just adopted the name for the paper of the Uranus examiner picture, at least from. Of, I'm sorry, downtown rented. You can ring your stupid duck tops and Bill. And because the story is fascinating to me because they the the, the area has really angry about it. They don't want. They don't want it to be called the rate six hips or they don't understand why I really don't. I really don't know. I mean, it's classy classy. The day of deciding you wanted to go to Uranus for destination. Probably. The day's bypassed, gave them a little more publicity as a little shy. Absolutely. That's what the mayor of Uranus. It's a, it's a, you know, he's not a voted elected official. He believes that shows up basing its go green. All right. We are at halftime scores eight to five, knowing Linda over Detroit with the second half coming up hair. Haired grey only on the blaze radio network. At gray. The big frog. What? Oh, nine. We'll be getting the let out tonight at our of Led Zeppelin beginning, seven o'clock, seven o'clock sharp. We get the lead out every weeknight at seven o'clock. Here are the big frog one. Can we do some deep cuts tonight or well, that's that's up to our our night guy. Jungle gym. We'll we'll see Jim jungle gym the night guy. He's awesome. Triple eight, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three with your flex. Oh, we got a flag on the field here from Rick and California. Hey, Rick. Welcome. Hey, how's it going in? Good. Good against girls. We got boys against girls. No, no, no. Nothing to do with who answers the phone convenience at the mercy of who answers willing to play. I mean, wait a minute are ways martyr at convenience stores as that, I didn't know that was the thing that common. All right. Thanks. Appreciate it. Wow. All right. Who do we have in Detroit to start the third quarter, Philip into trite, welcome to the big frog one, nine, nine. Lose the Flipkart. There, philip. Where's Phillip? Oh no. Oh no, Phillip. Seriously. Now see that doesn't count as forfeit on those. He didn't agree to talk to us on the air. Now, if you're maybe help you there. Hey, Phillip, welcome. I'm here. Hey, are you willing to answer four questions for us? If you don't know the answer, just take a guess. No big deal and you can't ask anybody for help. Okay. All right. Question number one. This week America's celebrated Constitution Day. What Pennsylvania city was the constitution written in. Possible. Nobody's ever answering. I know. Hard one. That's a hard one. It's hard to keep a good man down play for the lions go. All right. Question number two, Phillip. What what is socialism. Is this study of. Behavior share between. Means we, oh, man. I know exactly what you're saying. We can't close that move there being really, really picky as answers splitting hairs this. It's actually a study of social diseases that has between. Yeah, this close though years really close. Yeah, the word. I hear you, man. It's being so technical. Question number three, how many stars are on the US flag. Fifty. Thank you. Except fifty. And finally, what does twenty four seven stand for. Only four hours a day, seven days a week. Only cow, Philip nicely done nicely done. Hey, how often do you listen to the big frog? One zero. Nine, nine. The only station beyond the FM bandwidth everyday. And who's your favorite personality. That's addison. Patterson. All right, man, appreciate it. Thanks. We're going to send you a home version of the game, psychically, and I just did congratulations. He listens every day. You can't buy that kind of loyalty. I mean, we hadn't even given him anything, and he was already listening every day favorite. Across the room, and he went with Patterson close enough that we give it to him. Yes, absolute fact Patterson in the morning, so he got what to got to got to. So we're halfway through the third quarter. It's eight, two, seven Duiguid. So if the New England contestant gets off or correctly, then the game is over game. Well, technically, yes, we could go on to play the fourth quarter four to we don't need to and it's been somewhat tough sledding to get a contestant, but we'll see how we feel if we can get. At night that were, you know, Sunday night, New England in Detroit. All right. There's a couple of games that happen on Saturday at plan, Saturday college college games? Yes. There are a couple of those. He's talking about. I thought you meant the NFL the Phil yet. Yeah, no already has three nights three or four nights a week. Let us have Friday and Saturday. Thank you. Thank you. Don't we get to play offs? He's and then they take sadder. The Monday, Thursday, Saturday. Already, we've got you what you. What is the. What are you doing. Just hanging out. Okay. Panda mask is how to read the Email. I read yesterday. Okay. No panda. Bill. We got Jacob in New England to play for the patriots, hey, Jacob, Jacob just dropped. Oh. Good luck encourages people to well, we had a hang during the Pentagon. Eric Dickerson thinks hall of fame players deserve three hundred thousand dollars a year salary from the NFL for their playing days, really. So I guess that'd be a pension for them and they do make a pension. The pension pays them. Between players and hall of famers. And that'll be five years. Right? To get the pension. Yeah. You gotta put it at least five to get the pension, and then I'm not sure what the time frame is for that because that was the big deal with OJ. Right. They were still saying that they right. Is still getting right engine and they can't touch that right from the lawsuits. But yesterday we learned about a group of hall of fame players who are considering boycotting the induction ceremony in canton to try to get money and health insurance from the NFL. All right. Who do we have mo- hey, Moe. Good. How you doing. Yeah. Well, hey, are you a patriots fan? Yes, I am. Yes, I am. That's exactly how I feel like the best on the team. Oh, right now probably still radio. Yeah, always braiding then that's. Rex Burkhead baby. It's exactly where I am always Brady Bill. Excited about the Gordon trade me to write to. We don't have enough drug addicts on the team for my money. Am I right. Everybody is struggling with their own ping. Okay. For for me, I just think there's no NFL team in the league that has enough drug addicts on their roster, no more. With you with you. I should be, you know, they, they should be saying them. Now, probably right. Trying to push on that drives me and say, all right. Let me ask it. We're gonna ask you for questions if you don't know the answers to take guests and you can't ask anybody for help. Okay. All right. First question this week America celebrated Constitution Day. What Pennsylvania city was a constitution written in. Gettysburg Gettysburg. Can we. Oh, sticklers today. It was Edmonton Alberta candidates cloven. Yes, yeah. Number two. What is socialism. Socialism. Type of. Life political studying to a government that uses stack pay. Or the band? Oh, yes, yes. Nice job. Check it. Okay. Question three. How many stars are on the US flag. Fifty is right Ridgely and what does twenty four seven stand for twenty four hours seven days a week. Do you have a a master's degree? Some kind maybe. Working on it. Are you really going to school? Where are you going to school cut? He's transferring over to UMass Lowell soon. Nice. Okay, that's exactly. Are you in the whole campus? Yes. So we'll probably we'll probably see you there. Yeah, dude. We'll be looking for you. Okay. Go fighting over for a cab or something. Definitely look for the white BMW. Every trigger hawks. Maybe you got. All right, man. Thanks a lot. I love Google. UMass Lowell river hawks. Yeah. Feel bad that he did good. That didn't. Why? Because Gettysburg smart enough. I think we knew it was had some historical significance. Ben for. So so good feel bad. So what's the score now, where are we doing in the lead? The lead eleven to seven as we head into the fourth qua fourth quarter is necessary. So. We get needs to get all or the game is over. I actually we asked all four questions anyway because. All right, so we won't shut down prematurely. We'll just we'll make sure we get all the way through the Detroit contestant God loosed. But this is going the right way. I mean, you gotta believe New England is going to be Detroit, right? I'm not making league. I'm just playing the game. The game says, while we use this for entertainment. Only I don't ever use it to bet. Here's a, here's a working theory. If the patriots lose to the lions on Sunday night, then maybe it wasn't the Browns all along. It was Josh Gordon because the Browns win the first game after he leaves town. I'm just saying maybe he's the bad luck term instead of well, the Browns themselves. Well, my theory is they just got rid of the drug addict that they needed to have on the team. So. Kind of blows that whole thing out of the water, right? Because they didn't have the drug drug addict on their roster when they played last night. That's what I'm saying. Maybe the loss Cleveland and the baby New England is about the start to a season of winter. We'll see. We'll see. All right, triple eight. Nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three anyway. The rest of this Eric Dickerson thing. Apparently several payer players including Jerry Rice and Kurt Warner kind of said, yeah. No, don't. We don't expect three hundred grand from the NFL for. Incheon. But TMZ caught up with Eric Dickerson and he he told them that every hall of fame player who is alive today should be getting three hundred thousand dollars a year per player from the NFL. He is the chairman of the newly formed hall of fame board, and he told him z. that every guy with a goal jacket should get three hundred thousand dollars a year while. Wow, that'd be pretty sweet. That would be I would. I would argue that maybe if you were inducted into the hall of fame and you're still alive and you were inducted before, say nineteen seventy nineteen, seventy five, maybe that you should that the NFL should at least take care of your medical costs and oh, definitely medical medicals, reasonable. Have a lot. Yes, guys, those guys were, you know we're around before the time of learn how to save your money and be able to live on the three million a year we've been paying. Yes. So just to give you an idea what this would cost there. There are three hundred eighteen living hall of fame players so that would that would cost the NFL a little over ninety five million a year. A lot of money, but it's a ten billion dollar industry right sooner or later. I know, I know, but you keep chipping away. I mean, they're taking care of the, they're taking care of people with headaches and they're taking care. Everybody else pretty soon. You're down to. We've got no money. Gotta pay Goodell that outrageous salary for what he does. He's gotta have forty million a year. He's making terrible decisions. Every single doesn't make any decisions problem. You're gonna talk about a waste of paycheck, right? Jeeze triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety. Three. We'll get to a flag on field coming up in just a second year. Unleashed. On the blaze radio network. Now to pet gray on the blaze radio network. Serving your local area one. Nine. Nine. The big. Don't forget. We're reading the middle of the all request lunch hour and it's more on trivia the fourth quarter. Now we go to do. We have a contestant. We don't have his online yet, so we'll go to. Let's go to couple of the flags that we have on the field flags. We have flags on field Derek in Arizona perfectly, has a flag for us. Go ahead, Eric. Hi. Oh my God. I can't believe I got through one on nine nine the frog. Oh, man. So if you're okay, you're still fat. Cousy station Cousy coming your way, your flags or f we, we see. Our remotes. We'll give you free hot dog Derek though. We won't. All right. Go ahead what you plug. I'm a little behind him watching you guys. I had to pause earlier, but you ask the question about the convertible. I think the guy in Detroit was confused because convertibles they don't have to have their roof down. You said, well, what do you call a car with is down. You know, it could have been ripped off stolen. It's not a convertible, but if it's convertible to my point, they'll get. Okay. Go ahead. No, we appreciate you calling. And this is kind of a buzzkill for for more on trivia bowl. Oh, no. You were talking the other day about ASU and like the Justice studies program, right? Yeah, I went through that and I have an explanation for you that I've been trying to to word properly, but I went through it. I got my BA in Justice studies with garbage and I shouldn't have done it. But now I now I see how they talk and how they think. But there is a belief in that system in that school that all fixing is supposed to be progressive, moral fiction. By that they mean any stories that you tell on media you're writing even for entertainment fiction. A lot of our shows on TV. It's all if you're not pushing some sort of. Aggressive agenda, then it's wasted. Yeah, I believe that hang hang on a second. We'll get back to this sister station. This is the big frog yet. Right? We think we have a contestant in in Detroit. It's John. Hey, John, welcome to the big frog one. Oh, nine point. Nine. The only station beyond the bandwidth of your FM dial you. Listen to lot. I don't. Oh, boil. Boil bright answer, was it? No, it's okay. We're gonna said one of our cars by today, bring a couple of speakers. As there was, there was two hundred thirty eight thousand dollars for if you could have known the phrase, but you'll never know that while our John, we've got four quick questions we're going to. We're going to ask you if you don't know the answer. Just take a guess. It's no big deal and you can't ask anybody for help. Okay. No problem. All right. Question number one. Not exactly a question, but I- dent defy this celebrity voice. Can we take Kermit the frog Kermit the frog? No, we're looking for carrot top. That's character dial down the middle guy. You were so close. So same thing, same thing question over to really how many branches of government are there. Seven, seven. Can we take seven, seven branches, but I don't think it's right ranches. Is that right? Eighteen. In the military? Yeah, seven branch eighteen branches government name. Number three is name our car Destin. Canucks we could have also accepted Tito Marlin and Germany. They're married have heard. Yeah. Question ever for this particular precipitation typically falls during a thunderstorm. Rain, rain. We take rank. I have no idea. Yes, we were also, we would have also accepted gravy from Jeffey sweat. Since listener, you wouldn't. Right? The fat joke at all about that. John. We do have we do have the home version of our game that we're going to send to psychically, and I just did thanks for playing shared it. Go lions, whatever we're done. We don't need. We don't need to play doing. We don't. We don't. Let's do it. Hey, Joe. Joe. Hi, how you doing? Hey, man, it's a big frog one. One of nine point. Nine. Just telling. Yeah. Who is your friend? That was just excited about the big frog, one, nine, listen, big listener. Hello, Joe? Yes. Speaking English here, thinking English. All right, Joe, we're gonna ask four quick questions. If you don't know the answer, just take a guess and you can't ask anybody for help. Okay. Okay. No problem. Here we go name the celebrity voice that is impersonated. Cuba. Talk about his own believable. You got that nice job. Job. All right. Joe question to how many, how many branches of government are there, how many branches of government. Two two? Yeah. I thought I thought that was right because didn't we just get rid of the legislative branch because they weren't doing anything anyway. Right. Wait a minute. Hold on. Okay. Three, four. There's right brief. We were asked. I know you talk to Joe list. That's okay. All right. Question number three. Joke name name a Kardashian. Any Kardashian Kim cut, Jim. Didn't take him. Right? Okay, of course. Yes. All right, Jim. All right, John. This precipitation typically falls during a thunderstorm. Would you say what kind of precipitation? Yeah. What kind of precipitation typically falls during thunderstorm. Minta. Well, you are responsible in part for a New England patriot route in this game. Are you patriots fan? I am a patriots fan, a patriots fan to who do you who do you like best on the team? Cheerleaders. You go baby. All right now I would have to say Brady because he's the guy. Got to leave the team. We were just talking about that. He's the man. He quoted the hot wife. They bring in common camera Nick though. Right? What if they do that, then what will think they won't do that. Okay. Watch. There's there's kind of a rumor that they might. And switching to. Yeah. Right. Thanks for playing our game. We'll let you get back to work because we've got it as well. So there you go. The the contestant from Detroit that said, there are seven branches of the. He all you're talking about military, not the government. Army, navy, air force marine. What do we do the co starred space for for? So the highest. Six merchant marine. Well, maybe he's maybe he is. Maybe he knows about something, but what about the civilian force? We've got, oh, we've got to be just a strong just as powerful just as well funded born. Eighteen hundred eighteen so. Title final score, New England, fourteen Detroit, nine more on trivia predicts New England will be victorious over Detroit Sunday evening while all right. I know more on trivia wasn't even close. We'll the game not even be close. We don't know because as predictor of that, it's just a predictor of the outcome. Eventual Whittard. All right. We got some flags take. We'll do that coming up. Pat gray, the blaze radio network. At grade is here on the please radio network. More on trivia as concluded. Yes, it has. No England was Victor in the score was what teen to nine over Detroit over Detroit. So that's a Sunday, all four quarters. So our prediction is that the patriots win the game over over the lions. We'll see also fall as far as college. Football is concerned. BYU takes on mcneese state. They have maybe a little bit of a break. That's a really good FC FCC it is and look, if you're coming on strong came back, right? They they'd be Wisconsin, you know, after after the law. So there two and one and they they got put into the top twenty five for the people. You know the one, put them in the top twenty five at twenty five can't live up. No, everybody's saying this could be a trap game, let they've got big nieces if they're going to be mix. It can't be thirteen to ten. No, it's gotta be gotta, be victorious, although I don't know. You guys beat him by forty points. You don't have to do that. I don't. I don't think say forty point spread forty two. I mean, I, I hope it is, but. And MS for Missouri found, yeah, Georgia comes to Columbia. I know. Wow, the gold weekend, man. I know tough one really were Georgia's really good and you know, look, really good. Look. I'm going to be rooting for misery. I want him to win as an early game. Eleven AM. That's what you like. Oh, wow. AM central, twelve, twelve. Eyeliner start. Remember when my son played, he allows early games because you get up and you go, yeah, as a fan, you want them late because you'd be able to party more and watch the game late. Don't TV. You know, it's big-time, but the players that play late, they just wait around in a hotel all day and I'll say, congratulated BYU for pulling off that great win, not in a typical night game where the east coast is already gone to bed, but you guys pulled that off in Wisconsin in the middle of the day, people got to see it and that was the buzz on Twitter as the game was going on to midnight. Yeah, and it was the lead story on sportscenter so yeah, it was. It was cool. It was a nice should have been the old guys beat the kids. That's good. So please. Okay, Michigan we stole. Owen in conference play for now. I've got one more week. The other night, though, Keith just says a side note, I happen to run across the recording, highlights of the two thousand eight, Missouri Nebraska game misery came into. Nebraska was left tackle of so many players. Chase, was there somebody big players win, like fifty to seven, fifty two. It was a Saturday night game. It was a huge. Let's talk about the point. Watching my son play again. The two thousand nine Nebraska, Missouri game where we scored twenty seven points in the fourth quarter to beat you guys. I know. I wanna talk. We let up that I go. I know he just looked go look up some more thousand nine. I just remember exactly how many points scored in the fourth. Yes, that was that rating gave radio played a game in the ring. That year they play. So hard, they've canceled. Okay. All right. Let's go back to Derrick in Arizona who had a flag and then was onto something else. Oh, yeah. Yeah, you're talking about the program state, right. Right, that's right. I got transferred over to the blaze. Yes, yes. From the big frog year. Nobody knows. No one. I don't remember the story. I think you were talking about some professor that was spewing a bunch of nonsense, but yes, whole I went, I started my ASU career there in that school. It's called the Justice studies, the school of social reform or something like that. I'd I mistakenly decided to go there which was horrifying and I added another major on later on, but just to get away from the nonsense, but that school is is full of just radical nonsense like on believable, the kind of stuff that they're pushing. Yeah, and I was go at the problem is almost all schools are like that. Now it's hard to find a university that that isn't progressive. That's not just loaded with socialist propaganda. It's it's tough. Right? And and I think you guys were talking earlier about the. Maybe yesterday about the political affiliations of different schools within universities. Like scientists are very even where, and I found that to be true in my experience as well, but this, but this particular little school inside the college of the Barat arts and sciences is like it's unbelievable. They're all communists. They're all crazy socialist. It was really kind of insane. Well, I'm and honestly I got through, I don't know how I got through it, but they, they all hated me by the end of it that belt so uncomfortable walking down the hall, all the professors there, they just hated me. They didn't wanna hear other opinions, what kind of grants. Well, that's interesting thing they, they kept telling us like all of them hated the meritocracy, right? Yeah. So what as I got as in basically everything except for one class, which I'll tell you about what you're unbelievable, but she got, I got as and everything, but I don't feel like I earn them because they were like, oh, they were so against meritocracy that they probably gate, but gave us all these. Could be garbage, garbage. I. Oh, I'm sure it is. But one one lady Davey all as until the last paper and then massive failures. She gave me like a fifty percent on the paper and it was a final paper. And so so it's your final paper. You turn and you go on fall break or whatever, and then you come back slept out. He's got a c. in the class because one bomb sucks and I tried to fight. It couldn't fight it. No one will do anything about it. She gave me to give me the run around. Actually. She gave me half of my paperback with her notes on it and the other half she lost quote, she lost it. So she had to give me that and they'll Tronc form. So it was like two months later in the she gave me the other half, she wrote things on it like no, introductory paragraph, no, no topic sentences. We're just garbage. I know how to organize an essay, blah, blah, blah. So, and she got at me just because in class, I would point out the complete hypocrisy. It was like the class was like economic Justice. Like literally, that's that was the name of it very close to that. And. And they just all it was. It was such narves and kids would turn on me and and get angry with me for asking questions like this. There was like one or two conservatives in the class that would rally around me very quick early on, but it was very, very hostile and like every single class, except for one. There was one great professor. Actually, I ended up finding out he was married to the crazy one that failed that had to be didn't know that they didn't have the same last name or anything. And he wrote my, he ended up writing my recommendations to law school where she was the one that tried to like super fail me for nothing, which is great, but it's all at the whole places like that. The goal, Derek. That's what I mean. That's what the kids are up against now and and a lot of don't care sometime. Lot of them don't care because they've been indoctrinated their whole lives and they're used to it and they like it and the agree with. It, but if you get the occasional conservative in their whose parents maybe help. Correct. Some of the stuff that they were being fed in school or they were home schooled, then they have a tough time. It's still struggle. Yes, still struggle. I use my oldest son is example at the university of Missouri Columbia, you know, a very less than less than concern, conservative. You remember that they were doing a protest. It was the week before they played years ago and they did the walk out. I mean, it was tough for the the coaches and everyone they tried to that too. You know, I don't want to say pretend, but they certainly had to go along with it. Try to get the players back and everything. It was bad. It costs the university, a lot of money. They've closed down some of the dorms. I mean, they're trying to rebuild from that. Stella's the hands up. Don't shoot thing, wasn't it. And so, yeah, it was a, it was the surpass support first unbelievable the first time around and you know, so. And, and if you even if you already have not been fully indoctrinated, unless you know the truth, if they get you, they get those kids every time. I mean, I remember getting texts from Elvis, you know, say as in the class and the the professors started ripping on Glenn and his is like I could stand up and say, I know the guy, he's all right, but it wouldn't do any good. No, it wouldn't. No. I mean, daughter got that stuff right at four to about I I know the man. Man talking about. Derek in Florida. You're on the blaze. Hi, hey, I love fad gravy, swift fat, or sin, but he's not very much of listener, much like the patriots, the MO from New England cheated on the socialism question. You listen, you, listen, he says socialism, socialism, socialism, which is what he would say while you were looking something up. Many lilies days. Eight type of any of his perfectly. Yeah, you're probably right proof of that. However, that was that was in Detroit, right? That was one of, no, that that was still. All the questions because you might get flags that will take away points out the words. You have to ask all quarters. Yes, we'll fly these people and take away points. Oh, I see what you're saying. I see what you're saying. We'll contemplate that. That's a good point. Thanks for the call Derek. But in this particular case, if it's even if you take away that point, they still win. So doesn't matter. It's over. To prove it. Obviously, you take that incredible. Now he's working for Blakely Ford. Though Kavanagh's at you. Mari, don't you? Don't you. You'll working for. Us. John in Indiana, welcome to the blaze. Yeah, I got a field US US contestant. I mean, one of the courtesy ins and a credential is actually an alien race on Star Trek. Had the, we have given it to them. Thanks John. I, that's, that's that's true actually answered that we would have had to give it to. We could have given it to them, but they did not our our, you know, our answer. We were directors of, it's nothing inter galactic answer to it. But yeah, I forgot about that in deep space. Nine. You find the Cartesio. That right there is sad, isn't it? That I know that triple eight, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three more Pat gray unleashed coming up. Gray unleashed returns after this on the blaze radio network. Pat gray. Triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three and a Pat unleashed on Twitter. Let's go to rob in Florida fire on the blaze. Hey, Pat Hickey, hey, hey, I don't know if you're wear story broke yesterday on pro football, talk where Jimmy Graham of the Packers is now facing fines from the league for not for failing to speak with reporters. And I guess the policy states that all players must be available to the media per games during the week. Yeah, isn't the whole taking the knee part of the free speech mantra that they're claiming and wouldn't not speaking fall under free speech. How. Yeah, this web. Yeah, that's a good question. This is a policy that you have to speak, but we'll wait a minute. That was right. That's the fight that the can't make not kneeling part of the deal. Well, yeah, you can. Then our argument all along, which I'm sure is yours is that you play for us during that time you have to do it. We say right. Again, we we all know what so private. It's private business. The NFL is and and so if they're going to pick that hill that they want to die on our in the world, can they still have these policy? You know, you can look it up. It's on NBC sports. It's happened before coaches of said, they weren't gonna talk. They find you have to show up for, you know, post game interviews and be there be there for the media in the locker room stuff. That's all part of the deal. You know, the no question about it and there's, I don't think you have to be I, I don't know the full contract put it is you know specific amount of time a week, but you're right. That's a great point. It is to juxtapose that with the kneeling thing in their beach. Yeah, that's next time you hear something like that say, okay, well, then why? Why are you finding players for not speaking? I mean, it just write it. Okay. Roger. Goodell takes destroying the NFL even further. Right. Thank you, right. Yeah, absolutely. That's tremendous. A great point really is I hadn't even thought of that. Gotta look, wouldn't you say thanks to Roger Goodell for ruining the NFL look. They're only paying guy forty million. So you're expecting. So with a paltry salary like that, what do you expect the guy to be good. Promote to the level of. Yeah, right. I mean, the men can't even make it living on what he makes. So yeah, I'm looking at the stories, not none of them say how much he's been find that I've seen so far, but any find for exercising this is freedom of speech or not to talk to them. Right. That's that's very strange as as a tremendous point. Okay. Let's see grants. Probably it's probably five grand or ten thousand dollars. Okay. He'd rather eat rather pay the ten thousand for not talking to the media. Wow, ten grand just for not talking. I didn't wanna talk. Don't you stink. You can't make me talk. Well, yes, we can. If you if you don't talk, you get fined. Yeah, you can't. You can't make me not Neil ES weekend. Just another example of the shortsightedness of the NFL. In other words, we're going to find a player ten grand for not speaking. Oh, but it looks better. It's better for perception wise for the NFL if your player gets up there and just as yes. No, yes. All right. Thanks guys. That's it because that's what marshawn Lynch used to do. So anyway. Military does. We're looking forward to the lions were concentrating on the Detroit. Lions were concentrating on the Detroit lie. Every question. So the NFL villas last week game. We're not looking back or we're looking forward to the new, the Detroit Lions got a really good team. We're going to be just want a dog slap him after the. The casual fan is not gonna know if Jimmy Graham of waiting the media. Okay. It's just not gonna show up on sports centres clip. They're gonna. Go to. Aaron Rodgers will get interviewed, you know, journal, Alison, whatever. And they won't have a clip of Jimmy, Graham fine, whatever. But the NFL is so dumb and the way they handle problems that they make a big deal about it and they find these players and it becomes a story and of itself. Whereas if you just let them go out there and just avoid the media without finding them, we'd never know. Well, again, if you had a Commissioner who made a decent amount of money, yes, you could get him to. He's trying to shoestring budget. I understand it understand. The NFL wants to be open to the press and they want the coverage and whether the player says, yes, yes, yes or no, no, no doesn't matter because you're going to still have some players that are to say more than that, and they, they're open to the press. And that's what they want. They want the coverage. They were all buddy buddy. We're all getting along, but the point of making you do that and not making not Neal is tremendous because the same. Yeah. And it is Mike in Texas. You're on the blaze. Hey, good afternoon, gentlemen chance to you got a picture of Al Jones. You could pop up while jiffy sitting, we have noticed Oreo. Woodpile. Say someone is being in woodpile. When you look at those two to give would bile in would older phrases like it used. Thanks, Mike. Yeah, we have that. It's not gone on on notice by us. We have seen the result look. Look. Are you pissed off about the water turn the frigging frogs, gay? I don't care about the. He doesn't care about the fraud. So there's the difference between do care about now. It's about why of shrimp aside trip. It's do care about the swimming right up to the Segel's and then just they'll make suicide being eaten frogs. I like to use Rupe. So I care about beside. So bad. Look, I'm still, in fact Patterson get a change of shift. Yeah, he's in the evenings now because Jackson the morning kind of rivalry between flap and fat and mornings and evenings. Fat, fat or Sohn is the one who does the get the lead out. Yeah, I thought it was night all. No. Whatever, always nights. Now I'm seventy seven midnight. I can't keep the schedule for the big frog. That's radio man, changes all the time. This stale on this stuff. The level, I believe we have that side by side of Jeffy and LX, which were, let's take. There. There you go. I mean, you are the same man that. That. No, just don't rip your shirt off and flex for the camera. We don't wanna see that we do now ask the question where the men in cry. The. You know, I will say this just as a friendly reminder and I, you know, look, I'm not I, I'm not slamming Alex been a fan of his for a long time. Have you have you been the the big difference between Alex Jones and myself? Is that my podcast chewing the fat, which begins daily podcast next Monday, October first next month? The Monday afternoons a week from next month Tober I will be on. I tunes and Google play music, and you can get it on other downloadable devices where Alex, you can't, and you'll be able to still follow me on Twitter at Jeffey Amorin. That's an important Alex. You can't. So just a reminder, fat, fat or sin, October first way's guys, I'm guy. Well, what I've seen your hernia triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three hey Hollywood producer. Judge Judd appetite familiar with him. He's he's a lot of stuff. He's done forty year, old virgin. Okay. Did a lot of he's done a lot of big movies, his whole that big Hollywood fundraiser for Beto Rourke. Excellent. These Hollywood people are in love with this guy, bet they can't get enough of him. So his. Event is coming up on the twenty seventh. So six days from now and yes, I'm sure we're going to be lighted. Oh, I'm sure we're going. We're there event, right? Yes, our there were there, whereas it though Jason made a good point the other day when he filled in for you that when you had to be off, it's more now about beta, whether he doesn't. He didn't think that it was about winning anymore. It's just it doesn't matter whether he wins or not. It's about making the groundwork into Texas no matter what. Yeah, you know the, the winning you'd probably not going to win. I mean, you're not going to be. I personally believe of course. Personally, believe that one hundred percent is up by nine now route about it. And you know, we joke around about your underwear bed and everything, but really, he's not going to be tit. The noise he's making is, I mean, they are in love with well coming from Texas setting things up, and that's they're trying that they're trying to have Texas turned to blue. That's one thing they want. The other thing they want is to set up that, oh, Aurore for a presidential run because he's young. He's cool. His communist him he's a coin is he's essentially I've been happy that he's getting relaxed feeling comfortable because he continues to talk the more. He talks the worst. Well, that's because the talks the more he sounds communists, but but people like Ellen Degeneres, Lovin. Willie Nelson loves him. This Judd, apoptosis. Rosie, O'Donnell, you know, he's getting all this support. Chelsea handler, all these left-wing idiots to run late night television or early afternoon. Television have all fallen in love with Beto Aurora of and I, I, frankly, I don't even know. I don't know what the appeal is just that he's running against Ted. I, yeah, I guess that's it. Aside from beta Ted, I saw Willie Nelson, the view the other day and not that I watched the view. I actually saw the clip a, you know, Willie's just be Willie Nelson who's supporting beta. I don't have the democrat, but life. Nobody's surprised by that. He's he's just they were just mad that he's actually coming out and doing a free show for them fundraiser for expect. But the view he's dope smoking tax evading idiot. I don't know if you know this, the television show the view. I could possibly be the worst show on television all. I think it could. Yeah, I realized that I am some days not actually television ready for looks. I get it, but that shows bad, Keith is off. The air still is bad. He's not doing anything right now. I don't know. I watched that clip of they are bad acting of their waiting for each other to. They've got their scripted questions on their card yelling over each other. It's just bad and this fake love. They have for everything. It's I know what he's got to got, but that was the number of years ago we'll we're going to be, which is Grammy Oscar, Tony, Tony, right? She's got though. Think of that. Good. I should have been a sign of the four out of the town. Pat gray, the blaze radio network. At gray is here on the please radio network. Welcome led to have you with us triple eight. Nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three. Yeah. Did Pat unleashed on Twitter from lineal falcon. There are three Coequal branches of government. So we're finally getting the real answer. All right. And here they are the Nina, the pinton marina. Pinta Santa, Maria. Are you talking about to know that? Yeah, I am. I. 'cause I did. You know that seriously? You did know that. Really, but pretending humor that did the three branches awhile ago. Oh, yeah. Let me see if I could find those really funny because he screwed it up. Yeah, here. So I would urge my Republican colleagues. I no matter how strongly they feel. No, we have three branches of government. We have a house. We have a Senate president and all of you. But house, we've got a set and we have resident. Wait. We don't care about the unbelievable that other one is not important. I don't want to recognize it. I'll tell you that we got the house. We got the Senate and we got the president. Those are the three branches of government. There. I guess he won't be voting one way or the other for cavern now fairly does so. Good. All right. Also, this from mercenary grip Jeffy is on par with Roger Goodell's far as commissioners go, I'll just leave that to marinate for a while. I tell you what. Nate this gay except for the chick? Yes. Me as long as you want. But if that if I make it forty million a year on rip do nothing, but you don't get paid like he'd us. No, that's not where it's a little bit do nothing and you make forty million dollars a year then when you do nothing and you get paid nothing about what I was. I was just, you know, I got it, right. We got, no, we know what you said and chippy chips in. See what I did. I want to hear a guitar duel between Pat and Francis or Betto. That would be I don't have a Qatar hand up to battle. Maybe we should reach out. We've reached out to. Have yet. They got lost. No, I'm sure he's really the last time I talked to them. He they were checking his schedule, so I guess maybe they lost datebook or so they're right here in Dallas today. Well, here we are tonight. The big Bego Ted Cruz. I debate that's. That's right. That's up new tonight baby. That's right. We'll see who shines out of that. This. This could either this is gonna hurt or or or finish. Finally, finished Beto Ted's good show up. He's smart. He is articulate. He's just not flashy. I know you know, and it's to be these to show up and be friendly and just beat him. And the problem with Beto is, you know, in this campaign and in a debate, he's pretty natural. I know he can connect with people. I smile looks good cubs across lies. Yeah, very well. By the way, Danny's tan, he's always the Tanny booth because you've gotta look Hispanic difficult. These Beto. So he wants to continue that. It's just a victim though, is he's not right. Total drew. So is that really Spanish? They could've done these the Bates a little sooner, but you know, schedules a little tied up with the with the tanning on. So yeah. What punches on his car? Does he have a free fund raisers in New York to fundraisers in Hollywood? Right. He's got fundraisers in Austin, which is the Hollywood of Texas. Almost all of his money is out of state almost all of it. And so that's why he's out fundraising. Ted is because all of the left wing idiots outside of the state are all contributing to him and his packs. So what are you gonna do that's gotta do this good though, because tropes coming in for him? Yes. In right. Is that an October early October? I think. September. I'll remember Tober. Yeah, I think it is over. I'll tell you when it is here that go over well, so I'm not sure how that's going to go. A date on that yet. I know Ted wants to come, ask them, but I. Warren on that. I most definitely adorned. We'll see. I don't think I don't know how much you mess with it right now. He's up by nine Quinnipiac. Would he came with his tail between his legs Trump to cover the Texas? I think that he was scared that he was gonna lose. And then he realized that his plan was to show up late like it was last time. Yeah, he started. He started disbelieving his own plan and now that his plan is working again. I mean, you can't cancel doubt the president now, no way, but I hope it doesn't hurt him. Yeah, me too. Who can't say, you know what? I know you're busy. Yeah, you know there's something happening at mar-a-lago the detention we get to hear, but no, just don't come off like Ron Disentis like you're a Trump cult member, and I think you'll be okay. I hope so. Yeah. Andrew in New York, you're on the blaze high. Gentlemen. To you me and you didn't even let me finish. Here a bit of a theory on an Houghton that front SIS path or there. I think you know, how is he's getting oldies Hollywood types to to donate so much tell and energy into it. Huntin minuted that he's known on that missing ATar visited Kennedy shore you that, sir. Thanks, Andrew. That's good. Good, very Irish. That's really good. This is. What's going to win the election Proventil gonna. I was going to be good. He's good with what are you talk? Listen to it. Wow, that's powerful. Yeah. Okay. This is gonna kick his fundraising into high gear. It's a surprise. It's amazing. You ever gave up a music around, obviously, amazingly gifted. Sure. Hopefully, you know what happened? He might have gotten a bad spell b out, say, and the whole thing that could be. Into politics. I'm gonna bring my guitar and see if I could top that on Monday. I will tell you that I'm gonna do that. Maybe you can you know replicate it other, you'll be able to top. I wanna do my bet. Okay. What. I don't want to look. The acoustics in here are very good. I've tried to be four. I, you know, I think if I can if I could turn down the amp low enough, I can maybe get it to sound like you said, maybe match it, but I can't exceed it. There's just no way. There's no way I don't wanna get your hopes. Nick in Illinois, you're on the blaze. Hey, how's it going doing? Good. You good. All right. Thanks for asking you really concerned about us or you're just making small talk was just making small. Got really care. That's why we have to. Yeah, go ahead. Yeah, good. The I can't remember how long ago was like you were talking about how a Bano from YouTube might like possibly be a secret conservative. So can put your mind at ease. He is not. Yeah. Yeah, I think you're right. What what is your. Calls today. You got something that you just realized or what. No, I just like, I mean, I'm a, I'm pretty big YouTube fan. I can't. I can't let someone. Give him that kind of credit because I've been privy to several of his several of his speeches and yeah. Yeah, he's he does the same thing that I'll start does. He just says a bunch of stuff, and it's very vague and very vague. Yeah, on capitalism. He's defender of what we talking social or fiscal bottle, which are we talking about here. Well, let me let me tell you. Let me show you Nick real quick. I'm gonna play play this for you. And then because this is what kind of threw us for a while thinking, wow, this guy, maybe he's changed. I mean, listen to what he says about America here. And so. Really. It looks. And then there was this is here on just about them. Imagine for second this last global recession. But without the economic growth of China and India without the hundreds of millions of newly minted middle class folks who now by American and European goods. Imagine that think about the last five years. Nothing to our preaches capitalism. Sometimes I hear myself and I just can't believe it. Commerce's real. That's what you're a bad here. It's real aid is just a stopgap commerce. Entrepreneurial capitalism takes more people out of poverty than aid. Of course. We know that. So those are a couple of speeches that I thought were really good and kind of throw us off the track of his liberalism. But I think you're right. He's still still pretty solid and then the America is an idea thing. It's like he's been on that kick for ten years. That is me up. Really? Why. Okay. Like, okay, America's idea. So was the Soviet Union that wasn't it. It was a good idea. Though he just said it tonight DEA like, oh yeah, okay, fine. You do. You're a little bit of this taste for moment. I don't like him. I like music. That is. That's definitely a struggle. We all have with a lot of. Every hiring or rockstar, whatever appreciate the call. Thanks, Nick, so bad. I mean, it's got even worse for me, which is really difficult because I love I love there. I love their art so much music and how an acting love. I love their work. It's just. Oh, so frustrating when you hear him talk like stop, please just have to walk away. If I really like someone I gotta walk away because there's been a number of people just ruined in my life now I can't even watch their work. Yeah, I one of my favorite movie series of all time is the godfather one, two, three level watching level. ESL it's. And now it's available on on on video angel. And so you can edit out all the stuff. Other one. Oh. So it didn't Eero Papa as young godfather, so good. And it's like this guy is such an issue. It makes so hard to what I know. Because all I could think of while I was watching it was do. Ruins it. I don't know why. What my favorite movies with deniro is a. Later one called the score and Brando's in it. In fact, what does last movies and he's just a thief. Mr. boozy criminal movie is all I just like it and at Norton's in like it. Good criminal be watch every time. I see. I just drives me insane because he's been one of the most outspoken on his hatred for Trump all my gosh. He's just out of control with it. I mean, it is ugly. I mean, it's to the point where you can't. You almost can't even like the guy anymore ugly. Yeah, it is ginger in California. You're on the blaze. Hey, I know the words to that Khan PM melody that narrows Claes really, how do you know the words to that? Well, yeah, you can get it off the internet. They're kinda complicated, but I think I learned a mall. 'cause I'm sure they're, they're powerful, right? Yes. It brought tears to my is the first time that I heard. Okay. It's too hard to go on, but. It's that deep -ness of of thought, you know, put into the words. So right. Well, I appreciate you shared that with us. Thank you. Appreciate the struggle. Yes, the lyrics Beddoes guitar plays the lyrics I should have played the, you know, the guitar. She was doing the powerful together. She could barely do that triple eight, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three more Pat gray unleashed coming up. Pat gray on the blaze radio network. Pat gray returns on the blaze radio network. Sorry. I know we've been through an emotional roller coaster over the last few minutes Beddoes music. It's just so so point. I don't know if he's going to open up the debate that that's rate. Right. True bed for sure. I'm going to try to locate that on Monday triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three and that unleashed on Twitter. Let's see. This is a tabby Jayco three who tweet out if Robert Aurora, let's throw in the Francis too. So we really essentially who this guy is Robert Francis O'Rourke promises to make that tune of his into the national anthem. I will vote for. Well, you have to. I mean, because it's just that powerful and poignant Shelly tweets, betta playing guitar reminds me of the ISIS milking goats song, which was tremendous. Oh, wouldn't that good? Yeah. Where they were making fun of ISIS the the Kurds. Yes, and it was. He didn't understand the insults, but one of them was something about they milk, the goats. Burn. Okay. You even bigger even if they're male, but. That's right. See MS Maguy, mich- tweets bottle. Maybe a fiscal conservative emperor. American buddy is pro abortion and advocated for the overturning of amendment eight in Ireland. That's right. To allow abortion to become legal shame on him that outweighs everything else. Yeah. When you're okay with killing babies. And in fact you jump in and lend your support to that cause. That's about thing. Don't give me that look like, don't don't do it. Don't know. Abortion is that is that should be if you believe either you believe it's killing a baby or or you don't. And if you believe it's killing a baby, then we should be militant and radical about it, should we? Yes, we should. And we've been indoctrinated the other way that should we. Yes, just be okay. Yes. I know you're a militant and you believe that it's a baby, but we don't, and so get over it well, and we and they, they can argue and yell and scream and start fires and throw sides and everything. We can't. You know, who makes this point better than just about anybody else. Surprisingly enough is Louis c. k. I believe is liberal right and listen to this routine about abortion. People hate abortion, protesters shrill and awful babies are being. To be like, it's not cool. Right. I don't wanna be though, right? I don't wanna ruin their day. They murdered several babies. I don't think it's killing a baby. I don't. I mean it's a little. It's a little bit killing baby. It's a little bit. It's one hundred percents. It is. Healing a whole baby. But I think that women should be allowed to kill babies. That's what I think they should be allowed to kill babies. I love the lemmings in the audience applauded for the, so you're a plot and killing babies and seriously that is what you're doing. And that's what you love that same audience as mad at him for asking women, if he can masturbate in front of them and they said, yes, right, right. How dare he? I know. Feeling. We get to kill. Shot and killed him baby. Kill like far babies last night being retarded. I think it has to be one of the other. You don't like when people say abortion should be legal, safe and rare. Why? Rare? If it should be. If it should be legal, it's it's if it should be rare. It's. Diets, great routine. And you know, it leads me to believe that he's pro pro-life, and that's his way of getting out that message, which is a great way to do it by the way. Right. I yeah, great routine. First of all, you're, you're making people think that will. Yeah, of course they'd be militant about it if they believe it's killing babies because we're going to be wishy washy about killing babies. So yeah, it's, you know, again, that's brought that up because that's my point, right? We're, yeah, we're been to be that way. Yes, you look at the I know go carry across out in front of the abortion clinic. Yeah, right. Yeah. Okay. We should be. We should. Yes, we should. All right. Good news for. Are you a galaxy owner to this is good news for Keith because the galaxy note nine. Yeah, that's my phone. It's got. Yeah, catches fire people's purses. Yeah, the note does. Yeah, they had some problems with the note. Nine catches fires. Is it the exact? No. Nice. Okay. We'll just don't put it in your purse. I'm sure it doesn't happen in your pocket. It just happens in purses so worry about it. I have a. Bad track plus nine plus I didn't get the note. I'm good. They had exploding issues with the seven with the seven blew up around people. Catching fire than nine just about they've had some battery issues, and that's. I don't worry about and I love it better. You can't remove by the way. Yeah, they'll make it so that you could actually take the device apart what what happened, what is going on? So apparently it becomes extremely hot your purse. Then she heard a whistling in screeching sound, and she noticed thick smoke coming for because her phone had burst into a purse. That does. It was just the phones fall, it doesn't. It doesn't say that she also had lighter fuel right carrying around for a barbecue. She was going to. Candle fell into it. Maybe she was earwax out of make up out of a Flintstone and she was banging them together into her purse. Pig fat blows up that make up. And by the way to Samsung mobile, the law firm of gray, Melanie, and Fisher available to VIN you. Now against this lawsuit, I think after you heard us talking about this, you want us, we got the fax backs baby. Also the thing we didn't talk about all this week and I really wanted to the day well, Monday because that was when we're the Emmys was that Sunday Sunday Sunday night and and no one, I in fact, I waited all reminded waited all week for somebody to talk about Donald Glover. Okay. Showing who's a black man. Okay. Showed up in white face. In the auditory. And so if anybody's shows up in black face. Job you, you're done forever. You're you're disgraced and discarded in society, but it's okay. It's okay for you to show up in white face. Hell. Broadcast. Yeah. Look at that. He looks like Michael Jackson, but, but yeah, shows up in white face, and I guess that's just funny. Now. Buddy. 'cause he's racist. Unleashed on the blaze radio network.

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