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AFC South 2020 Fantasy Predictions Episode 009


Welcome to the fantasy football overtime. Pot guests neat. I'm your host Jake with Museeuw's is Matt Win Tyler Hardback here. We are another exciting episode of the fancy football overtime. Podcast on today's episode. We'll be going through our divisional breakdown of the AFC. South got a little news and notes with Matt some Trivia with Tyler. But let's see. The boys are doing tyler. How are you tapping in enjoying some ice coffee? This morning from starbucks. This is probably the first time in two months. There hasn't been at least ten car deep line to go through the drive through dude. It's been crazy last couple times that I've gone. I've literally waited for over thirty minutes just to get my my iced Caramel Makihata with an extra shot of espresso. You GotTa do though you do. Almost I disagree. I do have one this morning. But it's not a must for me. I drive past starbucks every day on my way to the office and I see that line wrapped around the building several times and I think I have better things to do. Wait in line so I don't get it. I'm actually jealous of people that can operate well without coffee. Because that's the first thing I have to do every morning. Plus it tastes good tastes fantastic. Don't worry I coffee every morning but I make it from home and it's usually got nothing social black coffee. What's your to brand? Nikki really likes Dunkin donuts so drink that because she buys the coffee guys. I had a pretty exciting weekend. What did you do gone? I went to Home Depot and target and be bed bath and beyond the dates. I bought some patio furniture. Never thought I would be at the age where I'm excited to go by patio furniture but here we are nice sounded sarcastic no. It wasn't sure I'll be utilizing. Yeah I'm very excited Jake. What'd you do this weekend? Always spent the day at the lake through our little. Corgi in the water to see how he would swim and throw. I mean I actually just held him over the water. I didn't throw my dog into lake. Pita no I held him over the water and he did the classic. Just kicking doggy paddle. That's pretty funny to watch but as is I experienced swimming so that was exciting. Nicely done decks. Spent some time out on. The Pontoon played some Gin rummy while enjoying the sunset and also got a Rhonda Golfing hit the ball. Pretty Well Matt. What are we got some news? We have some overtime news today. Let's see what we got. First and foremost Green Bay fans have been calling for a wide receiver opposite Davante Adams and they finally got guy or did they. Reggie Beg Oton Star. Wide Receiver of the Canadian. Football League has signed a contract with the Green Bay. Packers yet. One hundred receptions fourteen hundred yards and ten touchdowns but again it was the Canadian football league. What do you guys think you say Bagel the Bego? Yeah the BAGELS are going to be in. Green Bay is so big news there. Do you think he actually ends up. Being the number two in Green Bay or does he not even make the team? It's difficult to put any stock into a completely different league. Jake what do you think have nothing? I don't know I picked him up at a dynasty just to hold onto him just in case he's the guy but who knows jake over under three hundred ninety nine yards for the Bagel this season. I have to take the unfortunately for my dynasty. You're not saying he's an everything bagel. I don't think he's an everything Bagel all right next. The seahawks confirmed but we had talked about on our last episode. They signed Carlos Hyde. We know that is going to start the season on the physically unable to perform list so it was inevitable that they were going to go out and sign a veteran running back. I think if you're Chris Carson owners this is probably the best option that could ultimately happened because they were going to go out and sign a running back and at least wasn't Devante Freeman or someone that was gonna cut into Carson to workload even more so ultimately I think if you're a carson fan you're probably pretty okay with the Carlos Hyde Signing Jay. Do you think this is going to lower? Carson stock for you into that Bible Range. I think it will because people are going to overreact because it is Carlos Heidi still a name that people know it's going to drop them enough to wear. His price is going to be really hard to pass up. Now I I like him. I like to seahawks signing Carlos Hyde more than that you stated Devante Freeman and last but not least. This is my favorite news of the week. The NFL is proposing a new on side kick. It's a lot different than your standard onside. Kick though teams would start with the ball on their own. Twenty five yard line and it would be fourth in fifteen. They have the option of doing this two different times in a game. Going to be voted on Friday may twenty eighth. What do you guys think about this? It's weird that they called on side kick but I really like the idea of it. Yeah it is weird because it has nothing to do with kicking the ball at all. But it's just gonNA ultimately kind of take place of the standard onside kick. The onside kick is still going to be an option. But I think that's GonNa take a backseat to this new proposal. I want to know if the player gets the stats for that play if they do convert because I care for fantasy. That's a great question. I don't know Because yeah that's a next. Potentially an extra know fifteen yards gets added to your wide receiver running back or quarterback. That's amazing about it to this is going to be so common because right now the way it worked last year is the on side kick was basically if you did it. You weren't going to recover like it was basically useless. And now you're gonNA give players like Lamar Jackson. Patrick Mahomes to Shawn Watson. There is another episode. Another Patrick Mahomes drop. You're going to give all of them. The option to chuck the ball down the field. They're going to take that often. It's nice that they're gonNA limit it to two times per game and there's different clauses and at one you can only use it while you're down and then there's another option in it where you can use that anytime so if you're a head you could use it as a round the clock type thing. The only thing I'm hoping is that it doesn't turn into a thing where they just chuck the ball downfield and then it gets called for offensive. Pass interference that could have a negative effect on what they're trying to do. But overall I think I really like big fan help it passes cool tyler. What you got Trivia. Let's get into some trivia. Afc South base going to ask you some questions about specific teams and kind of their leaders in different categories at four questions. Let's do it where you both give me the answer. Whoever gets it right gets it right and get the point all right so we're going to start with. Who is the Kalt? All Time rushing leader. Matt you can go ahead and give the answer first time Jake can. I might have talked about it on twitter this week. I WANNA go first. I want to go first off. It's actually going to be right or not. I'M GONNA go with edger James Ceiling coal turning that I could think allow top of my head to so I'm GonNa go with James as well. You guys are correct. It's kind of why I picked question so wave both get credit or you both get appointments. The Jake's going to say whatever I say just to copy me and get a tie for once absolutely not buddy okay. Who is the Texans? All time passing touchdown leader. Is it just the Texans? Or is this dating back to like the oilers and everything that was in. Houston this is just the Texans. Houston oilers part of Titans. Well like you said it was just the Houston Franchise. Make sure man. There's two names. It comes down to three names for me. It's probably the only three quarterbacks have had probably guy let's throw it out there. Let's go with David car. I am going to go with match Shaab. One of you are correct. Jake well is it match. It's match job buddy. I almost went with car but I didn't want to have the same answers. It's gotTa be pretty close. I was just thinking about longevity and I thought car played a little bit longer but didn't know when shot went to the Falcon so if the question was who had the most losses through there for six seasons of all time that would have been the correct answer. Jake I know in also if you probably interceptions sure that also would have been the correct answer so moving on to question three. Who is the Houston oilers Tennessee? Titans all time passing yards leader. Matt go ahead and go. I. I'M GONNA go with Steve. Mcnair Stephen Air. Mcnair is the correct answer while Former Viking Mr Warren Moon sure all right so it's two one matt is being per usual. Needs this on. I'm just GONNA say whatever Jake says an I can't lose God you're such a Zor is the Jaguars. All time receiving yards leader. No pressure but I know the answer to this one good. I think I do too but I can't. It's sad because I can picture his football card and I was looking at it as a kid but I can't think of his name so I'm probably going to lose in the fact that I can't think of the guy's name right now but you WanNa hint known with love. Hit No lightning. Yeah it's not helping me I don't even know if he played for the Jaguars. I'm just GONNA throw it a name here and say Joey Galloway appreciate. He played for the bucks but I'm just thrown on her name. Because I have no idea. Yeah it's not gonNa Joey Gal I was GonNa say the same thing as Jake just to make sure he couldn't beat me but I am not going to see Joe. I don't know what you're lightning hint was but I'm GonNa go Jimmy Smith Jimmy Lightning Smith. I've never nicknaming there there. No way that it wasn't Jimmy Smith though I could not think of his name for the life of me I I remember picturing his football card and said onto the he was the Jaguars leading receiver and I just couldn't think of his name and I knew it wasn't worth just threw it out there. Well Matt is now six and all I think six and I'd like to thank my fans my family my friends. We're GONNA bring home number seven most likely but let's move on here real quick. I gotta go. Would you rather have scenario free boys at quarterback Philip Rivers Garner Minzhu Ryan Tannehill Tannahill rivers? You're both wrong. Answers minzhu shorts. Who would you rather have a head coach in your bill? Jack Reed Hall Andy Reid. Wow you guys are passing up bill. Belichick DUDE has like seven super bowls. Just seems like a Dick Andy. Reid got the most recent one though on recency bias. Here okay all right. That's all I had for you a quick one this week. Should we dive into the divisional breakdown? Yeah let's do it all right. Let's start at the Houston Texans. This week quarterback Deshaun Watson. We all know were pretty high on him. What are you guys thoughts? The more and more research I do into the season to Shawn's ranking might actually get lower just because I think he's the biggest loser out of trading diop hop to Arizona. I just think he suffers. Allow a big loss with that is rushing yards. You'RE GONNA MAKE UP FOR IT. What throwing cokes fuller and COBB? I don't know if that's GONNA help his case at all. Yeah losing the Andre Hopkins is certainly going to hurt his passing numbers. Four Scher like Tyler said. Hopefully that means that he's going to run the ball. More running is unbelievably important in fantasy football in the last couple of years. He's averaged five hundred rushing yards and six touchdowns if he can improve that already high number he could definitely out produce his ADP but losing deandre Hopkins. I don't see how he can benefit from that at all the only way I see him benefiting from it as they decided to go. You know what to Shawn Watson. Put the team on your back. Let's see what you can do. Just every play the ball's in your hands you know. Just take over. I could see him. Russian for seven hundred yards eight touchdowns maybe just improve a little bit and keep passing them get injured. That's definitely a possible scenario there but I mean I could see Shawn Watson talented than Bill. Bryan's Bill Bryan. So he's GonNa do Brian Things. Yeah no denying his talent. It just says receiving quarter without de hop in there. Yeah I think what you just said is important. Seven hundred rushing yards and eight touchdowns. I think that's about what it's GonNa take for him to out produce where he's being drafted and that is obviously a hefty hefty number so. I am not going to be taking the Shawn Watson as current. Adp But he's an exciting player. Like I don't blame you if you do. There's certainly some added risk that we haven't seen before with them. I would agree. What do you guys think about the running back situation with David Johnson and Duke Johnson the tale of the two Johnson Johnson The D. Johnson's? I don't know I don't know what to think of this. Because David Johnson wasn't a really good runner when he was with Arizona. He's a lot better pass catcher. But Johnson's FEDOR pass catcher too so I don't know what they're doing David Johnson's going to touch the ball. Twenty five times per game. Think about their as long as he can stay healthy if he stays healthy. He's actually prime for a huge season because do Johnson is not gonNa take much volume away from him if Johnson's complete roller coaster since entering the league though. He's either had double digit touchdowns every single season or he's been completely worthless. So which one are you going to get? The Texans are going to need David Johnson to have double digit touchdowns this year. I think they try to feed him the rock but I don't think David Johnson holds up if he gets twenty five touches a game. What's Nice for David? Johnson to though is Duke Johnson is not going to run the ball in the only other running back to have right. Now is Buddy Howell. Who also isn't going to run the ball select? The job is David. Johnson's gave up de'andre Hopkins for him. So yeah they're going to try to get them involved. It's just GONNA come down to if his body can keep the workload or not. Yeah I could see David Johnson being a League winner for the first few. Let's say four to six games until his body breaks down and then he's just worthless the rest of the season but he could give you huge numbers in the beginning of the season. Let me ask you this if you'd go with wide receiver in round one and two. Are You satisfied with David? Johnson being your rb one and round three probably too risky for me satisfied as probably not the right word for it but you could do. Worse is Giddy the right word. Would YOU BE GIDDY? I would not beginning. What about this receiving core brandin cooks Willfuller Randall? Cobb I hate everything about this. Wide receiving core will fuller brandin cooks. Kenny stills Randall Cobb and Kiki Cutie all of them in the same category. There's going to be games when one of them goes off and then there's going to be games when multiple them go off on stretchers because they can't stay on the field. I literally think I've Seen Brandin cooks die on the field. Three different times from concussions. And it's nothing to joke about like it's a very real thing. He always gets hurt. We'll fuller's hamstrings begging him to retire from football. I'm not touching any of these receivers even on your bench. I mean sure I'm fine. Stashing Willfuller is great when he's healthy but he's just going to go earlier than I want but yeah. I don't want cooks stills COB or Cutie on my bench brandin cooks is the most interesting to me because if you forget about last year and the concussions and everything that you had. This guy was a consistent. One Thousand Yard producer at the wide receiver position. So like he's talented. Concussion scare me. I don't have any of these guys projected for over one hundred targets. All of them had seventy nine hundred. They're not going to have the target shared to put up big numbers. Yeah there's just too many of them. They're all similar skill set. So you're just throwing a dart against the wall. I don't I don't like it. I took it as there's one hundred. Sixty targets missing from the Andrea Hopkins. They gotta go somewhere. So I think that I put coke's one hundred even for targets and then split the spread the rest of between Cobb and fuller and a little bit still. Don't have for much cook. Should be good. I might just still be bitter. Because I traded Lamar Jackson Forum last year and then obviously didn't work out the worst trade in my life but I also don't like Brandin cooks. How do we feel about the tight end situation? Is it going to be really split between files Akins and Thomas put it? This isn't even write them down to talk about dude. I don't mind fells. Actually he's played for over four teams over the last four years. We finally seem to find his groove. You had seven touchdowns third behind only Mark Andrews and Jared Cook a with Hopkins like you said losing his hundred and sixty target. I think it's possible that he can actually have a big season. The offense just built around the tight ends. They don't get targeted is the problem. They could go there with three of them and just not tight end heavy offense. I can't buy into any of the three. I I have the texas-based running four wide receiver sets every time. And then once they get to the goal line. They'll probably load up on the tight ends to present. It looks like they're going to run the ball. And that's where the these titans are going to get those touchdowns but I just don't see the yardage. It's to go with them so I didn't even bother really project them out because it's hard to predict fells getting six touchdowns on ten catches for twelve yards. Yeah they have thirty targets. Yeah the yards in the receptions will be there for any of the tight ends. But I wouldn't be surprised if one of them does crack six touchdowns again. Yeah I wouldn't either. You guys got anything else Texans. Now I'm good all right. Let's move onto the Indianapolis. Colts will start like we usually do with Philip rivers. What are you guys thinking? That seems like him over her Tannehill and Menchu yes absolutely over Menchu rivers. I mean after sixteen years. The chargers Philip rivers is bringing his talents to Indianapolis. I actually really liked the colts offense. A more I dug into this. I'm pretty high on this team. For Vanity Purposes especially rivers is extremely durable. He started two hundred and twenty four consecutive games. He's never missed to start in his career over the last ten seasons he averages forty four hundred passing yards thirty touchdowns on five hundred and seventy passing attempts now he moves to a team that has arguably the best offensive line in football. It is the best. Yeah so I would say absolutely. I'M NOT GONNA go as far to say I want him as my starter but I have him inside of the top fifteen. I think is very very possible. This year have inside top twenty. He's definitely a good. Qb To on your bench out agree. Top twenty top fifteen too high for me but rivers still going to Philip rivers. Things are he's just GonNa try to throw the ball downfield and his arm strength isn't what it used to be. I think he's to still throw some interceptions. It's GONNA frustrate fantasy owners for his sake. I just hope somebody gets them a lighter football in Indianapolis sick wash shot. Put it out there dude. His delivery looks like football literally weighs twenty pounds overall for the Colt upgrading. From or Two Rivers is going to upgrade the offense tremendously offense run a lot more efficient as an NFL standpoint. But I don't think there's going to be too much fantasy really like they're not gonNA trail good defense and they're gonNA run the ball so I don't see a lot of like hero. You know garbage time points coming from Philip rivers and that's kind of what attracts me from him. And that's why I'm a little bit higher on Minhsiu but we'll get to that in a little bit with Mac Hinds and Taylor they're going to dominate on the ground. What do we see these guys do one for fantasy though? I see Mac Taylor splitting a lot of their work which we don't like as fantasy football owners we do not but Taylor has the ability to run away with this job. He is better than Mac from a talent standpoint and he should be the starter but I think they're going to give Marley macklowe bit more work than what fantasy owners want. Taylor's build and run in style is built for this line you know. He's just a brick north-south runner. He's built for the colts yet. Jonathan Taylor averaged three hundred carries and over two thousand rushing yards per season at Wisconsin. It fifty five touchdowns over three your career the big concern with him though especially in a timeshare is. He fumbled the ball twice as much as any other player in college over the last three years. When you are trying to win the job against a very capable back like Marlin Mac if you hang onto the football. You're going to get in the doghouse pretty quick. So that is my big concern with him with Mac and Taylor. It's GonNa be the hot hand. Yeah this situation reminds me so much of when the Vikings drafted Adrian Peterson it. We had Chester Taylor like Chester. Taylor was the the guy in the beginning of the season. It was pretty clear. They wanted to reward him for being on the team in for being as good as he was but they just eventually realized that Adrian was just so much better to see a very similar situation playing out with Mac and Taylor. So let me ask you guys this with Marlin Mack and Jonathan Taylor. They're both really really good on the ground. They both average one catch per game over their careers. What do you think the value is for? Nie Heim Hines in this offense. Think about Austin last year with Philip Rivers. It's a fair point two thing that but it's not really built into the colts offense if they bring some of the offense from the chargers over to the colts. That's fine but the colts. Just don't have a lot of passing to either running backs in the last couple of years. Yeah I think mayhem. Hinds is still going to get seventy five targets. And it's going to be when they are trailing there's obviously going to games where they will be trailing. That's what they do is when they go into their pass heavy offense they take Mac off the field they put in Heinz and Taylor or rivers loves the dumped the ball off so I think that scenario plays again. Yeah I like hines a lot because of how cheapie as you can get them at the end of the draft basically for free and I'm all about taking a chance on the possibility that he's anywhere close to what Austin was now. I don't I'm not saying that hines is gonNA finish in the top five or top ten even top twenty but if you're getting them at the end of the draft and he can put up top twenty five numbers it's possible that's great value. Yeah there'LL BE GAMES ARE HINDS IS GONNA probably put up twenty points. You just have to try to predict when you think shootout might happen. You know if they're playing the ravens you know some team that's to some really good then you might want to start Heinz in a flex or something. There's a lot of good wide receivers on this core that I want to talk about. We got T. Y. Hilton Michael Pittman Junior in Paris. Campbell Zach Pascal. What are you guys? Who Do you want to start with? You gotta start with old man I. He's definitely old he is. If you I can stay healthy though I mean you can have a big year with rivers. Throw him the ball. Compared to Jacoby percents injuries is a is a big deal for these calls especially last year. None of the colts receivers had over. Fifty receptions are six hundred yards. All of them finished under five touchdowns. Ty Still The undisputed number one but yeah like you said he's on the wrong side of thirty six games over. The last two seasons due to injuries honestly scares the hell out of me. He's boomer boss. He's going to have a couple of games where he blows up and then he's going to have multiple games where he limps off. The field doesn't play the rest of the game super super frustrating player to own but look at Keenan Allen with Philip Rivers rivers has potential to produce big numbers for a wide receiver in an offense and that wide receiver is Paris Campbell. Yeah I actually like the take I like fairs Campbell a lot. I was really high on him last year unfortunately injuries and everything just made his the start of his career little down. But yeah big fan of Campbell. I think he is a dark horse to step up and have a huge second season super fast plays the slot. Turn some kicks the big slot to like. He's a bigger target is not you know your Little Julian. And that's just going to catch the ball and fall down like this guy is going to catch it and take off and he as designed runs so get some runs. Return some kicks in plays that slot with yeah. Indy went out and got him to the Ohio State. Alum was drafted in the second round by the colts. Last he was a super popular. Pick heading into fantasy drafts last year. Talk about this bad luck. Though last year he had a fractured rib fractured hand. Andy broke his foot. Only playing seven games due to those three different injuries right when he came back. You'd get hurt again. You have to assume that that isn't going to be the case. This year is young enough and he wasn't injured in college. So I'm just GonNa Chuck it up as a fluke of a year. What's his current. Adp free? Yeah there's nothing to like. That's going as wide receivers. Seventy gone at the end of drafts like donors and he has an. Adp is because people are probably taking just late DABS at him. Isn't it crazy how someone can go from being a very popular sleeper and getting injured for the whole year? So you really couldn't even see what he was all about to then not even getting drafted the following season. Yeah people just forget about injuries. Your they don't forget about injuries. As the problem th that's the last thing they remember about him and I don't WanNa touch him because that's what he's GonNa do this. Year and injuries are hard to predict so I take a stab at them absolutely. He's an early sleeper for twenty twenty. I'm also really really high impairs Campbell. It sounds like we all like him a guy. I'm even more excited about. And why love the colts offense? So much is Michael Pittman Junior. Go on why are you so excited this year? The colts went out in grab the USC Rookie Wide Receiver in the second round again. So it's two years a row. They've drafted a wide receiver in the second round. This dude freak. Though he's six foot four two hundred and twenty five pounds and he has a six foot. Seven wingspan those numbers are all above average for the wide receiver position in the NFL also has a very very high football IQ. He's crazy strong work ethic. Well my favorite part about him is that he has incredible route running to make an impact in the NFL. Especially as a rookie. You need to be able to run routes efficiently. And that's exactly what he does. That's going to be even more prevalent this year with Whatever training camps look like yeah like Pittman as well? They compared them to Vincent Jackson. So if you guys remember him when he played or the chargers with Philip rivers. I think it's a fair comparison. So Michael Pin could be prime for you know a big year but I am leaning towards the training camps being weird. This year is the word we like to say so. I don't know if it means going to return immediate value but named remember for sure any interest in Pascal. No no fantasy relevance unless there's an injury but he actually had a good season last year when called upon so if there's an injury or two which is certainly possible. He could be someone to keep an eye on on the waivers. Yeah and he opened the season as the starter but again I just. I don't want any peace of him. So Ibran getting traded or going to Pittsburgh do you think Dole can finally be top tight end. They brought in everybody's favorite tight and Trey Burton as the backup to a boo boo. But yeah Iran's gone. He only had fifty targets last year. Overall though. I think it's definitely a positive for Jack. Doyle's fantasy relevance losing e gaining Burton. Lebron's definitely better tight. End Than Burton is so oil finished as the number fifteen tight end and full point. Pr Leagues last year. I can see him finishing anywhere from twelve to fifteen rains this year. Now that Iran is out of the picture and historically rivers shown likes to throw to tight ends look at gates and Henry Doyle led the team last year in receptions and touchdowns yeah with the tight end or cvs the wide receiver injury concerns. Toil could have a big touchdown. Year is kind of what I was thinking would go his way I would agree. He'd probably finished anywhere from titan thirteen to tighten eighteen. I don't think he'll crap the to crack the top twelve but right in that mid range is probably where he'll go any final thoughts on the colts guys. I'm willing to take some flyers on the colts this year if Campbell or Pittman fall to me when they shouldn't I'm going to jump on them. I think there's a lot of potential in this offense. I don't know if there's even any fallen four Campbell or Pittman. They should be pretty free. Yeah there at the very end of the draft pitman's going higher than Campbell which was kinda surprising based but that again is just recency by by bias on him. So recency bias. I guess the only other thing is just be careful with the running back position. It Marlin Mac. Jonathan Taylor one of them could burst out this year. But we have no idea which one it's going to be so just don't overdraft. One of them might win you league. So it's tough. Do you draft all three. No I don't like that at all it'd be too much stock in the backfield. The draft all thirty. Let's move onto the Jacksonville Jaguars. And we'll start with Gardner Minzhu and I'll just start on this. Okay so they're awful I off. They're going to be trailing that defenses. Not what it used to be and that's why. I'm high end mid would like he's just going to have so much passing volume. That has numbers are going to be higher than what people think could. He cracked the top fifteen. Absolutely I would not want him as my starter first and foremost but I am higher on him. The most just off of a pure volume standpoint Leonard Fournette. They're not gonNA pass him the ball that much Chris Thompson. They brought in for reason they're going to be trailing so Chris Thompson is GonNa be the guy in that backfield so he's going to be getting those targets at learn Leonard Fournette got last year. Dj Dark Garments. You are going to have another year of working together. Louis cushion was brought in to be a playmaker. I just think the offense is going to have so much opportunity because they will be trailing they have to throw the ball downfield. Menchu's going to exceed expectations. This is one of your worst. I what do you guys WanNa bet. I will bet the he finishes higher than Philip. Rivers Enron's hill. I will hire percent deal. Whatever you bet. I'll take rivers in tyler tastes. We put those two little twitter poll. No this is a season. Season-long thing that you said you don't like the Jaguars but you're really excited talking about them. You of just covered the whole team. I think you really liked the we can try. Just move on. They're gonNA be awful that that when the team is awful on defense and they're trailing this means good things for fantasy football when you have a good offensive team does yes so jake's Menia again I'm not. He had three games last year that he was under fifty percent. Completion percentage which is awful. I see him finishing around. Qb twenty the season. I'm not very high on Menchu mania myself. I just don't like the shorts see and he adds inrushing value as well like surprise. You guys are so against him. The thing that he adds in is swag. He's the swaggie player in the NFL. Give that but that doesn't count for points fantasy. Yeah his swag is fire. Yeah the team believes in him. The players get fired up for him. So that's part of his probably allure to is like he is like a team guy the love to build around him. He had three hundred forty four rushing yards last year and he only played in twelve games. You know who doesn't believe in them. That's Leonard Fournette. He was lobbying Cam Newton there. I'm going to side with four net on this one. I can't believe you on anything but okay. Let's move onto fornet right. Matt take this one away yes. Speaking of four nine might have agreed with them that Menchu's overrated. But he needs a reality check because he is the most overrated player in football. Espn hasn't projected to finish inside of the top twelve at running back this year. You guys. Here's my prediction Leonard. Fournette does not finish inside the top twenty five at running back this year. That's aggressive aggressive. Yeah I definitely take it inside the top twenty five so last year. He finished at seven. Obviously this is a bold take. I'm not saying it's a guarantee to happen. I'm saying it's a bold take for a reason. He only scored three touchdowns two which would also indicate always gonNA score more touchdowns. But here's the huge difference in the takeaway. Last year. He caught seventy six passes on one hundred targets for over five hundred yards. I can guarantee you that he does not get anywhere near one hundred targets. Or Seventy six receptions. I see those numbers getting cut in half and last year for nets fan value. Exactly half of his points came from his receiving yardage in catches with Chris Thompson. There he is not going to get the ball thrown to him nearly as much. He's GONNA lose a lot of value. I agree that they're going to be losing a lot. Leonard Fournette is not going to be getting twenty carries a game. I think the pro for four net is last year. He did play. What fifteen games? He's definitely GonNa regress in the targets. Think I have them at sixty targets that might even be high? But he's still gonna. Finish inside the top twenty five. Here's the other thing for Leonard. Fournette is extremely injury prone and like you said last year he made it fifteen of the sixteen games. Which is the most these dating back to college? He has an ankle injury that creeps up on them every single year with the exception of last year. That ankle injury dating back to College. Can pop up on him at any time in when it does it lingers for the whole season. He's also lost a lot of the support from his fans and from the team. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he ends up. Getting traded somewhere during the season. There's just a lot of uncertainty with Leonard Fournette. Sure top twenty five is pretty easy to do when you should get the volume that he is expected to get but I am not buying Leonard. Fournette at all. Draft him at his current. Adp You will not win your fantasy football league. I would agree with that part of it. Where his ADP's he's going as rb thirteen off the board right now. So I mean I would agree that a culture that twenty-five finish I have them in the top twenty four still. He'll be an rb to but right now he's going borderline rb one which is too much for me. Let's get into the wide receivers. Dj Dede Westbrook. Chris Conley and Jake's really high on Dj love me some DJ Shark. But I have high. And then it's kind of see Minhsiu they're going to be trailing has got throw the ball and he was go to target so I think that again just volume wise. He's going to be there. Lead Dog He's not going unreasonable. Price Right now. He's gone as wide receiver twenty-seven EDP of about sixty eight probably right where he should go and like like I said it's good good spot forum and they have the potential to produce a more points because of them trailing so much so I have so I have him kind of as like a floor guy this year because of the pure volume standpoint. I like where. Dj Shark is currently being drafted and Westbrook isn't being drafted rent. No wide receiver seventy two right now. Going currently undrafted which is unbelievable. Because he's actually pretty talented. He just didn't fit with what they were trying to do. And then Chris Conley is basically McColl Hardman of the Jaguars last year. He was just catch the deep touchdown. And that's about it. Yeah I think last. Had Forty seven receptions like seven hundred yards and five touchdowns to basically. I'm pretty close to identical of that. Yeah I think. Dj Shark is only one that. I'm really buying into seventy three receptions on one hundred eighteen targets. He went for over a thousand yards and eight touchdowns. I also like viscous and all out of Colorado their draft pick. I think he's got potential in the later rounds. Dede Westbrook Chris Conley Keelan Cole. I'm probably not buying into any of them. Yeah I won't be touching any Jaguar wide receiver. That's not name. Dj Charge it just on the fact that you just don't know what you're going to get out of those other guys like she felt they wanna get the ball in his hands but they might hand him. The ball is a kind of jack-of-all-trades. Cordeiro Patterson Percy Harbin S type player. Where they're just going to give him the ball whenever they can type deal so I don't know if you'll have real fantasy value but it's GonNa be an exciting player walk. I think he kind of just seal the your own. Minhsiu theories here that you're only touching Dj Shar and none of the other guys because you don't know what those other guys are. GonNa do charges the safest option in this offense. Those other guys are going to get games where they're going to have a lot of points but they're not gonna be consistent with it because if they're trailing they're going to be hooking the ball downfield that goes to charge. What is Westbrook? Still going to get seventy yards. Yes is he gonNA fall in the end zone? That's the problem. S FOR THEIR TIGHT ENDS. L- let's just not even talking about him. Tyler effort Vicki. Get healthy and he doesn't get me very excited. I have missed my tight end number. Twenty two this season. I won't be drafting him in any leagues. Yeah named remember in Casey or starting tight and gets injured is about all I have on him. Might be a fine stream against a crappy. Defense your right if you think. The Jaguars are going to be trailing particularly at a certain game might be worth. I neifert especially in. Dfs lineups there. Tyler Tyler. I will probably never be on on draftkings lineup already. Well unless not forget that. He's got the best quarterback in the universe and Menchu mania throwing if yes jake so I never said that I literally said top. Fifteen is about as high as he'll get. I didn't even just columnists man crush on minhsiu mania. Have you seen that mustache for J. Wires pretty much? Dj Shark. I like I think more than you guys but not as current. Adp RB to but yeah. He's just going to high for my liking again. I want to reiterate that my take is a bold take. It is not in favor of going my way. It's just looking at all the things that could possibly go wrong this year. I see a lot of a lot of possibilities of aggression in all of the different areas. So I won't be touching him especially at eight. Pm once onto the last team here in the division the Tennessee. Titans are about you guys. But I had a law hard time trying to find fantasy relevance here start with Ryan Tanna again trying to find fancy relevance not in the quarterback position. I mean he started ten games last year through for twenty six hundred yards. Twenty two touchdowns and only five interceptions super-efficient his season by far. And that's the problem is it's just is. Are we going to get this Ryan? Tannehill from last year's ten game stretch. Are we going to get the Miami Dolphins Ryan Tannehill Now? I've said it before. Adam gays terrible head coach. And that's who Ryan Ten Hatami and so that had that's going into any hills favor he's away from Adam Gaze. That's the best thing that could happen to his career. Clearly he just got paid. Tannehill was sneaky. Good last season. He finished as the number twenty three quarterback which obviously doesn't sound very good on the surface but like Tyler said he only started in ten games if you projected his stats from last year over the full course of a season he would finish this cube six last season Iran four touchdowns in which came out of nowhere. He's never done that his career before in the titans just gave him a huge contract so they obviously believe in what they saw. I really really liked Tannahill as a backup quarterback with potential to work his way into Cuba. Twelve range I like Tanna Tannahill. I just don't like his targets. There's not a lot of people if he had somebody else. Besides Adam Humphreys to throw to SOM- wide receiver to Corey Davises. And doing it for you. My thing was Ryan Tannehill as he was just too efficient for produce last year that that efficiency is going to go down the volume should go up. It's kind of this will lead to a player. We'll talk about later but I just don't think the he can sustain that for a full season so that's why I'm a little bit more downtown hill than probably what. You guys have a map. Well part of the reason why you sufficient is because teams have to stack the box against this guy. Derrick Henry is an absolute beast finished as a number five running back and full point. Ptr last season and that was with only eighteen receptions to his name it goes against our rule of you have to catch balls in the running back position it does. He is the exception. It speaks volumes to how much of an absolute beastie is on the ground. He led the League in rushing with over fifteen hundred yards and eighteen total touchdowns now Dan Lewis is a New York and gone. Hopefully his volume in the passing game increases a little bit but they just haven't thrown on the ball throughout his career yet he must have bricks for hands. I think so. But if you give that guy even twenty five receptions like he. He has top running back potential. He doesn't have brick zone. He caught seventy eight percent of the passes that has been thrown to him throughout his career so far because they've been one shuffled passes sure those count fantasy throwing the ball. Matt you could make those catches that he's making. I got pretty good hands. Thank you yeah I mean. He had a good season in two thousand eighteen. Last year was amazing. Fifteen hundred yards sixteen touchdowns the thing with Henry that you do. I mean I'm not off of them at all. I really like him. But the thing you do have to worry about sometimes is kind of the boom type games where you have forty fantasy points and then the next week. He has like ten. That's the big thing you have to worry about. When running backs don't catch passes because he's very touchdown dependent. So yeah if he rogers for one hundred yards and doesn't score a touchdown you're pretty much only ten points out of them for the week and we talked about this with touch on regression as well. He had what sixteen rushing touchdowns last year. Is there any way you think he can sustain that you can't project it? No absolutely not. I mean I think projected for ten touchdowns and I thought that was still like I had a hard time. Keeping him at ten projected touchdowns. Because that's still a lot you just never know like so. Many things can go wrong where he gets them to the one and they decided to throw it now that they contain hills better. So it's I haven't met thirteen. I think that's mainly because the titans are gonNA be decent this year and there's no other options where they'll start. Shawn's are going to go except AJ Brown speaking of Aj Brown. This is my man crush. This season exist because you just traded for him. Yeah but there's a reason. Why just traded for them yet an unbelievable rookie season. He had fifty two receptions over eleven hundred total yards and nine touchdowns and he was only targeted. Eighty four times. This was the forty fifth most in terms of targets for wide receivers picture when I just said forty four wide. Receivers had more targets him but he finished twenty first overall for wide receivers. We talk about as efficiency will regress. And that's fine because I can one hundred percent guarantee you that Brown will see an increase in his target share. Aj Brown is the undisputed number one rider receiver. Even though they're gonNA run the ball all the time. I'm still projecting with one hundred and twenty targets. Let's talk about again. What he did. At the end of the season he averaged one hundred and eleven yards and a touchdown in each of his last six games from week twelve on he was a number two wide receiver and fantasy behind. Only Michael Thomas. Why is he doing in the fifth round because there's no way he can sustain that deficiency in I'll agree? I think that he's a great talent he's GonNa get one hundred. Twenty targets is efficiency is for sure. GonNa take step down because you just cannot sustain that. It's just not possible with him being the only wider saving option. They have to double him going forward. I expect him to have similar numbers. If you basically took his seat his end of season stats and just kind of stretch. It out through a full season and kind of split up the efficiency a little bit kind of expect them to finish right around wide receiver. Twenty twenty one twenty two with a potential to jump up into the top twelve though. Aj is definitely the real deal Holyfield but does his three game stretch. Sixty four combined yards scary of. You doesn't scare me because it was before Ryan Tannehill. It just kind of plays into his like I said just kind of plays into like his efficiency like that's he's going to come down and like I expect is huge games. Come down I expect a those awful games to come up and just basically trust that over a full season. Is there any interest in Corey Davis or Adam Humphreys? None couldn't pay me to draft their one of them for me. The second leading target here is John Smith. The team's top tight end last year. He caught thirty five passes for four hundred yards and three touchdowns with more. I think he's going get more targets as here could definitely have some breakout potential from the tight end position. Yeah I would agree with that. He's a good sleeping option Especially with Delaney Walker. Now being officially out of town to like. There's just no one else to battle him with those tight end target. So I agree. He'd be great sleeper tight. End To sit on. I really liked that Delaney walkers out of the picture the only thing that makes me a little hesitant is that between Walker and Smith last year. They only had sixty targets. Is that number? GonNa come up or is that extra volume and go to AJ Brown. No Derrick. Henry is going to get a free touches so from a talent standpoint. I really liked Johnny Smith and I love that Delaney is out of the picture. I just don't know if he's GonNa get enough value where you can rely on them. I don't think the word reliable is the correct word to use for him because I think he's going to have huge games and I think he's GonNa have bus games. But I think that as a sleeping tar like tight end target late in the late in the draft. You could do worse. Yeah if you're taking your Titan in the Thirteenth Fourteenth Fifteenth Round. He's got potential to score a lot of touchdowns to see it with the receptions and the targets with how much teams are going to have to stack the box against Henry in the red zone. They do any play accents. John Who's going to be wide open? I them for sixty five targets four touchdown six hundred yards and at the tight end position. That gets you pretty close to the top. Twelve right there right so in total. It looks like we are Drafting Ryan. Tannehill as a high end. Qb To with potential break into QB. One we love Derrick Henry but be careful of where you're drafting him. Just due to the fact that we see some touchdown aggression coming we love. Aj Brown and we think Johnny Smith is a very serviceable option. At the tight end position. You are correct and that just about wraps up the Tennessee titans so just to recap the division here. We put our fantasy team together. Like we've done. The last couple episodes are quarterback. Watson are running backs are Derrick Henry and David Johnson or wide receivers are. Aj Brown in DJ charge. Tight End John Smith in our flex is Leonard for net. What do you guys think about this team? Not as good as the West. Yeah for sure not the best team we've put together but that's because this division kind of as a whole lot of good options to go off of yet. If you go into your fantasy season with this team you will not win your league one takeaway ahead from this division is. There's a lot of qb to solve your super flex or two quarterback league these are going to be a lot of your qb Is from this division outside of Watson because obviously he's gone early but Tannehill Menchu rivers all going to be good. Qb twos heartache here. Who is your sleeper from this division? Michael Pittman Junior. I would say Paris Campbell Harris Campbell as well. So we liked those colts wide receivers whoever emerges as I think the wide receiver to their it. Could it could literally be either one too. I really like both of them. Yeah same. I think you're splitting hairs as those guys but I think that's going to wrap up. Today's episode that's our AFC south divisional breakdown. A lot of good stuff you know not very deep division but a couple of top heavy guys and couple good couple takeaways from that. Good all right. That's GonNa wrap up today's episode here. previewed our next episode. We're going to break down the NFC south continuous news and notes. A little bit of Trivia as well be sure to check US out on Social Media. Facebook the facie football overtime podcast on twitter at at F. F. O. T. Podcast hit the lake. Share subscribe on Apple Google and spotify until next time. Bye Bye bye.

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