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Won't financial support is available for people living with cancer who are having money worries during the pandemic. Hello i'm abi and welcome to wa- corona virus series of talking cancer a podcast from macmillan and boots where i talk to the experts to get answers to the questions. Mcmillan is hearing the most today. I'm joined by. Eve burn head of campaigns and public affairs at macmillan cancer support to talk about the money worries people with cancer may be having during the pandemic the financial support available. It's really really important that people are tailored and personalized advice for their own. Set of circumstances will also hear some words of advice from ruth. I knew about a week because my hair richly come out and they were fantastic. They took me through all the guards. Get women melon and we're talking cancer. Eighth welcome lovely lovely to have you with us and thank you so much for joining us on the podcast series. Now i'm as in all the other episodes we've recorded. I'm gonna time stamp this. We're recording this over zoom on the sixth of november twenty twenty and all the information we talk about is correct at the time of recording so since all lost episode since the last ten minutes there have been some major changes to the government guidance so before we start delving into the financial impact of covid eve. Do you wanna give us just a brief update on what the latest guidance means for people living with cancer. Yes absolutely so we know. The prime minister is announced new restrictions to cover england. I think the big difference here is that previously over the past few months we've had local restrictions local areas. The difference now is that these are national so across the whole of the country and people are being advised to stay at home. Unless you can't do your job from home and you have to go to work unless it's for a medical appointment or central shopping. Everyone is being asked to stay at home and for people with cancer. The big difference here again is for those who have clinically extremely vulnerable. So these are the people who in the first lock down where the shielded group. Those people are now being asked to stay at home so apart from medical appointments or medical care an apart from exercise that being asked to stay at home. The big thing here is of course for work so even if people with cancer who are clinically extremely vulnerable and can't do that job from home. They're being asked not to go to work. And i know we'll be talking about some of the financial support available those people today. It's such a roller coaster for it really is but with people with cancer diagnosed as this is being turned from pillar to post with so many different concerns and worries is people with cancer in lots of different ways. One of those as you mentioned is obviously going to be financial tied up with. Were what other kinds of things that matt malin have been hearing about people's financial concerns during this time. Well as you would imagine. This is an incredibly anxious. Time for people with cancer and support line is getting lots and lots and calls from people about lots of things to do with coronavirus but also about money worries in in particular people who previously would have gone to. Their banks are now worries because they don't want to go too. Busy places will get on public transport or worried about how they can speak to someone about their financial worries. Were hearing calls from people who are concerned about being made redundant or the people were helping access benefits for the first time. So there's a lot of different situations affecting people in different ways at the moment and on mcmillan support line Is the to help. So has caused some short term financial difficulties for lots of people with cancer out there including those who had to miss out on work that you mentioned earlier in order to shield or care for someone shielding and people on furlough may perhaps have lost their jobs and now with the second lockdown all their special financial resources all support on offer for those people who are finding themselves in one of those situations during this ongoing nightmare pandemic. yes there is so the good news is that the fellow scheme has been extended until march twenty twenty one so we know that that support is available for those people who can't do that job because of the restrictions and they could be eligible thilo pay if they are not eligible for that on they are clinically extremely vulnerable than people could also be eligible for statutory sick. Pay as well and you mentioned a lot of the short term pressures penal facing maybe. They're out of work temporarily at the moment because of the restrictions and we know that there's a lot of support that banks put in place whether that be flexibilities around mortgage repayments so potentially by short-term three-month mortgage holidays or also a flexibilities with loan or credit card payments as while at this lots of different measures out there an more information is available on the financial conduct authorities website. I think the most important thing to remember is that the situation is different. For every body in its radi- radiation poll that people i get tailored and personalized advice for their own set of circumstances as it is so complicated isn't it. I mean i think from an emotional point of view. You know the big change. Knowing that furlough is extended till march. It must be a massive relief because one of the things that do so much anxiety is not being able to plan a not being able to look ahead. And that's you know that's that's at least a handful of months into the future that's going to help all the benefits that you've mentioned that are available. I is this the same process as before covert has. It changed slightly. What are the differences. So there's been lots of new and good things of happened with the benefit system because of corona virus so previously a person with cancer would have had to have gone to a job center. Maybe for a face to face assessment or face to face appointments. Because that's not safe anymore. People are now having assessments over the phone or not needing to travel into a job center to have that face to face assessment or appointment on people with concert telling us that is much much better for them because they It's more flexible. And if they're having treatment for example. Chemotherapy and that just too ill to travel somewhere. It's much much better for them to be able to pick up the phone and do the assessments that way or the Flexibilities the of happened because according coronavirus is around the type of medical evidence that's needed sometimes to help people with cancer complete the fire applications and again because of coronavirus because clinicians and doctors and nurses are so busy at the moment at this bit of a reduction in the type of medical evidence. It's needed to make it less onerous a process. There's been a reduction. That's very encouraging. Yes very encouraging. Any simplification of massive complicated situations always welcome. Also i think as well. It's important to say that many people with cancer the financial impact of the pandemic is in addition to or you know the the cost of cancer. The existed normal life as well. What the cost of cancer that people should be aware of and what kind of support for them. You're absolutely right. And i think one of the biggest thing that people with cancer tells about the financial cost of cancer is it so i won't expected no. No one expects for accounts diagnosis and certainly when they do get one. No one then expects for the additional costs. Come with that so that could be anything from needing to pay high heating bills because you feel the cold more because of your treatment or needing to pay for car hospital caulking angle transport to your treatment and your all your hospital appointments or indeed losing your income. Because you've had to give up work or you've had to take time off work to help you get through the treatment so the big combination of different factors here from loss of income but also additional costs was seeing because of coronavirus again. Those costs the becoming more exacerbated. People are now feeling unsafe to get on public transport so the taking taxis to their appointments instead all because then not going outside. They're at home all the time. So the heating bills are going off as well. So it's almost a double whammy of conseco's unkovic costs together you know. We know that the fellow's been extended we know that there are benefits available but these hidden financial casa cancer. You know they are obviously going to be west during the pandemic. You've mentioned public transport. Taxis are there specific grants for example that are available to cover those additional costs. That you've mentioned we do have a grand scheme that can help people with those one off kind of discretionary costs and if people do feel as though they need that extra help orrin emergency grant of support. Then i'd encourage them to get in touch with mcmillan and we can have that conversation so there are some charity schemes out there. We've got dedicated support line. So we've got a team of welfare advises. We've got a team of financial advisors and we've got team of energy advisors so whatever your financial worry whether that be keeping up the repayments on your mortgage or which benefit to access or indeed how to get the best energy deal. We've got the right people there to help people with those questions. I do say this in pretty much every cost. Because i know that there are one of the things that we've been highlighted during the pandemic. Is that not. Everybody has got a lovely new laptop and not everybody is tech. Savvy is confident you know on the internet and although there is this huge amount of information there it is really important to know this. You can pick up the phone to you is there. Are there are people you can talk to. That's absolutely right and we're hearing from people all the time saying you know. They missed the face to face contact from having someone to talk to so in the absence of that. The off support line is fully staffed. It's been seven days a week. I'd encourage anyone who's got a question about cancer. All who struggling with the pandemic to give us a coal to help answer questions and support people through this so similarly people in active cancer treatment or shielding we mentioned miss might be understandably reluctant or unable to go too busy places like banks to see countback financial support. So what's what's what are their options. That's right and of course. A lot of people are really worried at the moment about going out going too busy places. The good news here is that there's lots of online support available for people to do that by king so online banking mobile banking and even video banking f people to have video calls with that buying. So there's lots of solutions out there and alternatives to actually physically going into your bank branch an also lots of support from banks at the moment to help people with setting up online banking particularly for those elderly people at the moment who may not have online banquets before i used to going into that. Brian show speaking to someone face to face. The rededicated teams that banks providing at the moment to support people to set up accounts. My dad is in his eighties now. if he can't speak to somebody face to face just has a mild panicker every single tones. So that's good to know. There is a little dark side to the situation. Which i think many people have heard about Sadly have fallen victim to but there are scammers taking advantage of the pandemic situation when people are banking from home or doing a lot more online shopping. Generally what are the warning signs of the red flags that you should look out for. Yes said this is really sad. Consequence of more people banking online. Even though it's never been safe to bank online of course there are people that are trying to take advantage of the situation. So what we would say to to. Everyone listening is if anyone is asking for any personal banking details whether that be your pin code or or your bank account number all of the past no details that would be very very unusual and we would encourage anyone to not give those details out over the phone in any way to either up or or and nicole unter report at that bank It would be very very unusual for someone to ask details over the fines v. That is happening. It's really important that you report that to your bank and particularly from a people who are phoning gave so unsolicited phone calls from people who are either claiming to be your bank getting in touch all and we've even had situations from people who have had people claiming to be from the nhs getting in touch as well again if anyone is calling and asking for personal banking details over the phone. Don't give them to them. Hang up the phone and unreported. mto by dongo anywhere. We're going to be back with you shortly next. Then we have some words of wisdom from ruth who is sharing her advice and ideas on how to cope with money worries during the pandemic with the cancer diagnosis. My name's ray. I live in norfolk and stike master breast cancer in some twenty nine thousand nine hundred one. She get your diagnosis closely. Go hospital appointments. Which has car parking fees petrol fees and she might be stopping working. I asked mellon unit because my heritage literally come out and they were fantastic. They took me through all the guards. You can get then you can use that for. You'll wake seek news. It too old transports. The check is fantastic. Because the came out of hospit- heating and it was march so that one hundred pounds are able to talk which was just just the right. Timing always ask for help. If you see out in a so s people will really help how i have. People come back and said no. I'll joy if you have monday. l. joy. pfc fries a view. So i hit is asked christian seconds hip is is go to macmillan. Because they advice there was phenomenal. They can set you up. And they have financial advisers that sabet were ready to tell me if i stop questions about cancer macmillan. Your side from the moment to diagnosed through your treatment and beyond our debates mcmillan intimation pharmacists are on hand when specialist support from helping you make sense of your diagnosis to advice about living with cancer. You can find them in your local boots. Fomc online via video appointment visit bates dot com for slash mcmillan for more information subject to pharmacist. Availability some really useful. Tips from rue des. Now one of the wonderful reasons why matt millen is able to do this. Please wonderful things that you mentioned is because you work in partnership with a number financial organizations to support customers. He may be impacted financially following the concert diagnosis. What can these partnerships that you guys. I know works so hard to maintain and and to create. What can they offer for people living with cancer while we're really proud of all partnerships and particularly our partnerships with some of our biggest banking partners so for example the lloyd's banking group. This is a really fantastic partnership that helps us get help to people with cancer as soon as possible when they end to the bank so this is a dedicated team at lloyds banking group not to refer people with cancer to macmillan support line so as soon as they come in and show that they've had this considine gnosis all that struggling with whatever it may be whether that be debt all their mortgage all potentially losing their income the partners at lloyds banking greet notre refer than over to was and we can help them through it we've got partnerships as well for example with scottish widows and we know that people with khansa sometimes struggle to get their insurance paid out when they need to so again all brilliant macmillan nurses work with scottish widows to ensure that we can verify the claims and get that those insurance claims paid out was quickly as possible. Won't you've talked about that. From from lloyd as an incredible setup all that any other partnerships for those people listening who don't pops back with lloyd's yes. If you bank with the nationwide building society you can call and speak to the specialists support team and the service can help you if you've got money problems or if you're struggling to keep your mortgage loan or credit card repayment and similarly if you've got a bank account a mentioned lloyd's but also how the fact some bank scotland you can speak to that dedicated cancer support team and ellen show that they can help you with whatever questions that you've got an all of the numbers and all the details of operating partnerships are on the financial support and corona virus page of our website. They're always through this. Just you know. Just make sure that you pick up the phone and speak to somebody. That's me. I love that partnership with lloyd's it's just it's so banks can be scary the best of times but with a cancer diagnosis and going through what we're going through at the moment. It's an absolute lifeline. To know about that partnership that there's a lot of information and and i guess for some people listening it's all good information but it might be quite nerve wrecking about. If you've just been recently diagnosed where do you start And if you have been affected financially how do you. How do you start doing that. How'd you start organizing and planning your finances during this time. What's your best advice. 'have course and it's such a anxious time for people with cancer when they get that diagnosis a million things going through people's minds whether that a tweet men all work or where to start so i'd encourage anyone who's listening to take the time to know that mcmillan's there but also to know that there's lots of steps that they they can take so You could start. I completely budgets. Really having a good understanding of what's coming in Money wise but also. What's going out that would put you in a radi. Good position to start having those conversations whether that be with your buying coal with macmillan to help you understand what type of support is out there you could check your insurance and what insurance protections that you've got of course you can contact your bank. Can i'd encourage everyone to do that as well as soon as possible to ensure that they understand that. You've got this diagnosis. And that could start to have an effect on your income on your finances. Pensions under the ready. Good one to start having a think about a soon as you can. On of course completing i will no one likes to talk about completing a will and it's one of the most difficult things as part of a cancer journey. We know that a lot of people say it's a big weight. Lifted off their mind if they know that they've gone through that. And that's all up to date and mcmillan-scott dedicated guide. It's on our website to help people right. There will and know that everything's going to be taken care of if they need it to be as always so full of information helpful support and advice. Thanks so much for joining us this week. Thank you for having me for more information about the areas. Even i have talked about in the episode head to our website. Mcmillan dot org dot. Uk forward slash talking cancer for resources advice and support. And it's also where you can find out more about donating to macmillan join us next time for a final episode of the series account. Believe it were the end token kansas series to already subscribe. If you'd like to hear that an every new episode whenever it's ready and if you enjoy the series please give us a writing or review because it helps others to find the cost more easily. I'm emma bay talking cancer is a macmillan. Cancer support podcast.

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