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It wasn't your show show on. They would destroy him. Absolutely you're the difference between Donald J trump and Richard Nixon Nixon's case behead someone that stuck up for him. He wouldn't have been motivated to cover up that burglary. Wait wait hold on. Is that a compliment you know if Al Capone Eh somebody like you sean. I mean come on okay Donald Mussalini. You know where we're going here. Also so this is Geraldo was the guy didn't he say he wanted to watch people in the face. Donald Trump doesn't Roy Coun- but as Geraldo Joe Notes Richard Nixon Have Sean Hannity over right. That's about as much humor as we're. GonNa get to this morning. Good morning and welcome to morning Joe now. It is Wednesday October second Richard Nixon. It only had you along with. Joe Will End me we have. MSNBC contributor Mike Barnicle former aide aid to the George W Bush White House State Department Elise Jordan President of the Council on Foreign Relations and author of the book a world in disarray. We just saw that Tejas and historian author of the soul of America in Rogers professor of the Presidency at Vanderbilt University Jon Meacham. He's an NBC News and MSNBC contributor. Thing Geraldo said Willie he wanted to punch the whistle blowers something forget the whistle blower rotten snitch snitch was what he said on on Fox News and wanted to. I think he wanted to hit somebody. I forget who of course we'll be getting to how Republicans begins there are actually some Republicans who understand that at some point Democrat will be present a United States again and this whole whistle blower ideas actually a good idea and we probably should should not have president's threatening treason and killing whistleblower so anyway we'll get to that a little bit but before we get in to to all the bizarre news of some some very sad people who is that they want to go out of their way to defend extraordinarily ordinary corrupt a president who is absolutely no respect for constitutional. Let's talk baseball. The brewers Willie Harris thinks I run at the end of course the burs extrordinary run at the end of the year without the best player I think in the nationally and when they went up three last night I was sure it was over for Washington who has had one sad post-season after another but wow what an incredible label comeback last night Joel only the Milwaukee brewers had you. It would have been a totally different situation last night. That's Juan Soto a base it to right field. The nats who down three one bases loaded two outs in the eighth inning and the error in right field by the rookie Trent Grisham ball gets under his club. Sotos thrown out to end the inning but it didn't matter the three runs across the the plate for three. They hold on to win in the ninth inning. I know you Mike Barnicle or feeling the attitude long-suffering yeah Washington the nationals fans but a cool seen the beer flying everywhere in Washington last night tough moment for that kid in right field right there the next move on it unless something about it's called the isolated positions. You're in it you make the ever everybody sees it. It's not like you Mrs tackle or throw a pass in the NBA. It's right there for everyone to see the nationals nationals big win for the nationals no doubt about it and is Joe alluded to you know the brewers. God Love them and they played most of September without Christian. Yelich plays in the national in a league. They had a great run and ended last night like that terrible well listen. We're showing actually that that one play but actually Willie the pitching shing after Sherzer get out some trouble beginning pitching between Sherzer STROUDSBURG coming onto relief for the first time in his career three shutout innings. He was lights out. I mean that's the team that did everything they needed to do to have the honor of going up against the buzzsaw that is he lost the hell of war. Get on a plane flying cross country and play the dodgers but yeah I mean if they can pitch like that once they got through shirts or was a little rocky out of the gate who knows short parts series. That's the beauty of the pull. The playoffs nats haven't been able to get past this round of the playoffs but they've got a tough challenge in front of them and then we got another good one tonight Tampa Bay as the right to go to Houston and play the Astros so we're getting into it now and I'll tell you what Richard Haass says that the playoffs really don't begin until Friday when of course so you're Minnesota twins play the Yankees Joe. I was GONNA guess the twins really are. I think Richard you'll agree with me. They are Americans and I think we all we all could do well they through these troubled times if we can unite on just one thing and that is the glory of this twin steam and how they need to beat the Yankees okay. The president is ratcheting up his anti impeachment rhetoric. I it was treason then he repeated a claim that it would cause a civil war like fracture now he's going here. What's what's taking place. Is Not an impeachment. It's a coup. The notion that Democrats are trying to violently overthrow the president is nothing new in far far-right media circles but it has been since been used by president's aides and congressional allies to describe the impeachment push. Make no mistake about this. This is nothing less than an attempted coup data and and run around the ballot box which it was a attempted coup by the intelligence community. It's worth noting that a coup refers I to the illegal and at times violent overthrow of leader impeachment is the legal process for removing the president as laid out in our the constitution so Willie. This is so tiresome. It's also extraordinarily reckless coming from a president. I mean we have to at least skip Bill Clinton. Something did not never did talk about a coup being carried out against him but you know a lot of Democrats did I. I said yesterday all that this old is new again. It was maddening when Democrats were running around during the Clinton impeachment talking about how it was a coup it was Republican. Coup was so partisan cou you had. Jerry Nadler said it maxine waters said it John Conyers headed the judiciary committee or the ranking member Sudesh Eric and as I said then as a member of Congress and I say now no. It's actually not a coup it. He is a constitutional process. Our founders and you can go back and you look at federalist papers. Our founders looked very closely at what was required wired for removing a president and it's a very difficult hard. It's very difficult thing to do and all of those Republicans who were saying that it is a coup. I don't think any of an actually believe that even if this the house impeach the president that the Senate is going to remove them so again more bluster more lying being more misrepresenting twisting of the truth to protect that lawn man a man who's poor poor. Your mind actually has scoring around inside of it dreams of moats filled with snakes and alligators and flesh piercing spike some top of imaginary walls. That's this this man who has no respect for constitutional norms who orders orders businesses out of other countries who orders are NATO allies to give him greenland who calls the Federal Reserve Zurve chairman be any of the United States for trying to stop are saying critical things about tariffs. This is who all all these people are putting their reputations on the line for to defend a lot of people waking up. We'll think you made up some tales about the alligators NYNEX. nope those those are quotes from the United States. We'll get to that in just a minute but as with Donald trump were not surprised but we ought to continue to be outraged when he says things like civil war when he talks about a coup when he accuses political opponents of treason Jon Meacham we have no right now a government in the State Department Mike Pompeo and justice with William are running around literally running around the world in bars case going to Italy and had taking meetings to put up these walls around the president and to to protect him and it changed his conspiracy theories. The government is now operating on the whims. The personal whims the political whims of the president of the United States. It's no no way to run a country. It's not and you're right. We we basically a headache. Constitutionalism of narcissism is essentially really what what's happened here. On the history point with what's important I think act to push back against the coup stuff is there was a clear debate in Philadelphia and the ratification conventions in the seventeen eighty s about could you impeach president for was called Maladministration just screwing doing things up and they decided no that that was the voters it was very specifically designed for treason bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors. There was an absolute sense that this was very serious. It should only be undertaken in the in the event of the trail of the country putting yourself up for sale and trying to use the government as you say as a personal instrument of power as opposed to having it entrust for the people. Maybe this sounds too much like a civics lessons for this hour but it this is actually really important. The entire hire insight here that the entire experiment that so many people on the right and in trump world want is they believe in America South America in their heads. It's not necessarily the America that really existed and should exist and that America is one where the rule of law is more important than the whim of any president and as far as building moats and putting alligators and all of that why is it we we are building walls and Moats at the border but we can't put up a wall around our own sovereign elections. I think that's a question that should be asked well it. It really is and Mike Barnicle. That's what's so fascinating this obsession that's continued obsession with building a wall which the president of course hasn't been able to do because. Republicans when they were empower new set the wall wouldn't actually stop people from coming over there are much better means you can move past second century. China Third Century Fourth Century China and actually move beyond physical physical barriers to stop people from coming into our country and yet here you have William Bar and Donald so trump running around the world chasing ghosts still obsessed on the two thousand sixteen election when Donald Trump's on FBI BI director Donald Trump's own director of National Intelligence Donald Trump's own CIA director Donald Trump's own homeland homeland security secretary. They have all said over the past year that the single greatest threat these just seriously. Let's just stop here for one second. I want everybody to think about that. Just focus on this donald trump's entire intel community has told him the very people but Donald trump appointed an intel community follow up on what John said big about this okay. The single greatest threat to America is not thermonuclear unclear war. It is our democracy being infiltrated by Russia and yet the president of the United States AIDS does nothing about it. The attorney general does nothing about Moscow. Mitch does nothing about it and instead. They're chasing ghosts around the planet lying to undermine those Intel community leaders. Does there's very intel community leaders that are warning of the coming Russian Threat Mike Well John My call. Call it treason I wouldn't I would just say it's extraordinarily misguided and it undercuts America's national security every single day hey every single day and most people go about their business in this country every single day paying less and less attention to all the noise coming from Washington DC and yet you had the attorney general of the United States Bill Bar Enron looking over the shoulders of John Durham who is charged with executing leading an independent investigation of portion of this madness. I know John Dorm and he is a skilled investigator. He's absolutely independent but he's got the attorney general now apparently looking over his shoulder. That's one count the other count is Mike. Pompeo the secretary of State and other constitutional cabinet officer officer willfully ignoring thus far the attempts by Congress the Judiciary Committee to subpoena employees of the State Department for their views to be questioned indepth positions on what is going on apparently Mike Pompeo would never read article three of the Nixon impeachment which has to do with obstruction of justice as defined fine Bhai refusal to comply with Congress's subpoenas and lastly Richard. I don't know about you but the continued. Talk is Joanne meeker been mentioning engineering this morning of treason and coup. This is a big country. Trump has truly rabid following many give them a good and decent people some of them given the nature of our country deranged and you just wonder and you worry about what might inevitably evidently happened to reactions. One is the President Peter King and others are describing impeachment as a coup. If there's a coup going on it's not in the impeachment pitchman process that is what the constitution lays out it is essentially with the president and some of those around him were doing by undermining the normal procedures have government and by not allowing Congress to play. It's legitimate constitutional role by attacking the deep state by going after the independence of judges the independence attendance of the media by not allowing people to testify that is what is undermining the political system in Latin America interestingly enough. There's a phrase called Otto goal. Oh Paik Self coups. It's when governments fear people and the instant the at the normal assemblies and legislatures moving against them and they essentially cut cut them off and they stopped the normal political process what we're seeing here in the United States is an attempt to stop the legitimate processes of government to undermine the legitimate organs of government in order to protect the president this is this is dangerous and what you're getting at this also. This is sowing the seeds of violence. If you legitimize a government if you de legitimize what is normal then you're creating a space for something else in the something else is either the extra constitutional political activity or even worse in some ways violence and that is what we're beginning to see her one. Why don't we be specific. Of course you could go back. The campaign where Donald Trump talked about paying money to people who would beat up other people that he would pay their legal bills talking about how he really looked back and finally remember the Times that people used to get beaten up and carried out on stretchers and political rallies. You wish that could happen again. You Have Donald Trump of course talking about violence bragging about a member of Congress who beat up somebody in the press and laughing about it because the person the press had the audacity to ask about healthcare then just this past week and we could keep going but you know Donald Trump continues to use violent rhetoric a year ago of course he was was talking about how his people were tough people and at some point they were going to explode they could get violent and worldwide child child and then of course this week. The president talks about civil war. He tweets set a civil war could occur if if he were impeached aged civil war wouldn't occur but he is trying to inspire some some very ravaged people to shoot others. Maybe that's where the fifth avenue shooting comes in. I don't know but he talks about a civil war this week. He talks about the treason trying for trees. A congressman duly elected Congressmen who is just investigating a phone call which I think a lot of Americans might think was treasonous and so after that of course you talking about civil war treason talking about possible execution of you've of Adam Schiff and a whistle blower and so at least you line all of that up and and here's a president that is is is trafficking in violent imagery which of course will not lead to civil war but will lead to the type of unmortgaged human and beings out there who have directed pipebombs had donald trump's opponents who have made up hit lists and the Coast Guard. I think he's a lieutenant who made up a hit list and a and a huge arms cache that he was going to use against members of the media the criticized Donald Trump as well as the Democrats who were running for President Against Donald Trump and yet this inflammatory rhetoric continues news and Republicans are silent Joe it casts. It just hasn't gotten bad enough. I wonder under what the real low point will actually be but this is a president who rose to power through lies. It's he's a president who holds own to his power through BLIGH's. He lives in a fantasy land where he cannot himself distinguish fact from fiction and so you see the severe repercussions throughout his farm policy throughout his domestic policy whether it's you know wanting a flat black paint for his quote wall that would cost a million dollars more per per mile than normal pain. He's in that Lala land or or it's sending his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani over to you hurrying to investigate just smorgasbord board of conspiracy theories all thrown together that Hillary server actually is in Ukraine and he's going to get to the bottom of that you look at all the government resources that are being wasted that could be used to prevent actual crime and actual actual criminality in the United States. It's and abroad and could be used to prevent election fraud. They could be used for so many different things that are valid the purposes for our national security but instead it's just more La. La Land and really this summer marked even more of a decline in Donald Trump and I think that's what we're seeing kind of a pickup right. Now Joe to your point. I don't think there's anyone around this table and watching at home who thinks whether president trump is impeached or if he's not not reelected that he will go quietly and so that's the context in which you hear this coup talk and you hear this civil war. What will the president do really if he's not reelected. If he's impeached I remember sitting here in the studio on Election Day two thousand sixteen and we had done junior on the show and we had to ask the question will your father respect the results of this election if he in fact loses and he said Yeah Yeah of course he will. We didn't have to find out the answer that because president trump one of course but there are real concerns about what happens the day after if president trump is impeached or if he loses his reelection bid because this is a president unlike any other George George W Bush won't talk about President Obama President Obama's been relatively quiet about president trump. Do you really think president trump is going to go away and be quiet no way he won't go quietly into that dark night no doubt about that. I do think that the institutions will hold. I still remain very optimistic about that. That probably more optimistic than other certainly more optimistic than my wife. I do believe that that will happen but when you're seeing right now although is not just not just the corroding of trust towards the presidency and damage on the presence he that's GonNa going to take years to replace but also other cabinet agencies other cabinet heads other people who have always always understood that their responsibility is to the American people first and then you see a clip like this this of Mike pompeo lying through his teeth to reporters on ABC and then at the United Nations. Take a look at this clip the Wall Street Journal is reporting President Trump pressed the president of Ukraine eight times to work with Rudy Giuliani to investigate Joe Biden son. What do you know about those conversations so you just gave me a reporter tobacco. IC- compaign none of which I've seen and are you confident that none of your staff that you were born here staff. Did anything improper in this whole situation. Thank you so matt. I haven't had a chance to actually read the whistle blower complaint yet. I read the first couple of paragraphs and then got busy today today but I'll ultimately get a chance to see it. I understand it right from someone who had secondhand knowledge to the best of my knowledge some from what I've seen so far each of the actions that were undertaken by State Department officials was entirely appropriate. Mike Barnicle that guy went to West Point. That guy went to West Point beyond Liane acting. He's acting like a common thug. He's lying about our country. He was in on a call that he knows cross every line up propriety that he he was taught that at West Point and he's behaving like a thug now. He's behaving like a thug in trying to to basically tell Congress that he can do whatever he wants to do and not to reach out to anybody the State Department. It's as if he's adopted Donald Trump's uh-huh view of the constitution that the Second Amendment gives the executive branch unlimited power. Let me say it again. This guy guy went to West Point. He knows better and he's acting like a common criminal. He's acting like AH thug. He's lying through his teeth. He shaming himself. He's Shaming State Department employees and he's shaming the United States of America. Well then has no excuse at first clip Joe with Martha in which he garble's herbals is response and seem struck by surprise at the question. All you can think of is duty honor country West Point. That's the oath he took upon graduation graduation and he was there is a simple answer to that question is I was on the call. The president did nothing wrong. He's had that opportunity several all times prior to being caught in this but he did not and Mike Mike do you remember early on he was throwing Rudy Giuliani under the bus and everybody was putting out you know leaking to the press so pompeo didn't know anything about this. It was Giuliani acting on his own and that's when poor rudy all confused and days late at night held up his cell phone on a show and said I've got the tax look at these taxes God and so then Volker gets fired. I mean he's been scrambling and trying to cover up I mean I don't know that it's possible that he's actually made this administration. Look even worse with this is Vice Joe. Richard Haass has a great book a world in disarray that we've talked about here many many times. The book could actually be retitled a nation in disarray in sadly. It's our nation because we have constitutional offices the Attorney General of the United States the secretary of State of the United States behaving badly perhaps even corruptly in this instance and the government is led by verbal arsonist who takes to the field each and every day inciting people and inflaming aiming an already volatile situation. These are sad times and I will say me. Ca Donald Trump is causing and extraordinary damage to this republic to our constitutional norms or political norms just to the way everybody treats each each other. I mean my gosh yesterday. Jimmy Carter turned ninety five what a good man whether I agreed with him politically or not on so many things a good man how we need a good man like that in the White House again Yup sometime soon but you know donald trump is ignorant of the constitution. He is ignorant of history. He is ignorant of the political norms that have shaped this great republic for the past two hundred and forty years. Mike pompeo though he studied it yeah he understands it. He knows it and yet he is willfully every day of his life in pursuit of of power corrupting that and he's undercutting everything he was taught at West Point. It is disgraceful pretty competent. The truth is going to come out at this point still ahead on Morning Joe. The president's lawyer gets a lawyer will rudy Giuliani's. Johnny's new attorney advised his client to get off TV. You're watching morning Joe. We'll be right back. I had I had a couple of talks with civil rights likes lawyers constitutional lawyer today and here's what they're recommending that we should bring a lawsuit on behalf of the President and several of the people in the administration maybe even myself as a war you're against the members of Congress individually for violating constitutional rights violating civil rights. They're doing extraordinary things. Hi It's Katy Tur WanNA keep up with MSNBC while you're on the go subscribe to the Msnbc daily newsletter. You'll get the best. Wouldn't you missed during this unprecedented era of news text. MSNBC two six six eight six six to subscribe welcome back President Trump's personal attorney. Rudy Giuliani has hired his own lawyer to represent represent him amid the houses impeachment probe into the President Giuliani has tapped former assistant us attorney and his longtime friend John Sale L. Sale is best known for his work as an assistant special prosecutor during the Watergate investigation that resulted in President Nixon's resignation the move comes just one day after Giuliani was subpoenaed by lawmakers seeking documents related to his and the president's efforts to get Ukraine's government to investigate gate the Biden family in an interview sale wouldn't say whether his client will comply with that subpoena. Let's bring in. NBC News Correspondent Heidi Priscilla. She's here with her. New piece. Entitled Giuliani Turns on honest Ukrainian prosecutor says Biden. The buttons did nothing illegal Heidi. What did you find there. I make a we have new reporting on just how Giuliani's whole effort over these months to gin up corruption option charges against the Biden's fell apart in involves my interview with one of Ukraine's foremost anti-corruption experts. She says that Giuliani is now how turning on the very man who he relied on in worked for months to try and gin up these charges the former chief prosecutor Yuri Loot Sankoh so here's what happened and how it fell apart loot Sankoh was fired by the current President Zilenski and this is the entire context context for this July Twenty Fifth Phone Call Joe Emeka to understand which is that Giuliani was really dependent on loot Sankoh to gin up these charges he had been working in over for months in the July twenty fifth phone. Call you see the president not only pressings Alinsky to work with Giuliani because they had lost their man loot. Sankoh thank you but you see the president actually admonishing so Lonski for firing Lutsenko so now Rudy Giuliani is turning on him. He's facing a subpoena where he is going to be asked very specific questions about working with Lutsenko and guess what Lukashenko is going out on all the networks this past weekend and basically blowing the whole story to smithereens saying that there was no no they're they're nothing illegal and that Giuliani was quote obsessed with with trying to gin up these charges so this is a really dramatic turn of Giuliani on the man Sankoh who he had been working with now. It's important well first first of all. I want to say that this expert told me in her own words that Giuliani quote needed loot sank Kutu connect the dots and a story that looked like it was Israel but was not. It's also important to note that. She told me that she did not think that it was ethical for hunter. Biden the vice as president son to take this position with the energy company BURRI SMA in the first place that that was something that she frowned upon and that she thought was unethical. However there was no evidence that Joe Biden did anything to facilitate that and that on the contrary Joe Biden tried to get this corrupt prosecutor are who was not pursuing the case fired Mika Heidi. Thank you very much. We'll be reading your reporting at. NBC News Dot Dot Com. Did you order the murder of Jamal Khashoggi low. Oh absolutely not this was a heinous crime and to hem and I take full responsibility as leader in Saudi Arabia especially since it was committed committed by individuals working for the Saudi government today. The investigations are being carried out in once charges are proven against someone regardless of their rank. It will be taken to court no exception mate. If there is any such information that charges me. I hope it is brought forward publicly the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabian sixty minutes three days ago and exactly one year ago today Washington Post columnist and legal. US Resident Jamal Kashogi walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul Turkey believing he was there to obtain documents needed for his marriage minutes later he was dead at the hands of Saudi agents joining us now editorial page editor and columnist overseeing the Washington Post Opinion Section Fred Hiatt and countless and associate editor for The Washington Post David Ignatius to commemorate the solemn anniversary of their colleagues league's murder. The Washington Post is out today with special expanded opinion section featuring a collection of op eds and special coverage gentlemen. Thanks for being with US this morning Fred. Let me we start with you. I WanNa get your reflections on Jamal but I just your reaction to that interview on sixty minutes where the crown prince said I did not order the murder of your colleague Jamal to show G. But I take responsibility as the head of the government here. What's Your Reaction Good Morning. My reaction is he's actually doing exactly the opposite ah taking responsibility everybody who's looked at this seriously including the UN Rapper Tur- and the US intelligence agencies ince's have concluded that crime of this magnitude committed by people so close to the crown prince could not have taken place without how the knowledge and support of the very top of the government and if he were really taking responsibility he would be allowing these investigations to take place with transparency he would be telling us among other things where Jamal's body is which we've never learned and so he's really doing the opposite he's cover up has continued. David of course the CIA concluded that it was in fact the crown prince who ordered this murder of Jamaica show your colleague the President and his colleagues have cast doubt around the White House and that conclusion continuing to do regular regular business with NBS but more broadly this morning on this solemn anniversary. What are your thoughts about. Jamaica Show David Willy the Saudis from the very top. We we do believe bin Salman. The Crown Prince tried to silence a critic was angering them. They'd been angry at Jamaica Shoji for more than a year. They talked about various ways to silence him and finally came down to this silencing him by killing him. We think he was choked and then his body was dismembered brutally a year later. We're still talking about him if they thought they were GONNA. Silence this voice silence this criticism of the Kingdom of repressive policies the opposite of has happened. I think that's one of the powerful things about about the special section that Fred has pulled together as you hear voices from all over the Middle East expressing the same ideas about a more open society eh our colleague. Jamal expressed in his column so if they wanted to silence and it didn't happen David Fritz Richard Haass here clearly the sodas were hoping hoping this general statement about accepting responsibility would somehow allow them to turn the corner as you make clear it will not want now though a year later turning to policy should the United States do. NBS is going to quite likely to be the effective leader of Saudi Arabia for years possibly decades. It's an important country being obviously a critical part of the world. You need to explain that to you. What does the United States do when he is essentially the person like it or not who who's in a position of power our David should just to start. I think Saudi Arabia and an MBA the crown prince need to take steps to assure the United States that whatever happened and we do want to know the truth. It will never happen again but there are systems in place that really make for a more reliable lesser radic decision making one way to do that. Obviously would be a heavy genuinely transparent process this point the person who we think our intelligence agencies think was most directly responsible for this plot name. Saddle Kettani has not even been brought into the legal. Oh process not part of the trial. That's a start if NBS wants to be taken seriously more generally we should say the Saudis. If you want American military sorry aid if if you want us to back you up and defend you against Iran. You need to understand our basic standards you need. You need to come clean about this. It just needs to be a different relationship from the law. We've had Fred Jon Meacham here. Here's the business of guy you're in the business of connecting dots and without being hyperbolic and I don't mean to question to be hyperbolic. Could you talk about the climate about dissent and free press in the United States and what the murder of your colleague suggests about the the alternate stakes of that kind of crackdown on a climate of dissent not just in Saudi Arabia but around the world I mean I think if you step back you think this is an extraordinary crime an American resident columnist for American newspaper lured into into a diplomatic compound in a different country from his own and deliberately murdered there. If we had a normal American government and secretary of state committed to American values they would be saying and we need a full accounting of what happened. We need accountability for what happened. before we can move on in any way because otherwise the implications are really chilling like no journalists anywhere in the world is going to be safe even in diplomatic compounds which traditionally are supposed to be the place of shelter and any country and then above that you have the kind of language where hearing about fake news and that there is no truth and that the press is the enemy of the people and that kind of language coming from our own president reverberates berates and is welcomed by autocrats like NBS around the world reporters become endangered everywhere and truth and and the journalism we all depend on to find out what's happening in the world also becomes endanger all right well Fred Hyatt and David Ignatius. Thank you for being with us on this very solemn occasion and Fred I I. I'm going to start writing my columns again. When I finally Finish Mishmash Book. Unfortunately I'm using the barnacle which is it's free forum. I write a word a day so it may now ah we're we're. We're saving space for you Joe. Thank you so much fred and again. Thank you so much for being here. Remembering your colleague had the Inspector General of the State Department is set to give an urgent briefing on Capitol Hill Today and that urgent briefing concerns Ukraine meanwhile secretary of state might pound payout is in Italy right now and is expected to take questions at any moment might of course judging by his last few performances in front of the press. We wonder whether we have to apply the Lewin douse key standard to him because because he liked corey obviously doesn't feel any responsibility to tell the truth. Do Americans will be right back. Hey it's Christie's from MSNBC. Every day. I come to the office and we make television. Show an everyday I think to myself. There's so much more. I want to talk about and so this is our podcast. It's called. 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