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Heather Marie Vitale


Yeah. In love another riveting. Hi, I'm your host or who owns coasters Seth Payne. Back again, this week was some comedy wholeness to spice up your life, and who better to bring the hilarity flavor. And the one, the only had their Marie vitality or as most Notre the notorious HMV, I was first introduced to this lovely soul. When I'd see you're working the front desk, over at wit, and then later seeing her killed on stage with her all female identifying team, Ranchi Nagin, I soon after discovered exactly how obsessed she was with improv. When I started seeing her all over town, performing with all sorts of teams, the Spanish speaking, improv team, Sabato picante, her mono, seen duo, with Tony Lazaroni. The newly duds join in the high fibers which we got into during Kelsey is episode and even her TVD immersive theatre projects. This is just the name of. You, she's part of a lot, and we get into all of them. I've had the pleasure of performing with her during palooza and even on dishing with her for herald, which we actually dig into later in the ups owed we all start about her struggles with auditioning for Harold many, many times without getting casted. And in fact, when we record the episode, it was prior to her very last herald, audition where ready for this build up for effect. She finally got casted proving that perseverance and determination yet again, pan out, within comedy and really life for that matter. You know what I'm saying? She's currently on the whit herald team goes club. Which I haunt on occasion. And she informs me that she absolutely loves everyone on it. Yeah. Happy ending for improv, and really for everybody, you can cut your performing on a bunch of teams each week. But she wanted me to plug specifically the district improv fest. Evil which she helps run. And this year, it will take place from September twenty fifth to thirtieth and will feature improv performers from all across the country with an epoch headliner set by rumble teaser from UC, be New York. That shit's going to be lit I've got in the past, and it's super fun and the energy rocks. So check that out on Facebook and Instagram and buy your tickets for the sell out. Okay. Let's get down to the nitty comedy gritty without further ado. Heather Marie vitally. I have been accommodated since I was very small. So I love watching old SNL. I used to just do versions of the sketches by myself. Really? Yeah. An eighth grade. We all do women's history of like a report on women's history month on a famous woman who made a big impact, and everyone was doing rightfully so doing, you know, Rosa Parks and Harriet, Tubman, and really. Women, I did mine on Gilda Radner. Oh, nice. Hey a huge huge role. Yeah. Absolutely. I was the only one who did who did a comedian. So I think that, that tells you I used to. I used to watch comedy central all the damn time. I just was really into stand up in sketch, and then I started watching whose line, and then I was like, oh, imprompt really interesting. So I did improv little bit in high school, mostly just like let you really fully do stupid drama club stuff. I teach kids how to do improv cool. Cool at camp. Gotcha awesome. So to go back on, like, you know, so reeche like old school. Classic up for you to for you to be killed. She's like original cast. Yes. Yes. So I watch I watch her on old ones, but then I mean, like early nineties was my jam. Tony with Dana, Carvey was such used to quote him all the time. To my mom port lady. She really encouraged me to just keep doing watching these things all it's great. I remember when I was five used to look at my mom and my sister, and I just kind of like raise my eyebrows like this, and really great for an audio medium. But I used to raise my eyebrows in this weird way and my, my mom and my sister would always crack up and I was like I need this. I think that was when I was like, oh, I like being funny, totally totally. Do you have a big family? Yeah, my family. It's blended. My parents were both married or they got married to one another. So my father had three kids from marriage my mom at one, and then I came around and then my mom's current has current husband, my stepdad. He's great. He has three kids, so I have seven siblings. Oh, my mom is one of seven, so I have lots of aunts, and uncles, and cousins, and I just I love being part of this, like, crazy family totally till I can relate to my parents. My mom's been remarried twice after my dad. My dad remarried once. So I've got a bunch of step siblings, a bunch of Lang's. Yeah. So it is very fun. Yeah. The love that big family aspect. Where'd you grow up in town in New Hampshire, just starting our north of Boston right on cool, and you did as you very touch on? You did do feeder middle schools to all the way from elementary school. On up. My, my crowning moment, wasn't tenth grade. We did the crucible. Oh, Mary, Warren. Which is a great, great character usual. And we brought the courtroom scene to AllState competition of one acts slow and I got best actress. Peaked in tenth grade, and my for my acting career. That's awesome. That's great very cool. And then you so your new about improv, yes. But like you weren't really partaking where you're doing it as like said you were teaching it, but we're doing like exercise of it. Yeah. It was just. Yeah. It was mostly just the games that I saw on whose line is at anyway. So you stand up sit down lie down or the alphabet game where you have to start every sentence with the next letter of the alphabet games like that. So I didn't know that improv was this beautiful long form narratives shirt format. I thought it was just these games that I saw whose lines anyway, short-form chocolate get right on. So then you go off to bridge musicals to. I my high school program, the director, who was the director until I was near he was not a fan of basical good. So because he it wasn't in his wheelhouse to direct them. So we always just did you know, a serious plan. We'll do one acts my senior year. He step back in program. Seed wanted to have kids, how dare he? So we got a new person in and he was really big on us a cold. Okay. Cool. And so I had a small role in that. And then he said, I'd actually rather have you a stage manager. So I've not really been in some in place, but I've never been in a musical coach stage in Jing right on that's clue. I my favorite moment, though from when we did by birdy on your year. Classic. Classic. Absolutely. I had to put the phone booth for the telephone hour, which is best in the whole show. I put it out front in front of the, the curtain, and my cousin Shannon who at that time was six what? When she saw me in front. Just like, Yep. Done with my cousin. She's cheered me on putting out of a phone booth. That's awesome. Yeah. To go off to college. Yes, we're go to Emerson college in Boston. It's actually well known for its visual and performing arts and for communication, which is what I went for. So now it actually has a comedy, major. Oh, yeah. Wow. Yeah. I mean, let's see who their Dennis Leary. Mario cantoned. No. Any Brill on Bill Burgess from Boston yet? David cross went there for a year. Yeah. So it's just a bunch of famous people. And so I didn't do a lot of improv comedy there because it was partially. It was very competitive because you have people who are going there, and that's going to be their career, that's focused, nationally issue, exact writer, and I studied political communication. So I was just like oh, let you all do this by also had a bit of imposter syndrome, because there's just like, oh, I'm not I'm not that funny. I'm not that good. I can't do it. So I was a big fan girl of. There's one team in particular chocolate cake city. That was really good. They that one of their crowning achievements a couple of guys, my friends from the team, they re edited back to the future, like it was Brokeback mountain. So it's called Brooke back to the future. Highly recommend watching. And I think hairs Littles was two years, Emmerson. I didn't know him unfortunately. But I think he was he was on one of the comedy team's he I think he might actually been on chocolate cake city, but I still see swollen monkey showcase community. See 'em every year. That was another Emerson team. Okay. Gotcha. Yeah. And Merson comedy workshop was started by Dennis Leary. Oh, nice. Yeah. What is the big like Boston, improv leader? There's two there's improv Boston, which is actually in Cambridge, and then there's improv asylum, on to improv asylum allied, and then just watching them just pull things together. It was just mind blowing how do they do this? They are so smart. I can't believe it. And I just never it never Kurd to be that. I could do it. Okay. So you're going seeing shows that's cool. And like these this is more like long form that you're seeing. It's really cool. Okay. I think that to also mind blowing. Oh, you're not just doing who signs of anyway games. I didn't know the difference between long short-form them. I just couldn't believe they just kept going, and they were they were doing callback like throws mindblowing. So blows if people do. What if I could somehow call? Yeah. I always tell my students that improv audiences are like babies that new, dangle keys in front of them. They're very amused. So I cut myself as one of those days. That's great. So just seeing shows not taking classes, and then did you move to DC from after right after college? After college, I lived in Boston for ten years, including undergrad than I moved here for grad school, thirteen. So I've been here for five years, and that, so for communications or political science, political science Ashikaga. So you're, you're twenty thirteen twenty thirteen. Okay. So, yeah, I guess right around you might have gotten here like maybe a year before. Well, no, I guess I was like two thousand twelve so we moved around same time. Yeah. Cool. So you moved to DC. Yeah. I like work forever. I'm sorry for for grass. Yeah. Out in out in Virginia in Fairfax onto George Mason. Okay. Awesome. Very cool, which they also have a big improv scene, which I didn't really get involved with the student activities, 'cause they I was like I'm weird old craft student. I don't wanna be hanging out with twenty year olds also they don't want me hanging out. But also, I just way too busy with school. Okay. And then when you're in Boston, just backtrack a little kind of go out, but what were you doing like creatively? Redoing anything creatively to, like I was reading I was writing a lot. Some I right? Then, and now would write a lot of personal essays and short stories, and I go on I go through phases where I read a lot and they don't for a long time. So I'm getting back into that. Now, I'm going to try to put together collection. Very cool. Awesome. Would you do like readings all time now? That was more. I did that in high school. I was in a coffeehouse Littman. I'd write terrible. Angsty poems and share with my friends and strangers in high school. In of itself is like incredibly terrifying. Intimidating do so. I didn't care just like yeah. This is how I feel get used to it. So. This cool. All right. So, so you are you're still being creative on the sides coming up with like all this. You saw this outlet, I guess during that time. Yeah. Absolutely. And consuming a lot of comedy still goes, he shows them was very into stand up. Yeah. Okay back then. And so now that improv more prevalent in my life. I'm I forget that stand up exist. One of the first shows, I saw in Dc this before I even moved here. I was in town for. Academic seminar, and my best friend lived here. She's actually, I'm sure we'll talk about her later. She got me into it. Oh, cool. But she took me she said, let's go to the improv and burlesque show. So they used to have a while ago they used to have they would be it would be burlesque. And then improv was like. I just like to besting ever seen. I loved her less of improbably, Fred -able is awesome. I think anything Columbia heights. I don't really remember this before I moved here. But I'm pretty sure is in Columbia heights, and it was great. I was gonna say, I heard pure Barron, does burlesque. So maybe it was quoted van you have to find out, but I distinctly remember seeing Gerardo so at that show. Really, really funny. Old school, Joe. Yeah. Does awesome. So you, you move to. Did you move to Virginia to enter Kenya, cool? So at that point, did you get influence into improv or how soon after you moved? It was a little bit, I still following stand up like I used to, I remember going to see Todd Barry. His crowd work tour. It was a treat to myself or finishing the semester. Talk Barriga who's my favorite just great berry. I didn't really get into until. Really more twenty fourteen twenty fifteen. Okay. I met Macy shift, nice pretty early on when I moved here 'cause she worked with my best friend, Christine Ohka PBS. And so make click to instantly were like okay. We're going to be friends. So I would go see her shows, like I go, see fist and improv actually sure. But I wasn't I was I, I wouldn't think I still could wasn't thinking, like I'm gonna do this. I still love his art form. I just wanna see I used to bring dates to these shows like that would be a gauge is to how much as how could they were into the comedy sto- it wasn't until I, graduated in two thousand fifteen that investment Christine, Christine, Cockburn. She used to be the way community. She worked front house Errol night during during the week the weekends. And she just said, why don't you take over me 'cause she was moving to Denver. And I said, great I need a. Job. And I love this. I love improv. So it will be fun to be around it. And then I started working all the time, and I was always at the front desk, meeting people getting really into the community and I just find it was like, why don't I just take a class? Yeah. I, I remember talking Jon Murphy about it. He was just like just take last you. Okay. And I did in twenty fifteen and Ben kind of downhill since then by downhill. I mean my life is just consumed trough. Really? Downhill. Okay. That's great. So. Who's your loved one teacher? Macy was great very cool. Yeah. And the key audacity sweeps really in the I felt so cool because, you know, I walked in and I was friends with Macy as offensive, Katie. So I knew both of them and everyone else was like, how these people writing this lifting. I hang out here. I know it's going right. Yeah. You got the vibe, you already. Get your finger on the pulse of everybody there. So that makes it a lot easier. Plus the community is very like friendly. Maybe maybe other circles of, of art level, too had people again. Nice and rank was ninety. Remember who is class. Yeah. Wasn't too late a classes. That that's until I really people voted five and people really know that they're sticking around. Yeah. Exactly. Who do you have for three for level three? Donna Murphy and teacher. Yeah. And in Cologne was ta that was a really hard glass for me. It's funny. I ended up teaching it recently. But yes. Yes. Kind of excellently but I had just gone. I had just gone into these two classes. I was like amazing, improv this is so great. And the character was just so different. Tune is just like I almost gave out because I was just like I suck at this day down on myself, but I decided, you know what keep going very cloudy did. It's one of the tougher levels. I really struggled with that one one herald to artists, and then I did up going back and retaking character. I went through the program. And it made it a lot less intimidating. I guess it was very beneficial. Yeah. But yeah, it's such a so used to doing things as a team and then they're like, all right. Kind of do things like individually and then, you know, and I haven't acting background. So I thought like Louis will be simple for me. But I think I yeah, John pushed me in a in a way that I needed, but I wasn't ready for the jobs. I was just like who I suck at this, or level, four Paul hit Lynn? Nice and before two yet he is so good. And Michael Hendricks ta. I learned so that's where I really got my job axe. Oh, I don't suck at this. That was just a struggle. I can do this. I also looked out in that more than half of my class were repeats. So, like Alex Zana's was in it mostly getting injured companion. Nick Seaver the, and they were incredibly fun to play with into over nonce note and was in that. Oh, wow. So it was a baller class. I really worked out so great. And that's a class where it come back to like those those old school things. It means bring it all together. Right. So. Yeah. Right. This great this cool. And then for herald herald, I had Brian Jackson. Brian jackson. Okay. Who was awesome. Yeah. I, I learned a lot in that class. I Tom dealer berto was in it with me. He's still in the herald Diego commanders on it, too. He still inherit pergram. They got in right after our class. It was an arid. Mary, originally was in the class over. And then she got onto video few weeks into the class when she left the class because it was the same night. So I, I learned a lot, and that's when we were first learning about analogous scenes, time dashes, and now they've frontloaded that in the curriculum, which is really smart. Okay. Cool. Nice. I didn't even know the. Yeah. Thirteen in level. Well what was level two and is now level three really game. Yeah. So I teach analogous and time dash. Wow. That's that helps us to earlier on. Yeah. Having that reference having that vocabulary earlier around, because you're already doing it. You just don't know. You're doing. Yeah, that's true. Good point. Yeah. Herald for me of was super overwhelming. And yeah. Just a lot is a lot of new terminology having very structured format throughout as just having it like maybe the opening. Yeah. I it was, it was one of the best classes, 'cause I learned the most, but it was constantly coming out of that class being like I'm not and I don't know. Oh of it wasn't. Honestly, it wasn't until I took the advanced Harold, then I was like, okay. I think I understand it now. I feel more confident. Yeah. It's, it's such an even though its format that everyone knows it's still a constituency really hard one at crack. I mean you can understand how it works in theory. But making a good herald is. I mean, there's a reason why heralds practice every league. Exactly. Isn't art totally. So okay, she'd go through the curriculum. And then did you start any like during this time? Yeah, I started Randy Nagin. I don't even remember where I was, I was probably still in level for. Yeah. Because after level three started a, a practice group of my level three class much petered out. But then I had coaching with the coach. No, John Heiser coach awesome to great crystal rims Irvine that lice started ranting Nagin. I was mostly just waiting for people to either have additions for things, or we're asking me to join them. And I thought why don't I just make my own team? And so I just emailed, a bunch of women that I knew I wanted to play with and said, let's make team. And I got a bunch of them to say, yes. And we created Nagin. Yeah. The really wasn't a lot of like as far as I know a lot of, like all female teams at that point, there was definitely the quitters. And then Octo issue was thing, right? Which is now held cat. But yeah, there wasn't really a lot of all ATM's. So I, I thought that's that's going to be my niche in. Did you up with the house, the name conceived, the name was conceived by me? Well unintentionally seen we were practising, and there is something we are talking about Nancy Reagan. I always have to think about it. Now, Nancy Reagan, and it was her just say, no campaign this part of the scene. And I was trying to reference her as a teacher. I don't even remember but carrying her Randy Nagin, and then I heard it intentional. Unintentional completely just bad at speak. And I, I heard myself say and I said, no, no ranting Eggen. And I'm just kept in unintentionally was really trying to say Nancy Regan, and then it just became ANSI Nagin. And then we were all laughing so hard, I fell on the ground. So I said, we're going to be Culver into goes. And that's how we got her name. That's awesome. And did you have a coach, the battery just coaching one of our earlier, coaches was lists Sanders nice. And then when we were still really growing coming together says he Di Roberto was was really she gave us our four-match, which is a form of the construction right now. We don't have a coach, but we're we definitely had some starts Greg pains and members had to step away or they move. So then we got new members and we're still trying to find a group of when we're gonna rehearse and everything like that. Holy totally who is in, like, the, the first cast, oh, gee, Randy was myself, Sarah Booker Justin Hipps key Kelsey. Peter's Sam Schifrin. Cohen Caitlin was Kaelin briefly. Yes. So just doing listening to it brought that up Kaylynn was in she came for one rehearsal, and she's in his abolish and has too much on our plates showed back. So it was five of us. And so, eventually, we added Maria Maria Geoghan and, and then Sarah moved and just Kelsey step back. So then we added care Kinsey. Kelsey Anderson, Anna Ross and Abby FU awesome. Yeah, scrape and is that the crew that if the current of. That's so awesome. I love all those people. So is a kick ass team. What is? So you said you're format key breakdown your format. Yeah. For those don't now deconstruction it starts with base scene between two people, and then you're supposed to go off of those two characters are supposed to have two distinct character points of view. And then you do a scene off of maybe character, a that explores that point of view, and then another scene off character be that exports that point of view immaturity, construction, you come back to that. I that I seen, and you continue it on the way that Ramsey does it is, we have the base scene in the two scenes, and then we have second facing. That's unrelated to the first one. Okay. So we call aby as to CD s three s four and then we do run, a fun Oga insured, econ. It's that scene to scene spacing to scenes, basing to scenes. And then I think the. The bay scene is supposed to come back and then you have run a fun. But so, and there were only five of us, we are doing it. And that was just way too much emphasis let's change it up a little bit. And sometimes when we're you know, we don't feel tracking or there's only a few of us. We'll just do a shortened version. Okay. Which I call a half calf, which is just the bay scene and the two scenes around fun. Okay. Nice perfect. And then we're you involved in any other teams at this time at this time I started the Bechtel projects. Oh, yeah. There was another another thing, where it was an idea came up with for palooza didn't end up to happen for Putin. Didn't thought you know what this is really good idea. And I wanna I wanna do it. So the Bechtel project is based on Bechtel the cartoonist it's her test to show how women are portrayed in media. And if two women talk to one another about something that's not a man pass at the Bechtel test. So Bechtel prov, we do something similar where it's a team of all women and women, presenting an identifying players and they just talked to one another, and we have great grounded fund scenes that don't involve men at all over man gets mentioned by name by relationship. Pronoun, we say, the future is female and the get. To great. I've seen it bunch of times, actually. Yes, super fun. I think the first show we ended up doing was the weekend of the women's March. So it was very, very powerful being the Castro prancing a few other friends was a Risa run. Yes. Yeah. That was just a crazy run to. There's a lot of amazing shows during that feel like compared to like the first time you guys did it to like the most recent time and I saw at the LGBT. You seem like it was I mean it still happens. But it seems like it was like a lot out of it. Yeah. When we first started. You know, not mentioning a man was kind of part of the joke, and then we've stepped away from that. So it's just it becomes very natural. And I've had a number of shows where we haven't had to add it with the future is once, that's awesome. Which is really great. And then at the end like, oh, wait, we did it. Are the future. Yes. Of this great any other teams I feel like attorney, I, I feel like I always have a hustle. I think that's when twenty Ernie and I started newly totally, which is due. Oh, where we played a married couple because we were in a lot of auditions, and, and practices and stuff where we always played married couples we thought we're good at. Why this why don't we think this thing? So whenever the is calling my improv husband and he always feels we're gonna say that in front of my partner and he's fine with it. It's great to cause. I'm actually moving in with your improv husband. Yeah. Great. Another reason, Congo. Exactly. Yeah. I saw that show at the pinch. And that's, that's a really fun show. Is it just seen wanna say, yeah? Yeah. Yeah. So you guys play it really like grounded, very slow like. Yeah. Builds like these really funny ridiculous. Yeah moments. I love, I think my favorite and I think this is Tony Sierra, too. Is. We were trying to adopt a dog and the dog we were talking dogs. We couldn't have kids. And when I said that, I remember someone being like oh, gosh. Fast reaction. They're like one came here for Coney, and you're making me feel feelings. Than the dog kept peeing and. Yeah. That was really fun. I also remember one we were waiting for when because our get is that we ask for somebody. What is something you discussed with your partners? And we've been we've been waiting for the time that someone said sex. And so we finally got that at DOJ owes dual dual oh. We're talking about vibrators and, and everything. And I remember there was a lot of older folks in the audience like Eric. I'm just gonna talk about wearing vibrator. Great. Get into it, whether like projects or there's, like, the, the cabaret. Yeah. North theater Muslim immersive. Dana Malone Heiser is the improvise -ation director on that. Okay. She she's got me into it. She reach me because she knows I do a lot of characters. I really crowded. So that started in twenty. Twenty seventeen and sixteen into twenty seventeen is TV immersive. Is that like a theater on here is that just like a project? It's a it's, it's not it's theater that it's organized group that on shows what we don't have our own space. Okay. It was this. Like the start of it. Was this. I the first. Yeah. There was some unofficial shows that there's a text Atlantic show. Cook was the official for start start against the artistic director, Denise splitter is devising play. Right of all the shows and the first show was in cabaret. We trust. It was I called Weimar, Republican Ohka. But then some, the powers that be the give us our grant thought that was unfair. So we had to change the name. Okay. So became in cabaret we trust. And that was a really phenomenal project. It was breakneck. I think we had, like sixty days between when we got the grant, and when we premiered, so not only just devising characters, but also devising a whole world of in a. Plot in the story line. So I created a character in Zelda stone ago she holds near and dear space, in my heart, and she was part of the resistance, because all of her family was killed in uprising and she became a prostitute to help make money, but she was also, she was honeypot spy would use her self as a means of getting information to try to take down the Republic. Yeah. So this is this is something that I was not able to experience my time here, which sucks. I've heard just a lot about it, but immersive theatre to break down for people like including myself. Can you explain it? I, I know it's kind of up to buy, but it had let me ask you this had you been involved with it or like or seen it before. You did this project. I had heard. I mean there's. Sleep. No more. Which is the famous show up in New York, it's based on a Shakespeare play. I wanna say, also, don't don't at me people, I don't know. So it's very well known that the actors will interact with you. It's like it's like you, you come and it's like a party or like you walk around space, not traditionally, sit. And there's a linear plot. Okay. There's a lot going on and tweet immersive. Does it slightly differently in that we give we give a lot of agency to the audience? But the way that structure our shows it's impossible to see Ohka because there's things going on currently there's stuff happening over one REM part of the room and the other completely other side has a different storyline. So it's sort of up to you to kind of figure out what you wanna follow. And it is what you put what you get out of it is what you put into it. So you have. Top two people trying to piece things together mess questions. Sometimes we try to puzzles, which are really fun. I've been involved with puzzles in the past two shows and yeah, it's all about giving the audience a chance to its venture. So Saul essentially to. And a lot of a lot of other feeders tend to not give the audiences much agency, sort of, like you can do this, or this, those choices where we're like go explore go have fun. You'll get more out of it. If you kind of follow one path shirt, because then, you'll get more of a story. But some people try to take it all in. Then after the best thing is to come with the group split up and compared to the end of the night. So cool it how many performers goes usually it depends the show, we have now is smallest one, and I think there's what another thing that TV immersive does. It's a little different. There's a core cast in that they have the script, they have scripted lines, some of their interactions are, are improvised, but the story hangs on them, and they have a fabric cast, which sort of helps fill in the world's they'll help it puzzles in, they don't really have lines, all of their interactions are completely improvised, they'll have their own character objectives for the show. But everything they do is completely improvised, voca. So I. Always been in the fabric cast, which is a lot of fun and Wadsworth from cork. In how many raiders are there for anyone who is like part of the caskets to sing? So you get to you get to work with the player, h any splitter who's really, really talented in smart. She will work with you to help develop your character. If your core cast for this production, there is, I think only three of us or something whereas on cabaret rising, which was in the DuPont underground, there was a total of hundred people working on that show between cast and crew and circus performers. We have pulled answers in leeann aerialist and fired dancers, and twelve burlesque performers. That's crazy. It's a production. So, so is that I guess, I guess, get Kabri views with less fun. So what was the cat while the cabaret is kind of what we call the whole shower action. Yeah. But cabaret is sort of like it would be variety show singers. So we have burlesque performers jugglers positions sideshow acts. I mean, there's a one performer who I loved dearly, bearcat Betty. She's a really phenomenal Berg last dancer, but she also has a sideshow Acura. She walks on machetes. Yeah. We have last eaters, sword swallows. It's greasy. The show. Yes. So, so then these stories you're making are the are they like different differently female each time. Or is it kind of the same general rural? It's the same world. So the, the three a trilogy of cabaret shows teamers done other things the ones I've been involved with are just the cow. Horatio's. So it's all about DC in the near future. And there was this kind of Oltra a right wing. But this Republic took over DC got rid of home rule. And there's a resistance trying to save democracy and save our country. And there's big clash between the resistance and the Republic lots of fighter lots of fights. The battle of DuPont, very big. There's battle of the Washington Monument, a lot of death lot of destruction. And in the first the first one, which is the middle story chronologically. We were there is still one more cabaret moves in the blind wino-, and then the Republic rated and. And then after that night that we were driven underground okay to do underground the one that's going on. Right now, as of this recording. It's a prequel. See how the resistance starts to bloom. Republic is in a lot of power. Okay. In the other shows, I was Elda, who was a resistance fighter, and then in this current one, I am Republic character, which is so different and so fun, and very high status really fun to play. That's awesome. Was evil. So it's, it's nice to play someone who is very different from my. Yeah. Yeah. To be like, yeah. Challenge yourself in that way. Just be total total dick. It's great to in how, how long the ships. Two hours. Yeah. This one is real really flies by because, you know, there's a, the last half is, is it's fairly scripted as far as what we do. And so once we hit join Titian though. Yes. Yeah. Ob-. It's awesome. Then you do it a couple times to know. People wanted saw. Yeah wanna see it again. Because things yeah. Yes, we are we run. We've been running every Friday and Saturday for about a month. Wow. Yeah. Syncing crazy the so cool in how like it's like a all year planning thing. Yeah. The first show like I said, we only had like sixty days or something like that from, when we found out, we could do it until that was a whirlwind. It doesn't take as you know, it's definitely. Ideally, there's a few months where you can have the devising process because it's not just for the story, but everyone has to come up with character. Or if you're, you know if you're returning. How are they feeling in this new side of the world? Sure. Like when I brought Zelda back she had been deeply affected by what happened in the first show, where journalists that she supported and felt was going to help the resistance win had been murdered. And so she was really from that and thinking that someone she was a good person was involved at his killing. And so she was a little unhinged in the underground show crazy. That's awesome. So cool. I didn't fully know it was just hearing about it in different pieces from everyone and so many improvises are involved in it. Yeah, it's just sweep it it's a it's a different muscle to flex its strange coming into snowing. Okay. This is who misses the character I am. I already know my who and my what and my wear. But now I just kind of fill in the blanks. It's really interesting to watch the character of all my current character hernias Petra Thompson, and I've found she becomes a little, she's always been power hungry. But it gets to her head, and that's kind of become more and more evident as the show has been going on sweet. This really cool of so, yeah. Is it sounds like you're continue to keep doing these shows I if they let me I'd love to do it. Very cool of and then has been the other teams or projects. We should I mean you start teaching I yes. Yes, that's great. I teach game. And it's really fun to see my past Dudin snake it on herald, or just really be successful. When I coach to coach I coach, the fifteen lesser impact. Driver into Sweet Sixteen. And then I coached this new indie team called in the way. Oh and obsessed with them, they're really fun and supportive of one another very cool. It's great as far as your wit to vita CoCo. And let's see. I joined the high fibers which that was one of the few improv additions that I've booked. Do. A lot. Yeah. They're just super fun to play with and high-energy weirdos, I'm so we're all on the same kind of wavelength, and just really bring out the fun another. So I have a blast playing with them and Sabrina Shamir's coach and she has been really helpful for me to try to get more out of my shell and try to embrace more of the weird place. I tend to play very grounded. Okay. That's great. Yeah. When I saw you recall, when you joined that team, I was like that makes perfectly. Yeah, it often super fun. And then I also during subtle become. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, explained I don't know if that team maybe Zaric on that team Eric on that was maybe he brought up before. But guess people forgot didn't catch up. So to explain share. Don't become is a Spanish speaker is all Spanish, language telenovela. So we will take inspiration from someone's realized dramatic story or we'll play with tropes. Or some characters will have catchphrases. I had one where it was not today sister. So just cook when no, Emma. The whole thing's in Spanish everything's in Spanish, but really, you don't have to speak Spanish to understand. What's happening? We try to base little Spanish, which is great for me, because I am definitely the weakest speaker team. Team. But it's all about facial expressions and physicality and. Op quirk. So we're gonna we've been working on making even more accessible to non-spanish speaking audience numbers for shirt. But we have a blast. It's just Superfund very fun cast as well. Yeah. Been. You've been on that for a minute. Now Ray a little while not not quite a year but yeah, I'm loving it. It's fun. That's great. I think that's everything how long have you been teaching for? I have been teaching for a couple years now. Okay. That's great. Who did you? Did you underneath anybody or? Yes, I TA'ed under Subodh Nina, sue. And then Jamal men out. Okay. Yeah. Heavy hitter. I am I'm well, I think highly of my teaching and my students do too. I have records to prevent, but the teacher I am. Because of the people who I got to teach under this Cree you have, like a preferred level that you like to teach I really like teaching game, which is a level three okay? People by then people are really, they're not just doing this just because they thought, oh, I'll try this out. They really wanna get into it. They're hungry. They want to figure out how to do this, quote, unquote. Right. Which I say, there's no way to do it, but they are really into it were invested. Maybe. Yes. Yeah, I have a lot of fun. And then I tend to I try to keep things high level, but I tend to dig into why things work, why things don't work. So I would be wasted on a level in class. Of. And I think that brings us up to speed, unless I missed anything. I have a duo with my partner Spencer. Oh, really our call the Kilborn, which is the nameless street we live on grew. We just decided to play together 'cause we do play together on top it'll become but it's very different playing in Spanish versus English shirt. But yet he and I, it's, it's very fun. We do a lot of multi casting, he tends to play really big and, you know, go everywhere, and I'm very much grounding presence. So it's fun to watch watch watchos play together and to be in it. So that's great was that newer team that you guys are doing sleeping doing that now for better probate year. Ohka. Yeah. I didn't even know existed catch. That that's great. You walk into a scene. You do object work. What is your co two object work chopping vegetables, chopping vegetables classic? Yeah. Cool. His ever bad team name that you propose, the never saw the light of day. Dr onesie Dr. Really loved it. And then another one that I really love is called manic fixing dream women. But that's a, that's a project and I want to do venture -ly really, it's something I didn't palooza this past year where it's wrong com tropes, that you that we turn on its head Ohka. So I'm hopefully going to be word teacher. Okay, cool, that same vein has been like a favourite palooza show that you're either part of or that. That was memorable to you. Bundle prov London. Prob was really fun. I've done it for couple years, Macy's shift, puts together we get dressed up in a ton ton tunnel layers, and actually take off our close. It's not just taking off your improv Scher you actually disrobe and the first year we did it, I was like down to my I was just like all right. I'm feeling really body positive. Now, everyone's looking at me and my brow, cool. Well. It was really just. It was some fun and playing with all these really senior improvisers, which was super fun. But then I was also just feeling really empowered just the encouragement from the audience was in talk, total intoxicating talks. It was talked to. Our hard stuff. That's good. This is your ideal fit team. Thank you, and three other people and people that a real lived in this world. Well, I picked three improvisers oh not surprising. All women. Okay. Donna steel, Aaron Mary Livy Martinez. Nice. Yeah. To just vacation for each I think just they're all incredible players. Bring such unique perspectives. And just I think would like make me look nothing to. I just admire them illegally, Olivia's my TA or now. And I'm just when she asked if I would consider her, I said, I'm honored. Oh, that's great respect the hell out of you. Yeah. Out sick with her, and she's, she's crazy on. Yeah. She comes up with so many good like one liners in, like, knows how to like just boost seen by doing these tweets amazing to you have a favorite favorite, exercise that you either on or that you like to be part of. One. I really love is, hey, Fred Schneider, okay, where a chantey one Fred Schneider. What are you doing? Rodney Taraf to the moon. I just it's so goofy. And let's is especially like to do it with newer, improvisers just let's don't make sense. I want you to be as goofy as possible, and they get I can see them come out of their head when you couple rounds of it. And I just love it. I also a big fan of tree nut, squirrel. It's a classic. But I, I would play every round if I could really when I'm teaching it. I try to teach stop. Yeah. Do you do any of those like workshops for like beginners or there's like began runs? Yeah. Got my start LA was just leading. I remember the first one just being so nervous just like tripping over my words, and then I in minutes, just like no one has any petitions of you just here on Sunday for two hours to have fun. It's very intimidating because it's so it's such a different dynamic than performing. I mean you could I performed for really big feeder now, if you like okay, cool zone out gap. But then, yeah, when you have to like literally just explain exercise. They've done a hundred times like eight people are staring at you. Yeah. Who have no frame of reference? I remember one in improv ferrall, where we were doing word association where you had to get back to your reginal word, and he was like, okay, let's plan. How many people we're going to like how long it's gonna take just that's not in? Not we're doing the teacher. No china. He was really analytical. No, no worry, too. What's been really big view, remembering, to take up space, something I'm continually working on. But just having my characters just stand firm and stay in who they are has been really helpful for me to and also for life, just standing firm and not just saying, like, okay, I'll let you do whatever you want or you know, I'm gonna complain about this guy being jerk instead of standing up for myself. So it's, it's been really great. That's awesome. Was there any like specific teacher or exercise or something like that? You kind of like at you had that little Atip a couple of weeks workshops through trains menu with kisha Zoeller from New York. And she, Jim double. Yes ganger trying to think of her team name and strong club Jess. Yes. And she I too. Shouts with her by the second one I was doing a scene where, you know, someone pulled status on me and I just I was just shrinking. And she said, no stopping take up space. I've known you now for three hours, you need to take up space in your life. It's just like okay and it's just been just putting a word to that super helpful. Yeah. That's awesome. She is. She's like badass to like such a good teacher. I learned so much from her sweet man. Yeah, that's priceless. I've, I've just seen her performance, and listen to podcasts, just very like talk about someone news doesn't back down from day, art. It's just like this is, who I haven't ticker. I love that. That's great. What has been your biggest failure within comedy? Yeah. I think the, the top of mind one is really just. Related to not getting on a herald team now for a few years. I think six so it just it feels really disappointing. And there's a lot of emotions that come with that, like, isn't me. When I do round, clearly, I'm gonna problem something's wrong with me that I'm not making it into this program when I'm definitely ready being able to deal with failure has been instal or can progress. But something I notice I tend to do auditions. Is that all be comparing LB on the backline comparing myself, I wouldn't have thought of that move. I oh, that person's way better than me. They're going to get it. I'm not garbage which is so toxic. It's toxic gas and help inevitably when you're comparing yourself, even when you're like, oh, I do that better. Still doesn't make you feel good. So that's something I've, I'm continuing to work on. And I've gotten loads better at it on auditions. If I if I hear that little comparison voice in my head. I just say not to date to put it away. Come on Satan. So that that's been dealing with failure is hard and it's still working progress. But I mean you're so going out for these additions to be said for that. Yeah. Although also. You could argue that way too. Yeah. No, I, I think I think you're amazing performer. I mean auditions with you that I personally thought you you killed. Thank you, in the, in the scenes man auditions are the worst. They're brutal. They are. And that's just I mean you'll see people just this is my perspective. You see people who make the team, which just like, oh, that was an interesting choice. Like I, you know, maybe they don't have as much experience or they must have had a really killer audition, good for them. They'll learn. And then I just like what on bringing stuff or people that I know are killer killer, killer and not making it, and I'm not just talking about myself. I'm talking about tons of other people who are not having made the program, yet or were in the program. Didn't get to stay you just know that they're phenomenal. And for whatever reason it doesn't work out, and it's just it's confusing and frustrating. And the more the m-. I've kind of like, and it sucks, his, you wanna make sense of it. But then more I dig into it and kind of see the other side of it like I haven't actually been on the other side of dishing out. So that'll be that'll be something to when it happens. But just talking to people and getting their points of view on stuff in realizing that there's like a hundred different things that are going on at once. It's like all right. We need this specific person here. I mean a here and then people also being like I think that this person goes here. So it's like you know it's tough wing moving to make so it's just but it feels incredibly personal because it's, it's just you're only seeing it from your point of view. And so it's just devastating. But I think I think going in with obviously a great attitude young knock comparing yourself, just doing the best that you can and having fun in our no gone into some additions. Right. New I wasn't going to get it whatsoever. So I went in, and it was like, well, I'm not getting this. I get to play with people that I wouldn't normally play with people that I look up to, and the and just having had experiences like, really fun. Yeah. I had the most funny, my Knox audition. Yeah. 'cause I was like no fucking way. I'm getting maybe good experience after. So I just went have blast. It's so much fun. Yeah. It was just, you know, I got feedback after from people being like you. Like, oh, okay. I don't care too. There's something to be said that, like, if you didn't even if you didn't get on the team, people that are making those decisions or people that are high up in the community are seeing you, right then they're going to think of you later on for other projects down the line. It's all goes into like your general improv persona, I guess, formats persona. So, yeah, I don't know. I enjoyed that addition that we had. That was really fun. I had a and something that I did that I actually I've never brought up on this podcast or like really anywhere that I just thought of was that we will be met up before and just kinda did warm ups with everyone, which I thought made it a little made it warmer, it made it like okay cool. We're all just like goofing around, like let's not be like totally stressed out going into still stressful. But yeah. Being like okay, we're we all like doing this. I'll goofy. And like, yeah, we're doing this to have fun. Exactly. So I think that helped kind of break the ice. And then we got to be be goofy and have fun also wanted to touch on the fact that even though you have been casted in, in these projects, you've gone out and taken that drive and put into things that, yeah, you're passionate about, and it shows and got these amazing people on these teams at you're on these cool projects that like you had to explain for like thirty. Intricate and like kick ass. Yeah. So you're still hustling. You're teaching. It seems like you're doubling down and just like making your own, which, I mean I get a little frustrated because I think like, oh, I'm not getting into these, like establish things and part of me still sees that, as you know, my hurdle getting past that, but not it's sometimes it's a little frustrating, because I have to put in a lot of extra work to make these things happen. But it's so worth it to be able to do your own thing, and have your outlets and not have to wait for other people to tell you, it's find exactly I would say for I mean you're already doing it. But for people that maybe you're listening to the show that are maybe struggling with trying to find where they fit in this community. There's something that you're passionate about that doesn't exist or that you want to be a part of just make it yourself. Yeah. Absolutely. That's just I mean that's true for most things. Just if you're if the opportunities aren't there, make your own bring your own chair. There's a demand for it like people wanna see shows, and there's a lot of unused in DC, and other cities. So there's, there's a need. So we can fulfill it. Yeah. Great. Where can people find you and see you perform and all that? Good stuff. Well, you can see one of my many teams that sensitivity. I'm hustling. Yeah. I play a lot digital comedy and playoff in at wit and unified, some of the bigger theaters. And you can find me on YouTube, I guess you to. Instagram. Yeah. Those platforms. Yes, I am at loon declared at Instagram going Instagram, which is clear loon, but backwards and on Twitter. I mostly have been retweeting lately. So it's not that exciting. But I am Kerpen ker and then you can find me on. In your currently on, but see a high fibers high fibers Szabo become become my Spanish is not good. Let's see your duo ideal. See Kilborn Phil Warren's Ranchi Negga again, the Bechtel products and I forgot I forgot that I just joined poetic resistance Kristen's quicker system. It's a social Justice themed organization or team where we have a poet coming perform preferrably social Justice themed poem, and then we do premise based improv off of that poem. And then we have another poet in the audience rates poem, based on our improv based on the poem. It's very awesome. I wonder forms with them. Okay. And it was incredibly fun. Yeah. And that was a team that asked me to join. So I just was blown away like you've thought of me, I need to any take up space. Yeah. You've got all the time to do that now. And I gotta say to, like a lot of these projects that you do or your involved in it seems to cross with, like you're your blend for political science Lincoln's are all like, really awesome empowering things that you're yeah. Fusing into the improv term my job. It's great. What is your your end as tuned on more TVD immersive Jax to absolutely awesome? Great. Thank you so much for being on the podcast. We're having to pull this off. Thank you so much for everything you do in the community, and thanks for being a part of this episode. Thank you guys for tune in. Catch.

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