47: Monday, March 18th, 2019 with Taylor Strecker


Good morning millennials. I dare anyone to try and get a word in because tell us Strecker is here. The only person cops over other people more than they is this bitch. Hi, how you doing girl? I miss you. So we're supposed to be on the show two weeks ago. But I cancelled because I'm a flake. But I'm glad you're here now. And obviously, I waited the last minute to fill in for coho. So you got you out on board yesterday. And I'm so appreciative of your flexibility. Well, I love you and love you full disclosure. I'm a little under the weather. It's bitch only comes Alicia up when she's got like bronchitis or some shit always fucking sick. You are that's look into that. You don't have a high immune system, or whatever I'm going to say that. That's what it is for sure maybe I'll stop drinking. How are you? You're your drugs. I know I haven't drank in a whole week you haven't and it's been glorious. I drink two days ago. Oh my God. I'm jealous. Why did you take the week off because I've been so sick. I mean, I'm like, I'm a human today. But I was like sweating and like feverish like gagging or days. I feel like the only thing that actually gets me and stop drinking is like illness you too. Yeah. Now that I think about it. Then I swear it off. Yeah. Of course, I always fared off. But so much part of my life involves drinking. And I also just want to have fun and sorry, drinking is fun. I know we live in New York City. I know it's like I just went to engage in party. I was so tired. I'm like, I'm going to stop in for one minute. And it was it wasn't my direct friend with my my best friend, at least, you her brother. So I'm I'm the little sisters friend when I'm gonna show up, Ben. We're there for five minutes. And then we're out I want to be in bed. Obviously the last person at the party taking shots like with the DJ. Like, I don't know why I want to have a good time girl. I'm here for when I get near a bar. I'm like, suddenly not tired anymore. You know, what happens me Jackie's wedding, right? No. I went crazy. You did. There was something in the water. Like, so many people went crazy like had to be sent home. That makes me feel so good happen. Let's another reason why I'm not drinking so much because my girlfriend Taylor like made me hope back stop. Let's say this. I threw Chanel on the ground my own Chanel at the wedding at the wedding. We the entail left. Oh, she has. Actually like reality. She just makes me feel so much better. Because it's of course, in my mind these brands like literally had to be carried out and putting the gap. Oh, thank Jesus. Yes. So my only thing is poor Heather McMahon. One hundred talion we're at their table, which was like I was so excited. I'm like, we're gonna Bondi. They're so fun. I was like, hey, you take him. I had their identity. Keta? Cut to Taylor leaving me coming back in like doing the thing where I'm like, what is I'm John. And they were like what? Anyway, I texted has it. And I was like if you never want to speak to me again. Okay. You were barrister yourself. I was a slob Kabbah when he woke up the next morning. How did you feel because I think the worst part about like making with stakes when you're drunk is not actually the mistakes. It's the way you feel the next morning like the moral hangover. So I would next morning, and I had to do my life show. Caroline's fuck so I had to get on the apology train immediately. Yeah. Time 'cause I couldn't do like a fight with TAY all day long. And then like go do a live show. No. But the mining tire show was about that. That's funny. Actually, right. I was allowed shows. They're good at carlin's is fun. They got great food. How're your life shows? I mean, I'm still hung over from the party at Foxwoods everyone's appointments now we need to go to see a lot. So I feel like there's a place. I'd like should be at often because it's the same distance just in a different direction. It was fucking lit. Like, I went to the club afterwards. And it was like legit as hell. I felt like I was in Vegas like not. Not at all. But in Connecticut, Connecticut, there is lovely Indian reservation. You know, it was lovely. I had a great time. But wait, you're selling these like insane theaters out. Yeah. Rockstars. Oh, I mean, like I ever almost sage like, I'm along, sir. Like, don't you do not want to see me backstage? Because like now, they're like in the theater, I think that I'm like fucking sharpei. I'm very critical of myself like whenever we the greatest show. Everyone comes out sage that was amazing. And I'm like. I just don't have a good grip. I'm like when I do well or not and like in a theater, you can't hear anything on stage show. It's like are people laughing. I don't know. That's actually true. You really can't in a comical move a much better grasp on what's going on that you can hear it's annoying. It has both ends. It's like I could hear when someone farted because the comedy club. There's an echo and when people are talking around their phones like I'm so acutely aware of it. But when they left a more aware of it, and it's instant gratification, whereas theater, I'm like this just three hundred feet away. I don't know if she's having a good time. Right. You know, I can guarantee. Our because when I was at your Boston show. Everybody around me was dying. And I took my brother because he doesn't he's not like my sister stands you. I wanted my brother to come because I wanted to like, you know, I'm like scient- biased point. And he was blown difficult high paid her to say that and to be here. Just to hop tickets to my Shelby and Phoenix. And he goes like this to me. That's. Thanks. How about your sister? Your brother, your fab has everyone fans grades sisters. Great and tasers forgive you taste, finally forgiven me. She did leave me homesick yesterday. She was sick and tired of my ass. She was sick and tired of being sick and tired like literally a so she went out for Saint Patrick's Day and ice slept. I know she's Donahue. That's like her day her holiday. Yeah. So of course, I cried when she left where did you like so? Yeah, ours. She goes do Saint Paddy's as so far to me like the opposite of the person who should be fell. Do what did she do? She met with her sister. And like drank and now, she's so like the movie silver linings playbook. Yes, they're all. Love the eagles on our Irish is Taylor. Totally. It's so funny. Well, teller is here to break down two thousand five stories that you need to know before you wake up and take a bite out of your morning toast today and the new cycle Jin. Stop this weekend shit was lit and not in a good way. Because former that's so raven star. Kyle Massey sued for alleged sexual misconduct with a minor. Now, Kyle must he was a personal favorite character of mine. I love that. Sorry. Kevin and more importantly, loved his spinoff, Cory in the house here. The details. Former Disney star Kyle Massey is being sued for one point five million dollars for allegedly quote, attempting to commit a lewd act with a minor. The suit was filed anonymously, and this refers to the accuser as Jane Doe who was allegedly minor kicked her name out of it. Do the highly sensitive and personally Trump's subject matter her mother, and oh, okay. Filed on her behalf. According to court documents obtained by news, Jane and Endo allege of their relationship with Nancy dates back to Jane was four years old when they allegedly met at Universal City. According to the lawsuit that Twenty-seven-year-old actor allegedly maintained contact with an and her family and became a father figure to Jane the daughter allegedly wanted to pursue a career in entertainment, so messy, according to the lawsuit would offer to use his success and influence in the entertainment industry to help her out. Jane Doe, allegedly reach out to massive when she was thirteen and supposedly texted him and said she would love to audition for his show, Cory in the house the suit alleges that Massey offered to fly out and have her live with him Massi alleged allegedly called Jane, so sweet and beautiful and text. Dan, I'll take care of her. He allegedly wrote. I mean like objected in plain sight vibes. Right. I mean, I didn't know that you could like sue someone anonymously. I didn't really either. What do you think though, when they don't press criminal charges and just go right on you? Yeah. I mean, we're led to think like it's shade by totally. But like, I mean, I watched did you watch leaving that Rowland? Oh, my showcase. And there were so many instances where like people sued him or pursued criminal charges, and in the cases, where he settled out of court it like kind of took away from the belief for people like people like will obviously would just out for the money because they didn't pursue criminal charges, and they just settled out of court, and then he couldn't speak on any because like NDA's and shit. So I mean, I believe what Michael Jackson did to be true. So I don't know. It is weird Oso. So if they were pursuing criminal charges, they couldn't do it anonymously, but there's statute of limitations. Right. So if they were over that then they could only do like a civil suits in that case, right? Is california. I don't know what it is. And I don't know how long ago, it was statue of limitations. Like, I think is trash. It's bullshit is supposed to like I was a criminal fifteen years ago so count and like most people don't just like do a crime and then like never do one. Again, you know. Yeah. It's really fucked up, and this is really sad. Because like honestly growing up he wasn't like a role model to me really fucking loved. So how does that feel? Are you going to be done with any of the article of the breadth of the work, right? Like, I am in denial. But like the thing is I was I was about Michael forever. Where you and then leaving Neverland was like it was horrifying horrifying like really like, it's undeniable. Right. Okay. I mean, I I mean, it should be undeniable. But like just going to Twitter and seeing what people are saying. It's like if you search the hashtag leaving number one. Like, it's shocking. How many people are denying it? I know and then it's like. I know Twitter isn't necessarily like the best place to see what the real world thinks because the people on Twitter just the people with the loudest voices, not necessarily the right people. And I think if off like the super negative people are or like the like, they're the naysayers. They're like he's looking it's like, they're always looking to say the opposite. You know, they got Cory in the house is still on because like honestly would make it very difficult for me not to watch it. Well, like, I couldn't watch the Bill Cosby show again. I never watched it. But I mean, I barely did you grow up with it kind of more? So Michael Jackson. The like, I can't listen to as music anymore. I wasn't a big Michael Jackson like music fan. But like honestly there some bops by our Kelly that I no longer can participate in remix to ignition. I know, and you know, right when the documentary human, I was at a party, and they played it and like the dance or literally cleared really people are mad. Yep. And that's what did you watch this series far Kelly. Yes, so good. It was good. And what they said was like he had a career change like when people started to come onto him, and he would start making more Goss. Music that like a lot of people would play at like, weddings and bar mitzvah will not bar mitzvahs, but like weddings and life events. So it's now like R Kelly has now infiltrated people's lives because now you have memories of your wedding or like, a baptism or whatever. Where you're playing our Kelly, and it's like he infiltrated does positive memories because changed his music to be like wholesome family music, which that's like even more corrupt manipulative. I feel like it's really disgusting. Like that entertainment. Like, all I watch. Now is like documentaries about like people who were like abused or got kidnapped. Right. What is that? Are we sick for watching it? It's an entertainment TV supposed to be like this escapism love like I that's why I really love housewives like so not in tune with what's going on in the world. Like, no, that's why like even real housewives in New York last year when they started talking about the election. I was like this is actually interesting, but please stop like the election took over the entire world. It was really difficult, and I love turning on housewives, and they have no idea what? Going on in the world because they are like this elite class of people who are just not in tune with what's necessary. They're fighting over like sign Jeddah party between me remote. Yes. So with that was frustrating. So I think it's like, it's really disgusting. And I'm not really into like as much documentaries as most people are like, I don't walk. I didn't watch objected in plain sight hoard head Bundy thing, but I walked the celebrity ones, obviously. But it's like really discussing and you know, who I blame stuffy you blame stopping you. I do. Culture like being obsessed with like murder and ghosts. What is that? I mean, can you explain that? She actually maze. Say thank you for that conference. Every time you come on my show. I like make you speak on because tussey like won't come on. But she really should come on. She just like you would have so much fun. You know, she's just honestly she's killing it with her book. Oh my God. So we preloaded it same's preorder. Now, I actually was I stayed with her. So I started off and then stayed with her when I was out in LA last week, and we were supposed to do podcast, and she was like to fucking tired. She's just tired at episode where she met Bose mom. I'm behind. Okay. So tell so they went to lunch or whatever and bow like left to go to the bathroom, and he left his phone there and recorded what happened and then they had him. Listen to it for the first time in his confessionals like on the sidebar house. It was basically just like I love boasts so much like thank you so much for letting me have him. And like he's such a great guy and like. Bows face when he like heard stopping like, I actually wanted to cry. No, it was so precious. And it's really interesting to see the arc of relationships on the show. Right. It's actually like so relatable like when you're in your twenties, and you dislike date assholes, and like, you don't know your self worth. And then like, you meet someone who changes that. I just like I love them. You know, I was like I wasn't responsible for Patrick nobody you were very much in. Actually, you're one hundred percent responsible. You knew Patrick for more. Sorry. I just started that that. But like, you know, mobile I interviewed her that's how I met her. And then she tweeted Patrick from listening to him. And then he texted me and said this crazy hawker for reality shows source wants is tweeting me should I with her. Do it. No. I mean, you didn't know and on paper. He really was like so cute. Does. He Erica hates him. I really don't know. We really haven't spoken in a very long time totally hate to because like you put rap position. And now everyone fucking hates it because he's she went on. Jim you've got him on that show, essentially, the whole world is torn apart for being a complete friend. But you know, what? I sure in his mind. That's the way it went like an egotist with thing. Oh, man. He looks really bad on that season. It was it was that what he was like like sometimes people like a reality show. Just like catch you at a bad time or like, it makes you really like self conscious. It's not always an accurate representation. Representation of people like you were on summer house for five seconds. And you did you think that was an accurate representation when you throw a drink at someone? Yes. Okay. Great. But do you think that's actually is that what Patrick was actually like I like to say this, Patrick when you're you were seeing Patrick at his absent for, and that's what he looks like when he's at his absolute worse. Like was he likes that up against the wall pissed off doesn't want to be. They're not like doesn't wanna play. He didn't wanna film. He didn't wanna film. He I remember watching thinking I wish he'd just said. No. Yeah. But it was like a point of contention in the group that Stacey like had this part of her life that she wouldn't share when they all really like bleed out for the show and make it as good as possible and that plays the problem is machine. It's like you have like you don't even hang out with us in real life. Like, you you put on a show for the actual show where it's like this is a real life like Carson and what they're going through right now. Like that's legitimate. Fuck. No kidding. Yeah. Kristie kept me up till five in the morning talking about it with me at sauce. He's birthday. So when was sauces birthday that was in June? So on watch Evans, I've like two weeks ago asked her you and Carson together, and she was like, honestly, I laid out for the show and like, we're. Just like taking some time off right now. They don't wanna talk about. Well, when I was just out there. She was over its dos, and he wasn't there. Yeah. I mean, it got really real really talk about it. Right. It got very real. When they started saying that like he basically just like is off of her and like pays she pays rent? And I think that is like the most disgusting thing a guy can do to is that like someone for them because I feel the double standard. If we're always doing any time. I couldn't I be like getting Gherman I go you make him pay your. Lala when Lalla guests ditch get out range broker PJ when it's the other way around. I totally agree. But there's something about it. It's just is key. And I guess it's like his also like rude to her which makes it so much worse. Whereas law like respects the fuck out of Randolph real ship them never met. Randall have you met Lola Matt law love her love of man made out with my friend. I love her. I am here for. I mean, what does she say her? Kitty cat would do mean her. Kitty, cat takes diga good. Oh, she says she won me over in that moment. She says the craziest like most insightful like weirdly feminist things, you know, but in a pornographic way, and it's like if Gloria Steinem met Lalla can't she would be like, you are non-feminist. But I actually think LA Kent is weirdly like the progressive postmodern feminists of our generation. I agree like she's so embraces who she is the most like honorable way like I really be like on the most confident person, and like I don't give a shit what anyone says blah law, and I'm like who. You know, I love her. And I love we go from talking about the saucy all and lead to saucy. Okay. Let's jump back into our second story. Well, we wish everyone the best in the Kyle Massey. Drama. Now, this is a great jumping off point from the Michael Jackson of it all parachutes in his all smiles with boyfriend after medical scares. So something really weird happened over the weekend. We're TMZ reported that Paris Jackson had attempted to commit suicide, and she was apparently in the hospital or whatever and like thirty minutes after that happened that we are seeing happened. Paris Jackson replied to Bethany Franco's tweet where Bethany Frago was like just talking about it. And if you're gonna ended up deleting her tweet, but she was like it's lies. It's lies. It's lies. And then she responded to the teams E tweet article saying that she committed suicide like shut the fuck up fucking mother fucking liars. All that then like an hour later. She was conveniently pop Roxy with her boyfriend. Whereas like she hasn't been paparazzi than years. It's all very weird. So parachutes stepped out with a smile on her boyfriend after being treated for a medical scare. That's what they're saying. Now e news had learned on Saturday, the twenty year old model and daughter of the Michael Jackson of the late. Michael Jackson had an incident that morning that required medical treatment. And that she was resting at home and doing fine. E news also learned the TMZ had. Report stating that emergency responders placed her under fifty one fifty hold at a local hospital for few hours that was untrue. Paris later posted on Instagram story, a selfie vehicle writing. Fuck you. I'm chilling like Bob Dylan on Saturday paresis Sodigraf driving and walking in with her boyfriend sound fibers bandmate Gabriel, Glenn. She was all smiles during outing. So I don't know. I mean when I heard that she had committed suicide before was anything. I'm like I was like that's so sad. I wasn't necessarily shocked 'cause she's always struggled with depression. And Alex the whole world is like talking about her dad, and I'm like, it's just sad. And it's so not her fault. And like object damn is this sucks. But then now just confused. I'm honestly now, I'm like becoming suspicious. Do you know what I mean? Yes, it just looks weird. So you think she actually did try to do suicide know, I don't know. I mean, she's I don't think you could just walk around out and about like the next day. I mean, if you're Paris Jackson, you could right? It's just the lawyers world that we live in has made me like so crazy suspicious of everyone. I know. And also, I don't even know if I believe any story doesn't have the celebrities hand in it, in some way, shape or form, totally. So maybe it's like a sympathy ploy totally and maybe the fuck you was like a denial even though she planted the story, right? No. I mean, just what I heard it. I was like damn it's almost like when Bobbi Kristina was really going through a very hard time. Yup. And then the story broke that she also was in the tub. I was like oh my God. That's so sad. But I wasn't necessarily shocked by now this was like the same thing I felt really badly. But I was like I almost felt a coming. And if she doesn't have like a strong support system around her Jimmy mean, not at all. I also I read a story that said that her and her brothers have not seen the documentary. OB Lee has she not a letter. I mean, would you like absolutely not right? Where's blanket? I don't know where are the other kids like how? Three. Yeah. So it's it's pairs prince and blanket, I went on one of their Instagram's I it might have been prince because I would remember seeing the name blink. And he has a very normal life. Really? Yeah. Like Paris really wanted to be like celebrity spun Calvin Klein glamour glamour, icon woman award. I'm she wanted that. And then I don't know if she can never get back to that. Just because like all the world is talking about now is like the horrible discussing vile things her dad, did do you think that her entire life and career will go down because of what her dad did? And is that fair? Right. I don't know. I mean, I I don't think that it will do you think she was used by? Oh my God. I didn't even think of that. That's the other thing. I think that the girls were safe. Oh, right. That's true. That is very true. Unlike what about blankets, and blah. What about blanket is looking at a girl or boy blanket is a boy, I believe. Okay. Remember when he put blanket over the balcony balcony with the blanket, that's the thing about the Michael Jackson scenario. It's like everyone's looked so shocked by it. But there was a lot of telltale signs that something was a mess like a running around getting paparazzi in hotel rooms on tour with kids to having kids being such a important part of your tour. We're like your music is rather provocative and saw your dance moves like reading or junk it. It's like a kid friendly environment. But there was so much about it that was focused on kids three. You literally bought a house and opened up a museum amusement park in your house for kids weird for you dig on your baby over a balcony hotel terrorist, like lots of weird things that I feel like maybe the world should have been. Paying attention to. Yeah. But maybe that's just me. Now, I am with you. But I was such a fan that I was like Michael really just the distributed it to him being like this. I convince myself he was a sexual I convince myself that he was a child what he convinced everybody else. I give myself of I was like he's a child at heart. So even though it's inappropriate to have former parties with kids he was robbed childhood thinks he's ten so thinks he's doing something normal were you I was wrong in denial until the documentary or some. Yup. Really like literally that far with that. So crazy. It's like I feel like one of those crazy R Kelly people. Yeah. I mean, they still exist on shop at court, and like, you know, the person he couldn't afford us bail. He was. Some some daycare own air owner because daycare owners have so much money and so much kids like. I didn't even think of that. So morally corrupt the Marley corrupt Resnick. I lived there. So many phrases I use in everyday life that I learned from house like the word pernicious, I only know because of Camille grammer, and honestly, I don't even know what it means. Just like don't prevent. I like literally the house is like defines my life. Like, I said, oh my home like after they're like designed like fucking Kyle Richards houses Sony's, wait. Do we think that Kyle Richards and Maurizio have the best marriage? Yeah. I mean, and they tried to throw a wrench in it member. When Lisa banner pumpkin, minced new to bring those magazines to Mexico. Yes. About about Marie sealed. Like having an affair. Yes. With a cross dresser or something like so like not real far fan. Yeah. And. It turned out obviously, not to be true. And they just have like a very, you know, what it is. They have a really like, obviously, they had the love but looking mutual respect for one another and each other's work. Like receive takes the house is fucking Searcy. And he's going to show up to fill with his agency hat on poop, Brandon everyone. Do you think that his agency today because of housewives yet, and they know that too? And that's why Kyle takes her job very seriously as as a housewife, and that's what she's created this alliance with Lisa Vander pump that is slowly crumbling slowly crumbling, and like when she talks about her house getting robbed like I feel so bad, but slash like, I wish I robbed her house, no statement, and she had a meeting style furniture. And now when she opened up her house for that barbecue, I wanted to buy everything in her house, and you know, who designed to nose is Faye Resnick. The Morley cla morally corrupt no matter how many bags you borrow. You will never be a lady not true. I loved it. I literally went shopping after I saw her out sometime I go on that automate I went on article. And I was like I want that autumn. I'll take that chair dining and I couldn't afford any of it or should it's expensive. But I bought on article which has been so premium for. Million reasons. One the deliver guy was so nice really give me he's coming to be there an hour is that. Okay. And I was like who the fuck is this six your article delivery? I was like, okay. And then it just showed up in my house, I go, and it was all just like put together, it was really a premium experience as a nice experience so articles offering our listeners fifty dollars off their first purchase one hundred dollars or more to claim visit article dot com slash toast, and the discount will be automatically apply to checkout. That's article dot com slash toast to get fifty dollars off your first purchase of one hundred dollars or more. No matter how many items every order shift at a flat rate of fifty dollars. And it's just like premium asked I got this fluffy ass autumn in that like when we feel with my home tour, Jackie music, Dan, Moore's from and I'm like, it's article. Ooh, when Jackie compliment, you on something like, you know, it's you know, it's good luck. Homegirl just doesn't like shell out communists. You know shit like that. But speaking of housewives, that's a great segue into our third story on your show, you struggle like segue. Segue into like, the hardest thing whenever I segue. Go at this segue. Yeah. No, it's which means it's hard. To say like, I'm going to segue out just to let people know what you're doing. It's really hard because you're proud of yourself get found fucking seques. So look just segue from housewives into entertainment tonight says that Lisa banner pumps appearance on the wheel house was a Beverly Hills reunion will be quote a game time decision there source set. So I don't know how legitimate is. But when are they filming shoot I have to assume g after a roller coaster season on real housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa banner pump, isn't sure if she's ready for the reunion special a source tells entertainment tonight that the reality star quote hasn't made a decision on if she'll show up for the reunion or not it's very hard season for her and a lot of friendships have shifted. However, the cast of think she'd show for the premiere party and she did. Oh, she did. But she didn't get photograph because all the ladies post together except for Lisa Hahn. That's weird. So yes, even show. Well, they did. Well, you've even there. Right, right. The reality star admitted to ET's Bryce Sandra in February that she initially asked Bravo and housewives executive producer any Coen for year off the long running series after the death of her brother before ultimately, filming the shows, and I'd see. Okay, that's fair. Andy. Said I think we should have given you a year off when you ask for it. He said, I don't think we're in a mental state, and when you were really prepared to deal with it. It was a very emotional with hindsight, we probably should have given you the year off that wasn't English. I wasn't as prepared for combat as should have been she confessed the drama in Russia's Beverly Hills season nine centered around a rift between management co-star three comes. So wanna? So I want to get your hot takes on Venema roles. But here's the thing. If a minimum wanted to take a year off she could've right? She was not supposed to return the season before last and they give her a million dollars to stay just for the season. So she's on a season by season basis. And if she knew she wasn't in the right state. It was could have been her decision and Andy like taking the blame for it. I don't think it's right. I think it's really kind and generous vandy Andy, I think that Lisa is a control freak from what I know. And understand I think she's a lot of good sides. But I think that she's like I think that she kind of is this like chess playing manipulator no being friends with her is like playing chess with Bobby Fisher. Yes, I agree with that. That was Kyle Richards. And so I think that she doesn't want to leave one year because everything fry. Yep. Everything did go around. She's still here. Let's go way too comfortable, so tell me in the dog gate. Okay. My incident in so far behind. Okay, fine. So I won't make he'll in and I can see Tariq up this dog. Okay. From Ben from dogs, and we didn't know it at the time. But. A second dog that she had gotten the first one she had to get back because the dog was like aggressive or whatever this dog Lucy Lucy, apple juicy. That's. She got it bit her kids and that PK on the nose to pitch like he had a dash ks an asshole you probably deserved. So instead of returning the dog for a second time, I guess she was like embarrassed. Or didn't know whatever she found a home for it. Like this lady relate. She kills this lady really wanted the dog like Jerry, she was giving. It's like this. Nice family. Okay. Cut to like three days later, at least Vanderbilt gets a call from one of the shelters in LA like the dog ended up and kill shelter and Lisa's pissed and delete. Like is so embarrassed. Because like Kyle said it best. She like if you've got a reputation in this town for someone who like abuse animals like that doesn't go away now. And I do think we could have handled it way better. Like it was not the right decision. Just to give it to this random lady. But like her heart was in the right place. She obviously she had known that it would end up in a shelter. Like, she would have done something different. What was his name Lucy juicy Lucy Lucy. Apple juicy. I'm going to home watch the no. No. So now, it's like this all happened off camera of act, essentially, I guess we could have never known about it. But it was made a plot line because they show up at Trump dogs to fill Monday. And this guy John blizzard who works for Lisa Lisa claims to not know. But now there's pictures of him like literally at her bar mitzvah, like they're best friends like she's like, I don't even know Joan blizzard. And there's like literally voters in them to give to you. He looked brings it up. And he's like do you does this dog look familiar and Teddy's like is that three talk? Now, notice that your name is that Lucy, apple juice and leases like Joel do not talk about it. Sue, say don't wanna talk about it. So I was very confused because it definitely seemed like it was a setup to talk about it. But then Lisa's like not wanting to talk about it. So they go to lunch and to read and Lisa go to lunch, and she goes to eat I want you to know teddy knows about the dog. She's best friends at John blizzard. And Teddy's like I am not as to jump blizzard. Like, I did a soul cycle ride with John blizzard prevented Vandam dogs like to the bunny could benefit from dogs. Like, right. That's what are the extent of our relationship. But Lisa veterans really trying to make it seem like teddy down in the information. Because again, there's a ready arith- all share there's already rift between teddy delete and really Lisa's harping on that. So when we savannah from starts to like be weird teddy comes out full seem had. She's like are. You fucking kidding me? Like, I will do kind of. She goes. No, I was a part of this plan. Meet you and John blizzard how to plan to bring it up. On Vana from dogs when we rat. And I was all onboard until you start saying, no, I don't want to talk about it trying to make it seem like I'm the only one who's trying to she does this every single sees. So at first it really looks bad on Teddy's part because it's like you see text messages of teddy being like, okay, I'll bring it up advantage pump dogs. So teddy looks really complicit and teddy owns her. Like, I'm not a liar. I like teddy I hate to read I hated to read and I wanted to be a part of this plan to take her down. But then Lisa bene- pumped takes out of the equation to try and pin. It all on me. And I'm not fucking down for that. So I'm coming with all the receipts. So right now, it's not looking great for teddy. But I've been reading her blogs, which is an had been meaningless event. Trump's going to the blogs has been so helpful. There's so much more than we know. What do you think from the blogs from the blogs? It's that teddy is owning her part. Like there was this huge plan, and I took part of it. Because like sharia was mean to me at the reunion or whatever he's obviously Lisa set the plan classic, and then took herself out of the equation to make it look really bad for teddy. Which is what she always does everybody hold the bag. So now and now. Teddy's like just not holding back. It's igniting a fire under lease arena. Erica, Jane, and Kyle who have all been people who have been a part or like been a victim of these kinds of schemes and they're all coming for her so hard like it's bad. And they're telling the truth of when they were in the same position. Right. So we're like teddy we believe you because I mean, this is the best day of his life like who. So now, it's like I mean, there's no way that I have a better I would ever show up to the reunion like, she's she she lives manner from a lot of things, but she did not take accountability for actions infront ship. Like there's giving tickets like fucked up. I'm sorry, or you hurt my feelings. You should be sorry. You have to be able and that's what a good housewife as it's like you have to be in the drama, but then be able to own your part. Yes. And that's Lisa banner pumps, the biggest detriment is that she can never own up to like the smallest things her. Sorry. I'm sorry. You felt that way you even misinterpreted. My e. Observers interpreted my British humo-, you know, like yes shit. So I think there's no worse way to go out as a housewife then not showing up to the reunion a lot Adrian Malu back in the day. I don't think there's any way just because if Trump shows up she'll have to do the one thing she's incapable of and that's owning up to her shit. Do you think she's capable of doing it to stay on Ross's Beverly Hills? No, I don't think she's gonna show up to the reunion. And I think this is her last season as a housewife one way to go Lisa, but she setting it up for there to be. I think a reality show I've been banner from dogs because now we're not we know who John Sessa, and John blizzard are like why should I know 'cause they have a show coming up and applesauce Iwate juicy Lucy. Like, yes. So that's what I think it's all like master manipulation. Do you think that she said this up to get off? No, no. Because in her in her perfect world. This is never how it would have ended. You know, now, I have a question for you. Yeah. About just the inner workings of the relationships and the dynamics inventor proposals because minimum Berle's really isn't amazing show. Oh, besides the fact that leave and Trump is a part of it like time, they film it cert-. So super I don't care you try to tell me katie's waitress please, she gets paid five thousand dollars for an Instagram post. You know what? I mean. It's so fucking stupid. I mean, I actually think he does have to go and see. Yeah. You know, I'm just saying. But like her income is not break when she and Lawler like please said can we get two days off? It's like, are you kidding me? It's so stupid. So it's ridiculous. And now the tom-tom of it all it has brought us for a while. Like we were moving away from Lisa ran around like the show could have very well existed without her, but now tom-tom like she's very much back in the in the New York roof. Now, I want to ask, and you might not know the answer to this. But it seems really unfair that like Tom and Tom got this restaurant when they Tom Schwartz never really worked at, sir. He wasn't really an character on the show and like Jackson, really like bled out for the show, like his blood, sweat and tears went into embarrassing himself in the show, the faith of it all the Laura Lee of it all the fucking Carmen of it all or you know, what I mean like he's really been like, the heart and soul of the show, and like he really has been made out, and he's not reaping many of the rewards like. Whereas I touch worth like showed up to pump went ahead of panic attack and had to leave. That's like upset about it. I have no idea in regards to Jack's. But I think this is my opinion. I think that Lisa adores, Katie. Yeah. I think she hates jokes. And I think she hates jacks. And I wouldn't be surprised if key off camera had gone to lease been like how can we give Schwarzie? Yeah. Like a more in bona fide position on the Cavs. Yeah. And that just made sense. No, totally it just seems fucked up. I know we this housewife shit is crazy. No. I know. So who seamer you want verbally on team teddy? So it's like, so it's it's dance. It's teddy against Lisa. It's everyone against Lee said pretty much, but I mean, essentially grammars being so fucking thirsty like trying she's been now friend of housewife for two seasons. And like it's not enough for her. And she's like every time she gets a modicum of screen time. She just thirsts out to the furthest possible accent, and she fucking hates to read. So she's being on teen. Lisa, which is just making me hate her more. I don't think she's gonna show up. And I do think this is the last time and a lot of people are like you should be nice. Her brother passed away like it's really sad. But like, yes, I leaned Davidson was on an entire season. And didn't tell anyone that her mom died. Literally the day before they started filming. And Lisa van pump was so many her and took sedan from two seasons to come up and be like I wanted to apologize. Like literally like it wasn't until they were at it was with Eden Sassoon at the season finale. Yeah, it wasn't until that where she apologized for being so hard on I leave, and I leave is going through such a hard time and struggling silently yet. So it's like, you know, what I should feel bad for Lisa. But I don't what do you think? Lisa could say that could redeem her sorry, that's on it. In the words of Lisa run-up own at Lisa owned it. There's just something like humbling about the house. It's like, no matter how much everyone loves you at some point you fuck up, and you have to apologize and LIZA banner promise never been putting that position or she hasn't. She's just somehow circumvented that is my least favorite quality and even be shamed. Lack of self awareness, lack of just knowing when you're wrong like I'm wrong all the fucking time. All the time. I am sorry all the time. And there's something like, really grounding. About just like owning it get right? She can't do actually feels. I don't get people who think that apologies like make them weak. I couldn't agree more. It actually makes you like so like relatable and strong. That's why Bethany drives me nuts because I don't think she's good at taking accountability. Better in the last couple of see signs that I agree with. But I do often think she's put in positions to take down ability for things like there's no accountability that needs to be taken like saying that she didn't think Arinda enough for the nutcracker is just going to say like she couldn't thank during a more for the nutcracker. Would. Are you kidding me? First of all did you see her? She was literally crying like screaming at the top of her lungs. Yes. And apparently what they sent him on like during the didn't even get it for me. Like, I she gave me her guy. And then like, I went back and forth. I paid for it. Like it was him. And I on whereas like he just a gave her the contact. Oh, she's like, here's a guy. Call right, but still and lease and she was very appreciative in the berkshires or wherever they did it like, I'm sorry. She they put her in these positions. They hold her to a higher standard. That's true. I'm also just like a Bethany. Just and I owned that like I would venture to the death. I love her so much. Did you always love Lisa before the season? No. I've always known that Leeson anti-trump was the way that she was. Yep. Me too. If you can't be my friend, and please don't be my enemy like she was manipulating back Taylor Armstrong. I know it's I've known from the very beginning team. But there's yes, that's where it started to unravel. Oh, my weight and forget on this season. How fucking Vander pump started. She had brandy engine shoot. Which Brady was her rider died like a really good friend friends with kenan's like you're gonna put her in that position. Oh with the lady who broke up your family. Unreal. Unreal. Okay. Speaking of unreal. I don't know. That's my right from people magazine, David foster jokes that he'd be in jail right now if his daughter had wanted to go to college, basically of David Erin, foster put up a screen shot of a tech such from her dead on Ceram. Thank god. You don't wanna go to college? I'd be in jail right now. Oh my God. And you know, and she kept it. Thanks for the confidence. Dad several stars. A common funny, including including Nina Dobrev, who wrote a cat with three crying, laughing emojis bases and Selma. Blair who wrote really is the best post. Lisa renna. Meanwhile, simply commented David while. Katie Couric added your dad with a sunglasses emoji as captured by Instagram. So I thought it was funny when I saw it, but I'm like damn people have taken this thing. So seriously, I'm like, I know she's gonna get in trouble. But she did it because like famous spun can I guess do whatever they want. Exactly. But what are your thoughts here on the on the college admission scandal, I sing? It's. I would like to believe that. I would not do that for my children, but I don't have kids, and I know how much I love my girlfriend, and I know how much love like my brother my sister. I'm like my dog. I would like fucking. I don't have a dog. But if I did I, but like, I would kill cheat and steal. So like a part of me feels like I kind of understand it. But I feel like society has taken a moral high ground on them like your bad. And it's like you are bad. What you did was wrong wrong. You took away a spot from a kid who really worked hard and just didn't have the access that you did. And that's act talked up. But I have a hard time believing that a lot of people who if they were in that position and had unlimited resources money power. Like they wanted to the same for their kids. You know? Plus if everybody in the community is doing it, which clearly they were right, then it's like normalized, right? It's like, well, so and so down the street, you're doing it. Right. And it's like Hollywood is just like pretentious bubble that you don't even realize something's fucked up until the rest of the world finds out about it. Although a lithium mum said it's not about the love of their children. It's about them having like. An elite degree which I also agree with that. Joe? Jackie said a great point. She's like, okay. So your kid doesn't deserve to go to the school. Now. How are they going to survive? They're not that. You're actually putting them. You're doing them a disservice by letting them think that they're great and amazing. And then like they go and they flop in. They're like why couldn't I do? What I I was just good as everyone else, man. You weren't you deserve to be in that school. I go back. It's wrong. My little brother. He went to Harvard. Shut the fuck up. He's a wicked smile the one that went to my show. Yes. It was a Harvard. Grad at my show, that's the first. And now, he's premed shut the fuck probably. Probably yet. No anymore. I know Margo totally doctor a Harvard die. Bergman is something. Shut up show shoot shooter working girl back then also never wasted of chalk continue. So he wrote. So my dad went Harvard. So it's like you did you go to one hundred and certainly not college college. My parents were furious at me. I didn't know you keep we're making smart family. I do and my mom went to BC. And my sister went to be saved the black family. I I just go talks. Right. Oh, yes. Honey. He's income to New York and do it. Okay. Good. You want him to inject show done Sunday. I tell you know, can do notice. No. Which is a good thing. I did very little. And now when I go back, I'm going to need to do more. Because like, I'm hooked. I really liked it like change my life. Sorry continue. I keep interest. I wanna I actually want to do all the stuff. Didn't you do something with her chain? Of course. Yes. I did the natural necklaced. What is it's basically a outpatient liposuction for your chin and not only that 'cause like anyone can do that. But she patented this great surgery, and I only recommend Dr Chung easy to do it because it's her surgery. So and bye by have no scars. She went in through the bottom of a lobes in my ears and had like a little scab there. And then it went away. It was crazy. I don't know how it like help. But I was and I was also just on drugs ending way. Dramatic low tolerance for me. Take wicked dramatic. Don't take like advice for me. But not only did she like suck the chin-. Because when you look at my double chin, I was I need. I'm like, I want this. But was she also did was removed fat for my jowls. So because you don't realize that when you gain weight, and you get fat in your face, the fat in your jowls brings your whole face to like kind of sad. So because I was only twenty three when I had the surgery, right? She removed the fat for my genitals, which kind of lifted my base backup back to like the elasticity like the way that it was supposed to be. So it was really just like a great procedure. Well, it looks fucking fabulous. You wanna intro for any work? I love sharing pretty much. Do I tell everyone like I have literally recommended one thousand people for that surgery. I am soya and people think that I'm like being mean like you needed surgery. No. I'm just like I want everyone to feel good. That is. I do you know what I mean? Yeah. He's starting to please finish your thought. So my brother he so my dad was legacy. So obviously that connection it helps. But it's not a guarantee you get great. And my dad like couldn't my dad interviews for Harvard, but he couldn't interview his own son separatism. So my brother wrote his essay like went downstairs talked to the family like like they went over it, and they like gave notes, blah, blah and afterwards. My brother decided to go upstairs and rewrite the essays from scratch because he said, that's the fact that my parents helped him meant that it wasn't hundred percent kiss on head to toe. Honorable that is an Ivy league student. So I would love to get your opinion on this. Because now a lot of the discourse around this. Sorry, those girls subject is like, okay. So that's an illegal way of getting into college. But there are like more considered moral ways, donating a building. Or that's the thing is people do do that as well. And have for years, right? It's kind of this gray area. And also now why you legacy is considered a leg up because like Eddie up even though it necessarily doesn't mean just 'cause like your dad went to Harvard. Doesn't mean you're smart. You know, what I mean, it's considered it's considered like a leg up people say, so what's the difference between that and doing it? The more illegal way. Right. And we'll and here's a date. Like, I think that the girls should be all expelled or all the kids. Oh, you do ABSA will the Laughlin girls have decided not to return on their own. Well, the bully alone believe they weren't expelled. Yeah. I mean US he was just taking their sweet time again decision, and they didn't want to wait for the decision. They're never mind we're out. So they should have expelled them. The parents should definitely be. I don't know find or something but going to jail and having the FBI drug guns at six AM. Yeah. It's a little extra. Also, then it opens up a whole other conversation where one of the toasters put me onto this threat on Twitter that was really upsetting. And it was different cases in which poor or black women were did similar things. Like they lied about their district. So there could go to the better school or like they were homeless, and they said they lived here. So the kids get into the public school in that district yet, and they were literally sentenced to jail like for like five or to twelve years now sea TAC case, I would say that led that go, right, of course. And it's like that's so fucked up and then most likely like Lord Laughlin, Felicity Huffman, like won't do time. Right. Just because of their privilege. That's not fair. I neither is the other situation. I don't think either of the women should go to jail. Do. You know what I mean? I think jail is way harsh, Ty. Right. Anyone for anyone? I think it's a slap on the wrist and like a financial punishment. You know, and then your kids get expelled from the school. So it's like what's the point of even doing if they get caught? It's like your money's loss. Anyway, right until USC released a statement being like, we've become aware like the US government has made it clear that we are a victim in this. We had no idea like are. Yeah. I would love to hear your thoughts on that. Because when I read that I'm like, that's really low. I've literally no doubt in my mind that like someone in admissions knew exactly what was going on. My conspiracy theory is is that the FBI they don't just invest keep things for like the sake of it, Felicity Huffman. Right. You know? Well, now it's coming out. The reason why they know all about this. Because one this guy whose daughter went to Yale. He was being investigated completely separately like SEC like Wall Street bullshit. And he was like I have a great story for you released. My time gimme immunity or some shit. And I'll tell you about this ring of celebrities rich people all because of the little rat. Yeah. Hungary's he's only my God. All this one guy. I know that's crazy weasel season. So I feel like though that this is just the first here. This is my conspiracy theory at the FBI went in there making examples out of these celebrities because they can and then I think the second phase is going to be trying to figure out which schools or actually. Culpable implicit. Yeah. And complicit and which schools need to be like then seriously find and punish and that I'm here for. Yeah. But also like the rejigging of the system women who are sitting in prison right now for just trying to give their kids a better life. Like, are you kidding? Yeah. Like, I just read was so it was like picture after picture of different moms who were either homeless or just like really out, and they're literally sitting in jail how crazies mail fraud. It's bullshit. Yeah. God. And then it's like, that's why people are so incensed by this because like most likely like nothing's going to happen. Really right in terms of jail time like they'll have to pay. But like they're billionaires like it's not a big it's on a problem for that. It's just like it's so corrupt. And this is what Kim kardashian's out here. Trying to do prison reform. Do you see the work that can Kardashian suing Twitter Korol? I see what she's I love her. Like, I really like every time she breathes. I'm giving more reason to just out here like defendants Danner. I I can't when she was screaming at her sister's Japan over they're out there. So funny so pissed now I'm sorry. It was so funny. I'm talking about this story because it's so funny. And I absolutely love the subject of this story. And like like, I said I'm out here. Just to I use this shows a platform to defend people that I liked that's literally at southern charm starship rose zero charm in getting tossed from the IP ten there's a video golf's a gentleman's game. So it's no surprise southern chip star southern ship southern charm, starship got his ass ojected from VIP tent when he started acting the fool, that's one TMZ. I would never say that. I love it. We're told chef hit up the Players Championship Friday at sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida where he had an incredible view of the seventeenth hole from inside the pavilion. VIP ten. We this is at the event tell us Shep drink a little too much booze became belligerent and pestering guests. He also got up and started dancing blocking people's view. Told a woman working the event ash-shaeb to leave but he refused. That's when Saint Johns county sheriff's deputies stepped in a spokesperson, tell us that the deputies working the event escorted ship out of the tent out of the tent, by the way, teams, he writes in English. I never out of the tent they were OTA outta ten without incident. He was not arrested and removed from the tent, but just not from the event lucky guy the Players Championship. Arguably has the best class of golfers from top to bottom so lots of break off to watch. I mean, this is so funny, and honestly like golf is so boring. It's you just want to drink and party and dance like almost ship. I'm gonna VIP tent like I'm like throwing down listening to music and everyone so boring golf with like their collared shirts taking him out. Taking out. I love me too. I'm so not surprised by this shed gets fucking sh- wasted. Yeah. We're ever he go. And that's why he's a good time. And that's why he makes for great television. I know is he like any threat of any sort of immediate. And no he wasn't arrested. They just kicked him out of the ten. He still got to stay at the event. But just like not in the special Ben tent which like saw. Hey question. So you love chef I love chef. But would you ever let ship date somebody you love to be honest. Yeah. Really because I feel like what we see on the show's really not him like anytime, we've hung out like me. Look very meaningful conversations like about books, and I just like pretend to know books. He's talking about which I don't know like Moby, Dick or something. I knew what you were going to say that every time. I check I love him like, he's really charming, very charming southern charm. And I have never seen him be like rude or respectful to a woman. But maybe an and maybe that's just like an act that he plays on on TV or that is who he is. But like married, and he respects me, I don't know. Right. I like him. I would let them take someone. I know highs hottest buck. He's so handsome. He's a little dopey. Yeah. But like an hot like frat Broadway. Yeah. I mean, he does have Peter Pan syndrome. It's annoying should acids when you do watch charm that religiously, gee, what are your thoughts on Craig I feel like bad for him? Like when the first chauffeur's aired on the Craig is hot like, I want crack get a rag is too skinny yet. Which agree words, those words never come out of no such thing. But he's just like I mean, and no me I hate that. Her name is no me because it's Naomi, wait. But for whatever reason, they call her Nomi, they do I mean, she's been on the show. I call on will Craig calls or no me, maybe he's just like weird with his act, but she's French. So like how do they pronounce? That's what I'm wondering. If if it's that. But I love her me too. And so the fact that she's like so sick of him says it all yeah. No. I feel like the show is great for him. But like his life would've turned out so differently. If you hadn't gone on the show, do you know what I mean is that right? Oh better. Is he gonna be back to season he moved to the Bahamas or some shit. Like, he's always in the Bahamas. I have no idea. I just love this story. I think it's hilarious. That's actually something that would happen to me because like any momentum eventally, and it turns out to be like a sous. That's like, where's the bar the DJ the dick floor. Probably champ was just trying to do. I feel like I said I did that at your sister's wedding wasn't as new says. No. But it was an amazing natural kingdom. And there was like tequila shots all around like you were just doing what you were told. Oh my God. I haram asked a harassed Selena Gomez. Oh my God. We that was so funny. Okay. So I only saw the next morning on your Instagram story. But my half brother brought it and she was like this beautiful girl. And she really did look like Selena Gomez Taylor walks into the party room from cocktail hour, and he's like Instagram during clearly I've already waited too. She's in scrimps storing, and like she gets my half brothers date in the picture, and she's like filming and you could you're drunk voice background. She's like, oh, man. Have you like Zilina Gomez? Funny. I literally screen according to instead to everyone. I knew I just thought it was funny because as she willing to look let's leaning be it was like that was like the druggist like whenever you're in a bathroom. It'd be nice to girls when. It was so funny. Oh my God. She's doing out with her. No just that one kept on dancing to my God. He wants so funny. Like, I truly was diet was honestly like premium fucking on. Oh my God. You enjoyed it. What are you watching on TV now betterment grows on tonight where you watching the backyard, you don't want I'm not a bachelor person? And I feel like I have to be my mom and dad watch it honestly, just feel like your career like like, I hate it. But a lot of people literally tune into the show into it a while ago, and before it was cool, and it gives cities and so good like there was real. Like, Emily, Maynard like, she was a real girl who was her fiance like she just wanted love. Now, it used to be like out of the thirty girls started like maybe one or two of them's really there for the wrong reasons like to get their own TV show. Yes. Now out of the thirty girls. There's one or two there who were like actually there find love, and it's terrible. I know and I really don't feel like anything's real anymore. It's just the time commitment, and I don't know. I mean, my money's are back. I have I'm getting a haircut tonight. And I'm going to dinner with his parents all in the time that it would have been fucking watching the bachelor say, it's bullshit. Why don't we just all like revolt, they refuse to watch it? Okay. So I that nobody did it with me. And every time they announced to the bachelor or the bachelorette is there like we hate them. More review. Bolting everyone always comes back to watch again. And I feel left out. And I do think like for work like, it's just not wise. I not to watch it because like people like rely on the toast to recap and keep them in tune. I know shit a fine. I will jump back on for bachelorette. Yeah. And it's going to be a weird season. Because she's like Kampe two words together. It's very unreal. Yes. What about bachelor in paradise? Oh, it's so good like good. But the annoying thing is I haven't watched for so many years. No, not only that it's like the characters come off this these past two three seasons. And it's like you want to know them and get to know them first. And so when you don't know anything about them, and they come on paradise. It's like, you're missing something, you know, the knowledge so maybe I'll just go back and binge wash. It there's only what fifty seven fucking thousand episodes watch like old season. It's actually really interesting. I watched one with like Andrew Firestone of that's like really old. I know like Jesse Palmer who does Daily Mail TV the hotel. Yes, he was the first bachelor. I actually I did with him. Him and my girlfriend was like are you scared? And I was like I don't know who he addition with him. He was doing Daily Mail, and I like auditioned to be like a correspondent up, and I was bad. Stop. You do a lot of like hosting. I try to do more of the F T Tf Q. Maybe maybe not younger getting younger again. Really good at that. Yeah. Thank you. I actually just yesterday on followed negro Twitter on Instagram. Why just because it's a lot. He's a lot. He's he's very into like the ball. Yeah. And I like it, but I'm not married, right? It's like it's a little tell me some T art porn. Yes. Thomasson t about the younger crew. Like, what goes on behind the scenes? I don't know that there is an ET. They're overly fucking nice. Anyone not nice? Not like literally. No one's not nice. I thought Hillary Duff. Maybe wasn't nice, right? She wasn't nice to me when I was a teenager in the Bahamas. And if you could send the message because we really like she trauma. Ties me what was always been like celebrity obsessed like the fact that they do this for a living is not shocking since the Cory in the house days have really been obsessed and me and my friends went to the Bahamas Atlantis for spring break. Of course. And we were like sixteen we're in the casino like they couldn't do anything. So we were just standing around and fucking. That's where I met. Andy Cohen for the first time we have this picture on my sofa. And this is when Atlanta's was at its peak, and then fucking Hilary Duff was there, and like this was like right after Lizzie McGuire movie. Like we were obsessed and we were just staring at her and she literally comes over to me. And my group of friends like we're like wearing our wedges we're like tiny. She goes if I take a picture with you will you stop staring. I love that. I like, yeah. I would take a picture, but like it made me feel uncomfortable. And like really like a now anytime anytime anyone has ever asked me for a photo. I'm like not be Duff to. Like, I'm just like so scarred by it. And it's the worst to this day. The worst interaction I've ever had with the celebrity. She so last will was it. The first episode until I said that please. No. Okay. So the first episode of last season, it was the entire cast in Hilary bailed out super last minute. And I was like funk Jewish pregnant. She was praying Oga, exactly. So when it came around for the season finale because she's out in California, she flew out for it. And when she came. She was like I'm so sorry that I was here. I was so pregnant that I felt like if I put one more pair of specs I would like literally smush to death. I feel like when that happened to me she was in her twenties and just like a bitch like paparazzi like Lizzie lo Han vibe total now she's been grounded by the fact that like she's a mom and has acceptable career behind her. Also, I love her Instagram or should I call pop Roxy yet. I really like her. But like I'll never be able to forget that one heart by isn't that crazy because think about it? I mean, it can have such an impact on you like you're also to position now, we're like you could give somebody that day too. It's why I need, you know, I would never say that. Well, that's that's true. That that that would that would take effort at very least like I'm only. Like, some if it ever goes badly. If someone SR pictures, just like, I'm tired, and I'm not like people expect me to like, denser, me dance, your funny. They could choke like, and I'm just like are you, you know, like, I might be just like a letdown in person have you ever had somebody like shades you in person one time and not in person. I was in Seine where the fuck was. I you travel the world. No. I really don't where the fuck whatever the egg was San Antonio sent Hawn. Oh, no. Honestly, I have no idea Francisco San something. So maybe San Francisco, okay? And it was the opening of spin the ping pong place in the city to a new location hosted there, and I ran a contest on my Instagram like three girls to win and winners were contacted to ten come show up. I had like a table and everything and it was hanging out with the winners. And I actually stayed longer only to say from eight to ten 'cause I was like having such a good time and a ten thirty one of the girl shows up, and I left it eleven and our after I was supposed to leave. And I was like take the table. I learned French fries bottles. I'm like go ahead. And she sent me the nastiest message like I gotta blow up you're such a disappointment. You're entitled bitch issue with thirty minutes. Now still fucking there. Are you kidding me on? Mcgill so bad. That's the worst message together. Like that like when somebody meets you, let them down and like, I really have try super hard like always be like this in person. Yes. And but it's really hard to always maintain. And it's like, are you kidding me? Like you were thirty minutes late. The event was technically over for lay. Literally, the fact that you were. So there was kind of like obliged having so much fun. It was pingpong, and there was like a ping pong competition that me and Ben play doubles against like actual to like Olympic ping pong or you guys win. Of course, not I couldn't even get the ball over the table. It was a great event. Like, she just like put a terrible taste in my mouth. I see the world girl. You look you look with your white boots. Thanks, you like this acid. I do we'll you'll be seeing a lot since my brand new. It's uniform. I have four of these. Oh, gee, what colors Justice same color, you cute. I like white booth. I feel like I'm sweating profusely through my dress. I'm always sweating. Oh my God. And I feel like like for shoot like shoes for like this time of year or super hard because it's like winter. But it's like not I know, you know, oser cue. Thank you. I've been like really into now that I have this new shoe wall in my apartment recipes recipes Carl obviously about this because now that he died like the price went down. And I'm going to ask you to us or central. We've afraid. Now there have these two new glamorous she walls in my closet. I just buy shoes for the sake of having them in my closet. You know what I mean? I remember when I had my apartment Tribeca, I did the same thing because I have to fill in my closet, right? So now, I'm like I gotta get into. When I saw Jimmy is a sponsor of the toast, and they like Bill pick out a pair. I'm like can I get six like just a sushi? Well, no. No. But they're actually really cute, and I got boots and Jackie got sneakers and Jackie Lee ward sneakers to the bone like they got hold on the bottom and she had to ask for another pair. We're just like thirsty with all of our sponsors. Can we have more free product? But Jebby is actually now just that they're selling them at Bloomingdale's, and I'm like damn the Chozas really making these brands pop off and Jimmy is basically the same quality like leather shoes. Gucci like all the like high Italian luxury brands make but it's like a normal price. So it's like, yeah. This is their logo ready made the old way sold the new way and like it. Yes. So here we obviously have a code for you. 'cause like what is this show without codes? Go see for yourself. How amazing these shoes are at 'em. Jimmy dot com slash toast for fifty dollars off your first pair, that's letters M G E M I dot com slash toast for fifty dollars off your first pair, m Jimmy dot com slash toast. Em jemmy Italian luxury may dealed way sold the new way. I have so enjoyed hang out with you. Is there anything else you want to talk about like updates you want to share with the group? I don't think so you were just like killing it. I'm just house this show. So by the way for those who are maybe new toasters Tillis checkers, a longtime friend of the toast. But is an OG radio host serious for eleven years. Eleven twelve around crazy crazy. And now you do your own radio show Monday through Friday at three hours to two yet. Ari never full long. It's so long on my God. I we'll sit with you once when you were doing your three hour show. I used to be guests like ten minutes. And then you need a coast like one day seven AM to ten I am. And I was like this bitch. I got there at like six thirty. I was like trying to set up this bitch roles in at six fifty nine ready. It was the hardest longest day of my life. Right. It's like soul, crushes just sucking. So now, you do what? Eight to ten eight ten much better yet Monday to Friday, it's live you can call in. It's called the Taylor trucker show, and you can subscribe at Taylor's are dot com. And then also my podcasts tastes as Taylor. Which is like a little taste of Taylor. You gotta grow like that name. Thank you. And they're like little picture on it. It's like, it's taste of Taylor. Which is me. And then some porn starting Taylor. Shut the fuck up where she has one coltie cer- Taylor. Oh, and you just didn't episode. But Jackie that people like raved about I haven't listened to it yet. But Shimo loved it, not autrey. Guess Jason Taylor. Yes. What did you get to talk about? We talk. You. Tell me total. We were we were actually gonna talk a little bit about the wedding. And then we got totally off course. And we just talked about like the industry. I had no idea how she got involved in this business. And I had no idea how you guys even wanted to start doing the morning toes shy. Choke. She really is like has weirdly knew she only worked in a corporate setting for like three or four years. Yeah. She is with what is it wealth of knowledge as a wealth of knowledge. Well, live beyond to you. She's that's why she's like really like the HR compliance. Businesswoman of this show. I'm just like the outlier like problem child's I love her. Well, she's at Gerry Judy right now. I know ching. I wonder if he's bored told her have you ever did you serve Judy in Boston or here here torture? I had to serve right before my wedding. I wish I'd serve through my wedding. So I didn't get married LL, my friend Jenna had a jury duty with Donald Trump like shut before he was saying he was just like a New York resident like businessman, and he was like thinking about running for president Xi. And she actually sent me a picture actually should ask her for it. It was a crazy est. Didn't did. He was like shaking hands with everyone know crazy. You can you believe he's our president Taylor swift? Does jury duty mean. Yeah. Everyone does. I mean, she skipped out on the Grammys to go to jury duty. But that was like right after the kind of thing happened in. I'm sure she could have gotten out of it. You can get out of it. I think that they can find ways to get out of it. But I think eventually we all must serve our civic duty. It's bullshit by an idea. What they should just like have a jury like in every county like twelve people who it's like their fulltime jobs, and like you train them to be unbiased. I'll greet you train them to be like not bias you train them to like look for whatever like these people who like their professional job is to be like unbiased jurors. Yes. Instead of like, wait, like honest, one say like I would be terrible juror like so I'll put the person is wearing our could decide if they're guilty or not. Yes. I think it's brilliant. Okay. You off you were going to say something on that Taylor swift. I never understood the love of her that you had and then I watched the reputation world tour. Oh my God. You know, it's so funny. It's like out of all the things she's done like reputation Wiltord is like the least impressive for me. Really? Yeah. Like, you should really watch journey to. Fearless. I was sore. Speak now world tour. I'll give you a list of things. Okay. Okay. Well, everyone thinks Taylor fulfilling in for Jackie while she's being the rural juror. We are back tomorrow with Brian Kelly co who is the point sky, we're going to do like a whole credit card themed like points like advice segment like basically people just right in there. Like, hey, this Mitch debt, and like I need this like, ooh, figures it out for them. He's he's a genius. And he'll switch like a private jets. Like on me. I won't talk about that. And you're on private jet to. Yeah. Where did you go? I went from your LA. Oh, that's a great flight a harm. And did you find is early Erlichs? Then is and who plan was it. I can't say we told me after I won't get if I guess I'll tell you. That's what I was saying I've been in private jets many a time, but it can overlook take a picture or like thirst out or like making a big deal because always belong to some rich person. And like, I don't wanna be like that thirsty. Loser. Exactly on the plane. It was just me migrant TJ, and like we were all thirsty. What was that plane just chartered it? And by we I mean, thank you so much for being here. The morning show. Streams live Monday through Friday, ten thirty eastern time on YouTube, and then we're also. Available as podcasts pretty much anywhere. You can find podcast at the morning toast. I'm cloudy Ostra, girl. Job feel free to follow Taylor. Strecker on Instagram at Taylor Strecker and the tiller Strecker show at dot com yet. Oh, wow. I got that. Right. I wasn't expecting to you press. We will see you guys. Tomorrow. Have an amazing blessed day.

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