Tips for cleaning out beds for Spring


Hi, this is Mark news from plant talk radio. Thanks for subscribing and listening to our podcast. You're gardening questions. From plan. Talk radio to help keep this podcast free for you were partnering with stoke seeds preplanned your indoor seeds starting program with the help of the all new Stokes website, now mobile and tablet friendly. The new website is a brand new gardening experience. It offers better interactivity and higher quality imagery. But what hasn't changed is the Stokes website is still the complete resource center with valuable information on seed starting planting and harvesting all the gardening accessories and a free catalog, whether you're adding texture a new variety for a splash of color developing an existing garden or starting from scratch stoke seeds has some great resources to help you. Plus, all the gardening accessories. You need to make your garden the envy of the neighborhood get growing with Stokes. Now. Today's question now as as cleanup is concerned, my little neighbor six-year-old bright little fella came over to help me pick up twigs the other day. Eight while I was reaching down for the first handful. He had picked up two hands full and taking them over and put them in behind some shrubs and things now this is this is stuff a less than an inch in diameter. And by the time, I got the second or third handful done he had pretty well. Groomed. The rest of the front yard. That's the difference in speed between his age in mind. Let's just sleep it that way, and that gets let's just say things looking a little better now in the areas where I don't plant. I very well may add additional mulched that it will be a measurement thing where if there is mulch there already I'm not going to add any more than we'll bring it back to a total of two inches deep. I don't want to load it up where water and air can't move through it and so on so that's the cleanup part. And then I also want to strongly recommend you look up. I think I mentioned to or so ago. Eight eight. Nearly ten foot long piece about three inches in diameter came down and hit. But I on the ground just three feet from my front sidewalk. That's getting too close. Thanks again. For listening to the podcast. Remember preplanned? Your indoor seats starting program with the help of Stokes gardening guide and their online articles on their brand new website now mobile and tablet friendly and request your free catalog while you're online for the best selection of vegetable flower and herbs seeds available go to stoke seeds dot com. Cultivating successful growers for generations.

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