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this marketplace podcast is brought to you by context travel privately guided have to multi day tours and sixty cities worldwide led by experts in art cuisine architecture and more context travels dedicated uncovering the dna of that special place more at radio dot context travel dot com based data gets it staying cool lots of london this is the marketplace morning report from the bbc world service i'm sleeping china in anew on good morning it's a big day for facebook europe's top quote the european court of justice will examine whether the way the social networking giant un on offense move past no data to ds is legal vacations been brought wind austrian activists who argues that so good stunted contractual closes which make it all possible don't protect tax people's privacy rights what a final ruling isn't expected until next year pizza chat a little link is said much is at stake so issue in this case is what happens to the data onces trump stood outside bu in particular in this case will be ability of the usa law enforcement national security agencies to access that data once it's in the usa what you think he outcomes like me today i think it's likely to be relatively negative on raisins and somebody is when we are like who looked at you as framework it concluded it wasn't sufficient in particular didn't give a proper remedy we use citizens effect i was mishandled now there are different she stores perverse e n e u s e can you talk about that the media you weekend loss of white to the right to privacy whereas in may usbased much more than just given to the right to freedom of speech and we've seen that in certain context in the usa for example attempts to introduce me bus usa privacy law were generally full because it would infringe on these years principles of free speech so what's at stake can how much could potentially cost while he is i very big decisions the business is because it business is calling from the dates were internationally outside of e you would have big implications for comas full days of flies and that could be very disruptive now in practice what we think will probably happen is that if a static contractual cruises are struck out then standard contractual closes version two point i will come along and say they may for example require additional risk assessment they restrict the circumstances in which trump says it might potentially quite a lot of what the business pizza chats let's do the numbers don't markets are down the duct in frankfurt one point three percent while the fifty one hundred in london is down two point three percent investors await news on usa interest rates were federal reserve precedent jay powell he's in front of congress on wednesday now you properties the kind of person who owns a couple of paintings isn't short of cash but many investors are looking the value of that price was by using them as collateral for loans these without the twenty billion dollars in you isolated and according to one estimate evan bad helps people to borrow against face of bank of america he says the use of bankroll also said projects user folks the by art worthy static closure of the cultural capital the status of owning a pecan so but they're very shrewd market savvy people who have built their businesses using debt so we've done everything from fine ants the healthcare center the help someone by hotel we find that sports teams we've seen a sports team owner who who's paid his star athlete signing bonus using an art loan so or to buy more art so there's lots of reasons people do this in bands starting the day with a cup of coffee it's a habit of people around the weld billions of cops have consumed every year but not create mountains of potential weiss the bbc's elizabeth hotson had been looking at some creative solutions golden golden golden golden doodle well you know the coffee industry seeming but that also means huge amounts of white from single use cuts coffee machine paul i recently went to london coffee festival where people in the industry how they solve the problem of waste scott with the two thousand eighteen will arish the champion we produce i think the most in the restaurant industry and we have coffee back river police many cups of coffee still says in single use paper cuts which apoplectic lightning that makes it difficult and expensive to recycle hard green room room you're tanny smoke is managing director of decent packaging he's kept nate makes kept which completely plant based including the lead and that means the whole thing is comfortable we need to simplify sustainability and the best way to do that we believe is through making packaging from plums which you can come poss along with the food was more offense manufacture hopefully more expensive to manufacture the no more expensive touches so we seldom for a very similar price to what you would buy a plus a couple paper cups example of the headlines the coffee machine called role say facing a backlash that not only made of a combination of plastic and metal and the difficult and therefore expensive to recycle crunchy increasingly demanding a solution david foster found halo cafe has developed a fully compostable coffee pause and that includes cleats the packaging you could throw it in any way stream and feel completely guilt free calculus might have sugar cane but gas which is by the way she became so is altered suitcase be news is dan coats we might into the capsule that these types of environmental credential duncan chase it's not clear how willing countrymen will actually be the precise that hard earned cash out their environments in london on the bbc's elizabeth hosts and some market place now before you grab your

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