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It's party time mom welcome to the mothership which is studio twenty two. My name is Chad Prater and I'm the host of the Chad prager. Show thank you for joining us here on facebook Youtube and wherever podcast or delivered to my left is a young lady that we we like to call hot news. Natalie is it because she's hot near because she knows the news. Maybe it's a mixture of both sitting in our our esteemed peanut gallery is party foul. Steve Steve is getting caught up on the news of the day by looking at his phone view via the fascist fascist google. What are you learning Steve? I'm maximum facebook at this time. Liking my own post data boy. We Love Egos around here sitting next to him as the Texas XS legend Steve Helms what's up man. I'm just sitting here enjoying my Chad Fraser whiskey. What are you drinking? What type of Whiskey are we imbibing upon today in party time whiskey of choice that Jameson let's all lack the saw lead singer inquiries to Steve at watched Chad Dot Com and we'll give you a P._o.? Address where you can ship us all form of mail bombs and anthrax as well as good whiskeys with around on the world now. We're going to go to Ireland Natalie. Did you know this. I didn't know we're going to you know who's going to go. I'm going party. Foul Steve's going to Texas legend Steve Leave Helms going. We're going to Ireland badly. I want to be like us. I love you I want to I'm trying to justify it. I'm just that's got to noon Cabbie guides to see and introduce y'all all you have to go to Texas red dirt PUB CRAWL DOT COM sign up today undermine name or number Steve or Chad divide your fan my name no party fouls Steve You sign up under party fell Steve. That's great too because that benefits fits me all right. 'cause we share everything. It's an M._l._m.. You know I I wanNA laugh on this. I'm not gonNA have deadpan whole show well. I'm funny. The I saw the lineup of you guys Steve Helms Martin mccague A._B.. Bagwell there's three girls on their their <music>. Serhan Chad prager show just sponsor you to go. You think this is a for profit business helps. We don't make money here. GOES PEOPLE DON'T WATCH US listen. Yes they watch it on Facebook Ryan chain. That's the other female sure and they're beautiful. Beautiful hearts met them yet but they just know them. Physically there are there are sisters. We Love Them Robin. was there American Airlines stewardess hostess. What do you call them? Flight attendants sweet air waitresses I know what Song did she sing. Sky Hookers Steve Guy Hookers. Can we write that Song Scott Bucher Sky Hookers Week.. Anybody can wrap that. It's us we. Let's do it so we're GONNA. We're GONNA write that Song Sky hookers about flight attendants sky hookers and long Labia Arabia wow wow long L. Labia wow party time lomb stay horned. Wow how biological that's an anatomical reference you can't you don't have to do this labor nor the President I would like to talk to you. The president of who human resources would like thank God. We don't have human resources here. It's fantastic we just yes. We just come at you. In the court of Public Opinion Yeah. Is Anybody insulted you on Social Media Lately <hes> so you live a charmed life. Okay Okay No. I told me not to read them so I don't read them. I was kidding. You should read them because the majority of them are probably Chad insulting. I have all my fake accounts. I did post this past week that if you're following a page on facebook called the Chad pray through fans or chat breath and fan club or anything get off of it unsubscribe from it. I have nothing to do with that. There are the in here's the deal there's there's tons of hate speech. That's on it and people say really really wrong. Thanks I really don't care that much about that because if you're paying attention to that then you're part of the problem to somebody says stupid things. Just don't listen to it so if you're if you're going to keep coming back to a page that has hate speech that's on you. I have nothing to do with it never been affiliated with it. Never been a part of it but I asked people to lead it because it is loaded with botts. You're getting auto responses from bots and things like that and I don't like that. I just don't trust any of that stuff so if you're following following anything if if if I have four pages okay there's Chad aether personal pages has a blue check mark by my name. There is the Chad Prater business page which is my naming a blue check mark and then there's political cowboy and there's watch Chad pray through my videos get posted so I'm just just public service announcement as always you can go to watch Chad Dot com on me on tour and all of these things send your hate mail though Steve At watched Chad Dot Com Steve helps many Steve's. There's like two testicles over here daddy the foul and Steve from Texas legend. I liked it better. You just need a big name. Calling Texas legends where you are Old William I mean don't you feel it when you get up like trying to go out on me for a month. I'm so old that you should probably we feel when I get up right. Now you ever find yourself scratching your inner ear with your keys like trump keys like that. I've actually ear and touched on the other side of you. WanNa know WHO's young the puppet master. That's why we give him. The heavy lifting above the master is your mark who drives this starship studio twenty two. He's over here sitting next to candidacy the queen of the Ethiopians look at them so just precious martyrs great beard. Eh You'd see like mine has a little makeup sort of you know even splashy but but see he grows his because he just likes it good beard weird agro mind because I have a huge double chin. We're not look in the mirror. It looks like my face given birth to a whole new face and I don't like that so you grow years Natalie we've seen you without your beard eared thumb and a cowboy hat a left-hander around a Weirdo speaking from a twenty-seven awesome. Why are you going to ask her because she's twenty two twenty three this to free to frigging honest? That's what we like so with or without the beard or what she's asking me think he looks like a cowboy hat with the out his beard. I want to take the fifth on Oh. I'm kidding <music>. I'm kidding so she can be honest. She is fired. No she knows candice like bearded men. GotTa have facial hair. That's a good question. What is happening you went? We went over this time. We you went without the beard when you did the movie role right. You just didn't look like the the same person the brand the cowboy hat and the beard sexy have a weird baby face chubby cheeks. It's more like more like a penis with Lay's potato chip lays down how the ripples my face is. I look look. I'm not complaining. I'm forty six years old and it's still sort of have that baby face if I didn't if I didn't party Tom have probably look a whole lot younger than I did. I found a picture on facebook yesterday of me and Steve From what was that five years ago. Wow schober lease child my Lord we should do. We should do a show. Oh at a Botox Party. No see you were you you. That's like Brian. Haynes got a song never use his songs called. Never use Willem Dafoe as your safe Edward because it sounds like ooh do. Would you got a ball in your mouth. Can you see can you see the picture. Steve won't even cared about our joke. Steve Steve Land your hand behind you. Maybe a little bit stu like aim at right at the bill Steve. You know this is a four audio podcast right while you're doing Joe and tells me Chad in a picture step on my joke man. That's fantastic bro appreciate shake your telling a joke. There was no jokes on this episode. This is going to be deadpanned laugh. Oh you know laughing okay well. I'm not laughing. y'All get all you want with Botox. We can't tell you never use Willem dafoe. Is your safe word now. Finish the joke yeah. You aren't listening right into the House party Joe Right in here this picture of me. The joke was because it sounds like when you got a ball gag in your mouth. That's funny. I've never had a ball gag in my mouth live. Where exactly have you tangled Steve or those still available? These are available at very short time at the show shelled out shelled-out once Caesar Gome I think for now these are going and we have a whole new line of Merchant merch coming out insane week. It's going to be watched. Chad dot com really cool stuff. We've got a silent Herbert with studio twenty two on there. Are we just chat parade their show we got we got a party thou- nation shirts going to be on there. We're going to be launching party foul nation the whole website for that's coming up <hes> we're building in the marketplace for that right now. You're going to be able to get everything from and it ain't going to be branded. Chad pray three. I got nothing to do with it other than I'm GonNa make money off of it. The we're going to have is going to be a whole lifestyle party. Foundation is coming. It's going to be a whole lifestyle. Let's go to be everything you enjoy doing. As America as Americans I don't care if it's wet t-shirt to an off road truck to barbecue and and just chicks and guns and fire trucks. I'm just saying it's going to be a whole. Oh lifestyle party fouls nation. You know I really think we should do some boxers and on the butt of them. Stay horned. Stay horned done I think that's great in on the front right there C._p._i.. I'm not affiliated with party he C._P._A.. So I want to do you know what's funny. Is You party time mom bathing suits. There's a one piece bathing suit. If you go to blaze DOT COM blaze T._v.. Dot Com go to their store actually see I haven't promoted that because I don't want my face anybody's bathing suit but it's there didn't come up with the graphics feed them to Mexico about a sweet I know you would have this is just an episode. I want to get caught up on some things because some things that matter so we've been working real hard on building this concept called party foul nation and and we it's GonNa be it's GonNa be branded for people who like to have fun. We got some great t shirt ideas great hat ideas merchandise jacuzzis and got barbecue rub this coming out. We can talk talk about the rub flavors if we WANNA talk about him but let's wait til this available because that's how it goes. I don't want to promote too far ahead. You'll be a look at marketing genius over hair as it. You'll be able to go to party foul T._X.. Dot Com you'll also be able to go to party found natio- crossover because you had nations across I can still link it where to go straight to party Texas yeah party X T X but you'll be able to find it. Website should be up here in the next few days <hes> and they will have the marketplace going but anyway is going to be a whole lifestyle deal. You're going to enjoy party. Foul nation has got nothing to do with politics nothing to do with is just being an American that likes to have and you're GonNa love it so we got that coming up. I have a new comedy tour. That's about to come out with a few guys who I will not name right now and we're going to do a very heavy run of shows through September to the end of the year and then move into twenty twenty. It's GONNA be exciting. I can't wait to announce it but we're not announcing it just yet because we're still working out a few little minor details but it's GonNa be me and a few other folks Steve Steve. Helms has an album out that everybody needs to get. We've talked about this but it's some of you've never heard of me and actually there's a ton of you to help everybody has it. The first four albums out there man the newest one. We'll album cannot buy you a little taste. I'm sorry what I'm talking about. My album route now Nataliya Friday night fever on the radio this morning. Thanks man so sing. A Little Steve Steve is the Texas legends. We has multiple albums out. Well sure you really going to put the man on the spot and ask him to sing. That's his lesson. If it's like saying in the Hot News Natalie Hot I may just is just do it. What do you want me to sing that my gosh you have four albums pixel married to get this kind of abuse studio by a woman? Is Tom some as a really great voice. I think we should share it. Let's not get care. He didn't bring his guitar guitars or not the great he's not an Acapella soprano here okay we're not talking about. He's a great singer. He is a great entertainer. Come to one of my shows. You get Steve Helms Baby. It's funny Natalie's talking to have a cigarette. She's never been. I've I've I've played your music. Thank you very much. I haven't seen you live. You're right so you may suck Tuck. I'm not sure but I know that in your albums with tune auto tune your great great I'm like he just got back from Mexico yeah. He's always anytime you see Steve. He's just gotten back. I'm I'm going next year because he said that was his ninth. This was this was the ninth year well next year next. They're going to do a real big blow. Outta podcast anniversary blowout means something completely different on a pig farm. I'm just going to tell you eh pooped the guitars and swim up bar good times good times candice. Can you saying no no now. Just GonNa Screw can saying that mark you singer. No come on everybody can carry a tune Steve. nope not a singer no talent whatever your singer I heard you do it badly sings. She's soul veg. I've heard you do Newton John. Oh that's right. We'll it was to get go to you on Karaoke night with Hernandez Jayson Hernandez Metro Jason Metro Jason Jason surprisingly nails it. He said I played Danny Zuko in a play stranded at the drive here grand hit a food. What will they say Monday? SCHOO- who good okay yes Chad tastic you sing with that arrest my for your favorite musical of all time so I've been in three musicals now. What in the question about you now once favorite route show too so well okay? I really do love West side story which you know Natalie would start in so I tried out for west side story and now they hey did. I was not good enough to be Natalie. Would your name is Natalie. Wood's it is it is Maria I will drown no lifeguard R._S._p.. Lifeguard isn't that a billy Joel tune drown. Please me and there's you said you were going to sing it for me. And being we know Jane Teenage gave her hard James Dean Good Trevor School. Go Queen and WANNA be loved. I WanNa be loved like that. You know who doesn't want to to get pregnant in the back seat of a cabriolet when they're seventeen and a half James Dean. I mean who doesn't want to die when they're twenty eight James Name when he got to be something like that right yeah he gears old. We Dame's wasn't gay. You're thinking of rockets pretty much sure. I'm and I don't think they say Marion Morrison the Duke John Wayne. They said he was player to no. Oh you could do some research out there. Now believe it. I don't know if I believe that but anytime I talk about being masculine like John Wayne or you know the do quit and handle in law that all these old actors all the old Hollywood people they talk about them being gay or being on the down low or behind. You know kind of pulling that thing because it was so taboo you know they don't say that about you know who they don't say that about punk. They don't say these ladies would say nothing about Clint Eastwood because he'll kill you. He'll still kill you with a look. I told Jacob Schick Jacob. Come on man. Give me an eastwood movie just a little piece. I just want to be onset. Just just I I can just walk through in the background just so I could say I was on a Clint Eastwood movie because he's been in two of them. Now I now three three three stay to stay off knew the meal wasn't was not in <hes> he was an American sniper American sniper and then Lady Gaga sorry. I thought he had something to do with that. That was a brand new Bradley Cooper. They're all the story do that. Movie and Bradley came to him and wanted to do it so clint. Let Bradley do the movie Yeah Yeah. I think he better than going to do. A remake of that and Bradley wanted to do it so clint. Let him do that. Do you do you Clerides was awesome yeah. He's a national. I just listened to a podcast again to go back to Natalie Wood. I listened to the murder of Natalie Wood. It's podcast because everybody always asked me. What I think happened Bob Wagner in the podcast? I did not realize there was <hes> it was kind of known that Robert Wagner was gay and that she had caught him in bed. What are you saving heart? Not Gay was gay I had or he died. I'm not saying saying it according to the podcast the Natalie Wood mysterious murder Natalie Wood that she had walked in on him and another which which spurred their first divorce does that make you gay. It doesn't really just how long you hold it or how many times repetitively I think I just love saying things like Pierce Brosnan and his did he still I know but just so people will start commenting on these things no he's. He's the best bond ever starts a fight. People like screw. You don't do y'all know who was on the boat that night that she died. Do you know who else was on the boat with them. Besides the captain who says Jesus is yeah he's with us. He's omnipresent Christopher Walken and like a beaver council. You guys gotta go records. Eh Eric at night. You don't say top bottom face as with a solder iron. I talked to my friend Robert Wagner they reference. Does you guys get it so that you get this churned butter. The butter he was on deck with Robert. Wagner was okay bobby you here's them using splashing in the water. I don't know Pi Hi Kathy somebody somebody's in the water would slipping by. You know what I heard the most. When I About Ted Kennedy and the when he drove off the bridge and <hes> Mary Jo Kopechne it drown he and he went back rather than told his buddies that it had happened they couldn't there was no saving her and then they went he went back and went sleep rather rather than call authorities. He called his dad. Call Joe Kennedy on a phone and of course Joe Kennedy was out of it not really impressed with teddy at that that point because he wasn't bobby and he wouldn't Jack so anyway they waited till the next day for that. Somebody actually had to come along and find that Torralba to become a thing so anyway of course they buried it. Under the whole deal I mean it was an accident but he was drinking and driving and drove off the bridge and boom that guys you need to watch a good movie. I will good movie. I think he was pretty fair. Teddy of course then he went and lived another sixty years as a senator was he gay was he Steve Steve Seems to be the expert on these things do not know I don't I just don't think he was gay and there's nothing wrong with it if he wants you know I was just talking about James Dean and there is evidence that he was there was interviews with him. Yeah I mean who isn't these days. Who isn't really I feel like if you and I were alone? Steve you would want me okay. Let's say you were. Tom Hanks six okay. Let's say you guys are Tom Hanks Wilson on the cast on the castaway on that volleyball running they both y'all and Y'all were the two we're going to snuggle for sure like if it was two dudes on the same island for four years like that y'all our spirit fish experience something else party slim down like he did on that olive. He'd look pretty good are they steve would be all head. He would look a spoon giddy because he doesn't have an ASS. He's all back and crack right back just turns into a crack. He's narrowing. Did you back on your your fat but still I bet that was funny. Looking you were fat twenty five twenty five twenty five had all skin removed everything he has ever seen his driver's license you ever seen his driver's license wallet home. It's like a mugshot of Dave Dave Grohl it does is accused of being Dave Grohl so many times I mean I'm embarrassed. We check into hotels because people will look at us now you you want people look at us and it's like he looks horrible. This looks like a you know what it means. When a woman puts on another man's cowboy small head do not have small hit shed tells me something about you know your that means you have alimony coming? Hey alimony state. We're in Texas God. That's funny. You look like the chick from Golly just see John Volta Walk at in wanting to dance C._C.. The one that he cheated with Sissy sister no no all it come on now she was. Oh Gosh I can see your face. Yeah Electric Cowboy Get B._B.. Urban Cowboy Oh boy oh boy she was <hes> she grew up to be looking hot. Chick that he met Gillies. She was the Houston oil tycoon. Whatever looks like she grew up? She went on later to have a bigger role in <hes>. Give Me Debra Winger Madeline Smith. nope okay hot Brunette. She's it's should be kiss. She cheated the was never hot but you got she lightness thing up there. John Travolta hooked up with and then went back to Debra winger here. You hadn't made grow. Oh She's through the sissy bump the license plate back in the in the window dumb ass the only one that's coming up as Madeleine that may be maybe the I'm trying to think of what she was in her last name. Talk the talk about something interesting the anyway so now and it's just like that numbers are falling fallen off there. You go an urban cowboy. WHO's kicking? It still is betty white. She was not an urban kicking it sleeping. Come on we've all Barry Corbin very corporate news living here Fort Worth we've cellphones. Why do we not chick's name Madeline Samatha? My Lord have mercy her yeah. She's fine. Herkus look choose Chevy Chase's wife and funny for Yes. She was yeah so anyway you see the resemblance Oh she looks longer now all that no okay can't really get along time ago was Terri Clark. I see that too. She's getting gay. She's gay all right. I can see the resemblance I'm talking about. Wrangler jeans resemblance probably wear jeans yeah so anyway that was that was that was five minutes of absolute nothing on the radio <music> buddy. He signed this L. Roberts. Oh yeah she's in. She's in the she snatched it off my head and signed it without my permission but she's she's a sweet Julius niece no not her L. is l.. Ism Okay M. E. L. L. E.. She's she she plays plays. She's a Co Star in the movie. Unplanned came out to our show in Anaheim her in jared her other co star. He's now her bow in Grad. She said I'm not sign. It and I was pleased on some hat. She signed the inside of it as a joke. That's still there. It's still there any new hat not because of that. There's about messed up anyway. So what are we talking about. Kelly I hate y'all forgetting off of that thing. We were talking about musicals and famous people people. What is your favorite musical so you're in the sharks and the jets Sud Story? I did west side story guys and dolls. I really liked guys and dolls I want. I want everybody Eddie watching right now. What you to comment? I want you to come in here. I want you to comment. What was your favorite? What's your favorite musical of all time so just y'all start typing that in musical that Natalie was in no I guys did show boat as well but my favorite your showboating now Natalie Yeah Yeah Yeah Steve? Do you have a favorite musical like a movie or just like a musically musical school rock school. I watched it on Broadway so well. Oh that would be that the movie the movie but it doesn't matter what Greece is probably an excellent musical is great. I remember growing up legend. I don't want to say yeah you do. You're GONNA say rent will does like the old Disney movies count as musical Chitty <hes> Pity Bang Bang. Oh Chitty Chitty Bang Bang I mean I love that guy. I like I like rent. Dan Yeah Yours is due by the way always is everybody's got at their hands out of is a bummer another mark. I don't know I I don't know if I've seen enough twenty minutes to you. I was seriously trying to think <hes> musicals evacuations lion king what about stuff man and give him his it just came out with Bohemian rhapsody rocket commands amuse rock band was a musical Bohemian rhapsody was not a musical. It was a biopic that had their music in rocket man was gay Super Gay Super super-duper gay but it wasn't as gay as I thought it was going to be. No I enjoyed it. I thought it was genius. The way they put that movie together telling his life story using <hes> <hes> him and Bernie songs. I thought I haven't seen it yet. Yeah people said Oh my God. There's so much graphic and I was like Nah is really not really not really uh-huh did you you saw Steve Good was great. I thought they did a great job because those songs Elton John Songs who I love Love Love Love Love Love I mean the guy can sing a cereal box and he's actually done it in concerts where people say give me something to say and he's he's the ingredients of tied box. He's saying at the piano may He's you can just read words and make a song out of it. He's got that gift but you his songs like if you just listen to them you're like what in the world is talking about but but if you apply them to those scenarios in his life in that state like Oh that's that's interesting. It makes it makes a lot of sense last year. I got invited to go to California to play for for a Caro's Kennedy thing and one of your is one of the guys just bought Bernie Tokens old house out there and the piano still there that they wrote most of those songs on Wow. I got to set on the piano stool and play you corrupted I did but I got to play piano on that piano in right here on the wall. I know y'all can't see me because it's a audio but is the lyrics to yellow brick road with GONNA come <hes>. It was very cool. Man I land. Yes should've stayed on the phone should have listened to my I it's awesome. The snapchat go is the reason he's the mongrels anyway glistened when he sings to her falsetto. It's nice tattered pants. Did you come up with a movie or show favorite mark. Did I come up with one yeah no I didn't I give it back to her yeah. You're the microphone candy see I mean you can nobody could do worse than cheat G._D.. Bang Bang come on. That's Hartman told you want to say Richard Truck Lesbian Dick Van Dyke Picker Truck Lesbian Dick Van Dyke Funny What candace what sinks from it which is your favorite. My favorite would probably have to be between lay MEZ which I think is like a classic of the Operas Pretty Good <hes> but then like a movie version Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory spray classic classic pure imagination pure imagination me with me you see singing that no not going to see now. I'm just less music. Man is my favorite my favorite seventy six trombones let the the parade two cornets right close behind every word every song in that little deal. I still pretty close to it. I still nail it out. Chad's nailing it right now or fun fact he's gay too gay. That's because we're took happy being happy absolutely nothing wrong. Happy Happy Happy happy but I think that we should do jennings had this idea he said. We should have a a podcast that just it's a musical all of a sudden like we're talking about something or like. WHO said I'm gay? He said I'm gay. Why am I okay? What did I do to give off that way? I'm okay yes. I'm conflicted because the dictate the thirty three through thirty six yeah. It's going to be a social media clips on this day away game but you went to the border to take me to the W. Happy Matter Jacci Chachi daisy to go to the hotel the make Charles in charge if anybody if any of your fans have ever just want to sit around and shoot it with you. You're in it like people are always like we we would love to just come hang out with you. Chad just like this is it. This is it this is off. The cuff unscripted hanging out sitting around if you're sitting around the fire pit with us. This is the stuff that goes. I usually get stuff like that to say hey man we need to hang out and I yeah yeah we'll come out of the house and then the next thing they say is is is Chad coming off my list. I have an interesting I'm not that exciting avenue interesting fact to go with my a miracle background so I went to Pinole College School in East Texas love that place who or go opponent built ponies phillies in Philly so when I was there and I was doing musicals I actually was in these musicals and one of my vocal coaches was a guy named Bernie Tedi Bernie T._d.. Do you remember who that is. You do who is it. Don't put me on the spot. You tell the story you're right. You're right Bernie Bernie. <hes> they made a movie about called Bernie. It has <hes> Matthew mcconaughey. That's fine no Bron Bernie. You'll remember this in in a second hand has matthew mcconaughey Shirley maclaine and Jack Black who played Bernie Bernie was my vocal coach and he was arrested. Somebody put them in a freezer razor. Actually that was a good move her care choice her caretaker yeah but it was a weird sort of thing until finally he was done with her before. We are getting all George Judgy. What did she do to deserve this you yeah well? She had a little money like she would take him on all the vacations and everything he would take her. She paid for everything she he was yeah. He paid for everything he was a very giving soul. In Carthage Texas he owned the local boot scoot and western wear or I guess she owned it but he owned it he bought. I think the local airport didn't have the funeral home to he. He was a mortician there. That's how they met because he covered <hes> her husband's funeral Carl and that's how they originally met and Bernie was my vocal coach and actually went and sang at Carnegie Hall with Him. Our Group of US did with Shreveport Chamber singers in when we got back the mayor small town mayor called me said we're looking for one of my friends and I said well he's probably over at Bernie's house and he said no Bernie just been arrested for the murder of Marjorie nugent and we all knew that he hadn't done it like there's there's no way wouldn't hurt. A fly called me back said he just confessed couldn't believe it so that you could have been in the freezer as well well. He stuck her in the freezer. She stayed there for nine months forever yeah longtime yeah so it was a very crazy story but he did all three musicals with me. Can You keep someone in the freezer before or you can't reuse it anymore than come unplugged or anything go out or anything. All sudden bag starts leaking expiration operation date you know well. She's been for not muchly. This isn't Venezuela or Baltimore Man. I'm telling you this East Texas. We got power over there. Everybody can skip Hollandsworth did that. You know he's a writer for text monthly. I Like I want to meet him. Skip pollens worth and then Richard Linklater's the one. Who did that movie really good late in movie? It was good because they're nothing is it is all factual Hollywood anything up Bernie B E R in I it's kind of a dark comedy ready but it is a we should make a musical out of Bernie him him giving you vocal lessons was any thing that had to do with him. Killing her probably pushed him over because he killed Shirley. maclaine played the new Jet Lady Shirley maclaine who also played weezer in steel magnolias so would be if you WANNA take a free <music> plays. You thought long and hard on Australia man. That's all true all L. factual everything you just saying it was right. Yeah I write musicals. Dom telling you do all you gotta do is take life but at the song yes thank that but those kids growing up to be junkies punks. Let's say it's gotTa whip that Tail Timeout is for losers. Keep kids kids out of jail or they become a Bernie and but we are in the freezer because he couldn't pleaser because he couldn't believe her because it's all about me Sir C. C. Show to show to two dozen roses just a handy uh-huh Party Tunnel Yup. We've got any rams are you didn't know your feet show it along fellows. Oh I think you've got this. Well under control. Say Steve CAN'T BANTER Steve Camp landslide and you break your Banter Panthers not broken. I love Y'all thank you for watching the jet braver should go to jail and watch dot com even know where to go. GO TO JENNINGS DOT COM T._v.. Dot Com Slash Humor Promo Code Chad sign-up. We've loved wasting wasting your time and you loved it too. I don't care how many of you haters so you Lena when you do politics trump tweets we do miracles musicals musicals any politics. None has also remy I eat. I get tired of it too there. It is the realist Natalie Hot News Natalie Party fell Steve Texas legends Steve Helms go to Steve Helms Band on twitter INSTAGRAM party fell Steve on instagram and twitter withstand. You're twenty two close enough. Natalie was twenty two hat Natalie Wood's twenty two vocal coach murder scene story and if you vote for Birdie and twenty twenty in a freezer Sir Wow circle full circle master mark candidacy the queen of the Ethiopians. We're going to get mark tate. Some culture is what we're GONNA do. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA take into some show tunes mark. Will you go be my guest. Will you go with me to watch rocket man. Have you seen it yet. I actually will this makes really. Actually I've seen it yeah. You're saying anyone telling you it's not as favorite. Have you seen once upon a time in Hollywood. No he should good anybody the new Brad Pitt it's different. I'm headed to see Hobson Shell. I don't think the movies ever coming yeah. I don't think that's a musical buddy. There'd be music gunfire and trucks and I wanted to see I wanted to see the new gemology till I realized is Danny. Glover was one of the did he get to over is is Iraq in that one. Too is the Rock in that one engy yeah Danny Glover's one of the people who body goes into the character Danny Devito do yeah I think they should have filmed to word any glover's still sitting on the toilet waiting on the bomb to go off when he jumps off of that he's aw there you go Jack Black Suddenly Jack Black Bernie by the way Oh and by the way I like that movie that he played with Travolta Travolta it was the Shylock you get get <hes> was his name get shorty and by the way John Travolta he's gay I love you. I

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