BGN Radio #11: Eagles Defeat Colts 20-16 Recap


Ladies and gentlemen, can I please have your attention? I've just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story. Of you. Listen. Hello, bleeding, green nation, and welcome back to another edition of BGN radio. This is episode number eleven. I'm John Stolnis. You can follow me on Twitter at John Stolnis and are going to be breaking down the huge week, three eagles victory over the Indianapolis, Colts twenty two sixteen eagles get another squeaker at home, but they moved to two and one on the season two and at home and joining me to break down and analyze what we saw here on Sunday just about. We're recording about an hour after the game finished up is the great, Michael kissed, you know him from the Kistin Solex show and all the other things. He does here for bleeding, green nation, dot com. And BGN radio. You can follow him on Twitter at Michael. Kissed NFL Michael big win by the by the birds here on Sunday. How you doing buddy doing fantastic. Hello to you this the first podcast that we're doing together, I'm glad it's under these circumstances shadow to Derrick Barnett and Benjamin solar. I'm sure we'll get into that in a little bit. But yeah, man, big, big win a little bit of a sloppy win, but it w is. W could work on it from there once his back. All his right in the world. Yeah, and we're gonna get into everything we're going to get into the defense. We're getting it into the penalties. We're get into the offense and we're gonna get into Carson Wentz coming up here in just a minute. I want to just remind you to be a subscriber to the bleeding green nation podcast feed wanna, make sure you're doing that on apple podcast, Stitcher, Google podcast, Spotify, wherever it is you get your fine podcasting, go subscribe to the bleeding green nation podcast feed, and that's where you're gonna hear us. Yep, about this game because you know, like you said, Michael, it didn't look pretty. This was not a game that you're gonna put in the archives by any stretch of the imagination, but this was a victory. And as we always used to hear Andy Reid, say any victory you can get in the NFL is a good victory. And that's what we have. You know, this was a defense that we know plays better at home than on the road and that board self out here in the game on Sunday. But the thing obviously everyone is going to be talking about is how Carson Wentz looked. And honestly, there may have been a little bit of rust in there. Some. Where but it certainly was not there to start the game. And I gotta believe if he had a full complement of talent around him, we would've seen a much different ballgame here on Sunday as it is whence returns and goes twenty-five, thirty seven, two hundred fifty five yards with a touchdown and an interception. We saw a lot of good. We saw some bad in there. I think this is probably exactly what most people were expecting to see in his first game since last December a little bit uneven, but you saw the flashes, Michael. Yeah. And the scripted stuff early in the game was really working well. I like the way that we use the twelve and thirteen personnel tight end three tenants tight and sets with Dallas gutter who we've been screaming about Zach, ertz and Josh Parkinson's. I really count him as a wide receiver now says, I really don't line him up in line, but they were spreading it out the way I wanted. One of my keys to the game coming into it was to spread this defense results and take what was there because they're soft shells on defense, keep everything in front and then come in to attack the football. The reason that the Redskins weren't able to get points. On the board against them because they had a vertical game plan. So I liked it the way that the eagles put in some quick hitting throws for Wentz to kinda get comfortable everything in that beginning script looked looked fantastic. They March right down the field when they started to get beyond that opening script, you saw some Russ from Carson. You saw some some slow, read some, some missed wide receivers. You saw a couple high balls which were used to with once being, you know, particularly jacked up in the beginning of games so that that was there too. But then which also saw this dude is not going to change the way that he plays when it comes to scrambling around and trying to make plays in that, you know, lead to some sacks to some fumbles like you said, sloppy game, ten, ten penalties, one hundred ten yards, four fumbles. We lost one and it put the defense bad situations. But overall I didn't expect wants to come out and look like he was going to be Evie p form right away. But what we saw was encouraging looks like the Niyaz and bothering him at all. It's not causing any issues with his throwing motion or anything like that. He still moves around very, very well. So very, very encouraging signs from Carson Wentz who comes in and gives a big. W. today. And I know Brandon saw a lot of Carson Wentz during training camp and said, he looked amazing and Benjamin said the same thing when when he would watch him play during the during the summer and as we kind of got later into the preseason and some of the non contact drill that he was doing that he just he looked as athletic is as he could be and that the arm strength would was obviously there. And you know, there was some some wondering how would that bear out in game situations. But you mentioned at the f. lettuces them doesn't look like he suffered a knee injury at all. We saw him dance out of trouble on numerous occasions in this game to keep his eyes downfield exactly the same stuff we saw last year and it's just such an amazing even though he he didn't have a great day. When you look at the numbers, it's not going to be a day that you're gonna. Remember as being one of Carson Wentz his best ever. But when you look at the talent that he had around him and you consider the fact, this was his first game of the season, some of the plays that he made with his legs, some of the things, the playmaking ability that you see there just as it's so night and day compared to Nick. Foles the fact that he can extend plays when they break down like that. It's amazing to see what a the difference between Nick foles who performed admirably and a guy who is it looks like going to be an MVP candidate every year from here on out just just on what he can do on the field. Yeah. And the other thing not only just extending place, much better than foles can do falls gifts roll into his right and things start to get ugly from there. But once extends but he also challenges tight windows and I also put this up on bleeding, green nation dot com. I believe it was on Saturday about how using NFL next gen stats. You could see how this offense was going to change and the lack of separation that we're getting from the wide receivers and tight ends that we have right now because we are so depleted in that area. Foles was not as willing nearly as willing as wants to challenge those tight. Windows doesn't have the same arm, strength as Wednesday does, and that's what we saw today was whence was, you know he was putting his players in a position to go make a play on the football, even if. The coverage was tight, and you saw him throw some through some strikes in some windows that foles would have doubled tripled clutched on, especially the tip obey buccaneers game or held the ball for an average of two point, nine two seconds. So overall, you still saw a quarterback who was aggressive in his mentality in that something that this offense needs to enhance the talent around him and bring it up. Rising tides result boats type situation with him because he's a quarterback that you win because of. So he's still that same quarterback despite the Russ in all those things, he's still going to go out there and make some place at other quarterbacks just simply can't make our won't make right. And once in a while he's gonna ease gonna force. The turnover like he did on the interception on the pass intended for. Earth's tried to get it through a tight window as an ill-advised pass. He obviously should not thrown it, but he's going to convert more of those probably than he's gonna allow to have interceptions and when you're a gunslinger I know that's he fancies himself as a guy who likes to take risks, and we didn't see this team go down the field all that much in this game. A lot of it was was intermediate stuff. It was. It was within ten fifteen yards. But they don't really have the personnel to go deep right now. So I thought it was. I thought it was important that, like you mentioned at the beginning that they played a lot of thirteen personnel. If you're going to consider Josh Perkins a tight end at this point, but that we saw hurts and got a lot out on field today and you know, just slow clap, forgot her seven catches for seventy three yards and a touchdown. In this one, you see, you need to have him in the game plan. Michael. I mean, he needs a guy. He needs to be a guy that is going to be a big part of the game plan every week because especially while Sean Jeffrey is out and especially until they if they go out and get Jeremy Macklin this week and they get him up to two game spear whatever. They're gonna, be short at wide receiver. It's not a big mystery. Why wide receivers didn't really have any any numbers today? Why they didn't get a lot of attention. They're not good. They don't really. They don't have the personnel there right now. So Erz and Goddard is that's how you have to operate. If you're the eagles right now, they're kind of makeshift with how they're doing their wide receivers right now as well. And some guys are playing a little out of position. You know, we brought in Jordan Mathews. Who had two catches in and twenty one yards today, people are acting like he was gonna get sixty staps you kind of knew that wasn't the case. If you really thought up a heating, even playing the slot, it was Agla playing slot for the most part and he had a quiet day to, like you said, the game plan against this colts defense that would that soft-shell and taken away the deep pass and keeping everything in front, what they had to do was to execute and just take the plays that were there. And there were couple of times that that one's got a little more aggressive than he should have, but what the eagles were really good at doing was sitting in those off zones. And there were there were times I think it was the first drive. It was twelve plays seventy nine yards. And then you've got the last drive in the fourth quarter that was seventeen plays seventy plus yards. Eleven minutes and eight seconds. That's what the colts defense was going to force us to do. So I'm not worried about the lack of downfield shots. That's just a construct of the way that the colts play their defense. You have to execute. They're gonna make you go, fifteen plays. Eleven plays. Seventeen plays down the field and. Execute the entire way. And if you make a slip up or penalties cost you on your drive, like you saw a lot from there from the eagles or there's a drop or something in there, they end up with a sack, any kind of sloppy play like that from the offense. They really capitalize on that and get you in long down in this situation. So the eagles had the good in that and being able to do that on a couple of their drives. But then they kinda stalled out in the middle of the game was m- sloppy play. But overall, again, with the weapons that were dealing with whence came out played well, thought Dallas Qatar played really well, and that's a guy that we can get on the field and we can run the ball with him on the field to not like we can with Josh Perkins, you get him Zakar, it's you get those double wing looks and you run the ball affectively behind him. That's perfectly fine. And if you can get that running game going, you get yourself and plus situation just compla- action little bit. The offense is going to be better for that. So I'm glad to see that Doug Peterson, read the tweets and Todd got out there. Well, and you mentioned the fact that you can play guttered when you're when you're running the ball well, and the eagles obviously ran the ball well today, too, is. Listen to runningback unit is banged up, but that was a huge help to Carson Wentz on that last drive, you saw you saw Wendo small wooden clery commit, get big runs to keep the drive alive and the colts also shot themselves in the foot a little bit on that final drive to with a couple of important defensive penalties that helped eagles out. But I think one of the biggest revelations on the day to me was Wendell Smallwood. Michael ten carries fifty six yards. Some big runs. I mean, obviously he's he's has some holes in his game, but he also caught three balls for thirty five yards. He's he doesn't have great vision. He's not the most athletic guy in the world, but for this game, at least for one game, at least he was he was a real plus out there and and led. The team led the team in rushing yards actually tied with Corey Clemente who also had fifty six yards on sixteen carries, but five point six yard per carry for window small today. Listen, I mean, that's just that's stealing money. I mean, that's that's, you know, icing on the cake. You don't expect to get that from window small would. I was very close to my prediction. Said that climate would get fifteen carries a small would would get eight. I figured that was the distribution. They, they were going to go and look. The way that we talk about Wendell Smallwood has been changed so much over time just because he hasn't been available when he was on the field before he's an adequate running back. He's nothing special. He's not bad though. People are talking about him as if he's a bad running back, people are upset with him because he can't get on the field. That's the core of the issue when he's on the field. He's perfectly capable and he's, you know, he's a favorite of juice daily because he can. He can be affective in this offense. Now, again, not going to get these big door busting runs out of them, but he can be officiant. He was today, and he also showed up in the passing game, getting thirty four yard, big time, catchy, ran right up into the open, but yet the the combination of Clement Smallwood and Josh Adams who got his his first real action today really impressive. And that's really all we need with them with a quarterback. Carson Wentz as once starts to get his sea legs under him. And we start to acclimate and get some of our weapons back. Just an effective run game, just just don't put us in in negative situations because we can't get that established. That's what you saw from Clement and smaller. That's what we need right now. I can't wait to get JJ Bax JJ but the running backs to good job today. And I commend the for yen and a little bit of a heads up to Josh Adams, you know, thirty yards on six attempt. He had a twenty six yard carry in the second quarter. Got a little bit. You said a Josh Adams in this one too. So it was. It was definitely much needed for Carson. 'cause you know, hey, listen. I mean, Carson wasn't gonna I didn't. I thought Carson, which start off rusty or than he did, but you're right. Having those he, they really worked on those scripted plays during the course of the week, and you could tell that's when he was at his most comfortable until that final drive when when they when they methodically moved down the field. And you know, we saw last year with Carson Wentz to one of the biggest reason that he was successful was converting on third down specifically, third and long and converting in the red zone, and the eagles had a couple opportunity. They didn't convert on every red zone opportunity. But on that final drive, when you. You need seven, you get seven. There you go up for you force Indianapolis to also have to get into the end zone on their next possession. That's a whole different ballgame. It's the eagles were playing a bend, but don't break defense, hippie what they do when they're in cover three. But you had a feeling that the eagles needed seven on that drive in order to really ice this thing away because that forces the colts to have to go the length of the field that's much bigger hurdle mentally for an offense when they know we gotta get it in the end zone here on this last drive. So I mean, that's that's one of the things that makes that made Carson Wentz. So good last year was converting inside the red zone and they did that on the final drive as well. Yeah, I'm you see that in their play calling to, they know when they're going to go for it on fourth down. I think they know by second Downer when they hit a certain area of the field that you know in this situation, we're definitely we can take third and six or a third and twelve and get a six yard gain and be totally fine with that because we know it's going to be hard to get twelve yards in a single play against this defense. You saw the play calling kind of acclimates what the colts were doing defensively. Of course Carson, you know, he's going to be able to fit it in those windows in the situations. And you know, shout out to the to the colts defense for executing, really, really well on their end and making it hard for the eagles to convert those third along situations. I believe it was a third and long and the colts were running to high safety, which is so weird with me cooker though, because he's a deep, third safety. Awesome. At is run more cover three, but whatever police was a half hield safety on the other side of the field and sprinted over to the other side to the other safeties responsible area and was able to just get his hand on a pass that was intended for Aglona third long, a heck of a play Darius Leonard, resign all over the place. Margus hunt was really disruptive, and I give him a lot of credit because I was doubting his affect in this coming into the game. He had to get game. 'cause like Bobby Hart. And you know, some bums like that. But he, he played really well overall, this colts defense while they be may be vanilla. They force you to execute, and they also are able to make some splash plays here there. But. But yet overall in the red zone, you know the the missed field goal by Jake Elliott always hurts. And that's something that I think were increasingly going to talk with about Elliott because some of MRs just absolutely baffling and we got a cash in on his opportunities in the less we can trust him the more we have to go for it in those situations, the more stress it puts on this offense. Yeah, I mean that sixty one yard or that was week three of last year. So it's been about calendar year since at sixty one yard, but it gets a little bit more dicey. I mean, we've seen with kickers. I mean, it can go, it can go really quickly and you know he has that he has at mid range area. It seems like between thirty and thirty seven thirty eight yards where it's all it's awfully dicey in this. His miss kick today obviously was longer than that. But yeah, with Elliot, we've seen Mike, we've seen it in the league this year. We've seen kickers just have an all kinds of problems right now. Two two teams kick their kickers off their rosters because of brutal brutal play last week in third because of an injury had to go out and sign somebody else. So there's there's not a lot of talent out there. You're hoping Jake Elliott. Can turn it around, but man, some of these you wanna have confidence in your kicker, and we saw at the end of last year, I mean that huge kick at the end of the Super Bowl to put him up. Eight was a money kick. You know that he has it in him to be a money kicker. It's just a matter of him being able to do that all see, also missed an extra point in that game too. And I say, I have to go back and rewatch this game. I think something may have gone wrong with the snap in this game, but still, we know it's an issue. This is this is nothing you know. Now for sure, offensive line wise seemed as though there was some, you know, especially on the winds, fumble deep in his own territory or lane. Johnson got school a little bit. We saw Jason Peters with a couple of false starts. Seems like you know the did okay in the run game, but it was a little bit inconsistent and with pass protection, we saw Carson was running for his life. If you times, what are your thoughts on the offensive line and how they handled culture pressure today? Yeah, that's something I really want to see the film for for certain things. I do think that Jason Peters is still dealing with. The knock right now and is a little bit rusty since he hasn't played meaningful football in a while. He's just coming back. But some of some of the false starts as has got to be more in tune with the offense there. I think it'll be fine in that overall, though, you worry about the lettuces them because I don't think he's at the level of athlete that he was before the injury last year. And I don't know if that's because of the injury that he's dealing with right now or because of the injury that he that the past major injuries that he's had just sapping his athleticism and his age still adorn effective player. But you do worry about that and it's something attract long-term, the five sacks. What I wanna see from the film is, you know, were they wasn't particularly paying too much attention on it, but were they three step drops that Carson just held onto the ball bit more you no longer than he should have were? Were there open routes in front of him because he did miss some open routes in front of him being a little Russell rusty mentally after those scripted plays like we talked about or were they longer drop. So it was a. Product of, you know, holdings of the ball on some cricketing things where they got a jump set and they feel like they only have to hold that block for a couple seconds and they can work from there as bad as that sounds because you know, you've got Carson behind you. You have to block a little bit differently for Carson because he's going to be all over the place. Maybe he runs his his impression every now and then, but you know, Carson's not gonna change. In that matter. You can't ask them to change. He's always going to be like that. And there's going to be a big discussion around Carson. Does you need to calm down? He's not going to. So we need to stop asking him to. But yeah, you know, overall, like you said in the run game, the offense of line was fine, pass protecting that. Something that I would look into a little bit more and probably be put some clips on the time line and whatnot. But overall thought it was solid. I think they can play better in pass protection though. I will say that, well, let's just finish up the offense talking about just mentioned as Doug Peterson, you know, a lot of talk coming into the week about, you know how much she would miss Frank Reich, or you know whether or not that the, you know what? Frank. Rex absence from being part of the coaches room was having eagles offense. Held the clock for forty and a half minutes in this one, three hundred seventy nine yards scored twenty points, but you know, they didn't have a giant. They didn't have sproles Jeffrey Wallace and a couple of new guys in there. That's that's not bad, you know, and you've got a quarterback who hadn't played since since last December. Certainly not a bad effort there by by Doug Peterson, trying to guide his team through a game that you know, I think a lot of past eagles teams would have lost this game. This is a team. This is a championship team. These are the defending Super Bowl champions into come out and win a game. Like this is the kind of games they won last year that that helped them run their record to thirteen and two before that last game of the year against Dallas that that didn't really count. Let's flip it over to the defense now, Michael. And obviously, the guy we have to talk about first is the guy that Benjamin Sollac obviously would never want us to talk about. I saw about Derek bar net one and a half sacks, including the huge clincher on fourth goal with a minute nineteen left from the eagles for Doug Peterson said, after the game, you can see the kid getting better every week. We've all been waiting for it, Michael. I know you guys talked about it this week. You know, when we're going to see Derek Barnett actually make an impact. When were we going to actually see him make a play that a first round draft pick would make, and for this game, at least and for this one play at least Derek Burnett stepped up and made a play that absolutely had to be made. Yeah. And there's a couple of ways I could go with this at Barron, but I'll try to be try to be kind of fair with him. I could hold his feet to the fire and don't be fair. What fun is that come on now, I was saying to where was reporting week one. He was sure we all were weak too. You know, he had a plus matchup with Donald Smith, not. Not very good for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and he was a ghost and and we gave him a pass because the Fitzpatrick got rid of the ball and an average of two point two seconds. He was a, you know, on his third step in his first hitch and the ball was out seventy one percent of the time by my charting. So hard situation for him to get to the quarterback. They still got the quarterback thirty eight percent of the time. A lot of that was Blecher Cox, but Barnett still was a ghost for that game in run game. He played really well against the buccaneers wanna make that clear. One thing that Eric Barnett has always been is absolutely clutch and goes from college too. And we know it comes up with the strip sack in the NFC championship game recovers the fumble in the Super Bowl, those same type of situations that he's come up, big for the eagles of the same type of situations that he came up big for the volunteers in college. So he tends to to show up the situations that's never been his problem. His problem has been, he has not beaten us a solid tackle cleanly, and you know he's trying different moves and he's trying these spin moves and whatnot, and in a never come off, right? This is the week that we said with Anthony Costanzo out at left. Hackel LeBron Clark, you know, supplanting him out there who's a subpar talent. We needed to see something from Derek Barnett and boy, thank goodness. It came at the game. So he had he had to half a sack on a nice speed to power. Got a nice bull, rush and got that half the sack with Fletcher. Cox was still awesome. By the way, love ultra Knox had another great game. He's been excellent all season, but then it's events player the year man. Oh, he wants a bad. Yeah, he's really working towards. You looks awesome. But, yeah, I mean situation, he beats Reverend Clark clean, good anticipation on the snap gets that first step and as able to bend around that corner and just trips up. Andrew luck enough. So big time shout out to Derrick Barnett. I know a lot of people were asking me 'cause we said on the show if they're cornet got a sack Benjamin so lack would by Derek Barnett jersey. People are forgetting that we set a spin sex at something he really wants to hit that was not a spin sacks, no, no jersey for Benjamin select, but still suck at Benjamin select because Dr. Barnett showed up in a big time situation so he couldn't couldn't be more happier for them. Maybe he should get a sure z. you know, maybe we can kind of go have here, make him get assures e or something like that. Yeah. The big thing about the defense today was not so much. You know that they didn't really give up much of anything long. Andrew luck twenty five of forty only one hundred sixty four yards. Andrew luck with one touchdown. Certainly the yards per attempt there. I didn't look that number up, but that's not that's not terribly good. I could do the division with a pen and paper, but they kept TY Hilton. Check a week after Sean Jackson and OJ Howard, burn them for big games. The tackling was a lot better in this game. They didn't really let anybody get them. Deep Jalen mills, of course, got called for a pass interference on a on a long play. But I mean, you just kind of have to bake that into the cake when it comes to Jalen mills, he's he's gonna, get beat on a double move, or he's going to get along interference, call every week, no matter what. But what you see with this team and it's really amazing, especially at home with when they're when they're at home and they're backed up inside. Side, the twenty, and they use that goal line like it's a brick wall, Michael. I mean, they, they backed up to that thing and they just they don't allow teams to convert red zone opportunities for touchdowns, and they got really hamstrung with a couple of short fields. Thanks to a Carson interception and a fumble that they lost and the defense came through and held Indianapolis to feel goals each time that was the game. Really. That's the key to this game. They were able to keep Andrew luck out of the end zone and we saw Jalen mills, make a terrific play on the end zone in the end zone breaking up a pass for Ibran bronze. So this was a game in which the eagles defense again bend, but don't break. They don't get in receivers faces, but when when opposing offenses run out of real estate, the eagles defense is at their best. Yeah, it's interesting too, because the entire landscape of this game changes there were those three drives back to back to back where they were in the red zone on the I, two of them just a Rogers had to. Plays where he could haul in two touchdowns of those two different drives, and he doesn't. And that's an eight point swing. And that changes the score from a potential, the thirteen to ten and at four points on both of those drives for the touchdown. You're at twenty one ten colts as you go into the fourth quarter, that's an entirely different ballgame and moving the ball down down the field on the colts is gonna take time like we talked about with the way that they play their defense or was that he dropped those. But on the third on the third one and all the other plays around that the defense showed out and Sidney Jones showed up big time in that situation as well too big plays for him back to back. He has been playing, absolutely lights out. I'm sure there's going be calls for him than people want him to replace Jalen those on the outside. I think the eagles showed again today when Ronald Darby went down in week one, it was Russell coming into play outside. When Jalen mills went down a for a couple of plays in this game. It was received again playing the outside. Think that's more likely to for them to try out rather than move Sydney from plus six. Situation where he's killing it. But yeah, him the red zone defense itself has won two games this year for the Philadelphia Eagles. Jim Schwartz has got to be feeling himself. He needed that after the loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers more impressive for me just from an overall perspective, and we talk about what was the plan for Schwartz last week against the bucks. Because in my opinion it wasn't a good one, but this week against the Indianapolis Colts they did with needed to do they added more underneath zones because they knew that was going to get rid of the ball quick. It's quick hitting west coast style system that they have there. They added more underneath zones. They took away and muddied that I read, they were mugging and sugaring blitzes and dropping out and and making him come off and and whatnot. And I thought it was. I thought it was an impressive game plan that was very effective for the most part outside of a couple of big plays. The even had it in there were on the Andrew lucked scramble where he was able to get thirty three yards. That was that was a good play by the eagles and they saw something pre snap to where all the sudden everyone's jumping up and down in audibly to a bliss because they. I saw something that they liked, and Jim Schwartz trusted his defense to audible into like a big full out blitz at at that situation. So that was pretty cool to see him having that flexibility and saying, if you see this, then go ahead and send the dogs. So I like that mentality. But yeah, a big time performance for the defense. They only allow sixteen points. You can win any game, or the defense only allowed sixteen points in its in its critical as we get once back and acclimated and feeling like himself that the defense shows up like that. And this eagles defence at home as just is just awesome. Overall, in my have a couple blips here and there. But the overall picture is Sonny. I know we talked about this a little bit with with Brandon on the preview show, but any. I mean, and you tell you and Benjamin talked about it a little bit, but you know, what is the deal with the home road splits with the defense? I mean, it really is remarkable the we didn't see the defensive line, get a ton of pressure all game long. But like I said, when they got when when the colts got far enough, obviously the red zone defense stepped it up. But you know, they weren't able to do that last week against the buccaneers a couple of different times when they got inside the red zone. I just don't know what it is is, you know, is it crowd noise? I mean, 'cause I didn't see the the crowd was not exactly at full throat here in this game against the colts either. I can't put my finger on it. Yeah, I think it helps the pass rush because you guys like Derek Barnes and Michael, Michael Bennett who are known to key in on cadences throughout the game and really time there blitzes to get an advantage. So there's that part of it. Other than that, outside of that, I just, I don't. I don't get it and they, they asked him swertz about it in his press press conference. And he was like, I don't know. It helps the pass kind of off, but. I don't know if it helps anything else. I don't think getting on a plane changes anything. So super weird. It's it's like this phenomena that no one can really put their finger on, but outside of the pass rush, I don't. I don't really think it affects anything. Maybe it was just weird that we ran up against a an offense, Tampa Bay that is performing like it is. And maybe if you go through that that small sample sizes, things Schwartz, said he goes overall. When you look at it, you know it's kind of a small sample size to extract some conclusions from. So maybe we'll see it maybe regressed to the mean as we continue through the season. I mean, I hope it does for for the away defense because it's been, you know, pretty pretty scattershot. So that'll be something detract still. And if it continues to happen, then you know, we'll definitely have more questions for for Mr. short-sea what we're still waiting for the eagles team to play a really clean even game here. So far, three pretty ugly games, uneven games. But at two one record is is what you want. But let me just real quick. Let's talk about the penalties because another ten penalties called against the eagles for one hundred ten yards. They now have twenty seven penalties called for to sixty six after three games. And this is a team that is usually pretty disciplined. I mean, this is not. This is not a team that I don't think last year was. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but I don't. I don't remember this team being heavily penalised last year, but and I know the league is calling a few more things now than they were last year. But can you put your finger on the penalties? Is this just kind of because the eagles are lacking some some stability, some important positions, like running back wide receiver and it's maybe fouling timing up on the lines or is it just a lack of attention to detail what's what's going on here? Yeah. I mean, you could you could put some of it on some guys playing in positions that they normally wouldn't in some situations that normally wouldn't also remember, you know, they've been into really close games and another game where they were trying to catch up. So some guys are trying to make plays, and you know doing some things that they normally wouldn't do. That's outside of the discipline that they've been. They've been coached, I'm sure it's going to be a focus for Doug Peterson moving forward. At the end of the day, you know, you win and ugly. I'm like that, and you can kind of let it slide because the result is there, but you can't just keep playing Russian roulette like that. We got his stopped shooting ourselves in the foot because it's it's just not sustainable. So yeah, I mean, you need some luck, but don't don't put yourself in a situation where you continually kill yourself on those drives. Because like I said, against the coast drives needed to be long, they needed to execute on every play, continue to move the ball, and some of them were just killed by by lack of discipline. One of the great things about Carson Wentz though, and his ability to convert third and longs as that he makes up for some of those -fensive penalties. You know, when when when the offensive line is called for a holding, there's an illegal hands to the face or something like that. A lot of times Carson himself can make that up and it's that's, that's really where a lot of his value comes is he covers up for so many mistakes, and a lot of those are penalties that are called on his offense of teammate. So one last thing before we before we finish up here, Michael, looking around the NFC it was kind of a rough day for a bunch of team. We saw the saints beat the falcons forty three thirty seven, but I don't know if you saw the end of that game. The falcons had a touchdown lead over the saints and drew Brees was was running trying to buy time running to the outside. And as he's running toward the left's toward the far sideline was met by by two falcons Clair's and some. Pulled off a spin move outta his rear end. I don't know how he did it. Diving into the end zone. The saints went onto to win the game, Ryan and breeze might for ten touchdowns in that game for crying about the saints, moved to two and one falcons one and two. The Panthers beat the Bengals in a real good match up by ten, the giants beat the Texans twenty seven, twenty two down in Houston. Texans, where my pick to win the AFC south. They're Owen three. Now giants at one and two. We saw the Niners adult a tough blow here on Sunday. Jimmy Garoppolo not only did they lose to the chiefs, but Garoppolo carted off has an ACL tear looks like he's going to be out for the season and then game. I had to watch a lot of here living in northern Virginia was Washington, actually, spanking Green Bay was not even close Washington dominated the Green Bay Packers in a rainy field at at FedEx. So you got the Vikings get and the Vikings got hammered by the bills bills. So all of these teams in the NFC we came into the season thinking men. There's a lot. Juggernauts here, but I'm not. I'm not so sure that some of these teams aren't coming back to the pack a little bit. Certainly here early, some of the results are mixed. I'll try to keep all these games in my head as I run down this list. But number one on Derek par net could use some use use us some tips from drew Brees on the spin. Yeah, number l. and enter the saints. Defense is terrible. Aspen, Raleigh, wow, all year. And it's very surprising, but not really surprising if you lose the quarterbacks they played during their hot stretch from, I believe, week three to week ten last year. And then they went back to a little bit of their struggling ways and started to get leaky again. But if you saw the list of quarterbacks that they played, it wasn't good. So maybe they're a bit of a paper tiger that something to to watch number two, terrible for Jimmy g. that's awful. Yeah. You never wanna see that you and in a league that needs quarterbacks and quality quarterbacks and guys like patched Mahomes who just said a NFL record for throwing thirteen touchdowns in his first three games. I it unique guys like that in the NFL to to make an exciting product. I don't care if they're, you know, an opposing and of c team or not as absolutely awful. And you know, you get another wasted year where call Shanahan is unable to make a difference in the NFL most likely cause at that's fun. If you start to get him in the mix, that's just good football. So awful to see. You hate to see it. The Minnesota Vikings had one less yard than the Buffalo Bills had points by the half, twenty seven and nothing. They had twenty six yards of offense. They didn't get to the red zone. I believe until the fourth quarter the Vikings did. So you know, their offense of line is not good, not many people were talking about me and Ben kind of talked about in the Aussies. They're starting to lose some guys. They're starting to have to trade for guys like Brett Jones was backup center for the giants, and it might not be so good for them in that defense has got torched by Josh Allen. Nobody saw that coming whatsoever. Not even a big, Josh Allen fan, but kudos to him. Yeah, his hurdles. Thank you, Josh, Allen. Thanks for the help. But yeah, then you look around to the Washington Redskins weak one. They were competent against the Zona cardinals and took care of business good for them week two. There were absolute, no show like we talked about the hit the wrong game plan against the colts in it, stifled their offense, and they weren't able to do anything just a complete no-show. And then week three, they come out, lay the woods, the Green Bay Packers and and beat up on them a little bit. So I if I'm looking at it contender than it's probably them, I don't care about the giants beat the Texas. The Texans just don't look like the football team overall right now Watson still working on back, work himself back from that injury. He'll be fine down the road, same same as Carson Wentz. But yeah, I mean, you know, Watson doesn't have the defense that we have here in Philly, especially at home, so they're gonna struggle bit. And then I did see bright before we started recording that the the Dallas Cowboys replaying the Seattle Seahawks zero zero. And Earl, Thomas recovered a fumble that was actually an interception. So they are definitely salty about that in Dallas guy that they obviously wanted to trade for Earl, Thomas. A big play on. So we'll continue to watch those games kinda recording the middle of the four o'clock games, and I'm sure we'll be talking about it tomorrow. But yeah, fun stuff around the NFC. Maybe it's not the the bloodbath that everybody -ticipant well, it's the same way, and I say this every time the eagles schedule comes out and team start looking ahead at the schedule for that year, and people start getting worried about individual teams. I think when you're looking at a schedule look at, okay, how when how many short weeks does the team have? How many cross country flights do they have? Those things are things that you can look at. But if you're looking at the individual teams that I mean when when you looked at the scheduled to start last year, you saw that Denver game at home and you thought that's gonna be a tough game to turn out to be the case. I mean, there's lots of games you saw the Rams game on your schedule in LA. Think that's easy. Didn't turn out to be the case. Always happens in the NFL teams that you think aren't going to be good at the start of the season. Some of them turn out to be excellent. And some teams you think are gonna be really good. Turn out, not to be just kinda left to let the schedule play out the way it's going to play out. Oh, speaking of which before we go, the team we play next. Tennessee titans played without played with and without I believe Marcus mariota. I wasn't even really paying attention, but they beat the, they beat the Jaguars Jaguars for a darling for a lot of people after they beat the patriots last week. So the NFL is a a helter skelter business and consistency LT wins the day this the eagles gotta clean up. Some of these sloppy issues that they have. You are right. The titans did beat the Jaguars bet. I'm not. I don't know how impressive I call it nine six two game. And yes. Mariota twelve eighteen for one hundred yards and Blaine gabbert had three pass attempts for reasons passing understanding the freight yards. I don't know. Maybe mariota went out for a little bit in that game, but I think I'd Gabbard got hurt in mariota came in and then they just went like real run heavy because of the issue is that Marietta. They were waiting for him to get feeling back in his hand, which has never. She was, yeah. Well, so bad. They're playing the low score. There. It was well, listen, not eagles win this one. Twenty two sixteen move to two and one on the season. Michael. Any final thoughts before we wrap up the recap addition, BGN radio Yemen, just happy to be two in one right now with everything going on with this team. You know the potential Super Bowl hangover that they could've gone through. They had to really, really close wins, and then a close when are close loss that they call themselves back into after going down early, the seem as mentally tough and their Bill to win these types of games. They've been there done that, which is good. A lot of things run the NFL that have that losing culture don't quite know how to win. These close games would have dropped both of those games. So as many concerns we have about the eagles as many injury issues that we're dealing with right now where we're going to get over those things, we're going to get better. Carson Wentz going to get better as season goes along. And and right now we've got a winning winning percentage. So you know, you can't really. You can't really fault too much there, and I am happy that we're, we're getting teams like the Colton titans here during the stretch winter. We're missing alshon Jeffery, Jay. And I know everybody's hoping that at least one, if not, both of those guys is ready to go in week four against the titans that will do it for this edition of BGN radio. Thanks to to Michael kissed again, follow Michael on Twitter at Michael kissed NFL and you can follow me on Twitter at John. Stolnis. Thanks everybody for tuning in. We'll talk to you all next time right here on BGN radio.

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