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The Clarence Thomas Hearings


And Action Three. You're listening to the dollop on the all things comedy network. This is a bilingual American history. Podcast where each week I Dave Anthony Friend? Gareth Reynolds has no idea what the topic is going to be about what happened there. You left a pregnant pause or felt like you were GonNa go through your dumb three occupation or pretty excited at this point. I do enjoy this version more. I'm not sure if it's going to happen. It's not it's better so I wanted to make an announcement we are going to. The dollop is now going to be in Spanish. We is a bilingual. It is literally a bilingual history. Podcast so to two gentlemen who are from Mexico they have a podcast called Linda's legendary US L. podcast they I'm trying to this is great. It's in Spanish. I was trying to pull. This was a bilingual. That'd be no proud. God Damn ideas meal. It's all in Spanish okay. So anyway so so they have this great podcast in in Mexico. It's very popular. And they're also fans of the they will be doing the they will do taking our scripts translate and they'll be doing a l. dollop a version of the dog in Spanish. So if you have Spanish speaking friends or you know anybody spanish-speaking great way to learn Spanish. Yeah a great way to learn Spanish so if you want to introduce them to the dollar. This is a great way to do that. The HUSSAR Jose Antonio Badia and Edwato Espinosa. And they're really guys they're like US guys. SHOULD START. That should start centrist. I think this week or maybe Monday. But that's when the first one's GONNA DROP. We'll probably drop the first episode on our feed. It'll be telling Spanish so you can just give it to you. Tell your friends about it. Or whatever for people who haven't heard this part. I'll do an intro. So they know it's okay that's nice that's GonNa be Spanish. Yeah it's fun. Yeah it's great. Yeah I still don't care for you. Okay that's neither here. I don't know why the link is called completing his jam patch guy. They've okay Gary and this is not gonna come to tickly just like five part could hit him with the puppy sip arguments action and then some good stuff so now. I'm now I'm really gonNA learn Spanish stuff. What happened intro? Very good you enjoy our. I loved it. It's a ride. What's happening right now? It's a ride dates coming up that you WANNA ride buddy. It's a fun run-scoring home right. Now it's a fun ride. Say That if you want to watch this dynamic feed of US doing the podcast you can go to the all things comedy Youtube Page and you can watch us do the podcast and let me tell you from looking monitor right now. I look crazy David. I will be at the Denver Improv April Twenty fourth through the twenty six. I will be at the Pittsburgh Improv April thirtieth through may third. I will be. I'll be it stand up in Phoenix ARIZONA AT C. B. Was that right. You're really good at this Cb Live Oh that is right. Okay thank you earn. Fuck you dave. And I'll be at directly IMPROV. In North Carolina may twenty eight eight first. And then there's even some June ones they'll be in Dallas. In June Gareth Rosette Cobb. Some of the tickets aren't up. You have to ask Aaron. What the club's name. What's great is like a rap duo. I don't even need to ask him. He just fucking jumped in and filled in the gap. So just so you know that was like the rap duo of Chuck D and Flavor Flav. That's how bad that was today. Well Sir Lauder Daring was Flav Erin. You're for sure Flav. No year flavor. Flav that's rude. We the DOLLOP will be Yida. We've adobe doing a show this week. Royal Oak Michigan on March six Minneapolis on March seventh. Guess we bill Corbett who is very very funny. Always wanted to have mon and adorable adorable and then we will be in the next week or two weeks. Cincinnati Pittsburgh and Cleveland and then we do Seattle and Portland later in March. Then we're in Houston Austin Dallas. Oklahoma City Nashville Saint Louis Kansas City des Moines West Palm Beach Tampa Orlando Louisville Indianapolis. Hey West Palm Beach what do you say? You aren't the worst selling show ever. I. Let's counter with a better off. You buy one ticket you get fifty five for free hurry up. Also I my friend Kyle. Burns is in quarantine he yes he is Ernst Corentin node. Burns's brother Kyle the other burns. He is in quarantine. How how did he get coronation? Why would you crews worked on it? He worked on the cruise ship. And he he's the big one the one that everyone talks about. He's on that one. Yes and he's still in quarantine and all he's doing is listening to podcast. And he's been listening to a lot of the dollop and so I told him we'd. We'd shout them out. I said it is mind numbing. Lee Boring oh I can imagine but I have a policy never ever ever gonNA cruise ship for work or for enjoyment never ever GonNa Christian. The only loophole go there for crabs. Okay not okay. Crabs are good. Yeah you can get those so easily. Which Kinda crabs we talk about the ITCHY scratchy. Why would you want those? Doesn't everybody WANNA be some sort of culture? No Oh I don't think so. I think to me it's fun too. I like having a bunch of different species on me. I sort of feel like my own earth so you feel like you wanna be a host. I love the idea of being a host. Thank you know me. I love to host parties. I love body to be a host. Okay that's why I have tapeworms. I have tons of tons of things but I'm looking. I'm excited to go on. I'm going on a cruise next week too. Hopefully hopefully fine. Yeah I picture like the under the kind exempt under your like they do under the pubic ended up your jobs on cubes. You Know Darla gets better down where it's wet under up hugues come on air. You were with you. Try to change the subject because this is really upsetting so we are brought to you in part by an native of course is a deodorant situation. 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Leela raised them. They lived in poverty. There was no sewage system or pave roads. His mother worked as a maid and took charity from the Church to get by while K. Ta Da. Very humbling beginnings graduates seven. Their house burned down. I don't know how but yeah that's just part of the course right. This is what happens. Yeah and then. His mom decided to get married so she sent clarins brother to live with his grandfather and savannah. Okay so one of those. I'm getting married. Let's just completely start over right without the children. The children. Yeah the girl which is weird. Well I get it I get it. This was a much better life. He had regular meals and indoor plumbing. Wow shitting in the sheets regular meals shit in the house. Now there. We go eating eating three times a day and then also be advocating on your health. Yeah yeah the boys worked for their grandfather making deliveries clarence. Grandfather urged him to become a priest. Okay wish he'd followed the path. Yeah so clarence. Left his all black high school after two years to go to Saint John of any minor seminary which was an all white boarding school that trained priests so he went to an all white boarding school. Yeah but it's but their training priests so you would think that it would be. I mean you know you're you're a religious man. You're all learning how to become priests. You would think there would be an open mindedness. Yeah would be that. The Lord's love is Great. The Lord's love knows no bounds. Unless of course you're not white then it's like half as much not good. Then he likes you a little bit. You're bumming the Lord. I being in an all white school you see Clarence you made the choice to be non white. That was your first mistake. Being Black Clarence was excluded from social activities and made fun of for that. Sucks classic pre stuff. But he's stuck in there and he graduated with decent grades after he went to the Immaculate Conception Seminary in Missouri. Well let me let me. Pretty Straightforward Curriculum Immaculate Conception you at the ICU ICS fuck kicks in seminary. Sorry so you almost did it. Because he didn't finish. He quickly slammed the church. Likes when you don't finish big on cashing not even starting helps pull out. Great great good and come on my actually. Well that's how Mary that's. That's that's why they consider it an immaculate conception because Mary who's like no pull out it'll be you know so they were like he didn't yeah they don't go over that part in the Bible they skim. It matters a whole thing. There was also just the tip part then Lord I should just try the tip potentially use just the helmet pie. I'll ride Lord. I will okay Laura. I'm just all God Lord and that Go. Oh wonderful combining lessons leave the product the Mozell God Lord. No I'm tired seeping law you. Smoking with those are even around yet they are. Oh Pall Mall Lorne good me so he bails because the racism is so bad and he went to Holy Cross very helped form the black student union and supported the Black Panthers interesting. Wow Wow yeah. Good what what happens. We joined the system. The devil must work in. Dc somewhere has to have a layer. Come forward Clarence Nineteen seventy-one Clarence graduated ninth in his class with an English honours degree the next day he married Kathy Ambush. Yeah well not a lot of people know this. He didn't even know they were getting married. He thought he was going to regular ceremony. Kathy jumped out. She's like Gabby ambush. We're getting married. I didn't even know you were here. Clan was accepted to Yale Law School through its affirmative action program okay. While he was at Yale they had a son Jamal when he graduated a lot of firms tried to recruit him. They told him he could do. Pro Bono work which offended him where the liquid. You're a Black Sea WanNA work for you. Yeah right okay instead. He took a job. In Missouri was state attorney. General John Danforth Republican share. He worked in the tax division and didn't have to go near any civil rights cases which he didn't WANNA deal he. He had an aversion to civil rights. Case Okay Danforth was elected to the Senate and nine hundred. Seventy seven. Clans became a corporate lawyer in the pesticide in agriculture. Division of the Monsanto Company. Gosh what this. This just happened so fast we were just feeling sensitive sensitivity for the lack of indoor plumbing and now. He's a lawyer for a lobbyist for pesticides. Definitely Yeah Yell. Something mentally ill. What happens at Yale? Yeah for sure number one he got into the affirmative action program which was probably bitter about or got to keep for out about probably but who knows point. You just go you know what? I just want money so much that I will do whatever. Yeah Monsanto is an abysmal abysmal organization. Yeah they really are. After two years he went to work a four Danforth as a legislative aide in in nineteen eighty. He went to a black conservatives conference and the Washington Post published an article about him. I was getting a little attention. This happens to because they're like they're like we found a unicorn like a black conservative right that up. Well I would. You can even honestly trace that sensation BA- like if you if you're him and you go through the seminary program and things like that you're the only black guy you're treated differently too. Now you go into environment where your race actually makes us something elevates you yes I mean that's you know while while fuck that that group of gentleman still like you. I guess you can kind of understand the psychology behind it a little bit. I guess I Guess Malcolm X. had a name for people like Cranston so so the article gets attention from the Reagan administration. Good and then. They offered him a job as the assistant secretary for Civil Rights in the Department of Education. Okay well and can. I just jump in and say that knowing Reagan's track record with civil rights. Obviously he had a big imprint. Don't think we've ever tried a president that did more for civil rights. Yeah I I agree. Hundred percent grant took the job as soon he was promoted to head of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission the EEOC where supervised federal efforts to curb. Discrimination in the workplace is going to be a problem right. Yeah there's a sense looking down the river further. I see some rocky areas at some conflict ahead so clearance instead a lot companies to be more flexible with hiring minorities okay. He ended the use of class. Action suits that relied on statistical evidence of discriminatory discriminatory effects so he basically logical cases. We're no longer like no more stats today. Prove point stats. Prove Your Point House with Gary Stat. Right civil rights groups were furious when he did this now. Anita Hill was born on July thirtieth nineteen fifty-six in Lone Tree Oklahoma. She was the youngest of thirteen children. Well that's fucking crazy. Yeah to Oklahoma State University and then Yale Law School and after being admitted to the bar in nineteen eighty she worked at Washington. Dc Law Firm and in nineteen. Ninety-one was hired as an attorney advisor to Clarence Thomas and the office of Civil Rights. They're working relationship was. It was good at first. I thought that he respected my work and then he trusted my judgment but after three months. He asked her to go out with him. She declined saying it would jeopardize their good working relationship. Also he's married. I was going to ask gangs. Marian so what the comfort that out even if you're cheating don't you just feel a tremendous sense of guilt? Aren't you always hiding it instead? You're David but instead you're at work come on me. I don't know how yeah. Yeah I mean I've never understood like like gene to me. You're like if I cheat on my wife. I feel horrible but then on top of that just doing it at work or like people that are around you all the tack. It just crazy out. It'd be clearly it turned crazy. It's a terrible decision. Yeah so she declined saying jeopardize their good working relationship and you're married also shoes very uncomfortable with the idea of dating him and she explained that to him clearly. She thought that what ended it did not. He kept asking her out and he asked her to justify why she was saying no which is the first of all by the way. That's a cool cool when you do that. You do why we look at me. I'm fucking awesome. Hey does this follow up? Validate you in any way. Why unicycle I kind of look like a square? Why this always happened when they were alone. Clarence than started using the times they had to be together at work to talk about sex. He started calling under his office and then discussing things of a sexual nature quote. His conversations were very vivid. He talked about different sex scenes. He had seen him porn movies. That's just how you've never hit on a woman. That's how you do it. You invited out actually by her next one. What do work. I am an attorney. Great great you know. I was watching a porno this morning. Where it was a couple of attorneys and One of the prosecuting attorney's bent the defense attorney over the bench. Then the STIG Naga for Started kissing the process. It was a very hot sex and I watched and I watched it for ages. I Love Porno so sometime. Would you maybe want to go camping? No no no no. I've been watching a lot of good camping. Porno LATE MAKES ME LESS. Want to go camping with you. Does that make sense? It was just if I may indulge me for a moment. I was watching a porno about a week and a half ago camping Pornos J. Camping Porno and it was basically. This couple was worried that there was going to be a bear and they lost some of their supplies and then they were cold so they decided to sleep next to each other for warmth. Yeah well of course He ends up doing a little bit of anal there in the woods. And there's no bear. They had a bear sound effect but they probably had sex and three or four different positions. Sorry this is an interview. Would you like to go to a barbecue? No no I don't want to go anywhere with these funny because I was actually watching a porno that had barbecue scene. The other day the porn is included women having sex with animals groups like God what group Sex Group Sex and rape. What is this is just office conversation? So lady fuck a Yak in it. Can we actually just talking about the case? This woman took Yak Cock in a way that should be illegal. Might be illegal. You're a lawyer. What do you think I think illegal actually happening in this room right now a woman be able to Yak Bang. No and I don't want to know about Yak banging. I would just like to talk about the case I'm here to talk about you ever seen No okay all right. Well we could talk about the case but I just want to run through. I've got a couple more pornos on the docket to run through some crazy shit. This lady had sex with an alligator. Okay their penises are very tiny. I don't WanNa talk anymore. Now all right you look good. I don't work is normal right. No give me a fist-bump no give me a kiss Would also discuss porn. That had guys with huge Cox specifically brought up porn-star a long Dong silver. Oh my God what is happening and honestly as a young boy at the time. If you've never seen a photo of lung dunks over go ahead and look at it what that is not. It's really disturbing. We do not condone that. He also talked about women with big breasts quote on several occasion. Thomas Toby graphically zone sexual prowess so he is just full on disgust. He's just a fucking piece of shredder. Yeah we're on Predator disgusting fucking everything you everything. These stereotypical nightmare fucking asshole boss. Who's just gross so misguided to think no idea how women were? That's what I mean. It's always with these guys. Always know woman in her right mind ever wants to fuck and here this ever ever. But it's also about power and control and frigging them out and we all know the feeling when you just watched it cool porn. You WanNa scream it from rooftops. Yeah no I know I do. And she do not want to have these discussions and especially in such graphic way. She'd always tried to turn the conversation back to work or even talk about his background and Religion. Quote my efforts to change the subject. We're rarely successful and passing out. But she was his only assistant and so was subjected to it often after a while though it ended the conversation is asking all of it and she thought there were humilation could go back to being professional so in Clarence went to the EEOC. Anita had to decide whether or not to go with them and she decided to working as as his assistant quote. The work itself was interesting. I also face the realistic fact. That had no alternative job. The first month went fine. Nothing sexual happened a no date requests and then in the fall of Nineteen ninety-two. It started up again. He started asking why she didn't go out with him and making comments about how she looked. And whether what she was wearing made her more or less sexually attractive quote he began to show real displeasure in his tone of voice demeanor his continued pressure for an explanation and is married and he's married quote. One of the Odyssey episodes I remember was an occasion in which Thomas was drinking a coke in his office he said WHO has put pubic hair on my coke. He also kept commenting about how he had a big Dick and how good he was going down on women which alad call the TRIFECTA. That's just a how how you that's how you talk to women. Also he's he's it's there's there's a there's a there's a stupidity here like there's some some guys now talked women and some guys don't but this is this is a combination of of not understanding women. Adult this is nerd power this yes and being really fucking dominant top. This like being completely ignorant about how women work. Yeah this is this is I mean it is? He's been in many positions where his status is so low. His status is now so high that is yielding it for evil. Yeah Yeah Yeah and and asking her out while doing because he knows but there's no way he can't sense Louis C. K. When he when he jerks off when he closes the door and jerks off in front of a woman who works for him he's more turned on by the confusion in our eyes and anything else but I also don't understand like the the I guess it's just different brains entirely but the idea that once you're shot down once you're dead you move away like you've become you're a sad relic of a moment past if you keep. Yeah it goes back to. I think it's about power. It's yeah so it's a lesser version. And now you're now. It sounds like yeah exactly. It's more like he resents her so now he's like all right. I'll just like an hail Mary it all day. You know so now I need is extremely stressed out. She's worried he was gonNA fire her to motor. She started for another job in January. Nineteen ninety-three but it was hard because she was worried if he found out he take it out and then there was a hiring freeze. Put in place by Reagan. In February Anita was so stressed out that she was hospitalized for five days for stomach pains and after she was released she doubled down on finding a new job in the spring. She was offered a job at Oral Roberts University Teaching Law and she took it when she told Clarence he said she quote would no longer have an excuse for not going out with him. Clara over here. Jesus Christ fucking Yeah Damn it. She said she still WanNa go out with him. He offered to take her out to dinner only as a professional courtesy between Boston. Employees Goodbye Dinner. Oh no and she reluctantly agreed. He told her at the dinner he told her. For the most part who's happy with their work except for one thing she had done quote he said that if I ever told anyone about his behavior toward me it could ruin his career so he knows he knows. Left in July. Hardly had any contact with Clarence Thomas. After now clans personal life not going great. His grandfather died in nineteen eighty three and he got a divorce the next year guy a nine hundred eighty six. He met Virginia Lamp. She was an Omaha raised. Republican who worked in Congress and then became a lobbyist where she lobbied against things like the family medical. Leave Act which would make large employers give paid unpaid leave to people just had a kid. So she's lobbying against maternity allowing Kit Ninety Maternity. Leave unpaid maternity. She's loving again parents. Being able to take time all that without the company paying for it. That's what she's lobbying against that so she is another word. You can't be a parent. Yes she is a stain on humanity Hubert on the cocaine of society. Thank you things. We're turning around for Clarence. Though in nineteen ninety President Bush appointed him to the. Us Court of Appeals in Washington DC. Now he's never been a judge is going straight to the court of Appeal. He's never been a judge. Court appeals very powerful. Yeah yeah that's where he's gone especially the DC one going straight to the fucking high levels of being a judge no experience. What's our in Nineteen ninety-one Thurgood Marshall? Retired from the Supreme Court. They're good was a brilliant attorney who played an instrumental role in moulding racial equality during the civil rights movement. I can't believe he's about to rise to the supreme court is so fast for never having been a judge. Thurgood argued a record breaking thirty two cases before the Supreme Court and won twenty nine of them he when more cases before the Supreme Court than anyone he was then put on the Supreme Court by Lyndon Johnson became the first black judge on the court. He is one of the most influential people in shaping social policies in America and upholding laws to protect minorities now after stepping down president. George H W Bush thought. It'd be great to replace a man who fought for minority justice with a man who loved it but they're the same skin color right so they forty-three oh Clarence Thomas. Bush said Clarence was the quote. Best person in the country to take Marshall's place on the court. It's so offensive on so many levels that it's astounding. Bush's attorney general told him replacing Marshall with someone who did not hold his views would make it very difficult and of course. Minority groups are furious. The hated his conservative views on civil rights and thought he was against abortion now at this time. Supreme Court nominees were evaluated by a committee of the American Bar Association. Okay to the bar would look at them evaluate them and say here's how could there is about their right and then the Senate Judiciary Committee would take that into advisement hearing right now. Republicans already knew. Clarence Thomas is a Shit. Pick just a ship pick with almost no experiences a judge and that the bar would give them a poor rating over the summer rumors swirled around. Dc ABOUT ANITA's sexual harassment. By Clarence she was now. Professor at the University of Oklahoma Democratic. Staffers went to her and asked her to discuss it. She did with the agreement that she would stay. Anonymous but Joe Biden was the chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Right and his staff told her if it went into the record her name would have to be used on September six. She said she wanted to think about coming forward. The hearing supposed to start in four days so the White House. Republican senators pressured the bar to give clearance an average quote qualified rating. So there so the ceiling is average. But they're literally like so worried about. How shitty is that right? Can we just get it like? He doesn't stop. I mean it really does just go like I mean. I'm not. It started before. That bobby like this. I mean just what our system is. Based on nepotism garbage I mean just non qualifications versus what bidding. Will you do well if you don't if the idea that you're begging a Bar Association to make Supreme Court Justice Look Good Supreme Court and you don't again this all this all comes down to handshakes right? Yeah that's why trump gets away with them. There are no laws written. Tells you what to fucking nuts. There's no law that says you have to give your tax records should have call us up stuff so again this other thing like it should be you have to have a certain amount of legal experience in court or as a judge to be on the Supreme Court or else you get dumb assholes. Well it's cool though it's cool so a at the same time the Republicans. So at the same time as they're pushing the bar gave them a qualified rating. They're they're painting the bars of partisan so. They're they're working it from both sides right and Clarence was given a qualified vote. Although to twelve people voted to voted not qualified. I WANNA refuse to vote okay. So this is one of the lowest levels of Support. A supreme court nominee had ever received by. It's terrible it's crazy. The Senate Judiciary Committee. Yeah he got he got something. He didn't deserve The Senate Judiciary Committee hearings began on September tenth. Nineteen ninety-one Joe. Biden's the chairman. This was just three years after Biden had been forced to withdraw from the presidential race for accusations of plagiarism. And what he considered attacks on his character okay so a previous Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork. Obama rejected and people saw thought much because a personal attacks so buying wanted to avoid that again. So He's got people thought that the reason why bork was not put on was personal. Some people did. Yeah the light because a back alley abortions they are I mean yeah and so they all were like This man is a good man. Yeah so Biden. Wants avoid personal reasons because he felt personally attacked as a presidential candidate because he plagiarized a British speech and said Made Forty Times. These are my mates cheers. Mate cheers and the reason is the bar thing is want to go through that again. So he's trying to keep it all about business business now. Witnesses both for and against Would be heard. So Clarence testified during the hearing clarence would not express pains about policies or how he would constitutionally interpret situations. Well and at the time people thought he was being cagey but they didn't realize that that was just going to be how he ruled. Quiet quiet dumb foolish. He said he had not come up with position on Roe versus Wade. Yeah I mean it's just Porsche truly. This should start. They should start. They should have like heart rate monitor. They should be like you. Should there should be someone there who is just like he's lying like he does remember the hearings last ten days and ended on September twentieth but afterwards Democratic senator started to worry about Anita's experiences or more like if they would become public later and then they would look bad didn't weren't they also like they were not respectful of her and get there but this is just. They've done the hearing hearing his right now. They're going to go to a vote to send it to the Senate floor but now they're worried like oh well. This need a hill stuff is out there right. We'll this make us look bad. When comes out the right way to look at things yeah? So how does this affect my reelection? Senator Edward Kennedy and some others push by do something about it so Biden told Anita she led the committee members know officially by submitting to an FBI investigation. So he's saying there's an FBI investigation. Then it'll go to the committee and lobby pop up. But she had both she and Clarence would be interviewed so she agreed well and it was interviewed by the FBI. In Oklahoma three days later. She also sends an affidavit to the Judiciary Committee K clearance was then interviewed by the FBI at home and on September twenty seventh. The committee met to vote okay. Discharges had still not been made public so the only people know about it are the judiciary the judiciary committee and the FBI. Nobody Biden told Democrats about her statements just hours before the why is being handled so impromptu. Why is Joe Biden handlings improperly but I mean is it he? What is his fear? His fear is that he's going to look bat. He thinks that it shouldn't be about personal stuff as you. Just because he literally thinks this doesn't matter right so they voted. The vote was deadlocked. Seven seven okay. So Republicans actually do not see the statement days after. Oh Wow what at some point Biden said to? His fellow committee members a text. Three all three three. Oh three Oh three all okay. No I buy told a break. Or something Biden told Clarence he would oppose him but would send his nomination to the Senate floor okay and it looked like he would be approved despite Democrats controlling the Senate. Democrats have like fifty seven senators completing control this and there and just the majority of them are not GonNa know about this. We are. Yeah unless unless comes out right but the yeah Biden also told Clarence he would be treated fairly. If the sexual harassment allegations were made public bide untold top. Okay that also sounds crazy senator. John Danforth Clarence. His wife would later write. That Biden said quote. I think you're a good man. And if these allegations come up. I don't think they have merit. I will be your biggest defender God so at this at this. He's got receipts so at this boat. So there's still there's still in this deadlock seventy seven still going all day and then Biden says at the hearing or whatever it is quote. I believe there are certain things that are not an issue at all. And that is his character this is about what he believes. And then in what was described as a very warning tone Biden said quote. I know my colleagues and I urge everyone else to refrain from personalizing this battle now. He's basically talking to his fellow. Democrats you would literally think that Joe Biden had done the exact same thing based on what his baby is. Behavior is now now. He made the statement but at no point had anyone in the hearing said anything about Clarence not being a good guy. That had never come up. It was just all business so some reporters were there and they're like. Oh what the fuck is this state? Wait what is he is out. What are you doing so what it should be about his character. Thank you know that should be Dick okay? So they started looking into it at the end of the day after an extensive debate the judiciary committee voted thirteen. One to four Clarence Thomas Nomination to the full Senate on September twenty seven hundred ninety one so even though the Democrats have a woman statement and FBI investigation. She's making claims of sexual harassment and really grotesque all of the Democrats but one vo or to pass it on. Pass it on on October sixth. Npr AIR STORY BREAKING DOWN. A need is sexual harassment charges. The fact both have been interviewed by the FBI as well as an interview with Anita herself and it was backed by witnesses who said at the time. Anita had told them this was going on now. So cocaine right so for me. One of the biggest. If a woman comes forward years later one of the biggest pieces of proof is if other people say yes. She told me at the time that to me is just damning right. Newsday newspaper also broke the story on the same day so then Anita Hill the press conference and said she would testify K. She did this one day before the final vote was so they're about to vote in the Senate. The next day ripped Biden is now worried. People would be upset about how he handled things. Yeah of course. I don't know why I can't imagine why the level of corruption that I mean truly is it corruption a total lack of human empathy. It is immoral. But it's it's you you sacrifice those in order to maintain status quo so that you keep your job so that you keep making money and are still powerful so he felt he felt like he had followed the rules the FBI investigated and that was given to members of the committee and so he was supposed to have been done but Democrats then postponed the vote for a week after this hits. Democrats agreed to have another round of hearings okay but they gave concessions to the Republicans. Annoy you shaking your head it just because they have never it never. It will never have fifty seven. They have complete power. Yes and they're like well. What are you guys want you guys? What can we do to get you guys to agree to do this? The new hearings. Starting three days there will be no second committee. Vote on Clarence okay. So it's automatically it's going to go to the Senate. Yes and there'll be a floor vote regardless of what was learned in the hearing so no matter what is said in the hearing. He's still gonNA get an up or down vote correct. Furthermore by Republicans came to the agreement that the hearings would solely focus on sexual harassment and avoid stuff like clearances. Love a porn. Well out of the things that creeped me out hearing talk about porn and his own. Dick where the things that were. I would say we're top tier issues. So that's left out by. That has no relevance here bearing. No He's not going to do that when he's on the Supreme Court. Of course not you learn a lot. Just put on the road robe of knowledge of change. It's a magic road. It is by then gave clearance the choice to testify before or after Anita advantage bullshit. Is this fucking Y aright? Anita's going to receive. Which side of the court do you want to sit on? I mean you fucking make the call by fucking make the call off. This is a fighting biting even looking at it from a selfish angle. This is a time for Joe Biden and actually do it right and get away from like looking like a fuck up. Yeah so he could reset and be like no. Let's go. We gotta like this guy's a Douche bag I'm not saying we don't vote amid because his douchebag. I'm saying because people know that I knew it was a Douche bag and when it say so now we got us as a dish back so a clearances chooses to testify first Biden call receive Biden. Call the needed to tell her. She asked how hearing would be conducted sloppily. I'll be in charge and I'm I'M GONNA say here's the deal. A Lot Biden said well at this point and the only thing we can do is to conduct an open hearing now. Anita felt like he was blaming her for having to hold the hearing also he he pushed all this and if you think back to what she. I said she was like. I just don't want anyone to know my name. Yeah now you're like we're having an I mean the level of heightening this is going through as absurd. Republicans the movie that's based on you so Biden then invest. Fbi investigation would happen that investigation. The report would then go to the committee and the no one else would hear about. He was hoping it would all get buried. That's what he thought would happen and now he's upset with her for happy. You've done it again. Excuse me you've done it again. Anita you really always seemed to be at the center of these issues. Don't you? Republican congressional staff were now looking for affidavits from Anita's past law. Students that would state cheat engaged in unseemly behaviors. They also look for any info about psychological conditions. That would make her lie about Clarence. Thomas Senator Alan Simpson believed Anita's claims did not merit serious concern. He was quote angered to the core. He's he's angry. Well these these guys are you know. They're all over sixty power forever. They really think that this is fine. Yeah they think it's fine do and they do and they do feel like people are invading their territory. They're very territorial and they're rude and even when it's something like this they're like dicks in an interview old white. Yeah it's interesting in an interview. He said quote this is Simpson. I'm really getting stuff over the TRANSOM. About Professor Hill. I have got statements from her former law. Professor statements from people that know her statements from Tulsa Oklahoma. Saying Watch out for this woman. Yeah Watch out. She's really at ninety one and I love people that act like Republicans changed at some point. Yeah always haven't been the most fucking vicious disgusting pieces of Shit that ever exists as well as Democrats. Well this ISN PAINTING. Democrats good either. That's their job. Their job is to be marginally better so that we keep believing in heroes. The hearing started three days later. Networks covered it live witnesses. Who were going to appear were subpoenaed and sworn-in that included four witnesses. Who said Anita told them? She was being harassed while it happened. And his opening statement Biden said. This was not a courtroom and the same rules. Do not apply quote. We are not here or at least. I am not here to be an advocate for one side or the other with respect to the specific allegations which we will review yes I'm not culpable. He's literally saying he's not on a team. He's lady saying that he doesn't care conserve. This guy is replacing Thurgood Marshall. Yeah I mean Jesus fucking Christ Washington Post quote some former Senate. Aides Describe Biden as having a preoccupation with being liked by members of both parties may also said quote. The chair does not have the power to rule out of order questions that are not relevant to our proceedings. Sorry say that again. The chair does not have the power to rule out of order questions that are not relevant to our proceedings. So any question goes basically. That's what he's saying. Any question goes I just basically. You're pay clarence. I mean he's literally saying I can't there's no overruling of bullshit that's not how they fucking work especially when you're dealing with something of sexual like nature like this if there's something that makes her uncomfortable you she should not have to talk about it he said both in. Clarence we're not on trial and they would not. They were not here to badgered. Witnesses should not feel like she's on trial. No this is. She's like a witness. Yes so look. She's the victim. S Clarence testified. I he said it about a couple of weeks since he learned that was up talking about my man. I watched this porno the other day. You should have seen this SCUBA PORNO SCUBA. Yeah they had skeptics scuba sex man or we're going to wrap up the hearing scuba stands for no self contained underwater blowing apparatus that we have to shut down. Yeah you're not helping your case Helping little clearance here. No I'm going to bang the gavel. Watch order or my shorts clan said. He was shocked. He said Anita never said anything to him when they worked together and never brought it up with female co-workers which again even if that was true is not does not make. He painted himself as the victim under attack from the press. And these terrible allegations quote. I've never in all my life felt such hurt. Such pain such agony. This is where this is this this this this is what has to go. My family and I have been done a grave and irreparable injustice. This is not America. This is Kafka esque. It's not Kafka ask. There's nothing about this right. Has this relate to what Dave I feel like turning into a bug? I am not going to allow myself to be further humiliated in order to be confirmed yesterday. I called my mother. She was confined to her bed unable to work unable to stop crying. So I told you a couple of pornos went to bed. Enough is enough. I will not provide the rope for my own lynching or further humiliation dangerous interesting. Well might as well use that card. Well well done at the end but that really is what that is what it is. It's it's the inability now to actually accept something as the way it is an admit fault rather you undercut victimization by victimizing yourself and it works all you do. Is You just say that the media is skewed and the you're the enemy of the media and then that's probably enough to get you through the news cycle remember needed given a statement to the FBI whenever so Biden then started to say and he did not want her statement read but instead wanted to testify herself and say in person and then Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah. Cut Binoche Quote. This is the nomination of a man to become a justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Hatch was irate by NAST HATCH. He would yield. Isn't he supposed to yield? Well hold on hatches. Just cut off the chairman right so there is no yielding. You found your fucking Gabby and say do shut your fucking out. But he's asking him. Will you yield yield? Just cut you off motherfucker. Do you're damn job so had said no let me finish. I'm sorry and then Biden said no I won't and has attached. Just said yes you will and then finished. Oh my God. Joe Quote he has a right to face the accuser and everything the accuser says. It'd be doesn't. I'm going to resign from this committee today. I'm telling you I don't want to be on it. Republicans were already starting to completely roll over Joe Biden and control the hearing so Anita testified next. But I'll bet you the they liked him. Yes which is what matters. All that matters. Needed gave her opening statement. She was very quiet and poised. She's black she's thirty five years old. The committee is all male. All White and Oliver Sixty great visual perfect. Yeah Biden set the rules. Close like a bunch of guys. You don't want to see it in the lock. That's how I would describe our quote. This is by. It is appropriate to ask Professor Hill. Anything any member wishes to ask her to plumb the depths of credibility. I've got a member that would like to talk. No Clarence but can you imagine. Yeah no you refer yet. He's literally setting her up to be savage all right. Let's stone the witch. I mean it's fucking crazy. You can ask her anything you want. Yeah you can ask your Tester fucking credibility and this guy is a fucking piece of shit raising an either layer later say it was worse than being on trial because she had absolutely no legal protections. That's crazy. Republicans brutally went after Anita and Joe did not put up a fight to stop it. Republicans said it was weird. She waited eight years reveal. This and there were inconsistencies between her. Fbi interview and her statements. I mean whatever. She didn't wait she was like I. Don't I just WanNa get away from this thing? Why didn't you buy you at the time? Because he wasn't GonNa be on the Supreme Court but come on like like a fucking woman at that. Time can come forward. The fucking black environment doesn't make you feel comfortable. Anita Anita said quote. I may have a duty. Us Poor judgment as far as not reporting but she was concerned with her career and didn't want to burn any bridges. The boss the question your motives and alluded to the fact that they had a pile of hideous details private life. Michelle who did put that pubic hair upon the candidate. Coca Claire Clarence Thomas. So Senator Arlen Specter. He is from. He's a good guy is he on the is too. He's in Pennsylvania. He accused of quote flat out perjury. He's accusing her of perjury. At a non trial Professor Hill. You said that you took it to mean that Judge Thomas. One of the half sex with you but in fact he never did. Ask you to have sex curric- now he did not ask me to have sex. He did continually pressure me to go out with him continually and he would not accept. My explanation as one is being Being valid you are not now drawing a conclusion the judge Thomas Sexually harassed you. I am drawing that conclusion. That pardon me. I don't understand on page three. It was my opinion at the time and is now my opinion that Ms Hills fantasies about sexual interest in her were an indication of the fact that she was having a problem being rejected by man she was attracted to fact is flatly. He never asked you to look at pornographic movies with him with him. No he did not occasion. I'd rather not know to determine whether or not the witness ever saw the FBI report to. She know what was stated by the FBI about her conway Mr Chairman. I'm asking her about what she said to the. I'm just asking now that you have read the FBI report. You can see that. It contains no reference to any mention of Judge Thomas Private Parts or sexual prowess or size of his private parts and his sexual prowess and long John Silver that that information was comprehended within the statement quote. Thomas liked to discuss specific sex action frequency of sex. I did not bring the information forward to try to establish a legal claim for sexual harassment. I think we different our interpretation of what I said. What am I missing here? Professor witness speak at her own were and having words put in her mouth chairman. I object to that. I checked to that the separately. I'm asking okay so I'm going to keep going with this. But but one thing candidate Joe is one thing When when Biden tried to say something and get Arlen silent went back at him he just makes the shrugs his shoulders and now he is being interrupted by Edward Kennedy. Who is actually doing is fucking dry. Who's actually doing his job questions here. Santa County has anything to say about him. Participate in this hearing away by sitting right next to him. He he's fucking doing biden isn't saying anything right. God Damn it. That is the weakest Gab. He gaveled in laughed. At that's like a baby gavel Biden gavelled in Latin his gavel. Very Bang Bang this preceding has been Eliminating to tell America. What is the long sexual harassment? That is something which had not been known I just would have wished. In retrospect that we had done this earlier and that This educational process had not come in This forum On a Supreme Court nominee at at this stage. I have wondered about. The quality of those explanations candidly But there isn no description for this entire proceeding other than About a tragedy. Hit that that what that is if you watch that video Joe Biden looks two choices insanely week or doesn't give a shit but there is no other explanation. I think it's a beautiful combination of both because it always comes down to you know quote unquote electability. How how well you can work with others. But why do you want to work with others when the others are just I mean are doing shit like are just terrible and that really is I mean you see we keep pulling the threat of? How did we end up where we are? It's like it's so evident there but the the the the real thing is that she the idea that she has to sit there for like her internal monologue must just be like. Oh my goodness get through this. And it'll end and time will pass because it's very clear that she's being scapegoated and condescended by them. Saying this is by calling this. A teachable. Moment for sexual harassment is not way came here. I didn't come here so that I could be the face of what sexual harassment white assholes. Yeah like nobody knew. This wasn't legal thanking her at the end he's like I think there's been very educate. It's like dude you just. You were a prick. Yeah so that's that's Arlen Specter who A. He's Republican moderate from Pennsylvania and narrow. Nextstep play a little bit. Senator Howell Heflin of Alabama the progressive state of Alabama. I've got to determine what you'll move invasion might be a you a scorned woman Do you have a militant attitude relative to the area civil rights? Do you have a modern complex? The issue of fantasy has arisen. Are you interested in writing a book? That was a democrat. Oh No what the Democrats and the Republicans. Each got three people to pick to ask questions. Wow so out of their seven people one of them. One of them was a cartoonish southern racist psychopath and I mean the the way that I mean the level of thinking is it's astounding are you even out of touch for an out of touch government but that's who you ever search. Are you here to promote some kind of book about sexual fantasies? It's really it's really. It's really crazy. So wow so. That's the hearing that. She's undergoing it's cool though she's got a lot of allies as not to do. Republicans then dug up businessman part time professor and Republican named John Doggett third. Who was friends with Clarence Thomas? He had written a sworn statement claiming Anita fantasized about him and was romantically interested in him. So what so? This is the case but this is the delusional angle they're looking for. They want to paint her as delusional. Yeah you're right so what? It should never been allowed. It has nothing to do remember. Biden said you can undermine her credibility allowed this to us. This was the delusional angle. They're looking for the Republicans. Read it into the record. Anita strongly denied everything. Doggett said quote. I did not at any time. Have a fantasy about a romance with him but now Republicans wanted to call Doggett to testify. Biden said quote. I just think of the absurdity of what you are saying. Yes they want to prove a fantasy by what sort of lying in the witch and the Wardrobe Court. By into quote. There was no right. Answer Joe I'm going to have to take something to three three. Oh three Oh three zero. Three three hundred. Which wasn't true because it was in the violation of the rules that they had set up so literally calling. This guy forward is in violation of the rules and Biden. Says there's no right answer so who's fucking too. So what's the point of being there if there's no right answer what that's like a big like there's no out of bounds and then hearing? Biden put it on Anita and asked her to decide if docket should come testify as she gave in and said he could. What because if she's if she says no it makes it seem like she's lying. It could not be closer to a Salem witch trial literally. What is your answer? That's if you're not a witch then why did you float? That's right after. The first day Biden immediately started taking heat for how poorly he was running the hearing. And how Shitty this looked and by. Shitty I mean and he was now clearly on. Trial Biden. Quote I don't WanNa be a judge. I hate this job but all my colleagues here are telling everybody how awful the process is. Let me be completely blunt about it. It's like democracy. It's a lousy form of government democracy. If no one's figured out another how what? What kind of Bass eter so for RACE CRAZY AMERICA TO BLACK YALE GRADUATES? Who came from poor backgrounds? Talking about sex. This is a media dream after the first day a local Newark News Channel called it quote X. Rated. An extraordinary news crews spoke to people on the street. Every interview I've watched men's at Clarence was being attacked and did nothing wrong in almost all women said she was telling the truth. So in Clarence came back. Senator Orrin Hatch. Utah held up a copy of the novel. The exorcist what he better be promoting it and this happened this book. No the exorcist. Exor senator ever see the movie I've seen only the scene with the bad flapping? You said you never did say this. Who has put pubic hair on my coke? You never did talk to her about Long Dong silver. Can we just say this is the greatest thing about this hearing a bunch of guys had to say? Long Dong silver over it also it was like when Clinton got the pain is your dog. We Judiciary Committee calls long dog silver. Should I submit those things were found? Paid Seventy of this particular version of the exorcist. Oh burks Chides Seren side Sharon. In a guarded tone. She described an encounter between the senator and the Director Jennings said remark to him in passing said Sharon there appear to be an alien pubic hair floating around in my gym unquote and she would have us believe that. You are saying these things because you wanted to date. Or what's what's what's what's what I mean. What proof what proof. That's my issue with the Bible. It's just like yeah someone wrote it. So what evidence is that. What has is there? This is literally he hasn't shown of someone who's making a point with zero point. He's saying because there was a pubic hair in Jin in the exorcist and they actually lifted that plot and also how would anybody hit on a woman? So weekly that's all. He says he reads from the exorcist. Now being a legal mastermind hatch also suggested any got the term Long Dong silver from a sexual harassment lawsuit that had happened in Kansas. This is a public opinion. That's available in any law library. I'm sure it's available there in the law school at Oklahoma so because someone brought up long. Dong silver whom sorry is a the biggest names in porn time? Since it's in another case that means she stole it. Anita was never brought back to dispute these accusations again. That was Biden's choice right on the third day of hearings needed lawyers. She passed a lie detector test though now that made Republicans mad right so already furious. Senator Alan Simpson read a statement from federal prosecutor quote if a person suffers from a delusional disorder. He or she may pass a polygraph test. What ABOUT EVIDENCE? Simpson was calling Anita Hill Delusional. Senator Simpson did not mention that the federal prosecutor. Who made the statement was part of classes? Defense Team Kranj laid. It really laid it onto the committee for his final statement quote. As far as I'm concerned it is a high tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way designed to think for themselves to do for themselves to have different ideas and it is a message that unless you kowtow to an old order this is what will happen to you. You'll be lynched destroyed caricatured by a committee of the US Senate rather than hung from a tree. So facto yes. He's the one of the very last. Witnesses was docket long. Doug it so remember guy. That shouldn't be testifying the Texas he gave a rambling argumentative testimony. He said Anita was quote somewhat unstable and had a problem with men especially John. Doggett quote Miss Hills Fantasies about my sexual interest in her. We're an indication of the fact that she was having a problem with being rejected by men she was attracted to of course. Biden told dog it sounded like a quote truly of faith or ego and then Democratic Senator Howard Metzenbaum of Ohio started asking Doggett about unsworn allegations that he had harassing nineteen hundred woman that he worked with. Okay so counter survey. This entire thing is about undermining the credibility of Anita Hill so now this democratic centers doing his job which is undermining the credibility of this guy by Biden. Cut Him off. He said there was no evidence that dog had done anything wrong and apologized to wow four. Witnesses testified of what a colossal. Fuck up and fuck you. For witnesses testified for Anita to said she had told him about clearances sexual harassment. When it was happening sixteen people testified. That Clarence was awesome. There was one more witness Angelo right then an editor at the Charlotte Observer and she worked with Clarence at the EOC. She said he had asked about the size of her breasts and repeatedly asked her to go on dates. Clarence showed it to her apartment uninvited. Right had been deposed by Democratic. Staffers and was now waiting in another room to testify. Joe Biden no did not call her to testify. He said there wasn't enough time. What later other Democrats say? They doubted her credibility. But who's covering for who they're still the Orrin Hatch's reading from the exorcist? Yes credibility doesn't seem to be on trial here. The press knew about right and Clarence was asked about her but when it was over she was forgotten. Part of the equation. Because she didn't testify instead they have a little fucking lunatic testifying and made. Anita agreed to that right and the right wasn't the only one. Rose is your Dane. Worked at the and said she could verify rights account of sexual harassment Sakari harden it also worked at the. She wrote to the committee quote if you were young black female and reasonably attractive. You knew full well. You were being inspected and auditioned as a female by Thomas. Neither were called to testify and those were both Joe. Biden's decisions again. He said none of time. The final day of the hearing had been set aside for panels of Pro Clarence Thomas. Witnesses plus did it matter. Joe. It already promised to floor up two days later. The Senate voted fifty to forty eight to confirm Judge Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court to Republicans voted no says there are fifty seven. Democrats in the Senate. He could have easily been defeated but eleven. Democrats voted for Clarence Thomas. In one thousand ninety two four women were elected to the Senate to bring the total to six out of one hundred six percent. The media declared it year of the woman that year. Joe Is clearly beginning understand. People didn't think his actions as chairman where were shit? He told The Washington Post quote aired and not attacking the attackers more frequently and consistently. They're still has not been a black female judge on the Supreme Court. I can think of one on their. Luckily Joe Biden told an audience in South Carolina. Five days ago that he would put a black woman on the highest court in two thousand and four Arlen Specter was primary by more conservative Republican and. He barely won and many Democrats supported him against their own Democratic nominee. Specter won the race against the Democrat and was back in the Senate and in two thousand nine specter switched to the Democratic Party political quote and the Democratic Party has courtship of Arlen Specter. No-one may have played a bigger role than vice president. Joe Biden Joe. Apparently thought a lot of the man who said horrific things to need a hill political quote. Joe said a fundraiser in Houston that he's been trying to convince specter that he's really a Democrat for over two decades calling himself a close friend maybe the closest friend Specter had in the Senate by and said he doesn't expect his former colleague devote lockstep with the Democrats Joe Quote but the point. What a huge that truly says so much about what is wrong. Yes the idea that you you it is. I mean it's just I mean there's been a lot of talk about Biden accepting really horrific people particularly racists. Yeah but here's a guy who raked over the coals sexually harassed. And that's his bro. Yeah that's his brow. Right Joe Quote but the point is that. Arlen is now freedom to vote in any way that he doesn't have to worry about that angering his leadership. It's a tough spot to be in. He has been in the last little while so. I think it's a good thing. It's good for my friend. Ireland. It's also good for party but it's even better for our country on the real critical issues healthcare and others. I think you are going to see. It's going to make a difference. It didn't what he did was. He voted He voted with Republicans mostly and then when he was up for election he voted for Democrats. Two thousand ten hours Specter's switch the Democratic Party Had Switched Party and the Pennsylvania Democratic Party endorsed him. Seventy seven percent of the vote so the now the Pennsylvania Democrats are fully behind him right Joe Biden Campaign for Specter against the other Democratic candidate. Who was actually a Democrat and the other guy won the primary and went on to win the race against the Republican and became a senator Specter's career was over. He died in two thousand twelve. I'm very twenty ninth in two thousand sixteen and the New York. Times wrote quote breaking a decade long silence. Justice Clarence Thomas on Monday suddenly started asking questions from the Supreme Court Bench. He had not asked a question in ten years. This was a record and it had been forty five years since another justice had gone just one term without asking a question. No one is ever going to break record. Well he also I believe at the time was like getting heat for that record and so it was like publicly known that he had not spoken in that long so he didn't break the record because he finally had questions. He broke the record because he was finally being the believe. Joe Biden fucked over. Anita Hill stayed with them in November. Two thousand seventeen at Glamour Women of the year event. He said quote so sorry that she had to go through what you went through. He emphasized he he is. He believed her in voted against Clarence any. Then he told the HUFFINGTON post quote. What I do feel badly about is the bad taste that got left in the mouth of some of the people around me to hill and maybe even Anita and maybe even a Nieta. Maybe the next month. He was being interviewed by Teen Vogue and he said he regretted not being able to quote tone down the attacks by Republicans he also said as chairman. He didn't have the power to do so which he did which he completed. Quote as much as I mean sounds crazy as a chairman. I had no power we. We literally saw him get interrupted. Guy And then shrug his fucking shoulder the chairman as a king. I'm not allowed to decide what the monarchy fucking Kennedy had to fucking jump at one point there being such assholes and just sat there quietly quote as much as I tried to intervene. I did not have the power to gavel them out of order. I tried to be like a judge only allow a question that would be reverend to ask by the way he was like a judge. Like Clarence Thomas. Joe Then said quote. I owe her an apology. This is recent said. He regretted it again in March. Two one thousand nine hundred event in New York but those who knew he actually had a lot of influence over how the hiring was run. Where buying it that same month on March Twenty Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety The New York Times headline quote. Clarence Thomas Breaks through your silence at the Supreme Court pushed by people like Senator Barbara Boxer to Joe called Anita in the middle of April. Two Thousand Nineteen. Anita listened and asked him not to tell the press he had called God and he did a week later by announcing he's running for president in this campaign told the press he called Nita and shared quote his regret for what she endured so he did it again. She asked him not to. I need it any did Anita then had to talk to the press instead. It was not an apology quote. I cannot be satisfied by simply saying I'm sorry for what happened you. I'll be satisfied when I know there's a real change in real accountability and real purpose. The next day bite went on the view a horrific show with four famous rich women. Discussing what's best. For America. Joy Behar said to Biden he should tell anita quote. I'm sorry for the way I treated you. Not The way you were treated and Bonded Biden responded. I'm signed for the way she got treated. If you go back to what I said and didn't say I don't think I treated her badly. He repeated he did. Everything has power to stop things during the hearing a couple days later by Biden moved a little bit and he told Good Morning. America's He's getting so much he told Good Morning America quote. I believed her from the very beginning but I was chairman. She did not get a fair hearing. She did not get treated well. That's my responsibility as that committee chairman. I take responsibility that she did not get treated. Well I take responsibility for that. By then. Said he'd apologize to Anita and host said she did not believe. It was an apology today. Professor Anita Hill. She's doing well a year she's been on TV program. She's written articles. She's been a voice on sexual harassment. Race she is currently a professor at a brand new university. Clarence Thomas is on the Supreme Court. Doing his best to reverse everything. Thurgood Marshall did. He has a disturbing lack of curiosity for a Supreme Court. Justice Joe Biden is one of the leading candidates President President even though he is a clearly diminishing mind and archaic views of society. There was a running joke in the Anita Hill household. Every time the doorbell rang. They would say that Joe Biden coming to apologize for years the the dam. Like because Clarence Thomas is not only. He's he's such a damaging figure like his wife is monster damaging and they just have so much access now like it again. I mean it is we. It's it's just like when your team draughts player. You're not going to know how good they are for a few years when you make these decisions and you do these things. You're lucky because you have some time until there's going to be the ripple effect when you actually see what they do but the last thing you can do is since you since we can't until we have fiery torches get clarence thomas off of the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court. All we can do is be pissed about it but if you have the gatekeeper still relevant still important still potentially going to be the guy that you're saying is going to stop. Republicans it just feels like not only a fool's errand but the second trip. Yeah it's pretty bad. He's it's not just what happened. The need a hill. He did this with bussing. Yeah he did this with crime. He did this with Nafta he did this. With the Iraq war he corn pop corn pop. His mind is diminished. He's had a really bad and the Anita Hill thing. The fact that he was picked to be vice president which was which was really a a by Obama nod to racists that that he's not going to be that bad But that said all this emotion Joe Biden should not have been anywhere near the White House. He's not a good person he this what he did here is astounding. It's disgusting and really. No woman should support him ever. I Bet Anita Hill isn't it? I mean she might've over trump right given those choices for her boy. Man That is terrible. It's terrible it really is a and it's a very you know. These times are so stressful. Because everybody feels so strongly an impassioned making things normal again or feel good again or feel at least regular not assaultive but at the end of the day like I just I just don't know how many I mean I thought this one. We had bushes and we had. Clinton's it's just like you know. How many times are you gonNa let the same the same cult? Because that's really all it is. It's doesn't it it transcends gender transcends race transects transsexuality. It's a cult about elitism and money and money. I mean they just want to hold their money. They want hold their power and they are trying to get through this time right now and trying to batten down the Hash so hold on in in. May Two Thousand Sixteen I was on a podcast called Tofu Anderson with Jen. Kirkman and I had been really sort of watching the polls and everything and my opinion that Hillary lose to trump and I broke down and they broke down the states down why she was so states and that was right and that was in. May Two thousand sixteen and now people are online. Telling me that I'm wrong. And that Joe Biden win. Well so I just WANNA put out there you were wrong about Hillary Clinton. Yeah I was right. Michael Moore was right. Several s were right. Why don't you fucking ask us what we think or instead of you being wrong twice? I think truthfully that what people think is that people think that trump is an anomaly. That two thousand sixteen was just like the Haley's comet of elections and what I think I don't think enough people look at it the way you're saying which is that it's not the person it's the policies the policies are it doesn't matter of Joe. Biden is friends with Obama. If Joe Biden wears sunglasses if you call him uncle Joe at the end of the day what is being rejected by this class of people who's totally forgotten by the elites is that they're going to reject everything. Yes they're going to reject everything unless they feel like it's actually going to make a difference s and you just you just don't hear enough from the establishment that is going to make people want to feel like they're Cheney candidate that supports Nafta or have supported Nafta is going to lose the election at trump. Yeah straight up. You're not GONNA win Michigan. You'RE NOT GONNA win any of those states if you if you put poor the candidate that supported. Nafta you are done by. I mean Biden whenever we all right well anyway so politically big babies. Because I'm going to hear about it. Yeah you are What as crazy I all right America. Why are you putting? I just got to something. We signed car. Yeah we signed some recently well hello dull listeners Look we'd like to learn a little bit more about you. You'll have an opportunity to tell us what you like about the show. And what you love to hear in future episodes. Please complete our survey at one three dot com slash survey. That's wondering dot com slash survey.

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