75: A Tour de France ramble


You listening to the cycling podcast in association with Rafeh the fastest clothing in the world tour, the home of cycling with character, Rydin, what with Rafeh in two thousand nineteen as they partner e f -education fast and canyon. Throb. Copy six birthday line on Daniel, thanks rich. Thanks. It's been a tough pipe around, if we're on six. Yeah. True. We, we were six six yesterday, Seiken podcast of six years ago. Yes. To that we well a few days before that we saw in Hyde Park on recorded a podcast on my iphone. So yesterday was the official birthday because that was the release date of episode one of the cycling cost in twenty thirteen just before the tour de France. Thanks for spotting that aniversary. Thank you million. If you could just let the reminder in your diary, we can do this every year. How are you both lying on Donyell? Yeah. Not, not about Naipaul yet, yet. Good. Yeah. The, the tour is rushing feel like a busy couple of weeks before we head off to Brussels rich locked to do between nine secret sinement seventy line couple of secret, keeping my fingers crossed that both of these assignment come off one of them will be delivered into the ears of friends of the podcast before the tour faint, if all if all goes, well, guys. Well, yeah. Were released maybe two or three days out from the tool. I'm looking forward to not one line. Yes. Some I wonder what my opening question should pay. Anyway, Francois Tomas O will be joining us again. Third year we've had Francois so we need to prepare gnashed in the backseat of the car. I think you'll like it this year. Are you taking a bike rich? I'm hoping to folding bike and but watch this space for that, for news on that, Lionel kind, and speaking of news, yes, couple of things just to pick up from last week, firstly, I mentioned, our event in Brussels on the eve of the star of the Twitter FRANZ, July fifth. Seven thirty the Brussels beer project is said go to the website, the Brussels project website to get tickets. You don't need to get tick, actually. It's first-come-first-serve. So just pop alone. And if you want to find out the address of the Brussels beer project, go to the cycling, podcast dot com slash events. And you'll be able to find out all information. Richard Francoise myself will be there doing kind of a live to the fronts preview on Orleans hoping Pablo maybe Daniel pop long soil. Yep. And is on the same street as the Rafeh popup store. In Brussels, and were you hoping to to pin there as well? Indeed, and another huge emission from the news roundup Chris room may well, end up being the winner of the twenty eleven Welte ice spun, you know way. Yes. Well, this old news now isn't it? But time wall Fru was in hospital in France following his crash before the time-trial stage of the dolphin was revealed that do you to basically by possible irregularities one Jose, Kobo the winner off the twenty eleventh Welte beat from by a handful of seconds, may well be strict title. It's not actually official yet one. Jose Kabo has a month to appear with the UCI's decision. He has given an indication suddenly through the media, that he has no intention of contesting the decision. Protocol is such that he does have time to do, so, so it's not actually official at the moment. But it looks like from could be awarded the twenty eleven Welte just before the statute of limitations, the eight year statute of limitations for doping offenses laps is a really unusual case six one Daniel, and he is a milkman now apparently, COPA on a surfing instructor, the sufferings trucks. Not the first flying Milton and professions like the other one being think fronts for beak in the seventies was, was also nicknamed the flying milkman was he no? But an unusual case one that it's taken. So long to come to lie where we understand that the case, it's been rumbling on for as many as four years so taking time to come to light, and as a result of biological possible abnormalities spotted over a period of time leading up to an including the twenty welter. So that's the case when you think back to how that well to really launched Chris rooms career. I mean remember he was only way out of team sky in twenty eleven and had his contract renewed. And of course, went on to finish runner up in the, the FRANZ depression, weakness following year. I mean a real kind of well significant race out the time. And well now looks slightly different. Here's a theory, I have if Cobra hadn't been in that race, I think probably would have won it. Yeah. Well because. It was Scoble our drew firm in a way and made a into kind of battle of, of, of who is the best claimer in a sense, on a think team orders have would have constrained from on consigned him to supporting rule of Bradley Wiggins. I think I don't know who knows history. My. Very different might be very different. Exactly. Yeah. Anybody see George Bennett tweet about Cobo following this news? The writer, of course, New Zealander he three the he the following year he'd been sitting on a plane the Middle East. I think besides boy as a mechanic for movie star, or so he thought it was actually Kobo. And he said suggestion, the three the it was an open secret that coup had had had been doper, and that he was, you know, moved to movie star pro probably quite big contractors are Welte winner. And didn't really do anything else on drifted of an became a milkman apparently interesting is the it looks he's gonna lose some of his results in between two thousand nine two thousand eleven that was the period that was referencing the UCLA statement and he will lose the Vuelta in those years seems that are curious not much information was no information about why. Not decision. It's been taken to only strip him selectively of results 'em in once makes. It does make sense because you couldn't imagine that I don't know how long he was in the latest jersey not well tub, but we certainly finishing hype in stages, and was probably tested quite a lot in that well to it's conceivable the they would have more samples for quite a lot of samples from those well, tours in that gave them reference points to check other tests that he'd he'd done in the same period. Yeah. Using the red jury for the whole of the final week after winning stage fifteen twenty seven. Well, let's not forget, I mean, I sort of time, we really with aware of one Jose, Kobo will she in two thousand eight to the front. Remember Ricardo Rico, Leonardo Piepoli? They were both stage winners for the shawnee developed team in that tour both later stripped of lows victories for doping Kobo second too early on hokum that year and in. Heritage that state win from his teammate. They finished first and second in the same time offer minute. Head of the rest. Yeah. And so now well, that well to two thousand eleven world looks very different. As a result. But, like I say that hasn't actually been confirmed yet, on with the rest of the news from the world of cycling. Well, we lost we talked a lot about Tom Damola, and his knee injury following his crash the, Jared Italia, and the, the implication, that might have for his tour to France, while we now know that lost years to a runner up Thome to Milan will not start the race. Fourteen sun, web, another loss that dropping like flies on in days, leading up to the tour de France could be a very open tool. We'll talk about how the start list is shaping up in this week's podcast and who's looking good and who's looking less than good. The to Switzerland offered up a few clues egging bunol of team, any us one their nineteen seconds ahead of Rohan Dennis up and all one big mountain stage on on Friday. Other states win over the weekend eve, Lampert, to current quick, stat won the time trial, that was a surprise issue result for me and Hugh coffee of education. I one. Final stage putting to good use that form. He got in the Jared Italian, I think so banal the winner of the tool to Swiss Rohan, Dennis second, nineteen seconds and everyone else, three minutes. More behind Patrick. Conrad of four hundred zero at took place on the podium. The other warm race in the south of France. The root docs, tiny used to be known as route to sued one by Alejandro Valverde, who also wanna stage the heat to Colombians Yvonne Sosa, and Rigoberto, Iran, Sosa wanna stage auto demain of group after J, one, the to flatter stages in the Netherlands, dealing grow Hagen and Caleb you in a warming up nicely for the sprint the Tuta FRANZ, Colonel Eggen, won a couple of stages, you and one, the final one and Mike Turner Sohn of lotto anion took the overall that the two Slovenia one by the lotto aniline. Boo. Yes, I did see we have to draw. Make fundamental era six months into the season still calling. His name you Mbo visible day may because I've been I've been reading stuff over the weekend about last year's tour, just took an take another week to dislodge some of this stuff, but I will say Aurica green at you're looking good for tour this year. The one the tourist Lena he also wanna stage that who else, one stage that PASCAL and Luca meas- Giovanni Visconti and Jack ammonia solo, the European road race championships won by WD Ballerini and Lorena. We ahead of Marianne of awesome animals, back in action after her crash, the women's tool and some news away from road cycling some big changes for the World Cup track coming up in a year or so time, the welcome will move to the summer in twenty twenty one. This is a hate of the bumper world championships, which will be held in Scotland in twenty twenty three so that trying to shift the calendar. But it's been played opposite kind of beak. Revolution for track cycling, moving it to the summer and cutting the number well cut round down from six to three and also making trae teams ineligible, which is a bit of a slap in the face for teams like who walk bike, for example, who've really upsetting me up car, but the welcome will be open only two national teams from, I think from next year but then the calendar changes come in the following year seems like a regressive step by rather than progressive one. What do you think rich? It is literally regressive set because try likely used to be a summer event on the world championships used to be integrate than they ruled on track until the separation. And the you try cycling move to to the winter, which I thought made sense and you know, men, the some try some of the World Cups, you would have some of the stars of the road, Elliott, Viviana, people think part, maybe am occasionally, Mark Cavendish, if they were preparing for the Olympics, a full year in some resp-. To me sense because the Olympic Games are in the summer, and I think also restricting the World Cup's to national teams as you say it is a real slump in the face for I'm Bishop teams like who bought by coup? You know what's the point of their existence in a way if they don't have that stage to perform on is there for them. Yeah. By tweet you didn't. I beaten the French in front of Davila party on the UCI president, pops politically counterproductive move to, to beat the French track team. But it seems to me the track cycling need greater competition, not, not less competition. And, you know, rather than placing on, if the control of the power in the national federations, it should be should be open and landscape in which innovative teams on who what Mike on the only one but teams with having to make really creative. You saw. Of their resources can challenge can challenge the national kinda means also that from a publicity point of view the World, Cup's will go up against roads events are going to get a lot more. They're gonna coupole the, the, the coverage and they'll be feeding on ever ever more small scraps suppose you made the point about the track. Well, Cup events and their predescessors taking place in the summer, of course, was in an era, where most of the velodromes were outdoors. Now, many countries have indoor velodromes, and so it kind of a strange move to have indoor cycling going on. When presumably the weather would be outdoors and you make the point about the Olympic Games, yet quite bought that that's kind of performance challenge the national team's going to the Olympics become adept to coping with I have the world championships in the spring and the Olympics in some. It's been fine world record. Get broken. Olympics riders manage to time their peaks for the summer once every four years. This, this just seems like seems like belt tightening to me phone UCI, maybe the difficulty of getting enough venues to host woke up track events. But that speculation on my part, but that's what he looks like napalm can I invite him to the newsroom Yukon very uncharacteristic. I and the baby Jero an extraordinary edition of the baby was one by under Aldea of Columbia, extraordinary because I'm out out of nine stages. Five were huge mountain stages. I'm the time gops really reflected so dealer, one by four minutes. I'm I've, you remember the time, gaps at the end of the Jiro the real Jiro couple of weeks ago. How many riders will within ten minutes of pas who won and quite a number. But they the general classification really reflected how hard that race worlds. Four statements for Colombians full statements for. British riders. Ethan hater when the first two stages, including a three point six kilometer, proton trial, Fred. Right. One of those stage, mighty walls, one another stage, but the Brits didn't really figure in the classification. Numb you just talking about tr racing that I mean it just reflects the there is another very good generation, British fraud is emerging. And I seem to a lot of them seem to that they developed a lavar skills on the track fast Reid is ready to probably win a lot may be will see sort of more one day specialist in the in the generation, that's coming next of British writers, how many of the top five overall will have received a phone call from Johnny Saviola week, you think another news again with a British angle, a Madison Genesis closing on the end of the year. This. Uncharacteristic of meaning up in the United Kingdom for three days in the quote it just making the local coach. I was going to mention that Madison Genesis. I mean night being one of the stores of the British seen for a decade or so. And yak I'm coming to a close at the end of the season. But, you know, we don't ten we don't cover the kind of, you know, under twenty three cycling. Well, and it's come on the baby. Jerry's should be from page front and center, I think it was evident during the there was a lot of interest in the baby wasn't wasn't it somehow this thing, maybe one or two performers from previous dishes. The bitter for the the big Jiro clothing in weld tool, the Heim cycling with character, right and watch with Rafeh in two thousand nineteen as they partner e f education, fast and canyon strand. I like. Shirt of Rafeh, because really comfortable. My name is better tall and the race for team EFL location. I yesterday, Osho tested them in Kabul's and pretty good. No, an issue about it. So I'm yeah. I'm looking forward to keep on riding with with Shammy of Rafeh and recommend you all of you guys all these peop- shirt. Thank you very much, indeed, to Rafa or headline sponsor. I mentioned earlier that Rafa have pop popup store in Brussels. So if you were for the Guerande part of the Twitter fronts, while the pop in and see. And we're planning to go there, some point as well for the couple of days in Brussels is going to be nice. Isn't it a couple of days in one place? It's a real of marks tribute, as stage, one is road stage. Starring finishing in Brussels stage to a team time trial through Marx's backyard, isn't it? It's the Mark sage isn't stage to. Yeah, I. For how long? Armor book. You'll know that it goes past, you know, the parents had and, you know, it's old school, and it's all know the parks, he played Tra, you know, it's gonna be it's gonna be bench way used to drink Thunderbird as a teenager. Not, not sure about, I don't, we'll have to check out one Lionel and listen. We're looking ahead to the tour on the the races. The we've been watching have offered some clues as to what to expect 'em, very, very kind of mixed picture thing. And as you said, Lionel very open looking race at the moment, egging Bernal. I mean he did win the sweeps as most of us imagined. He with, especially after guarantee, crushed bomb said, I find performance, not as convincing as I thought it would be I don't know whether to be more impressed by ruin dentists than underwhelmed by egging Bernal. It's hard to tell dancers that are really quiet season road. Exceptionally well, and I think his. You know he won the opening time trial. Didn't rights, quite so well in the in the time that was one but Lampert, which was because he was digging, so deep on the mental seizures. But I think if he's wanting to develop as a stage writer very encouraging forms for him. Yeah. Is this, the hipsters take on Egan banal though? I don't I couldn't well it's hard to tell whether it's hard to say exactly what Bernal performance indicated in terms of his form into the tour. No. And this is the kind of perennial debate, isn't it around the importance of the dough for the importance of the tour to switch traditionally, the dough finance being a better indicator of two of the front success, certainly in terms of writers, winning the d'auvergne going on to win the tour de France think I'm Ryan sang, it only happened twice in to Swiss history or since the Tudor swishes being held in this pre tour slow anyway. Nineteen seventy four eighty one and then went onto win the tour and two thousand one launch Armstrong. One went onto win the tour Russia launch homes. Did he go onto the tour? Win the tour. He subsequently had to result strict don't know whether you heard rich, but he did it flat doping strong Kobo this. But the to switch is a funny animal. Really when you look at the start, listen, you look at the top ten other than burn all in top ten who is the variety that you would think is going to be troubling the top five in the two front. I had hopes for entry massive to Kernan quickstep, and certainly quickstep shown a law faith in mass saying from the start right from the start of the season, he would be mine for the overall the to FRANZ and he was only nine nearly five minutes behind ban. All not he was away up the road on the day that one, I'm looking looking pretty Ricky to onus, wasn't it? I wonder what word you were gonna rickety is a good one. Yeah. Deadly rickety. It wasn't undoubtedly Ricky Rohan Dennis. She's a Russian. If we'd been rattling over those goals, but no. Which really rising could he hugged, the, the, the sort of inch and a half of smooth? Guttering. But yeah Roman finish. That was a very good performance. Are we really thinking that Ron Dennis is going to be at contender for the two of the FRANZ? No. And he goes, about guy for stage wins told FRANZ, but illness, well, Dennis, he's a writer who people have speculated could become a general classification ride your every loss couple of years. He's moving more in that direction hasn't Abe again, based on his time trial results almost looks as he's moving towards a compromise which we've seen and time trolleys try to strike in the past where they're climbing suffered sorry that climbing has improved on that time trawling suffered. But, you know, the key to reading, Dennis's, plumes, Tom might be more along the lines of what rich said the often the specialist time trial in the, the stages beforehand, saving themselves, full, the trial, produce the stress freight performance as which maybe a little bit misleading whereas. With a g c focus obviously, you have to be on the everyday, and not seems to be the case with them with Dennis in Switzerland on the way, the tour set up. Yeah. Yeah. We talked about it last week how difficult it is. I'm pretty convinced it's going to be one. It's gonna turn out through on the holidays towards we've seen in laws fifteen or twenty years. It might not be the right year for Roman Denny's to be targeting general convocation in the Toyota, FRANZ, not might be a year or two further down the line. You mean he needs more of twenty twelve Bradley weakened starting? Yeah. Yeah. I can see that. But rich, you talked about bound all and, and the old adage, you can only beat watching front of you. You know he distance people should distance by three plus minutes. I would say, that's the performance you would expect. I mean, what more did he need to do? You didn't need to know. The Dennis is a curious sort of the president of the equation, that messes up here because he, he, he might won the to spy three plus minutes. And then you'd be saying, well this, this is the, the form writer into the tour. He looks great is just not measuring against Dennis is confusing. It making the picture more muddled than it would otherwise be. And maybe not just confusing. I mean, I remember going time trial while people were saying, Dennis will take the jersey back in the time trial. And as it turned, I wasn't not far behind Denison Bernal's, a strong time trust. He's a strong old Ryan render. Yeah. I mean he will he will. Right. Well in the time Trump tour, he'll benefit probably from the team time trial as well. And I would say, you know, despite that slightly confusing element. Brunell would be my favorite green. Third Tertre France. I think just a no on Begnaud by kind Ling pro-labor on see known social media or watch when watching the race alive, and he kept outright, didn't he going around left-hand, bend from wider road into a narrow road nearly put it onto the garage and the other question about Bernal though. And there was this joking. Jokey picture green right on social media, as well of him rap than not caught wilda clean rap the rap rock in bubble wrap 'em ahead of the tour because he is vulnerable to that, you know, he's hides a few nasty crashes crush training this year crash at San Sebastian classic which wasn't his fault toll on air crash through Catalonia last year to win the third fronts. It's better to knock crash, and, and that's the ones of area where I think, team, many with both guarantee Mus and ligon Bernal will be nervous do an and, you know, if we say that if we think that he's told us, which was last faster than we, imagined it might have been. We also overlooking the fact that he has had lost twelve months to quite serious accidents. You know. You know, mental toes. Taking more physical toes that taken what was that taken intensive miss racing for you hasn't hasn't done that much writing in his professional career is still any twenty one or twenty two twenty two but we talk last week about the way food saying kind of followed a sort of team sky. Ask run up to the two of the franc's with consistent stage race results, also winning a monument, winning lashed liaison a really savage day. Well, that was a hard race, really bad weather conditions. He kept ROY as well when he when he could have had a nasty crash on the descent. When you look at Ben all season four in Columbia back in February he won Pyrenees, but in to Catalonia and winner of the two Swiss, that's pretty much plotting a near perfect way to the to the front and including time of the bike with a with a broken by recovering from that. So I think people get in the head still in all the well. For a pure climate to win the Toda FRANZ. They have to be able to have to be capable of producing these incredible, in emphatic demonstrations in the way that maybe Pantani did twenty years ago, the climates have done in the Bahamas and Charlie go. And maybe we forget this likings changed their few kilometers of time, Charlie now and actually we've seen few climates win grand tools in Las few years without necessarily putting two minutes into people on big mountain stages. Have we went on saying we saw a pure climate win the tour the probably Pantani? Yeah. You could call a stray was a bit of a he was a pure climate could. He definitely wasn't the Tom, Charlie. No. And Contadora himself was while control was was good. I think the loss of echoes of, of condo and Burnell. I mean, I think this could be like two thousand seven in a way where cons, adored one not all be unusual circumstances. But that was the the race where he should dynamic. He was an I think, Bernal is, is like that the even Luke quite they ride the bike, and quite similar way, I think, and, and I think Burnell in two thousand nineteen could be a could be the Condor into those seventy just have the field this year. The way shape of a generational shift of one of those transitional tools or the, the toll that's gonna stop to. It's gonna Mark the beginning of, of dynasty or new generation. Yeah, the one sort of puzzle. The Belka of form leading the tour and where the to Switzerland six relative to the dolphin and on that bell, cover form, whether or not, you know, I mean, we don't know how good ban all was last week because it's really hard to read those results really hard to even watch how he climbed on got out pass and say, well I mean he looked good. But it was impossible really put into some kind of context, and so. Yeah. I mean he he's going into the race going into the two FRANZ. I would say is the best back per team any or over three weeks when you look who else safeguard. I mean, he got more in the pros call them then go and Thomas has this year and where he may be an experienced. He does have the benefit of riding for team who know exactly how to get a through three weeks of the Twitter FRANZ. I've done it. Not just with one writer, but with multiple. And so here I'm not going to Jack if somebody wants to hypothesize bone all the, the pre race favourite before the stock shoot that I I think both calls team kart at the back of the pack lease. How would you like a free case of Croft, you Richard it for the listeners this if you? Sunken cost listener, our friends at Beit. Well, you are, if you're listening to this. Okay. What? Friends at fifty two dot com would like to offer you the chance to get a free case of cross bit. Or you pay is the five pound ninety-five postage Goto, fifty two dot com slash cycling to claim your free case with the Twitter. 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Just take the free case if he wanted to try the busy, what you think, and if it's not for you, you comport or cancel anytime go to fifty two dot com slash cycling for your free case for five ninety five postage that's bear five two dot com slash cycling while we're gonna look at how some of the teams are shaping up for the tour but before we do and just a short public announcement. We have a new podcast coming, don't we line, we do indeed. The family is expanding it is indeed coming to this week, service course by the cycling podcast, m a low of you ask us about questions about bikes and. Attack equipment. We don't know anything about these things at toll. Do we? Really? A little bit. But no, no enough really to speak authoritatively on the topic. So we recognize that there's a there's a there's a, a, a need them demand for a podcast devoted to site of the sport. And Thome Wally, he's one of our producers, and his voice, you will have heard on the explore series last year on KIRO mcvitie, who some of you will know from the 'Support diaries last year and to them, Thomann Kira are hosting this new podcast service course. But it's like it'll be a monthly show. I one we'll come later this week and I've listened to episode one in it's fantastic. I haven't listened to on yet. I'm going to listen to on my way home from London today, very much looking forward to it because the challenge we set Tolman care wall to make the, the, the business of bicycles and equipment and the technical side of the sport work in audio without people being able to see the equipment being talked about. And I, I think from. Mode of the discussions that we've had I'm confident that they've cracked it. Well, I mentioned this new podcast rose, and Orla while I was at the women's too. When I initially mentioned that they both shoot their heads and said doesn't sound like something. I'll be interested in, when I then explained the approach, they were taking they both ended up saying, yeah, that does sound interesting because it's very much about human stories, as well as the people as well behind the bikes in the equipment, and the some fascinating stuff in there about e bikes. There's a an interview with rob Hayles who is really his his career in bikes. But also, he now has workshop where he repairs carbon bikes, as well as many other things, including wedding rings. But that's that's really good. Really interesting role on a subject that he really knows an awful a by, so it's, it's really good. I thought it commended, give service cool. We'll be out on Friday. It will. No, let's look ahead again to the front some teams in high. Hi there shaping up. I think there are many if any teams who've really confirmed, their lineups you movies Ma and have a more or less confirmed their lineup. But if you refer to the website, pro cycling star switch, we do a lot there long less on their their some teams have confirmed, just a few writers, and one of the big questions is team dimension data. Mark Cavendish and whether he will make the team trying to add to his thirty stage wins at turn of France. What's the latest on that Donyo related says that no one really knows, including come Nash? He wrote the tour of India over the weekend. It was four stages long couple sprint stages in didn't really feature. The were there were couple of nasty climbs towards the end of those stages. So they were they were quite selective comedy student as a really compete in sprint finishes, his team Giacomo Nate solo when the final stage which finished in a sprint. And company hasn't had the best season these coming back from Epstein Barr virus trying to regain some fitness trying to regain full and trying to regain some of the racing sharpness. He lost through a long period of absence. What the end of loss in particular, and it hasn't quite clicked yet, and obviously, hasn't quite clicked for dimension data, which, you know, maybe improves his position. His outlook makes them more likely to pick him. But Doug right in the money to that will only pick combination. I'm sure if he thinks he can pull something out in one sprint finishes. Maybe the first stage may be. His first stage win could be could be one, the yellow jersey Lionel if you were Doug writer, would you select Mark covering the? Ooh. Given the options that dimension data hive. Yes. Probably would because you just never know the you're right on your, you know, the there is a chance. There is a chance based purely on, on kind of know-how and past pedigree and but you do have to ignore nearly eighteen months now. And in fact, last year we were talking about having to ignore years worth of, of time where communists really hadn't had any results. And I mean, the two of Turkey this year. We saw, you know, a flicker of Mark Cavendish finishing third in a sprint and not going to the line. You know, cold day were sort of hundred meters to go wash. It was a. It was a sort of even one hundred and fifty light bulb flickering. It was sort of thirty watt version of comedy. I'm talking lightbulbs Hanno actual walks in our that might be confused when talking about cycling. But it was it was the demonstra flickers really bought. He can he lot from that though, not the time, I think he has. I think you take summering courage from that. But the been very so the been folks star since then all all times way, pops has lost a bit of heart. You know, he's done a lot of different things this year. We spent time you'll training done call climbing over that went to a couple of weeks ago was in the Alps again, these are things that he's not incorporated interest training before they haven't really produced results yet, maybe they, they will further down down the line, but it's difficult decision for Doug Raja's. Make specially with eight months teams. A team that's really struggled a season always spoke to the gera-. He was talking about going with the team of opportunities thinking that rightly so thinking that their loss stage in this torture fronts, that might lend themselves to break away to two small group sprints amber. Maybe you could consider communist to be part of strategy of, of being petunias of going under dogs to stages, not necessarily having a big lead out trying to four five guys. But, you know, getting involved in a sprint finish and see what happens, I think the issue isn't even cover new. I mean, not tight. Kevin issue I was dimension data, simply for the reasons you're saying they're always a chance. But the level of competition is, is higher than I can really remember. I mean just looking at the sprint who are going to be that groan awaken. You an Christoph even how to win a week or so ago. Sagan. Michael Matthews maybe Viviard ni you know, I'm probably missing a couple. But the, the level is significant. Lee higher. I think than than, you know, the times when you could look back and say it with a head-to-head between one of two guys and I don't think that's the case now I think the depth that was more depth there. And the, the ride is like grown awake and racking up a couple of wins. VR meach, too. You know, needs to pull something out with the bag off to a disappointing Jiro there will. In terms of what maybe chiefs I fought this season. They are alone way ahead of, of anything. We've seen from combination, not just this season but for for a long time. But like you say, there's no, what's the risk. The downside is, you're taking up one of your spots with a writer who may or may not deliver something who may or may not be out after I ten days unless you owned, or he d moans lead out train of three or four guys in which case you are effectively putting your eggs in Boston, which probably isn't wise, to the states. But if you thinking about breakaways getting into a breakaway toward France is a bit like buying lottery ticket the chance, any writer, however, have a good. They are in that situation. I pulling off a breakway when the told what is at two hundred to three hundred two on and is communist, she's chance of winning sprint the toward FRANZ winning the first brand in Brussels, which let's face it, if you won that, that would be enough MO. Than enough and is it better than three hundred twenty probably is the, the thing about the breakway. I mean, no one goes in them. I mean even last year, you know, you wouldn't have seen dimension data riders coming in certainly in until the racist kind of settled down a little bit. They've got no one in that no one in that perspective lineup that's going to know. No. When it gets harder. Two white until probably after lap launch. Be good opportunities to share for guys like Ben king. Yeah. I mean, I, I think it hinges on comedy health on presume, the team been monitoring not just a result, since the Vigna high, he's been writing highways been recovering health is like an if, if he is healthy. And you could imagine that he still you know, that, that it could just be a top waiting to be turned on. And if the circumstances are right the, you know, the tour although there all these Spence's air, we were remembered by two twenty thirteen thirty. And if you recall in Corsica, this huge crash that to a low of and David Miller, ended up second in the bunch sprint was second or third on the bunch sprint albeit wanna think by Marcel Kissel wasn't an he was, but he was about the only sprint third left. I'm not suggesting that, you know, so many similar could happen, or we want to top, and you just never know and some of these sprinters might be boxed in or taken, I or not there and common dish with the skills e. Has in those situations there might be a chance. And if he's there, he's the sort writer, chance, do you think that waiting to see how he does in British championships in Norfolk of the weekend? I'm not sure not show. He even knows exactly what the time line is. I'm when the choices can be made. I think Steve Cummings is in a similar position dimension data. He didn't finish the dolphin. I was hoping to put in a good performance of the definite and to write his last toward France didn't happen. He fell out by pull out their owner, so. You know there's a lot of uncertainty. And I think the one thing you can't say with with not team with comedy. He's not there isn't anyone obvious waiting in the wings, young rider whose, whose position he would be taking who's opportunity candidate would be taking. It was thrown in. So you know, I still think that he has a decent chance of being selected. Kospi's is supported by science in sport. Scientists sport fueled by science. Thank you through sciences sport for their support of the cycling podcast. And you can still get twenty five percent off your scientist products with the code SIS twenty five s I s c p twenty five. Scientists sport don't come 'em. We've still got few of your questions to get through to the scientists for experts. If you have a question for the scientists for experts, please do Email us contact at the cycling, podcasts dot com. Alternatively you can call in your question. Lee voice memo on plus four four seven nine seven one three three eight two five plus four four seven nine seven one three three eight two five. If you have a question sports nutrition to, to the sciences sport experts, and you can also send us a voice memo to walk on that same number for our two of the fronts press conference, which we will be recording next week. You can ask any of us a question about the upcoming tour and the history of the race. The this year's route food and drink, we're looking forward to anything you like. And we're trying to answer those next week. Same number m leva voice memo on what's up looking through the other lineups chaps anyone cheer your. I, I mean. Before we start recording Donyell. You were mentioning Don Martin, you a T memories, a guy who saw being fined below the radar as has written pretty, well this year with them in pro cycling where he was talking about how much he, he loves this is the best route that he'll get to ride in his career. Yeah. I think it's very mix or lots of different types of train their steep climbs along long high-crime, there are stages that, neither one thing, nor the other particularly massive trial. So an honest today when we're not necessarily going to see trends fixed and are established and then continue for a week or ten days, I think the contenders fairly brittle in terms of their experience their age. And I think we'll see people going back and forth, quite a law, and I think that will suit Martin, you know, he's all you will always have relish, a lot of the very aggressive racing. The will. Take place. I think there's some guys who liked to sort of settle into a rhythm in any given stage in a given three race, and they like to sort of ride in the wheels, and, and, and they don't like things to be broken up too much, and D'Amato's the opposite of, and it will be aggressive, and he'll, he'll thrive on that. Nobody no video should of treading on toes toward in that team will add. Because with finance you're out for the sprint Fabio, our Michigan action, still without through the to Switzerland. But no, he's not on the tour de France radar. Dan? Martin is in a pretty strong position. There isn't he can ride his own race. Exactly the way you want will probably be able to rely on a fab support I would have thought, but what's really fascinating is, you know, the two of the frontiers of it's undoubtedly the biggest event of the season. It's right in the middle of the year, and yet there's so many question marks over so many of the teams I mean I know we're not on the inside of these teams but still. Feel quite old school. Some of the teams are putting together their eight man rosters sort of in the last minute coping with last minute, loss four form or spikes inform coping with injuries trying to put together the best roster possible. I know that there are teams that will taken a much longer term view and some right it will have had the benefit of knowing a lot further in advance that they're in tours lineup. But there will be a few people that suddenly pressed into action to plug a gap or suddenly suddenly with team somewhere. You know for the second grand tour in a row that having to completely change their objective for the race. The whole thing was going to be built around Tom to Milan. He of course, crashed out Jiro. He's out of the tour to France. And now you look at the roster and think, well will build around stage wins or Michael Matthews. Maybe go for green jersey again, remember he wanted a couple of years ago when Peter Sagan was disqualified from the race. I'm. He's, he's someone who could go toe to toe with Sagawa across three weeks. So it's a it's a real, you, you kind of magin every team is approaching the star of the tool in the best possible shape. Everyone's absolutely firing ready to go in cases. The can be a case of what's, what's the least by scenario for them. Yeah, I was about to say, I think what we see year of the, the tour is how risk averse team manages all whoever's picking the team, you know, in of young ride is in just on us. Women pray we've seen it. So, so seldom over the last years T by Pino was one that comes to mind into I two thousand twelve he was thrown in wasn't the one the state in the Jura. Otherwise, it's tends to be something that teams prepare writers for almost two or three years downstream to get into the, the torture Frantz and you know, we see very old teams. We see very experienced teams. And just looking at the long list or shortlist now. That's reflected in most of the roster's one name for you. Tibo Pino reminds me a bit of twenty four teen when you know, after Kris firm crashed and the race was then very open. And that was the tour where we saw the emergence of Pino Pino has been writing. Well, I mean, look, strong is always the, the question of whether the pressure, the tour might might get him a bit. But what will be his objectives glee into the race. Do you think he's going thinking chance of winning this more the question of weather if central European heatwave is going to hit in the next couple of weeks? A weather weather. Yeah. Well, no pun play on your, your use of the word the other word weather. Okay. Ain't clever in line will be someone's coming to form at the right time. Peanut will want it to be cold and wet. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. He I think he's problem is that he won't relish, I said about Don Maltin, demoting, considered himself someone who, who is a tool Mouna tool ride. Pino does not think of himself in those terms doesn't doesn't take enjoy a lot of the, the fanfare that comes with the tool. And that will be unpreferred by the opposite of some of the favorites from this, raise all of a sudden, his row hit the likelihood of him winning has increased and that's gonna put more pressure on him. He also a first week in which while on the one hand it's an advantage that we get to the mountains pretty quickly. We got his home region, the vote pretty quickly. It's not my settle things. But on the other hand there, there are things to think about dangerous and pitfalls on on all of the stages pretty much in the first week. And we've seen his achilles heel in the process been leaking time much the same way as Mikhail. Landa. Tends to lead time and just in places where you wouldn't you wouldn't suspect would even be an issue, Pino could could easily get to the foot of the, the first mountains in the version two or three minutes down on general classification already sort of under pressure, thinking about maybe targeting stage wins. Instead, that would be the, the concern think with go do as well writing, I'm excited. See what he does. He's very talented, young writer on that team guy. Nobody's talking about his Nyerere container. I'm a very strong movie. Star team. Mika Landa is, is writing we believe, after strong Jiro and I'll, I'll hundred Val Verde, is obviously going. All right again. So it's a really, really strong team a strong team. But do you not think we, we kind of know what can turn a canon can't do? And, and so kind of get damned by faint praise doesn't he was really when Donaldson earlier. But we expect a new generation to merge on somebody to a Marcus, as perhaps becoming like Condor didn't do those seven. I'm going to be the guy to be over the next ten years. And if cantata one, it, would it would it would it would certainly not feel it would, it would be a strange one e feel like I mean he's not old. But you feel like his time has has gone olds. Past. Yeah. I mean, Dan, you use the phrase, risk, averse and this movie star lineup. Look in contrast to the way they race Jiro, which was you know they were on the front fat bit. And then they were smart that a ninth mine there that, didn't they? Though think Mike shandra is going to be the touristy. I mean, max max did while to take a lot of credit? Cheer. I win. I mean, but he's a he's a he's a light character. Isn't he he's, he's a he's upbeat? He's, he's quite relaxed. It gives the impression tomorrow can be back to them today. And I think that goes a long way and did lighten them Liana, spear a sunny around that team. There are a few even you. You mentioned this point, rich. It's a team that we don't get close to something we should try to do the tool. Maybe going hang around and see the, the facial expressions alike around the movie stops. But it felt like a comma place to be then when the tour, I don't know. We know what those riders are gonna do. We know that Landau will will will leak time somewhere and be forced to play catch up. We know what valve iodine you'll be they'll be a campaign on Twitter to free Lonza exactly. Yeah. Cantona again. We've said it before. Doesn't have that change of pace to when whenever we've seen him win. We won the shore stage last year didn't didn't with a again, it was kind of that's, that's all you can do after the ship has sailed. I mean, I also think I just don't see Kintana beefing. Bernal, nah. I think if you put those two head to head Bernal has the edge for me, every day, if he can stay right. Rigoberto around. He's closer to contain of to banal in terms of, you know, he's eve reliable. But he's a winner in the sense in this pure, Saint doesn't win stay trace it. He finishes second or third. Well fellas before we go through the whole star. She just trying to avoid any well trying to create some kind of audio that we can play back at the end to show anchor our predictions. But can we end with one wacky prediction from each of you? Why key prediction wacky today honest, but the brake on the opening day of the tool to ride isn't it one from one t group go there and the other from total Derek energy, and I will get? I we get three minutes and then lease wacky prediction. I mean, there's only why I didn't find the writers, please. Owed christian. I king and Damian go down poor old Christian. Viking the dough FINA he was consigned to the press room for the last day. He's been holding the pressroom. I'm I think you sick and I don't know. Why was nice seat from on the team car on the team bus? But there he was sitting talking into his robe law, Sean and, and salad buffet. He'll donyell. Well, I'm gonna introduce a new concept to the podcast pod riding grunted ally zoo, Belliote, the opposite. They're perfect antidote is writing grunted, Allah, Atta Puma, riding general classification. I LA Puma now. We mentioned shandra earlier in the podcast. Mike shandra explain this concept to me on the JIRA and not to my husband known to ride general classification. He hasn't had great results in general classifications in the past, but to finish between about ten th and twentieth place by deliberately fully out of general classification. Deliberately losing time in order to gain time again to get back into general classification. Somewhere later later in the right. How'd you as a method money was quite well, because there's some rain falling where they didn't like having to concentrate every day. And, and you know, having to suffer in the wheels of, of sensibly better riders every day. And then maybe that's short commit. That's come the lazy way of getting a good good position on general classification. So who's going to do that this year? I think he's going to face eight riding outta Puma. By the way, don't we not to premodern how widespread this is how well known is. But he's known by some writers and stuff members of various teams to carries the the eagle that you love. I don't know why not you love it. Sounds like a bond film. And. Interesting. What you say, but that method of writing is the opposite to TJ guardrail until the start of this year about how he, he, he couldn't imagine not writing everyday for g see I'm having that, that kind of pressure. But that sense of purpose that comes Flannery way. Yeah. Lacey way more. Amar. Gill. Sure, they could be a candidate on holiday, basically just mincing bar. On day one good day. Couple years ago, did lose time. Remember plunged about fee and all these stages? He was losing time in it as we finally thrown it was deliberate. He didn't climb up not far up over, all classification, people do we'd be with the goal of winning stage. Yeah. Yeah. We'll keep our eyes on that one. That's interesting. My Weiqi prediction is Simon Yates win the tour de France having re recovered as Mojo off to the Jiro. I'm just with that, you know, there's nothing wrong with them healthwise without work from the Jiro in his legs and a break in between. He goes to the turn wins at 'em. I'm sure that he's writing. And but we think he is. Yeah. Obviously going as leader I think, if he's if he's healthy and strong, those two Siamese could be very dangerous combination. However, I do see Siamese writing allies Puma and losing time in the early part the race prompt. So we'll see about that anyway, we should wrap things up. We'll be back next week with the press conference. In the meantime, will be releasing episode of service course to give a listen on what you think final coal is well for suggestions for good. Cause for the, the mugs that will be selling Jew. All the proceeds from the monks will go to a good cause 'em. Keep nominations coming, send them to contact at the site can podcast dot com and we'll reveal next week, which could cause will benefit and also how you buy one of Stacey Snyder's. Beautiful mugs. Are you enjoying your monk? Lionel it's lovely isn't it? Pleasant to drink out of. Yeah. Yeah. Nice lovely and big perfect for a lovely big Cup of tea in the morning. Absolutely. Well, sulfur. Not thank you. Thank you. Thank you Lionel. Thank you, Richard.

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