GSMC Fantasy Football Podcast Episode 173 Looking Back to Pre 2018 (2-26-2019)


Golden State media concepts fantasy football podcast is your one stop shop for fantasy football news and advice has decided who to draft on first round cowing Gaga, and how to of your team got you covered. Additionally, Ziona Steve leaks. He on Lee ide-, deep Ely even daily fed to see football shawna's as we break down all the question of fantasy football. It's the Golden State media concepts fantasy football podcasts. Hello. And welcome to the GMC fantasy football podcast. Brought to you by the GMC podcast. I'm your host. Jeff bell off got a good bit to talk about today. It's going to be present things because we're still waiting on the beginning of the March thirteenth free agency market to open in find out and all that good stuff where each person will find a new home in trades and nine and then we can predict how each guy will do for this next season. But we're going to go back in time today to the beginning of the twenty eight thousand season, and I have things forty news dot com. Their rankings for each position in for this whole show. We're going to go buy those rankings. We're gonna just go. Let's just go top ten's. He go more from there. And just see how right or how very wrong they were. And I'm kind of excited about this. But of course, we'll start off right with the quarterback. This is. The rankings based on standard non are leagues was six point passing touchdowns. So this is for the for the quarterback said it, so this is like just pure just going off of two sticks. And all that good stuff. And just what do they bring to the table? Number one. It's kind of easy one to go on those Aaron Rodgers they say routers was having another top notch fantasy season in twenty seventeen before suffering a broken collarbone against the Vikings in week six he returned a week fifteen against the Panthers. But he clearly wasn't one hundred percent sites despite throwing for two hundred ninety yards and three touchdowns and three interceptions in the fivefold. Grajales five games are played before the entry. He total thirteen hundred six seven yards and thirteen touchdowns three interceptions. If you were to extr if you were to look at those numbers in express them out to the entire season. You could be roughly getting around four hundred thirty forty four thousand three hundred seventy five yards in around forty two touchdowns in ten picks that has a topnotch quarterback season for sure. And provided that he can stay healthy. He should be the best quarterback in twenty eight team. This is by sporting, news dot com. And as we all know that wasn't really the case mate. He will. He was healthy. But just in general the Packers when his bad like there really is. No, excuse me. How bad they were. Like, I can't explain like, this was just I I don't know if I've considered that like a bust of a pick of you picked him high. But. Again, he was not the best quarterback this year by any means. I don't think he was in the in any category in like that would say, oh, yeah. He's the best at that from last face-off last season alone. So I would definitely say that rankings. All ready wrong. Doing this start off. Great star. Awesome. Number two. Russell wilson. And with the lackluster running back corps. He had and the shy you can say wide receiving corps. Yes, they made the playoffs. But it wasn't like Russell's was having any sign of an MVP like year. This was a struggle for him. They barely got into the playoffs. And honestly looking into this next season. Would I draft him in my quarterback cl- for my quarter? But one of my quarterbacks, I would honestly consider him more of a backup right now than starter. Because I say that I know the times crazy because. He doesn't have a high scoring offense. A team around him. He doesn't have a team that gives them a lot of points in the in the fantasy football department. So I would be hesitant to pick him to be honest for going into this next season Hyun up. One of my top choices for quarterback, regardless where my positioning is. If I waited like the final draft pick like the final round of the second around. Then maybe I if I needed a quarterback if I needed a backup. I would go for Russell Wilson. But in general, I would not do that. I would not choose him. I would kinda not. And I have my doubts by Iraj is. Well, but Russell Wilson. I am a major doubts with not base. His he has the ability to great things. I'm not saying the won't. But he just doesn't have the talent around him do. Well. That the town around him to really explode in like a offseason type deal. Or not odds if he's not offseason, I told that's wrong. I meant more along the lines of just a MVP caliber season, statistic wise. That's that's how I see it. But again, that's just my prediction on this whole thing. And if you pick I'm not saying, that's like the worst choice ever. I'm not even a bad choice. I'm just saying he won't give you the points here expecting that just by tradition on that just based off just the team around him is supporting cast is not as good as most. Most other quarterbacks in the NFL. So number three with he kind of had okay season overall. But he didn't win the Super Bowl. Number three on these rankings is Tom Brady now the headed okay year, nothing to Vic tackler in this typical department. But honestly, he's one of those guys I would never pick in the fantasy football world mainly because he is I see him more as a better and much more come up in the clutch type of situation in the AUSSIE in the postseason rather than the regular season. If you pick 'em the regular season, that's a bad show. I'm saying the gap pretty decent choice overall. But. He's not gonna lake overwhelming with points. That's my main thing there. He's not going to give you those forty point games at some people could do with five touchdowns six hundred yards. Just obviously example because there is no six on. No one's ever thrown for six hundred yards. But regardless it's one of those things where you're looking at it and going, you know, what based off the team around him. Just like Russell Wilson. I don't think he can lead my team to victory in the fantasy football world. That's my honestly take on it. But moving on pass Tom Brady got number four. This is a guy really was high on Shawn Watson. In high on this guy for one reason for one main crucial reason, and that is Andrea Hopkins the under Hopkins top three wide receiver the NFL by far. I can even I have argued even put them number one. Because the base of the talent and the how he catches the ball. And how he is runs his routes excellently he has a little bit of feed tool, but that's on his strong suit is strong suit just going up there and getting the ball regardless where it's thrown he's a very athletic guide you Andre options is so I will definitely definitely think about driving high. If I'm in the low picks at the end of the second round or or one of the high like see it works differently for most leads. I feel like some people do snake way where you go the first draft pick until the sixteenth drivers last traffic, and then they get the first pick in the second round. And then they go the other way, but also seen people just draft the big little guy, whatever and. It goes back to the original one pick for the next pick. So it's kind of like the regular NFL draft. But I'm not sure which one we will be going for. But I think the Andrea Hawkins was definitely be a top one to round pick in the draft. And if you had yonder, and if you had Shawn Watson to Dion dropkin as you receiver core back duo, you could blow up some point to get some big numbers and get some wins for your team because that duo is one of the deadliest in the NFL and you saw it from last season and the previous for Watson toys ACL. He has they both have nothing but spot lights ahead of them in a huge like future duo, like a pain, Manny, Marvin Harrison type duo type of thing going. So I think that's what this will lead to. And I'm really looking forward to seeing how all this process processes out. But moving onto number four. I'm sorry. Number five four is number five Cam Newton. And we all know came arm was basically shot and just was not working in any way, shape or form. He was definitely struggling to throw the football throw a deep, and it was one of these moments where he just needed to sit out you just needed a break, mentally and physically. And so it looks like to me the better idea is to leave him out for the next season is where rather season afterwards. But if that's the thing about if they play him too soon, he could injure that arm even more and not be able to play again, you know, I think for him. It's a best place to really be able to heal properly like if he gets shot. In the regular season continue to play even with his shoulder injury. He has I have a bad feeling. He's gonna make it worse. So my recommendation if here just I would not drop them at all because he might not play this season. So obviously those rings wrong about him. But of course, we didn't know that the Senate shoulder injury. So it's one of those key factors where just injuries just bad luck. Especially with your fantasy football teams. We sometimes your best players. Get injured you first picks get injured. And then you're like, what am I gonna do? No, nothing. So that's how I see. Those are the top five four quarterbacks. We are going to take a break when we come back. We'll be talking about the running backs in the top five there. We right back right after this. Are you looking for the very best NFL and college football podcast, then checkout GSM, see football podcast. Get the latest football move both on and off the field from the NFL draft to treats to the rumor mill to the NFL combines they got you covered. That's GSM podcast com. Backslash footfall dash podcasts. Get updates. I'm college game day, insights and much much more. It's football talk. The way you want it this show, sleeps and breathes football. Don't forget to like on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Visit. Yes, MC podcasts dot com. For more info. Welcome back empty fantasy. Still gas is finish your top five rankings before the twenty thousand season for the quarterbacks. Now, we're moving onto the running backs. It's fun. We're having fun. We're having so much fun. I'm having fun at least so as this loads because thank you internet. I'm just before we look at this. I'm just getting a plea guess living on bills newbie number one in boy was that a mistake. And he's not number one. That's actually quite surprising before the twentieth season. Number one was is equal Elliott. And then I kind of agree with this. He had a pretty solid season all things considered. He had a really good. She's well top receiver running backs and league. And you know, he's just a very reliable guys. All he's very reliable to get the job done. He's the key focal point in their offense in Dallas. And you know, he's I can definitely seem as number one pick in some fantasy football drafts him, Sean sake on Berkeley, and so on and so forth. But definitely a I usually only see him ever one. But I get it. I get why he's number one on this list. Because of the fact that he's a special running back for the Cowboys and just it just works. Just works for me. Number two is the head of potential run for MVP was Todd Gurley. He had a pretty good. Twenty seventeen season as posted double digit fantasy points in all but one game, which is pretty darn incredible. Where that's guy you can absolutely one hundred percent rely on. And he even got some he was even in this. And then this rakings right because he was considered in the MVP at candidate in this in this twenty eighteen season with the Rams so he had a pretty stellar season overall. And he knows how to get the job done, obviously, he didn't play in the Super Bowl. But I think more we're getting more and more news as the days progress that he was a lot more hurt than we originally than they wanted us to believe at least and with that. I do say that. It's going to be the factor of. What when to use like is it still safety use him going into this season? Even this injuries at even more serious than where we're thinking. Or is he going to be back hundred percent by the end of nex by the beginning of this season? I think he'll be healthy by the beginning of this season. But I've seen crazier things happen. So we'll see how everything turns out. But definitely a concern for me. If I am an owner of a fantasy football league, and I have a high pick and I could get Todd Gurley and poor number three's is David Johnson. Talk about just falling off the face of the earth. Man, I know injuries plagued him and all this other things. But it's one of those instances where he had so much potential to be a top five running back in the league for years to come. He had that what amazing season where everyone started picking us the number one pick and all this kind of things, but he just didn't turn out the way thought he was he was he was too injury prone. He was too. I wouldn't say I think I think I was too worried about him just missing a lot of games and all this other things. So it wasn't the risk. I was willing to take. If I was good. It was I was gonna if I was considering drafting him. I wasn't every considering drafting my only to be honest with you. But I was in the I was in the sense of mainly. Oh, he's just he's having an off year. He can delete outs back. And then we can look at them for a top pick next year that didn't happen. So I see this more long lines of just the. The era. I guess you can say of David Johnson is over the air of him dominating fantasy football talk. And remember that commercial where the guys talking about who do you like I forget, what was like like I just saying like who you get who do you want in in the in the fantasy football draft near the big board and everything and he was saying something personal and all this, and they were like, no we mean the fantasy board and they it was a commercial. You can call anything else. But he goes, David Johnson. They all go you David David Johnson. But if you big Johnson, the first pick now people would laugh at you because it's not one of if it sounds saquon Barkley, and it's Ziegler Elliott, then it's not time girly healthy, then who in God's greener there, you get a pig. If you're not if you're gonna miss those three because those who you're absolutely deadly in mazing impressive. So just seeing that in general really shows that some people just really look at some pillars. Ready for fantasy football things fun thing to do. And but we since we do fantasy football take this very seriously. We want you to win money. We want you to show funnier friends, we want all all the we want you get the recognition and thank us for it. So that's why we do this. So my choice for the ranked top them or three David Johnson. I will say without sir with utmost certainty avoid him for next season as well. Because I got a bad feeling. He's not gonna come back to his form where he was at one point. So that's just how I see it. I can I hope I'm wrong because I hope for the best of David Johnson. I really do on the cardinals, and you can only you can only do so much. So. Just have to say that. I hope the bathroom, but right now, I'm just going to avoid him in my Finnish football rankings cheese. Went your f-. You name it. I'm laurie. So moving on now to number four. We have. Well, the thing is by now, we should have had like shake on Barclay, honest. But since this was him. I don't think we're the go up to the top ten, but we're gonna stay with the five, but number nine was Berkeley. And it's funny because now he's arguing to be the number one pick selected most fantasy drafts rightfully so. Because he had a fantastic year over two thousand scrimmage yards really speaks for itself. And so with that I do say that number nine is high for rookie. Absolutely. But this was more than just a rookie. He's a special person. He's a special. He's a special breed of talent of athlete. And so with that I do say. He deserves to be the number one pick. Now, he deserves to be up there in the top three. At least any if he's not I'll be shocked by any means. But if I had to pay your top three, it would definitely be Elliott up there, and as well as girly and Barclay those we might top three. So that's that's how I would see it. At least in this circumstance is going from learning from what happened this year going into next year. And of course, how just dominant he was you know, with with how bad she Berkeley was or how bad partly how bad the giants were offensively. Besides. Barkley was truly incredible. How he carried that team? So he is going to the main focus, but if he's not the main focus on there's something wrong in New York. Definitely they're just being ignorant or something. But overall, you gotta look at the facts that they're going to go for him. They're going to make sure that he gets the ball. They're gonna ride him to till he's like broken down. Basically. It's a lot like Terrell Davis with the Broncos. They wrote like they even say it in the interviews have during that time is where like we talked to Shannon Sharpe or something like that. They said forgot to win the Super Bowl. We gotta right trill. Davis. So how they got to build this team. The giants team is not build it around passing. They got to they got to build it around saquon Barkley. And as for Todd Gurley and his ranking, according to CBS sports. The Rams have the second easiest schedule for twenty nineteen. So. Todd gurley. My move up to number one due to the strength of schedule. He's got going for him at the end of this getting of this season. If they had the second easiest schedule, you might be the first guy taken in the draft just based off that alone. And the talent he has just it'll be too much. But again. This rank the schedule really matter overall when you're looking into like a postseason perform a postseason berth anything like that. We'll see how that goes. But anyways, that's just how those are like, but that's why Berkeley at number nine from twenty teen beginning to eighteen to now is just a funny instance. And now you're looking at any he's clearly a number top three. As for number four Levy on bell. And. Can the guy on sports things? This morning news. You're saying this. Few players are as quote bankable as him both in PR in standard leagues. So he wasn't very bankable this year because he plays single down because he held out. But due to the fact that he is going into this season as a free agent and get the most likely going to get the money. He wants. I will definitely say that. Levy on bell definitely be a top pick in the draft this year. But I guess it also depends on where he will end up in the fridge into permanent. But where he ends up. I'm assuming he's going to be looked at as a major focal point in that offense. He has to be. He puts a team over the time into a civil contender. He could be a team that just in the middle of rebuilding things can fast for the rebuilding period with him or something of that of that nature. But on tireless your what they're really going for. So we'll see who really is gonna push warm who's not gonna push form. But regardless of that, I do say that levian Bill even with him being gone for a good year. Is still valuable asset in your draft class? That's just how I see it. And with that we are at number five, which is Elvis chimera. And you know, he had Marvin Ingram this season. And how they did was great. But if if I'm Marv not Marvin Inger marking excuse me, if he's gone in free agency, which is probably somebody else compares get more carries. Get more opportunities is get more points in theory. Because of he's not gonna have another talented running back by signing. He's going to be dealing running back. He's going to be the number one running back. He's giving the number two running back. He's gonna be both. Combine now. So with that. He's definitely get more touches. And I think with that comes more yards, obviously. And I think more touchdowns, and I think a better stat line than most would leave. So if you end up with Kamera in like the late first round, I think that's a bass of steel or you try to get him in the fifth pick you could probably sell for that. But honestly, it's good to be hard. But fortunately, there's girly and there's Barkley, and there's Ezekiel Elliott in front of you. But if I had to move I would move up an extra spot honestly to move them to number four because of the Livia bill's been out for a whole season. So he's going to be quote, unquote, rusty, but yeah, I I would have if I was the top five say on the fifth overall pick in if I had to choose an I make may my top four like who would be available for me. They're tough up fuel. One would be Barclay to be Elliott. Three would be girly four would be chimera in five. I I don't know if I would put bell up there yet. I had to see where he goes I, but if I had pick a number five type of thing a number five kind of player, I would probably look at more a mixed back like a Sony Michelle even that early or even job Nick Chubb is definitely one that I would even I forgot about Nick because he's not on this list. He's. Yeah. If you wanna hear some crazy. He's not even on the like rankings list. I am looking at this thinks says sports twenty news dot com. Pain Barbara's up here. I see C J Anderson when he was on the news on a Carolina. I see do John's junior. You remember him? Like he wasn't really supposed to play. If at all and seeing all this definitely really shows. How talented he was going into this see how going into this next season. And definitely a powerhouse to look at as a top five pick in the draft. So recap my top five running. My picks are definitely Barclay. Girly elliott. Chimera and last finale st- Chubb, but we are going to take a short break. Once again when we come back. We'll be talking about the wide receivers of this previous twenty team rakings and seeing how they do for next year. We right on that when we return. Check out the show that's built on the from the UFC two extreme cage biting they got the fights covered. Check out the GSM. See M a podcast get the latest news on past or upcoming fights. Join us as we've talked to in about some of the biggest names in m e past president future. When it's the fight game. There's just one show to check out GMC podcast dot com. Backslash M E dash podcast. Don't forget to leg. Among Facebook could follow them on Twitter. Visit GS MC podcasts dot com. For more info. Welcome back. Everyone GS M C fantasy full podcast. We just finished running backs. Now, let's go to wide receivers. This is actually one of those entertaining ones because there is a couple that really didn't vertu be up that maybe didn't maybe didn't wrong. But. Overachieved and underachieved, obviously. But one of the main ones I went home for good into like number one through five in the sporting, news dot com rankings is Teri kills number ten. I would put him in the top five right now. Maybe because you add onto Patrick Mahomes and how. He started out. Big question, aren't because people didn't know he was starting basically rookie style. He was like no one knew really how he was gonna come from Texas Tech to a year off as a backup tug Smith in two. Now what he is fifty touchdown passes number one quarterback in the NFL right now at this time. So with that I do want to say that Terry kill is one of my favorite choices for my wide receiver choices because I picked him in some. Daily fantasy stuff and in my main league, and he came in clutch for me multiple times. So I've always liked him personally. And we'll since he's which Tim in. What's his face him homes? Started out I've been liking them a lot. So definitely one of my main top choices for next season. If you're gonna pick someone you're definitely I would definitely be recommending Terry Hill as one of your key receivers. Because of the fact, yes, he is a threat speed guy. But Mahomes loves throw to him Mahomes loves that guy, they have a connection there. So that's why I like him as a huge addition to your fancy team. I think you'll be one of those key guys. I really comes in club for you. When the time comes but anyways moving onto the actual top five. We got here. Number one. I think was obvious by that's by that previous year was in Tony around. He had a pretty good season overall. But he didn't play like seventeen. There's always some question marks about him in his relationship with the Pittsburgh Steelers. And there's always issues with that. So he didn't he didn't bring up to be the number one. He wasn't like hidden. She didn't show up as the number one. I guess you can say you're didn't you know? Perform, but you still top five wide receiver without question. And whatever team he goes to is get either rise him up and draft stock to still the number one pick like for wide receiver in category. Or it's going to drop them down based off what team he goes to because it's faced off the quarterback. It's based off the offensive scheme. It's based off the how good the running back is because they're running back thinking more touches, and he will see all coming down to that kind of situation and doubtfulness when it comes down to these trade situations because he has no choice. He has no choice award to go. He's gonna get traded regardless. And where he goes. Is going to be based on how much are they gonna use him? So that's how I see Antonio Brown going. But honestly, I see this moral on the lines of he's gotta be still one of the top. He's going be the first either first or second wide receiver taken in the draft fantasy draft that is and where he goes it sounds like he's not going to be going in the AFC north. That's impossible. It sounds like he's not going to the patriots. I think that was pretty clear by the Steelers organization. So seems like multiple NFC teams are basically chomping at the bit to get him. I think that's gonna be their best option for sure. So that's how I see in Tokyo Brown going for next season. But Gore's, of course, this is a procreate ranking him number one number two Julio Jones. With. He was he did the best. He could keep them. Throw a touchdown heating in a touchdown. Catch like wake like ten or six or so it was a long period of time where you did not actually catch a touchdown pass. But he did always come in with multiple hundred yard receiving games. Always was always the main go to Matt Ryan. But you know with the low with the discipline of the season overall, he didn't perform as best as he could. But now since he's since they have an old offense coin into coming back where they've had success with him in the past with Matt Ryan, I think this is a time where he's going to really come out of come out and be the guy again. And if he's one of those guys that gets picked over Tony Brown that make sense see last year like this is the twenty thousand rankings last year, which makes sense he was so high ranked, but again, he was kind of like. Brown where there were still feels like to me, they're still a lot to be desired. I could be wrong on that. I could totally be run. But they always did great no doubt about it. But I feel like they could have done more because that's kind of players there. They could've done way more. And so with that I will add onto the fact that this season with an old. With an old offense. Aucoin ater returning, basically. This should be a good news for both Matt Ryan and Julio Jones and even at a Calvin really to that to that whole falcons team. So honestly look at those falcon wide receiver core. And look at my Ryan potential pickup for this year's draft. And see what you can do with that. Definitely a serious contender for breakout performances in Atlanta Falcons squad. Will they actually win games? That's to be determined. But I still feel like the offense is king. Still get the job done relatively relatively the same as they did during Matt Ryan MVP or I'm not saying Matt Ryan's get again MVP award. But I'll say he'll be having a good season a L could fantasy football season at least moving onto number three. Now. We got another wide receiver in might be traded at the end of the season Oto Beckham junior. And of course, he didn't have the best year, and it was kind of because of one particular person. And that was just quarterback. Eli manning ano- will actually it's actually two players to two guys on that team. That really limited his potential limited his pointing for your team, and that was saquon Barkley and ally manning illuminating just because he can't really throw the ball anymore. It's kinda done in that circumstance to me at least. And then you look at Barclay who had a completely breakout year. Excellent your overall. And so I see that as just that's just the bad not bad luck for him. But just how it good Barkley. Was. You just had a limit ODA Beckham junior's touches because of how good. Barkley was in. You gotta give him more touches. It was just I was just how it went. That was just how it went. So that's how I see it. But again, it seems to me that both into Neo Brown and Odell Beckham junior will be traded by the end of this by the beginning next season. And so this is going to be a very interesting for sure when March thirteenth when that first begins the season begins, and you're trading your signed free agent. It's a very very interesting situation without question just do the facts that we really don't know where these guys will go and where their potential on these teams, and of course, oddly, not the forty Niners are both in talks with both into new Brown, and whatever cheating when you're talking about potential landing spots, and there's always other landings watts to but again with college Shanahan as head coach offense coordinator, I mean that might be the best fit for him to really get it done which. Garoppolo as well. I'm just saying that just an example. But again, it's one of these things where you're looking at it and seeing these two guys are get a have differences in. There. Let's say their draft stock when it comes down to either there were they're trading spot is where they're gonna land where they're gonna end up. But I'm actually looking forward to see whether he end up it's going to be. That's why low about the NFL off season is second to none to any other offseason in the in the world of sports because so obviously, we see basketball is up there to no doubt about it. But we obviously see like. The MLB and how slow that's going. And we're looking at the NFL. It's we're not even there yet. And it's already picking up pace. You know what I mean? So I think it's pretty great all things considered. So I'm kind of looking forward to it. And I'm honestly like the main questions for me is for fantasy football wise where are the best possible swats for Antonio Brown in OPEC? And and where were they end up? Are they still get to be the top five wide receiver the NFL? Are they still going to be that kind of level because? Just like weapon with Elliot to Barclay. A lot of things can happen here. And with that, I add, you know, maybe you gotta find a team with the better quarterback in a worse. Running back. That's just how I can see it. And that might that's obviously the best situation for them. But again, it's one of these moments in where they do not have an option wherever they traded to. That's where they're going to be ending up. But again, they're going to have a lot of takers. Definitely when it comes down to it. But we're gonna take another short break. And when we come back we're gonna finish up the day with tight ends because those are fun, and there's actually a big number of tight ends are actually really hitting a high point in their career. So we'll definitely check that out when we return. Out this show built around the women of from the UFC to the extreme cage fighting we got the fights cover the Golden State media concepts women's EMMY made podcast. The latest news of choline flights discussions previous matches join us as we talked to in about the biggest names women's mixed. Martial arts past present and future when it's the women's game. You know to listen to the Golden State media concepts women's MMA podcast. Welcome back to the TSMC fantasy podcast finish up today with tight ends. And with this. I wanna talk about how tight ends up becoming a more crucial part of fantasy football now. Just because of how vocal point they are in the offense. So definitely I would say pick a titan ahead of quarterback nowadays to be honest with you, I think they're very valuable in the long run. But. I'll just rain the top four top five out of steam off the top five right quick. Obviously number one is Travis. Kelsey, number two. This is rob gronkowski very disappointing year last year, he's probably gonna retire. But I would avoid him at all costs. If he is playing next year. He's just not the same guide number three's urge who had a pretty stellar season. Had a lot of had led league lead the titans and receptions, if I'm not mistaken and then number four is Jimmy Graham. Yeah. Maybe we should've told them that errors not really like throwing two tight ends. He's not really tied thrower. And then shockingly number five. Well, maybe not number them. Not shocking. Actually, yet is shocking. Evans grim for the giants. Number five. And obviously, you're you're missing very key factor that broke the record for receiving yards by titan in a season and that is George kit. And this is of course, this is his off year. This is actress rookie season he had a pretty solid sees all things considered to. So there was some talk about software, slump dot dot dot, which makes sense in theory. But then you're also looking at the facts of well he had the best season receiving yards of any titan in NFL history. So he was a number ten on this list. And honestly if you. Put them in number two. So you put Charles Kelsey number one put kill number two and number three that would make sense to me or you put hurts number two in kiddle number three. But. Georgia has has I think has become an elite tight end in the NFL. And he is a major factor when it comes down to picking a tight end to get points for your team. I think he's gonna be huge addition. Whenever team me goes to fantasy football was so definitely take a look at him. But of course, then the Travis Kelsey is probably the first tied and taken. And then there's also. Attacker twos. Just Carson Wentz coming back. Carson Wentz loves loves throwing to his tight end zone as it's and that's where they get this huge relationship involved. And that's why if Carson Wentz is the guy who if they say he is the guy, and he's going to be the guy, and he's done all this other things with Erz urges a big huge commodity because he's go to for the starting quarterback. I mean, that's that's a huge factor. I mean during his MVP season Carson Wentz where he got injured. I mean jacker was guy. And so you can only be N B caliber, we'd be favorite if you're receivers catching the ball and Zakar it's caught a lot of balls, and he lied he and for a lot of yards and really really came in clutch for that team in their Super Bowl run. So overall Zakar is definitely a guy. You wanna look at as a major a major help in the points of. Arment when you're picking a Tida, especially if Carson Wentz is returning to the starting job. And of course, there is the Nick full San where he's going to end up his looks like he's going to be traded or franchise tag and traded it, it's it's a complicated situation. We'll see all that ends up. But then but looking at others like Eric Brin? He's not really listened very high on this because he struggled with Detroit. All teams considered if I can find him Jesus actually really way down here. Wow. Okay. Wow. Wow. Number twenty twenty one twenty two twenty three twenty four twenty five twenty six. He's twenty six on this by sporting, news dot com. The fantasy football department before the twenty eighteen season any had double digit touchdowns. So definitely Angela throwing him the ball. And this was a great year fragile comeback player of the year award. And with that Angela coming in healthy and Eric Ron returning. Definitely definitely definitely a guy. You would take early one of the top. He's definitely top for for me. It's the four best tight ends in the NFL right out to me in of course, fantasy football wise are. Travis kelsey. Zacher? It's George kiddle in Eric run. Those are the four you can add maybe Jerry cook to five. It's kind of touch is not really alike. There's still any walkers of really good time. But he was out for the season with an injury. So it's it's not really a lot of other options. You can put at the top at number five, but those four the most crucial to their offenses. And if you wanna be crucial at your offense as you pick them up like third fourth round, definitely take advantage of one of those top four tight ends just to the fact that they are huge help to their offense. But that is all the time. We have today. Thank you so much joining us, please tune us in next week as hopefully we'll have more information about the potential landing spots for Antonio Brown or dope Beckham junior or maybe Levy on belt, and we'll see you next week. Have a good day. Everybody. You've been listening to the Golden State media concepts Tennessee football podcast, part of the Golden State media concepts podcast network. You could find this show and others like it at WWW dot Jesus MC podcast dot com. Download I'll podcast on itunes stitches sound clock and Google play. Just type in emceed to find all the shows from the Golden State media concepts podcast network from loses to music from sports, entertainment and even Hughes. You could also follow us, Twitter and on Facebook. Thank you. And we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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