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The Chad Benson show is sponsored by express. Vpn Why haven't you gotten a VPN yet visit express VPN DOT com slash? Watch Chad we come back in full force. Welcome to another episode of the Chad Fraser. Show part of Tom. Welcome welcome welcome to studio twenty two the mothership puppet master market the hell draft this starship into the Nether regions course can dc the queen of the Ethiopians in the silent dear regal looking on so. I'm face Schalke made whenever the truck hit him party Steve at the pub live in the trump. Let's go bringing up the rear. That's what you're doing. That's bringing up the rear bringing up the rear your but Garrincha. Somebody's gotTa do it. You learn that in prison. Nope now my hot news. Hey you know what this is the Cova crew. We've this quarantine crew I should say. Hopefully nobody has KKOB. Everybody feel good. Everybody a symptomatic our APPS showing Green Zone. I'm green okay. Have you didn't see? Are One Nation under surveillance episode. Actually I would call it. Two episodes go back Tuesday and Wednesday. Watch those and just go ahead and scare the piss out of yourself. That's what I do. Cause big brother's watching no way around it. We know that's what's going on So you know what what should you do? Go to watch Chad Dot com tickets for upcoming show. Get back out in public. Let's do this thing. Let's do this. They got show's coming up in Let's fill Texas on June the sixth June seventh. Billy Bob's Texas ludvig towns world's largest hockey top. That's right. Steve looks at me as though it won't happen. But no it's going to happen always gonNA happen. I hear some rumors about some other bookings to kind of stuff going on There is a might be a little rumor out there about US opening for one Willie Nelson in August which will be fun to get him out of quarantine and bubble wrap and all that stuff willy. Here longtime forgotten dreams fill by the way was waylon but whatever well waylon and Willie songs together. It's okay good. Lavi promised Ain't worth living in today. in a good. You're always on my mind. You always on Yes maybe I didn't love you Quite as often as I could truth. Oh Girl Oh girl you miss a missing limb jail. Oh my we're going to have fun day. I'm in a mood Texas Tuesdays every Tuesday night at eight o'clock on the watch Chad facebook page. We've been going live with Texas Musicians. Bring your digital dollars. We take tips. We take tips. Just tips through Vin. Mohan paypal's fun time. One encourage everybody to join us for that. What else can people join us for Iota blaze? Tv DOT COM slash Chad. Thirty Bucks off right now. Thirty BUCKS OFF. You can get a whole year blaze. Tv All the content for sixty nine bucks whole year. That's great deal great deal. Don't forget you can watch us on Pluto. Tv. We're in some twenty odd million homes every single night look at us look stable and get a tan on his legs. Don't you think mark get a Tan on these legs? You're working on this. Is this is where well you know. This is where I'm just telling you man. I'm I'm covert comfortable right now. That's just the lighting. You're not actually as white as you look on camera. Keep your legs together. I don't WanNa find okay. Cool Company needs to see that. Cova comfortable I got. I don't even know if my shoes match at this point I don't care I haven't worn socks than a month. Irrelevant them all for toilet paper and I. I don't know if I'm ever going to be able to go back to fully dressing again. I've gained away so everything like like even underwears too tight. Do you ever have that problem? You wear underwear. I'm about to stop okay. I've got I've gone into a war in here. The other week I wore a I think it was last week. Pajama shorts. Just Pajama shorts. You know that you sleep in or whatever you like. I've started to wearing those out in public. Yeah I used to make fun of people who Pajama Pants out in public now. I'm wearing pajama shorts. Burleson market did you said you saw the dude wearing a yoga pants. Without underwear wears underwear. Visually molested. Yoga pants could see his circumscription through the pants. Guy Yoga Pants guy. And it's a it's a some of those where it would look like. We're carrying sack of potatoes on the bottom of our back. What it would look TIC TAC? You wouldn't go back in a crack. You know trying to smuggle Mr Potato head into the potatoes acetone it. I'm so horned right now. Are you staying Horn Horn? How warned have you been through this whole? I talked to your husband the other day. He says you reasonably horned okay. Yeah yeah that's good. I don't know reasonably reasonably horned anyway tech packs of premier monthly subscription box for military tactical preference. Second Amendment Uzis for just forty nine ninety five a month. You're going to get at least a hundred dollars worth of gear. 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Use Code Chad go now. The director of my programs name is mark the puppet master tate and he busted out a funny there in the break and I am all over myself. Laughter was funny people so funny. Mark doesn't say a whole lot but when he does. He's hilarious. Yeah a little. Nuggets of brilliantly is hilarious. Hi Steve I think I'm rubbing off on him has your Momma Momma's good good. We're going to get into some wild and crazy stuff today Oh my gosh. My mother told me a couple of things. Speaking a mother's my mother said I appreciate that. You're not cussing as much on the show. We're all BLUTO TV. So I can't say as much but I still something you to stop to wells. Calls a canvas. Yeah she burned her is into me with that jazz. Abell Satan Spirit. She's got just just just yells above me. That's what she did. She said that. Speak properly that right over there. They're building alley stuck his new studio. Yeah so that's heaven right here on that side of the room heaven. We thought IT WAS HEAVEN. Back when it was grandma. Allen's place now it's going to be alley stuck. He space their bill in and out. It's kind of looks like a church meets Joanna Gaines. It's going to be gorgeous over there. Allie of course is a gorgeous so you can join us for Theology Thursdays and we'll come over here and we'll fix all that for you. We'll fix look at you right back in the world. You Carnal Christians. I love you guys. My name is say ten. Did you know that poison control has been inundated with calls about cleaning products as the corona virus pandemic? I guess it's because so many people are buying all these cleaning products now now now now. The boomers are home and they're bored and they're like well. Let's see what these type pods. Tastes like gets Raum something. They're trying to mix stuff with bleach. You don't mix anything with bleach. Learn the hard way Steve. I want us to start doing some video. I said earlier in the week. That mayhew Steve Helms and BUCCI SEAN. We should do like the kind of like those impractical jokers. Four guys do where they put up each other up this stuff hidden camera stuff. We should do some of that stuff. You see the one hundred percent a year in. Oh thank you. I'm so excited you're in so forget Steve Helms. Now forget cousy. Neither one of them really have a personality. Yeah we need boozy for token you need a black guy. Yeah I think we'd better black guy. Okay well we. We have black guy with personality is talking about. Because he's not here. Yeah I mean I miss him a missing miss him so much but yeah he's kind of a quiet guy. Yeah you know what I'm saying until he's not then that's a whole thing. I think we should do that. But I've been thinking we should do some videos with like cleaning supplies just like let's just mix some chemicals together and see if we can blow ourselves. I did that once. Port ONE BOTTLE INTO ANOTHER ONE TO CLINCH. The wasn't quite enough in one bottle just poured it into the other one not realizing. I made like a cocktail. He was Moaning Corine Guy. I can't get my loans. Were learning so out of the bathroom for a little while. Don't go in there. Oh Gosh you could do it dump truck and drove through a Nitro glycerine. Play it so calls. The poison control center skyrocketed due to incidents related to cleaning products amid the krona virus pandemic That's a new report from the CDC glad to know they can keep up with that. They don't even know how many people died from the flu. But they know how many people are calling poison control Twenty percent increase in calls between January March La La La. Yeah they can't confirm a definite link slums going on right so a lot of kids or consistently under the age of five. That's consistently representative represented their home in the calls home. Yeah they you know to get into stuff. You're getting into things. They're playing with things in. We're not used to parenting. They're exposed to a whole lot of hand sanitizer which apparently were feeding to them. We're making them drink. It putting hand sanitizer in their bottles. Kidding folks There's Kid drink a bunch of this stuff and had a high blood alcohol level three times. The legal limit of driving a kid doing driving Steve. Yeah waiting for that serious deal. Pediatric intensive care for two days. There was a there was a woman who's soaked her produce by filling or sync with bleach vinegar and water after hearing on the news that she could cleaner groceries should cleaner groceries before eating them of course created a gas chlorine. Sounds then Iger with bleach. Right you can't do that like you said. Don't mix anything with bleak. I know but like there was that you remember a couple of weeks ago. People drink some bleach. It would kill the corona virus said bleaching cocaine. Well only one of two me and Glenn Beck. We were over there. Trend that chlorine remember Glenn Beck? He's come around. I do I see us pictures in the Hallways Yup always called the studio shrine Beck. Yep He's here even when he's not here hi Glen. I know he's listening. I know he's listening. You want to go back and watch our surveillance video Glenn Beck. It's crazy step. So do you believe this news this nonsense this craziness about Kim Jong Un? Being grave critical ill condition after his surgery. What did I tell you last night? When whenever we've we last we were talking about it but and I say and you said something about him being gravely ill after surgery. I said well. It's not gallbladder but it's heart and apparently that's what's wrong time to make that point so you just say okay so I don't know what to do with you. Sometimes you said Okay so you said the number one surgery ever is taken out. Somebody's GONNA be. Yeah that's a that's GonNa be the top one has got to be. We don't know. Could be wisdom teeth but gallbladder whatever bladder so steve just randomly in the midst of talking about Kim Jong It. Well somebody looked common surgery. Thanks cliff claiming gall bladder surgery is GONNA be the number one surgery and would you say very normal surgery for thirty six year old? And I'm sure that that's exactly what was going on with Kim Jong UN. Nice gravely ill. It was probably as appendix burst. A big deal. That's a big deal. North Korea Appendix. Now it's easy if they burst. Yeah I don't believe he's gravely ill. I don't believe he had surgery. I don't believe they keep their information. So tied up Maybe a sisters trying to kill him. He killed his brother right. Yeah buckle else. You don't have to kill his brother. Like poison like yeah. They rubbed it on his face to women. Want me to start the stuff on his face. What was it. What was the substance again? It's a popular poison. They probably mixed it with bleach. They went in. There rubbed it on his face and he died brutal. Two chicks in there to rub your face remember that. Stay yet to come at me trying to touch my face. I'll know somebody's GONNA kill me. Start with what was it Kansas. You look in that up okay. So wasn't Valtrex. That's for something completely came Viagra. I wasn't by now okay. But anyway they rubbed it on his face and he died and then so now his sister remember back in the Olympics when everybody was all about her because she said Oh she's just so lovely cut you she will kill you most powerful woman in North Korea and she evil. Apparently she's running the show right now lease it would think Kim Jong UN would look in the mirror or seem self on the media and be like I gotta fix this hair. I gotta fix this. Because he's got a straight up that they'll flat Jingzhang thing he's got going on. What is it was he got on his face? It was a nerve agent. I know the nerve agent x nerve agent the X. VX VX. I know there was a v. well tracks via via. Vx nerve agent That's that's that's A. That's they use that in bad movies a lot and all that stuff. Vx nerve agent. Oh my God. It's being released mission. Impossible don't don't don't don't don't don't so his look is his look though. That's his bit like Hitler had a bit in know. You think it was a bit well. That's the thing that was the deal. Well it's as bad as look. I mean you definitely know who he is and then when he's trying to copy Charlie Chaplin when you see him John Own you know it's him because if he rubbed down with. Vx Gas there. You go on your face. Lets Vicks Vapor? Rub It's not via exits vicks. It'll kill you. Don't mix it with breach so anyway. That's the report in. What's funny. Is You read the news? Headlines on Monday night was talking about. He was in grave danger or gravely ill and then another one said he's not another one. It's like it's all fake news because everybody's speculating and they were mall reporting it as facts right and I've got it on my twitter. You can find it at watch Chad I put the different headlines that were up there because nobody knows what's going on. And so then of course. South Korea their government officials said. He's fine. He's okay so who knows who knows but we don't know what they operated on. Maybe it was a face you know what I bet he had. I bet he had gastric bypass because he's a maybe somebody think. I looked up the number one surgery in the US. Cataract removals all bladders number. Nine Steve You crack me up. He gets them in your head and you just WanNa know. I know they're studying looking up. Nerve agent is he gonNA get skinny like l. Roker like he's GonNa be a skinny. Look like your pastor healthy. I don't know you look sick. Like you ever GonNa go into whole foods and you look around at those people in like your one bite of Granola away from just poison just dying. Because those people don't look healthy like their skin ain't even flesh toned not. It's like oatmeal. We call whole foods and hope paycheck. Groceries Gos- well. That's Kaneohe and shops with a mask. Apparently these days you know. They kicked her out of the whole foods. The other day husband does name Gerald. Look that up can megan that by why it's some kind of English. Gerald were kicked off George. His name's George Canisters husband's name. George I knew it was English something. I'm getting close today. All around the Horseshoe Steak Greg George. I just start throwing out names at remind me of England. Yeah Georgia is a good one George. Yeah anyway so. They kicked them out of the whole foods the other day because they weren't wearing a mask followed them around kicked him out but you know what she didn't do she didn't come on. Ithaca's Bektas I'm black. She didn't okay. Yeah for sure. Granted Georgia's white Georgia's is very very white. We'll see color to do this. Or his lack thereof because a lot of people would be claiming racism if they got kicked out of a whole foods. I've never claimed racism for being kicked out black candidate in a whole food. So you sit this one out. We're having a conversation that you missed the first so she got kicked out for not wearing a mask okay there. It is You remember when we had. I don't have time to get in that story but I'll come back to it after the break but hang on. I WanNa talk more about this black people thing. Black people should wear masks. Especially if you're going into a McDonalds in China in China for sure because they let you in. Yeah very racist over there. Chinese people very racist they all. You'll back a man you you're you're making me cry your magazine. You all very racist. Just try to keep them safe because black people are more susceptible to the corona virus album ideas idea. I got some credit IRAS. Well you deserve it ever God. Hey let's talk about our friends at Patriot mobile. Yeah THEY WANT AMERICAN. Stay in touch with loved ones during this crazy difficult time. 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Family planned to date twenty five thousand five hundred fifty five dollars ninety seven to Patriot. That is Patriot. Mobile dot com slash Chad bareback. He would you laugh at now. The things that happened off camera. Oh see people think it happens like that instant. It'd be destroy Acre. No I wouldn't do it do it. But see like we take. That took US thirty minutes in that thirty minutes. I have talked with Senator from North Carolina. The governor of Georgia the General the National Guard the chief director of the National Guard. Tone that break. I talked with mayor. Betsy Steve got a voice recording from the mayor talking. People think we're just a bunch of goons around here the hang around. We're actually people of influence. Y'All oh yeah well. I got a text from my husband's ex wife. You did chow workout together. We do where we get along great. And she's a former playboy model. She's hot yeah yeah he's cute. He's cute you set up with one of our friends. They were talking for a second navy. Seal retired Navy. Yeah but they never met her never. He's got a lot of playboy models. Probably never when we had. Clyde with a rising was it rising as the bunkers they were selling them and they were putting them in New Zealand. And how many like three million dollars to get the be able to buy land in New Zealand and do this kind of thing so it was like the Uber Rich Silicon Valley and so they're fleeing they're going to New Zealand. They're going to their bunkers. Care Apparently New Zealand is the billionaires playground these days so they're all going to their bunkers. The problem is Kansas. As you've said as you've stated is that they can't they don't know how to get in them. Well if we go back to that episode. He talks about how he asks the owner's to come in and they have to go through a whole process of learning about the bunker. They didn't think that far ahead. So all those rich people went to New Zealand and got to the door and completely forgot. The combination can do see. That's when you throw away. Money Steve Yeah. Yeah I get it. I mean that's why you know the whole point is you can't. That's that's why I mean if they're made right you can't the issue is what if they got in there and couldn't get out that would be a whole other thing you'd be at that little drainpipe one. Your decor is in the middle of New Zealand for twenty five years until you run out of food which up at the surface. It sounds like there's wool. It's like using a friend. Brian. Hainer says don't use Willem Defoe. Is your safe word because it's hard to say with the ball gagging anyway anyway. So the people can't they can't figure out how get into things. That's throw away money when you can just go put up however many million dollar deal you know land visa and the bunker and the monitor's cheek part of all of that stuff and then you're like you think. I'll never need it right. I just got it now. They're going over there and they can't even get the door open on the thing. People are so stupid. Are you gotTa know? Your passcodes like on your phone. You know you get locked out. That's it like that reminds me like a lot of people like we joke about having a lot of money and all that kind of stuff and I got. Steve always over me over me. You won't let me like some people are worried. Like if they had a lot of money would probably kill him. Like I know people like if I had just throw away money. Would you give me a million dollars? My infused rich Jimmy million known like no I might give you a job but trust the million dollars wouldn't destroy your life. Didn't Hollywood Henderson Win. The lottery twice. And he's broke or something like isn't that right. What a random pull that. I'm just saying you give people money. They lottery winners. That's the K. That's my point you give people money they haven't spent or but I WANNA try. I want to try to keep it. Like forty million dollars. I want to see what would happen. You would keep it would i. Would I think I would too? Well the reason and I'll just let give people a glimpse into my life. Is I know what it's like to have a lot of money and lose it all. I've already been through that point in my life when I was younger. Tell the story but just through investments. It wasn't doing stupid things. It was just through investments. Lot of money and then you didn't have a lot of money so I like to think that I'm more responsible these days with what. I've been blessed with unfortunate enough to I were. Nobody's giving me anything I've worked hard. You know of hustled. Somebody asked me today said. Are You satisfied where you are at this point in life and career and it's like no but I never will be you know? Let me just tell you if if we're talking about this earlier today if you gave me forty million dollars. I don't know that I would do. I wouldn't stop doing what I do right. I wouldn't stop doing this. I mean we might do an you know. We might do it in a more luxurious Might do it from the bed apart. Ma over in Bora Bora. We're GonNa mail this one and we got a five minute delay. You know I am on the other side of the planet. We're one of those floater house. We're out here in the hut who's not the shark. Do Baby Shark to pay me. Shark here look at it. Look at it. Look at all the rows of Teeth. Come in nicely. I would own jeff lows exotic. Yeah go ahead lions be free. Oklahoma is yours now. We own it. Put a fence around Oklahoma. That's my park here. You go you gotTa thank you goodbye. Oklahoma cheap right. I mean all you would think they got oil up there. Yeah Oklahoma has some don't they? Yeah I think they do now. I those reservations. You get real cheap. I don't know about that casino. Land say Nolan probably high dollar. You know up there at the casino behind there that's where they built the new GW exotic deal Jeff. They moved up there behind the tree. Some shady about that too. Let's go up there. Let's do it okay. Why you know Mark Calloway buddy that the undertaker right before that Joe Exotic thing came out undertaker went over pictures on his instagram. He and his wife Michelle Mimi mccoo Wrestler Day. Michelle Mark went to Jeff. Aunt Doc. Antall'S DEAL OVER IN SOUTH CAROLINA. Myrtle beach and they were like doing all these things. These shout outs and stuff. Because they were like it was about endangered species and these public awareness. Things they were doing all this stuff and then they did the documentary and he was like we didn't know all the stuff behind this deal. He said Dude. We're getting so much. Like how dare you be associated with this crazy? It'll need these. People are endangering these endangered animals. And I don't think most people knew the undertaker. He's retired wwe right. I won't even tell you what his retirement is. But he ain't worried about the hate man known I wouldn't have either. No but I mean there's pictures on his instagram. Feed that giant ASS lager. They'll bottle in all that stuff and who wouldn't want to safely feed a lighter safely. Yes there's no safely to it. Six fatawa from the lighter cash. You think you can have your home stolen. Yes if you were in the slake get Lake Texas because of you. You've made me very aware anyway on and I'm telling you it can happen. We've added happened. Glenn Beck's at his house stolen theoretically and has stupor gear right the FBI. Gas came in there and they stole it and they said here you go. Here's your home title. All they had to do a sign and it would have been there. I tried to talk them into stealing me a house. I don't even Glenn Beck House but people don't believe that can happen. They're like well. It happens other people. Bless the thing man. You'RE GONNA learn that lesson the hard way because your home title can be found online if people know what they're doing to know where to go and they'll forge the documents and they appear makes it appear that you sold your house and not belongs to them and then what they're gonNa do is they're going to borrow thousands of dollars against your home's equity and you're going to get stuck with the bills and you're GONNA get stuck with foreclosure notices and you're GonNa get stuck with a fiction notices and then you're going to have to spend a fortune trying to get your home back. The problem is your bank and your lending organization mortgage they. Don't cover all of that stuff so the FBI says one of the fastest growing crimes in America today. So what you WANNA do? Is You want to avoid that by doing what I did. Protect your home with home. Tidal Lock and you gotTa go in there. You go home title. Loc Dot Com and for a matter of pennies a day. It's going to make sure that you are safe now. First thing you need to find out if you're already a victim and home title lot will tell you that are you gotta do is go to home title. Loc Dot Com register your home enter Promo Code Chad. They're going to give you a free month. They're going to tell you if you're already victim and hopefully you're not but I want you to sign up today home title. Loc Dot Com Enter Code Chad for the protection. Do it today. We were like strangers. Lost Souls in the night couple of projects going on in the studio axon entertainment We've been up there with my buddy Chuck Ebert. He's eight time. Grammy nominated one time Grammy winner. We working on new albums comedy albums. Call your shut up It might be. We'll see how it comes out. I think we're GONNA stick with that title though I like it. Y'All shut up. It's good should be around June or July going to be good coach warranty in life on it. We've got some other songs on there. Of course I expanded. You've ever seen me live you've seen me do Tulsa you've seen me do third nipple there but we've got. We've got some pretty fun songs on there. Got some new ones called bump. We once called bumping cousins. Another one's called Motel six. We got flippy like a pancake. We've got some fun songs on you. Want here a little piece of flippy. Aga Bank gave you the scratch. Here's a little scratch dimmer right here. You ready here. It goes so we could get some part. I'm GonNa Flip Your lack of pancake. You don't have to be you. Wait if you WANNA party break mistakes cornflakes or no. You'RE GONNA love win. I slap you agree that all honk and listen to. You is Renew Mirror. Yeah Yeah So. We're going to have fun with us. Now that's just a scratch track right there Broadway. We bring in the strings and the horns they horned. Did you write that during quarantine or is that worry that in twenty minutes sitting in the studio I believe it? I have the phrase flip a pancake. Yeah the whole thing. It's a great song. Where do you get into a phrase in there that I think is genius? I hop into your smoothie. Oh I love your route into Rudy. Tutti you keep it fresh and fruity. That's true that's true. Yeah but you're still not gonNA flip it like a pain. Well you know what who said you along time ago? Give me a lever long enough and I can move their. Yeah you give me a spatula big enough. We'll flip your big ass fair. Not We'll get. You turned over there. Hurtful are they are they. They're truthful. Lotta hippy hippy. Over there trust me there. It is look at all that big old luncheon. I like big butts and I cannot lie. That ain't gonna be on the album. Pretty proud of the motel six motel six. I'll get in your head. You're like Oh my God sound deep really so working on that album and it's going to be interspersed with some stand up comedy. We're going for grammy. I ain't GonNa lie okay going for a grammy. The we're going to working for the grammy. We're going to grammy nod mark my words. We're going to be not because I know what's one in the comedy category in the last few years and it's called crap just pure crap so y'all shut up y'all watch it. It's going to go places. It's going to go places. It depends on if people will support it and buy it got a little. It's got a little edgy. To it. Obviously talking about flipping you like a bank. It won't it won't make the big bulletin that church. I'm saying well you won't be seeing that off. The big screen started to go in praise and worship leader. Stay with their legs are all spread. They're like yes skinny. Jeans the Lord Ripon you just wrote that Yes yes to the. Hey where does help help comes from my God? You're making fun of. I love praise and worship. Don't you I really? Do you like the seven eleven songs. Seven words Sung Eleven. Oh that's great because I can remember him your mouth every blessing to my heart to sing praise. Shades of mercy never ceasing. I don't know that sounds like a handle. It is. Yeah abso more praise and worship you know. I like the hymns 'cause they built into yes I love him as well. Yeah teach me some excitement. Lorestan Painting tongues above. Here's my heart. Lord come and take it seal it for the courts above blessed assurance. Jesus is mine. Oh what a foretaste of glory divine air of of salvation. John all is Sandra now. Yeah I and my Save Your am happy and blessed. My this is my story. This is my song praising raising my Sag Long Story. This is my saw. What on the Baptist? Hymnal raising my save your all the knew how to sing the first second. And the last yes. The N never been left out like a third verse truth on the Last Sang. Stunned the second and we're going to stand on the lives all God's people limitations on the NFL how you get into those traditions like that And like that that's just like it becomes a Baptist tradition. Like how dare you sitting third verse? There was years ago years ago there was a famous Baptist Music Minister. He was missing these three fingers right so his hand was like this and when he would direct music. Oh yeah he would do it like this. And he was so well known that it became the standard for Music Ministers Baptist Church. Hold their fingers in like that and do it just like him now. He was actually missing his fingers. But that became the deal. They started doing it. Like traditions are powerful things. That's funny Garth Brooks lease is third verse and one of his songs. My mother said the other day she said Steve is so funny. He is just so smart. I said let's call him a witty. Let's just say he's witty. Mom Mom Steve is pretty smart. That's what I tell myself to your smart Galley. You won't get into everybody. Wants cut me. Y'All WanNa ever talk church church traditions. Theology stuff like that. Let me tell them stuck up each alison things I get over there. Get over there. And The heavenly deal set givers theology Thursdays. We'll be right back. Oh Boy Howdy love you guys. I appreciate you do want you to go to watch Chad Dot Com. Check out all the fun stuff to their good times. Good Times And don't vote by mail. People go go go vote. There's a big move out there. Why let me tell you something? If all the lips start jumping on board with something some wrong with it that's right. There was one lady that just got arrested. got out. We'll talk about that story next week. She's got arrested for Voter Fraud Democrat of course of course us. Tom Hanks Rita Wilson. Apparently they got over their Co Virus. Real quick now. They're joining former first lady. Mike Obama to do a couch party voter registration mail in voting grown virus. Pandemic thing he they're going to push in that big old deal man. I'll tell you these. Celebrities have a lot of power Taylor swift and her crew. They just raised one hundred fifty million dollars for the World Health Organization which is a communist led Chinese backed organization that does absolutely nothing They got mad at me the other day. Mark Got Mad at me on the news. And what matters said tits on on bore and he had to bleep out tits. We say tits here Anneli. Hey I don't know I look at you and say that Steve I'm looking at your teats teats seats. That the proper way. That's the proper submission nal is added going to circle branch lines bread. Lines Bernie Bernie Bread Lines Chad aether. Are You mad? Now get mad. You just know that people are going to give me a hard time. That's why you're just looking for you. Know I always look out for you. But if they don't like you buy what you doing back affair flicks y you come back. I love those people who like to jump online and just argue argue every day. Anything I post they got to come back. I gotta be there. Might Feliciana left seven times by her and her. I used to support you but not any money more than a back tomorrow support. I mean I don't know how you think you supported me. I didn't make any money. 'cause you happen to comment on a supported you with what Gotta. Watch chat DOT COM and support also get blaze. Tv DOT COM slash chat. Subscribe Safety Thirty Bucks Right now. Good Park Foundation subscribe to his little deal on Youtube. It's pretty bad and of course hot news. She's amazing we love you. God bless Tortilla next down by.

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