The Abduction of Persephone


Hi, everyone. I'm thrilled to tell you about an unbelievable new show on the park cast network. It's called extra terrestrial and it aims to answer. The question. Are we really alone in the universe and stay tuned? After the show to hear a clip of the first episode on the nineteen sixty one abduction of Barney and Betty hill to listen to the full first episode subscribe to extraterrestrial wherever you listen to podcasts. New episodes come out every Tuesday. This episode features dramatization in discussions of kidnapping sexual assault and violence against children that some people may find offensive we advise caution for listeners under thirteen. The palace of a loose s glowed in the mid day sun, the ruler seal ES stepped outside to take in the city view. It was only a modest city, but it was prosperous and the streets were fragrant with incense from his palace. He could see farmers journeying to and from the market. The year's end would be bountiful just then a mighty wind swept through the streets of Ellis. When it reached Celia us it bit right through his skin. This was cold. Unlike any heat ever felt before over the next few days villagers came to cry at the throne of Celia us. Their fields were barren the cold had hardened the earth and the crops already planted withered into fruitless stocks. His eldest daughter Colli AFI turned to him. Garments wrapped tightly around her quivering. Shoulders. Is there anything that can be done? Surely, if this cold persist are people will starve I will go pray to demeanor. Take your sisters and fetch water before it freezes client, the gathered her sisters and together they made their way to a well called the Parthenon or the virgins palace. The normally bustling square was unusually empty by the time they arrived Colli a-this stopped dead at the site of the well above the well grew in olive tree. The only green they'd seen in weeks and beneath it, a Stroud woman was crying. She was old beyond measure her skin cracked and dry. Like the parched. Farmlands just outside looses, pardon me. Hello. Do you need help getting water? Are you hurt? Where do you live the old woman stirred and looked out from beneath her cloak? She may have been old but her eyes were bright as a spring morning readings children. Thank you for your concern. Is there a place within these walls that would house a bereaved mother? The four young women escorted the krone back toward the city centre. Little did. They know this old woman was the precise cause of the horrible drought. Welcome to mythology on the park cast network. Every Tuesday, we present dramatic stories from ancient mythology and explore their origins. I'm your host and narrator Vanessa Richardson today, we're focusing on per seventy the daughter of Zeus and demeanor goddess of the harvest for seventy is the personification of vegetation and the cause of winter every year, new episodes of mythology release every Tuesday, and you can find us and all of park casts podcasts. Wherever you listen to podcasts at park cast. We're grateful for you our listeners you allow us to do what we love let us know how we're doing reach out on Facebook and Instagram at par cast and Twitter at par cast network. And if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening. It really does help us. We also now have merch head to park cast dot com slash merch. For more information. Action. Something to note in this episode all Greek myths have many versions and variations we've selected those we fell to the most dramatic and entertaining and supplemented them with additional research into Greek traditions. Per seventies. Most well known story is that of her origin in it. She's a young goddess snatched away from innocence and stolen from her doting mother. This story is historically referred to as the rape of any and has been depicted numerous times in western art under that same name. It's important to note. However that this is an archaic use of the word rape. The origin of the word comes from the Latin robbery which means to snatch to grab or to carry off in many older forms of English such as medieval English the term was used interchangeably between sexual assault and kidnapping two quite different levels of trauma per seventy was a virgin maiden goddess before her kidnapping, and though every God on Mount Olympus sought to court her. She preferred the company of the female nymphs who. Served. Her mother. The crowd of nymphs scampered through the plains of MISA. They were ASEAN IDs spirits who presided over the natural world at the center of the group was there. Dear friend percents any who they called the one with the delicate ankles per seventy was not an ASEAN, Ed, but the daughter of demeanor goddess of the harvest demeanor loved process any more than any fruit or flower and would only leave her beloved daughters side, if she knew the oh CNN nymphs were there to look out for her. The nymphs task was to paint, the flowers assigning colors to each pedal, demeanor conjured from the earth as they did this. They could not resist picking some for themselves. Why lady percents any did you send a Paulo away the other day? He's the kindest Olympian of them all kindness Olympian is still an Olympia n-. Apollo swears fidelity, but would court one. Of his muses the second. I look the other way. What about Hermes I hear he pledged himself to you as well. You gossip too much besides what would I want with a husband who was never home? I could not tie him down and his wing shoes could not pull me away from my flowers or your mother, or my mother, she loves me more than my father does. That's for sure you mustn't say such things about Lord Seuss mustn't. I. They continued through the fields picking flowers as they went for seventy could not wait to show demeanor. What beautiful flower she had painted and pick today in her bundle were roses, crocuses, iris, blossoms and hyacinth. But she soon forgot about all of them before her sprung, the narcissus flower of astonishing beauty dazzling her eyes with golden light. She gave a quick prayer of thanks to guy. Her grandmother for letting her see such a sight. But guy oh was silent. The flower was her doing but not her request. It was a favor for one of her sons as per seventy reached toward the narcissus the earth opened up around her the nymphs fled disappearing into the breeze like leaves in the wind, but percents any did not move. She did not even screen she remained rooted to the spot as the chasm widened per seventy watched four horses emerged from the earth. Pulling a massive golden chariot behind them. And then she saw its occupant. The eldest son of Cronos known by many names, Haiti's Agassi Laos Lord of the underworld he reached out and seized per seventy by the waist lifting and depositing. Her onto the chariot behind him as the horses reared to plunge back into the earth for seventy finally found. And her voice to scream lords Zeus. Zeus did not hear her. But when per seventies cries reached demeanor, the goddess of the harvest felt her heart begin to break, abandoning everything she flew to the planes of Nisa to save her daughter. When Demeter finally reached the planes all was still. There was no chasm in the earth. And the flowers were undisturbed, however, listening closely she could still here for seven these screams echoing on the breeze. Demeanor heard someone approaching behind her and wheeled around. She found herself face to face with three women attached at the back deform strange circular person. This was had caught a goddess of crossroads and witchcraft. What happened here got? I heard your daughter and the CNN sprawlking past my cave a moment later, I heard a scream, and they were all gone. I did not see what it befallen her. But I felt the earth shake whatever came for your daughter was powerful. If your withholding information from me, this is all I know. I swear I adore your daughter and with never wished to see her harmed. Let me help search for her in no mood to refuse help demeanor allowed cocktail to come with her together. They scoured the earth searching every cave and plane for the missing maiden for weeks. This went on their search eventual. Lead them to the only possible witness Helius God of the sun working above the earth. He saw everything and was able to report that per seventy had been kidnapped by Haiti's Helius had been unable to stop it or even come find two meter for. If he stepped off of the chariot pulling the sun every life on earth would die after hearing her daughter's fate demeanor flew to Mount Olympus. She found Zeus at dinner with a mortal man sitting across the table from him. His name was Tantalus, but she paid him. No mind as she rounded on the Lord of thunder. The seventy has been taken by your older, brother. About time eighties found himself a Queen. I was worried for him to not muck me Seuss. My daughter was up -ducted by me our daughter. You knew you gave processes away to the Lourdes of the tent. It is my right as a father to choose who she weds. My brother is honest and fair and will their lives among corpses per seventy needs to be on the surface with flowers and fields. And you go to the underworld and tear her from Haiti's myself. If I have to your roots don't grow that deep demeanor. Do not make empty threats to me I gave my daughter to Haiti's and that is the end of it. I intend to honor my bargain, you will regret. Making such a bark lark by words soon. You will be begging Haiti's to release her. With that demeanor. Strode out of the banquet hall, leaving Zeus to wonder what she meant with that cryptic statement. Coming up. We'll see how percents any reacted to her sudden and aggressive kidnapping, and how her mother worked to force Zuse's hand. There's this great company out there called upstart that is revolutionizing the way you borrow money by rewarding you for your job experience and education in the form of a smarter interest rate, you see most loan companies make their decisions based on your credit score and history. But upstart believes you're more than just a credit score. 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She watched the sky dwindle into a pale blue dot as the ground closed over their heads her is adjusted to the darkness. But there wasn't much to see. She could just make out the dole glitter of mineral veins running past them like rivers through the cold stone, walls, the horse's hooves rushed over the ROK with practiced lightness as if they'd been bred to make this journey growing. Dizzy, she fixed her gaze on the back of her captors head dark and implacable. He only glanced over his shoulder occasionally. And when he did he'd whip his head back as if embarrassed to meet her gaze. What do you want with me Hades did not answer her? Did he even hear what she said? Suddenly the horses. Slowed to a steady trot the rock around them expanded into a gloomy underground cavern beneath them an underground river of inky black water flowed. She had heard of this place, but as a death list goddess, she never thought she'd find herself here they passed the river sticks. Or was it the Acharon the river of pain? She could never keep the two straight squinting her eyes. She could see the ferry Lulling in the water behind them. The Ferryman Keiron stood at the prow guiding the vessel onward, and then it was gone out paced by Haiti's steeds. Per seventy almost screamed again, but her voice caught in her throat looming ahead of them was a monstrous hound with three giant heads staring down at her with bared teeth. A main encircled all three as the figure grew closer. She realized the main was not made of hair it was a main of snakeheads winding from the hound SCRUFF. Welcome fair process to the underworld. Please don't don't worry services already eaten. He's actually quite a pleasant beast. Once you get to know him. See I think he likes you already as the chariot passed the monstrous dog per seventy heard a mighty thudding coming from behind it. Then she realized it was the dog's tail slapping against the stones ahead of the chariot percents. Any saw Hades palace a dark structure rising from the earth until it melted into the stalactites on the ceiling. This is your new home my home. What would I do here rule? I want you to be my Queen. I want to see my mother lady demeanor is welcome here whenever she deigns to visit. She could never come down here. She ab- horse death to venture. So deep underground would be impossible for her come sit Haiti's guided her inside the castle to a gilded thrown a piece of expert craftsmanship. Second only to his own per seventy briefly wondered what long dead architect Haiti's had pulled from the depths to craft this chair. You must be famished. She was but she did not wish to grant her kidnapper the satisfaction. So she shook her head no water. Even now, I want you to be comfortable here. I won't lay a hand on you without your permission, an easy thing to say when you've already taken me from my home taken you were given away freely by your father. I assumed you knew did you perhaps not perhaps I was afraid you'd dismiss me like all the other gods. And I knew I wanted your beauty beside me down here to bring some warm to the land of the dead. I do not want your hospitality. I want to go home. This is your home now. And my hospitality will remain here. Should you change your mind? The Lord of the underworld bowed to her and withdrew per seventy sat wondering what was to become of her for the first time in her immortal life. She was alone. Miles above ground, demeanor had abandoned all her duties as goddess of the harvest and gone into self imposed exile shrouding herself in grief. Intern crops had withered and the dirt grew brittle and impossible to farm the mortals did not know how to react to the bitterly cold winds. So whole cities went silent huddling to their fires in hopes that the chill would pass. When Demeter arrived at a Lucius, she appeared as a week old woman, the daughters of Celia found her by the well where she introduced herself as dose. Oh, a woman from Crete when they offered help. She asked only for work the girls brought her to the palace where met an IRA Celia says wife was struck by Dimitris warm presence and agreed to hire her without a second thought exhausted from having to care for an infant on top of four adolescent daughters. Met an IRA had offered a lavish salary to dose. Oh to mind her youngest child each night when meta naira and Celia went to sleep they left their child with Dosso for brief moments while cradling the child in her arms, demeanor was almost content child. There there. I cannot wait to see you grow into a straw, and handsome man, young demo phone demeanor wished to repay Celia says family for showing kindness to her after minding the child for weeks. She made a decision demo phone would receive the greatest blessing. God could bestow a human demeanor would make him immortal. Every night when meta Niagara and Celia went to sleep in their chambers. Demeanor would pluck phone from his crib and anoint him with Ambrosia, then she breathed the breath of a goddess over him and placed him in the fireplace between the burning logs. By the gods. How much did you grow less night? He looks strong as an ox doesn't emit an IRA. I knew there was something special about this woman. You must stay I wouldn't dream of leaving. But in the back of her mind, she knew if she did not leave this family soon. They would die every day the earth grew more barren, and she was beginning to doubt Zeus would give in and the more. She lived among these people the more guilty. She felt about the suffering her grief caused them daily. Tell me ceus how do people fare not. Well, our crops were ripe and ready to harvest but this drought caught us off guard. I see but do not worry though. So we've been praying and making sacrifices to the gods demeanor. Goddess of the harvest will soon see our plight and make the crops bountiful again disguised as dose. Oh, demeanor hit a frown. She had no spirit to save their crops. Later that night demeanor made democrat on promise as she applied. His nightly dose of Ambrosia when you grow into a man demo phone, I will pass on my knowledge through you, and your people will never know such hunger. Again, once again, she deposited the child into the flames. What are you doing to my demeanor world to see meta naira in the open doorway staring horrified at the fireplace? Up next demeanor is forced to face her own negligence. If you enjoy learning about creatures from out of this world, I really think you'll enjoy the park cast networks new show extraterrestrial it explores the tales of alien encounters that millions of people have reportedly had those who claim to have had encounters certainly believe what they saw even if they have no proof extraterrestrial will analyze possible scientific explanations for these encounters as well as answer the question are we really alone in the universe. The first episode on the nineteen sixty one abduction of Barney, and Betty hill is out right now you can look for upcoming episode spotlighting reptilian humanoids, Roswell and the nineteen seventy seven UFO invasion in Fort Benning. Georgia new episodes of extraterrestrial, come out every Tuesday, search for and subscribe to extra terrestrial. Wherever you listen to podcasts, and please don't forget to rate and review. Now back to the story. Lost in her thoughts. Demeanor hadn't noticed the Queen before demeanor. Could react met an IRA dough for the fire and wrenched her baby free from the flames. Menton IRA couldn't hold onto her child and fell to the floor. Clutching her own singed hands demo phone lay on the floor. Thrashing his legs helplessly in the air. What's going on Celia appeared by the door sword in hand the site before him was surreal his wife cradling her injured hands his baby rolling on the floor and the nurse made standing by the fire looking aghast DOE. So was starting to burn a phone alive. Is this true? Joe show gets rid of her. I never want to see her again, do not worry. You will never see me again. And with that demeanor cast aside, her shawl revealing her true form, I am to meet her goddess of the harvest you have squandered my gift to you. You son was to be an immortal now he will remain just a man. To wither and die like the rest of you Celia and met Anaya fell on their knees. Forgive us demeanor of the harvest we did not know ignore humans. I can see now what is to become of your people. The people of Lucius will fight each other in a great battle and many will die met an IRA was so shocked by demeanor sudden transformation that she had completely forgotten about her child lying on the floor. But her daughters had heard his screams and rushed into help their baby brother when Demeter laid horizon on the girls who showed her such kindness. Her heart softened is there anything we can do to. Appease. You a wrecked. A temple for me at the foot of your crop Lewis? I appreciate your kindness. When you knew me as Dozo, but show me the respect. I am out. Now that you know, my true name. Celia spam did not hesitate that morning they began construction of d'humieres temple, which they placed on a prominent hill. So it would be the most imposing structure in all of loose when it was complete. They made burnt offerings to demeanor and prayed to her constantly to end the piercing cold. Demeanor. Did not answer them. She lived in this lavish temple like a hermit. There was only one thing she wanted and only one individual could grant it to her. On the top of Mount Olympus Zeus was in a bind. He had brought thunder and rain to the earth in hopes of refertilize ING, the soil, but without demeanor, the dry ground remained as unyielding as a rock all over the world, people were starving. And while he would never admit it to anyone Zeus was afraid afraid of the deadly toll of demeanor is grief as sacrifices grew more scarce. He was forced to wonder what was a God. Without anyone to worship him. Below the earth per seventy was completely ignorant of the Cold War being fought over her. She had her own war of attrition to worry about. It was hard to tell how much time had passed in the darkness. She had given up searching for exits Haiti's palace was completely inscrutable. And every time she tried to leave. She found herself back in the throne room her hunger and thirst were deeper than ever and her. Resolve was beginning to crack after all it wasn't so horrible down. Here. Hades was kind and though he was unskilled at small talk. He was attentive to her needs as she allowed him to be once she got used to the lack of flowers per seventy could even see a life for herself in the underworld. There was a strange dark beauty to the place. And then someone came to see her. Through her magical craft headquarters, the goddess with three faces had found her way deep into the underworld in her search for per seventy percent was thrilled to see a familiar face in the gloom, or rather three million faces personality, are you? Okay. Has he hurt? You know, I'm fine. Were you sent by my mother? Well, your mother has not been seen in months. The earth has grown Barron in her absence ordeals are starving because of me because of Zeus and heydays because their trickery in Erickson's because they will not allow her to see you. Oh, oh, I've seen alarming number of souls crossed the river sticks. I thought it was common. But I suppose. Oh, no. Why would my mother do mortals to this fate? Just because of me, she loves you per seventy. Stephanie, and that is the only kind of love Zeus respects, the kind that ravages and leaves bodies in its wake will he relent? It's hard to say he's proud but not stupid. He'll probably given before everyone on earth is dead. Can you get me out of here? I can but I cannot promise safety from Zeus. He would capture you and send you back here. The moment you see the sky stay with me. Then I need a companion or even just someone to talk to Lord Haiti's is distant the goddess of crossroads found herself at a crossroads. She could either return to the blighted surface or stay below and help this poor stranded. Goddess, I could never leave you behind. And so he took up residence in the underworld as per seventies. Confidante? Haiti's entered per seventies room one morning, or at least it felt like morning for seventy had just awakened. But there was no sunlight to speak of in Hades palace. The Lord of the underworld wore his usual, inscrutable expression. Will you join me for breakfast? I will not eat, and I will not force. You all I ask is your company percents any joined Haiti's in his dining room and had to bite her lip when she saw the feast laid out before her fruits and vegetables of all sorts lay in glimmering dishes of pure, silver, next pitchers of Ambrosia and nectar the Lord of the underworld was generous. But then again, she was his only guest. You're looking much happier. Lately processing having someone to talk to must be a vast improvement, especially when that someone has three faces you knew, of course. I let hukou through. So you'd have a friend down below. I realized you needed more lively conversation. Oh, why do you refuse to eat? I will not eat until I rejoined my mother on the surface. Of course, it is your right to feel this way. Why didn't you ask for my hand the same way Apollo or Hermes? Did did you not wanna bride who had come with you of her own free? Will you know, the answer to that question? I've never taken a maiden down here. Mortal or immortal mortals greet me with fear immortals with disgust. I have spent so much time alone. I'm a stranger even to my own brothers. But I'd rather it be this way. Why would you rather have a husband like my brothers Zeus the God of thunder and ill-temper who ravishes young maidens whenever it suits his fancy. Do you want to become Hera neglected bride constantly at war with the one? She married. They're all alike up on Olympics. You knew this. I saw you reject the Palo and Hermes, and that rejection is why I fell in love with you just because I could not love in Olympia. And does not mean, I will love you not really. But there's one thing I have that. You'll never find on the surface. What is that fidelity? There's no loyalty or integrity in the sky, the earth or the see my brothers belong to the shifting clouds and the changing tides their passions as unpredictable as the realms they live in. But my domain is death death is constant companion. As Haiti's spoke per seventies is glided over the feast before her hunger tore at her stomach like a caged animal. She took up a pomegranate and held it in her hands passing it from one to the other Haiti's looked on not touching any food himself. As they ate Hermes the messenger. God sped toward the earth from Zeus palace following the exact same route Hades chariot had taken only a few months ago, he passed into the underworld with no interruption or Haiti's Hermes. What can I do for you your brothers? Zeus commands you release his daughter at once. And which daughter would that be my brother has so many it's hard to keep count the one you took to be your wife. Yes. I'll inform her at once wait here. While I go, fetch you will you Haiti's left, the inpatient Hermes waiting and travel to his queen's chambers. He found her sitting deep in conversation with Kati. Your father has decreed you are to be released at once. Are you going to do anything to stop me? No, go and be with your beloved flowers. I imagine they're missing you by now that moment percents any gave Haiti's the last thing he expected from her a smile a minute later. She was gone leaving the Lord of the underworld alone. Once again. Hermes carried per seventy to the surface as fast as his winged feet could carry them when they burst onto the barren earth per seventy was shocked by what she saw the fields where she had seen the beautiful narcissus were now only cracked dirt and her breath formed clouds when she ex hailed this was unnatural. And then she saw her mother the goddess of the harvest appear over the nearest hill. The two of the met in the center of the plane in a loving embrace seventy. I have missed you. So have I I will never leave your side again. But as per seventy spoke, demeanor smelled something on her breath, a certain sweetness that you. Eat anything while you were with him. Just a handful of pomegranate seeds why you will leave my side you'll have to what why food grown in the underworld is not like food on the surface only the subjects of the underworld Kenny that safely. So if you ate something. Is there anything that can be done? I'm not sure it was only pomegranate seeds four four pomegranate seeds to take the edge off, my hunger and thirst although demeanor bristled at the idea they were turned to Olympics for Zeus to decide the fate of his daughter during the hearing Haiti's made a rare appearance on Olympics when she saw her daughter in the same room as the man who kidnapped her demeanor felt a flood of rage the feeling deepened when she saw her daughter exchange, a look with the God of death was that affection. She saw in her daughters is Zeus. It was only four scenes please forgive the transgression only four. Then process shell atone for only four months, four months, many blessings Zeus, I was not finished four months of every year for one third of the year per seventy you will dwell in the house of Hades and the rest of the year, you may live with your mother or wherever you see fit. Once a year per seventy would leave her mother and spend the four winter months at the side of Lord Haiti's one month for every seed she'd eaten during this time, demeanor grieved and the world grew cold and unyielding. However, it was not a deathly drought. Like the first winter demeanor kept her promise to young phone and passed on her knowledge of agriculture. Soon per seventy was happy during her months with Haiti's. She presided over the underworld as an equal to her doting husband whether winter or summer per seventy found love in every season. Percents. As love story was the Greek explanation for winter. And why it was a fool's errand to try and plant crops during those months per seventy was worshipped most as the cause of the seasonal change. But commanded just as much respect as ruler of the underworld in this. She's something of an enigma. Amongst Greek goddesses. She's married to a powerful God. But her rule is neither subservient or antagonistic to her husband. In fact, in many of the stories, she appears in she's treated as his respected equal, for instance, when the musician Orpheus saying his way down into the underworld to retrieve his beloved Giridih percents any overrides her husband and gives the grieving poet a chance to retrieve his love in another story went to receive the wisest man alive died and went to Haiti's. She allowed him to keep his famed wisdom even in death. And though, this is rare in Greek myths, there's no infidelity between Haiti's and percents. Any her presence alone was enough to soften Haiti's, cold heart, and she seemed to truly find love for him during her stay too, many this made her a symbol of hope and mercy in the afterlife per seventy found love for both Hades and demeanor, and thus gave the Greeks a model for appreciating both winter and summer, death and life. Thank you for listening to mythology new episodes of mythology come out every Tuesday, and you can listen to more mythology and all of par casts. Other podcasts on apple podcasts, Stitcher Spotify, Google, play cast box or your favorite podcast directory. If you enjoy the show the best way to help us is to leave a five star review while you're there. We'll be back next week with another epic tale. Mythology was created by max Cutler is a production of Cutler media and is part of the park cast network. It is produced by Maxon Ron Cutler sound designed by Ron Shapiro with production assistance by Paul Moller, additional production assistance by Maggie admire and Carly Madame mythology is written by Maggie admire. The amazing cast of voice actors includes by alphabetical order. Mike Kaposi, Jerry, Courtney Elstein, Kimberly, Holland, Harris, Markson and Brooklyn server, I'm Vanessa Richardson. And here it is a clip of the first episode of extra terrestrial, it's about the nineteen sixty one abduction of Barney and Betty hill. I hope you enjoy it to hear the full first episode subscribe to extraterrestrial wherever you listen to podcasts.

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