Total Well-Being: To Meditate


Thank you for supporting daily breath. This week we begin a several weeks series on my five buckets of wellbeing all, which are essential for total Welby with stocked with physical will be part of my physical wellbeing practiced and that Jane courage for others is meditation. Otherwise, known as restful alertness as we've been doing a Friday, meditations weekly, I think it have to explore more about the how why and what of this ancient practice? Meditation has a long history in every spiritual tradition in the world. The Buddhists are known for what is called mindful awareness, meditation or be pasta. These days, very popular. It's called mindfulness of mindful awareness. Then there's another form of meditation. That uses month RAs or centering prayers to go to the source of thought which is your consciousness, then there are other meditations, which are self inquiry or contemporary says inquiry. In my personal meditation practice. I use a combination of all of the above, so I usually sit reminding with mice closed, and bring my wariness to my heart and observe, my breath. And that is the mindfulness part of my practice, then I engage in self enquiry asking myself mentally questions, like, who am I what do I want to semi grateful for what is my life purpose? I don't try to answer the questions. I just asked them and I just watch any sensation image feeling thought it's Tennessee arises, and then I very frequently would practice mindful awareness or just sound or one of the senses owned or color or taste or smell fragrance or. Or sensation feeling my body feeling my heart beat I can also practice mindful awareness, mental space, mindful awareness of the web of relationships personal relationships social relationships professional relationships and finally practice awareness of awareness, they just practice being aware and then resting in awareness from where everything arises and subsides as a modified form of awareness itself, so sensations arising. And subsiding perceptions of arising and subsiding the arising and subsiding of breadth the arising and subsiding of all experience in awareness that never arises all subsides, but is always present. We will pause here today and pick it up tomorrow to take a deeper look into what meditation actually does to you and for you. I'm grateful to be able to bring daily breath to you everyday, and sponsored today floor his part of what makes that possible. The invite us to make a new sent memory with their fragrances, if that interests, you please consider going to flirt dot com today and use promo code daily breath to get twenty percent off your first custom floor sample set big three cents to try and get credit towards a full-size bottle of your favorite. That's promo code daily breath at flirt dot com to get your first three floor fragrance samples at twenty percent off. P. H. L U, R dot com. meditation is important meditation is part of my life, every day, meditation can be a part of your life everyday. And it already is, in fact, if you take your daily breath and join us for the Friday meditations. Thank you. And I'll see you tomorrow.

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