Gab and Juls: Is Defense Man City's Downfall?


hello and welcome to the GAB and Jules podcast Jewish international over it was fun it was it was good Jeff Carlisle in every saying last e even he could. We finish dirty dirty. Yeah ain't going to happen today. We have an absolutely packed show so much stuff to talk about champions coming back back Manchester City losing obviously we're going to start we'll have a bit of Barcelona because of your aunts who fatty Fetish and the big one in Germany life. He's getting by and mention how about that. We city so so they play. Norwich who I was going to list them but then I so many couldn't be bought bothered like what seven guys out right Amanda. Did you know that may not was still playing yeah. I thought he retired years ago. and beat him being always in many many respects be. Norwich team throwing caution to the wind as they say or really playing the way they've played all season long the way Daniel and had them playing in years past and people say award to exposed they create a lot some jitters at the back and they end up winning three two team who Kooky of course scores get todd cantwell again I didn't know who he was before this season before the under twenty one the man that guy's got he's got honus. Hornets Yeah Dodgy. Ah You know what I like. I like to his haircut. I liked the confidence in English football. People are so obsessed. Oh look he's wearing like a head bad ha. That's all make fun of them. Who Dodgy Barna. I've never I've never been to a country where people are more obsessed with making fun of other male footballers haircuts yeah. He's got the confidence to go and do that. Well done todd care well. You know I like it plays with a lot of confidence. He behaves confidence. He was very very good. Athanese when he's postmatch interview for young player is not always the case but he was so composed and so well since we're starting a new series of Gabon Jewels podcast cast heroes of the week. I think Todd Cantwell should be our our our Gavin Jewish hero the week now. We've praised Norwich no reason to speak about them again. Let's talk instead about Manchester Shitty. obviously defensive errors coming to the fore ultimate stones. There's no Emmerick LaPorte and of course fencing company is now at hand. Elect hate to say I told you so but there were several people said well wait a minute. You're losing Minson Company. You obviously can't replace company because he's been company but you can get another live body so that you can have four proper central defenders in case. LaPorte gets hurt some competition for the other guys LaPorte out forever now and stones that don't have any problem yet ah problem you're right. It is a weird one because of the money available and they didn't have to go and spend a hundred million on someone aw even if the Defense Delia enough to but poppy Zillow Bajour. Maybe maybe he's available. It's just just get someone in there and surely surely they could find someone to come in and not just the force center by choice but also providing so. You said it'd be tough competition for a million I mean I don't know I mean yeah. The field goal is the worst one clearly because of what he's doing then. Did you see after after he loses the ball. He played pussies like that like no. One is talking to me but people shouldn't talk to you in your own box. You should have checked behind your shoulder to see where the Norwich player where and you actually actually what you were GonNa do. Instead of blaming the others for not talking to you and say that someone was coming behind your back. I mean the second goal Walker dropping to took any offside lines the first time that's how many many and I think we'll co go away without one all we can in here in England because because for me as bad as the engine oil unless it can goal I mean walker mix of it and the bug. Four line is just all over the place. Incheon core is one thing like if Pepsi's the on the bench. He must go absolutely mental in his head. I I really struggled with this because it's not just I stones are not Mandy are Nisei great but they're different moments in the career stones is coming off a difficult season Ultra Mendis thirty one now he's contract as it expires at the end of next season. He's already talked about. Maybe going back playing a couple of years eight. What of these guys get suspended or injured late. Then what the venue wheel out Fernandina to your emergency centreback reserve eric are eighteen years old. I mean he played against Burton Albion Cobb Walker then you have to consolidate right back and it also can call Walker play centreback. I know he didn't a three but in a two who is that even a away there is a very cynical theory that somebody put to me because because I I was curious about this about them and about Liverpool why bushing could've used an upgrade at centre-back arguably united arguably city more they chose not to do it and and somebody made the point that if you buy a central defender and you end up spending sixty seventy million to change the narrative a little bit you all of a sudden you've spent one hundred thirty forty million and then people expect more from you and the reality is if you're Manchester City. You wanted to with ninety eight points. You want it with one hundred points you. You're not really going to do any better and it's not necessarily going to move the needle that much. Would it be possible to play GonNa Garner Fernandina in in the Rodrigue knowing the Rodri- role and move Roger into central the fence. I I'm just wondering because it's a long long time until January. Orne teleport comes back yeah right. I mean the port that they're saying what February John. Maybe I mean. That's a tough spot to being and what gets me is. It's five points. It's now pep. Guardiola came out afterwards and said Oh yeah you WANNA crowd. Liverpool champions Jenkins's Yano but you know dude. It's five points. I know they didn't actually play badly except for the defensive mistakes on a different day they might have they might have won this game but it's five points you. You have to go and you have to peddle that much harder and it's it's. September psychologically last season. They lost at Chelsea in December much to sixteen this season using September a Norwich lost against aside from you know promoted side in the last twenty five games twenty five defeat the last time the loss to Burnley in March two thousand fifteen which was prepacked so I think psychologically that defeat my hurt even more than one Chelsea last year in December even if you're flying at the time and because he's September smashed at five ninety five in that team loses in that way I shouldn't scream about and I wonder psychologically if that will hurt law if okay they might go this week in and get a win and then next next week and you do wonder what kind of like consequences that can have on them on because like you said how sarcastic he was after the game is not going to deal with. I guarantee you. He hasn't slept a torn on on Saturday night and he just won't they sue early in the season already five points and the other team is cruising us to live pool. It's just like it's the complete opposite. I'm pep did seem test after the game and he brought up something you know he's he he defends defend his players and and he says that you know he basically. I'm GONNA paraphrase him a little bit because it doesn't quite make sense. If you read it verbatim. Even the English media helpfully quotes him for Bannon but he said head you know said that basically if he has prestige it's down to the players here in England when the first season when it was fraud Guardiola Fraud Yola now he's really funny and you can do this at home listeners if you put Friday Ola in a Google search You're gonNA notice that I did this. A while back is really difficult to find any national newspaper or any pundit who's ever used a term audio la the people who have used it have been people on on Internet message boards and memes fans of other clubs so this idea that you know he came doing. Everybody called him a fraud. It's just not true. Obviously he had his critics obviously obviously they were disappointed the first season but he is slightly hamming it up a little bit here. He's he's a little bit rattled now and he's still early in the season Dab. That's me yeah now. It's quite y'all we don't want to panic. You're right. It's early in the season. Five points September is a ton. He's earned the right cross to give him the benefit of the doubt right that he knows what he's doing in Eh one with three points against spurs which they really should have had the three points then and it could have easily had a drought here snot no reason to panic right and I I just I don't understand why goes into such defensive move moods steak and so like are you. No you don't like it. Basically it's like you don't like me. You don't make me you know I I don't know and I know he gets so book down. It's always been bogged down by defeated species like the author that was we went to an extreme after the game and I just I just Roy for him. I have to say you know like you said he saw early. Let's given the benefit the but he he's not one for long spells as manager right we we both know that this season is already a long time for him in many respects and I think that would be a point where you know psychologically mentally he tied physically. It'd be time because he's so demanding. It's so intense and that's why I don't know it's. It's an interesting theory. I don't know I mean every indication I have from. I've had from people are around him. Say that it's different because there is a lot less pressure at Manchester City. I always go back to this. I mean you know what it's like on the continent on tonight right here in England people talk about Ooh. There's so much pressure but there really isn't right so pep. Guardiola wakes up in his house in the countryside. Wherever wherever the hell he leaves he goes to training meaning. There's nobody waiting for him outside. His House is no fans at training. He'll he has to talk to the media. What twice a week the you know even even when the results are bad like your people showing up when you go out to dinner and whatever N- and you know you don't have ultras coming to the training ground to quote unquote motivate the players I don't and obviously doesn't have I'm sure he's very attached to Manchester City but it's obviously not going to have the same kind of attachment for city that he did for Barcelona. Oh nine whatever and that was the whole stress that came with it so I don't know if I really if I buy that argument that th that he's cracking or it's so draining I just I simply think they made a major major screw-up in the summer not bringing in a viable force central centreback and maybe even in keeping ultimately there because I'm pretty sure I would have gone if he'd found tapered paying the same amount of money and that was a situation where they could've live where they could have freshened up. He values chemistry so much but you know his squad isn't very big and Leroy Saana of course injured as well just last one on stones. Do you think peppers given up on him. Why is improving Y Y. What's what's the deal that would you think is the problem. Why is he so bad when he was still missing in Saga Times. I don't know and I go back to wondering like was he that good or the just looked good because he looked it's a taller percent defender who can actually control ball pass it and send it where he wanted to go. You know I I. I wonder about that but you you only to see what happened. Last season you know Otamendi again less so he's a veteran he's been around the block the last season if you're stones and everything was set up for that right left partnership and company with his injuries and you see that down the stretch you know you're like the fourth option off the bench. It should make you think you know where AM I. What's is going on. You know what's what's happened here. Jewels huge game in the Bundesliga this weekend Leipzig who were top of the table hosting hosting Byron who better to discuss this with than the original Norse God John August Fjortoft Yon. You with us. I would do all right. Help me out here because life saying we're we're we're flying at the top of the table and I actually thought they could put one over on on on buying and then the worst thing that can happen to them. Byron score straight away and then it's Kinda upheld to get back into the game but in the end one probably a fair result. I think that's fair to say I think a Arab a license was they were very excited talking about this game because that was a chance for them to see how far they've come and sometimes I feel that they have a lot of criticism which is not fair because everybody everybody throw this thing at this is con- constructed club and they just take them from from nowhere and make them a big club but my view. Hugh if you have a look after the TV they have to Australians they have a couple of 'em guaranteeing their big names but a great team. There is a plan behind everything they do. They won't Click Meek players under twenty three. When I go on I think when I went into this game I thought this would be a test for and a few set it does of course scoring for for for buying that. Is that is a separate for them. They really had a penalty. The against thank God had the referee or the bar so that ah just made me Laos. Can we hear for the VR. Thank Vr here yet that worked what a great day for bars. I did work out of the room now and then it goes at a very good time they go they go to Tennessee. They forced by being secure on the spot and it looks when I came out second hall. That was at least a purse twenty. Five thirty minutes was light speech as a contender to fight with the two peak one store within them. I just want to ask you about life chic before before I passed the floyd more to or hand the floor to Jews. I'm trying to imagine how can they get better this season. What what can what can they change and Nagas mine obviously obviously can come up with some more creative tactical Voodoo and maybe Forsberg will start lasting ninety minutes in continue back moving moving back towards a level he was at two or three years ago. Maybe they'll get something from schick. Do you see how they can improve or or how close are Leipzig to to their to their ceiling. I mean that that's my one concern with whether it's going to be a three horse race. I think when you if you talk to me many times you know that I love the job what this laughing third. I think they could find a position into the environment where they kind of can use like doing in cycling. They could just use the win to go before and I think that's that's basic for ugly was gone and they took it and they thought they would make every single player. Some percentage better on. I can see that in the team has put a defensive wall. Sometimes we forgot forget that they don't concede lots of goals the goal keep raking this game. It just shows you that he could class. Is there with team van on on that of course pulse. Danny's player who works absolutely called type to be out there to win the league they the by asleep at the Dolphin to buy into slipping and I think I think if you look at gender football by that the the only solution oh the best most probably solution Gino Autho was was was a great thing for the season was the Champions League drove because I think have such an open an an an open group really a group that can easily win with yawns any Benfica that they can win and fish maybe Sam Beeton which would give so much momentum and confidence and so then the league matches and you know that kind of form where Nagas man who let's be honest with often Heim obey with with less quantity squad and the money he is now but did okay but he looked at times. I thought La season a bit of his death sometimes and it was it was a bit of a struggle nine can get a lot from a very good group group stage with with our bureaucracy in these same with the players and then suddenly a different dynamic. Look you know we're doing Vishwa Champions Day. We're doing violating the we can take on you know bigger teams bigger players etc and then suddenly eve momentum's gets going. That's what he's very very good and like you said very young and can improve very quickly individually and collectively. They can become a big threat. I think dominant buying Yana. Let's talk about Biron Kovac his own man in his own decisions Lucas Hernandez. I thought had a really rough game. I'm assuming he wouldn't have started if Alabama hadn't gotten injured during the during the warm up but he also made some big decisions in terms of Chino on the bench going with Thomas Learn Game in a game like this and also we didn't see Perissich at all were you. Were you surprised did he get it right well. We we have criticized by yeah. No I have criticized buying for five players and those buying cheap on us. Ed May just way too all the sauce you see it again but but I I kind of base by buying and that's not saying that they won't pick up center for the championship. They throw the they ought to be so that's but I'm not sure about the balancing the team because a casino well it's continuous when you put him in these a great player but how much better just by him guests to get there okay. We'll we'll take the pool offense. IAGO shouldn't geog will have the full all the time you put. Miller in this game was signed. Also I expect both Paris H I'm casino now to play against Red Star Belgrade if the champions but I think that was also a signal when he stopped taking on people come to the bench that you all have to fight for your for your place. I think that's good for them. I'm not sure about that balance in the team. I think that the college we look for that because I want one draw away. A life stage is normally forever theme quite good results and they deserve that point. I think that they started well in the first half but in buying that is always thought of Anita Crisis Win on you saw the biggest pay per build sites that that was from Colorado. I'm annoyed on furious. According to that is via so they need people to see if they gotta play that kind the pressure critical of Lucas Hernandez jewels. It's nothing personal friend test than a fringe player but on the other flank all right I get get it. You play provide so you can have kimmy midfield. Maybe they saw it. If we have commission and IAGO together we have you know we've got to passers. We can hold onto the ball better but I don't think this is a longer term solution and wondering as could the solution in in finding a spot for Katrina and the team Ba going four one four one more often than just putting kimmy back at right back so that we don't have to see poverty tried to get forward. Well you know coach when he stopped the deceased last season he thought it would a rotation that is to keep every the player happy and sometimes feel and I guess that is the big challenge to be a buyer. Coach or a coach for one of the biggest teams is to kind of get people enough games he felt obviously this time you can put kimmage into number six position. I think then then again in Germany they over overestimate the Cambridge. Cambridge is a great player but he's not lomb year. He felt feel blob. Yes hang jumping here. You said he's not Philipp blom yet. What that means. I know you think you can be on one day could be it'd be lamb. Nobody could say how people develop but when you see the job the press we think alarm is stood up again through Joshua Kimmage Kimchi. There is a great journalist and nationalist playing for buying but for me not the level that by going to be on they would we delete that that is the basic for their ambition but they have to be contended for the Champions League so how I hope can they put together a team. That's what be contender for the champions. League and I agree then go to pay right back for me. He's not number the six I can almost maybe it could but I don't like this. we have a new lamp kind of strategy from called. I I'm I'm not buying it. I agree it seems I pays up with Germany though so if love and covers bourgeois well yeah Germany who are doing so well. I'm just saying he can play multiple positions initiative but I mean correct me if I'm wrong but part of being a manager is getting your best players on the pitch in a way that makes sense within a coherent team. You have the luxury of the guy who's the best right back at the team and probably the best central midfielder but you've got more options in central midfield then you just write back so playmate right back so so here here's the deal when we buy we have to discuss them on level that they can win the Champions League. When people say we can't do that it goes around Madrid Barcelona much fifty. They got so much money whether the last Champions League find what's between Liverpool and Tottenham a no disrespect to the two teams but then on financially resource the biggest clubs so by could be this so then hops to look at the buying team on think. Is this the buying team who can win the Champions League. Yeah okay they end the season with buying a player or loaning player who's toast. Yeltsin cold in Barcelona. They wanted to get rid of Hamas Rodriguez who was not a good project reject them and then they buy a thirty year old Perez. He's a great player but it's the thirty year old player from incest but I just two last week. I think that is the pack of Munich. I I love this John Bringing the heat in holding by into account. Thank you so much John Jay's appreciate chatted. So what did you talk about Neymar for starred item but Julian understandably said no no no. Let let let's talk about the better it is a little tired but he's all excited about and sue Fatty Barcelona of course five two winners against Valencia Yeah I think there's nothing like going hyping a sixteen year old even further now Graham Hunter joins us on the line grand for those who don't know now and to Fatty scored his first league goal already but we can go this long ago but in the last game and he he's the third youngest goalscorer in the history of La Liga after nine and somebody else why can't recall and and then in this game against the first ten minutes he scores a goal he sets up Frankie Diong. He looks lively looks amazing. I am very very lows to hype up sixteen year olds at a club like Barcelona but Graham and he doesn't turn seventeen until Halloween incidentally yeah but Graham Lino Messy in the stands again Luis Suarez in the bench. Initially those guys can take time right and to factor take care of things. I think I think the first thing that says that you know in in our social media and I don't mean podcast hello to both of you. I think that words used an jetway and hype just like bonding tears this catch all word on. I two outside first of all because when I you know I was macy's scoring debut opportunity the things that stood out there. Nobody you know were saying this guy's. GonNa go and score six hundred goals break every record and four champions. League is what we were saying was. This is something special Louis Messy against opposite only news help to Colo- flick fast scoop to to order one and goals called off say did it again. You felt well. There's Chutzpah. There's technical. There's you know because it was very late in the game McCain that they had to win. That was only one one note now by saying that we've seen in his three appearances coming on against Baptists were again although we didn't score and partly because he's sixteen and if you compare him say two-way Rooney Rooney was completely difficult different physical specimen and has said subsquently recently. I wouldn't have been able to cope with a primarily get sixteen starring brilliant thrashed one goal against Doc Goodison had it not been from my boxing training well. I'm in fact he isn't exactly you know he's not sliver of a boy but he doesn't look or carrying himself. Did it sixteen so therefore already when he comes on time for those two games you highlighted his decision about what to do with the ball stood out not nothing that magical wow. I've just seen brilliant but this is a kid time when Lima the academy system applicable bustling was widely being derided not simply for the lack of those who've come to establish themselves in the team but there were things that you could point out that weren't being done in the way when there was a conveyor belt evolve as an MM prescription pill on champion and ESPN messy so stop for steam impressive choices both of you as mature viewers would have said after answers debut well loverde this much criticised coach looking for a sixteen year old leaving bigger players like the on the bench and then against awesome he comes. They're playing the most awful five minutes of football. Almost I can remember maybe since before like a sequel it was the worse than in Paris worsening role more stanfield becomes underscores the head to this day you you come again to the standouts you talked about this weekend against celente where Europe's really clever strike his movement onto a ball from dion who shouldn't have been able to see the movement that was really clever play by the Dutchman but finishes finishes in frantic then to leave derives spanning with a little trick and spin off his leslie finishes. The goal is right is what he crosses with a couple of minutes later to return earned a favor to do crushes the ball to the shops are really very clever. A maybe the thing that makes us say don't use the word hype unless people are saying these guys go into equalness equalness. This guy is GonNa win. Everything guaranteed. He's sixteen year career. That's when casing right now. It's not high say we still phenomenal. It's reality Israeli. That's so you're saying Joel phenomenal things he does. How if you can get excited. I'm excited about this. I can tell you of a sixteen year old doing that. When Kanye I was like I was really impressed by the after the game said we need to protect him. You know we need to make sure that you said is too much hype. What kind of what kind of boy it's a is there a tendency that he would be carried away. I mean this story of the whole family is his dad was a was a player backing in African Guinea-bissau. Two brothers apply hi. This is what's so it really key on the ground. Is that kind of kid or is there risk star he gets to becoming with until we'll speak with care because I didn't get to he's only done one. peace not was so after after the also soon draw and he said blowing me yeah. I didn't think I'd scored in the net and there was the bulk or such incredible I the way you can take clues. Is this summer. The was contract was running down and he had the option to do shotty semons and went to buy singer minding the option to do a number of was chosen to do and say. I'll probably probably get my game sooner going away from football club a number of players of his age of said well. My agent is bringing my year. They'll be big bucks right now. He chose not to chose to stay. He was told I think my body. You'll be promoted not immediately. Nobody knew macy's calf muscle was going to be a problem that Mbeli was gonNA crunch again and therefore it's accelerate promotion but you can say that something about the boy either him his entourage thought that staying bustle would would be the right thing to do to be around messy to learn from Suarez and because he trusted Volvo did not that seems to me to indicate reasonable feet on the ground and secondly every time he scored if you look at the reaction looking for his teammates his teammates affecting him there's a degree of which they think he's he's ready irrespective of the goals. Sean enough in training and one or two senior players album particular. We saw him in training from the first day. He did things that we didn't expect a sixteen sixteen year old should be able to do Victor Valdez. He was going to be his coach. WHO said we're looking at somebody. Who's advance beyond view. It's not just in technique but in maturity so so I I hope we're talking a guy who's equipped to deal with. What's coming his way and I think the Tightwad you both talk but what happens now. The really big thing is the cloud maybe untempted to put him all the time for interviews offer sponsorship and basically he's allowed to live his life on train in the right speed yeah Hopefully they know better. I want to move onto the game on what we learn because while I love the the aunts who Fatty Mon by the way we call him an sewer sewer fatty all right well. I love the answer moment i. Maybe it's stickler immediately Italian in me but I'm like you. You're tuned up at home within ten minutes. You're playing a cry and a car crash of club in Valencia where we're you know. Peter Lame once again helpfully the Chaim Marcelino gone sedation for for for his debut never actually managed a club before and you know Valencia just just aren't where they should be right now. You should be able to go and manage the lead and lead it through and instead. I thought defensively specially usually midfield. There were often overrun. I mean they they concede a goal before half time and then the elements get under jail because they'll goalkeeper tillerson. goes goes in spills one and then. Suarez comes on and it's game over but I might be too harsh initially because this midfield on the players but I thought Archer Bruce Wisconsin Diong defensively not where they should be yeah. I'm not sure I wholly by your deductions by Dubai your argument in except pending ending task not just in the league across all competitions. Cami can kill a game now. You said the Italian in you one of the things that messy said in his interview Gigan- got sport last week. Was We have to start coming games away from home. It's just an arguments and he was scoring more. We need to school and much more arse. There is a general concept of bus on on their already all over not in for the already deletes top scorers their score ten at home to away you you killick aim for means gave this is their concept but what was the minor hit the woodwork. I think and they had a couple of chances but it's a gift from silicon and it's a wilderness. You're repeating yourself. I I buy your argument that they have a pending task uh-huh. How'd you close a game and what I'm used right now. There isn't an an overriding atmosphere that that's what you do so the first way in which to get onto your criticism. It's Li- adjustment of their overall philosophy not just on Saturday night however inside unite the one thing that matches with what you're saying they had they had a relatively hi second-wave practice the midfield was asked to play really high office soon as Valencia figured that if they could either pass away of that along the ball to the mid Midge -Tario over the the second line of press then it largely be two to three on three with pacing good passing they would do the type of diamonds that you talked about but not just in the second day not just in scoring to come back onto close to terms but but looking as if they were the team that was better managing the match. I agree with that definitely a Netflix well. We are in the middle of though I think that may be you coming back to this discussion in two to four weeks. He's IT'S AN UTAH. They are not now trying trying to keep the ball. They are not trying to action position. They're trying to reintroduce the press. It looked a little bit Shakey for the last twenty minutes of the first time you're right Graham Leslie. Let's let's you happening against. Oldman because dot is to test by definition on. How will they play that game away from home against is to team that can pretty much do everything plane transition play quick onto the tight with Don Sancho and Rosen Hustle and none of that or keep the ball for a long span of living messy is gonNA continue as high as it is right. I think we've made an absolute. We thought it was an absolute until he started training over the weekend. immediately post game. He took Khufu training session. I think I think too soon. I don't think it's vital that he plays and I think the so worried about that. There's a little bit of What do you call it secretaries'. When there's a stitch stitch surgery stetch broke open and they want to protect him if he goes chosen very worried? I don't think you should travel. Don't think he should play not ready cheers. Graham thanks so much thanks man enough Barsha. How about some quick hits instead Liverpool Pound Newcastle United after going a goal down to win three one. Roberta furger menial comes on steals to show bidded magic benefit worth jewels. One of these guys get a slowdown Grech Russian Gab. I think they why would this does don't start with Chelsea next weekend on Sunday in the next big game in the Premier League maybe or they look so good that even the the Mainassara we can fight didn't seem to have any consequences and they were friends again and they were happy again. I have to say it looks good on right now and you know what I love about. This is how club came out afterwards and how started or we originally on the wing being with Saudi-omani Center forward. I'd have to sort of about fifteen twenty minutes. He's like no no I got this all wrong and he switched them and then obviously he got hurt and for me no came on and the rest is history but I love it when you have managers who come out and own their mistakes you know it's it's. I think it's really good took about Chelsea. Guy Chester wars five to tomorrow Mason and Kristen sentence. I'm Brian Plus. We've been lifted his cheek James to come. Why are they only only now tipping into the US economy. I really good question The stock answer is well because of the transfer ban and also because you know while they've turned out enormous quantities of players. Can you think of a former Chelsea Academy graduate who would get into the team right right now who would have contributed over these years. Maybe challenge if he hadn't gotten injured would have come in handy but they've won. All these titles are use level but there really aren't that many guys who've been through there. It's like Patrick. Bamford would have started to giggle call stuff you know and they've had some very close what I find absolutely incredible about. There's an open to write something about this later this week is that these seven guys that you mentioned except for. Anders Christensen who of course came over when he was sixteen all the other ones arrived at the club before they were ten years old. I mean nature versus nurture debate. I'm always at the end of the spectrum a lot of clubs who boast about Oh look good lama CEOS or whatever ever our academy yeah. It's a hell of a lot easier when you mean cherry pick the best sixteen year olds from other clubs or or even like I xe much respect is fantastic but you know like Frankie Diong for example came over when he was seventeen years old eighteen years old right. These guys have been there all along. That's pretty that is really really remarkable. `cable the amazing thing after the game awards in Ram saying you know here tomorrow announce dreaming of moments in permitting much where the three of them were Skoll aw there were ten because they've been playing together since like you said there were ten for some of them even earlier than that because the cup since he was six so imagine that they they were you playing for the under eleven's and you saw one day we can be a snapping version. You'll board boy and you're under forty one that and then you end up there and you do it and they're eleven. Gore's awards that Jessie at school this season. I've been by three incredible. Yeah I mean. I don't know this is going to last you know. I- producer sure Scott who's a Chelsea fan smile on his face right now. I don't know this is GonNa last. I mean we are talking about a team that you know this season. I think we'll do well to finish the top four but it is it is remarkable just from a production standpoint how how these guys have come there so long. I wonder if it might lead some teams to rethink Neymar places first game for price ascherman since last main gets resoundingly booed for ninety two minutes. There's banners up telling him to make make like a tree and leave. I'd never of course he scores a ridiculous overhead kick to secure the three points in injury-time juuls how long before it's forgive and forget or excellent musings column but an editor may we'll take the south. I'm just gonNa tell you here. It's not going to be love between them between him and the ultras us but it could be mutually beneficial sort of friends with benefits type situation. Yes yeah and is that what's going to happen. I think he's dead for the whole season so may as well make the most of for everyone involved the fans team the coach the club the Qatari on whoever it was a first step towards forgiven forgiven forget this long way to go the one incredible new chapter in ways already an incredible Saiga of him with the club up trying to keep the fantasy special tries kind and as soon as his name is mentioned even before he's in the stadium. He gets booed. Every touch he gets booed gets insulted his. Daddy's insulted it was just incredible and then fame to come up with a wonderful goal in the united second winners well. It's just that you could not make the she's a lab and he's just I think he's incredible. That's a first Shuzo reference to the show. I'm allowed you know swearing and it just I just think he was it was incredible really and I don't know where this is going to go on and they're going to achieve the season and there's there's these theories in Paris. It's not a very quick heat this along head him on this one just to finish that maybe it would actually be the best season vs PG career and I know he's not too hard but because because of everything that happened and because he has something to prove in many ways so let's see an is a kindred spirit there now in Maui copy. They opened on Wednesday. PSG's opponents are Real Madrid in the championship rests to three lead against seventy at the Bernabeu only for the open to to back it finished three two but gab was it that close news actually no it wasn't I thought Raw Madrid played really well and they could have scored even more. Corinne Benza my again doing his thing. Bill of course was suspended. Eden Hazard Hazard came on off the last half hour. Should if you get glimpses at the little man can do. I don't know row Madrid from you're still this giant holding pattern because of all the with all the money they expand the summer and the four new players do just started one game between them so I still don't know how to evaluate where they are. Second only go by the the performance to goals were against the run of play. You can say oh look twice to make a great save at the end to preserve the the three points yeah but based on performance. They were much much much further along so yeah. I I think you take the positives from this funnier. Though did you hear the story about Sergio Rama's join Sunday back they had the general assembly of the row. Madrid members and treasure almost not very popular with some people because of is obviously he's doing his. He was doing his reality last year which is a documentary about himself. I haven't I don't Leeann north. It's out on but it's out on Amazon prime. I'm on prime is really quite good value. they have a range of wonderful dodges kidding. Hey guys mom's on I am a Louis Garbutt competition should stop talking about not as good as ESPN plus anyway so he was taken to task for that is taking the whole thing at the end the season when he was we're. GonNa leave this. One dudes like yeah needs to spend less time on instagram and you know to have a Real Madrid club captain appear in public wearing a pink cat. He looks like a Swedish tourist except is a Swedish woman tourist an Indian feminist lozenges felt like wow I'd ever associated the pink hats arsenault throw a two-goal lead at Wofford and collapse in the second half conceding and I thought this was a misprint twenty-three shots and two goals and forty thirty five minutes. How do you concede twenty three shots and forty five. That's a shot every thirty second. How is that even possible. now in part this was due to excessive. Steve Insistence on playing out from the back which of course one of the goals I think a lot of it had to do them just kinda folding like a house of cards cajoles. We should have been celebrating. Mesa does first game back instead. We were subjected to this second half horror show and by the way one of imagine it's GonNa play the Audio Niamey and what he says post-match because nothing says makes any sense not not to me I I I just disconnect and it was like when you speak pointing out before he's like that when he speaks in Spanish language told and Oceania right won't wonderful second cyst on the second Obama things that both for tonight's but you're right about the second half he's talking about the same mistakes again from office nor I mean this like they don't learn from anything the lack of leadership this ship the lack of intensity wind doozy maker like wide to know the lack of Plan B of what something is not working just change even if you just for ten fifteen minutes so prone to play from the back where when you could tell they snuck to work and it's just incredible. I don't know I offer. We're good in the first half as well before before the first. Obama younger surely do deserve more yeah definitely and it's just yeah. I think he said Warren and away from home. I think Gossen will have more trouble unless they changed something very quickly. Events were held by Fiorentina Nil Gab one point gained or two point loss and please show bit of Love Hunkin Ebay. I all told with hindsight it was definitely one point gained because this game could have gone a lot further absolutely hate you event is not the only team in Italy to do so but so they were all jude up frankly starting. Rocco flew over private jet before to be they played at three o'clock. Saturday moaned and moaned about having to play at three o'clock because it was too hot funny enough it would imagine was hoffer fuelling Tina as well. It was a bad bad performance from event. Now there are mitigating factors here and no I'm not talking about the heat mode although it was his very first game after his pneumonia so he could use that as an excuse to I know but they were hit by injuries during the game to to Danilo right back to panic midfield and of course most of all early on to Douglas it was cost. It was replaced have been a good player but it totally different player I think this game could've gone the other way. I think you know not much navel-gazing going on. Just it's just one point gained. Take it on the Chin and move on funnily enough to having a bit of a popping yeah yeah yeah. He's getting up there saying like the why are you complaining. He's like well. I think you should just stay calm and stop complaining since you know you're with the strongest strongest yeah yeah you're you're. You're with the power the deep state of Italian football which naughty from from content until you the two games are gonNA be exceptional. Just exceptional Gary Neville says it will take another three to four transfer windows to clear out the deadwood at Manchester United. He called them weeds needs as he put it. I pointed out the clock time to go and build a success Joel's. Who is he talking about because in terms of who still at the club and Do we really have to wait that long. I'm afraid I think you would take a long time and that that that would mean that they actually get it right is when the next three to four transfer windows which I'm not. I don't think he's a guaranteed why so short such a great CV. I don't I'm not sure would is capable of having three or four. Viagra transfer the windows in the road at some point as weeds and deadwood and cancers because nursing him out this right. Rojo's not playing buys means place playing. I think we're the young Jones Rojo. Phil Jones Sh yeah but he does. I don't think he meant people playing so people. Still you the way the reason they're not winning game notes but you need you need more. Brian your squads you know to be able to competition with the rush for the Pug. Bison doesn't mcdonagh's still buffing. McNamee's is playing so much so you know I think the base because they don't have any anyone else is about this. Is I feel like I've I heard this crap before it she names if you are talking about if you are talking because it seems to me like they moved a lot of guys out there who weren't playing flying you know blame them for not playing and I think it's a gentleman to demand higher standards at this point and by the way this whole e club in his first season reached the reached of Europa League final and the second season well yeah. He took over yeah which end in second season he he he finished so you know if you're gonNA make comparisons. Let's let's make a similar progression. Let's expect anybody finished. Anybody think that shows nailed on to finish fourth club style this year. No no woman name Saha Holiday. Yari died after setting yourself on fire outside of Tehran courthouse. She was jed earlier this year for disguising herself as a man in in order to attend a football match GOB. It's a horrible story and what more could fify be doing. This is a horrible story gills it has to do with the issue of of women not being allowed to go to football matches which isn't actually a law. That's on the books. it just more of a customer gets enforced enforced in her her case she was actually she was going to be sentenced to prison for violating rules on job because obviously she was disguised guys as a man I think it's pretty clear in the FIFA statutes and have pushed for this earlier. This should have had women go to football matches over to the Asian champions and finally don't earlier this year see I have written to them saying you know this is in our statutes. What are you. What are you doing about it? The response back is always. We don't have the the infrastructure to allow women. I have no idea what the hell Kinda infrastructure. They're talking about a portable toilets. What do we need at football grounds to be able to go. They obviously want to go. I think this is this is when your fate you you need to stop things up and you know they have the power to expensively yeah they will they could suspend them. The finishing would-be huge Bowie round obviously a major footballing power or they could also deny them development money but there is so much support and so much outrage we lean Iran even from religious people about this about about what happened to this young woman. It's just such a horrible horrible story that maybe you can get some face at. Maybe this could be the tipping point where something it's done all right. That's all we've got time for. this week was pretty packed. Show Gills I was yeah. Why are you looking forward the most this week in Champions League well I will be in your hometown of Paris Saint Germain against Rao Madrid from Wednesday night on deputy says well what about Napoli Liverpool Yeah and Almond Mond Buzzer and as we mentioned with crime so good. It's a good way to start the championing goodies this story lines to come out of it and we'll catch you all next week.

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