Hard Factor 5/9: Bill Barr Held In Contempt of Congress, More Big Dicked Heroes Coming From School Shootings, Alcohol Consumption On The Rise Worldwide, Lightening Round


Wooded you Joe, man. Randy savage this factor in the risk. No one that does better. Like now, does it better repeat myself? Go ahead told me something right now. Moderate. Welcome to another episode apart factor. Thursday may ninth top stories for the day. I'm going to do about Bill bar in contempt of congress. It sounds guys. That's the worst contempt real serious stuff. Pat is good. Tell us about heroes fighting back against school shootings. There's a couple years that are emerged this week. It's really cool stuff. We'll talk about it. Mark is going to tell us about alcohol use on the rise worldwide. As cracking a beer was that. What was I? Well, what was that was that was you contributing to the stats lot of contributors over here. Doing my part. Is lightning round of other headlines. All right. Let's talk about Bill bar in contempt. Hey you. Yeah. 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Really sealed the deal for a holding Bill barn in depth of congress was he claimed executive privilege as the basis to not turn over the full unredacted Miller report to the committee as requested. So basically just Bill bar being Bill bar main executive. I don't have to fuck off says it's a need snow basis and fuck off. Okay. Right. You're not an executive are you, Tom? Yeah. I mean, this guy has the face of a bulldog and a bullfrog combined into one. So I don't know why you would ever go to somebody looking like that ask him for documents. He's not gonna give them to you got a bully the top cop in the land, the more. You wanted the less? He wants to give it to. You know, the answer is no yet guys got like a permanent frown on his face. He's definitely not handing you anything by choice. He didn't get to where he was by handing over documents real meekly like. This appointment you want is you can't you can't have. This is license. Plate is just no docks. The vote passed in the committee, along party lines is in the Democrats voted. Yes, contempt the Republicans voted no contempt, and it's it's expected to the same thing when it goes to the house floor with these hold on the majority there as well committee chair Jerry Nadler said the information we are requesting is entirely in our legal right to receive any also added that we are now in the midst of a constitutional crisis. God that's a little dramatic. I mean, it's a crisis. The Republicans argued the exact opposite saying that the Democrats are asking Bill bar to break the law by revealing redacted grand jury information in the full unredacted Miller report. And they also say that the entire Mueller investigation was an attempted coup to begin with that's too since we just talked about how Venezuelans going Rover by tanks. That's a coup that that's a coup. The Miller report not Kucice Liu so soft and collaboration and compromise going on in Capitol Hill as usual, but what does this all mean? What's going to happen, right? I mean, there's gotta be something bad happens. Bill bar being held in contempt of congress. Right over imagine. No, definitely not right. Correct. Nothing happens. Even if they vote to hold barring contempt on the house floor, it will then go to a lawsuit which will then eventually someday years from now. Now make its way to the supreme court, and I can't really remember Gaza. Trump of any judges on that supreme court right now. Hang on. I think we have the supreme court's theme song. They're gonna come out spinning basketball the fingers. Water confetti all over the democrat house committee half court shots. Scoreboard, go up without them scoring baskets. How is it hundred one around the Washington generals win this one? I've been trying to bet on the Globetrotters for years. Yeah. The general is good for the sixty. That would be a racket. So this was by far the biggest story of the day. But it's nothing but the two major parties screaming at each other. So more of the same working up there. Lots of important work getting done like how we doing on healthcare. That's what's really drained. I've probably not doing that. At all. Joe abortion thing weren't they talking about that who cares about Bill bar not showing up to a meeting. Well, Mark, this is serious stock and federal Democrats are very concerned with it. Okay. Taking it to the internet and Democrats all over the country are triggered with a capital T. Let's take it to Robin Gemmell. She says another reason to ask congress. Why is there a law on the books that is essentially unenforceable? I don't think that's will question Mark. I don't think she spelled correctly. Yeah. No. She did not what is the point. If there are no consequences to officials in our government, ordinary Americans. Suit device subpoenas are held in contempt and sent to jail. Okay. She's transitioning to all caps. Now. Remember, no person is above the law. It looks like that is not the case here. Otherwise bar would be sent to jail the law cannot work for some and not others Americans are angry over injustice and inequity for good reason because it exists. Wow. Sounds like robbing Gemmell trying to be come the attorney general to change things. I mean, she's got a powerful voice there. But then Frank Barisha he chimes in Robin Gimmel. I have news for you. Obama's attorney general was held in contempt. Also. So by silence. That's a head pretzel. God that is a real head breath on that is true. The only two attorney generals out and content Eric Holder Obama's and now Bill bar Trump's very in vogue this second a comment with all those all caps. She she Google that. That's a head pretzel. Yup. Yeah. She actually replied to that guy saying, but it wasn't for thirty president. So nothing's gonna change your mind. And then we got one from xanada, Allah, Djik Eyestone. And he says little by little snowball is rolling down the hills. Imagine when it reaches the bottom. I am completely patient Thames take your time. But when it all this ends in court. There is no going back. Again. Here's the supreme court's theme song. All right. Okay. Here's a another story about a hero whose emerged after the horrible shooting at stem school highlands ranch on Tuesday eighteen year old Kendrick Castillo knew he had to do something when a micro penis terrorists classmate of his pulled a gun on his classroom steel sprung into action and charge. The coward an action that was surely difficult for him risking his life. Without a second thought. In addition to the sheer danger, he faced Custodio also had to contend with the challenges of running at high speeds being that he had such a gigantic penis and heart and a super swelled penis and super large heart both. Yeah. But nothing was going to stop him for protecting and saving the lives of his fellow students tragically. He was shot and killed in the exchange giving his life, so others could have there's Castillo is a hero, plain and simple. Yeah. According to a student lamb dunk hero. Right. According to a student was in the classroom with the shooter, and sir Kendrick Kendrick lunch at him and tried to subdue him as soon as the shooter said, don't you move and his brave actions gave all the other students enough time to hide under their desks. Three other students all with gigantic genitalia. Followed kendricks lead and rushed the micro Pena's skid Mark holding him down and giving the rest of the class time to evacuate the room one of those heroes all ready substantially above average, penis grew two times that day was Brendan Belay. Yeah. No. I mean, just when he thought Brennan's couldn't get bigger got bigger. Now, they know bolaise a member of the Marine Corps delayed entry program and is scheduled to attend recruit training this summer will join a group of men and women who have similarly sized penises and small type vaginas just a grouping of the best of the best privates in America. Let's let's easy easy slopes. Slow. It's a tough job designing pants for them. Because the men have to have over oversized crotch as the women have to have tight crotch areas, and they're standard issue. I mean, how do you? They don't have like special pants every soldier gets the same stretchy pants now. It can be let's ask Kate shops about that youngsters did exactly what they were supposed to do. According to experts where people were once advised to flee and or find shelter. The new mantra survive for providing surviving an active shooter situation is run hide and fight. Which to me is the correct mantra yet Ron hotter fight or definitely they need to bring back. The buckets of rocks that school North Carolina was probably. Probably. But yeah. Either way. Yeah. Like they were just like skipping stones. Everyone was going to throw stones at a shooter. You just have a rocket your desk as soon as the guy shows up the gun. Just fucking nail. How does he how does he aim when? Twenty-eight rocks him. Yeah. It's a very effective policy in some Middle Eastern countries too. So let's take the lead on that strategy began to emerge in two thousand and two after examining law enforcement response to the Columbine high school tragedy, and look these shooters are not common criminals. They're broken pussies with their dad's guns and the perceived bullying that they often cite as the motivation for their Kerley. Axe works just the same when they have a gun in their hand. So charts these fuckers and beat the shit out of them. Cowards cowards. You charge them in there. Probably going to fuck up. They're not they're not cool under pressure. They're not cool at all. We know that big man with gun. Yeah. We'll look the actions of the brave students at stem as part of a growing trend of students that are fed up with the senseless terrorism that seems to play schools across this country just last week another surpr-. Family equipped hero. Riley Howell age Twenty-one charged unlovable micro Pena shooter at the university of North Carolina at Charlotte subduing, the terrorist in an effort to save the lives of his peers will giving his own in the process, how who was an ROTC cadet received military honors for his actions, and rightfully so absolute fucking hero. That one was tough to read his his longtime girlfriend's dad started talking about them. And she was like just doesn't surprise me from Riley Jesus Christ. I got a little and little sad. When I was reading it like absolute hero, the total. It's fucking horrible that this problem exists in the first place. But it's incredible to see people stepping up fuck and deal with these assholes. That's right. And it's totally in humans. Humans are pretty off and many good as bad if not more good and fuck these losers. So that's a great point. Because honestly, there's been a noticeable difference in the tone and vibe the last two school shootings. And I think the X factor is that these huge dicked heroes have found a way to fight back against school shootings. And we've all been a loss at a loss on how to combat school shootings after finding frustrating bureaucrat? Roadblocks even the mention of gun law reform, and no one has an answer. But these Rafic horrific instances have become so commonplace that the direct victims have decided that it's worth it to fight through the discomfort of running with their large genitalia and charge. These micro penis losers at any cost one sixth grader at stem school grabbed a baseball bat in an effort to fight fightback. No, that's that's a common mistake. It was his penis. They just mistook it for baseball. Oh, okay. That makes more sense. Also, not to be too insensitive to run this joke in the ground. These are heroes. But I don't know how the even found caskets that could fit their penises in them. Like, how many pallbearers did they have to have these hero and extra at least one extra? Yeah. Yeah. And you're gonna need a custom top cats is. Yeah. Is there like a special? Doesn't make the penis erect. 'cause you'd need a twenty foot tall cast by eight feet be here. Joe, look, we should all be so lucky to have known these wonderful in selfless souls that showed up to a place of education, just like everyone else. But didn't think twice about paying the ultimate price of others wouldn't have to this shouldn't have to be the case? But sadly, it is and I hope that the impact made by heroes Castillo and how will serve as a to turn to future confused losers. It's at least a start. Yeah. If you really are out there considering shooting another human being as the aggressor, and it's not your job to do it either need to stop and go to cancel it counseling or just eat the bear. But guess what you're gonna get charged? And then you're gonna get your ass. Fucking beat. There's going to be students charging you left and right because people are fucking fed up with this bullshit. So just stay at home with your weird asked dyed purple hair, look purple here with the fucking gunman. That's in court today. It was looked like he looked fucking like just a MO trope like he got a Trent Resonator fucking shrine in his room and reser is great. But like fuck say look at the video the guy the fucking. The school is a little piece of shit rage inducing subject. I get it. I'm sorry. Yeah. I like it was either cheese. I like cheese. But thanks. Because I got a hand job or at. Victims. Outside of the heroes. Right. Let's take it to a fun. One to end your week of Maine stores where new fun one here thirsty Thursday tale, if you will a Roman Juliet story, a real romance Romeo was any human in the world and Juliet was pure grain alcohol. Well, that's right, alcohol consumption amongst all human beings on earth has been on the rise. The last two last two decades almost alarmingly. According to a study published this Tuesday that I can only assume as written by people that never really had a lot of true, friends or friends at all or refund. Yeah. We've been we've been doing our part. Yeah. We wouldn't right. The study. We are the study between nineteen ninety and two thousand seventeen per capita adult alcohol consumption has increased by nearly point seven leaders. That's almost one liter per person annually. People are expected to continue to increase their drinking average across the globe. The average person's gonna get to seven point six liters of alcohol per person by twenty thirty. According to this nerve nerd report. So for those at home that would be like fifteen. Leaders which is the middle sized bottle of liquor of one hundred poof, liquor seven point six times two hundred proof. If anyone's not foam at home, you're probably a nerd, and that's per year. That's a typical. For me scary to me. That's a fifteen weekend plan for me. I'm like a leader a week. Sure. Exaggerate maybe like a season spring. That's a spring. But if I come off, like an energetic, Friday or bad, Fred L, putting a leader down my face. Alcohol has sorry. I have to do the nerve voice alcohol. Use has been increasing and years. So seemingly tenure to increase this knowledge about cancer quences. Your Remm study author at hugely disappointed. That was really good. I like alcohol on a hate deeds. Don't like health. Your continent is slightly down and binge drinking. According to this report, and that's the pricing, but there's also a country that is way down in alcohol consumption. That's very surprising. Any guesses? China. Russia Russia that would be a good one China China's up its New Zealand, obviously, not in Europe. But it's just this pricing. As Europe has broke off Europe is kind of what it's like. So you lump them into your broke off a trillion, right? Australia europe. Combine australia. New Zealand oceanic, whatever the fuck with another continent. Their most like Europe look at the flags for sure. Is way down how the hell? So so far down and binge drinking. I guess they just had nowhere else to go. No town. Yeah. They were when you're at the top you can only go down there starting at Russell Crowe level. This minor setback for a major comeback for they're gonna they'll be back on the mattress a few too many thousand babies in that deck over this just got bored. Just destroying the record every year. We're all right. We're all right because New Zealand still has a third of their adult population considered binge drinkers, which is a binge drinkers at least once a month, which is a ten percent higher than the rest of the world average who are sitting at around twenty three percent that's up for team percent of nineteen ninety five percent in the past twenty seven thirty years Asia. However, besides your. Outside of Europe in Zealand the opposite Asia's way up in binge drinking Indian fact is up thirty eight percent personal loan increase. Lots that bag who. This is not good for the women of India, potentially or the or the junk bay. Yeah. You don't you don't wanna unleash the bag hooch in the middle of in the middle of a crowded Indian village. A bag of fennel laced cocaine entire party people die after drinking back like whole part. What baffles mind is so many people have died after drinking bag hoops? But people kept drinking bag are you going to stop after like after a few pops bag who gonna be able to control yourself? I would just not by the next bag of back in one sitting. Okay. Like, you're if if somebody comes up to you with a ziplock bag full of something like this bag hooch in it will fuck you up. Like, are you not going to buy it? Do they have a straw that? Puncture the the bag and drink Capri sun. Yes. Like back slat. You're definitely you're either going to end up in the hospital or dead. You're definitely in anyways. They're up thirty eight percent. The study even goes so far as to suggest that Asia as a continent will surpass Europe has the most prolific drinking continent by twenty thirty per person. Wow. That's interesting to me at least. And then you guys want to know about the US how we how we looking not much as changed in the US in the past thirty years. Apparently, we have slightly increased binge drinkers are up two percentage points from twenty five to twenty seven percent in the past thirty years and people that abstain from drinking lifelong is down from twelve percent to eleven percent one percent and people that have drank or drink socially aren't binge drinkers as I like seventy percent why I say to my fellow Americans step at the fuck up. Well, we're letting pass us we're already behind Europe. So we're kinda. Yeah. They can't beat us in both science and math and drinking at work contents. Are we losing to Antarctica? Like, what are we like the definition of binge drinking? Is. So pathetic though. I mean, it's like how many drinks there you go. It is time to end the story. So we will get to that sad tale of binge drinking. No, you're right on your right on time. Binge drinking, according to the book readers that conducted the survey constitutes the consumption of at least, four drinks or more in one sitting. So that's once a month. Someone drinking four drinks once a month and one thing that's breakfast, lunch and dinner. So to me, I'm surprised that number's not closer to one hundred percent globally because that's all I know between four and five every day for me. Yeah. Fucking nerd report. Man, have you ever gotten laid? Anyways. It's pathetic report. Like, the census don't even read it. And it is at this time that I would like to publicly challenge any and all podcasts to to verse two case race Samuel ju- best representatives, and we will send ours and whoever finishes the case of beer, I get a fulltime barstool contract for their squad their entire squad, especially if they don't have one. Su. So let's let's do the field games next week. Let's do let's do some drinking. What's case any pod? That wants to bring anyone waiting. Anyone wants to drink and you're gonna be representing heart factor at the field day, and we're not going to do well because it's feats athleticism. But if you if you turn it into drinking, everyone is fucked if they face us don't want it. Yeah. All right. All right moving onto lightning rounds. Lightning bolt goal. We have a Trump date for you. So we'll start with the good. The Trump administration has finalized new regulations that required drug companies to list the cost of their medications on TV ads. If a month's supply, the drug is over thirty five dollars. So that's gonna be pretty embarrassing for some drug companies. Yeah. Oh, yes. Shocking. Couple couple of grants. Tanks. Screw scare. He can't put his jail right now. To jail for might discourage some people from getting some help who knows that and a fixed income right health insurance. Trump is also willing to allow patients to import drugs from other countries if they are shown to be safe and less expensive options for consumers. That's awesome. It's pretty cool. And of course, like we said drunk drug companies are complaining that the new plan could scare some consumers from getting treatment to high upset. Yeah. That's not. What scares them drug companies? Right. It's can't afford it. And they need it. Yeah. It's so sick. It's like, hey, I made an ad directed at you. It's. The need and not being able. The problem. So you should be seeing those changes on drug commercials as early as this summer. Trump also announced via tweet that GM is going to be selling where their plants in Lordstown Ohio to a company called workhorse, like manufacturers, electric trucks. And apparently, they will be manufacturing those trucks to supply the US PS with brand new fleet of electric vehicles allow mailman gonna be sneaking up on us now. Yeah, I guess. That's that's how I know that the mail is there here. The take off the end terribly. There's going to be so many broken down mail trucks. Do you do you think that the mail the postal service workers America who I love our ability to figure out remember to plug nowhere. They'll charge. Absolutely. We'll see. I just love Trump making these Alterra progressive moves. This is some top shelf. Trolling right now. Everybody on his jock twenty four seven over the last year of the postal services existence. They'll be crews in electric style. And you're really not on the postal spun. There were no there an older cat old. Cats. Frontier, right? Like. Elitist. Only FedEx overnight for goodness. Tweet caused workhorse stocks to rise from eighty two cents a share to sixty five share. So tripled. Yeah. Maybe a little two hundred percent went up. So maybe a little well triple and now onto the bad. It seems that Trump lost over one billion dollars one point one seven exactly from nineteen eighty five to nineteen Ninety-four. According to a new report, not sure who who actually doing the report. But those who released the the figure we're relying on only IRS transcripts not his actual IRS tax returns. And according to Trump's Lert Charles harder. He claims those transcripts are very unreliable. So not sure if they're one point one seven billion dollars unreliable, but he's certainly lost a lot of money, and he he was hemorrhaging money at the same time. He released his art of the deal book. But who I mean who really cares? We until we get to make the money got out in front of it got out in front of it today on Twitter. He tweeted that it was a sport in the eighties nineties to report as much losses as you could really technically. He was the best. Okay. That's like I'm the list. Debatable. And some good news for the environment and new type of plastic being developed by a Berkeley lab called poly dyke. A tenant Amine or PDK. We'll just go PD. And I was confident I went for it. But I don't think I know it, so we'll go catch more time. Dyke cat neon that was different. So this is great because it's one hundred percent recyclable through a simple process of an acid bath. That sounds. Yeah. So they will able to break down the polymers. They can then make the plastic available to us over and over and over again. So they call the holy grail of cycling. You can imagine. How great it would be the environment. So hopefully, we won't see, you know, in Wales with his drop it directly volcano, and it's good to go and try to buy acid since I was twelve years old, and I can't find it. So where's his acid bath? They're gonna process I've been shot by acid forever. Everything dissolves Manassas where do you get the Astle light last all not a it is the same. And finally, this is just a nightmare for myself at appears wasps pay wait a minute. Wait a minute. One hundred percent recyclable. Yes. One hundred percent dip, somebody better make a house. Call the AFC and bring a up can make sure she didn't drown in her own home. Hundred percent cycle is one of those. It's like communist. Yeah. It's too good to be true. And should be played as true. No. And finally something that is nightmare for myself. It appears that wasps paper wasps to be exact are smarter than you thought. I mean, I always knew they were smart, by the way, they seem to attack my face and ruin my good time at barbecue is like a very drunk girlfriend. But now researches confirming my fears, and it turns out, it's fact, they are smarter than we all thought. In fact, they're so smart, they can do something that was thought to be a strictly human skill for thousands of years called transit of inference. So they can figure out the old if is greater than why and Why's greater than Z Xs greater than Z and how the fuck did. We figure out they can idea bunch of tests by a bunch of nerds other creatures have of course, now been proven to be able to do this. But this is the first invertebrate that has shown to have the skill a bunch of fat guys three fat guys. I mean knew the speed of one of them was faster, and they let them go and let the wasps go if X Y Z, they're also the only sick that can right in Limerick, right? The fuck you talking about don't know they're just smarter than we thought, which sucks. Good books. Terrifying. Sonam even more scared of them. Luckily, their stings are less painful than other wasps. So they're not gonna do for heart factor. We really do. Appreciate the support that you guys have shown us in the past weeks. Please keep those I tunes reviews and comments coming follows on Instagram and Twitter and has always have yourselves a great fucking day and a safe weekend. Play that game.

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