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Welcome to The David Banner Podcast


David banner that everybody knows that the David Banner podcast it's on its way before I'll talk to you all about what the podcast is about everybody out there to go and subscribe. If you already have to go back to review for you know what's going to be five so all give me that five right now and pass the word that everybody know that we're about to have historic outdoor numbers as it pertains to but some real do a little bit definite everybody all the rights to my news. We'll have some dove s dis oh now like the one in the background right now the politics spirituality whether this food and health whether it's labs whether it's crying whatever may end up being we're all going to run the fool's game of our life our community our music our coach one thing that I do WanNa thank you all for before I leave I thank each and every one of you all for allowing meet grow up allowing me to be one of the voices about our community will have some of the most influential people on planning and we will have just come up. Let us know the David Banner podcast. We'll be the voice for.

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