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The following is a production of the motor racing network. The voice of NASCAR. Pump it up ready to rock and roll today. Without the prog four hundred laps guys. They're a great day nine. Thank you have a window where we gotta do motor racing network presents NASCAR lock down the end side. They taught through extra sidewise God. I'll get by here up sitting Hamlin. He'll get second Ghana. I have a baby. Hey, we're we're in now the next two weeks, we think about Miami. And and nothing else. Nascar live is brought to you by Berkeley's tires Ryan on our screen from the motor racing network studios in concord, North Carolina. Here's your host Mike Bagley. Ano- everybody. Welcome to another edition of NASCAR live Mike Bagley in the entire M R N crew here with you for yet. Our weekly get together on the heels quite a spicy finish to the first day to five hundred Sunday at martinsville speedway. Joey Logano brought home the grandfather clock after contact late in the race on the final lap with Martin chew ex junior. He not only takes home the clock. But he also takes one of the four seats at the championship. Four table to run for the title at homestead Miami speedway. We'll chat with Joey coming up. We're also going to go face to face with chase Elliott. How does he like his chances to race for a title? Plus, we'll get his thoughts on the Metallica concert. He recently attended. We'll also hear. From Johnny solder fresh off his sixth win the truck series season at martinsville. Johnny will contend for his second championship in Miami. And we'll discuss nascar's return to Texas this upcoming weekend in a few moments motoracing networks backtracks of the exciting race to open round of the playoffs for the Cup series. We're the best of in-car audio married up with our call here on the motor racing network. We're also going to preview the latest Jack, Roush podcasts on them are N dot com. Plus, we've got this week in NASCAR history a social media minute and a whole lot more to get the party started. We bring in the host of NASCAR today midday cow Ricky for the latest in NASCAR news, Kyle Mike. Twenty five percent of the championship for has been determined in the monster energy NASCAR Cup series with Joey Lugano's win. Last Sunday at the martinsville speedway. Lugano and his number twenty two team have not been considered one of the big three this year with Kevin Harvick Kyle Busch. And Morton true ex junior team owner Roger Penske says that doesn't mean the team hasn't handed great season. I think it's been a certain a great year for us. You know, winning the Brickyard in southern five hundred you know, we had five wins. Plus a couple of wins in the Daytona before the five hundred. So I wouldn't say it's been a bad year for us to me as spectacular year and the savvy kind of caps the first part of the season. And we go into the last race for the championship race to in the round of eight we'll take place this Sunday in Texas the race weekend in the Lone Star state will begin on Friday night with the NASCAR Camping World truck series as they'll raise the Jag medals. Three fifty the second race in their round of six Johnny solder one last Saturday in martinsville and his guaranteed a shot at his second series championship next month in Miami. And believes momentum is on his side. I feel as a whole just you know, I could speak obviously for the twenty one team. I just feel like we're getting better and better. And obviously might keeps cracking the whip. And we keep you know, building better trucks. Just you know, the. Constant evolution of racing. Having said that I feel like we've got a good bullet lined up to go to homestead hear more from solder later in the show. He is the most recent winner in Texas capturing the last two races there last November. And again this past June. Our live coverage from Texas is set for Friday night at eight PM eastern time. Mike, thank you how coming up later on NASCAR live. We'll have our autozone. Driver of the week. Joey Logano brought to you by autozone. Does your check engine light? Have you guessing autozone spree fix finder service can help you find a solution? So you can do more get in the zone. Autozone. Autozone. Helping to get more gun is what we do best like with the auto zone rewards program. You'll earn a twenty dollar reward. Every time you spend twenty bucks or more five times. It's just one more way to get more done. And right now, get a great deal on lighting. So you can see everything and be prepared for anything when you are on the road. 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Carry the action over in the Monday with him are in motorsports. Monday, presented by outback steakhouse. Log onto him or dot com and join veteran broadcaster Woody Kane and NASCAR spotter Joey Meyer as they review the race weekend. And the bait the biggest stories of the week ahead lost some of the biggest names in the sports. Stop by to talk the latest topics make Monday, your new favorite. Weekday with 'em are in motorsports. Monday at noon eastern or anytime on demand at M R, N dot com. When the smoke settles the entertainment never stops on race weekend. Your favorite NASCAR personality is an everyday superhero race Elliott of going the Pechory lane when they leave the track. They're just like us everyday people who is said before I'm going to be me and night, Suzy Armstrong. Join me on a daily journey as we discussed the hot topics and engaging personalities of NASCAR nation the world of racing. Weekdays on the motor racing network. This is NASCAR live now. Back to Mike Bagley. Welcome back to that scar live as we mentioned at the top of the show. Joey Logano is gonna join us here on NASCAR live fresh off of one of the biggest wins of his career that happened Sunday at martinsville speedway. Whenever we go to martinsville. You can always expect drama especially in the playoffs. But as we learned in this week's backtracks, the paper clip lived up to the hype look for action on this race track. This track does deliver what will deliver here this afternoon. Upfront. Kyle Busch Clint Boyer row to onto Nick time five hundred eleven hundred thirty per se but long day. Take care of it has to matter ready ready. And the green flag goes up at martinsville speedway. We are underway. Not a good start for Clint Boyer. Kyle Busch breaks away leads to turn while you're clear. Preemies four Jimmy Johnson gets. He's around. Apec. Go back to hear the years. Really? He was running side by side position with our jobs. There was contact and around goes Lowes for pros Chevrolet. Denny Hamlin wins the stage the battle for second months. Like Joey Logano by a few inches. Will there be damage on Clint voyeurs car right front damage, possibly he hammered William Byron? As he was trying to exit firing was trying to come in turn him around. And certainly a lot of contact was made where Kevin how bad is his one way did the right thing. He cut down in front of us were hurt at all. They were hurt at all for what I can tell. I don't feel whole even caved in a little bit the line. It will be Joey Logano. He does not put him e Johnson a lap down and unofficially net beach. Kevin Harvick would get the wave around stage to complete look on. Oh, picking up the green. Checkered flag. Outside wall. Trump may of we'll hop did on the free FA while here. Three four say low yellow yellow yellow to the upside retaining wall. Heavy damage on the rear end of liberty university Chevrolet, Eric Rolla into the faculty Gano. Here comes Tenny Hamlin. Trouble on the back straightaway. Top and flames. One of the cars goes up in smoke. Yellow yellow yellow yellow wreck down the back hits. The Kyle Larson machine. Smoke pouring out of the engine bay fire under the hood, a bad car fluid record the way down the back frontal turn three around goes. Clint Boyer on the nose Jimmy Johnson machine. Do. Two. Hey, there's only six cards. We'll get the tires on a hair adjustment by AMI on the line is go back to turn one seat belts tight. It's not again, ugly down here. They come white flag in the air collects now to the inside again. Oh, look on a wolf battle back on the outside side by side wheel the wheel back into turn number one. The race track. Trying to get it done. If the Senate to be done quarter panel panel quarter panel clear live coverage. Clear by one he. True, turn pre one more try. For be shop team track. Llegado dental the end side, they touch Jumex co sidewise. Mcconnell gets by here Cup. Standing hamlin. He'll get second. But look Gano gets the win man that got physical coming off turn number four. They got together. True externally went sideways. He held on for third place finish. But Joey Logano. His definitely gonna play in Miami. Every baby said. Hi, amy. Let's go. Exciting NASCAR live backtracks and an impressive win for Joey. Logano we will talk to him next on NASCAR live. What style the American fighting spirit is in everything we make we are five hundred patriots veteran strong free clothing manufacturing back to the United States of America. Always moving forward. Never retreating never giving up. We are what style and this built defense. Get yours act one style dot com. Now's the time to prepare for winter driving with Pete long-life, universal tree mixed antifreeze and coolant on sale for eight ninety nine a gallon after six dollars mail in rebate at O'Reilly auto parts. Get maximum freeze protection. For your car's engine with peak. Long-life universal pre mixed antifreeze and coolant at O'Reilly auto parts. Better parts, better prices every day limits apply. See store for details. Parts coming up. You'll hear from Joey Logano are Indus own driver of the week presented by autozone. This is NASCAR live on the motor racing network. The voice of NASCAR. Hello 'em are in crew com. Yes. He wanted to schedule an appointment with Sammy. Jo and Rocco, I keep you that. Now that comes with an all access look down onto pit road. Are you? Okay with that. Sure. Kate this close this yoga to interviewing rate star. Now, do you need a reminder your scheduled for Wednesday at noon eastern gist. Come to 'em dot com or the RN Facebook page and ask for crew Cobb. We look forward to seeing you by. Nascar today midday is your NASCAR source on and off the racetrack throughout the week. It's so so peaceful to get out nature and to sit in and woods and watch the deer in verge and typically on our runs there's a lot of conversation for twenty five or thirty minutes. And then it gets quiet because you're sucking second wind, but on the bike, especially the check and stuff they're pretty pretty easy rides keep up with your favorite NASCAR stars. He tweet day on NASCAR today. The day you're on the motor racing network. The voice of NASCAR. This is NASCAR lives man that got physical coming off. Turn number four got together. Drew nearly went sideways, but chilly llegado is definitely not a point in Miami. Now back to Mike Bagley. That's how it sounded Sunday evening on the motor racing network. Joey Logano and Martin true ex junior fighting for the checkered flag, Joey the Gano taking it and also punching his ticket into the championship four at homestead Miami speedway. Joey Logano joins us right now. Joey, welcome back to NASCAR live, congratulations. What's happening? How are you? We're doing great not as good as you though. Not only did you. Did you win a grandfather clock? But you're also you also have a seat to the championship four table. They're at homestead Miami speedway. Coming up. Man. Sounds real nice. That's a know the goal when you go to martinsville. It's all about thinking about Miami. A lot of times. And how do you win there to such yourself up in the best buy, and and that's what we're able to do. Just have a great race car. Great pitstops, the piss us credible. And that's really what put us in mission to to to make the move. And then when the rich, you know, it's amazing. You're talking about pitstops. We'll get into the nuts and bolts of the end of the race in a moment. But a couple of things before we get there you talking about pitstops with forty one to go. You guys had a. Clutch pit stop. That puts you out in front. It seemed like that the team on pit road. Flawless all day. Not a misled. No speeding no penalties. And it seemed like that it was one of. I don't wanna call it. Perfect. But from where we observed it looked like it was as close to that. As it could be was that. Indeed, the case, I think all day, quite rare. It was like that. That's amazing hit the great billions of rich coach and everybody kind of gets a lot easier because your picker didn't amazing seven reports of disagree. Great team effort, really because he had a great car had great pitstops and driver to his job to which is good and. You know, if the overall a well executed day, you you are executing at the end of the race found yourself on the outside lane and was in depressive, Ron you had a couple of guys underneath you had a couple of times. And the car was able to hang in the second lane up from the bottom is that something that just happened. How did you know that you had that outside lane capability there when you started to use it? Well, you know, I really ever since the last couple of years Goodyear is brought to a little bit of a different tire that really represent the racetrack. And forces drivers to move up survey check at martinsville, which we've never seen. This higher really allows that the second lane to come in. And and you know that last run we just we made some Jennifer potato get occurred to fire quicker because he had a shorter route known his only about forty laps or so they didn't like it covers off a little bit that run. And so I was doing only Handa to play defense and is tight as I was in the center. The the only way I can make any speed with Ruben up the race track. But the last thing you wanna do sometimes when you're at Martin was move up the racetrack does not a safe place to be. But that was kinda my only play at that moment. Well, and at the end of the race white flag comes out you and Martin going for the win. And there was contact on the last latte, which is which is resurrected the age old debate about the bump and run which you apply obviously to Martin to get the win. How long did you know that you were going to have that that that moved to play? When did you know that that was your final option there to try to get the checkered flag going down the back straightaway into turn three in the last last that was that was the only move ahead left. Trying to hold them off your everything. I can't for that for that moment. But yeah, go down the backstretch. I thought well this is my only shot over the race tack and get her defense industry to start finish line. That was that was the goal. You know, it wasn't a crash in like that which we didn't we just able to push them up just enough to get underneath him. And and try to play the power in in like I said have that drag races finish line. None of us can understand the position that you're in because the majority of us have never driven a stock car before and never will. But when you get in that position. And you know, you have that one last option and that option is the bump and run. What is it like trying to manage? The the exhilaration of the moment the enthusiasm of the moment while not trying to turn it into a dump and run, you know, what I'm saying not to go in there too hot. And then turn him around. Like we saw last year. Yeah. I think yes, is an athlete you find a way to to control yourself in this in those high intensity moments where he think your heart rate may be going through the moon in might may have been. I'm not sure, but I those moments you trying to find a way to just take a depressant. I remember to to go going back straightaway. And we're to rates the heck out of each other. I took a deep breath for a second just to keep myself your control than in in the right mindset in mega she didn't make any mistakes because it was about forty qualifying laps there at the end that you're trying to tie together and not make any mistakes at all. 'cause you know, what's on the line. It's not just a race on the line is the championship possible championship on the line. So I it's a big deal. And that's what these playoff for about them. Some great debt. Nascar is has. The situations that they put these drivers in t to to to make the hard decisions sometimes and enforce us to race so hard it. That's what that's what our sport needs. That's what it's about. Of course, we mentioned that you've already been guaranteed a spot to race for the championship which leaves the next two races. Basically, I don't want to say stress-free, but reduce stress re- can go out and get the win. What's it? Like now knowing that you're going to Texas this weekend. And I assume raceway the following weekend. And you're not in that position where you have to make something happen to race for a championship. Yeah. I don't know if it if it reduces stress, if you're I part, it just you just change the focus some, you know, we can go to Texas and Phoenix racing nothing to lose. I believe that's an advantage. And that's pretty cool to trophies that we really wanna get. So I think that's a nice place to be. But it also allows us to shift our focus from to to Miami. And have that advantage to where we just build a an awesome. Car. Hopefully, and and something that we can really race with and think about elaborate now, well, you're going to be thinking about winning the AAA Texas five hundred Sunday at Texas Motor Speedway attract that has been reconfigured repave. And it looks like the aging process is kicking in from your perspective. What type of track is is Texas Motor Speedway. What can we expect from that mile and a half this coming weekend? Texas is ever since they repaved it has really changed. Get one in reply. And the don't wanna do anything yet today. And then he hit to turn three and four and you're going so fast. It's unreal. With all that banking over that. And so it it's driver. It's a challenging race check for a race team. Receive a more challenging I think trying to set up a race car for that, you know, because you have to make that compromise. It's really hard to get both those in balanced well in in your race car. What's the sensation of speed at Texas like from where you sit? I say three and four is is quite the sensation. Because you're you like into Kohner and thinking that I'm barely gonna live at all. And in qualifying you might not even live depending on what the track temperatures are going to be. His a cessation of speed for sure. And I know that you're up to the task everybody is up to the task. And it's the it's the race that Marx three racist to go in the season. And of course, it's coming up this weekend through our friends at the performance racing network. Pre sheet to stop the by the spend some time with us. Congratulations on getting the grandfather clock at martinsville. And congratulations on being able to run for a championship here in two thousand eighteen. All right. Thanks. Yeah. Can't wait. I'm looking forward to it. That's Joey llegado winter the first eight a five hundred Sunday at martinsville. When we return we'll get the latest on what's happening in social media and get a sneak. Peek of the latest episode of them are an presents the many hats of Jack Roush available to download right now on Marin dot com. Autozone. Helping to get more gun is what we do best like with the auto zone rewards program. You'll learn a twenty dollar reward. Every time you spend twenty bucks or more five times. It's just one more way to get more done. And right now, get a great deal on lighting. So you can see everything and be prepared for anything when you are on the road. Visit any of our fifty five hundred locations nationwide, and let us do more for you. See terms that zone dot com slash rewards, restrictions and details of story. Green. That. It's triple header action. This weekend Texas Motor Speedway our friends at the performance racing network will cover the NASCAR xfinity series and the monster energy NASCAR Cup series Saturday and Sunday. We will follow the NASCAR Camping World truck series in Texas for their three hundred fifty kilometer event live coverage begins Friday night right here on the motoracing network at eight PM eastern. We'll get the latest in social media news next. This is Ness car live on the motor racing network. The voice of NASCAR. Facebook and Twitter M R N is there are in on social media for all the latest happenings from the trend in NASCAR breaking news video photos, live races and shows stats opinion. And all along on him are ends Facebook and Twitter. Join former voices of Usak Dylan Welton Tyler on a ride like no other story because on getting too much trouble as the to chat with faces of traditional open-wheel racing. Four wheels in fluff and hot lap to my dad actually view that again or park catch up on episodes and get ready for the ride with rip the fence available for free download on itunes, soundcloud, and the podcast app or available on 'em are in dot com. Need to find your local radio station taking a trip and the listen to ask are racist. Go to 'em are dot com. Click on stations defined all M R Enzo radio stations plan a trip and math out 'em are in stations along route m are in on your local stations tuned in. This is NASCAR live now. Back to Mike Bagley much joining us on this week's that scar live. It's a week full of candy pictures on the various social media platforms for Halloween and a lot of discussion about the wild finish at martinsville. Here's our Kim Kun with the social media him. Well, nyc phantom ever wondered what it's like to live on the NASCAR circuit. They've got their answer. CMT has a new reality show coming in January called racing wives where a few of the prominent wives in the series are giving you a behind the scenes look of what the industry is all about in college was actually asked about the reality show over the weekend at martinsville. And how he feels about his wife being on television. I think it's it's just a unique opportunity in a sneak peek into the lives of us, mostly the wives obviously outside of racing in what we do here at the racetrack each and every weekend. People get thirty seconds snippet sometimes of drivers. On camera, you know, and make their personnel off of what they see their and their opinions off of that. And they don't necessarily know what we're like away from the tracks. So, you know, it's it's I think it's more exciting for the for the girls. Samantha obviously, huge into the Ivy F and being an advocate for that. And what we've all had our challenges of conceiving our son and now with going through the second round for a girl. Hopefully, you know, she's also got some other aspirations that. She's got with her store and some other things that will come out in the show that she's trying to do. So it's about awareness to those things and and trying to help build her brand in the awareness. And look if we're able to get, you know, three new viewers from that show that tune in on Sunday, then it's a positive, right? It's a win. So that's kind of how we look at. It seems like it's going to be a very interesting show and Samantha's actually tweeted about it. They had a press junket recently. She said press day for racing wise on scene t were so excited for you to watch on Thursday, January third nine eastern time. So mark. Your calendar. Set your DDR's, I cannot wait to see everything and all the drama on racing wives also Halloween week, which means everybody is on social media talking about the Holiday Inn Morenz. Alexa, Henry asked Clint boy a throwback to his childhood and his favorite Halloween costume with Halloween. This week. What was your favorite costume as a kid Kabushiki? Pretty damn scary Halloween on me. And I don't know just have fun with your kids. Try to get more candy than the next guy. That's always been that. Life's competition. Leave it to a bunch of racers and make Halloween a bunch of competition too easily Clinton having a little fun with that answer. I would love to see Clint though, dress up as Kyle Busch. Now, how funny would that be? But some other teams and drivers getting in on Halloween fun on social media. Jimmy Johnson posted a photo of his daughter Lydia, saying who's ready for Halloween. She's weighing a bell gown from the Disney movie beauty and the beast, but then a Darth Vader face masks. So that was an interesting post and then Team Penske, a really great tweet saying are, you carving, a pumpkin this year checkout, our team Pinson carving stencils, send us a picture of your hashtag Team Penske, pumpkin. And you'll be entered into our contest to win a prize pack, and you can actually head to their websites. Download the sentinels they represent Brian Blaney practice lousy and Joey Logano those. Numbers of those drivers. And then the Team Penske Lagos. I thought that was pretty cool, but don't be at an R N radio. Thank you Kimmy. M R ends production. Staff has been hard at work wearing out those fingers to the nub ins on the latest installment of hem are end presents the many hats of Jack rally a podcast looks at his life and his career. And of course, Jack will be inducted into the NASCAR hall of fame in January. Here's a sneak peek at this week's episode all about the talent rashes developed over the years in nineteen ninety nine. Jack leaned on his veteran driver to help land his next unproven talent and Aventure avenge. His first champion tack knew what he wounded and can convince me what he wanted to do in. Why he always had reasons for what he did. So. Really, the the only the only one I demand Matt Kenseth when we didn't have a place for him kinship. That's another one to the last winning here today in Phoenix international raceway, and I'm proud of that because met delivered them their first championship in Jack deserved. It rash racing. Deserved. It can met did that something that never could. So that was cool Mankins at the Winston Cup champion. In in Dover in nineteen ninety seven. I guess I was driving for for Robbie John Reiser in the family there and met met Mark Martin. And he recommended the Jack they hire me that no really for what they have a spot for me at the time and some ever talking to him on the phone told me to come in fineman over and talk to him who said he'd easy finding guy wearing wearing a straw hat or the funny hat, I should say he'd be wearing a hat. So I went met him. They're up in the front of the nine Haller. And that was about them. That's a preview from our latest podcast called M. R N presents the many hats of Jack Rouch. It's available right now for download at tunes and also available at M R, N dot com. What would it look like if we all listen more listening to audio books? Inspires us motivates us, even brings us closer. And there's no better place to listen. Then audible audible has the largest selection of audio books on the planet, including my personal favorite racing to the finish by Dale Earnhardt junior. And now audible members get more than ever before each month. They get three titles other choice audio book to audible originals and fitness programs that they can't get anywhere else. There's never been a better time to experience. Audible try it for free for thirty days by visiting audible dot com slash NASCAR live or by texting NASCAR live to five zero zero five zero zero again, that's audible AU D I B L E dot com slash NASCAR live or text NASCAR live to five zero zero five zero zero to try it for free. Today are face to face with chase Elliott is next. This is NASCAR live on the motor racing network. The voice of NASCAR. Whatever you drive wherever you go, Hercules tires. We'll get you there. Whether you're running on. For running a job. Dependable high quality tires of the perfect fit for your knees. Fron match value selection and more with industry leading road hazard protection. There's only one choice Hercules tires to learn more. Visit Hercules tire dot com or call eight hundred six seven seven ninety five thirty five Hercules tires right on our strength. M R ends throwback Thursday. The greatest races in NASCAR history petty back. Pettiest? Ville rotting have that covered. The the winner is car number twenty one play span, they go into the outside wall. Earnhardt hits the wall Rudd hips, the wall scooting through is Jeff and he is gonna win the Holly farms four hundred here this afternoon, Thursdays at one on marine dot com on demand on I two Google play throwback Thursday on M R, N dot com. This is NASCAR live study night start. Chase Elliott going to victory lane. Now back to Mike Bagley. Welcome back to ask our live as you heard there. It's been an impressive playoff so far for young chase Elliott of Dawson Ville, Georgia. He's already won three times in two thousand eighteen two of them coming in the last round of the playoffs are Kim. Kun sat down with chase over the weekend. With the latest edition of face to face. A standard statement every race win will chase Elliott win. He wanted. What Glenn he wanted to over today? He wins at Kansas speedway in the Hollywood casino. Four hundred three wins this season another saying, you know, you win one. Once you get to I one than others come easily. But from your perspective is that how it's felt no myth personally. I don't I mean to me. The only difference is we've been in better positions. I think the last couple months versus what we were say at the beginning of the year, whatever. So I think that's been the biggest difference is just having been in better position to closing a race which all that kind of gun. This comes down to being faster and being erased a top five if you're doing that, then he no, different strategies and things can be relevant to you. Otherwise, you're year on different game plans and whatnot for the back of the deal that doesn't really matter. So I think that's the biggest difference is just run better. Looking at this next row? Round. Is there one in particular that you feel more than any others that you guys could win and lock yourself into homestead like to think Kenny O M thing that's got to kind of be your mindset. I just don't think there's really any room. So to shrug a whole lot, you know in this round. And and you know, it's gonna be tough. There's a lot of a lot of heat now eight cars, and everybody's going to be pretty good. So it's yeah. Like, I said, it's not a lot of room for your definitely not a lot of rooms struggle and certainly can make any mistakes, you know. But yeah, I think any of them, you know, I think Texas to me is probably been our as of late in our biggest struggles since they repaved it. But yeah, I don't know. We'll see his fear that your team might get complacent because winds are nice and obviously to in the last three is a big deal. Is there any fear that they might just get, you know, comfortable with the winning situation and not put in the effort that you guys have seen over the last couple of weeks now. No, I think if we were going to get complacent it would have been this last round and just really really excited to see that. We did it as a whole and that. Yeah. Like nice that was right. You know, be really easy to take that win at Dover and cruise near the next two weeks and not bring our best effort. Talladega was was really bad. I thought you know, in general, obviously didn't work out. But you have to go to Kansas and and stay on kill. I thought was nice. And I think that everybody kind of had that mindset. So no, I don't expect at the change. Now. Hendrick recently announcers shift in two thousand nineteen checking out it's going to work with William Byron Kevin meanderings Newman up to work with Jimmy. I know that it doesn't affect your team specifically. But do you feel like it's going to freshen up things over Hendrick in general as an whole organization, it has has opportunity to I think that I think debate you're saying that it's gonna do just make all four cars stronger. You know, I'm excited to see that, you know. No that. You know, obviously, Chad Jimmy that's great things over the years. And and I think everybody kind of misses that narrative and most the right about all the problems or problems, they think they have. But I think, you know, just one of those things time for a change in wanna do something different. I think we all need to respect that for one and give them a chance to do something different. And and see how it goes. So yeah, I think it's gonna make make everybody better. And if we're better as hold, and we're going to be we're all going better in the could you end critique, Alan Jackson, potentially be the next Chattan Jimmy because it seems like you guys have finally kinda hit your stride. And you know, it takes to win. And to put yourself up to be championship contender. Yeah. I don't know. I mean, I've I've I've always enjoyed working with him. And I enjoy our relationship. It's really straightforward simple. And and he lets me do my thing. I let him do his he didn't question me. I don't question him. And that's just you know, it's just simple. And you know, we're is demeanor. And his personality reminds me a lot of my dad, and yeah, it's been fun to work with himself. I don't know the future holds but working with him. And and hopefully, we can have some some success over the recently intended to Metallica concert. Doesn't seem like you're seeing just because I know you love country music. What was it like? Yeah. Definitely not my scene. I got kind of drug into that. But it was it was okay, I'm shy. Get bashed for say. Metallic is. Okay. But I just. When I can't hear the words to half of your half of your songs. I don't think that's for me out, whatever floats your boat. But it was those allowed to there that enjoyed it. So I had a good time. One of those things where you know, they are legendary I guess in their own, right? So glad I said that I got to go lease. I could say one time any other concerts on the docket coming up nothing nothing as of as of late. So I don't know I need to work on off-season plans because they're pretty boring right now. So we're we have some work to do. No work on it. We'll see. So no plans when the checkered flag pies and site besides outside that what's the first thing. You're gonna do when it's finally the off-season. Yeah. Well, I don't know. I go home first, and then kind of figured out from there about you might ask them. Get together, whatever background home with some friends, but the siphon that we typically spend some time in Colorado throughout December. And Noah season's over. We still have the banquet obligations and different better. She's and things for next year. The December says not quite over yet. But once that stuff ends may maybe out west or more warm. I don't know one of the Halloween coming up this week. What is your favorite Halloween costume? You've ever worn. Let's get question. I don't know. It's been quite a while since I've participated in in dressing up like, I was buzz light year one year. Now's kid. I thought that was pretty cool. I don't know. Yeah. I need to I really need to do better at that. I I don't feel like I'm I don't not do it. Because I think it's not cool. I just have been lazy not going to get a costume. So Anita work on that some guests for this year know, not even thought about it. So we'll see. A seventh place finish at martinsville. This past week has chase on the outside looking in when it comes to the championship. Four matter of fact, chase is thirty one points below the cutoff line as we head to Texas Motor Speedway. But then again, if he wins this weekend, Texas or the following week at Phoenix that could solve everything and chase would go into the playoffs coming up. He's a six time NASCAR Camping World truck series winner. In two thousand eighteen any one this past weekend at martinsville to give him a shot at racing for his second title. We will hear from Johnny solder next. At own helping to get more gun is what we do best like with the auto zone rewards program. You'll earn a twenty dollar reward. Every time you spend twenty bucks for more five times. It's just one more way to get more done. And right now, get a great deal on lighting. So you can see everything and be prepared for anything when you are on the road. Visit any of our fifty five hundred locations nationwide. And let us do more for you. See terms that on dot com slash rewards, restrictions because the store. In a sport driven by celebration for sitting here to more to help. Preserve our environment. Driving the sport towards brainer. Reforestation efforts speeding up recycling programs racing greener green eight fifteen cleaner blended bio-fuel because if we all shift gears to help the environment we can keep racing for so much longer. To learn more about how NASCAR sitting towards a greener future. Visit NASCAR dot com slash green. Today. Who does it like to take a trip down memory lane? We do it on our end dot com. Every Thursday at noon, we replay classic races. We dip into the O M R N broadcasting volt and dust off an oldie, but a goody every single week again Thursday at noon, your destination for taking a trip back in time with the Marin time machine as it were. This is NASCAR live on the motor racing network. The voice of NASCAR. I'm one nation St. post join ashes strumming, and I live from the world about laws world final. I'm quite number. Second from two to three we'll talk with the stars of the wing sprint. Call world at Charlotte. Gertrude Nipper appreciation of its at the pavilion next to the drug strip will kick off the world finals in style wing nation. Live from the dirt track at Charlotte. Friday, November second app to join us there live or listen on M, R dot com or wing nation dot com. The newest most interactive track in NASCAR. Everything. In phoenix. Let's celebrate with a semi-final. Just about any traffic like Phoenix. The can m five hundred and opening weekend of November ninth tenth eleven by the best tickets now at raceway dot com. This is NASCAR live for the six five and two thousand eighteen the twenty third time in Nath car Camping World series career Johnny solder take victory laid now back to Mike Bagley. That's how it sounded Saturday afternoon at martinsville speedway as Johnny solder earned yet. Another grandfather clock are what he came dialed up the former champion following the wind to discuss Johnny the way this weekend. Started off you had rain all day Friday and didn't really get to work on magic. What you had hoped to work on before the race. How did you guys just from there to find yourselves in victory lane? Aaron head Joe and. People are everybody s we kinda. Effort to try to make our stuff better at writing Bill and had a little bit for setback that obviously the rain came. And I said gonna do they gonna put it back to what you had to spring. So. It's funny. How things worked out, but it ended up the enters awesome. So yeah, I connect I pay speed. And you know, the last one hundred lapses just may contribute in the race up. So. Other happen every day. It's something good. So it was fun to go out dominate like that. So for takes Shroff, maybe a little bit. But obviously, we gotta try to win the championship. So good weekend. I think I know the answer this before I even ask, but I'll do it. Anyway, these next two races. Now, are you going to kinda take it easy? Or are you going to go full bore and try and pile up a couple more wins? I mean, obviously, you're already going to raise for championship and homestead, but you got some some sponsors. And a lot of guys who work on that truck to try and make happy, right? Yeah. Yeah. The goal is to win. So, you know, there might be not as much pressure to try to put your way air or whatever in that. You know, you're for championship, but a little bit of a price factor. They're just trying to raise the tar you can't raking without. So I think I speak for everybody. When I say, we gotta we gotta keep digging. So I also feel like you let your guard down a little bit. Sometimes it's it's hard to know her where it needs to be. So we just keep overdoing honesty when race before before it would be phenomenal great race tracks force. So yeah, I you got to keep pushing and I know everybody feels the same race. So that's that's what we're gonna do, Johnny. Let's go back to martinsville for a second. What happened in the Cup racist side? Have you been a little bit surprised that it hasn't been as much of the traditional short-track beating and banging martinsville? As we've seen in the past. I mean, I know we had the last lap deal with with Lugano interaction. You had a little bit of a dust. With with Miot Snyder but relatively minor incidents compared to what we've seen in in years past right? Yeah. For sure I was expecting the race the way crazier there. You talk about at restoring my that was still thirty five laps to go or whatever. So her maybe even forty so you know that whole turn their we run a green at the end. I thought for sure so we're gonna get another car here. So and then it never came. So yeah, I think the racing was definitely calmer. Having said that the reasoning I don't know, exactly. I think maybe some of the guy trying to raise for the championship were were more inclined to just take what they were giving today and not make any, you know, bumps bruises very try to make any enemies or whatever. So. And maybe the other guys were respecting the guys for I don't know. But whatever it was it was kind of nice to see her a little bit refreshing, some people take care. Stuff. That's not always a bad thing. But I know a lot of people like him banging, but yeah, a lot of stuff not destroyed. I guess is the terminology should you? So. Yeah, I thought it was good. You know? I don't know that it will stay that way. Forever. Let's put it that way. Yeah. One constant as always change in this world. That's for sure will four grandfather clocks now, I mean at the top of the hour, you have to put your plugs in your house with all the the ringing. Well. You know, we got obviously we've got a basement up here up in the north. And so we got a couple of lined up next to each other. So it's kind of cool I've got four kids. So, you know, we always make jokes that each one of my grandfather crock someday were for over. So something to remember me by I guess, but cool, you know, it is one of the show Fay's in especially the truck series. So I can't believe we've got four of them. I think it's just really cool. That's such a historical place into to go there and run like we do is just a lot of fun. But it's definitely a cool trophy. You mentioned you definitely want to try and get some more wins before the end of the year, particularly at homestead I'm guessing. But along the way you still got a teammate alive in the playoffs in Justin Halian earlier this season when the playoffs started. I saw him at at Las Vegas in. That was I think one of the first races that you guys had Timothy Peters running with you again and just just stood there. Asking him a bunch of questions and watching. Everything that was going on in later. He said, you know, what when I get a chance to soak up up knowledge like that. I'm gonna take every opportunity that I get how refreshing is it to have a young guy in this day and age who realizes that. He doesn't know everything yet. Really refreshing, obviously. And you know, it's kind of part of my job is to try to help as much as I can. But I'll be honest. You know, you're never too old to learn something. So you can definitely learn something from those guys for sure, you know, sometimes when you're old like preconceived notions. Yeah. Maybe takes a different point of view to change your mind a little bit. So the Justice savage doing a good job has won this year. So you know, it's there's team history. And honestly got out the rate us to my seven her that school to see. So it worked just by you know, everybody's working hard. So it's cool pay off for him and firm, I you know, I hope. Chip some ram in anything. I can do to help him. I'd be more than happy to do that, you know at a place like Talladega. You can obviously draft with teammate and help them out that way, but at different tracks, the the mile and a half, for example. I know it's more of a factor in the truck Senate is in the other series. But is there much on the track that you can actually do to help a teammate at facilities like that? The biggest thing you can help them with is, obviously if you find something practice are lying or a set of change or something like that. But she was you know, a step in the right direction. I think that's probably one of the biggest thing you can do is get that still, you know, right away. So that they can work on it or try it or whatever the case that each so, but you know, as far as the race does, you know, there's probably not a lot I can do 'cause you know, sometimes for different studies or whatever so let all that play out. But. This things under a shot. I guess a little bit cut him a little flat. If it's a restart traffic, or whatever you cut them a little extra. Make sure he can do the things that he wants to do. So but there's really not that I can do to the outcome of the race. But those there's always just trying to help them. Like, I said in a way that you know, that we talked about let's talk a little bit about Texas coming up this weekend. This Friday night you obviously one there earlier this year back in June. How different is racing. They're now since that repave reconfiguration to that track versus what you had before. And that was always one of your favorite tracks. Even before the repave. Ex play bit different earnestly. I think it's put a big emphasis on handling work in particular. It's not where we just try to get them. You know, all traveled up and try to carry as much Stevens. We can't. So it's uh. You know, there's a lot of lifting going on in turn one and two for Trump racing at a mile and a half. We typically don't have as much. So you know, one two is pretty demanding. It's it's a long sweeping corner. But for entry to one all the way to the center, you kinda you don't ever get that, you know, feeling that yet pitcher stable or stuff to the face? Check the trap that the banking up till you get towards middle of the corner. So it's kind of like a period of of you know, you feel like no-man's-land there for itself. That's probably the toughest part about that. Now is just getting feel that you want to get on entry. And then having a turn on on late up to. So a lot of times you take it up to get into the corner of your way to exit. So I definitely present a sound for sure. And you know, every time we go back. I'm sure it's been a continue to change just because it's. Yeah. The pavement. It's not going to be as good as it was when it was it was so it's kind of a moving target a little bit. But you know, that's that's what we gotta try to sit out when we get there going to be challenging and before we let you go, Johnny. I had read somewhere that you're thinking about or planning to. I don't know which is more accurate try the snowball derby again this year is that right? Definitely kicking it around. So yeah, we just. I don't wanna devote a whole lot of attention to it until we get your homestead and getting that job done. So and there's always enough time to regroup dollars. You know, it's a big undertaking. Obviously, you know there for four or five days, and and you know, trying to get people to commit to. On that long. And all that that that all equation. So hopefully, we get to Miami the way we want to and we can focus on that pretty hard. Yeah. Then it'll just be all gravy from there. Right. Absolutely, Johnny listen. We appreciate your time. Congratulations on the on the big win at martinsville and good luck for the rest of these races on. No, you're looking forward to racing for that second championship at homestead. Thank you very much for having. There you go. That's Johnny solder. The driver of the ISM. Connect Chevrolet GM S racing. He has won at martinsville and will race for championship at homestead Miami. Thank you. When he's got a great shot to earn his second title for GM s racing. Can't wait to call that race in homestead here in a few weeks. Coming up next. We've got our autozone. Commercial free zone. Brought to you by autozone. Does your check engine light? Have you guessing on his own free fix finder service can help you find a solution? So you can do more get into own on ozone. Autozone. Helping to get more gun is what we do best like with the auto zone rewards program. You'll earn a twenty dollar reward. Every time you spend twenty bucks or more five times. It's just one more way to get more done. And right now, get a great deal on lighting. So you can see everything and be prepared for anything when you are on the road. Visit any of our fifty five hundred locations nationwide. And let us do more for you see that. I Don dot com slash rewards for details. The story. Back to sports next topic. Is it really all about power makes me think of progressives? Name your price tool gives you the power to find options based on your budget. Let's check for an irrelevant analogy, ma'am back in the day people in how many aren't is are in the crate. They just took the oranges. They didn't say on his six seven twelve fifty whatever it was his oranges. Get me. We your check in word oranges give it to a straight with progressive. Name your price tool. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Coverage limited by state law. This is NASCAR live now back to Mike badly. Welcome back to NASCAR live coming up in a moment will preview this weekend's race at Texas Motor Speedway. But first let's go back in time for this week in NASCAR history. Nineteen Eighty-three is where we began Pat Benetton on the radio with love is a battlefield resident Ronald Reagan signed a Bill establishing Dr Martin Luther King's holiday on cable TV the Nashville network made its debut and NASCAR was racing at North Carolina Motor Speedway in rocky hand. Tearing the Bonnie meet Tim Richmond the line in the American. There around JV mcduffie. He'll be the only race traffic attend. We're Richmond smokes the tires off the corner, but he's not making up Brown calmly guide. The Budweiser Chevrolet in turnover. Three stick to dead right in the middle of that group, and he continued to lay still four-car like well on his way to the way. Here's Terry Labadie out of the fourth quarter comes down on the gave him a tear in LA body. Wave to them as he takes. The checkered flag and win the Hodson American five hundred lining up to nineteen ninety four. Alan Jackson has number one country song limit on love the NFL announced expansion teams women leading the Carolina Panthers. They will be placed in the NFC west and Jacksonville Jaguars be placed in the AFC central. That's out west at Phoenix. And it was Terry Labonte again the winner that we can the slick fifty five and you'll settle. And you'll settle in behind Sterling Marlin down to wait for the final time and internal agree. Terry Labonte sits down the inside racetrack stays. Or Bank with a checkered flag retaining terror. The body for the third time and main team ninety four win on the car Winston come series. And we end this week in two thousand eleven maroon five has the top song with moves like Jagger in the northeast United States record. Breaking snowstorm had nearly two million residents without power and NASCAR was racing at martinsville speedway. Tony Stewart led the final three laps to win the Tom smash relief five hundred tagging taking the lead on the outside. Tire. Cutdown Joey writes, the safer area. Four drama. Maybe stuck on still. Tony Stewart did take the white wack. He's coming around to score the win Samson at Martins begin. Hold on. Jimmy johnson. Jimmy gets in the rear debt coming off turnover. Four checkered flag is out. Tony Stewart's got a score the web, and those are disseminates of this week in NASCAR history coming out this week and the monster energy NASCAR Cup series will be racing. The triple eight Texas by hundred bre NASCAR lie preview. Here's our Suzy Armstrong. Thank you, Mike with two tickets to the final four still up for grabs. The teams to Texas Motor Speedway this week for the AAA Texas five hundred April winner Kyle Busch likes his chances to capture a fourth victory in Fort Worth and advance straight to go in the final championship faceoff. That place was always been fast. And it's always kind of been one groups around the bottom. And and so far, it's kind of what we got with the repave, you know, obviously, you hope that with time and an age in the asphalt surface at it becomes better more racy. It's. It was a good place force before the repave in and now since the repave, I think it's been a pretty good place forces well to we've run well there we will near this spring. So hopefully, we can continue that sort of momentum there denied checkers at martinsville speedway. Martin tricks juniors all fired up and ready to nab his first TMS trophy on the fast one point five mile quad oval. It's been a really good track for us, and for me throughout my career in general just haven't been able to put it all together. The frustration part of it is part of racing. You know, it's just a lady luck. Sometimes you she doesn't shine on you. But I love racing. They're lug plans out there too great area and good fishing holes around that late to I like the head so low coming to Texas Boyer desperately needs a win to make the final four with only three top ten finishes in the last ten Texas clashes the championship hopeful remains skeptically optimistic. It's challenge, you know, an and within those challenges you got to be open minded about you've gotta be excited about that challenge. And and ready to do. Jacket it because you do definitely have to attack that. I mean, it's it's a it's a track. That's the grip levels through the roof until it's not very very tricky. You know to to get a hold of green flies over the AAA Texas five hundred at Texas Motor Speedway this Sunday afternoon. Just after three pm eastern for this week's task car. Live race preview, I'm Suzy Armstrong. Thank you, Susie. This has been the autozone. Commercial free zone. Brought to you by autozone. Does your check engine light heavy guessing on his own free fix finder service can help you find a solution? So you can do more get into sewn on his own put a wrap on this week show. We like to thank Joey Logano for joining us. Also chase Elliott and Johnny solder and for the rest of the crew. I'm Mike Bagley. Thank you so much for joining us on this week's edition of NASCAR live. We'll talk to you next week right here so long everybody. Nascar live is production of the motor racing network was studios in concord, North Carolina and Daytona Beach, Florida and was brought to you by Hercules tires right on our straight. Today's broadcast was produced by rich Cobra and Tyler Burnett remembered, a visit 'em are dot com to get all of the latest NASCAR, news and information. Nascar live is produced under an exclusive license with NASCAR any use of the accounts. Descriptions contained in this broadcast must be with the express written permission of NASCAR. And the motor racing network.

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