The Search for Gina Renee Hall


True crime brewery contains disturbing content related to real life crimes. Medical information is opinion based on facts of a crime and should not be interpreted as medical advice or treatment listener. Discretion is advised the day that i realized she wasn't they found the blood all throughout the house and on new and yes i carry anger and hate all my life for stephen abberley because he did kill her. I always knew i knew gina didn't go willingly but it would not bring her. You're back then battle. Once i start reading the case just like everybody else. I'm looking for her and her alone. Her life exuded. Stay active the while com true crime hurry. I'm jill and i'm dick. She never nee hall all experienced more pain in her eighteen years than most of us do in our lifetimes as a young child she suffered severe burns and as a result out she went through multiple surgeries and she was left with disfiguring scars. You might think that she would have been bitter isolated herself from the world but the genus actually friendly outgoing in a very pretty young woman she had accepted what life had given her dressing to hide her scars and yet always being fashionable reasonable playing competitive sports and even attending college but genus decision to go out dancing and to dance with twenty eight year old stephen f. separately would lead somewhere that she couldn't have predicted other so it known stephen f. early for years were aware that he had a violent past he's been accused of rape raped more than once but he had never been convicted and effortlessly would be the last person to see gina alive legless founded multiple locations where taken her her car was found abandoned with the trunk open and the truck was stained with dried blood but gina has never been found in today's true crime. Worry the search for gina rene hall. We will go over the details of this nearly forty year old case will explore ever lease history three his story and the extensive circumstantial evidence used to convict him in virginia's first. Nobody murder conviction so for this case. I have extremely local. Bureaus is a brewery in radford virginia where people lived. They were attended school so the beer is called farmhouse hicfa to hicfa wise. It's by the river company restaurant and brewery in radford as i said i'm going to preface suspecing hefley away since we're not my favorite style of beer. Just don't really like typical banana taste that you get nannette not really. I never noticed banana. That's what we've got. Okay most of them do that now. This particular one is a yellow struck ho at a little hayes to it small mall whitehead the aroma taste are fairly typical for the style of beer banana cloth and some sweetness. It's a refreshing. Thank you drinking beer not offensive again. Don't really like the style so it doesn't really you know but i think it's something we can enjoy having the quiet ed on a nice hot day like today and it's like most of them typically not a high alcohol by volume so so we can. We can drink a whole bottle that worrying about it. You're a good all right. Thanks let's open it up. Okay okay dick. Follow me down to the quiet and bring your half or half is coming with us. Some of our denizens down there waiting for us yep so grab a couple of other bottles to share any some people really enjoy that type of beer so were just because i don't like it doesn't mean that nobody likes it absolutely so on it you start out a story today about gina gina rene hall grew up in the small town of cockburn virginia and she was well known for her positive outlook book. She had a sweet smile and just kind of everyone she met as she was growing up. She was active in multiple sports. She played tennis golf and digit nasdaq's throughout high school and she made it all the way to the tennessee state championships in her senior year school. She played on the boys golf team because there weren't any girls charles. Golf tunes was actually cash in that. She shared with her father john hall he taught her how to golf and she was really very good. She was her social. Who i pretty much revolved around the game. She played in and our teammates so she wasn't much into dating who are hanging out stuff now. Nope she was. There's very good at very focused. She also touched him. Nasdaq's tap dancing to children are small town and family was very involved with the methodist church where virtue organized a bible study group and even taught sunday school. I think that her active lifestyle is far more impressive after you learn about her childhood childhood accident because it actually left her with multiple disfiguring injuries use this is something that she could have died from. Oh absolutely she was just two years old. When she ran up against a burner the gas stove in her pajamas caught on fire and she ended up with third degree burns over approximately ninety ninety percent of the right side of her body so this included her chest or abdomen her upper right arm and her entire right thigh spirit spirit hood this it did so that made it a little bit easier for but still it had to be tough especially a teenage girl and that's only after going the pain she did. This child repeated surgeries since just heartfelt imagine. She suffered incredibly. She does her condition with the percentage of burns so serious that doctors later said that most patients in cases like chris would have died from shock or infection when she finally they did come home from the hospital. The entire towns very supportive to her family. Yeah i can't really imagine the pain of those kinds of burns entity not that young and not even really know what's going on. It's just horrific such today from shock would be from blood loss and fluid loss fluid loss primarily the nearly ninety percent third degree burns on the right half of her body and infection is a big thing jurist. He managed yeah so the community really did seem to empathize with what gina was going through. Her older sister delina admired how hard unify through her ongoing recovery great and it wasn't short lived and went on and on throughout her entire childhood her dad. John hall took gina burn specialists at u._v._a. Medical uncle center and this was back in the mid sixties. Remember so skin grafting was pretty new. Things weren't as advanced as they are now. By any stretch said gena had over a dozen surgeries she had multiple wounds excised this involved new incisions being made in the areas of the deep burns to remove thick tights scar tissue her body was growing and the lack of flexibility from scar tissue made it necessary to continue having these painful procedures teachers often this child whose body is continuously growing so as a teenager gina was still having surgeries and she had horrible scarring on her right arm from the shoulder down to the elbow her right leg from her upper thigh to me but her worst scars were on the right side of her torso so she was really disfigured from her right breast to below her waist line. The psychological challenge of this was just as difficult and shores. The physical pain gino was just incredible rentable. She was so resilient and just always positive a better person than me. That's for sure of cute yeah. Sushi did become skilled it hiding or scars she dressed carefully and conservatively usually wearing long sleeves and long hands with tights underneath even in those hot summer months but because she is successful at covering the scars gina look like any other pretty teenage girl of course you gotta figure. She's pretty self conscious about her body so she had avoided having any serious romantic relationships yeah understandably. She was very aware of how the appearance of these scars might it affected mad and she might not be that attractive to a lot of men so she was smart. She wanted a special patient. Man who was in no hurry to have a sexual relationship. She really wasn't prepared for the emotional stress of a sexual relationship and she was very careful never to put herself in that situation and this is all backed up by her sister. Delina gina rarely dated and most of her dates were just with friends usually guys who she played on the tennis team with the golf team gene nine anyone who was really a boyfriend per se jewish firms yeah now. It's really sad that gina's mother blamed herself virginia's burns and ended up with some severe emotional and psychological issues. She lived with this overpowering guilt for allowing her two year old daughter to suffer such severe burns and gina's mom eventually became estranged from a family so not only is jeanette dealing with all of this but she didn't have her mom anymore. Mr hall was left to raise his children alone but genus sister delano would say that their dad was just a great dad and went all out so ingenious six. Her father did mary his second wife. Joan and gina's relationship with joan was pretty good. She actually began calling her mama joe. John and john provided a very supportive home for gina as well as their older sister. Enter two younger brothers john hall owned a successful state farm insurance parents agency in town so the family lived a really comfortable upper middle class lifestyle. They didn't have to worry about money which is always nice reviews. Virginia's agena is far from spoiled. She did have a part time job when she was a teen and she's expected to use her own money. For creation. She worked at the small towns movie theater while in high school. The owner of the theater owner manager jeff kaiser was impressed with a work ethic and with her people skills yes he actually let her come back during breaks and she just had a job waiting <unk> parity whenever she was available she could work there. Yes and she has a pretty good big sister particularly with her little brother garland who is eight years younger whenever she got paid from her movie theater job she often took gerwyn to buy mukabutera soda leaner train yeah so in the fall of nineteen seventy nine after high school graduation jeanine. We're all that emory and henry college. That's a small one thousand students school and it was about an hour from her home. She chose the school because it was small and because it was close close to home but after her fall semester gina decided she wanted to transfer to the much larger radford university her big sister d'alene ahead graduated from radford occurred and was returning there for graduate school working on her master's degree in education redford university had a larger and better known nursing department and and that was genus major so that was why she wanted to make this move net just to be with her sister but she saw it as a better place to study what she decided to study. Also radford had a much more active social scene as you can. Imagine and gina was interested in becoming more social. The larger school was a bit intimidating but it was exciting writing to and delano would be there with her when she was very reassuring. The sisters were close so that was a nice thing. Regina half her friends in her dorm would remember that she was very well liked. In gina became close with a group of six girls that would eat their meals together in the dining hall and go to parties together on the weekends and everybody said that gina loved to dance. She and her friends would often go to the local clubs and dance together for hours for the whole evening but still gina. I did have conservative values. She didn't do drugs and she didn't drink more than one drink. A night. The drinking age in virginia that was only eighteen so she cut drink legally away and so could most of the college freshman and gene really liked pinochle address but she liked the virgin one's better because they tasted better says she drink thing. What does the actual alcohol beverages yes so. She wasn't a drinker not at all. No she did well in the spring semester at radford and then she decided to attend summer. School delaney was attending grad school at summer so they shared an apartment so they're pretty excited. Both of them planning on a fun summer ago. So according to d'alene was in a really good mood on saturday june eighteenth nineteen eighty she just finished her midterm exams and felt really good about about how she had done so she was in the mood to go out dancing and she told elena that she was known to her friends is a great dancer. She actually had some formal training in different dances his remember. She was very athletic so that night gina decided that she would go to the nightclub at blacksburg mariot this was nearby virginia tech tech and it was a very popular college hang out she an estimated come with her but delano was tired that night said she wanted to stay in and relax. She was really exhausted from studying for the exams and she planned to go to bed early now. She'd always feel guilty about that. Your cousins is when things went south else. Unfortunately gina needed decision to do something she'd never done before. Now is to go out by herself so she didn't have girlfriends with her and her sister wasn't there her she dressed up in a purple bodysuit white pants and a white wrangler jacket she wore purple shoes master by suit and our favorite ankle bracelet two interlinking hearts delaney said man you look great togo to be safe and said goodbye so gina took off delays chevy monte carlo their a father but the card for delano. They're sharing that summer. This is the last time delano with c. Jeanne after leaving the dance club with twenty eight year old stephen even brewery julian was never seen again so stephen f. early was a guy who seemed really friendly and put together when you first met him he had an easy smile on a very very confident personality and he was pretty handsome he had green eyes and blonde fluffy hair and he appeared a lot younger than his twenty years eberle upper leaves a former virginia tech football player and he had the build of an athlete he came from a working class family in the west end of redford and his family was religious. He grew up with an older brother and two sisters now for stephen f. early in his family. Money was often an issue but they managed to do okay okay. Steven's father cupid was a world war two veteran he worked as a foreman in the janitorial department of the radford army ammunition plant in in cuba took pride in supporting the defense department stevens mom esther stayed home full time with stephen in his siblings and she was a very religious woman very very active at the first baptist church radford but the utterly house was the prime hang out for stephen and his friends as they were growing up and esther was the one you we'd give out unconditional love. She also did all the discipline cuban was more distant and usually busy doing other things but he did like to take his sons hands out hunting so that was a bonding experience for them. You know as a child stephen was a handful to put it politely. You're he was always on the move and his schoolwork wasn't very good because he had trouble staying focused in paying attention. He was easily distracted and probably a few. We're growing today's world. He would have received a diagnosis of a._d._h._d. But back then he was just another active. If boy boys will be boys era right now this high-energy would end up serving pretty well in sports. He participated in pretty much all sports. The schools offered including basketball football baseball cross country football was his obsession. He seemed to thrive on on the roof. Physical contact became known as a kid to watch out for the field. We have watch out for actually for your own safety read. He can be really you think about it. They didn't call it this time but he was violent but in high school he did excel in football so much so that he got his hopes up to play for top ranking college and he was the stereotypical jock hanging out with other football players and lifting weights at the gym. He dated quite a bit but classmates. It's wouldn't remember him. Having a serious romantic relationship with anyone in high school he just kind of dated around your but what is classmates would remember number was his temper plenty of stories of at burley losing cool becoming violent in many different situations in one story. He got into an the argument at home with his younger sister jane. She was fifteen and stevens eighteen at the time. Stephen ended up hitting jane either with a puncture a slap but it did hit her. No no disputing that esther really tried to stop the argument in stephen became violent with her so she called police to the house and steven was arrested for for domestic assault but his mother decided not to press charges and she convinced the police that it was best to let her go and that's what happened. I just think if you're already ready getting violent with women especially your own mother. That's a sign that he should have had some counseling right then you think if you're not gonna have him go to jail at least get him some help but that was overlooked and that's not unusual because we're talking about you know the late sixties early seventies when he was born so in my school graduation in nineteen seventy-one at burley wanted to play football for good college program but he was what they called in tweeter he was five eleven eleven and one hundred and seventy five pounds saiga that many wasn't big enough to be a major college lineman or linebacker even back in the seventies noreen nor you need to be a lot bigger particularly to be alignment but linebacker you probably need at least two hundred pounds even back then his coach actually advised him the best thing to do that was to enroll in a two year junior college and bulk up before he tried to transfer to a four year college in play footba aw right so one of the top junior college football programs in the country was ferrum junior college and it's happened to be just an hour away from radford. Ferren program was one of the first in the country encourage weight training provided away for smaller players to bulk up. The plus steroids did they do sarah is fact that sure so you probably did because he did bulk up recruiters from major colleges often came to fareham to scout out new recruits saw so that just puts a whole new light on the fact that after high school graduation f- <unk> spent that summer getting into more and more fight said he was more aggressive with women and i'm thinking that could be made worse if he was taking steroids who've evidence law. We know i know but it's issue now. We don't need evidence to just chat think about things. No we don't and you know you're you're looking to be a big time college football player and you know that you gotta get bigger and heavier so weight training and i can get you there quicker right so that probably was at least some the pressure to do that whether he did or not but he really did have a serious problem controlling his impulses but he'd had that since childhood interests the other three were worse while now he's this man that's dangerous and according to his old france up really get into a fight and when that happened he would lose all all control like you just wouldn't even think about the consequences at all and there were repeated incidents of him getting what his teammates call rough with women and i think i think that's really means that he would commit sexual assaults. There's no other way to look at that will <hes> just physical or sexual assault but physically harming. Yes is margaret vet cher hit them choke them. There were a few complaints of choking. Yeah broiling pam now a lot of different things that came out if they were in a group setting things seemed to go okay but then there were horrific stories from his dates takes about how steve forced himself on when they were alone yeah and it seems like that was his idea. He picked up a woman at a bar or something. The sex was just just expected in if he didn't get it he would not respond well. Something news owed exactly so the first time this happened with one of his dates. His buddies buddies gave him the benefit of the doubt but after the second time they begin trying to exclude him from their group but then when the summer ended up really was not held responsible for any of these incidents and he headed off to junior college and continued with his plans to become a great football player his parents were really hopeful that the discipline of college football was going to have a positive effect on his behavior after leading the other players worked to the point of exhaustion in the football program but evidently still wasn't a stand stand out and he really rarely played he just barely passed his courses and according to some people who knew of their his biggest priority was chasing women he often bragged about the women he had sex with and he would say the steady one and really kind of shocking and upsetting some people than there are still more incidents involving involving hep release violent temper while he was at ferrum but somehow managed to stay out of serious trouble and by the end of his first year freshman year uh he had looked up he grew inch put on twenty five pounds so he weighed two hundred added book. If more self-confidence beck and radford for the summer he got a reputation as a real bad s any kind of welcomed that he loved it. Whenever we went back to fareham sophomore year he showed improvement during the preseason practice but he still didn't make the starting line-up andy speth the season as second or third string defensive ed and it became painfully clear that major college recruiters just weren't interested in him after coming home to radford for christmas in seventy two with his two the seasons of junior college eligibility all you stop. This was a rough time forever lay. Some of his high school teammates were playing major college football and he without left behind say you're only allowed to do that for two years and then you have to upper or else we'll by definition junior colleges two year college cher say can't stay there three or four years applaud you can but you get two years ago ability to play sports okay <unk> act. That was why i was asking share and just like in four year college. Is he a four years yeah so you can. If you sit out a a year you could get an extra year village ability in the grad school or something like that. We've heard that when watching college games so is pursuing his master's degree he was nydia redshirt freshman sit in play so he had four years of eligibility starting as a sophomore or is is injured and that you didn't count it's a matter of managing your schedule or whatever so you have solid for years of eligibility right but at that point he moved back home with his parents because none of the big colleges recruited him at the same thing with most school studied hard boca and we'll consider you have to play the college. Can't you just practice in gopro. Theoretically the likelihood of that happening pretty teeny you need to go to college and then ideally you go to a football school. Alabama clemson texas florida on and on well he moved back home with his parents and he took classes part time at radford any also worked to help pay his tuition. Bradford didn't have a football team so that was just. It's not gonna help him get his football career going at all. He spent his time chasing women on campus though because it used to be an all girl school the women outnumber the male students by five to one there and a friend of his from this time when remember <unk> is a guy who had become very narcissistic when he was out he wanted everyone to notice him any could be quite charming but he also seemed to feel entitled and that really <hes> it into his whole idea with women that if he found a woman attractive and she was talking to him or giving him any attention the sex was just expected any really seemed to believe save that if any woman went home with a ver scher and sex was given and this would have problems when women decided well no. I don't wanna do that and he had trouble taking no for an answer he certainly did. He did eventually transferred to virginia tech and that's football school. I don't know how big a school for football was when he attended but it has been for several years big big big program let his high school teammates including bill king john dobson winston jan fischer were playing football for vitek. Now he went out for the team. Even though he didn't have a scholarship or anything i did actually make the team and he played well enough to be field for spring ball in nineteen seventy five happy for a while that did adams back on track. The problem was when the nineteen seventy five season ended his still only on the practice squad he never actually played in game and when the season ended his college college football eligibility had run out and she'd been junior college then at radford now virginia tech so he said he's had his chance that christians it's time to find something else to do so he continued to take classes at virginia tech for a few more years living at home with his parents but also spending a lot of time find living at the mcdonalds street apartments near virginia tat prince he also worked as a bouncer at a few bars blacksburg but there were several incidents of <unk> becoming overly aggressive as about certain too good of a bouncer. Yes you can look at it that way to get a degree from virginia tech actually gets a degree on april twenty second in one thousand nine hundred seventy six. A woman who had briefly dated at purley woke up at three fifteen a._m. Because utterly was yelling outside of her bedroom window and this was at her apartment building blacksburg she looked out the window and saw epernay delay in he said let me in. I'm in trouble so she fell for it. She opened her apartment door for him but according to the police report he threw her down on the floor and raped her in her statement. She said that utterly put his hands around her neck pushing really hard and said. Don't you scream her. I will kill you so she. She felt like she was probably going to die but then she had an infant son who woke up he was sleeping in the other bedroom and she was able to convince utterly to let her go on the other room and check on them and quiet down it. She was smart. She ran in their picked. Her son got out of the apartment. Then she called the police from a neighbors found and reported his assault everley was arrested for this and he was charged with rape. He didn't have any money for an attorney but his parents were supportive and they did hire one for him even though it wasn't easy for them to afford this irib charges were dismissed insufficient evidence who's one of those a he said she said cases and amid the burden of proof difficult for the prosecution i would contend. It's not that difficult. She's got bruises and marks on her body. Why it's not and i think if it was today he would've been convicted herbs do yeah. I think it was harder to get rape. Conviction found unfortunately you're it's going to happen again. Yes so this dictum. Edba traumatized 'cause she. A pretty much got away with her yeah really sad. She was so smart to get out of there too but now she has to live with him being free and she was probably afraid of him forever that he'd come back meason moving like that the she knew him anyway. She dated him so let's after that upper. Lee was at a pool at some apartment. Buildings called draper's meadow near the virginia tech campus in he offered to show this nineteen year old female student where this apartment was that was going to have a party that night. He wanted to show her where it was. He said so that she could come to the party and she declined but he didn't let it go in. He could be charming so she finally agreed to follow him to the apartment when he was leaving the pool in according to the police this report. She followed up early home in her car it. He invited her to enter the apartment to see his new bar in his fish tank. She said she was reluctant but she did end nep- agreeing in went to his apartment with him so according to her she entered his apartment and as soon as they were in the door. He grabbed her arm and forced her onto the bed and raped her. She thought <hes> he was going to kill her because he choked her also pushing down really hard on her throat and this victim said that she was actually unconscious for some time because his strangulation nations had cut off her oxygen supply so she did come close to being killed. She did later go to the police station and report the ray and utterly was again arrested lasted charged with rape but just as with that previous rape charge his parents haired an attorney for him and that attorney with the victim on trial and got a not guilty verdict verdict for <unk> so there's too strongly probable rapes absolute and he got away with more than probable who rib city got away away with now after this after these two rape convictions skipped his violence and sexual aggressiveness continued how finally after seven years of college in nineteen seventy eight he did finally complete the requirements for his bachelors in business administration at tech twenty six years old and he was the first member of his family to earn a college degree so that made his parents happy even though he certainly a struggle to raise your gut there they did record wow thought troubles are behind them and they can have peace but not so fast yeah well. There weren't any job offers when he graduated so eh early moved to richmond where a friend of his head connections and they he was going to find jobs for both of them spent the summer of seventy eight in richmond but then in the fall his back in radford for living with his parents so despite finally having a college degree he did have a hard time finding a job he went through several jobs in any finally rather go to real estate license and try to make a living selling houses. That was a failure to put it mildly yeah he did do well. I mean after months as an agent. He failed to so anything. He didn't even list anything. You're working on commission so there is no income you don't sell anything or list anything. You're not gonna make sense. That's take so by the summer of nineteen eighty. He was working as grounds maintenance worker on the campus of radford. Pay wasn't the best d. spent more than he made word still live with his parents. Yes so this is what's going on in epa. Lee's life on the saturday evening of june twenty eighth nineteen eighty and that ninety excited to be going out on the town yeah he was going to go out with some guys go dancing and he was hoping to be able to leave the nightclub with a woman and and it had six that was the plan because it's what you do when you stephen so before we get into what happened that night. Let's take a short break for our sponsor cert- today in true crime podcast from podcast the important dates that people tend to remember our birthdays anniversaries and holidays but the podcast heart cast network remembers important dates in true crime should they for crimes in new daily podcast that takes you back to the biggest events drew crime that happened each and every day in history so whether the crime is infamous or just plain interesting. There's a crime story for every day of the year like august thirty. I eight hundred eighty eight. That's jack. 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Remember nineteen th two thousand seventeen cult leader charles manson dies so with new episodes every single day you'll never run out of true crime content again and and you no longer have to wait for weeks for your true crime fix cried never takes a day off and now neither this podcast follow today true crime for free on spotify anywhere you listen to podcasts berg to the story gina yes so plans were made between stephen f. early in his old friend bill king to ride together to the blacksburg mariot lounge that saturday night king had made plans earlier with three other friends from high school jan fischer jimmy jimmy curtis and bucky cochran but ever leave who wasn't part of this original group how bill king talking on the phone steve pretty much invited himself along with the others <music> since there were five guys now plans were changed to have them ride into separate cars so bilking drive up early in the other three friends would meet at the mariot so at eight fifteen pm bill left his home in his chevy sedan. He picked up early at his parents house around eight thirty then they drove twenty minutes to bill's parents house at crater lake his mom betty and stepfather ronald n._s. Bill to watch over their lake house while they're away on vacation for that week in in myrtle beach and recently other houses at the lake had been vandalized broken into so betty and rile liked bill to spend some time in the air and keep an eye on the house <music> understandable right. It's a good idea yeah so bill king stephen. Their parolee arrived at the lake house walked around the property. Make sure everything it was okay. Then bill got the keys to stepfather's t. bird which he didn't have permission to drive and the to them through to the blacksburg marya lounge they arrived there about eleven o'clock in the evening at the same time that they got their high school friends cochran curtis fisher getting they're about the same time and they were getting out of their cars gina hose pulling into a parking space next to them so gina got ahead of her car and walked to the front door of the club the same time reciprocally king the others the parking lot was very well lit and there was a line at the door and this was normal for saturday night so the lounge was super super crowded. They hit a bouncer at the door checking i._d.'s also there was a dress code. They checked for men. The code was no shorts. No jeans no tank tops in no uh-huh sandals they had to wear long pants and collared shirts and for women they weren't allowed to wear to tops tank tops are miniskirts shorts or skirts had had to be at least mid thigh stephen abberley usually dressed very casually but he addressed up that night wearing a checkered pair of dress pants and a light colored hard but up dress shirt after entering the club people were hit with this loud pulsating eighties dance music. It's taken back where spirits talking was not a big thing in this environment though too noisy conversation now you can say what's your major your beautiful leave at this place with me so since the drinking agent virginia nineteen eighty was only eighteen there was a big range in ages because college freshmen could go there and people in our thirties went there so you've got a big span of different types of people there and before you reach the dance for when you enter there was a bar with several bartenders is busy serving drinks they also hit cocktail waitresses working the floor and waiting at the tables but at that hour on a saturday night it was already standing room only had a big dance floor that was sunk in with black and white large trials still some kind of disco music. Although now we're going to get into the new age eighties type of music but you know this is nineteen eighty so we've still got a lot of disco. Go on sure. Play beaches music going right way. Just had that saturday night. Fever wing was that seventy seven seventy eight somewhere late seventies. Those were the chart a long time. I think yeah yeah pit after hit from that album <music> absolately so his court testimony that occurred later bill king gave his time line of the night so he said that you know who entered the club at about eleven o five the same time as king april the other three guys king did not remember any of the guys in his group speaking gina as they entered once they're all inside the guy's got drinks and stood around tall table and gino's sitting nearby table with a group of people she appeared to know the fisher was the only one in april's group who knew gene he. I didn't know album had been acquainted with her. So one year earlier jan fischer had actually lived in the cedar valley apartments near the campus and he dated delaney's roommate gail so d'alene had also known fishers mom because delina lina salt avon in her spare time and mrs fischer was one of our regular customers. According to bill king didn't drink any alcohol that night just pineapple juice which is what he was doing around that time because he was avoiding alcohol he been doing that for a while because he was more likely to get into fights to get into trouble if he was drinking taking alcohol some awareness yet not enough as king said over the course of the union had a few beers hours after they've been there awhile gina left the table where she sitting and pass the guys who are separately and she happened to catch his eye so so bill king said he saw appalachia dance which gino's eager to do because she liked to dance april is described by friends is a guy who did not dance just for fun. There is a purpose to a means to an end. Why just a way to get women. This is how he would find his one night stands his sexual encounters head office started with dancing and that's the way to seduce someone you have to admit who sure but utterly and gina were on the dance floor together for quite a while four or five songs bill king estimate and gina just an eighteen year old small town girl may not fully realize the effect that dancing with him was going to have she didn't know that was a predator how would she so after about thirty minutes of dancing jeanette upper left the dance floor and gina walked away from him and sat at the table that she had been sitting out with friends and witnesses saw them going their separate ways for quite a while but then what witness would remember number <unk> gene at least two more times so he had his sights set on her. He did in some point in the next hour so that they were there. They got to be talking to each other again and according to bill king happily invited her to come up to the lake house will they had already talked about without the potential for april bringing a girl back to the house. King new deputy is living with his parents and if he picked up a girl in needed a place to go king. It said it was okay with him if he took her to the lake house sure will so you're gonna do. I guess you could go to the girl's house. She had place indignity. Parents home has probably not the thing to do probably wouldn't go over this. I think it was a fairly small house. I don't think that would have worked. It wouldn't have so is about twelve thirty a._m. When epa went up to king in the club and asked him for the key to the lake house king said he lifted mccaren hint out and get it so according to bill king hang headed for the front door of the club eberle walked with him with gina a few steps behind at the front door just before going outside at purley introduced bill tena then bill eberle aeon gina walked out of the club towards bill kinks car in the parking lot in this they walked up really asked bill if he could take stepdad's not bird and king thought that was pretty fucking funny like he's gonna let his friend have his stepdad's fancy car. Murai soaking laughed laughed shook his head. That wasn't going to happen when the three of them reached. The car king opened the door grabbed the lake house key in handed it to <unk> king heard happily separately tells gina that they would have to take her car didn't really ask her just kind of told her that and she agreed to king at that time it seemed like gina wasn't really i share about who was all going back to the lake house. He said that she may have presumed that a larger group of people were going. You're positive she those guys would all come together. They're going back together. I would think so. That's really what her sisters were up and down that she wouldn't have gone with him alone. She knew king said in court. The gina seem to be confused as to what car was going in exactly who is going right and her sister said that she has certain gina would not have willingly we left the club <unk> got into a car with the lane would insist that gino tricked or physically forced to leave the club and get an appointment with yeah so the point where they're talking to bill king. She doesn't seem like she's being forced but maybe she doesn't quite understand what's happening. You're going back the club right so we really don't know what happened at that point if he forced her into the car or if he got her to go there saying other people were going to show up and then he earned her. It's really really hard to say but according to happily he gina drove out of the parking lot in her car and he was driving because he knew the weight of the lake house and that was after bill king. It got back into the club with the other friends in about one in the morning. Mrs probably about an hour after gene and stephen had left the club gene assisted assisted delano is asleep and the phone rang gena. She said issues it. The lake with someone named steve belania toilet a hurry home but gina's phone in hung up and the line is dead. Delano felt like her sister sounded nervous and pretty uneasy and this is the last time she would h._b._o. So i'm a little surprised that delano went to bed after that meaning realise there's no cell phone and hard even find out where she was who but she did sound weird. I think she would have been a little more alarmed kind of surprised while she searches delay. Kill someone yeah we as she didn't know where certified her and she said she was swiss with. Someone new steam but there are a lot of steve's. I'm sure it was really hard for her to live with the fact that she went to bed. Although i don't know how much she could've gone at that point. I think it was too late to save her well. That's one thing the other thing. I could say suppose. She calls the police and says i'm worried about my sister. Mm-hmm anywhere she sounded word. All i know she's at a lake house with a guy named steve though that's not gonna happen so bill king and the other three guys stayed stayed at the marietta until closing time and they left about one thirty stopped in an all night restaurant eat breakfast and then went to the terrorists you apartments is to visit three girls so two of the girls went to tech and the other one was the radford stewed sitting there listening to music and talking on bill king so the late on at a nearby nearby apartment that oriental woman used today her name was robin robinson had seen her a few hours earlier at the nightclub and flirted with her so that about three three a._m. He called robin and invited her to go to the lake house with them. Free late night swim plus. Maybe some other extracurricular activities while i'm sure there was more on his mind the swim cher ravin agreed to go with him and king leftist friends behind and walked down to robin's apartment to pick her up billing robin left for the lake house in the t. bird and arrived there according to king between three forty five four a._m. And they parked in front of the house and they both so gina's car in the driveway way king park next to it here remembered with genus car because he'd seen it earlier when she parked beside his car the club so bill and robin entered. The three story house through the garage door in the house is dark. No light sign when i walked in so bill king turned on the kitchen light the sun eberl was in the house with gina 'cause he'd seen her car out there so he deliberately made noise to let them know that they weren't alone so they're standing on the second floor of the house in the living room near a spiral staircase led downstairs to the den. They both heard epaulets voice. Say bill is that you he was downstairs on the house's first floor in the dan which had sliding glass stores that opened up at ground level where the property lead going to the league yes oh king napoli had a short conversation in which they didn't see each other at burley was standing at the foot of the spiral staircase where he couldn't be seen at least by bill bill king told up really that he had someone with family that they were going for a swim and utterly answered that he and gina had to leave because has gina had to get back neither bill nor robin saw or heard gina at that point bill and robin walked out on the lake house through the kitchen dard boardwalk down to the dock and after a few minutes up really flicked on the houses outside light and said that they were leaving so evidently said that they were leaving it about four thirty a m villain robin saw him but neither one of them saw gina or heard her voice so minutes later bill and robin came back into the house through the dad and later as they were lying on the floor together in the dead bill felt a wet spot on the carpet with his barefoot ain't been much of it at the time thinking it was from a wedding ebbing sooner towel being left on the floor so he went to bed after epa early left and neither he nor rabbit saw who was in the cars drove away but then between four thirty and five thirty on that sunday a sheriff's deputy saw genius car parked on a railroad trestle bridge with its trunk wide open here is a car in front of it in a car behind it so he didn't get alerted anything suspicious because this is an area where fishermen often parked it was near. You're kind of a prime spot for efficient suitor often cars there right but i want trump might make me wonder but still i guess it wasn't unusual enough for him to really take note of it. So delano woke up around six thirty a._m. And immediately of course she thought about that what a whole call from gina it really sucked into her like something wasn't right delano into judas bedroom hoping she was there asleep but gina wasn't inner bedroom so this told elena that something was seriously wrong. She looked out the window to see if the car was in the parking lot. But of course it wasn't at around seven thirty at friend gina's. 's name greg bass showed up at the apartment and greg had joined the air force but he was on leave that week and he made plants with gina to visit her and this wouldn't be like gina to not be there when he came she was expecting him. She was a good friend of hers. Yeah maybe boyfriend material. It hadn't gotten to that point. I think route but delina called all the friends she could think of and no one had seen or heard from gina by early that afternoon delina was was close to panicked and she finally tried to call her dad but john hall didn't answer now. Remember no cellphones back then and he didn't have an answering machine so there was really they no way for delina to leave a message or get a hold of them. I mean that then no one even had painters doctor's keeping it for themselves making them look important way. Keep up however look so she thought one of the possibilities with gina could have driven off the road or been in your car accident so greg this and do it is boyfriend would often. They're curse to search the roads between the apartment in the lake. Yeah then about noontime time there was a thief named jerry ross who saw the abandoned car and went through it any eh history of robbing cars leonard how robbery nobody's in it but burglarizing hearts here and both gelinas genus purses were in that car so he took the purses and got in his car with his girlfriend took the cash out of the purses and then just through the purses and the rest of the stuff out the window as they were driving away but it wasn't until midnight when the same deputy we saw the car was still there with his truck open and he went ahead and check the registration. The car was registered to john hall and it hasn't been reported stolen so the deputy just went back to his patrol did check it again that night. So that's the problem i have. I mean the first time he sees it. Even though it looks suspicious with trunka trunka shatters enough that you can let it slide right hours hours later that same car still there in the same position issue trunks to open think i might have done a little bit more than simply cohen and see it been reported stolen yeah. He didn't even fill out a report or anything so that it was a little bit negligent on his part said okay. It's not stolen. Her is go back to work. Yeah so bill king at robert robinson insent woke up at the lake house sunday morning not until around nine because they've had a late night and bill went down to the first floor dan but he didn't notice or think anything about that wet spotting health on the carpeting the night before both bill and robin would both testify later that they hadn't really noticed anything unusual house that morning bill tro robin back to her apartment and then he went to grandmother's house for lunch his four-year-old son todd was at the grandmother she babysat him and after lunch bill took attack back to the lake house for a swim he'd already invited his buddies back to the house that afternoon for a cookout and that includes student utterly so stephen jimmy jimmy curtis and john fisher arrived for the cookout and they played horse shoes while bill was swimming with his son and according to these guys i up released seemed very normal. He didn't seem upset or nervous. In did ask bill king could go up to the house and get something to drink so so they'll sit sure but utterly was in the house for way longer than you would have thought and when he did come out bill estimated taken so long at billy said i couldn't find a spot opener which i guess back then needed bottle of water yeah yeah but you know belief spent also it's time in this guy's precisely because he knew where everything was he had it was kind of a lame excuse so is that sunday evening. Approach hortelano was frantically trying to reach your dad on the phone. She finally called the police to report gina missing but they told her she had to wait twenty four hours so she tried the state police but she got the same response. What's of the dispatchers tried to tell her that college students disappear overnight all the time and they always come back not to worry but delayed. I knew that this this was not something gino would ever do gene was dependable. Genome was careful. She wasn't going to go spend the night with a guy she never disappear overnight on purpose and plus. She knew she had company coming that morning. There should plus. There was the strange call at one a._m. So it was after nine pm when delano finally got hold of her dad ad and of course he was worried but he did manage to remain calm. He was two and a half hours away so they decided he would drive to the apartment early the next morning. When john hall arrived at delina genus apartment monday morning it had already been over thirty hours since delina had received the fall from the lake so if you're thinking about the forty eight hour rule they're really running out of time quickly here and it's really not their fault. It's kind of the police fault. I believe but you know now you hear this all the time back then he didn't act quickly. I think that we've learned and we tend to act more quickly now. Whereas you said forty at our will go away down so it'd been thirty hours so john holliman dilemma went straight to the police station to file a missing persons report four unfortunately the deputy who had spotted genus car was off duty by then and he hadn't recorded or documented anything about the abandoned vehicle ebony noodles sitting under the trestle now nobody's made the connection which is a problem to land drove to a local radio station and she convinced convince them to make a public service announcement about gina being missing it took a little time but the station manager finally agreed and a thirty second spot went out over over the radio and they would continue to replay that spot pleaded towards sooner so over a dozen friends gathered at dha lena's apartment and they started splitting up tasks. John hall was kind of running things at this point so there was a group making caused a group searching the roads. A group went back to the club at the mariot an and a group went out to the lake to knock on doors because remember they don't know what lake house in this over three hundred lake houses out there so they may they might. I know what they're talking about. Yeah i think they knew what lake that's all. The two yeah so two friends found the car and that was still parked arked under the trestle. They didn't touch the car but they did notice something really strange. The front seat was pushed. All the way back now. Gina was very tiny it. She always had the seat as close to the steering wheel as she could. They'd even joked with her about their noses touching the windshield when they wrote in the car with her 'cause this was you know. Nineteen navy was a bench seat. <unk> halsey had to go up yeah. Yeah we know that drove to lake house from the nightclub but it it appears that he was driving it as it left the way kaos he and that's not what he had said he had said. That gene drove him home. So virginia state police lease trooper austin hall arrived at the scene and looking into the trunk of this flashlight he saw what appeared to be dried blood and also some hairs so here's one alarms start to go off that this isn't just your usual teenager having fun where those for sure dry blood here not good undergrad sign so the tripper refer reported over the police radio that he believed the missing person case of gene hall could possibly be foul play even homicide trooper hall who's no relation to the genus family was put in charge of the case because they're gonna shooting that same night and the police were busy with that investigation now trump or hall primarily worked on traffic advocate for statement but he did have some experience with missing persons cases and he was known as a smart detail oriented cop so even though he didn't have that much experience he was seen as competent for this year but he wasn't that experienced now no. He wasn't kind of the best they had. At the time. You're francis was called in to collect fingerprints blood hair and fibers patrol officers radford were percent <unk> to knock endorse their residents were shown a picture of gene and asked if they had seen her or heard of a van in steve and they had now this. This lake was twenty one miles long and like i said there were at least three hundred homes there so this is in a simple knocking on doors job. This is a big job and another problem was many of these houses were empty because a lot of them were vacation homes that were only used at weekends some holidays. The davis is hall bill kings as mom and step. Dad's house was approached but nobody was there. The davis's were still on vacation of course and bill king had gone to work. Now the trooper rupert hall he believed that jean's body could have been dropped into the river from the railroad trestle bridge surround three o'clock in the afternoon he called the local rescue squads glads and they are instructed searched the river for gina's body or for any other evidence and within forty five minutes of squad. Was there scuba. The davis made good leg passes over the bottom of the river. There's a current so underwater visibility was around foot and a half or so and at great see pretty much now. The river was searched for six hours and then the search was called off the night. They plan to come back and continue the next morning at first light the power our company that operated the damn agree to increase the flow of water from the dam in order to make the search conditions easier so the search did continue the next day. Eh greg bass was interrogated about gina's disappearance but he ended up having an ironclad alibi and he also agreed to take a polygraph bill king do know about out gina's disappearance at this point. He was taking a class at radford university that morning and as he was driving home from the class he heard the p._s._a. On the local radio station station they were playing that thirty seconds spot at the top and the bottom of the hour so the announcement he heard basically said the redford police department is searching for a missing person eighteen year old gina rene hall who was last seen about midnight saturday at the blacksburg mariot lounge. She's five feet tall and one hundred hundred and five pounds with brown eyes in medium length brown hair. She was wearing white pants. A purple jumpsuit purple shoes a white jacket. If you've seen her or have any any information about gina house whereabouts please contact the radford police department at and he gave the number so bill king right away knew who they're talking about. He didn't know that her name was gena but he knew the shoe is. The girl who stephen <unk> brought to the lake house owner first name because he was introduced. I'm not sure if you remembered it connected through heard she was missing while sure well yeah he had nothing to think about if she wasn't missing because he just thought that appositely brought a girl home you know did what boys and girls do and everything was fine as what he assumed views pretty free thermopylae this stuff yeah because he do now that this was the girl that abberley brought to the lake house and he knows what kind of a guy i really is the veil he chose not to think think about that stuff right yeah and it. I really didn't think that someone who was his friend could have killed a woman but he was well. <unk> aware of up released temper and also the earlier arrests rape he had beat those charges but bill wasn't stupid enough to believe that that meant he was guilty. He knew that utterly was at work so he went and drove over to the gym where he and his buddies lifted weights he knew that the group of guys who'd been with them at the mariot sorry it saturday night would probably be they're lifting weights and jen fisher was there and immediately approached bill as he walked in the door. There were actually about ten ten guys there who he knew and they all new student utterly she be curtis jan fischer and told the other guys that utterly had been with gina saturday night so they new you everyone there knew that abberley was a guy prone to violence as well but the details of up released to rape trials really worked common knowledge because they'd happened happened over blacksburg and since he'd been acquitted of course the details weren't publicized but everyone talked about what may have happened with gina and utterly that nike hi and bill king felt like the thing to do forever louis was that he should go forward right away to the police and talk and get ahead of this probably good adverse sir yeah. He was trying to be helpful yeah so he left the jimmy drove over to the radford campus where purley was working as a groundskeeper now when he told surly the news about gina heavily showed very little surprise and he certainly didn't show any concern for gina. The first thing he asked bill king was who knew do that. He was with gene then he has built a go back to the jim until the guy's not to make too big a deal at her disappearance. He said he wanted donovan to keep quiet not the broadcast he was the last one to gina. Yes i think at this point bill king is kind of thinking shit. Maybe he did do this. Yeah i mean when he gets there kind of response from february no worry at all about what happened to this girl morodor's gone off right absolutely so everley early did take his advice sony called the police that afternoon and set up a meeting to talk with trooper hall at five thirty pm so after work he went over to neat hall and to haul l. He seemed very relaxed. Calm confident. He didn't seem nervous or anything so at forest trooper halls thinking well. This guy doesn't seem like he did anything anything wrong. According to upper lian gina arrived at the lake house around a._m. And he said that the first thing jean wanted to do was call her sister. He said that she l. the phone and the call to go through that time so he dialed it for and it went through he said he then overheard jesus conversation and he knew that gina had told older sister that she was with a guy named steve upper lee said that he and gina then walked out to the dock and he went swimming but she didn't and when they went back into the house they they talked for a while and he said that they did some kissing up release said that he did try and take things further with her but gina refused she had told him that she had once had a bad experience experience with the man and would have to know him very well before she would go to bed with him so aptly said that he told me that was fine with him and they just talk some more and and then gina told him that she had a friend visiting in the frank would be in her apartment early. Sunday morning says she had to get home. According to april they left the lake house together three thirty four o'clock in the morning and this time gina drove and he said this she dropped him off at his house where he lived with his parents around four four thirty and the police said that before he got out of the car he gives you two directions back to her apartment because she didn't know the area very well right so here that doesn't make sense with that seat being so our app nope now. There's a liar mistruths. Yes ally comfortable saying that. That was a lie so it was a convincing story. Share trooper hall was not at all sure that he's hearing the truth he asked upper looted ah to the lake house with him and early agreed and on the way home last political through the timeline of the evening again he wanted to keep pepperoni talking and to see if there are any significant cracks in the story and that's a smart way to do it right. Get him off guard. When you're driving around shooting the breeze the patients did pay off course happily added a new detail. He explained to haul the bill. King and a woman friend had come into the lake house while he and gina was still there he said it was around four in the morning and according to epa louis he n. G. talk to them for a few minutes and spoke to gina's well and he clearly stated that talking and robin robinson both saw and talked to gina that morning so aptly in trooper hall knocked on the door the lake house but nobody answered the the davis vacation in florida and bill king was back at work after a cursory walk around the outside of the house down to the dock they headed back to the police station and on the drive trooper hall s epernay if he would mind taking a polygraph and epilepsy readily agreed trooper hall told him that he would arrange it for the following day okay and utterly seemed fine with that some after the station trooper hala into a police background is only convictions on file we traffic infractions a redford patrol offices were asked if they had had any previous encounters with at burley and went offices said he had been called app released earliest parents house years ago for domestic situation involving stephen who got violent with a family member and then another officer remembered that apple julia assaulted his sister and then get into a tussle with his mother when she intervened right right now checking gets really bad if you're going to uh salt your own mother and sister so another officer had gone to high school with early and said that he was known for having a short temper a few of the officers had heard app released release name in connection with bar fights over the years he'd been up some people pretty bad then there was the story about utterly allegedly raping a woman on the first day eight and then telling her he would kill her if she ever told the authorities a detective call the montgomery county police department and he found out that utterly had to rape charges charges in blacksburg which hadn't shown up on his criminal record because he'd been acquitted both times but there were certainly commonalities between the rape reports and and genus case upper head allegedly tricked his victims into being alone with him just as delina believed he must have done with gina to get her to go to the lake house with him so after lee was being exposed as a violent sexual predator trooper hong knew that they needed to get bill king story about that night to make sure that he and robin had actually laid eyes on gina that sunday morning that would be important to know if she was still alive that morning wouldn't a man who tried to establish davos you timeline here and you know that she was alive at one or one thirty when she left the nightclub with at burley colder sister in you. Don't i know from that point on what happened so if he actually saw her spoke with her than we get the time line moved up till four in the morning so that's important yes so bill king told his story of the saturday night with his group of friends we've gone through this a little bit already in a story mashed epilepsy story until they reach the time when he and robin robinson arrived at the lake house bill said that he such you know halls carped the lake house when he arrived park but he never saw genie and he never heard reverse and robin was interviewed in her story mash bill kings she had neither seen nor heard she when they were there so the conversation has i just with epilepsy kasa searched over a dozen small bloodstains were scattered throughout the house in four rooms of the house so it was obvious iselin and clean the house but not that well they missed a few spots last that sia so cue tips web was dipped in sale in and rubbed in spots believe you to be bled. Most of the evidence discovered in the house was clearly visible to train forensic examiners. Yes so as they searched bill king stayed in the house and then at one point he noticed something on the spiral staircase turned out to be genus ankle bracelet the one with the interlinking hearts and ahead a broken class a strike towel a blue towel a quilt a bath mat and some cleaning supplies were missing from the home. Then investigators found that wet spot on the dan dan carpet near the staircase it was kind of pink and it appeared to be a blood stain that someone had attempted to clean up who was also blood on a golf shoe small drops what city utility room and other refrigerator at first they just saw pink discoloration on the refrigerator. There were actually congealed clumps with hair on on the underside of the door that whoever tried to clean up pin totally missed considers closed right didn't open it didn't look underneath so so apple <unk> showed up actually for polygraph and that ended up showing some deception to three key questions. Did you harm gina hall. Did you kill gina hall. Do you know the current whereabouts agena hall he said no to all those and the polygraph said nope oh yeah so after that stephen became officially a murder suspect yeah so when you think about the polygraph i think he thought he could trick it which she's really got. That's the only thing i can think obviously he had spoken to the lawyer that point cassoulet what is said. Don't do it right so yeah. I'm sure i thought his smartest guy in the room. He can be a polygraph easily that kind of i think you're right so utterly continue to talk to the police without an attorney in his next interrogation detective came right out and told them that they knew who had killed gina. They knew it was him. They asked him to tell them where the body was. Sober family could give her a proper burial but utterly denied that he had killed gina. He wasn't gonna give anything up so his car in his parents house. Were searched. They got a warrant and the only thing they found there and it's not really totally connected to this case but it was disturbing. Nonetheless was a letter in his bedroom from a woman who claimed that he had raped her end in the letter she was telling him about the emotional scars he had left on her and how she had been too afraid to report to the police because he had threatened her life so this is another woman of two ribs that he'd been tried and acquitted for this was another woman and he had kept the ladder like maybe he joined it yeah yeah it's kind of a trophy. I think so it's very disturbing. Robin robinson added a new piece of information. The next time she spoke with police <music> she said she had actually seen <unk> that sunday morning at the lake house she had glanced down the stairs on the first floor and she'd seen separately standing without a shirt it on and drying himself off the blue towel and they police tried to get her to say that was that was missing or something like that or could who identify the towel. If you saw it again no she couldn't because she wasn't familiar with the house or the items in the house there and all she saw as his drying off robert vito so bill king took a polygraph. He passed it with flying colors. He asked abberley if he had killed gina because the police asked him to do that but utterly said to him. We'll just have to wait and see so that's disturbing answer. The bloodstains inside the trunk of genus car turned turned out to be her blood type type of positive in the hairs were also consistent with her hair than investigators had taken from her curlers back at the apartment and that's as good as we're gonna get because we're pre d._n._a. Could do much more than now. It's her blood type and the hairs were consistent with her hair and they also found a blood stained blue tau near the car and this is identified by bill king and it contained fibers consistent with us in the carpet at the lake house gene shoes near the railroad trestle. Yes interesting. They're actually quite a few volunteers that help with the search. Some young people came across quite a few items that helped out research yeah and they really were out there to try and help so that was nice. Searchers found a second missing towel in the clothing that gina had been wearing on the night of her disappearance in all of these were lying along a riverbank near where her car had been a bandage did she and his clothing had been tied up in a bundle and it was all stained with blood but nothing was ripped or tore the clothing items had head hair similar to hers and huma cares similar to epa lease police interviewed olive app release friends and acquaintances and each interview included some variation of the following question. Do you know anyone who might have helped dispose of genus body in the answer each time the question was asked was no there was a name that came up more than once and that was up released friend. Tom hardy. Tom hardy was a wealthy guy. He had a reputation as a drinker womanizer so if anyone would have been willing to help eberle was such a horrific task they believed it would be hardy but harney's alibi for the night in question checked out. Also many people familiar with hardy said there's no way that he would have been so enough to function at four a._m. On a sunday morning to help the body he's always is passed out by that. I guess he's a big drinker. So epilepsy is the prime suspect absolutely he is he starts getting death threats so for a while he moved to ohio live their cousin. Now something disturbing happened while living there and just five days after he moved moved to columbus area twenty five year. Old woman went missing. Her name was vicky cope. She was an attractive young schoolteacher. She was last seen on august tenth therapy treatment and had been expected to visit with her family in sandusky. Ohio never arrived so the doors and window to department were locked in there. There's no sign of forced entry so it looked like she willingly let the killer into her apartment. Her abandoned car found about a mile away in a month later. Her body was found in a cornfield so ohio police found no evidence at all lincoln vicki's murder to stephen early but the similarities gene is case raviolis and to this day hickey cokes murder remains unsolved. Yeah there are similarities. He got her to let him into the apartment. The car was abandoned elsewhere. Her body was abandoned. It was him who she lived into her apartment. Not i'm just saying there's a lot of similarities. We don't notice him at all but the way that this woman was killed is kind of similar to what happened to gina. That's all i'm saying. We certainly have no evidence of that but it is is curious. You have to admit five days after he moved to the area. You're just curious. Curiosity absolutely so utterly was charged harsh with genus burner months later nineteen eighty although the murder weapon genus body were never found investigators believed that utterly either stabbed or beater today's today's after she refused to sexual advances the bloodstains in the lake house indicated that she was beaten or stabbed multiple times not not an expert on blood spattered spat but i guess these were tiny cast off. Drops wouldn't be like you'd get if someone cut their finger or had a bloody nose or something spreaders. It was estado. Area korea inevitably ended up with a public defender but he seemed completely confident that he wouldn't be convicted. Just because genus body had never been found. You know it makes sense that he thought that because no in virginia's history had ever been convicted of murder without a body being found he actually asked an attorney what could happen to him if the body was never found and that attorney thought this was a weird thing for an innocent man to the asking it is don't you think i think south so the prosecution had a lot latte witnesses and they put together a very strong circumstantial case very well laid out now. The defense didn't present any witnesses at trial it shows to let the lack of a body actors what they saw as reasonable doubt perhaps a mistake he had it didn't work great for them but you know also he really wasn't that honest with his attorneys so they did have some surprises so although you maintained his innocence in her case eberle was convicted of first degree murder and he was given even life in prison he still incarcerated but he has never revealed virginia's remains can be found and like i said her case was the first murder conviction in virginia history without a body so let's talk a little bit about some of the locations where people think he could have gotten away with hiding her year so so some of the locations might have been redford university's dedman center construction ongoing pouring concrete other construction election sites including lake in the new river beneath the coffin at another person's grave also steroids for by his placed on a train and in another state with issues ground up at the asphalt plant and isn't a road in the she was incinerated and saw have gone crazy about the whole gamut and there's a lot out there on her ghost haunting areas too but i didn't include that information at all in my notes because i know you'd be not me but you also gotta figure. He doesn't wanna drive around a long time with her body in the trump when thanks out so he's looking for a reasonable place close by the lake house they dumper by so he's he's not running. The risk is being stopped so i like the new river. That's the most plausible location i think so he could have removed her body from the trunk throwing it off the train trestle wrestle into the river and our body could have been swept into the rapids become lodged under a boulder and tin there decomposition consumption by fish would have left her a skeleton the bottom of the river yeah. They never found that recipe. I really don't believe she's there but i can see how it's one of the most reasonable places will they found her clothing clothing a shoe into tells from the lake house alone the tracks in redford next to the river but there were two witnesses who saw motorboat on the lake near the davis's late house in the early morning of that sunday in while the davidsons didn't have about their dot he probably could have accessed about from one of the other nearby houses because most of the owners weren't home and then he could have dumped unit in the lake and i think that is less likely than the river put awesome at risk has got to go find a book transporter and if he did that he would have had to do before it all and robin showed up house 'cause they didn't have any assumes being run or anything now now. What about this idea that he buried jeanette an open grave prior to burial so okay. Let's say there was a burial plot ready for a funeral the next day so buried her body in the bottom and then the next day casket of the person was lowered over it. That was a big rumor in the area but police did look into that. There were no open graves available during that timeframe so they don't think that happened is there's more sites that have been suggested for gina's body could be but again. We're just about forty years into this so the the likelihood is yeah. Unfortunately that's trail well. This case came to our attention through the southwest times and from relatively new book titled under the trestle by ron peterson junior so i definitely recommend the book if you wanna learn more about this case. There's so much more than we can cover in. A podcast episode is really a lot to the case something. You can really go down. The rabbit hole over europe's a good read yeah to tell people about our new website sure well. If you haven't visited our new website i would encourage you to do so some time. It's much more comprehensive. Also dictating complete gear reviews and pictures assures for each episode of t. c. as so dick's got a much bigger chunk of the pie now the memberships working well but it hasn't been completely without issues. I china if your current tech remember. You'll need to log in change. Your password re enter your payment information. You'll find the new premium feed their get your own private of it. You are out so you'll need to replace in your podcast app. You're old you are out with your new one. Last week we added new members only episode for august and this is on the list family murders. This was recommended by a listener and i thought pretty much knew everything about this case but i didn't. I learned a lot you can subscribe to our members only episodes by going to <unk> dot com and you'll get access to over thirty members only episodes as well as a new members only episode each and every month. We'll also send you your choice of a welcome gift and we're working on additional members only content as we speak and what i'm thinking of is how we used to do the watching i._d. Podcast cast. Maybe we'll do a few short episodes on true crime shows that we watch him put those into the members only just for something fun to do between episodes taking interesting capelle for our music and thank you to w. x. f. r. news for the audio that i used in our introduction to now. It's time for feedback. Let's start with a voicemail for bridget -chusetts. Are i knew england girl. I jill index this project from boston. Mass partner partner any brought me to your podcast. If you months ago i've had a case suggestion in mind for a while and i've just been trying to find the right fear to go with it. He says are the murder order of sarah ann wood and jimmy bernardo sarah. Anne was from upstate new york and jimmy was from failed mass the beers that go with it are only gang breweries noma gang which is a cezanne which i think jill might like and the other is from lamp later brewery and cambridge which i think indica like because it's a double i._p. And that one is called rabbit rabbit and again that's lamplight or brewery. These cases meal opt to me because sarah anne. Dan was my age couple years older when she was abducted and the case mental lot in the area they do a bike ride every year for her to bring awareness to missing children and i think you guys would do a great job covering it. Let me know what you think. Hopefully we can send you an email with a lot more beer suggestions. Thanks so much all right. Thanks for jet man. I really appreciate the thought you've given to giving us a case and a beer <unk> case and a beer couple beers huddled airs. So what do we we know about this case. Did i see you have some doubts on it. We'll just a little in soccer in nineteen ninety. Three little girl was abducted and killed case case went unsolved at the time in nineteen ninety four a murderer confessed killing would girl. This is louis lent. He was already in prison in massachusetts for killing this little boy jimmy bernardino that bridget mentioned in note so he's in jail for that killing he he confesses to the killing of the wood girl told police that he would show them. A map buried her body which he did. There was nobody there. They never did did find the body that was charged with adapting would in nineteen ninety six at this point. He recanted his story but he was still convicted of the crime and sentenced to twenty five years to life with no chance of parole. Here's something that i need to check into more haven't been able to find out that in two thousands fifteen. The case was reopened so i don't know if they decided that let didn't do what remains unsolved pack while it seems a little shake he. He said he buried her somewhere. She wasn't there when murder he actually did do in confessed to the other one. He confessed in recanted. We don't talk so what would i need to do is see much info we can find on it because we need more than i've found so far. The a very brief episode and those are good beers bridget oregon. We've had a ton of their beers. We like our beer can do and local beer store here in new mexico. She started carrying soma gun while you now. It's progressing the whole craft. Beer thing is expanding had were just in a place where it's a little behind but catching up you're moving forward. I know when we drive to albuquerque. There's plenty of beer. No shortage will there's no shortage deer here either. It's just a matter of getting the ones. I want right not as many choices i guess no sin that save an email from internet in internet rights. I found your podcast drove five hours to help my daughter move into her. I department while looking through your list episodes. I didn't see anything on the murder of vera joe regal. There's a documentary on this talk about a family tree. It doesn't for all right. Thanks engine that. I'm not sure what that means but i'll have to check into that horrible crime so engine that doesn't like fear but she passes on your beer critiques to her husband so that's cool. We'll give credit for that. Yes she's doing her duties. God okay so you're a joe. Recall was twenty four and brutally murdered on the night of march twenty six two thousand eleven and in her naked body was beaten covered in stab wounds that were left on the train tracks in findlay ohio. The crime was the conclusion to one of the most heartbreaking infuriating stories that she'd ever heard over the last few years. You're was disabled and hit the mental capacity of an eight year old. Her father raped her when she was eleven and she never got along with her mother. How awful when she was nineteen she started a relationship with zachary brooks who was thirteen at the time a year and a half before her death. They had a child so vero into live with her boyfriend's family. The brooks are well-known crime family in the area. Their leaders cherry brooks mother of nine a really frightening woman who's also wheelchair-bound five hundred kids were taken away at some point because of sexual abuse and neglect one of them michael actually compares their family to charles manson saw. You get the idea when the brooks took vera in. They basically turned her into a slave catched her disability checks. Euro was often tortured assured in being two months before her murder police showed up at the house and found mirror covered in bruises with a broken nose but she didn't know better so she just accepted. These is horrible living conditions. Let's a tragic heartbreaking. Story isn't it. This is horrible family yeah so the next email l. is from susanna. It's a case suggestion suzanne rights. I do have a case suggestion for your show jill. I think it will be very interested in this. One the kiss of elves anthony graves in his wrongful conviction in a heinous crime committed in nineteen ninety two that involved the beating and stabbing a grandmother. A teenage girl and four were children under the age of ten after the murders of this family house was set on fire to hinder the investigation. This crime was committed in the tiny town of summer texas assists in a horrible nature of these murders. Authorities were eager to make an arrest five days later. Anthony graves twenty six year old was in custody. There's talk about this. Crime entitled infinite hope. There's so much prosecutorial misconduct in this case that eventually graves was able to walk away a free man something interesting you too will like that after graves conviction was overturned his state pride in a special prosecutor to make sure grave state on death row and that that special prosecutor was none other than kelly siegler she came to believe the grapes might be innocent and persuaded the state to drop the case and release graves from prison. There's a lot of information available on this story. Forty eight hours produced the documentary forty eight hours mystery grave injustice. I was fortunate enough to who attend a private showing of the film and i met anthony graves after the release of this film and many many other written and published examinations of this case the original d._a. A charles sabbath sta who prosecuted this case was actually disbarred. Wow fascinating suzanne. You don't be so well. This really is is right up my alley. I will definitely look into that. Didn't you find something else out about kelly siegler or the haiti texas case the other day someone shared something thank actually ended up mistrial because the jury couldn't determine punishment for him so even though they had a verdict couldn't agree on sentence sunday do only trial. He might be getting out of jail again. We're talking about david temple of course who was on on trial for killing his wife belinda temple so that's the case. We'll continue to follow stress me to thank you everyone for listing and we really enjoyed having you with us tonight. The quieted the bar. We'll see you next time at the quiet ally the yeah <music> <music> <music> <music>.

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