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MRN Motorsports Monday - Nov 19


Drivers start. Tuning off your workweek. It's immoral in motor sports Monday presented by outback steakhouse. Fraught to you by Hercules tires and drug style. A payroll now believes NASCAR news and opinions here your host Tony resisting and Joey Meyer. Welcome to a championship. Finale addition of motor sports, Monday presented by outback steakhouse on Tony czuczka longside at to sputter Joey Meyer, Woody came working his way back for Miami. Probably probably down there at the resort a little sun on that dome up their hand enough. I did we're both it. I think I think we had a great weekend chamber of commerce style weather for no rain, which was unusual for the Florida weather. Very nice, cool weather. Great racing conditions. Attrac- was in great shape. The fans were there. And they saw three distinct races which provided opportunities for guys that we didn't expect going into the weekend to all three of these guys pull out a victory. Yeah. It's a great point. I don't know that anybody had Brett Moffitt Tyler Rettig and Joey Logano at the top of their sheet, though, I would say probably Gano just strong team in a Ford Ford have been dominant pretty much the whole year a lot of people probably. I saw him more than they saw a Redican Moffitt but on all three incredible season. Incredible finale. So we'll talk about all that coming up on the program. Kevin Harvick did not win the championship. He ended up fourth or choose me third. But it's a top ten. So that means Joe gets to play with his Joey order off the kids menu little pocket pouch little pocket. Yeah. You can put your AUSSIE fries in there. So outback steakhouse tomorrow, get your free blooming onion Thome Kevin Harvick since you. Tell them Martins motorsports. Monday sent you. That'd be awesome as well. Tough race for Kevin thought he'd be the guy. He was the favourite kind of going in had the experience of being there before likes to get in. Everybody's head had a strong race car. But in the end that final caution really kind of took him out of play Joey, you know, three of the four contenders were looking for their second championship. Joey was looking for his first right away. The other three drivers had the advantage. So then you break it down into the last. Momentum. We talk about momentum at the end of the season Kyle Busch. Kevin Harvick had the most wins. Kevin clearly had dominant car Texas allbeit one that got little points taken away from him. But there mile and a half program of the three drivers was probably the strongest Joey had really one. Talladega and martinsville not really a strength for mile and a half tracks. He really started breaking it down trying to be with a numbers thing with Kyle Busch. And Kevin Harvick at the end of that race. They all took turns leading everybody except for Kyle Busch at the end of that race. Kevin harvick. And those guys had set themselves up to be the winner. Kyle Busch was staying out. He's a slow car. He's gonna have to pit Kevin harvick's going to win. This race is when a second championship. Rodney children's who's outside the track talking on a digital radio because he's he's not allowed on the track. They're going to celebrate. Poof twenty laps to go caution comes out completely changes the entire race. Joey's car was able to go very very fast on short runs speed and Gable. Get by the leaders with an amazing pass with Martin tricks at the end. Yeah. You talk about the final caution. It was interesting about that Joey. Is win Martin tricks won the championship last year. It was a caution for the nineteen car that helped him out this year. It was a caution for the nineteen car that hurt them. Oh, by the way. Where's Martin true ex and Kopechne go next year in the nineteen car? How weird is that a homestead real quick? And then we'll talk about these other series. You've seen all the mile and a half tracks. Multiple multiple times is homestead kind of that. At least in having everybody to have an equal chance. You talk about guys just dominate on the typical quad oval mile and a half at homestead kind of that that perfect storm that allows anybody to really hit it that weekend and race up front. You know, the interesting thing about homestead, yes, it's a mile and a half long. But that's the only trait. Est shares with every other mile and a half the mile and a half and homestead in. It's through version since it's been built it started out as very flat track. It went to a oval flat track. Now. It's a variable banking mile and a half. It's the blueprint for every mile and a half that should be built from now on there should be no mile and a half track. That's not built after a template of homestead. And what it does is an equaliser it does allow the cow. Larson's and the guys that have the guts to run against the wall. It allows the guys that can set their cars up to bottom feed as Harvard most of the evening, and you don't see that at any other mile and a half. And that's why it offers such good racing. You're not gonna see follow the leader as we see a hard passing and other mile and a half the city's and homesteads weather and fans offer a great opportunity. So for it to be a championship weekend at homestead right now. There isn't a better track. No, it's great. You see guys being able to go everywhere. Defend us the middle of the track. It was really exciting. And I tell you what the guy who drove away at the end when it comes to the monster energy NASCAR Cup series. It was Joey llegado. And I know twenty two fans out there are just somebody who wants a piece a history can do that with plan b sales. You can get the race winning die-cast of Joey. Lugano's championship win at homestead Miami speedway as well as all race winning and other die-cast. They're all available and our good partners at WWW dot plan. B sales dot com. And I gotta think if you are a fan of the twenty two team Pinski Joey Logano slice bread. Finally, getting his championship. You're gonna wanna piece of that. And here's Joey Logano after the race. And it's incredible. What goes through your mind and how how feels dealer cross the finish line? He will take leading knows quite a few laps last. And as you get closer to five last four latch count them down. Take the white flag to where you know. The caution comes out we got it and really felt a lot like my first one in Pocono and kind of same thing is how big the first one was to me and get that first win your goals changes to a championship. And I remember those laps there. And my foot was shake. I know way down to throttle down in my foot kept shaking into third doing that. Again, get us this. It's it's been so so hard, and and such a long road to get here, and we had a very challenging year. And there's a lot of lessons we needed to learn, and we were just we got stubborn and stuck in our ways and. Felt like this is what worked because we almost won the championship the year before we were the fastest card on here. We should have one and and all this stuff. And then you go to the next season, you get spanked, and it's been a slow but steady climb back to now the top. So so crazy, thank but we just like an elevator. And we took took the flight of stairs back up to two top. Man. It's just you know to do that. And and fighting together with the whole team just the two of us all the way through and you make a little game here McMurdo gain here game there and champions the next year. Ghana his third win of the season. His first win at homestead in ten starts fifth straight season. Joey that the winner at homestead has walked off with the championship. And could you want anything more than that to win the championship? You got to win. The final race winning matters. Know, we talk about the everybody wants to complain about this convoluted NASCAR point system, and it's goofy. And we had four drivers that had an opportunity to win a championship showing up at homestead joy Laguna Martin tricks. Coming Harvick Kyle Busch. We're they finish out of forty or thirty nine drivers that started the race. The four drivers that took the whole season to get lined up for championship finished first second third and fourth. I don't know what better system, you can have that would be like taking the NC double a basketball and always having the four number one seeds playing against each other except for they can't play other. They only play two teams. Right. But would you have you? Thirty nine other drivers total the four drivers that are top-seeded are finishing first second third and fourth and by golly. If you watch the scoring pylon yesterday almost the whole race. They were in the top five. That's a pretty good value. Pretty good. How you can judge the system all those drivers rain, and I think they prove the point last night. How many on-track have I told you the fact that once the playoffs starts these guys find another loves the championship drivers find another level one stat that I pulled out that I think is gonna get overlooked quite a bit from the homestead race. And really the last two races of the year. Matt Kenseth finished sixth finished the season with two straight top ten finishes. You remember when he switched over and came back to the number six car arouse Fenway racing. I think most people said aiding be able to fix that car that cars too, far gone. He's lateness season. But sure enough a race car that we kind of I don't wanna say left for dead. But. We didn't think they had a chance to straight top ten's six place finish for Matt Kenseth who doesn't know what his future is. You know, you know, who's really happy about that. Right newman. Ryan. Lilly. Ryan Newman talked him at the airport yesterday. And again, you changing changes always inevitable in the sport as we're gonna find out later on in the show as well. A lot of change is going to thousand nineteen but Ryan Newman comes off his long tenure are CR with a couple of wins a couple of playoff appearances. But now he's foaming at the mouth of jumping that six car with the performance at MacKenzie provided might have been met Kins of best run. Also, some things that kinda ended. Denny hamlin. Twelve straight years. Didn't get a win this year. I mean, Jimmy Johnson sixteenth straight years. It had to win. He didn't get one either. But at the end of the day, it's Joe he'll Ghana who hosted the giant trophy team Pinski. Congratulations to you guys. Good company win and a good win for joy Lagaan. All right. We gotta take a break. You're on motor sports Monday presented by outback steakhouse when we come back. He didn't win the championship. 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Welcome to the future of the fan experience. Learn more by visiting racing Tron IX dot com. Join him R N as we traveled through the life of nascar's most popular driver. Dale Earnhardt junior junior cups back at the Daytona International Speedway leading the pack one races that I'd never thought I'd win growing up under the Earnhardt name to superspeedway winds to whiskey river, we dive into everything Dale, jR, brain, man. Mascot fish. Yeah. You weren't the typical family that got to sit down to dinner together into juniors journey available on I tunes for download only. On the motor racing network. Author to for the last. Call Cinderella story. Half a lap away for being completed down the back straight away to turn three glass slipper. Here. Upturn checker front MAPA driver Grimes Iowa wolf a flock to the six the off the season. But more important that he is eighteen nap gar keping Jeff winning the four e Cobos two hundred. Welcome back litter. Sports Monday, presented by outback steakhouse joy Meyer, Tony resumed with you here in concord with our championship finale of the program Brett Moffitt, maybe most unexpected of the champions, fellow Iowan. Underrated state when it comes to racing actually more short tracks state of Iowa per capita than anywhere in the country. But he gets the championship. Joey in a truck that twice this season said we don't have sponsorship. We can't make we're not running Chakib should key. I saw you say, yeah. Cord racing competing against the strings of G M S N KBM. Clearly, they are out of the top four trucks. They were the fourth seed even though they'd run really good. When it comes time to the championship season there at homestead you're still saying the experience of Johnny solder the strength of him in just in Haley GM as the performance of KBM, Noah Gregson, they're clearly going to perform better. The had the controversial engine rule. Change the sixteen team with Brett Moffitt and Mike. Greasy those guys Padilla they chose to run a OEM motive for most of the year. Then went spac they had to go spec motor at Texas. They went to another spec engine homestead feeling like the rules. We're going to play better for the spec motor Johnny solder head some things to say about the the OEM motor in Phoenix. But clearly the sixteen team one did a good job in showed that it wasn't a motor rule change that allowed them to come out as the championship driver. Yeah. And interesting as well. We talked again earlier about winning member. Nascar said winning is going to be more important. He won the last two who races of the season to win the championship. Great stuff. Here's what Brett Moffitt had to say. After the race at homestead I dunno. I only get sunk in yet have a lot of friends family here. And and just the the effort that HR you put in all year, and Scott, and these guys when when we didn't even know what you're gonna make it to the track. And then we show up that week and win the race Chicago. And and just everything we've been through hell like everyone understands when we say we have nine or ten full-time employees. That's the last three to five weeks. They've been working seven days a week and work until midnight. If need be more times than not they were doing that. And this just a it's a testament to them. It's it's really I'm fortunate to drive the truck, but those guys they kill it. I mean, it's it's an honor for them first championship for Brett Moffitt. He five times in the series. He got close, but but never got a championship. But he gets one here. Scott zip Adelie, very well respected crew chief in the truck series. He gets his first championship. You talked about Shigeo, Tori. This team gets a championship longtime with Brett Moffitt. I worked with Moffitt back in the days. MWR Vicky ransom Cup races with this. Oh, he's not this. This new young. Kid, but an incredible finish to the season. And really Toyota. This is there. Now what seventh eighth eighth time? Toyota drivers won the championship. Really remarkable what they've been able to do with the truck series as well. You ran the Cup series for three years with Forty-five starts. So he's got plenty of experience in the sport. But really hasn't had a chance to make a name for himself. And really he drove the sixteen teen to the front last year. Ryan tricks. There had a great year. Just didn't have the breakout performance that we saw Britain rough it he's not a new kid. The only thing new that Brett Moffitt has is the mustache. I don't know. That's a great look for him. Either. The truck series continues to just put on some of the best racing that we see year in and year out. And I think it's one of those things that when we talk about the competition side of even in the Cup series. What they keep trying to chase is that combination of just hard. Great racing. Joey in your mind. What is it about the truck series? The seems to produce such great racing week after week because the truck bodies are. So a truck it's a truck that the Aeros still plays an important part of drag. We haven't we've taken a Cup car now and made these lean era machine to to where they perform, and they're so dominant and predicate on ERO that it takes the performance a truck is still at the back of that standard six wins for Brett Moffitt, including the last two leads him to the championship and other six time winner this season in the NASCAR Camping World truck series. Was Johnny Saudi finished fourth in the chair. Ship standings after a twelfth place run at homestead Miami speedway Janis on the phone with this, Johnny. How are you today? Pretty well. How about you? Yeah. We're doing okay man, really was pulling for you. They're down in the final race twelfth place. Finish tonight. Just didn't quite go. The way you needed it to what was what was the difference in that finale for you guys? Yeah. H-honestly her when I look back on it. You know, we kind of struggle the Phoenix a little bit and we startled a little bit. Then we went down there. And honestly, I felt like we were going with the pretty proven package for us. Anyway. You know, we we had good speed right off the truck we were aboard. And the day went on our hands are too bad. And then obviously homestead you don't wanna use bucks tires practice. We ended up getting hold right retire. Locked laugh twenty five thirty minutes of practice. Because of the fact that you don't wanna put one new Tyron with the tires have twenty. So. So every that we lost some pretty valuable track time. But even saying that, you know, we just couldn't get the balance. Right. We're we're we're really to wait to free to start the race. And and make some major to it and actually got to where it was tight across center and still loose exit. So just not the night we needed with our Twenty-one EMS team. But you know, I don't know, you know, what the heck happened, and you know, just makes for a long off for sure Johnny this point systems. One of the things that I've been been able to partake in it as the old old point system was kind of like watching rust on a car didn't show up at first. And then you notice it, and it was kind of a slow bleed until one day you walked out in your driveway and my car's rusted out this point system. Now, the new point system is so catastrophically difficult because you go into homestead with an equal opportunity. Only one driver can walk away as a champion three others feel. Like a failure. And I hate that feeling. You've got yourself. Joe shear more Gallagher and everybody over GM had two trucks in this championship season. It was a great year for you guys. Who tells that message to all your guys for two thousand nineteen let's not worry about the fact that we didn't win. Let's let's really concentrate on the fact that it was really a good year eighteen and two catapults in nineteen whose job is. Do you do that? Or is that Joe's or Moris? Well, I, you know, honestly, everybody takes that, you know, responsibility amongst the cells. Honestly, you know, I could cook back and say what was great season. It works. Master lock be proud of obviously, of course, ear but. I think we won can races an organization the truck series alone. So having said that. Pretty big boy into the year. When when you don't get the championship. So I think anybody that a racer, you know, feels like they got some. Go to speak. You know like I've said before times race long enough. You understand sport is up and down and some days you're on top days. You're not. So, unfortunately, we came down to homestead with an opportunity like you said, and and we just did get it done. So, but you know, I can watch for everybody. It might be like you said more interest. Everybody eight they know you know, that we got and we've got to work on that. So, but you know, like, you said, there's hang your hat on. But still take you ten wins a great year as a company organization a couple of weeks back. We had you on after victory, and you talked about getting Justin Haley into that final round at homestead, and we were able to do that as a company did you guys go down and homestead with the same thought process on setup for your trucks or was that completely different? Because again uncharacteristically both geometrics kinda off a little bit all weekend. Well, I mean the on the urge enough trucks. Treason Crete had top five days. So. You know, having said that I was at the shop on day. And and I guess and. And. You know, once you set up Joe, and you know, my engineer and looked at a bunch of dolphin. I honestly I felt really comfortable about the Weaver taken. I felt like it was pretty traditional stuff. It wasn't anything. Exotic nothing crazy. And you know, it's it's similar stuff to twenty four head for sure. 'cause there's a company we kinda run very similar stuff. But there's always little things that driver wants or coochie wants to do. So. Yeah, you know, what? Today. I feel like I put a lot of effort macrey into this. And sometimes I think that overanalyze things that and I think I'm I'm a little better when I sit back and wing it so. You know moving forward. I don't know, you know. If you told me today, you know, what what would you go back and change just going through the week? And and in our setup and all that kind of stuff. I don't know, you know, really that it would be totally different obviously, another racer homestead and the characteristics that race track. And what it taught me? You know, I got quite a few ideas what we would do differently. But somewhere along the way, we just missed it. And I I don't know. I can't put my finger on it. I just maybe a little bit of there's been a little bit of that. And it doesn't take much to be off, you know, attempts to elapse. So that's that's what you got really put the microscope on and try to figure that out Johnny solder joining us here on motor sports, Monday, Johnny I know a lot of drivers are going to have to wait until February to strap back in to a race car. But do I hear this, right? You're going to go down to to Pensacola and run the snowball derby this year here. No, I. No, I I kind of put it back on that. So okay. Takes a lot of effort go down there. And you know, I like to enjoy a little bit and that down there five days that's a little long and kind of dragged on so that's my humble opinion. But I just you know, I feel like to back in and really focus on the truck thing a little bit ago. Heck's going on? So, but yeah, you never know pop into a late Murray somewhere here this winter. I just I don't I don't have that figured out yet. Maybe we'll see on a snowmobile up there in Wisconsin at some point in time. Johnny Janica, really appreciate your time. I know it didn't quite go the way you wanted. But as we've said here ten wins for GM as six for you personally a good season. And as always we appreciate you taking the time to speak with us your own motorsports Monday. Hey, no problem. Thanks for having me guys. Thanks giving everybody. Same to you. Johnny solder joining us. All right. We gotta take a break here on motorsports Monday. When we come back. We'll talk about the NASCAR Finnity series. Tyler Rettig gets the championship. We'll talk to him when we come back here on Monday. Are you a serious collector? Do you have a favorite driver? 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The nineteen Ninety-three cups or season had more than its share of twists and turns checkered flags waving a look in my mirror, and here's Earnhardt white on my tail goes down load of pass me. And I said, oh, no. You don't spent. Goes on here stories that you've never heard before in the ten part series called the nineteen Ninety-three season. Twenty five years later and Davey was behind me and came up corner. And there's a gas STAN middle race. You can download it for free on I tunes ended MR in dot com. Right now. Lading and headed for a championship. The season opener. Linnet they told a back, and he's going to end the time and reinfore Isla Rettig up against the outside safer barrier. Up off of for four yesterday was pointed towards the start finish line Schenker. Flag in the air timer Rettig wins the forty three hundred and Tyler Rettig wins twenty eight teen NASCAR expanding series championship. Welcome back to motorsports. Monday, presented by outback steakhouse. Tony Rudy Joey Meyer. There's a look at the NASCAR finish series results from the Ford. Eko booths three hundred Tyler Rettig gets the walk off win in the championship for junior motorsports. Cole Custer finishing second. John hundred Nemechek third general Hamrick fourth in Austin syndrich to coming in fifth. When you Joey you talk about book ins, our next guest had any one at Daytona wins at homestead wins the championship point walk off home run. Let's bring him in Tyler Rettig the two thousand eighteen NASCAR Spinney these series champion event that feels pretty good this morning. I just can't believe that. Actually happened and believe our whole team believe we can do it believed in ourselves. We believe on ourselves. In just a matter of of making it to final race getting shot at competing for it. Goal on your long. We just we were able to carry now, you know, when you show up at homestead from last year's performance. You look at Cole Custer who clearly was a fan favorite clear. The number one seed if you would go into homestead simply because of his thirteen second lead. But really under the radar was Tyler Radic is the guy that loves running against the wall at what point in the race. Did you ever say if you did this racism on? I thought we broke broke out in the first running was able to stay in seconds long as we did. A pretty good shot at it. Honestly wasn't having a run to extreme yet. Someone keep calling in in in my line of sight. But he made a Justice on the car trying to to help it. And we we, unfortunately just made made it worse. And still got back to the same end up creating a new issue and then going back to the same issue at the end of the run, but we mode in third and final stage. I believe in seventy nine a ways back from from the rest of the Jimmy chip for and we just had to. By one. And then we use a little bit of strategy. That was kinda thrown in place by the twenty. And then we we just got out in front of those guys. Unfortunately, let the twenty go, but you know, trial and error literally down. You know, what I needed to do? And from there was just an inch of the time. I guess Tyler. Let's talk about your come to your path to this NASCAR Finnity series championship. You started back at brek has Laos key racing Joyeux. No, you'll remember this as a teammate with Blaney with Ryan Blaney. And and I know what the time you thought that's probably going to be my path. Right. I go up through trucks with brecca's Laskey racing. And then it it moves into Pinski in and that's gonna be my path in that didn't happen. Do you? Do you look at it that today, I know that was disappointment then, but are you sitting here? Maybe this morning thinking, maybe that was an unanswered prayer that you were able to make it then over to junior motor sports and win this championship. Well, if there's anything I've ever learned even in my young life in a lot of people know that everything happens for reason, right? Just every little every little bump in the road or four can the road or tree the fall down. And you think man it's coming to an end there's another there's always another way to do something. And yeah, you know, at times, there's you know, you you just wonder it's gonna work out. But you can't ever worry about it that that stuff too much just have to go out there and not least focusing ultimate goal Mets compete and trying to championship throughout the year. We a lot of downs. But complain time we honed in on what our strengths were in eliminated a lot of our weaknesses, and we were able to survive and get their shot at it was it was unreal. And to be able to. Spout. Their last half that race to go for me. Probably the worst of the four cars. So the best was was was really awesome. Even Tyler Radic on the phone with us after celebrating a victory in a championship down at homestead Miami speedway. Driving the burger fi. I keep hitting this thing on my seat. If you can't see the video keep going up and down. It's kind of cool. But now you move to two thousand nineteen over to Richard Childress racing. How do you start dividing the time to celebrating the junior motorsports? Guys to start building your crew in our CR. Well, you know, I. You know, I guess I'll feel that out here in the next few weeks. But for sure we've got quite a few things left to take care of obviously, we all have to enjoy this championship together. The team, you know, I say I'd say after the Bank with some point. That's when I can start to allow myself to shift towards next year. Always membranes already singing about next year in a way. But definitely have to take time to celebrate. This don't kill. You know, emphasize a lot don't don't don't forget what you -ccomplish soak it in enjoying the moment 'cause come come Daytona next year. It's on the past. So I'm gonna make sure we take time as our team to enjoy this accomplishment. We've done. Good guys over. There are CRM. I'm not too worried. I have faith that thirty you know, they're already looking ahead themselves. They're they're doing what they're what they need to do. Everyone takes a little bit of a break. But. We'll have plenty of time to get ready for next year. When it comes Tyler Riddick joins chase Elliott and William Byron as the only rookies to win nascar's Finnity series championship. All three of those drivers with junior motor sports. What did what did the boss what to junior have to say to you after the race? You know, I kinda just said a minute ago. Just make sure you take a minute to enjoy what what just happened. You can do everything. Right. Just like just now Geyer crisper building all year long. He can still, you know, end up not being the champion. So if it wants to go, right, and they did for us. So just to make sure that you sit down stand what really happened and don't let it, you know, don't take it for granted by no means I plan on doing that plan to cherish every moment of this incredible incredible day, incredible leaks and credible way to to end the year. And it started great in February with a winning Daytona. If finishes with a win in a championship in homestead Tyler keep the party going down there in south Florida and thanks again for joining us today on motorsports Monday. Absolutely. Thank you very much cigarettes. Jerry is man. We talk about another thing. Joe we talk about winning manning. This now makes the seventh straight season that we've had a different NASCAR expanding series champion parody has been strong in the NASCAR Finnity series. You know, the interesting thing about all the champions is that again, we talk about the point system and everybody wants to get mad at it. But the champions are winning the race yet. They're not all we're gonna have a good points today. We're going down to homestead and we're going to perform at a high level and every championship for this weekend. The champion won the race. Yeah. That's what it's about. And the amazing story of a rookie and Tyler Rettig winning the championship. We also at the end of the homestead race say. Say goodbye to a great veteran of that series. In NASCAR in Elliott Sadler. Certainly going to miss seeing him around the racetrack. All right. We gotta take time out here on motorsports Monday when we come back. Join now talk a little bit about the Cup series finale and let you know some of the changes in two thousand nineteen some big news coming up right after this. If you suffer from heartburn or other digestive related disorders, then there is a new safe better and natural turn it to better, digestive wilderness and heartburn relief. 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Check the M R N dot com Ray center, defined your local radio station for 'em are in original programming and Camping World truck. It's Finnity monster energy NASCAR Cup series race schools. Stations on 'em R, N dot com. The latest NASCAR news opinion pieces race schedules. Drivers standings and archives of Marin program Lauren race broadcasts and so much more more in dot com. The. Lane in the train one year for Joey Lagaan any pets it off with a win at homestead Miami speedway. Tonight. He will win the battle and he will win the war in south, Florida. Joey said the other day, it's the big pre and me as the one that's gonna win it Joey Gano in its ten full time season, the country's going gonna win and four four hundred and two thousand eighteen series championship. Congratulations again to joy llegado Todd Gordon Roger Penske in everybody with the shell Pennzoil number twenty two fourteen. Here's your final results from the Ford EKO boost four hundred and his joy Meyer, Senator Lear the championship four one two three four Lugano true. X Harvick Bush, no fairytale for Martin true expert. Certainly that team Joey half to feel pretty good about the way they finished that season. Obviously they wanted the championship. But they had every reason to fold with all the things that happened to him with Jimmy Johnson getting into Martin sure wax at the wroval with Joey Logano moving him at martinsville. The team shutting down to finish that strong to come up five point short one position made the difference. You know, a lot of teams get distracted in two thousand twelve dodge poll, so they were pulling out of the sport. We were able to continue on and win a championship. We saw this year with the seventy eight team shutting their Denver-based team down there distraction. Everybody's talking about. Traction. They clearly weren't distracted from that. But a quick shot. Joe Moore who gave that last call? Yep. After thirty five years of some memory racist. He's retiring in a good luck to you Joe. And thanks for all you what you've done for here. Maranan enjoyed listen to you for the last thirty five years. But yeah, the the distractions weren't the case for Martin tricks junior team. Yeah. Fish in the keys need to be nervous. Because all Joe going be on that boat quite a bit for much like your chair of Brad season kinda up and down you guys finished fifth. Yeah. Finished fifth on the season. Had three wins in a row to crown jewels. Darlington the Brickyard race, we're able to capture Las Vegas move through. But are kick consistency in our execution. Zeal saying goes, what do you think about your team's execution? I'm all for it. Right. That's exactly how we didn't really execute that. Well, we had good speed. But we didn't really can grow up our arms around the entire weekend. We had a good race at homestead. But again if we were racing championship. We would have finished fits where we are. So one season down we now look towards two thousand nineteen. I gotta list kind of some of what we know in some of what we don't nineteen obviously furniture row won't be back Martin to and Hilburn moving over to the nineteen swore as we don't know where he's going to end up. Maybe the forty one. That's where the rumors are. Jamie mcmurray. Maybe runs the Daytona five hundred may be goes into a corporate role may go somewhere else. We don't know. Casey cain. Retires meant a better detto. Switching from the thirty two to the ninety five Ryan Newman has what we suggest going to the six Kurt Busch. Ryan Preece in the forty seven AJ amending around check announce moving. Mike Wheeler not coming back with any Hamlin lows not returning to the forty eight. But for here of us at are in maybe blue, deuce fans everywhere. This bump shell announcement. Yeah. This was some informed during the summer months that the two car spotter will be changed. I will not be spotting the two car anymore. And unfortunately, that's a bad deal. I enjoyed doing that for the last nine years working with Roger Penske brackets Laskey and Paul wolf is. Well, we've had some good success, but they're gonna make some changes. Unfortunately that also means I won't be doing motorsports Monday. So after six years of having this opportunity and driving our audience up and having a great time. I won't be doing this. Thanks to all the fans for watching videos. We look forward to two thousand nineteen I'll still be flying doing all good thankfully opportunity. It's been a fun time. But we've enjoyed having this attire time. Joey in his you know with any of our shows. You're welcome anytime. You wanna come in maybe a special assignment here to thing? That's it. I love special assignment. All right play with my Joey for all of us here motor racing network. Thanks for a great year. We'll see two thousand nineteen.

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